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E01            Construction of roads, railways, or bridges(13135)
ethod for strengthening cracked metal thin-wall element of span structures of bridges // 2642758
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: strengthening method includes drilling a hole at the crack mouth, applying a solder, installing strengthening elements in the form of straps installed on both sides of the metal element, and local heating to the melting point of the solder. The hole in the crack mouth is drilled with a diameter of at least two sheet thicknesses, a paste-like solder is applied to the strap surface, and a mushroom-shaped strap is installed by inserting its stem into the hole. The clearance between the strap stem and the beam wall in the hole is 0.2-0.25 mm, the pressing force is not less than 0.2 MPa. The strap due to the solder adhesion with the base metal is involved in the joint work with the main element. Its cross section is not only not weakened, but is also strengthened by increasing the cross-section with the straps. While heating, in the hole area (the metal is expanded into the hole), additional compressive stresses slowing downing the crack development are created.EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability of a span structure with a crack in the wall of the main beam, which extends predominantly from a seam fastening a stiffener thereto.3 dwg
Horizontal road marking (versions) // 2642746
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: light sources, such as car headlights, emit radiation, including that in the form of visible light. Most of the light beams incident directly on the road surface 6 are absorbed. According to the first version, part of all the incident light beams is partially reflected directly from the road marking layer 4 and returns in the reverse direction. In both versions, part of the light beams falls on the projecting part 1. Since the additional layer 8 on the surface of the projecting part 1 is absent, the light beam is partially reflected and, being refracted, passes into the inner volume of the micro glass ball 2. The light beams passed through the micro glass ball 2 are almost completely reflected from the glass interface and an additional layer 8 located on the surface of the micro glass ball 2, which is present on the entire surface of the micro glass ball 2, except for the projecting part 1. Most of these reflected light beams return to the light source.EFFECT: increasing the light return coefficient of the road marking and its independence from the road marking material colour.9 cl, 2 dwg
Device for closing compensation gap // 2642737
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device (1) for closing the compensation gap and made in the form of a plate-shaped adapter element (2) closing the compensation gap (4) existing between the structure of two elements (3) for passing a travelling object. The compensation gap (4) is closed by at least two transverse beams (5) supported by both said elements (3) of the structure, in this case at least one stand of the bearing stands (6) is configured for providing shift movement of the transverse beam (5) with respect to the corresponding element (3) of the structure. The transverse beams (5) support a group of plates (11) located above the beams and oriented at least substantially parallel to each other, at that the plates are movable relative to the transverse beams (5), and movable relative to each other. A device (17) for protection against overload is arranged between the two plates (11), which are movable relative to the transverse beams (5) and movable relative to each other, and comprises two spaced support beams resting on transverse beams, and a filling profile closing the gap between supporting beams. At least one fixing device is arranged between two supporting beams for fixing the relative position of the supporting beams relative to each other. When the threshold value exceeds the load acting on the two supporting beams for their convergence, the fixing device eliminates said fixing of position.EFFECT: providing movement of both support beams towards each other with displacement of the filling profile up outside the gap.21 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of accelerated creation and restoration of ice crossing // 2642735
FIELD: technical equipment.SUBSTANCE: method of accelerated creation and restoration of the ice crossing refers to the field of ice engineering. Invention can be used to accelerate the creation and restoration of the ice crossing and increase its bearing capacity, as well as to accelerate the freezing of equipment that has fallen under ice. Technical effect: increasing thickness of the ice cover over the entire surface of the ice river crossing by artificially increasing of ice thickness with a greater bearing capacity to thickness, necessary for the transport crossing, as well as in accelerating the process of complete freezing of transport fallen in the ice, to pull the transport on the surface of ice by accumulating and freezing the broken ice to the bottom surface under the ice crossing up to the required thickness for the transport crossing in horseshoe traps, built from ice-frozen material, for example, osier-bed.EFFECT: technical effect: increasing thickness of the ice cover over the entire surface of the ice river crossing by artificially increasing of ice thickness.3 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of increasing carrying capacity of ice cover // 2642728
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: carrying capacity of the ice cover is increased by means of steel pipes lowered vertically to the basin bottom through the through openings formed in the ice cover along both sides of the crossing along its entire length, the bottom end of the pipe being made welded and its upper end projecting over the ice surface, the pipes are made as telescopic pillars, wherein the connection portion of the movable element of the telescopic support with the immovable one is covered with an anti-icing layer, and a horizontal vibration generator is mounted inside it. With the help of feedback sensors, the generator is capable of turning to the natural frequency of the horizontal oscillations of the moving element with the ice layer set on it.EFFECT: increased carrying capacity.2 dwg

ethod of increasing carrying capacity of ice cover // 2642726
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: carrying capacity of the ice cover is increased by means of steel pipes lowered vertically to the basin bottom via through openings formed in the ice cover along both edges of the crossing along its entire length. The bottom end of the pipe is made welded, and its upper end projects above the ice surface. The pipes are made in the form of telescopic supports. The section of the movable element of the telescopic support at the point of its connection with the immovable one is made with inhomogeneities in the form, for example, of the variability of the pipes wall thickness. The section length should exceed the maximum possible level of water fluctuations in the basin. At the upper end projecting from under the ice, a generator is installed, exciting longitudinal oscillations in the supports, and it is supplied with feedback sensor, which enables it to be configured on its own frequency transverse vibrations occurring as a result of a transformation brought by longitudinal waves in transverse field inhomogeneities in waveguides, i.e. on pipe portions with variable thickness. In the upper parts of the pipes, heat-insulating plugs are installed.EFFECT: increased carrying capacity.2 dwg
Water floating single-axis folding self-propelled road high-capacity ground-compacting compactor with adjustable area of contact and stepless regulation of motion speed, frequency and direction of oscillations, and variants of its application // 2642700
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of devices used for layer-by-layer surface compaction of soils. During operation the compactor can change the area of contact with the ground, steplessly adjust the frequency of oscillations in a wide range, change the direction of the oscillation forces, steplessly change the speed and direction of motion, compact the marshy ground (be able to swim), and also reduce its weight and overall dimensions during transportation. Device consists of filled with gas and liquid flexible shell. Compactor movement is performed by rotation of the liquid inside the shell using the reversible pumps. Rotating fluid, acting through the installed inside the flexible shell buckets, forces the compactor to move along the compacted soil.EFFECT: proposed is the device for layer-by-layer surface compaction of soils.21 cl, 26 dwg
Phosphate compounds as adhesion promotors // 2642661
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application of a phosphate derivative to promote adhesion between bitumen and aggregates in an asphalt composition. The composition contains bitumen and a phosphate derivative. The phosphate derivative is obtained as a result of: i) etherification of a polyhydric alcohol containing at least three hydroxyl groups with a carboxylic acid containing 8-24 carbon atoms or a derivative thereof, wherein at least one, but not all hydroxyl groups undergo etherification, provided that if the polyhydric alcohol contains 5 or more hydroxyl groups, then at least two, but not all hydroxyl groups will be subjected to etherification, followed by introduction of the resulting ester into the reaction with a phosphating reagent; or ii) carrying out transetherification of triglyceride under the action of glycerine, followed by reaction with a phosphating reagent. Moreover, the said composition is not a "bitumen in water" emulsion.EFFECT: proposed additive increases bitumen adhesion to acidic and basic aggregates, and demonstrates good ecological characteristics.19 cl, 5 tbl, 4 ex
ethod for erecting earth bed with corduroy supporting cage on peat soils // 2642601
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for erecting an earth bed with a corduroy supporting cage on peat soils consists in the fact that in order to freeze the peat soils of the base to the required thickness, periodic snow cleaning and moss-grass cover denting are carried out. A geocomposition material with overlapping of adjacent strips by not less than 1/3 of the roll width is laid on the frozen cleaned surface. A technical layer is made of sand to protect the geocomposition material from breaks during the mounting and laying of logs. On the prepared technical layer, logs are mounted in packs in the longitudinal direction with a displacement equal to half the length of the log. In order to ensure the equipment patency over the corduroy decking, filling the top technical layer of sand is carried out. The supporting cage is formed, for which purpose the geocomposition material edges are led over the cage, and the material soldering is carried out. To prevent the mechanical damage of the geocomposition material, filling a sand protective layer is provided. The construction of the upper earth bed part is carried out.EFFECT: reducing the sedimentation of the earth bed base and increasing the carrying capacity of the motor road earth bed.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of increasing carrying capacity of ice cover // 2642183
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: carrying capacity of the crossing ice cover is increased by means of steel pipes lowered vertically to the basin bottom via through openings formed in the ice cover along both edges of the crossing along its entire length. The bottom end of the pipe is made welded, and its upper end projects above the ice surface. The pipes are made in the form of telescopic supports. The connection section of the mobile element of the telescopic support with the fixed one is equipped with a fragment of a coaxial cylinder freely rotating about the vertical symmetry axis of the movable element, the length of which must be not less than the maximum difference in the water level in the basin. On its surface, a screw stud in the form of a two-thread screw is installed. The diameter of the pipes of the mobile, i.e. upper, element must be larger than the fixed, i.e. lower, element, and the ends of the two-thread screws are equipped with cutters.EFFECT: increasing the carrying capacity.2 dwg

ethod of transforming of roller on basis of ballast to wheel on basis of plates // 2641572
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of transformation is to remove the ballast from the section that passes through a lot of sleepers, removed a number of sleepers after dismantling the rail mounts to install sleeper blocks, to install temporary vertically adjustable supports in the area passing through a number of sleeper blocks, pouring the concrete from the surface of the under rails up to high of sleeper blocks. After the filling concrete has partially solidified, at least a portion of each support located between the two corresponding sleeper blocks in the direction of the rails is removed. The sleeper block for carrying out the method consists of a concrete panel and sleepers embedded in a concrete panel, which are provided with rail fasteners. The support for carrying out the method consists of a support body and a carrier plate for the rail. In this connection, adjusting means are provided for adjusting the distance between the support body and the support plate.EFFECT: transformation of the railway track.15 cl, 11 dwg

Barrier // 2641549
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: barrier contains an anchor, which has an auxiliary drive mechanism and barrier rail with the ability to rotate in a vertical plane. The auxiliary drive mechanism is made in the form of two coaxial coils arranged around the support post, between which a compression spring is installed. The upper bushing is movable and is connected to the barrier bar via a connecting element transferring the accumulated energy of the compression spring.EFFECT: improved operation reliability.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of construction of roads on frozen soils // 2641352
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention could be used in the construction of embankments, ground transport facilities in Arctic zones on frozen soils by preparing the grounds and dumping road embankment on stripes. The road embankment is collected from discrete bands strewn on the panels on the technological site and delivered by drag along the snow to the frozen base of the road under construction.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of road construction due to simplification, acceleration and better construction of the embankment during construction on frozen soils.8 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for strengthening the bridge superstructure // 2640855
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method involves drilling at least two holes in the diaphragms of adjacent superstructure beams along the entire amplified section; installation of strand bundles in holes drilled in the diaphragms; tension and fastening of strand bundles by anchoring elements on the extreme diaphragms; drilling in the upper plates at the joints of adjacent beams, in the area of voids between the diaphragms of the holes, the number of which depends on the number of voids between the diaphragms; formwork under the diaphragms of adjacent beams; filling the voids between the diaphragms with concrete through the holes in the top slabs of adjacent beams and formwork dismantle after the concrete has hardened.EFFECT: strengthening of the bridge superstructure.2 dwg

Oversized cohesive flush kerb // 2640609
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: in the flush kerb, the butt-ends have a bevel from the middle of the kerb's height. At its ends, respectively, from below and from above, rectangular grooves are made up to the middle of the height and width of the end portion and with a depth equal to half the width, forming the protrusions to the top and bottom respectively, as shown in FIG. 1. The height of the stone is about 1500 mm. The flush kerb has a vertical oval drainage hole with a channel chamfered left to right along the length of the stone and providing water flow while simultaneous splashes dampening from under the wheels of vehicles with the existing right-hand traffic. The technical result of the invention is to give the kerbs an additional function of a retaining fence to protect pedestrians from collision of vehicles, splashing water and dirt from under the wheels of vehicles due to self-locking flush kerbs. Obstruction of parking of vehicles on sidewalks, passenger pick up and drop off in undesignated areas.EFFECT: preventing unauthorized access of pedestrians to the roadway.2 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for controlling mechanical stresses of rail bars in presence of magnetic and temperature fields by barkhausen noise method and device for its implementation // 2640492
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: according to the method for controlling mechanical stresses of rail bars in the presence of magnetic and temperature fields by the Barkhausen noise method (BN), the obtained data is visualised in the form of an amplitude graph of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum. By the presence of deviations of the repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum, the presence of the material magnetization in the application area of an attachable sensor for BN recording is determined. The detected magnetization of the material is compensated by creating magnetic field of opposite direction in the measurement area, for which a direct bias current is applied to the excitation coil, reaching the predetermined repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum. The evaluation of the level of mechanical stresses is carried out when a predetermined repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum is reached, taking into account the temperature of the control object. A device for implementing the mentioned method is also disclosed.EFFECT: increased reliability of control results, which allows to improve the safety of railway traffic.2 cl, 4 dwg

Slab with projections for isolating roadbed section // 2640456
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: slab with projections for isolating a roadbed section is made monolithically with two limiting projections symmetrical with respect to the transverse axis. At the projections, warning stakes are rigidly mounted, on the surface of which light-reflecting thin-layer coatings are applied. Two hoisting openings symmetrical with respect to the transverse axis are made in the slab. At opposite end slab sides, docking units in the form of alternating docking projections on one of them and docking recesses corresponding to them in shape on the other are made. The design features of the slab with projections for isolating a roadbed section are reflected not only in the characteristic of the units and their constructive interconnections included therein, but also through, inter alia, the structural characteristics of the basic units of the object to be patented, using their substantial geometrical parameters.EFFECT: increased mechanical strength of a slab with projections while reducing its production cost and increasing the effectiveness of isolating a roadbed section.4 cl, 4 dwg

Rail track of straightline high-speed railway // 2640334
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: rail track of a straight-line high-speed rail includes rails with pads to join them end-to-end, which are installed with a clearance to compensate for the strain of rails during temperature change in both summer and winter. The rails are mounted on sleepers and on the embankment ballast of the railway bed. Unilateral cantilever beams are made on the rail ends on the left and right side of the rail from its middle or in each rail in its head. Each cantilever beam is connected relative to a next rail with the planes of said beams overlapping with the possibility of their longitudinal displacement, turning a rail track into a jointless one. Between the pads and the neck of the rail are cavities in which the lower parts of the cantilever beams are arranged to prevent slipping of said cantilever beams along their upper planes.EFFECT: creating a jointless track.1 dwg

Snow melter // 2640281
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: snow melter contains an underground snow-receiving chamber with a loading window covered with a grate, a duct for melt water draining and a snow melting intensifier. The intensifier is made in the form of a collector with irrigation pipes, connected to the sewage main. The device includes a snow melting channel communicating with the chamber, with a removable overlap installed above the channel and a means for solid floating contaminants retaining located in the channel. A flooded pipeline with holes for warm waste water supply, equipped with a latch installed before the pipeline insertion into the snow melter, is arranged along the inner surface of the snow-receiving chamber walls. At that, the bottom of the snow-receiving chamber, extending above the bottom of the snow-melting channel, is inclined to it and mates with the bottom of the snow-melting channel by a step.EFFECT: increased efficiency of snow melting, reduced length and depth of the snow melting channel by providing the ability to control the intensity of snow melting and hydraulic flushing from the bottom of the snow-receiving chamber of mineral particles precipitating during snow melting.2 cl, 2 dwg

Bridge and method of its installation // 2640221
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bridge contains twin pontoons and additionally two motor pontoons whose control units are disguised as motor boats installed on the surface of motor pontoons, all pontoons have lockable fittings mounted on the side surface of the pontoons below the waterline to a depth equal to half of the height of the truck's wheel. All pontoons are connected to a column, the length of which is equal to the width of the river in the place of supposed installation of the bridge. The assembly of the bridge is carried out in a safe place on a shore of a feeder or a backwater of a pond at night, the pontoons are connected to a floating column, the motor pontoons are located in front and behind the floating column, the column is flooded by opening the fittings of each pontoon until the draft of the bridge surface to the depth of the half of the truck's wheel, and after that fuse it to the place of the planned ferry of combat units.EFFECT: creation of a ferry in any place of the shore of the water space is promptly and secretly from aviation and satellite systems.2 cl, 2 dwg
Road sign or device of warning light alarm // 2640219
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: traffic sign and associated warning light alarm are described. The road sign or device comprises a temperature sensor that, at a predetermined temperature, turns on the illumination of, at least, one LED. This temperature can be associated with the ice formation. The LED (s) may flash to warn motorists of dangerous road conditions. A road sign or device uses simple components to increase reliability, especially when the device is subjected to high heat, such as when installing the device in a hot bituminous waterproofing. In addition, the device comprises a switching element that prevents rapid cycling on/off.EFFECT: improving the device reliability.19 cl, 11 dwg
ethod of manufacturing geogrid for soil // 2640217
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing geogrid for soil includes formation of a grid, which edges are formed from bundles of yarns and are fastened to form cells, the sizes of which are larger than the edges that form the grid. On the surface of the ribs, on one side, a layer of an adhesive water-soluble substance is applied and a fertiliser and/or plant seeds are applied on it with the subsequent hardening of the layer.EFFECT: extension of the functional properties of the geogrid.1 cl
ethod of manufacturing geogrid for soil // 2640216
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing geogrid for soil includes formation of a grid, which edges are formed from bundles of yarns and are fastened to form cells, the sizes of which are larger than the edges that form the grid. The grid is impregnated with an aqueous solution of mineral or organic fertiliser, followed by drying to a moisture content of not more than 5%.EFFECT: expansion of functional properties of the geogrid, to ensure the allocation of nutrients to the soil by the geogrid, which improves the fertilization of the root system of plants.1 cl

Stabilizing unit for sleeper packing machine // 2640165
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: packing device for sleeper packing machine contains located on letter with possibility of regulation in the frame of the packing device holder, made in the form of the tilting levers pair packing tools. The bottom ends of rams, submerged in the ballast layer, through vibratory drive may be propelled in opposite directions and can be hydraulically summed together. Each of the packing tools of the pair is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and a displacement sensor. Hydraulic cylinders form both a feed drive and a vibration drive of the packing tools. To drive the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder control valves are provided. The linear motion of the supply of the hydraulic cylinder is imparted oscillations. The amplitude of the oscillations and the oscillation frequency are set by the control/regulation system.EFFECT: increase the durability of the packing unit.5 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of installing insert of compensation style warning formation of cracks and device for its implementation // 2639760
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: in method construct structures, which allow vertically set and strengthen many of fixed rods on the lower surface, lay the concrete and then install the connecting means to fixed terminals attaching and installing insert compensation interface, has a closing element, which can be attached and detached between connecting means before arthritis-degenerative joint illness concrete. Thus, since there is a possibility to install the insert pointer compensatory interface simultaneously with the laying of concrete on the bottom surface, method and device can significantly reduce the period of erection of concrete structures, as well as ensure that the crack created by the usual insertion of compensatory interface during solidification of concrete can be reduced to a minimum, thereby increasing durability of concrete and raising efficiency of construction.EFFECT: reduction of cracks occurring during the erection of concrete structures.8 cl, 6 dwg
Automatic machine for repair of damaged plots of road coverage // 2639753
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: automatic machine for repairing damaged sections of the road surface includes a self-propelled chassis, a container mounted on it (2) for the repair structure with its supply device, a fuel tank connected to a device for heating the air stream, a device for providing compressed air (compressor), and a manipulator. Manipulator contains frame (6), the rotation mechanism, made in the form of a turntable (8), carriage (9) lateral displacement the sliding tray (10) longitudinal displacement, the vertical movement mechanism, in the form of rods (11), the working equipment, made in the form of heads (3) channels (13, 14, 15, 16) for the supply of compressed air, hot air jet repair composition and powder, respectively. The automatic machine is equipped with diagnostic and optical sensors (5, 6) for scanning the road surface, connected via a control device with a manipulator. The diagnostic sensor (5) is mounted vertically. The head (3) is made with a smoothing plantar surface. The channel (15) for supplying the repair composition at the outlet is made with a storage chamber (19). The duct (14) for supplying the hot air jet at the outlet is provided with a chamber (17) connected to the retraction channel (18).EFFECT: maintenance of qualitative repair of a road covering at the expense of the maximum reduction of the influence of the human factor, having the automated process of repair of a road covering.10 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle and overpass for it // 2639380
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle is a train made up of ordinary railway freight cars mounted on trolleys with hydrostatic supports. The overpass is a long-length pipe, laid in a ferro concrete tray and filled with water with considerable hydrostatic pressure. To drive and to provide transverse stability of the train a single-lane rail track is used, laid on piles parallel to the carrier pipe.EFFECT: vehicle and an overpass for it have been created, which ensure high bandwidth and efficient operation.4 cl, 2 dwg

Paving and method of its laying // 2639205
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: paving contains a bottom layer consisting of crushed cement-concrete fragments, and a top layer of asphalt concrete. The lower layer is made white or light, and the upper one contains transparent glass inclusions, the height of which in the layer does not exceed its thickness. Also, a method is described for making paving, comprising laying the bottom layer of crushed cement concrete blocks and the upper layer of asphalt concrete, the layer of crushed cement concrete fragments or its upper surface being white or light, and in the asphalt-concrete coating, melted or fused fragments of transparent glass are introduced, the height of which in the coating layer is equal to its thickness.EFFECT: creating additional lighting for the paving.2 cl, 1 dwg

Built-up reinforced concrete ballast blanket layer and holder for it // 2638877
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: layer contains track interrail, intertrack and side reinforced concrete slabs laid butt-to-butt with their end faces, and holders in the form of rubber bars located between the rails and the side surfaces of the slabs. Each holder has a curvilinear surface in the form of the hollows of the rails on the one side, and a supporting surface for the slab on the opposite side. The holders are made monolithic. Hollows are made in the mentioned opposite side of each holder. An upper part of the rail fastening is placed in each hollow. A longitudinal protrusion is made on the curved surface of each holder on the portion contacting the lower surface of the rail head.EFFECT: ease of use and higher reliability.6 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for forming zones of traffic management facility visualization in accordance with optical interference from roadside information devices // 2638398
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: on the section of a highway and a roadside strip, the boundaries of the visualization zones of the Traffic Management Facilities (TMF), which are located on the right in the direction of traffic and require the stop of a vehicle, are defined. On the right side of the road, three visualization zones of the TMF are formed, covered by the driver's cones of vision. The first of the visualization zones, in which the TMF is placed, is formed in the space of a smaller driver's cone of vision. The second visualization zone is formed as a space between the surfaces of a smaller and a larger driver's cones of vision, while the second zone houses the TMF and the information devices that create optical interference to the driver, but do not overlap the visibility of the TMF. The third visualization zone of the TMF, in which information devices are placed, is formed outside the driver's larger cone of vision.EFFECT: improving traffic safety.2 dwg

Soil-backfilled bridge // 2638218
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bridge structure is made prefabricated of fibrous concrete elements equipped with embedded parts and a structure of plates and a geogrid, that allows to distribute vertical pressure from the rolling stock to the unpressurized arch zone. Supports are made prefabricated, mounted on a grillage combining the piles, and a parabolic-shaped arch made of fibrous concrete and consisting of separate blocks hingedly connected to one another along the outer arch surface rests on the supports. On the upper surface of each block, there are niches in its corners, in which there are metal embedded lugs, two pieces in a niche on one side of the block, and four - on the opposite side; each lug has an opening for the bolts, the axis of which coincides with the point of intersection of the lateral and the upper surface of the blocks. On the contacting surfaces of each block, projections are made on one side, and recesses on the other side, which are combined during the installation of the arch, the central part of which is the unpressurized zone, i.e. not experiencing lateral bearing reaction of the soil. Sandy cushions are placed on the boundaries of the unpressurized zone, on which transitional reinforced concrete slabs rest, a layer of sand is poured onto the slabs; after its compaction, a polymeric geogrid with a slope from the vertical axis of the arch to the side of the bridge supports is placed within the soil backfilling cage. Road pavement layers are laid over the sand. The bridge facade along the entire height is laid out with gabions interconnected by reinforcement, the last row of which serves as a guard rail, the gabions being installed during the arrangement of the soil cage of the bridge backfilling.EFFECT: simplifying the installation of bridge structures, reducing eccentric loads on the arch, increasing the strength of load-bearing elements by using fibrous concrete.7 dwg

Device for measuring strength of road toppings by dynamic loading method // 2638202
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device is hinged, contains a loading mechanism consisting of a pneumatic cylinder (3), the upper cavity of which (4) is connected to a loading receiver (8), and the piston (5) acts as a drop weight. The damping element is a cylinder (19), a dynamic pulse effects the piston (21) of the cylinder on the loading device side. The lower cavity of the cylinder (23) by a pipeline (24) is connected to the receiver (25), the pressure in which can vary within wide limits. Between the damping element and the die, a load cell (30) is installed, which measures the forces acting on the die. The device allows, with small dimensions and low weight of the dropped weight, to significantly increase the dynamic effect on the die, within wide limits, to change the parameters of the dynamic pulse.EFFECT: placement between the damping element and the die of the load cell, which fixes the dynamic pulse, made it possible to significantly improve the accuracy of the measurement.2 cl, 1 dwg

Universal separate rail fastening for laying vedernikova railway track structure // 2637853
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: universal, separate rail fastening for laying railway tracks contains terminals, a pad, a back-up plate, connected by bolted connections, equipped with a baseplate. The upper surface of the baseplate has a concave M-shape with lateral shoulders and radial longitudinal grooves. The back-up plate has a convex lower surface of M-shape repeating the outline of the upper surface of the baseplate, with side shoulders and radial longitudinal grooves, which are a mirror image relative to the baseplate. Bevels are made at an angle of 45 at the edges of the upper surface of the back-up plate the entire width . The pad is M-shaped with tapering edges and located in the M-shaped gap between the baseplate and the back-up plate. The terminals are made with surfaces, one of which is made in accordance with the outline of the upper part of the rail base, and the other is at an angle of 45. On the baseplate there is a pad, back-up plate, located successively and fastened together in pairs on both sides by bolted connections. For this purpose, coaxial cylindrical through holes are made in the back-up plate, pad and baseplate for the bolted connections. In the lower part of the baseplate, there are oval grooves in which oval shims are installed for the bolt caps. In the upper part of the back-up plate, the holes are formed with a spotfacer. Clamping of the terminals to the back-up plate is carried out by bolted connections through a spacer, for what the coaxial cylindrical through holes are made in the back-up plate, spacer and terminals.EFFECT: reliable operation of rail fastening at high cyclic loads.4 dwg

Device and method for compacting snowpack // 2637772
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: device for compacting snowpack is located in the frame and contains a drag-chain or belt conveyor, a crushing shaft and press rolls. The crushing shaft and the press rolls contain teeth and are meshed with the drive which actuates them. The conveyor is made with the possibility of transporting the snowpack, and the crushing shaft is made with the possibility of crushing the snowpack entering up the conveyor by means of crushing elements located along the surface of the crushing shaft. The crushing shaft is connected to the conveyor, fastened on top of it and in front of the press rolls. Each of the press rolls is designed to compact the snowpack entering up the conveyor by means of its weight, is connected to the conveyor and mounted on top of it.EFFECT: expansion of technical facilities ensuring compaction of the snowpack.10 cl, 2 dwg
Radar absorbent asphalt-concrete mixture and roadway covering made from this mixture // 2637701
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: radar absorbent asphalt-concrete mixture including a bituminous binder, a stabilizing additive, a filler - crushed stone of a various fractional composition, and a fine filler, with using a radar absorbent material, where crushed gabbro-diabase stone and nickel slag and/or copper slag in the form of sand and/or microspheres obtained by a plasma technology, are used as a radar absorbent material at the next component ratio, wt %: said crushed stone 5-70, bituminous binder 5-18, said nickel slag and/or copper slag 8-80, a stabilizing additive 6-16, other filler 2-18. The radar absorbent asphalt-concrete road covering is made multi-layered, where the bottom layer is made from the above mixture, and the upper strengthening layer is made of a mixture containing a binder - an epoxy composition, nickel slag and/or copper slag in the form of sand and/or microspheres made by plasma technology, a pigment and another filler at the following component ratio, wt %: epoxy composition 10-40, said nickel slag and/or copper slag 10-70, pigment 0 or 1-10, another filler 0 or 1-12. The invention is developed in the dependent claim of the formula.EFFECT: improved operational properties and extended application range.3 cl, 1 tbl, 1 ex

Device for artificial grass strips insertion into soil // 2637671
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device comprises: a frame for support of various parts of the device; a plurality of bobbins with artificial grass strips wound on them; at least one drum that is rotatably mounted on the frame and rotates about a substantially horizontal axis of rotation. The drum is designed to accommodate several artificial grass strips that are unwound from the bobbins, and to rotate these artificial grass strips by drum movement. The drum includes a plurality of clamps which, when viewed from the side, are arranged around the axis of rotation, the clamps rotate together with the drum and are designed to hold a portion of each artificial grass strip clamped between the front clamp and the rear clamp, viewed in the direction of rotation, and to rotate parts of the artificial grass strips together with the drum; at least one cutting device to cut the artificial grass strips, so that the clamped parts of the artificial grass strips are cut off from the remainder of the corresponding artificial grass strips; at least one insertion device that comprises a plurality of insertion pins and at least one actuator. The actuator introduces the insertion pins to the soil depth. The drum is arranged to rotate a number of parts of the artificial grass strips under the insertion device.EFFECT: insertion device is adapted to insert portions of the artificial grass strips that are turned under the insertion device into the soil.15 cl, 10 dwg

Bridge with cantilever supports // 2637534
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bridge with cantilever supports includes a span with cantilevers and cantilever supports. The cantilevers are located on tie-bars installed on cantilever supports, built on the shore, each of which is made in the form of a rectangular triangular splay truss with posts. The right angle of the truss faces the tie-bars, and the lower chord, directed from the shore to the middle of the river, together with the central post of the truss is rigidly fixed in the foundation slab and connected with a deep slab via a horizontal rod. The central post in the upper part is connected to a slant post fixed in the deep slab.EFFECT: reliability of the bridge design with the increased length of the span and low material consumption due to an increase in its bearing capacity.1 dwg
ethod of railway track laying and disassembly and laying-disassemby train for its implementation // 2637262
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of railway track laying is that the pre-assembled lengths of tracks are drawn onto the crane, the top length is gripped and transported by a jib for laying in the track. On the platform with supports of laying-disassembly train the supports are thrown, the package of pre-assembled lengths of track is lifted, the transportation means are put under the lifted package. The swing supports are put under the top pre-assembled lengths of the track. The package of the pre-assembled lengths is lowered. The top pre-assembled lengths of the package are installed onto the swing supports and at least two lower pre-assembled lengths of the track package are lowered onto the transportation means. The laying-disassembly train for implementing the method of laying includes a crane and a platform with guides. The platforms are equipped with lifting devices, swing supports, hinged on the frame at the lifting devices, transportation means.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of laying the railway track.4 cl, 4 dwg

Synthetic fiber and artificial lawn comprising such fiber // 2637261
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: synthetic monofilament-like fiber for use in an artificial lawn, in particular for use in artificial sports lawns, having a curved section, as well as the ratio of the central line arc length to the maximum thickness of less than 8, preferably between 4.5 and 3.8, and more preferably in the range between 4.4 and 4.0, and the peripheral surface of said fiber has a wavy structure.EFFECT: improving the game characteristics.18 cl, 13 dwg
Self-supporting foundation // 2636835
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: self-supporting foundation refers to bridge construction field and can be used, when constructing temporary bridge supports for temporary bridges at a great depth of water. The self-supporting foundation of temporary bridges supports includes a platform with junctions of different height to rotate the meshed guides into the required working position, at the end of each there is the screw pile, connected to the screwing drive in the form of the hydraulic motor, to which the flexible high pressure hoses are connected. In the transport position the meshed guides with the main screw piles are positioned across the platform. The meshed guides with the king piles are located along the platform with the formation of the second level.EFFECT: reliability increase.3 dwg
Bitumen compositions containing additives with improved thermo-reversible properties // 2636487
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: bitumen composition includes bitumen, the first additive comprising, at least, one functional group of a fatty acid ester saturated or unsaturated having a linear or branched hydrocarbon chain containing from 4 to 36 carbon atoms optionally substituted by, at least, one hydroxyl group, and the second additive containing, at least, one organic gelling agent. The invention also relates to the use of a combination of the first additive and the second additive in a bitumen composition to improve the sensitivity of the said composition to temperature. Finally, the invention relates to the use of these bitumen compositions in the field of road construction, in particular, in the manufacture of road binders and in the field of industrial applications.EFFECT: improving the compound properties.23 cl, 2 tbl

Snow-clearing robot // 2636402
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: snow-clearing robot consists of a self-propelled wheeled vehicle (1) and comprises a control unit (6) including a computer (7) with inner memory. An ultrasonic location sensor (9), an alarm device (10), and a receiving/transmitting device (11) are connected to the computer (7). Three basic transmitting-receiving devices (12, 13, 14) arranged around the perimeter of the treated area and providing connection on respective radio channels to the receiving-transmitting device (11) of the control unit (6) are also introduced into the snow-clearing robot. Wherein a travel sensor (8), connected to the computer, is introduced into the control unit (6).EFFECT: improving the manoeuvrability and ensuring the work of a snow-clearing robot 24 hours a day.5 dwg

Device of upper track structure on bridges with driving on ballast and method of its erection // 2636289
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device of the upper track structure on bridges with driving on ballast comprises a ballast trough made of a single sheet 4 of corrosion-resistant steel in the form of an orthotropic plate, including transverse beams 5 and a single sheet of decking 4, as well as a longitudinal bead 7 of the ballast trough. Between the ballast layer of crushed stone 2 and the surface of the ballast trough itself, a layer of expanded polystyrene 3 is located. The erection method consists in mounting the ballast trough blocks consisting of transverse beams 5 and a solid sheet of decking 4, mounting the longitudinal bead of the ballast trough 7, laying a layer of expanded polystyrene plates 3 with the subsequent laying of crushed stone ballast 2 thereon, and then sleepers 1 and rails 9.EFFECT: simplifying the device design and the mounting technology, as well as increasing the operation reliability, the installation quality, the work longevity, and reducing the operation costs for the maintenance of the upper track structure.4 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for automatic monitoring of state of rail bars of continuous welded rail track and system therefor // 2636200
FIELD: physics, measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to inspection technology and can be used to inspect railway tracks. The method for automatic monitoring of the state of rail bars of a continuous welded rail track includes placing and fixing at a given point of a rail track a set of markers, detecting the position of the markers with a sensor installed on a vehicle moving on the rail track, sending the detection results to a pre-processing device, processing the obtained results in the pre-processing device and sending the pre-processed information to a server device for final processing, analysis and storage. The set comprises at least three magnetic markers. One of the magnetic markers of the set is placed and fixed directly on a beacon sleeper and the rest on two sides thereof at a distance of at least 0.8 m at the rail base. Detection is carried out using a magnetic field sensor, and detection results are processed using software which enables to determine mutual arrangement of the markers in the set. Also disclosed is a system for implementing said method for automatic monitoring of the state of rail bars of a continuous welded rail track.EFFECT: providing automatic high-precision monitoring of longitudinal-transverse deformations of rail bars on a section of a main railway line, independent of weather conditions.2 cl, 1 dwg
Strengthened soil for road construction // 2636176
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: soil contains, wt %: natural soil 50-60, cement 10-15, fly ash 15-20, aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol 5-7% of concentration 1-2, water - the rest.EFFECT: increasing the strength of the fortified soil, utilizing ash.1 tbl, 1 ex

otor road // 2635683
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: motor road consists of ground of soil, a layer of sand, a layer of rubble, asphalt concrete coat and reinforcing strips. At the same time, longitudinal reinforced concrete beams are located on the piles driven into the ground of the soil, each row of which is distanced from the other two rows, respectively by 0.5 m and 1.5 m.EFFECT: increase in the strength of the asphalt concrete layer by reducing the pressure of the wheels of cars on it.3 dwg

Frontal type machine for cutting out soil surface layer // 2634059
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: front-type car for cutting out the soil surface layer consists of a self-propelled frame, a supporting and rotating mechanism with an arrow and a ground cutting device placed on it, which moves along a conveyor belt onto a rotary conveyor. The self-propelled frame is mounted on the front and rear traveling trolleys on the rail. Between the frame and the pivoting mechanism guides are placed that allow to move the soil cutting device into the front working position and back to the transport position, where from the bottom, on the frame, retractable propellers are placed for autonomous movement of the machine on the soil in places where the rail lash has already been removed are placed.EFFECT: expansion of geometric parameters of width and depth of cultivated soil grabbing.3 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of strengthening cracked metal element of span structures of bridges // 2633936
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of strengthening involves drilling a conical opening in the crack mouth, installing a conical plug into the opening, and rigidly attaching it to the metal element. Before installing the plug in the opening, solder is applied on its conical surface, and it is fixed by means of induction soldering. The plug due to the adhesion of the solder with the base metal is included in the joint work with the main element. The cross-section of the metal element is not weakened, and while cooling, additional compressive stresses are created in the crack area, which slow down the crack development.EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability of the span structure with a crack in the wall of the main beam.4 dwg
ethod for road pavement formation and road pavement structure obtained by this method // 2633844
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: during the formation of road pavement, a protective layer of waterproofing material is placed, two-sided self-adhesive bitumen-polymer material with uniform adhesion in thickness and heat resistance of not more than 90C is used as this layer. The waterproofing material is preferably located under the upper layer of pavement asphalt. The achieved technical results consist in increasing the reliability of the waterproofing by ensuring a reliable cohesion of the waterproofing layer both with the lower layer and with the upper layer of asphalt concrete, simplifying the technological realisation, and increasing the thickness of the protected "road pie".EFFECT: increase in the service life of the road pavement and the inter-repair operating life of the road pavement.6 cl, 4 dwg

Damper cartridge (3 versions) // 2633599
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: damper cartridge comprises a front baffle, a rear wall and an inertial reducer section. The section of the inertial reducer is defined by flat vertical plates. The section of the inertial reducer according to one version is formed by twin, vertically arranged non-contiguous sheet elements with zigzag folds oriented in opposite direction relative to each other. Each end of each element with the zigzag fold is bent outwards to form a through channel parallel to the axis of the damper cartridge. The vertical plate is fixed in front of the rear wall. The section of the inertial reducer according to the second version is made in the form of a perforated through box oriented horizontally relative to the through opening. Perforation is made on each of four sides of the box, and at the folds, at that the perforation at the folds enters on both adjacent sides of the box. The vertical plate is fixed in front of the rear wall. The damping cartridge according to the third version consists of two types of sections of inertial reducers: the inertial reducer section formed by twin, vertically arranged non-contiguous sheet elements with zigzag folds oriented in opposite direction relative to each other, wherein each end of each element with the zigzag fold is bent outwards to form a through channel parallel to the axis of the damping cartridge, and a section of the inertial reducer made in form of the perforated through box oriented horizontally relative to the through opening, at that the perforation is made on each of the four sides of the box, and at the folds, wherein the perforation in the folds enters on both adjacent sides of the box. Flat vertical plates define each section of the inertial reducer. In all versions, the damping cartridge can contain 1+n sections of each type of the inertial dampers, while the flat vertical plates define each section of the inertial reducer.EFFECT: oscillation damping.8 cl, 7 dwg