Furniture and domestic articles or appliances and coffee mills and spice mills and suction cleaners in general (A47)

A   Human necessities(312083)
A47            Furniture; domestic articles or appliances; coffee mills; spice mills; suction cleaners in general(7812)

Pusher for use in granular product dispenser for beverages preparation // 2642766
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: pusher (100) for using in the dispenser (1) of the granular product (30) for the beverages preparation includes the body (110), where there is the inlet (112) for the product, the outlet (114) for the product and the channel (116), which connects the product inlet and outlet; the screw feeder (120), which includes the screw blade (124), which is placed in the channel (116) with the ability to rotate and move, so that it is able to move axially along the longitudinal axis (l) between the first and the second position; and the first sealing device (126b), which made with the ability of air-tight seal and channel (116) release, connecting the product inlet (112) and outlet (114) for the product, depending on the axial position of the screw blade (124).EFFECT: increased operating reliability.15 cl 3 dwg

Horizontal device for beverages preparation, using capsules, containing powder food // 2642480
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: horizontal device for beverage preparation, using the capsules comprises at least the first component (4) and the second component (6), that are made with ability to move between the working position in which the capsule (2) chamber (8) is formed between it and the capsule (2) insertion position in which it is spaced apart from each other, as well as the water injection means (13) and the beverage collection means (14), that are connected to the chamber (8). The beverage collection means (14) contain at least one perforating element (44), made with ability to move between the working position, where it provides the capsules (2) perforation, which is inserted into the socket (5), and non-working position, where it is located at the distance from the capsule (2) bottom, the coupling device (46), interacting with the first component (4) and performed with the ability to switch between the coupling, in which it hold the perforating element (44) in the working position and release configuration, and the first elastic means (47), affecting the perforating element (44) for pressing it toward the non-working position.EFFECT: during the moving of the first or the second component from the insertion into the working position, the second component provides the switching of coupling device from coupling configuration into the release configuration, whereas during the opposite moving, the second component provides the perforated element moving from the non-working into working positions.11 cl, 15 dwg

Cleaning tool for floor-cleaning machine and floor-cleaning machine // 2642346
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention describes a cleaning tool for the floor-cleaning machine (10) containing a cleaning tool (40) and a supporting part (38), on which the cleaning tool (40) is located and through which the cleaning tool (22) is fixed on the floor-cleaning machine (10). The supporting part (38) has a seat (50) including a wall (52) and a receiving space (54) limited by the wall (52), under the head (24) of the tool holder of the floor-cleaning machine (10), and the wall (52) has a fastening section (62) for fastening the tool holder on the head (24). The wall (52) has an input section (64) for inserting the head (24) of the tool holder. The fastening section is adjacent to the input section (62), and at the input section (64) the receiving space (54) is extended compared to the fastening section (62) and narrowed to the fastening section (62).EFFECT: improved service reliability.29 cl, 6 dwg

Device for producing beverage with two-position water container // 2642332
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for producing a beverage comprises of a casing and a removable water container that is adapted to be connected to the outside of said casing in the operative position when using the device. The water tank is further configured to be installed in an inoperative position inside a recess formed by said casing or parts thereof when the device is not used.EFFECT: reducing the size of the device when the device is not in use.14 cl, 14 dwg

Articulated bed with adjusted waist and head position // 2642036
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: control mechanism for an articulated bed comprises a drive element, a driving lever of the waist portion and tows. The drive element is pivotally attached to the upper body support section by means of a bracket. The said drive element comprises a piston. The drive arm of the waist portion is pivotally attached to the piston and extends from a tubular shaft rotatable in the bearing assemblies mounted on the upper body support section. The tows are designed to adjust the angle, extend from the tubular shaft and are attached to the waist support through the openings in the upper body support section. The waist support element retracted relative to the reference section for the body upper using a piston in the first position, creates a minimum deviation in the field for waist mattress, based on the reference section for the upper body, and the tubular shaft, rotated by the piston in the second position pushes the twos for angle adjustment through the holes for lifting the waist reference element.EFFECT: increased compactness of the bed while maintaining its functionality.4 cl, 9 dwg

Dispenser for napkins nested in each other // 2641946
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: dispenser (1) comprises a container (2) having a bottom wall (5) extending in a horizontal plane and located in the lower part of the dispenser (1) and side walls (6) having an upper edge and a lower edge and extending from the bottom wall (5) in a vertical direction perpendicular thereto, and defining the boundaries of the dispensing opening (7) located in the upper part of the dispenser (1) and opposite the bottom wall (5), so that the side walls surround the support surface (8) designed to provide a support for a pile (3) of napkins (11) nested in each other. The dispenser (1) further comprises a load (4) disposed between the side walls (6) to form a dispenser cap supported on the pile. A discharge (9) is formed in the load (4), and the load (4) is movable between the upper position adjacent to the dispensing opening (7) of the container (2) and the lower position adjacent to the support surface (8) of the container (2). In addition, the dispenser (1) contains a tool (15) regulating the load connecting the load (4) and container (2) with each other and penetrating inside the container (2) between the element (17) to connect to the container located at the lower part of the dispenser (1), and the element (19) to connect to the load, located in the upper part of the dispenser (1). The load control tool (15) restricts the movement of the load (4) in the vertical direction along the side walls (6) to define a specific location of the upper load position (4). In the container (2), a lower part comprising a bottom wall (5) and a wall part comprising at least a portion of the side walls (6) are formed. The lower part is attached to the wall part with the possibility of detachment to add napkins from the lower side of the dispenser (1).EFFECT: reliability of operation without damaging the dispensed napkins.25 cl, 9 dwg

Collapsible rack // 2641883
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: collapsible rack is made of horizontal and vertical bars with a rear wall, supporting uprights and shelves that are installed on a horizontal bar of the rear wall by means of brackets, and with a base. Each supporting upright consists of one front vertical slat and one rear vertical slat. Between the two slats, the rear wall is permanently placed.EFFECT: ease of use and maintenance of the rack.11 cl, 10 dwg

High chair // 2641862
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a high chair for infants or small children consisting of a lower support part (11) and a hemispherical shape located in the upper part of the seat support (12), which is an outer hemisphere of somewhat larger volume and an inner hemisphere of somewhat smaller volume inserted into it with a possibility of fastening. Seat inclination can be adjusted, and to do so, at least one spacer or arc (15), forming a part of a circle along which the seat can be moved to change the tilt, is located on the back of the seat (12). The spacer or arc is movable in a guide (14) connected to the support part.EFFECT: possibility of adjustment of the size, height and inclination of the seat.11 cl, 7 dwg
Food preparation device // 2641580
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: food preparation device contains frame, legs connected together, tray and skewers. In this case, the frame is made as two-tier frame, with the possibility of the fixed installation along its lower perimeter of the tray, and along the upper perimeter of the movably mounted skewers. The upper and lower tiers are rigidly connected by the vertical rods protruding from the bottom out the frame level. At that the two-tier frame, legs and skewers are made of metal, and the tray is made of aluminium foil. At that the two-tier frame, legs and skewers are made of stainless steel. At that the tray is made of the aluminium foil with the thickness of 70 microns. At that the two-tier frame and the tray are rectangular. At that the two-tier frame and the tray are round. At that the tray is made disposable. At that the fixed installation along the perimeter of the aluminium tray two-tier frame is achieved due to the L-shaped rim edge made along the tray edge. At that the legs are made as folding. At that the legs are made from vertical and horizontal bars joined together. The upper pair of horizontal bars serves as the additional support for the tray. At that the legs are made removable, installed by the loops on the vertical bars, finishing at the bottom by L-shaped protuberance. At that the legs are made at obtuse angle with respect to the two-tier frame. At that the legs in the upper part are rest against the vertical bars, protruding from below, finishing by L-shaped protuberance.EFFECT: device improvement.13 cl, 3 dwg

Grinding mill // 2641577
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: grinding mill contains the electric motor and the grinding system, besides, the rotor of the engine is made conical with the possibility to replace the grinding bowl. The internal surface of the hollow and perforated rotor is made with spokes. The charging pipe with the rib-blades is provided in the upper part of the rotor to create the air stream towards the interior of the rotor. The outer surface of each of the spoke is covered with nano-shaped glass-like film of tantalum oxide with high degree of smoothness and the rib-blades outer surfaces curvature is made along the cycloid line as the brachistichrone.EFFECT: finished product quality improvement.5 dwg

System of baking plates for waffle baking machine // 2641494
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the system (1) of baking plates for automatic waffle baking machine, wherein this baking plates system (1) has the baking plates system framework (2), which comprises two joined together framework parts (3) with the possibility to rotate and two baking plates (4, 10, 13) that are mounted on the framework parts (3). At a minimum one baking plate (4, 10, 13) is always dished preloaded in reference to the baking surface (5) with the aim of the baking plates (4, 10, 13) deformations leveling during the baking process in such a way that the distance in the middle area of the baking plates (4, 10, 13) is less than the distance in the border area of the baking plates (4, 10, 13) before baking process beginning when the baking plates system (1) is closed. The system (1) of baking plates has the contact device (6). This contact device (6) is mounted on the system (1) of baking plates in such a way that the baking surfaces (5) of the closed system (1, 36) of baking plates are separated by a distance from one another. At a minimum one contact element (7, 8, 11) of the contact device (6) is configured to shift in such a way that the distance between the baking plates (4, 10, 13) of the closed system (1) of baking plates can be adjustable.EFFECT: product range expansion.17 cl, 8 dwg

Vacuum cleaner // 2641493
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: vacuum cleaner is described according to one aspect of the invention, including a main body of a vacuum cleaner with a suction motor to generate a suction force, a suction element communicating with the main body of the vacuum cleaner to suck air and contaminants, a battery assembly that can supply power to the suction motor, a user interface that can select the power of the suction motor, a mode selection member to change the set power of the suction motor, corresponding to the value of the suction motor power, and a controller controlling the suction motor based on the mode selected on the mode selection member, and the magnitude of the suction power, selected on the user interface.EFFECT: operability growth.15 cl, 6 dwg
Disposable unit, system and method of preparing foamed food product // 2641492
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: disposable unit comprises a concentrated liquid food product, and also comprises an eductor and a microfiltration device. The eductor water inlet is made with the possibility to be connected to an external water source. The gas inlet of the microfiltration device is made with the possibility to be connected to an external gas source, and the outlet of the microfiltration device is made with the possibility to release a foamed food product created by means of the microfiltration device from the disposable unit. The system for preparing a foamed food product comprises a device for preparing a product for preparing said foamed food product and such a disposable unit. Said device comprises a water source, a water heater and means for forcing water pressure, made with the possibility to connect to and to disconnect from the eductor of the disposable unit. The device additionally comprises a source of pressurized gas and means for forcing gas pressure, made with the possibility to supply the pressurized gas to the microfiltration device. In the process of preparing a foamed food product, heated water is supplied to the eductor water inlet to entrain the concentrated liquid food product from the container and to mix this concentrated liquid food product with heated water.EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability.14 cl, 5 dwg

Holder filter for machines for preparing beverages // 2641490
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a filter holder comprising a filter housing comprising a bottom and a dispensing channel or an opening in said bottom. The valve with the valve plug is configured to selectively open and close the dispensing channel or the opening, the valve plug being supported by a rotary arm and is elastically biased towards the closed position. The valve plug closes the opening when the filter holder is attached to the hot water dispensing unit of the machine for preparing a beverage, in order to soak a beverage ingredient, e.g. powdered coffee, loaded in the filter cup, with hot pressurised water. The valve is calibrated in such a way that it opens when a certain pressure is reached in the filter cup. After opening, the valve plug will remain open regardless of the pressure inside the filter cup, due to the device described below in this document. The filter holder additionally comprises a cam disposed between the filter housing bottom and the rotary arm supporting the valve plug. The cam has a profile interacting with the rotary arm. The cam is made movable, preferably around a rotation axis or a hinge axis for selectively mounting in various positions. In particular, the cam has at least a first position, in which the cam profile prevents the movement to close the valve plug, and a second position, in which the cam profile allows the movement to close the valve plug. The cam is elastically pre-loaded towards the first position by a suitable resilient element, e.g. a spring, such as a torsion spring. The filter holder additionally comprises a slider interacting with the cam to move the cam from the first position to the second position, with overcoming the elastic action applied to the cam. The slider is preferably elastically pre-loaded in the off position and is urged to move in the working position direction by means of direct or indirect interact with the water dispensing unit, to which the filter holder is attached. The slider is made and positioned in such a manner that during said movement from the off position to the working position, it pushes the cam in the direction of the second position, i.e., the cam position allowing to close the valve plug. The elastic force applied to the slider is overcome by the interaction of the slider with the above fixed element. When the interaction with the fixed element ends, the slider elastically returns to the off position.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.25 cl, 28 dwg

Lip seals for food preparation device and food preparation device with such lip seal // 2641457
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: food preparation device contains a food preparation chamber, designed to hold a medium for food preparation, a cover, configured to cover the food preparation chamber, and a sealing element, installed between the cover and the food preparation chamber, for sealing the space between the food preparation chamber and cover. The cover comprises of a cover plating and a retaining element, disposed on the inner surface of the cover, while the retaining element is adapted to hold the sealing element close to the edge of the cover. The sealing element contains a lip-seal part, which contains the top edge and bottom edge, each of which is at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the sealing element to constitute, essentially, V-shaped profile on one longitudinal end of the sealing element and a crest part containing the upper crest and lower crest, each of which is located at the opposite longitudinal end of the sealing element.EFFECT: increased tightness.18 cl, 7 dwg

Self-cleaning load holder for frying device // 2641453
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: in some embodiments, the holder may comprise of an upper plate, a delivery cylinder, a lower plate, a plurality of support plates, and a plurality of guide plates. The upper plate may include a through hole located substantially in the center of the upper plate and configured to allow liquid and/or vapour to pass therethrough. The outer diameter of the lower plate may be smaller than the outer diameter of the upper plate and the outer diameter of each of the plurality of guide plates, and the plurality of guide plates may be configured to allow movement of the load therethrough. In some embodiments, the food cooking device may comprise of a food cooking chamber, a steam distribution chamber, a vent tube, an outlet pipe, a drainage tube, and a pressure relief tube.EFFECT: increased operating reliability.19 cl, 9 dwg

Vacuum cleaner and battery unit // 2641435
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: vacuum cleaner includes a cleaner body including a suction motor for generation of suction force, a suction unit communicating with the cleaner body and sucking air and dust, and a battery unit for supplying power to the suction motor. The battery unit includes a plurality of battery cells, an inner casing including a plurality of casings for members with a plurality of battery cells respectively arranged therein and spaced apart from each other, and an outer casing with an inner casing housed therein, including a flow channel in which air flows.EFFECT: increased reliability.20 cl, 9 dwg

Horizontal unit for beverages preparation, using capsules, containing powder food // 2641248
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: horizontal unit for beverages preparation, using capsules containing powder food, contains the first part (4) and the second part (6), which are movable between the working position, in which it form the extraction chamber (8) for capsule (2) and the capsule (2) insert position, in which it is located at the distance from each other and the driving means (17) for reciprocating movement of two parts (4), (6), containing the connection lever mechanism (21) - crank (19), connected to the moving part (4), (6). In the working position the crank (19) rests on the part of the unit supporting structure (3). The crank (19) also contains at least the first support section (56) and/or the second support section (58), which interact in contact in the unit closed position, respectively, on at least the first shoulder (57) and/or the second shoulder (59), formed by the supporting structure (3), at that the mentioned shoulders are respectively positioned in such a way as to prevent the crank (19) movement towards the shaft parallel to the axis line and/or the crank (19) movement transversely to the plane in which it rotates.EFFECT: improved unit operation reliability.9 cl, 14 dwg

Inflatable panel fencing // 2641149
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: inflatable panel fencing, mostly for office space, will hold the hinged-connected hollow panels with gas impermeable walls, vertical walls with its guideway, with a device for folding panels and a device for supplying a gas medium in the panel. Panels have a bearing inflatable frame, inside of which there are elastic perforated tubes, connected to the device for supplying the gaseous medium in the panel, and the device for folding the panels is made in the form of two drums, one of which is wound around the hollow panels and the other is spring-loaded. Application of the proposed inflatable panel fencing will allow to create work areas with minimal manual labour.EFFECT: use of proposed inflatable panel fence is possible on differently located surfaces to form a working area - either on the ceiling, or on the floor, or on the wall.4 cl, 7 dwg

Pneumo-resilient pad training device // 2641089
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device is a pneumo-resilient pad (PRP) training device. Structural features of the PRP allow to create the effect of the unstable position of the body relative to the landing pad (chair), this circumstance causes the user to make oscillatory movements by the lower part of the body, pelvis, buttocks, which in turn creates a training effect by involving a large group of muscles, including the muscles of the pelvic diaphragm. To perform the intended functions, the PRP uses the energy of the variable mass of the user's body along the sides of the landing pad. Morphological and functional changes of the PRP after application are eliminated by themselves due to the elastic forces of its internal contents.EFFECT: stagnant processes in the soft tissues of the lower limbs and small pelvis are eliminated, has no analogues.2 dwg

Dispensing device for folded tissues // 2640989
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: device (1) comprises an inner container (2) defining the dispensing opening (7) and an outer casing (3) comprising a dispensing throat (9), the outer casing (3) forms at least one open end portion (10) configured to receive the inner container (2), and the dispensing throat (9) forms an open end towards the open end portion (10) of the casing (3). When the inner container is positioned in the outer casing (3), the support surface (8) is displaced towards the dispensing opening (7) of the inner container (2) and is vertically displaceable within the inner container (2) between the lower position and the upper position, and at least in the region adjacent to the open end of the dispensing throat (9), the outer contour of the upper ends of the side walls (6) of the inner container (2) deviates from the inner periphery of the casing (3), forming an opening (13) for accessing the space between the upper position and the dispensing throat (9).EFFECT: increased convenience.24 cl, 8 dwg
Suction apparatus and method of its operation // 2640706
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: suction apparatus comprising a suction unit (40), a conductive suction device (88) communicating with the suction unit (40), a working medium supply device (28), a feeding device for feeding working medium (68) communicating with the working media supply device (28) and a discharge element (110) connected to the feeding device (68) and to the sucked medium conducting device (88) configured for directing the working medium from the feeding device (68) into the sucked medium conducting device (88) to clean the latter is described.EFFECT: increased purification efficiency.29 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for manufacturing kitchenware piece with internal surface of silver or silver alloy // 2640481
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing a kitchenware piece includes shaping the kitchenware piece made of a ferrous metal, surface hardening, oxidation and polishing, while the inner surface of the kitchenware piece is coated with silver or a silver-based alloy by electroshaping.EFFECT: method ensures antibacterial and antiviral properties of dishes and increased thermal conductivity, allowing to cook food at a temperature below the splitting threshold of oils and fats, prevents food adhesion during cooking and facilitates its detachment from the surface of the items.13 cl, 6 ex, 2 dwg

Socket shell (versions) // 2640448
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices used as holders for portable devices in the immediate vicinity of an electrical outlet. The socket shelf is made in the form of a curved structure consisting of a border bead, a working surface and a lower part with a figured cutout, which has a face for shelf supporting on the socket frame, tabs and tongue for shelf securing to the socket.EFFECT: shelf protection from tipping.2 cl, 5 dwg

Articulated bed with flexible support for mattress // 2640276
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: articulated bed contains a frame, flexible support members, supporting levers and adjusting members of the part for the feet. The frame is provided with side frame members and a rigid transverse frame member extending between the frame side members. The flexible support member is attached to the rigid transverse frame member. The supporting levers cooperate with the upper part for the torso of the flexible support member with a support with good lubricity and are rotatable in a range of movement from the position aligned with side frame to the fully raised position, supporting the upper part of the torso at an angle in lifted position. The feet part adjusting member cooperates with the flexible support member at the under-knee position between the hip part and foot part of the flexible support member and is rotatable in the range from the position aligned with the side frame to the fully raised position, raising the position under the knees, while placing the hip part and foot part under at an angle. A support with good lubricity contains several reciprocating parts, which can be moved on supporting levers.EFFECT: increased usability.10 cl, 20 dwg

Dripping-preventing nozzle for device for treatment of food products // 2640268
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: nozzle (60) for the spout (140) of a food treatment unit (10), comprising a housing (70) with a fluid inlet (80), a front surface (160), and a fluid outlet (100). The housing forms a subsequent cavity (110), which, with the possibility of removal, receives the spout and disposes the fluid inlet adjacent to the spout. The nozzle also comprises a dripping-preventing flap (150) attached to the front housing surface and covers it. The dripping-preventing flap reversely rotates around the horizontal rotation axis between the closed position, in which the fluid outlet is blocked by a sealing element on the flap, and the open position, in which the fluid outlet is open.EFFECT: device performance improvement.11 cl, 8 dwg

Padding with integrated automatically filled air tubes and method of its manufacture // 2639976
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: padding has an integrated automatically filled air tube and comprises a plurality of air tubes arranged at regular intervals having a rectangular cross section and filled with air; a highly elastic material of the padding obtained by foaming covering the air tubes and attached to obtain an monolithic structure to the outer surface of the air tubes; and an air inlet/outlet unit for introducing/discharging air to/from the air tubes.EFFECT: ensuring uniform pressure on the user's body.6 cl, 9 dwg

Dispenser for stack of tissues // 2639975
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: dispenser for stack of tissues is proposed, comprising a container (2) with a lower wall (5) extending in a horizontal plane, and side walls (6) extending from the lower wall (5) in the vertical direction, perpendicular to it and defining the boundaries of a discharge hole (7) located opposite the lower wall (5), while the side walls surround a rectangular supporting surface (8) to provide support of the stack (3) of interleaved tissues (11). The dispenser (1) additionally contains a closing element (4), wherein a discharge exit part (9) is formed and which has at least an upper position, so that between the supporting surface (8) and closing element (4) the space for holding the stack of interleaved tissues is formed, when the closing element (4) is in the upper position. The container (2) is divided along a horizontal plane which is parallel to the horizontal plane of the lower wall (5) for the formation of the lower part containing the lower wall (5) and a wall part containing at least part of the side walls (6). The lower part is detachably attached to the wall part by means of a magnetic lock (27) to add the tissues from the lower side of the dispenser (1).EFFECT: increased convenience.12 cl, 8 dwg

Servo drive for furniture leaves // 2639971
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: servo drive comprises an actuating arm pivotally mounted around the pivot axis; spring mechanism; transmission gear. The transmission gear has an actuating part movable with the actuating lever, an actuating circuit and a pressing element which is configured as a rotatably mounted pressing roller and movable along the actuating circuit. The actuating circuit is located between the actuating part and the pressing roller. The actuating circuit is formed on the part separate from the actuating part of the circuit part. The circuit part has a fastening part for abutting against the actuating part and a jumper projecting transversely from the fastening part. The actuating circuit is formed by the curved outer surface of the jumper. The circuit part is made of a metal part obtained by a flexible or deep retraction.EFFECT: increased reliability of servo drive operation.15 cl, 12 dwg

Device for drink production, comprising at least one tube for fluid movement // 2639644
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for drink production comprises at least one tube (1) for fluid movement, in particular the tube (1), which is equipped with the slot (3), passing along the tube (1) length between one end (11) of the tube (1) and the other end (12) of the tube (1). The tube (1) opens in slot (3) place, what is important for the cleaning purposes.EFFECT: tube is rather well applicable in appliances such as the milk foamer, where liquids are used that tend to create the system contamination when these liquids movement, the flexible material can be used in the tube so that the tube may be expanded for assuming the plain shape.10 cl, 6 dwg

Device for citrus fruit squeezing and method of citrus fruit piece juicing // 2639642
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for citrus fruit squeezing comprises two pressure elements (30, 40) for the performing the pressing on the citrus fruit piece action, moreover, these pressure elements (30, 40) have the surfaces for contacting with the different sides of the pieces of the citrus fruit, which must be squeezed, and, along with this, the pressure elements (30, 40) are made moveable relative to each other in two contrary directions, in other words, to each other and from one another. Furthermore, the device for squeezing comprises the cutting tool for performing the citrus fruit piece cutting action through the fruit rind, wherein the cutting tool is placed for the penetration into the piece from its side, which is not in contact with the pressure elements (30, 40) surfaces. The cutting tool can comprise at a minimum one knife, which is placed in the lateral position towards the pressure elements (30, 40) surfaces.EFFECT: device improvement.12 cl, 9 dwg

attress with springs in pockets with folded seams // 2639629
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: mattress with springs in pockets, containing coil springs arranged as spring elements and enclosed in coating material forming pockets, the spring elements are arranged in series in the elongated strips. A mattress contains a plurality of such interconnected strips arranged side by side. The elongated strips comprise a plurality of transverse seams disposed in parallel with the longitudinal direction of the coil springs to separate the pockets from each other. The middle part of the transverse seams fixes at least a layer of coating material on either side of the spring element to each other. At least some of the transverse seams are folded transverse seams in which the coating material near the end portion of the folded transverse seams is folded towards the middle of the transverse seams, whereby each of said folded transverse seams has at least one end portion, bonding at least twice as many layers of the coating material as in the corresponding transverse seam which is not folded.EFFECT: elimination of tubercles on the surface.15 cl, 8 dwg

Attachment assembly of rack structure elements // 2639618
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: attachment assembly of rack structure elements includes a vertical hollow rack, the adjacent faces of which form an angle. On the edge formed by adjacent faces a through groove is made. The end part of the rack structure element connected with the vertical rack, made with a bending on a butt, and the fixing element comprising the rod sections of different length and the thrust element therebetween are installed in the groove. The end part with the bending is pressed to the vertical walls of the groove, and fixing element is installed so that its rod sections are pressed against the inner surfaces of the end part of the rack structure element and its bending, as well as to the internal surfaces of the adjacent rack faces. The groove height is made larger than the size of the fixing element section from its lower end to the upper supporting surface of the thrust element, but smaller than the size of the fixing element section from its upper end to the lower supporting surface of the thrust element.EFFECT: improving the reliability of the attachment assembly.2 cl, 2 dwg

Vacuum cleaner // 2639243
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: vacuum cleaner according to one aspect of the present invention includes the body, having the suction motor, the suction element configured to communicate with the vacuum cleaner body and suck the air and contaminants, the installation element, disposed on the vacuum cleaner body, the battery unit, detachably mounted to the installation element and having the battery, the cord coil unit, detachably mounted on the installation element for replacing the battery unit and having the power cord, and the controller, configured to control the suction motor, based on the unit, mounted on the installation element.EFFECT: increase of the application convenience and the work reliability.17 cl, 7 dwg

Furniture module // 2639100
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: furniture module is formed by two opposite walls, as well as an upper part and a lower part mounted on opposite ends of the walls, whereby the module forms a supporting structure. At least two columns of mounting holes are arranged on the inside of the walls to attach shelves, drawers, doors, etc. The mounting holes of each column are made at the same distance, with the distance between the highest mounting hole in each column and the top side of the module equal to one and a half distance between adjacent mounting holes, and the distance between the lowest mounting hole in the mounting hole column and the bottom side of the module equal to one and a half distance between adjacent mounting holes. The thickness of the upper part and the lower part is less than the distance between the mounting holes.EFFECT: provided universality of the system for formation of various wardrobes.14 cl, 9 dwg
Assembly of foldable screen and keyboard for tables // 2639097
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: assembly comprising a support structure, a screen, a stand, means for guiding the stand, a base for the screen. The support structure has a frame modelling the housing and a support frame on the table. The screen is rotatable from a position in which it is folded into the housing and is on the same level with the support frame to the elevated working position. The stand is located in the housing and the keyboard is positioned on the stand. The means for guiding the stand direct it vertically from the lower position, in which the space for the retracted screen is left, and the upper working position. The base for the screen is rotatable about a fixed axis relative to the frame. The screen is mounted on the base. The assembly is rotatable about an axis from the folded state to the working position. The screen is rotatable with respect to the base relative to the axis perpendicular to the fixed axis.EFFECT: increased compactness of the assembly placement in different positions.11 cl, 13 dwg
achine for beverages preparation // 2639093
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: machine for beverage preparation includes a brewing unit (10) with (i) a main body (12) forming a cavity (14) for placement of a removable capsule holder (18) and (ii) a lid (20) connected to the main body (12) for cavity (14) opening and closing. The beverage preparation machine comprises a detachable capsule holder (18) adapted to receive a capsule (50) containing an extractable food product. The brewing unit (10) and the removable capsule holder (18) cooperate so that the liquid flows like a fountain.EFFECT: increased application convenience.15 cl, 5 dwg

Espresso machine with possibility of making americano // 2639067
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an espresso machine that is designed and programmed to have a secondary water supply system. The secondary water supply system works in conjunction with the mechanisms of the coffee making device to make Americano coffee. The volume and strength of the finished beverage can be pre-set or programmed by the user.EFFECT: possibility of making Americano coffee of enhanced taste, while avoiding unnecessary extraction of unwanted tastes.15 cl, 13 dwg

ethod of conjugating seat and tension bar in transformable soft furniture, intended to move seat // 2639053
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: tension bar is located behind the vertical seat panel located on top of the seat frame elements, on which the seat supports are fixed. The tension bar is coupled with the seat with the possibility of removing a part of the tension bar due to the vertical panel of the seat. At least one return element is located behind the vertical panel of the seat, which is conjugated with the seat and the tension bar so that the return element stretches the tension bar over the vertical seat panel.EFFECT: possibility to move the seat by means of the tension bar in the transformed soft furniture when it is possible to conceal the placement of this tension bar at a time when it is not used.22 cl, 18 dwg

ultipurpose dishware // 2638865
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: multipurpose dishware has a pot body frame (10), composed of the base (11) and the capacitance (12), whereupon the base (11) is provided with the upper surface (111) and the bottom surface (112). The capacitance (12) is formed on the base (11) side and is provided with the holding space (13). The dishware comprises a steam nozzle (20), which covers the capacitance (12) side, which is opposite to the base (11), and is optionally designed with a possibility of taking off from the capacitance (12). The steam nozzle (20) is provided with the air vents (21) that pass through the steam nozzle (20). The dishware has a pot cover (30), the form of which corresponds to the capacitance (12) shape. The pot cover (30) is optionally designed with a possibility of the covering the steam nozzle (20) side, which is opposite to the capacitance (12), for obtaining the closed space with the capacitance (12). The base (11) side is provided with the capacitance (12) by virtue of this with the aid of one item of the dishware one can fry food on the base (11) and make soups in the capacitance (12). The capacitance (12) is covered with the pot cover (30), additionally varying a capacitance (12) so that it becomes a vacuum cooker, where one can simmer the food. Moreover, the steam nozzle (20) is located between the capacitance (12) and the cover (30) of the pot so that the steam generated by the liquid heating in the capacitance (12) steams the food that lies on the steam nozzle (20) so that the capacitance (12) becomes the steam cooker. The frying pan, the broth pot, the vacuum cooker and the steam cooker are combined in one unit in instant invention.EFFECT: one dishware item can serve a set of functions simultaneously, so that the convenience of dishware reference increases and, in comparison with the ordination of the great number of dishware items, the necessary space decreases.7 cl, 5 dwg
ethods for thermal processing of meat semi-finished products using modern electrophysical heating methods // 2638546
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: when processing natural meat semi-finished products, the flow density is 7 kW/m2, the distance to the upper radiator is 10 cm and the temperature in the working chamber 1 is 66°C for 9 min. A chopped steak is processed in a two-stage mode for 12 minutes, while at the first stage, the flux density is 3 kW/m2, at the second stage - 7 kW/m2. Cutlets with vegetable additives selected from laminaria, carrots and onions are processed at a radiation density of 6 kW/m2 and working chamber temperature of 179-180°C.EFFECT: minimized losses of nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, reduced loss of energy and nutritional value of meat semi-finished products.7 tbl
Drop bag // 2638508
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a drop bag that has a simple design with grip elements adhesively attached to the outer surfaces of the two opposite front sheets of the bag body, configured to extend the passage section of the body opening and ensure the stable shape of the said opening. For this purpose, the bag has a body made of a water permeable filter sheet and having an upper opening end, and grip elements made of a thin lamellated material and located on the outer surfaces of two opposite front sheets of the body. A grip element has an upper fixed part, adhesively attached to the body along its opening, a central part, located under the top fixed part in the center of the body in the direction of its width and which cannot be pulled away from the body, and a grip part, not being adhesively attached to the body. A pair of the first inclined folding lines and a pair of the second inclined folding lines are arranged on the upper fixed part. The lines are located at respective specified angles.EFFECT: bag provides an extremely convenient opening when used due to the declared location of the folding lines, the bag is opened to form a polygon-shaped opening that provides an increase in the passage section, facilitating the pouring of hot water through the opening.10 cl, 11 dwg

Adjustable gas spring, height adjustable support with gas spring and furniture with height adjustable support // 2638406
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: table (101) contains a table top and supports (104, 105). The lower supporting element and upper supporting element are movable relative to each other. An adjustable gas spring comprises a gas spring section (91, 92), a gas accumulator. The gas accumulator and the gas spring section are fluidly connected to each other by connecting means (94). It is possible to adjust by equalizing the pressure by the gas accumulator and/or by external pressure. At least one synchronizing means (106, 107) synchronizes the adjustment cooling fluid of the table supports. One of supports is equipped with adjustable gas spring.EFFECT: expanded range of operating means.15 cl, 5 dwg

Soap dish // 2638248
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: soap dish contains a body consisting of two hollow profiled thin-walled interacting with each other by peripheral parts forming a cavity for soap placement. Each half is made up of several elements.EFFECT: possibility of formation of a soap dish of a smaller size when interacting with each other.3 dwg

Soap dish // 2638246
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: soap dish is proposed, containing a body of two hollow profiled halves in the form of two thin-walled shells interacting with each other by peripheral parts forming a cavity for soap placement. Each half is made of two elements, peripheral and central, interacting with each other, with the central element made in the form of an oval.EFFECT: central elements are configured to interact with each other by their peripheral parts.3 dwg

Soap dish // 2638243
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: soap dish is proposed, containing a body of two hollow profiled halves in the form of two thin-walled shells interacting with each other by peripheral parts forming a cavity for soap placement. Each half is made of three elements, peripheral, intermediate and central. The central and intermediate elements are configured to interact with each other and with the reciprocal central and intermediate elements of the other body halves by their peripheral portions.EFFECT: change of the soap dish volume as the soap is used up.3 dwg

Capsule and system for beverages preparation // 2638146
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: capsule comprises a circular or conical sidewall (2), an inlet wall (3) and an outlet wall (4) forming a hollow body (5) containing a product to be cooked, wherein the above hollow capsule body (5) has a central axis (A). At least one portion of the inlet wall (3) extends along the curve (E) of the ellipse defined by the projection of the circle (C) with a diameter substantially equal to the maximum diameter (Dmax) of the side wall (2) of the capsule and lying on the plane (P'), inclined at an angle (α) with respect to the plane (P) perpendicular to the central axis (A) of the capsule. The above planes (P) and (P') intersect on the (Z) axis in a plane perpendicular to the plane (P) and contains the above intersection axis (Z) or a parallel axis.EFFECT: capsule improvement.29 cl, 3 dwg

Vacuum suction cup // 2637973
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: suction cup includes a cover, a suction plate, an inner plate and a height adjustment element. The cover is fixed and configured for rotation on the upper part of the vacuum suction cup and contains a plurality of fastening elements located on the inner upper surface, and a plurality of closing projections. The suction plate is installed under the cover and has a central shaft in center of the outer surface. The inner plate is placed between the cover and the suction plate and includes a plurality of guide portions located on inclined surface, a portion of a locking groove and a stopper which are provided for turning the cover within preset range and stopping the rotation, a plurality of elastic locking elements each having a preset elastic force, in this case, each fixing part slides along them for rotating or fixing the cover. The height adjustment element includes a side plate located on the outer surface of the inner plate circumference, where there is a plurality of guide grooves, into which the guide sections are inserted that are arranged on the inner upper surface of the cover. The closing projection which is designed for sliding along the upper surface of each guide section and is located between the guide grooves, a connecting groove section which is located in the suction plate circumference on its upper surface, a supporting section having an axial hole, into which the central shaft is inserted, a connecting projection positioned on the inner plate of the height adjustment element and which is movably inserted the connecting groove portion projecting from the lower surface of the inner plate, and an adhesive element in which there is a through hole for attachment of the suction plate to the attachment surface and which is made of soft material and is fixed to the lower surface of the suction plate.EFFECT: enhanced smoothness of the operation.5 cl, 8 dwg

Device for storage of packs containing tobacco products // 2637972
FIELD: tobacco industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes a rack with a number of sockets, each of which is adapted to store a certain number of packs, so that the packs can be removed from the corresponding socket one after another. In addition, the device includes a cabinet adapted to accommodate the rack and which has an opening for access to the rack, the sockets and the packs therein. The rack is installed in the cabinet with the possibility of rotating about the rotation axis in at least the first rotation direction. The rack and the cabinet are arranged in such a way that in the initial corner position of the rack, no one of the sockets is accessible from outside the cabinet through an access opening in order to remove a pack from any socket, wherein an accessible subgroup of the sockets becomes accessible only after the rack is rotated in the first rotation direction into the corner delivery position or into one of several corner delivery positions. The accessible subgroup depends on the corner position of the rack relative to the cabinet.EFFECT: increasing the storage convenience.22 cl, 3 dwg

Improved suspension bracket for fixing wall cabinet to wall // 2637898
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bracket contains a metal base, lever, mounted and hinged on the base and has a hook, first and second adjustment gears, flange, executed as a single unit with a base and has a fastening element for fixing suspension bracket to the wall cabinet. The fastening element contains a shear-resistant element that cooperates with the dowel of the suspension bracket for attachment to the side panel of the cabinet. The dowel is mounted on a bushing protruding from the flange, with the provision of placing the bushing inside the dowel. There are means of mutual fixing of the bushing and dowel, with the help of which they form a single whole. The dowel is a pin, designed to be pressed into the corresponding hole made in the side panel of the wall cabinet. The bushing is integrally formed with the flange, and the pin is a resilient plastic pin having a sawtooth part and a smooth part. The dowel has an inner end seat in which the bushing is mounted, with the smooth part being located along the bushing.EFFECT: increased resistance to shear.6 cl, 9 dwg