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H02            Generation, conversion, or distribution of electric power(58812)

Drive and control system for vertical-lift gate and vertical-lift gate // 2642772
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention provides a drive system for high-speed vertical-lift gate with a drive motor that is provided for moving the gate leaf, and the rotation speed of the drive motor can be reduced to zero. The drive motor is driven by the control unit. When an emergency stop mode occurs, the drive motor is driven with an adjustable reduction in its rotation frequency up to zero. The gate leaf is braked by a drive motor. When the gate leaf is stopped, it is held in the locked position by the powered drive motor at zero speed.EFFECT: emergency power source provides a delay in moving the gate leaf with the help of a drive motor and the possibility of an emergency opening of the gate even when the main power supply is disconnected.10 cl, 6 dwg

Electronic transformer // 2642519
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electronic transformer comprises a first AC voltage network, a first LC filter, a nine-key transducer, a second LC filter, a second alternating voltage network connected in cascade, characterized in that a storage reactor is introduced, and a nine-key transducer is made on fully controllable key with double-ended conductivity. The storage reactor is connected by its clamps to the upper and lower three keys of the nine-key transducer.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the voltage conversion factor, since now both stages of the electronic transformer contribute to an increase in the output voltage of the electronic transformer.2 dwg

ethod of adaptive load control in electrical supply system of data processing center // 2642510
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: according to the method, the value of nominal averaged power consumption is set and stored - Pnom, after which for the timepoint ti the value of the total averaged power Pifull=Pic+Pie+Pia, where Pic is power consumption by computer equipment, Pie - power consumption by engineering equipment, Pia - power consumption by additional equipment, then the deviation of the total averaged current power consumption from the nominal average power consumption is calculated and stored ΔPi=Pifull-Pnom, then for the timepoint ti+1=ti+tP, where tP is the load adjustment period is calculated and stored, the deviation of the total averaged current power consumption from the nominal averaged power consumption ΔPi+1=Pi+1full-Pnom, then after exceeding the deviation values in absolute value |ΔPi|≥ΔPad and |ΔPi+1|≥ΔPad from a given permissible tolerance ΔPad the increment of deviation is calculated and the performance of the computing equipment is changed in such a way that the current total averaged power consumption Pl+1full at negative or positive values ΔPi+1 and respectively increased or decreased by their values in such a way that the total averaged power in the next period Pi+2full would correspond to the nominal averaged power consumption Pnom.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and stability of maintaining the specified nominal power consumption of data processing center, reducing the required number of power measurements.3 dwg

ethod of control and repair of wire insulation // 2642499
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of control and repair of winding wire insulation involves detecting a defect in the insulation of a moving wire by control devices and measuring its extent. Further, when passing a defective area under the enamel application unit, an electrostatically charged enamelling lacquer is applied to the detected defect. For high-strength heat-resistant enamelled winding wires PETV, the enamel insulation of which is made of PE-939 lacquer, a composition for electrostatic coating of film binder on the defective area, for which the liquid PE-939 lacquer of B grade is added with dioxane and the surface tension coefficient is controlled. Then, when the specified coefficient reaches the values (4÷5)⋅106 N/cm, the dilution of the lacquer with dioxane is terminated and 1% ammonia is added to the resulting composition, while measuring the specific resistance of the mixture obtained. Addition of ammonia is stopped when the composition reaches the value of the volume resistivity lying in the range of (10-5÷10-6) Om-1 m-1. Thereafter, said mixture is electrostatically charged by passing it through a nozzle to which a negative high voltage potential pulse is applied in the range of (-2÷-4) kV, the duration of which is equal to the time of passing the defective area under the nozzle. After the application of the liquid enamel film to the defective area excess enamel is removed, then the defective area with the liquid enamel applied to it is subjected to baking and drying.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of detection of defective areas in the insulation of the wire and their extent with further repairs, improving the efficiency of repair.2 dwg
agnetoelectric current-voltage transducer with frequency doubling // 2642497
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: transducer is a structure of a capacitor, the plates of which are made of magnetostrictive metal and mechanically connected to a piezoelectric plate inside and to an inductance coil wound on it, and of a magnetic core, made in the form of two U-shaped plates closely adjacent to the magnetostrictive plates, that ensures the magnetic flux closure. The input signal is the current of the inductance coil, and the output signal is taken from the capacitor plates.EFFECT: to ensure the transducer's operation, it is not required to create a bias field, and it contains a magnetic core that ensures the magnetic flux closure, which leads to a reduction in energy losses.1 dwg

Excitation system of asynchronized electric machine // 2642488
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: longitudinal excitation winding (1) and transverse excitation winding (2), located on the rotor of the asynchronized machine, are connected in series and fed by a three-phase transformer (3) through two back-to-back three-phase controlled rectifier. The first rectifier is formed by thyristor groups (4) and (5), the second one - by thyristor groups (6) and (7). The rectifiers are controlled by an automatic excitation controller (8), influencing their thyristor groups (4-7). The common point (9) of the windings (1) and (2) is galvanically connected to the neutral (10) of the secondary windings of the transformer (3) by the circuit (11). A rejection filter from parallel inductance (12) and capacitor (13) is introduced in the circuit (11) and is tuned to the third harmonic of the mains frequency. The secondary windings of the transformer (3) are made of semi-windings and are connected in a zigzag.EFFECT: simplification of the excitation system and reduction of energy losses in its elements.3 cl, 2 dwg

Leveling rotor for reducing vibrations and noise // 2642474
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: electric machine in which a rotor is mounted in a stator by means of a rolling bearing in a late operation, is mounted. The rolling bearing itself is fixed in the bearing shield. Initially rotor rests in magnetic levelling device, and the bearing shield is not fixed relative to the stator and has the possibility, in particular, of radial displacement. To align the rotor, it is driven by the stator. At that, vibrations of rotor (e.g., in the form of forces or deviations depending on time) are detected, which are the result of imparting asymmetrical shapes or force effects. Then, the magnetic levelling device is adjusted so that the vibrations are reduced. In this state, when the vibrations are reduced or eliminated, the bearing shield is indirectly or directly fixed to the stator.EFFECT: reduction of noise and vibrations.10 cl, 4 dwg

Buffer for decision making on disconnection in adaptive detection of short circuit through arc // 2642467
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device for detection and filtration of undesired events of disconnection of short circuit through an arc contains: a storage to store data of one or more types of events of disconnection of short circuit through an arc, previously detected in a circuit within a certain period of time, with each previously detected type of event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc leading to the interruption of the circuit at least once, if detected; and a processor, which communicates with the storage, while the processor is adapted to determine whether the newly detected event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc is an undesired event of disconnection, based on the number of times of one and the same type of the event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc, which occurred earlier, as a newly detected event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc, and to forbid the interruption of the circuit if the newly detected event of disconnection of short circuit through an arc is determined as an undesired event of disconnection.EFFECT: providing filtration of undesired events of disconnection of short circuit through an arc.19 cl, 5 dwg

Device for determining turn-to-turn short circuits in power transformer windings with switching without excitation // 2642445
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device contains current transformers, included into the phase break of the power circuit of the three-phase network, connected to the electric plant. The transformers are interconnected in delta circuit on the sides of the electric plant, forming a differential protection circuit, current circuits and a differential relay with the first and second compensating and differential windings, located on the same core leg and interconnected. The polar terminals of current transformers of different phases and sides of the electric plant are connected to one differential relay. To determine the turn-to-turn short circuit in the windings of the auto-type transformer winding ends are provided. The winding ends have respective digital marking in the number of the changer taps without excitation of the power transformer and allow increasing or decreasing the transformation ratio of the auto-type transformer depending on the changer tap without excitation of the power transformer. The terminals are fitted with pads for changing the turns of the adjustable winding in the number of the transformer phases. Each pad is a metal plate of at least 2.5 mm in cross-section, attached with its one end to the terminal of the dielectric plate, and with the other end to one of the terminals of the adjustable winding of the auto-type transformer, located on the same dielectric plate. The pad is fixed on the terminals of the auto-type transformer.EFFECT: increase in the sensitivity to turn-to-turn short circuits and elimination of the influence of higher harmonics.2 cl, 1 dwg

Synchronous generator with two-circuit magnetic system // 2642442
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: synchronous generator with two-circuit magnetic system contains a rotor divided into two annular parts, the outer and inner rotor. In this case, both on the external and internal rotor ferromagnetic plates are fixed with attached to them magnetic poles and permanent magnets. The stator windings are located between the outer and inner rotor with the elements fixed to them. The outer and inner rotor are connected to the rotor shaft fixed by means of bearings in the case of synchronous generator. Magnetic poles are made in a rectangular shape.EFFECT: cheaper construction, increasing the generator's power and increasing the efficiency through the use of a two-circuit magnetic system, reducing the specific metal capacity of generator per unit of power.3 dwg

ethod and device of charging // 2642439
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method includes the reception of the installation signal and determination of the charging direction in accordance with the installation signal; defining whether the charging operation is the slave device charging by the master device, if the charging direction is the first direction; defining whether the charging operation is the master device charging by the slave device, if the charging direction is the second direction; and transmission of appropriate instruction on charging to the power control integrated circuit of the master device and to the power control integrated circuit of the slave device according to the charging operation. In this case, the reception of the installation signal and the determination of the charging direction in accordance with the installation signal include: displaying information on the initial electric power level by means of a linear electric power control indicator. The percentage ratio of the initial unused electric power level of the master device to the total unused electric power level and the percentage ratio of the initial unused electric power level of the slave device to the total unused electric power level are included into the information. The total unused electric power level is equal to the sum of the initial unused electric power level of the master device and initial unused electric power level of the slave device; reception of the slider shift operations in the linear power control indicator; definition of the information about the target level of electric power, corresponding to the shift operation, while the information about the target level of electric power includes the percentage ratio of the target unused electric power level of the master device to the total unused electric power level and the percentage ratio of the target unused electric power level of the slave device to the total unused electric power level; and defining the charging direction in accordance with information on the initial level of electric power and information on the target level of electric power.EFFECT: ensuring the guaranteed charging of two smart devices that are connected via the interconnecting line, from each other, in accordance with the charging direction, specified by the user.14 cl, 13 dwg

Self-braking coupled axial asynchronous motor // 2642435
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: coupled axial asynchronous motor comprises a stator and a rotor. The stator consists of a braking device, assembled symmetrical body in the form of an external cylindrical rim with side shields with bearings fixed on it, which is integrated with the central plate, on axial surfaces of which stator magnetic circuits with windings are fixed. The rotor consists of two packages in the form of ring rotor disks with ventilation flaps on exterior surfaces that contain rotor magnetic circuits with windings, with a brake spring established between them on the shaft with an opportunity of their axial moving along the axis. Inside the central plate a network of radial ventilation ducts is made, passing under the supporting surfaces of the stator magnetic circuits that connect the outer surface of stator body, coupled with the atmosphere, with the inner central vehicle cavity, which lies between the inner surface of the central plate and external side of the shaft and is aligned both with cavities, formed by external side of the shaft and the internal surfaces of stator magnetic circuits, and axial ventilating ducts passing along internal surfaces of rotors magnetic circuits, connected with a network of radial ventilating ducts passing under the supporting surfaces of rotors magnetic circuits, emerging on the external surfaces of the annular rotor discs.EFFECT: increase the time of continuous operation, operational reliability and durability of the electric machine.6 cl, 2 dwg

Proportional redistribution of actual electric voltage for end consumers // 2642433
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of proportional redistribution of actual electric voltage to a group of consumers is to reallocate the switching on and off of each consumer to the operating voltage in series, one after another through individual or group power keys of proportionally set power and selected time range, in order to utilise the full-time period range of the actual electric voltage.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of the use of electric power.16 dwg

Stator // 2642431
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: stator contains the stator core and has grooves, each of which is located between the stator teeth, located on the stator core. The insulating paper is placed in the groove between the winding and the stator core, delineating a groove having a recess in a position adjacent to the connecting portions between the side walls and the bottom wall of the insulating paper. The recess lies so as to be located separately from the connecting portions in either direction - the radial direction and the circumferential direction. The insulating elements comprise a protrusion which is arranged to be disposed in the recess.EFFECT: improvement of stator insulation quality.3 cl, 25 dwg

Hybrid power plant in which combining of generating facilities and energy storage system are used in real time // 2642422
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the hybrid power plant power control method with usage of the combining of generating facilities and the energy storage system in real time, the indicator of power to be supplied to the electrical network is received, the power is generated by an electric generator and the energy level of the energy storage device is adjusted using the generated power in order to control the power supplied to the network in accordance with the received indicator. The system comprises: a network indicator receiver for receiving the indicator of power to be supplied to the electrical network; an electric generator connected to the network; an energy storage device associated with an electric generator; a controller for adjusting, using the generated power from the energy level generator of the power storage device, so as to regulate the power supplied to the network in accordance with the received indicator.EFFECT: exclusion of interruptions of electric power supply and reduction of costs for its production.30 cl, 7 dwg

ultiphase rectifier // 2642154
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: multiphase rectifier comprises functionally connected elements: network terminals, an automatic switch with a control coil, a three-phase unit of phase control containing a three-phase transformer, whose primary and secondary windings are connected in a star, a three-phase rectification circuit, a phase control lamp, the first and second parallel-connected circuits. The first circuit comprises a relay break contact of the second circuit, to which a resistor shunted by a capacitor series-connected with the first circuit relay is connected, and the second circuit comprises paralleled relay make contacts of the first and second circuit, to which a resistor series-connected with the second circuit relay is connected. The blank terminals of both relays are connected via a Zener diode and connected to the positive terminal of the rectification circuit, and the circuit terminals connected to the break and make contacts are connected to the neutral conductor of the secondary winding of the three-phase unit transformer. Three-phase current control unit comprises the first, second and third current transformers included in the circuit line break, whose winding starts are connected to the positive terminal of the smoothing capacitor paralleled with the similar relay terminal through corresponding diodes. The ends of the mentioned windings are united into a common point, which is connected to the mentioned capacitor and relay. The rectifier comprises a magnetic amplifier, a power transformer, a rectification circuit and terminals for connecting consumers. A voltage control unit and a discriminating element attached to an intermediate amplifier, whose output is connected to the excitation winding, are paralleled between the rectification circuit and the mentioned terminals. The power transformer is made by type of a machine with a locked rotor that contains an inner core with grooves, wherein a primary three-phase winding is placed, and an outer core coaxial to the inner core, in whose grooves eight three-phase secondary windings are placed, to which corresponding series-connected three-phase bridge rectification circuits are connected, to whose common points the smoothing capacitor and terminals for connecting consumers are connected.EFFECT: increased speed of protection against phase fault and short-circuit currents and quality of the rectified voltage.2 dwg

System of temperature perception for power electronic device // 2642146
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: power electronic device comprises a housing, a conductive element disposed within the housing and capable of withstanding at least an average voltage, a cooling system which is in fluid interaction with the conductive element, a plurality of temperature sensing markers, and a data acquisition unit having a receiver which is configured to receive signals from the antennas of temperature sensing markers. The cooling system has a plurality of exhaust pipe elements which are disposed within the housing. Each of the markers can be attached to one of the exhaust pipes and can include a power source, a temperature sensor and an antenna.EFFECT: increase in information reliability on thermal overloads.9 cl, 3 dwg

easuring device of leakage current in load of single-phase rectifier // 2642127
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device analyzes the information content of the output signals of two external magnetic field strength sensors located on the current-carrying and current-deflecting wires connecting the load to a single-phase bridge rectifier. As an information parameter, the amplitudes of the spectral components of the sensor signals equal to 2ω (ω - frequency of the supplying rectifier of the input voltage), which, after amplification, are extracted using narrow-band filters. The fact that the difference signal of the amplitudes of the spectral components of the voltage sensors signals appears at the output of the comparison device will indicate the appearance of a leakage current in the load of the single-phase bridge rectifier.EFFECT: automatic measurement of the leakage current in the load of the single-phase bridge rectifier by a non-contact method in real time without turning off the rectifier from the process of operation by comparing the corresponding voltages proportional to the actual and the set values of the leakage currents.1 dwg
oving member, carrier magnets, for permanent magnet synchronous machine // 2641896
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: moving member, carrier magnets, for synchronous machine consists of a metal frame and parallel rows of permanent magnets having the same polarity within the range. The moving member contains non-magnetic fastening belts placed longitudinally between two successive rows of permanent magnets and mechanically fastened to the frame. Mounting tape contains heel with convex rounded sides, providing vertical block of adjacent rows magnets, and a longitudinal upper protruding part (20), playing the role of a gaskets between the rows and providing cross block of magnets. Each magnet contains at its edge, adjacent with mounting tape, a concave rounded part with height equal to at least half the height of the magnet, and with the form, complementing the corresponding convex rounded side of mounting tapes support base providing their catches.EFFECT: increase the reliability of magnets fastening, reduce the torque fluctuations.15 cl, 19 dwg

Control system of electromagnetic moment of electric machine, in particular, for motor vehicle // 2641723
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: control system (1) of electromagnetic moment of three-phase electric machines (10) with permanent magnets contains tools (2) for current measurements, transposition tools (3) performed with the possibility of transposing three measured currents into direct component (Id) and in the quadrature component (Iq) based on three-phase systems conversion, tools (4) for conversion performed with the possibility of converting the specified moment value ( ) in the specified value (Ireq) for quadrature component (Iq) of current and a specified value (Ireq) for direct component (Id) of current, tools for determining governing voltages (U1, U2, U3) and (9) control tools, performed with the possibility of filing certain governing voltages (U1,U2,U3) on the electrical machine (10).EFFECT: ensuring the stability of current in electrical machine regardless of the mode of electrical machine.8 cl, 2 dwg

Rotating electrical machine and stator of rotating electrical machine // 2641722
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: stator includes a stator core formed by connecting the annular electromagnetic steel plates by connecting parts. These connecting parts are spaced at intervals that are integer multiple of the central angle. The central angle is an angle determined by two adjacent magnetic poles of the same polarity in the circumferential direction, with a vertex on the axis of the rotor rotation. When the number of connecting parts is an odd number, fixing sites are arranged at the same interval as the step of the connecting parts, or at intervals corresponding to the step divider of the connecting parts. When the number of connecting parts is an even number, fixing sites are arranged at intervals corresponding to the step divider of the connecting parts or to the divider 180°.EFFECT: reduction of losses for eddy currents, geometric tolerances providing by rotational build-up of annular electromagnetic steel plates.7 cl, 3 dwg

ulti-element channel // 2641704
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: multi-element channel comprising openings over its length and provided with a connecting element (1) having shape of rectangular parallelepiped with through holes (19) extending in transverse directions, comprises overlapping elements, each of which comprises an upper overlapping connecting section (2) and an expanded lower overlapping connecting section (3), as well as inserted elements, each of which contains an inner inserted connection section (14) and an expanded inserted connection section (13). Each overlapped element on its expanded lower overlapping connecting section (3) comprises a pull (7) provided with a fixator (8), and notches (12) formed above the pull (7), as well as guide protrusions (5) formed below the pull (7).EFFECT: stable connection of elements in a row of any length in different directions.2 cl, 8 dwg
ethod of three-level suppression of pulsations of torque moment in three-phase ac reaction motor // 2641674
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of three-level suppression of pulsations of torque moment in a three-phase AC reaction motor is proposed. The first set of threshold values (th1low, th1zero, and th1up) of the torque moment is set in the interval [0°, θr/3] of the rotor positions. The second set of threshold values (th2low, th2zero, and th2up) of the torque moment is set in the interval [θr/3, θr/2] of the rotor positions. Power is fed to adjacent phases A and phase B for excitation. The power signal, supplied for excitation to phase A, is ahead of the power signal, supplied for excitation to phase B, by θr/3. The entire switching process from phase A to phase B is divided into two intervals. In the interval [0°, θ1] of the rotor positions, phase A uses the second set of threshold values (th2low, th2zero, and th2up) of torque moment, while phase B uses the first set of threshold values (th1low, th1zero, th1up) of torque moment. Critical position θ1 automatically occurs during the switching process, thereby eliminating the need for additional computations. The total torque moment is controlled in the interval [Te+ th2low, Te+ th2up]. In the interval [θ1, θr/3] of the rotor positions, phase A continues to use the second set of threshold values (th2low, th2zero, and th2up) of torque moment, phase B continues to use the first set of threshold values (th1low, th1zero, and th1up) of torque moment, and the total torque moment is controlled in the interval [Te+ th1low, Te+ th1up]. This suppresses the torque moment pulsations of the three-phase AC reaction motor and provides a high value for technical applications.EFFECT: expansion of the range of suppression of the torque moment pulsations of the AC reaction motor.2 cl, 4 dwg

Control and electrical supply system for helicopter gas turbine engines // 2641672
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electrical control and power supply system for at least one helicopter motor-generator, wherein the system comprises the first DC/AC converter (30) for supplying AC electric power optionally to the mentioned at least one motor-generator, depending on respective positions of contactors (320, 322, 324, 326, 328, 330, 332) of the switching matrix (32) driven by the electronic control circuit (34). The first DC/AC converter is supplied with a direct current from a DC power supply source which is formed either by an AC voltage rectification circuit (36) outputted via the contactor (22) by an APU (16) starter-generator (18) or by a DC/DC buck converter (38) supplied by the battery (20) via a contactor (24), wherein the mentioned switching matrix additionally comprises a contactor (328) for connecting the mentioned first DC/AC converter in parallel with the mentioned second DC/AC converter, supplying additional power from the mentioned APU starter-generator to the mentioned at least one motor-generator from the mentioned motor-generators as soon as at least one of the mentioned motor-generators is started.EFFECT: provision of additional power supply to the motor-generator.4 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of regulating output voltage of controlled rectifier at basis of transformer with rotating magnetic field // 2641662
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to control rectifiers (RC) built based on transformers with rotating magnetic fields (TRMF). In the method of regulating the output voltage of controlled rectifier based on transformer with a rotating magnetic field connecting on prefabricated tires of rectifier except EMF, removed with circular winding sections outlets located at the ends of maximum chords, EMF with adjacent outlets of circular winding, shifted to a minimum interim phase angle - 2π/4Ns, relative to the inlets located at the ends of maximum chords. Additional EMF added to basic EMF due to circuit summation of instantaneous potentials values of related and main outlets. As a result, the number of pulsations in the rectified voltage curve doubles, and the pulsations range - Δmax decreases, which leads to a decrease in the pulsations coefficient of voltage and, consequently, to an improvement in the quality of rectified voltage.EFFECT: improvement of the rectified voltage quality with its deep regulation.5 dwg, 3 tbl

Thyristor driver for high-voltage converters // 2641661
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: driver comprises: a power source (1); a power control unit (2); an optical radiator (3); a logic unit (4); a thermal protection unit (5); a thyristor voltage control unit (6); a thyristor control signal control unit (7); an optical receiver (8); a delay unit (9); an amplifier (10). The driver is powered by a current transforme, made on a ferrite ring with a secondary winding wound on it. The ferrite ring is put on the insulating tube and filled with a compound. The primary winding of the current transformer is the wire of a high-frequency (50-kilohertz) current loop, passing successively through the current transformers of the other converter drivers. The secondary winding of the current transformer T is connected to the power source (1). The power source (1) is based on a diode bridge rectifier and a parallel voltage regulator. Capacitors are provided at the output of the power source to filter the stabilized voltage. The driver's operation consists in generating a thyristor control current pulse by the input optical signal, controlling thyristor voltage, and protecting the thyristor from overheating.EFFECT: power source supplies the amplifier and the rest elements of the driver with stabilized voltages.1 dwg

Electrical machine // 2641659
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: rotating electrical machine comprises an electronic unit including a printed circuit board, a plurality of electronic components for surface mounting (SMD) and a plurality of electronic components for through-hole mounting (PTH), and a diffuser for heat dissipation generated by the electronic unit. Thus, electronic components SMD and electronic components PTH are directed to the diffuser. The machine is characterized in that the electronic unit comprises at least one transmitting element connected to the printed circuit board at the location of at least one electronic component SMD in order to transfer the heat generated by the electronic component SMD to the diffuser.EFFECT: improved cooling of the control unit.17 cl, 10 dwg

Control method for frequency matrix converter // 2641653
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: control method for frequency matrix converter in the form of a matrix with nine two-directional semiconductor keys, installed in nodes, wherein the keys have a two-sided current conductivity, is that using a pulse-width modulator control impulses of the two-directional keys are shaped, which are modulated in width by comparing alternate reference signal and nine modulating harmonic signals, which change in time at angular frequency, which is equal to the desired angular frequency of the output voltage, and designed in such a way that at any specified output frequency of the frequency matrix converter under load there is no constant component of voltage and subharmonics, multiple of the frequency of the supply line voltage. They implement the possibility of organizing the mode of linear modulation and overmodulation of the output voltage of the converter.EFFECT: increase in the transmission gain of the frequency matrix converter.5 dwg
Unipolar generator // 2641652
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: unipolar generator contains the first generating module (1) and the second-generation module (2) made identical and connected by a shaft (3). Each generating module (1, 2) comprises a housing (4) with bearings (5) mounted therein, in which the shaft (3) is fixed, and with poles (6) located inside of it, on which excitation windings (7) are mounted, and an armature disc (8) mounted on the shaft (3) between the poles (6). On the outer end surfaces of the armature discs (8), beads (9) are formed in the form of rings of width b=Δ and height h=3⋅Δ, where Δ - the thickness of armature disc (8). On the outer surface of beads (9), the first brush (10) and the second brush (11) paired with it are arranged, distributed in the form of prismatic semirings from the composition of coal and graphite. The first (10) and second (11) brushes are fixed with respect to the housing (4) by springs (12) with guide rods (13), the grounds of which are fixed on the mounting thickenings (14) of elastic plates (15), executed in the form of flat arcs of high elastic steel with high electrical conductivity. Brushes (10, 11) are covered by elastic plates (15), forming single collector nodes of the first (1) and second (2) generating modules. The free edges of springs (12) are installed in the insulating supports (16) located in the housing (4) and made of plastic with low electrical conductivity. Between the surfaces of insulating supports (16) and the guide rods (13), gaps are made that exceed the length of the possible radial displacement of brushes (10, 11). Brush (10) output (17), which is also the brush (11) output, and an output (18) of excitation windings (7) are mounted on the housing (4). The elastic plates (15) are connected by flexible conductors (19) to the output (17) of brushes (10, 11).EFFECT: expanding the scope of unipolar generators.5 dwg

Device for symmetrization and stabilization of three-phase voltage // 2641649
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device for symmetrization and stabilization of three-phase voltage comprises three winding groups of three identical series-connected secondary windings of three single-phase transformers having by one primary winding. On the magnetic circuit of each transformer an additional winding with branches through an equal number of turns is placed, the beginning of the additional winding is connected to the beginning of the primary winding and the beginning of the farthest secondary winding of one of the winding groups. The end, beginning or any branch of the additional winding is connected to the corresponding input phase grip by means of the switching circuit at the signal of the control unit. The end of the primary winding is connected to the zero grip. The number of branches of the additional winding is not limited, and the number of turns should be four or more times smaller than that of the primary winding.EFFECT: expansion of functionality and improvement of the quality of the device.1 dwg

ethod to control controllable shunt reactor and device for its implementation // 2641643
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in control process, measurement and synchronization of their switching process with respect to sine voltage at controllable shunt reactor is carried out, and the process for changing the state of controlled keys is performed at maximum and minimum applied to controllable shunt reactor of sine voltage. A control device includes a controllable shunt reactor containing two parallel connected branches each of which contains series connection of two reactors and controlled key. One of outputs of controlled keys in each branch is connected to opposite outputs of the controllable shunt reactor, and an additional controlled key is connected between common connection points of reactors in each of parallel branch.EFFECT: provision of high quality electric power when controlling the controllable shunt reactor.2 cl, 4 dwg

Draft force control system for several electrical sections // 2641558
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: draft force control system for several electrical sections contains a power supply module, inverter/four-quadrant modules, I/O module, a network module, and an error elimination module. The inverter / four-quad modules consist of a high-speed board, a signal sampling board and a pulse interface board. Two-way communication between boards, I/O module, host processor, between network module and error elimination module is implemented by high-speed differential bus LinkPort, through high speed bus, by CPCI bus and via CAN bus. The network module contains a network board and receives digital signals and analogue signals and sends data. The error elimination module contains an error elimination board and receives error elimination commands and error elimination signals. The power supply module provides power to the inverter/four-quadrant modules, the I/O module, the network module and the error-elimination module.EFFECT: ensuring stability and reliability in the transmission of information of the draft force control system for several electrical sections.7 cl, 18 dwg

Cover of smart device (versions) // 2641486
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: cover of a smart device that has a screen, according to the first option, contains a front cover node, an additional display based on electronic paper-EPD display, located on the front cover node, a fastening mechanism for mounting the front cover to the smart device, a bidirectional interface to receive data from the smart device and data transmission to the smart device. An additional EPD display includes at least one touch sensor. The interface is made in such a way that it allows you to display full information from the smart device on a secondary EPD display when the smart device screen is off. According to the second option, the cover further comprises of a back-cover node that is provided with an interface with the smart device battery or contains an additional battery. The front cover node contains a processor and a memory module that provides the operation of an additional EPD display.EFFECT: it is possible to save the activity of an additional EPD display when the smart device screen is turned off.3 cl, 10 dwg

Protection circuit for semiconductor switching element and power conversion device // 2641479
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the protection circuit for each of many semiconductor switching elements 50, connected in series, between the collector and emitter of semiconductor switching element 50 a serial chain composed of avalanche elements D1~D5, the resistor R4 and avalanche element D6, is connected. The capacitor C1 and the resistor R1 are connected in parallel between both terminals of the avalanche element D4, and the capacitor C2 and the resistor R2 are connected in parallel between both terminals of the avalanche element D5. Between the common connection point of the resistor R4 and avalanche element D6 and gate of semiconductor switching element 50 a sequential circuit is connected, consisting of a resistor R5, a branch circuit consisting of a capacitor C3 and resistor R6, and serial component including Zener diodes ZD1 and ZD2, connected in reverse polarity relative to each other.EFFECT: reducing the risk of failure of the semiconductor switching element due to a breakdown caused by overvoltage.5 cl, 7 dwg

Device for generating constant frequency ac voltage at variable speed of generator drive // 2641314
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: this device contains an electrical machine in generator mode 1 with armature windings 2, 3, configured with the star topology, two three-phase rectifier bridges - primary 4 and secondary 5 with DC outputs 4.1, 4.2 and 5.1, 5.2 respectively, as well as two transfilters 6, 7. Each of the rectifier bridges 4, 5 with their inputs 4.3÷4.5 and 5.3÷5.5, respectively, is connected to one of the armature windings 2, 3. Some of the same polarity outputs 4.1, 5.1 of bridges 4 and 5 are connected to the ends 6.1, 6.2 of the transfilter windings 6, others same polarity outputs 4.2 5.2 of these bridges 4 and 5 are connected to the ends of 7.1, 7.2 of transfilter 7 winding. The middle points 6.3 and 7.3 of the transfilters 6, 7 windings are connected to the ends of the smoothing inductors 8, 9, the other ends are connected to the rationed capacitor 10 armature, connected to power buses for a three-phase voltage inverter 11. Elements 8, 9, 10 form a filter unit for the 12-pulse rectified voltage. The output terminals 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 of the three-phase inverter are connected to the three-phase filter 12. A balanced three-phase load 13 is connected to its outputs 12.1, 12.2, 12.3. One or several single-phase loads 14 are connected through an individual G-shaped LC filter inductor 15 and condenser 16. Two-channel design of the winding 1 armature and rectifier unit using transfilter 6, 7 channels for summing up currents, that improves weight-size parameters of the generator and improves the quality of the rectified voltage due to the double reduction of its pulsation level and double increase of their frequency, and this improves the weight-size parameters of the inductors 8, 9. Transfilters 6, 7 provide independent operation of rectifiers 4, 5 and operate at a triple generator frequency - 3ƒ1.EFFECT: expanded functional capacity.2 cl, 2 dwg

Electromechanical control device // 2641300
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the device electromechanical control of shaft speed is carried out due to the use of synchronous generator with a regulating rheostat, rigidly connected with a driven wheel pair, as well as by the introduction of generator excitation control unit, having an output connected with the input of the above mentioned synchronous generator.EFFECT: increased speed of the generator shaft in the absence of bulky nodes.1 dwg

Improved system of measurement and control of electric current for cell plants // 2641289
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and a system of electric current control (ECM) in at least one electrolysis cell having at least two electrodes in contact with an electrolytic medium, a plurality of touch sensitive measuring instruments for a current passing through one or more electrodes, besides the mentioned touch sensitive instruments are located within at least one ECM panel installed in one or more operating electrolysis cells. The system also includes the supporting means for supporting at least one ECM panel in electrolysis each cell, the supporting means being arranged to prevent disturbances in normal electrode movements and damage of the ECM panel. The system is executed with a possibility to measure an electric current passing through an electrode or a plurality of electrodes in the electrolysis cell. These improvements include means for minimization of impacts on measurement of current of variables of several types, for example, electromagnetic interference, electrolysis cell geometry and contact configuration, in order to provide a reliable approximation of the current passing through each electrode. In addition, the aforementioned improvements relate to maximizing the functionality, adaptability and manageability of the device, providing a complete upgrade of the metallurgical systems, in which it is important to provide reliable control of the electric current passing through the electrodes.EFFECT: increase in the accuracy of real-time monitoring of current magnitude passing through each cathode or anode contained in the electrolysis cell of electrolytic refining of metals, as well as optimisation of the electrolysis cells operation.31 cl, 13 dwg

Solid-state contactor for batteries // 2641098
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: solid-state contactor for batteries comprises a switching unit of the battery and charger, consisting of a group of paralleled power field transistors, series-opposite connected second group of paralleled power field transistors, a transistor connection circuit with galvanic isolation, and the switching unit of the battery and load connected to it, consisting of paralleled power field transistors and transistor connection circuit with galvanic isolation.EFFECT: providing switching of the load, charger and battery, complete limitation of the reverse current flow, galvanic isolation of control signals from the battery management system which increases the safety of the device operation and significantly increases the nominal value of the current.1 dwg

ethod for reducing voltage higher harmonic components // 2641097
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: physically, the amplitudes of the higher harmonics of the voltage decrease due to a change in the impedance of the power supply system. Since the inductive resistance increases directly in proportion to the current frequency, even a slight increase in it at the frequencies of the higher harmonics leads to significant changes in the amplitudes of the voltage harmonics at the common connection point. When adjusting the number of turns of the transformer windings, the reduced resistance of the system varies in proportion to the square of the transformation coefficient, so its change is reflected in the magnitude of the inductive resistance. To reduce voltage distortions by means of switching the number of turns of a power transformer, the coefficient kTHD - slope of the curve of the harmonic distortion coefficient versus the voltage on the secondary winding. Then, according to the formula, the required transformation ratio is selected. The transformer ratio of the power transformer is changed by the value determined by the formula.EFFECT: improving the quality of electricity.5 dwg

Power component on printed mounting board // 2641007
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a power component on a printed mounting board (100), including a DC bus located within the printed mounting board. The power element on the printed mounting board includes many capacitors (106), connected to the DC bus, three-phase AC input (102), located on the printed mounting board, and single-phase AC output (104), located on the printed mounting board. The power component on the printed mounting board also includes a power module, connected to the DC bus, three-phase AC input and single-phase AC output, while the power module adopts the three-phase AC power supply through the three-phase AC input and in return outputs the single-phase AC power supply via a single-phase AC output and heat-removing radiator configured to dissipate heat, generated by the power module.EFFECT: lowering the inductance of the DC bus, reducing the labour intensity of the final assembly of power components.17 cl, 8 dwg

Wheel with combined electromechanical tool generating electric energy and containing several auxiliary drive mechanisms // 2640916
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: wheel contains a tool for generation and transmission of energy, a rotating ring, a fixed plate, the first and the second auxiliary drive mechanisms and wheel caps. The rotating ring is mounted on the inner circumference of the wheel rim. The ring comprises a body of magnets including several magnets located in compartments formed within a ring with a constant gap. The fixed plate is attached to the shaft and comprises a winding body including a plurality of windings disposed in compartments corresponding to magnets of the magnet body. The auxiliary drive mechanisms are arranged to provide an increase in the driving force by reducing the rotational force of the wheel. The wheel caps are rotatably mounted on the shaft using bearings on both sides of the rim. The caps are designed to transmit the driving force generated by the auxiliary drive mechanisms to the wheel.EFFECT: ensuring wide range of regulation of torque and speed of rotation of the wheel.5 cl, 6 dwg

Finishing plate, equipped with means of centring on inner element of electrical device // 2640814
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a finishing plate (10) for an electrical device comprising snap tabs (410) which comprise a flexible tongue formed along a longitudinal axis and having an outer side and at least one latch which is provided on the noted outer side along a length in the direction of the width of the noted flexible tongue and has an engaging surface projecting from the noted outer side to engage with an inner member of the noted electrical device. According to the invention, at least one of the noted snap tabs comprises a slit that divides it into two parts in the height direction and/or latches having a slope with respect to the longitudinal axis.EFFECT: invention allows for an ideal centering of the finishing plate relative to the inner element of the electrical device.14 cl, 18 dwg
ethod of layout and spatial orientation of photoelectric panels in solar electric station without tracing sun // 2640795
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of placing the solar panels consists of installing the panels in rows with each other so that the rows are placed parallel to each other with long ends, and the planes - perpendicular or with a maximum high angle to the direction of the sunlight in the area, and with a process interval between the rows so that the shadow of the previous row of the solar panels at the optimum height of the sun does not cover the subsequent row, and the process interval inside the rows between the panels are installed not more than 0.1…0.15 L, where L is the length of the solar panel, wherein the panel has a height above the earth's surface, equal to the average increase in staff of 1.6…2 m. The rows of the solar panels are installed in the direction from the North to the South to eliminate the mutual shading of the panels and the planes of the panels have different spatial orientation relative to the direction of the sunlight in this area, which simultaneously with the choice of the number and capacity of the solar panels is selected to ensure a predetermined hourly schedule of the generation on the basis of criteria of the maximum value of the hourly amounts of total solar radiation at time t and the maximum electric energy per day.EFFECT: providing the schedule of the power generation corresponding to load schedule without tracking the sun across the sky.3 dwg

Three-phase-single-phase transformer of evseev // 2640571
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: three-phase single-phase transformer contains a magnetic circuit, two connected in series primary windings and a secondary winding. The magnetic core is made three-rod. Primary windings are wound on the two extreme rods of the magnetic circuit and are connected in series in a counter-manner. The secondary winding is wound on the middle rod, the width of which is equal to times the width of the outer rods.EFFECT: reduction of weight and dimensions, simplification of design and increase of efficiency.4 cl, 2 dwg

Electro-mechanical rail drive with gear rail // 2640491
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electro-mechanical rail drive with gear rail includes electromagnets attached to the trolley and switching devices of electromagnetic windings. On the gear rails the teeth are made in the form of rail poles, analogous to the poles of electromagnets. Near the pole of the electromagnet there are sensors for the position of the rail pole connected by their outputs to the inputs of the control device. The outputs of the control device are connected to the inputs of the switching devices, which connect the electromagnetic windings to the power supply. The output of the traction and braking control device is connected to the other input of the control device. Next to the electromagnet there is attached to the frame of the trolley a retainer containing a pin.EFFECT: increase the reliability and efficiency of the electromagnetic rail drive.8 dwg

Autonomous induction generator with autotransformer stator winding // 2640403
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: generator comprises an autotransformer stator winding consisting of twelve coil groups with leads. The first three leads are interconnected and taken from the ends of the third, fifth and seventh coil groups. The second three leads are taken from the combined beginnings of the ninth and the end of the eighth coil groups, from the combined beginning of the eleventh and the end of the tenth coil groups, from the combined beginnings of the first and the end of the twelfth coil groups, respectively. Three third leads are taken from the beginnings of the second, fourth and sixth coil groups. The end of the second coil group is connected to the beginning of the eighth coil group, the end of the ninth with the beginning of the third, the end of the fourth with the beginning of the tenth, the end of the eleventh with the beginning of the fifth, the end of the sixth with the beginning of the twelfth, the end of the first coil group is connected to the beginning of the seventh coil group. The excitation capacitors are connected to the third leads of the generator, and the load - to the second three-phase leads.EFFECT: reduction of electrical losses.2 dwg

Single-wire electrical system // 2640400
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: system of transmission lines includes a source having the first and the second poles, a single-wire line, a load and a phase-shifting device coupled to one pole of this source so that the phase-shifting device shifts the phase of one signal propagating through the pole such that after shifting the phase of one signal is virtually identical to the phase of another signal propagating through the other pole. The signal with shifted phase is added to another signal, all signals with the same phase are combined into one signal transmitted via a single-wire line to the load.EFFECT: energy transmission using a single wire.7 cl, 17 dwg

Protective system for electric machines // 2640394
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric machine has a housing (11) that delimits the interior space (12) of the electrical machine with respect to the surrounding electric machine of the outdoor space (13), and a protective system. Protective system has the first pipeline interconnect (3), by which it is possible to connect the interior space (12) with the outer space (13), valve (4) and (5) filter, which is impervious to dust (14). The valve (4) and the first connecting pipe (3) are designed so that the first connecting pipe (3) with the closed valve (4) is non-flowing. The valve (4) and the first connecting line (3) are configured such that the first gaseous medium can penetrate, with the opened valve (4), from the outer space (13) into the inner space (12). The filter (5) is arranged so that it is possible to filter the first gaseous medium penetrating through the connecting conduit from the outer space (13) into the inner space (12).EFFECT: increased reliability.13 cl, 6 dwg

Brushless wiper engine // 2640377
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: fixed part, rotary part rotatable mounted in the fixed part, gear that transmits the rotation of the rotary part to the wiper element, and a reducer housing in which the gear is located are fixed in the motor casing. The motor housing in which the fixed part 35 and the gear housing 41 in which the gear SD is mounted are made of aluminium and most of the heat that is generated in the stationary part 35 during the operation of the brushless wiper engine 20 can be dissipated directly to the outside of engine casing 31.EFFECT: efficient dissipation of heat transmitted to the motor housing outwards can be achieved, size and weight can be reduced, electromagnetic interference can be suppressed and resistance to heat can be increased, which does not require costly components capable of withstanding high temperatures, and manufacturing costs can be reduced.4 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of protection from the receiving side of two parallel lines with one-sided power supply // 2640353
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: instantaneous values of the current i1 and i2 are measured on the first and second lines in the positive and negative half-waves of the current as the current rises. Then, the instantaneous current value in the first line i1 with a given value of the current ist, and for i1= ist, continuing to measure i1, the time ti1 is counted until the moment when the next positive/negative half-wave current under the current i1= ist buildup. Then the countdown is repeated, comparing t1 with the first tst1 and the second tst2 given to the values of time, and if t1≤tst1 or t1≥tst2, then the switch of the first line is turned off. Simultaneously, the instantaneous current value in the second line i2 is compared with a given value of the current ist, and for i2= ist, continuing to measure i2, the time t2 is began to be counted until the moment when the next positive/negative half-wave current under the current i2= iat buildup. Then repeat the countdown, compare t2 with the first tet1 and t et2 second specified values of time, and if t2≤tet1 or t2≥tet2, turn off power switch of the second line.EFFECT: increased security reliability from the receiving side of two parallel lines with one-sided power supply.3 dwg