The method of control of the technological process and device for its implementation


(57) Abstract:

1. The method of control of the technological process, which produces a sample of at least one area of technological process, purify the sample from impurities and moisture, divide the sample into components in two-column gas scheme and from each separation column of the gas circuit components of the sample are served in the detection unit, wherein the first separation column, the sample is divided into the total peak gases: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide and separately on at least one of the gases: carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, seraikis carbon and sulfur dioxide, and the second separation column total peak gases are divided into separate components.

2. The method according to p. 1, characterized in that the separation of gases in the first column are produced Polisorb at 55-65oC.

3. Device for control of technological process, containing a block fence and cleaning of the sample, the power supply of the sample gas in the scheme, which includes two separation column, and a mechanism to automatically switch the speakers, the detection unit, wherein the automatic switching of speakers includes lane is, the OST, methane and carbon monoxide, a second device for controlling the output of the first column of the last component of the sample and the dip switch in the first position of the separation column, which consistently communicated among themselves and with the detecting unit, in the second position of the first separation column is in communication with the detecting unit and the second separation column is locked with the first and second devices connected to the switch with the ability to transfer it to the second position upon actuation of the first device in the first position when the actuation of the second device.

4. The device according to p. 3, characterized in that the first and second separation columns respectively used Polisorb and molecular sieves.

5. The device under item 3 or 4, characterized in that the unit of sampling and treatment of samples made multithreaded for sampling from different areas of the process and includes a vacuum source associated with the first output switch threads, the respective inputs connected to the analyzed flows, and the block of sample into the gas circuit includes a dip switch in one position connecting the Pro - the first column, and the second position is consistently a source of carrier gas, the sample loop and the first separation column and the second output switch threads with the vacuum source, and a source of carrier gas separate line indicated by the detection unit.

6. The device under item 5, characterized in that the unit of sampling and treatment of samples includes installed at the entrance of each of the analyzed flow ceramic filter cleaning means in the form of at least one expansion chamber with traps and refrigerator provided with a water seal, and a device for blowing air cleaners under low pressure of 0.4 - 0.5 ATM and ceramic filter under high pressure of 2-3 ATM.

7. The device according to p. 6, characterized in that the compressed air source is connected to the first output of the switch threads with overlapping lines connecting the vacuum source and the first output switch threads.


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EFFECT: higher trustworthiness.

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EFFECT: improved precision of measurement.

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SUBSTANCE: the mode of exposing anomaly zones on the terrain includes pavement of the parallel routes on the terrain, observation of trees and bushes on the routes, definition of their species diversity and thickness of the population of lichens, statistical processing of the observation data, mapping of the terrain according to the vitality of lichens. The step between the routes is arranged according to the value of the landscape coefficient numerically equal to the middle length of the vortical zone on the terrain and is calculated according to the formula Lvz = K(H+Δh)δ, where Lvz -is the length of the vortical zone formed at circumvallation of an obstacle by wind, m; 6 <K<8 - the coefficient of eddy formation; H - the middle height of the obstacle, m; Δh - an overfall of the altitudes of the relief, m; δ -a coefficient of the density of building system(density of the tract of forest).

EFFECT: the mode allows reliable expose of the zone of ecological anomalies.

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SUBSTANCE: device for measuring alternating scalar values which are distributed in space contains control block and measuring channels connected in parallel to common conductor, each one of which includes power supply, command decoder and two diodes, coupled oppositely and in parallel between commutating element and voltage to current transformer with creation of an electric circuit, where aforementioned circuit, decoder and power supply are connected in parallel to common conductor, and control block contains encoder and serially connected EMF supply, modulator and two parallel-connected circuits, each one of which contains serially connected resistor and diode, where device has three information outputs, two of which represent points of connection between diodes and resistors, and third one - point of connection of diodes with EMF supply.

EFFECT: ensured simultaneous measurement of signals from two sensors or two groups, adaptation of system for different algorithms, adjustment of system for a certain type of distribution of scalar value being measured and registration of parameters of aforementioned distribution.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of repair and maintenance of complex technical products, for example locomotives, ships and aircrafts. According to the invention step by step information collection about the objects being repaired is carried out via diagnostics of objects of each specific group using measuring equipment, connected to the local server, which controls the process of measuring parametres of a preliminarily identified object. They provide the possibility of electronically processing the diagnostics results in two levels: the local server of a specific group and the mainframe, which collects information from local servers of all specific groups. Possibility of independent evaluation of the results of diagnostics, which also means maintenance standards, are provided due to the equipment and local servers of each of the groups of objects and computer system of an autonomous data base. Hardware-software complex includes a means of identification of the object and user.

EFFECT: system for the control of repair quality and maintenance is made with the capability of connecting to the internet and makes it possible to carry out complex, operative and timely repair quality control and maintenance.

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SUBSTANCE: position of points on the surface of an object is determined and a computational model of the object is created from the obtained points. The direction of the velocity axis of the object is established provided that the lift force is equal to zero. Deviation of the principal axis of inertia at centre of gravity from the velocity axis of the object is then minimised, provided that lift force equals zero until attaining allowable values of deviation of the principal axis of inertia at centre of gravity from the longitudinal axis of the structural coordinate system given in the design documentation.

EFFECT: more efficient use of ballistic object.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device includes testing chamber, dust supply system, system for creation of the specified air humidity and temperature keeping, device for determining the degree of dust concentration, and measurement station. Measurement station includes in-series installed thermometre, flow metre, wind metre, and pressure metre. At that, device is equipped with gas inlet system, and testing chamber is of toroidal shape and represents tight closed air line having explosion proof design inside which there located are tested instruments and elements of systems of air-and-gas and dust control, and fan with controlled speed of air jet flow. At that, measurement station is also equipped with gas analyser, pitot tube, hygrometre and aspirator. At that, each of sensors of measurement station is installed inside testing chamber through the appropriate inlet devices having explosion-proof design.

EFFECT: full simulation of real operating conditions of instruments and elements of dust and gas compound systems of mine atmosphere.

1 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus for measuring a variable quantity by converting the derivative of the quantity has a differentiating measuring transducer for said quantity, which is connected by its output to first and second input terminals of an active electric filter which is based on three-terminal device and an operational amplifier, capacitors of equal capacitance and resistors with equal resistance. Said apparatus also includes electronic switches with a control unit, a comparator, a time relay and a command device, as well as additional resistors. The method of measuring the variable quantity involves converting its derivative using a filter with a transfer function for which the numerator is of the first order and the denominator is of the second order. The output signal of that filter is measured, where all roots of the transfer function of such a filter are real and negative. Poles of said transfer function are multiples and the modulus of its zero is twice greater than the modulus of the poles. The variable quantity is measured with regular repetition of the beginning of the measurement process at zero initial values of the filter variables generated at the instant the output signal of the filter passes through the zero value. Each subsequent repetition of the beginning of the measurement process, except the first, is carried out at the moment when the number of passages of the output signal of the filter through the zero value, after the previous such passage, is equal to a given odd number.

EFFECT: low maximum error when measuring a variable quantity, shorter time for which the measurement error enters the acceptable interval after the beginning of the measurement process at a non-zero value of the measured quantity.

4 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: instrument making.

SUBSTANCE: device to transfer measured values comprises a module of sensors, which comprises space-saving components, and a unit of assessment. Besides, the module of sensors has connections for various sensors. One or more sensors are connected to the module of sensors. Sensors register modes of device operation, which is a centrifugal pump comprising a pump and a driving electric motor, as measured values, and a module of sensors is connected to a source of supply and performs treatment of measured values. Also identification facilities are introduced, made with the possibility to determine those sensors, which are connected to the module of sensors. The module of sensors is made as a transmitter (1) of signals with a standardised output signal (10), with an inbuilt unit (2) of assessment, comprising a microcomputer (3), and with a display (4). The unit (2) of assessment performs measurement of measured values produced from sensors (7, 8), and displays measured values and/or calculated parameters on the display (4).

EFFECT: reduced risk of improper operation in manual mode.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: cable circuitry comprises a contactless interface to transmit signals between a cable circuitry and a sensor module, besides, the sensor module is galvanically separated from the cable circuitry, and transmission of signals between the cable circuitry and sensor module is carried out by an optical, inductive or capacitance method. Besides, the cable circuitry comprises a unit of signal processing and a cable interface for connection of a cable connecting the cable circuitry with a metering converter. The unit of signal processing is integrated into a signal track. The unit of signal processing takes signals via the cable interface from the metering converter, processes it and sends via the contactless interface to the sensor module, and also takes signals via the contactless interface from the sensor module, processes them and transmits via the cable interface to the metering converter.

EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities.

31 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: chemical engineering; medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method involves plotting two chromatograms one of which is based on radioactivity (No 1) and the other one on ultraviolet absorption (No 2) or on radioactivity (No 1) and on fluorescence (No 2) and chromatogram specific relative to ultraviolet absorption (No 3) or relative to fluorescence (No 3). Material quality is estimated to be the more high the more close studied labeled compound peak shape is to trapezoid shape on the third chromatogram.

EFFECT: high accuracy of the method.

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FIELD: analytical chemistry, ecology, in particular controlling of environmental air.

SUBSTANCE: claimed method includes aspiration if air sample through chemosorbtive medium, elution of formed dimethylamine salt, eluate closure with alkali, and gas chromatography analysis of gas phase with flame-ionization detection. Dimethylamine salt elution from adsorbent is carried out with 1 cm3 of distillated water; closured with alkali eluate is held in thermostat for 5 min; and as filling in separating chromatography column chromosorb 103, containing 5 % of PEG-20000 and treated with 20 % hexamethyldisilazane solution is used.

EFFECT: method for dimethylamine detection with improved sensibility and accuracy.

FIELD: chemical industry.

SUBSTANCE: during process of taking sample from technological pipe-line, absorption of water vapors and nitrogen oxides (II) and (IV) are conducted simultaneously. For the purpose the chemical agents are used which don't absorb nitrogen oxide and don't react with it. Chromatographic measurement of volume fraction of nitrogen oxide (I) is carried out by means of industrial chromatograph having heat-conductance detector by using column of thickness of 5 m and diameter of 3 mm. The column is filled with polysorbent; temperature of column's thermostat is 20-30 C and temperature of evaporator is 100C. Hydrogen is used as a gas-carrier. Concentrations of nitrogen oxide, measured by the method, belong to range of 0, 05-0, 50% of volume fraction. Method excludes aggressive affect of corrosion-active components on sensitive parts of chromatograph. Method can be used under industrial conditions for revealing factors influencing process of forming of nitrogen oxide at the stage of catalytic oxidation of ammonia and searching for optimal conditions for minimizing effluent of ammonia into atmosphere.

EFFECT: high reproduction; simplification; improved efficiency of operation.

3 ex

FIELD: oil and gas production.

SUBSTANCE: aim of invention is estimating expectations for oil and gas of oil-source rock areas. For that aim, sampled rock is treated to isolate organic substance soluble in organic solvents, after which organic substance is chromatographed to detect 4-methyldibenzothiophene and 1-methyldibenzothiophene. When ratio of 4- to 1-isomer exceeds 0.9 rock is regarded as ripened.

EFFECT: increased determination reliability and rapidity.

2 tbl

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: in the method, hard carrier with system of narrow pores and channels is kept under temperature below height of potential barriers for movement of at least one type of separated molecules.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

4 dwg