Special furniture, fittings, or accessories for shops, storehouses, bars, restaurants, or the like and paying counters (A47F)

A   Human necessities(312083)
A47F              Special furniture, fittings, or accessories for shops, storehouses, bars, restaurants, or the like; paying counters(311)

Collapsible rack // 2641883
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: collapsible rack is made of horizontal and vertical bars with a rear wall, supporting uprights and shelves that are installed on a horizontal bar of the rear wall by means of brackets, and with a base. Each supporting upright consists of one front vertical slat and one rear vertical slat. Between the two slats, the rear wall is permanently placed.EFFECT: ease of use and maintenance of the rack.11 cl, 10 dwg

Device for storage of packs containing tobacco products // 2637972
FIELD: tobacco industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes a rack with a number of sockets, each of which is adapted to store a certain number of packs, so that the packs can be removed from the corresponding socket one after another. In addition, the device includes a cabinet adapted to accommodate the rack and which has an opening for access to the rack, the sockets and the packs therein. The rack is installed in the cabinet with the possibility of rotating about the rotation axis in at least the first rotation direction. The rack and the cabinet are arranged in such a way that in the initial corner position of the rack, no one of the sockets is accessible from outside the cabinet through an access opening in order to remove a pack from any socket, wherein an accessible subgroup of the sockets becomes accessible only after the rack is rotated in the first rotation direction into the corner delivery position or into one of several corner delivery positions. The accessible subgroup depends on the corner position of the rack relative to the cabinet.EFFECT: increasing the storage convenience.22 cl, 3 dwg

Holding device, rod part of which contains arris // 2632060
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: carrier (1, 33) with the holding device (7) comprises a fixing surface having rows (5) of elongated slotted holes (3, 3'). The holding device comprises a fixing part (9) and a holding part (11), the fixing part (9) is made with the possibility of fixing to the carrier (1, 33) by partially placing it in the first groove (3), so that the holding device (7) takes up the load directed to the plane of the fixing surface. The holding part (11) is adapted to hold the object which is intended for storage. The fixing part (9) and the holding part (11) are connected by means of the rod part (13), and the rod part (13) comprises an arris (15) which is inserted into the second groove (3'), which is located under the identified first groove (3). The fixing part (9) comprises a fixing gaff formed by a first leg (17) passing through the first groove (3) and a second leg (19) passing down over the fixing surface of the carrier (1, 33) when the holding device (7) is mounted on the carrier (1, 33). At the end of the second leg (19), a protrusion (23) is formed passing towards the rod part (13).EFFECT: increase the reliability and practicality of the carrier with a holding device.10 cl, 9 dwg
Device for demonstrating goods // 2630760
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for demonstrating goods includes a panel connected to the elements for placing the goods with magnets fixed to them. The pairs of the panel magnets are arranged in step A, step B between a pair of magnet pairs arranged horizontally and step C between the row of magnets arranged vertically. The location of the magnets on the elements for placing the goods corresponds to the step of the magnet pairs fixed to the back of the panel made of non-metallic material, and between the pairs of panel magnets and the product placement element there is a partition that is part of the panel.EFFECT: simplification of the device upgrade for demonstrating goods.10 cl, 9 dwg
Demonstration trade stand // 2629161
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: demonstration trade stand contains the panel with grooves and the hinged goods holders, made with the ability to be detached and rearranged. The holder contains the hook with the groove at one end, the grooves at the panel are made as through and the stud is fastened on the rear side of the panel, which is adapted to engage with the hook shank and the spring mechanism to provide the holder hook pressing in the horizontal position.EFFECT: structure reliability increase.7 cl, 8 dwg

Restaurant system // 2621956
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: restaurant system includes a work area for cooking and/or preparing meals and/or beverages and the region for visitors, wherein the working region and the region for visitors connected by a transport system for meals and/or beverages. The transport system has a first conveying portion including the accelerating device, by means of which intended for the transportation of meals and/or beverages reported kinetic and/or potential energy, and wherein the transport system is adjacent to the first portion conveying the second conveying section, on which the transportation of meals and/or beverage, at least in some areas is carried out by means of kinetic energy and/or potential energy imparted on the first transportation site, and accelerated meals and/or drinks continue to move in the second portion of transportation and without additional drive. The transport system comprises one or more sliding rails with a sliding surface or roller rails or roller tracks for transporting food and/or beverage in the first conveying portion and/or on the second conveying portion. Accelerating device comprises a catapult, which accelerates the meals and/or beverages due to mechanical force, in particular elastic force and/or tension, wherein the accelerating device itself resides on the first conveying section and, in particular, permanently installed in the first transport system.EFFECT: raised efficiency of system.43 cl, 10 dwg

Device for storage and feeding of unpackaged goods sold by weight // 2607552
FIELD: storage.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for storage and feeding of unpackaged goods and is aimed at providing the possibility to issue the required amount of goods while simultaneously preventing access to the goods from outside. Device for storage and feeding of unpackaged goods sold by weight comprises a container with loading opening and with takeaway hole; the closing device to prevent access from outside, through the takeaway hole, to the inner space of container, and feeding device for leading the goods from inner space of the container through the takeaway hole. Feeding device contains a hand controlled feeding unit loosely attached to the external wall of the container and projecting therefrom. Feed unit made with possibility of linear movement along the first axis and rotation at least about two mutually orthogonal axes comprises the gripper located outside the container, and the work tool inside the container designed to move the goods towards the takeaway hole, holding and manipulating the goods with the hand gripper.EFFECT: closing device is attached to feeding unit, the device is designed to open for the goods dispensing through the takeaway hole as a result of hand manipulation of the feeding unit.12 cl, 4 dwg

erchandiser // 2598869
FIELD: home appliances.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to merchandisers, such as refrigeration cabinets with function of vending machine, and aims at increasing functional capabilities of device. Disclosed is a merchandiser, comprising: compartment with controlled temperature accommodating at least one product with controlled temperature; loading system connected with compartment with controlled temperature, configured to receive product and identification of permitted product; a window for rejected products connected with loading system; and module for sales connected with compartment with controlled temperature; loading system can direct product in a window for rejected products, if product is not identified by loading system as permitted product; module for sales is configured to output a product with controlled temperature, identified by loading system, if product is identified by loading system as permitted product.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities.3 cl, 19 dwg

Ring holder, system of ring holders, display with rings and connection method of ring with its holder // 2597549
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a ring holder, ring display with such holder and method of ring adjusting to its holder and aims at increasing quality of ring fixing. Ring holder consists of flat section to capture at least one surface located transversely to gripping section and adjacent to it for placing of the outer side of the ring on the extension of gripping section and at least one fixing element, located at some distance from the contact surface transversely to grip section and providing attachment of the ring with a belt holding agent relatively to the contact surface. Three fixing elements are located at some distance from each other in transverse direction.EFFECT: central through hole is provided as the fixing agent, wherein brackets are located to the right and left from the through hole and on both sides of grip section - one bracket at each place.12 cl, 11 dwg

Display shelf modules with projectors for displaying product information and modular shelving systems comprising the same // 2596523
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to modular shelving systems and display shelves for modular shelving systems. In one embodiment, a modular shelving system includes a shelf support frame comprising a back plane portion and a base portion. At least one display shelf module is removably coupled to the back plane portion of the shelf support frame such that the display shelf module is vertically and horizontally positionable on the back plane portion of the shelf support frame. Display shelf module may include a top and bottom panels, and side panels that define an interior volume. Display panel may be affixed to a front of the display shelf module. Projector may be disposed in the interior volume of the display shelf module.EFFECT: projector projects an optical signal onto a rear surface of the display panel such that image data is visible on a front surface of the display panel.24 cl, 18 dwg

Cooling shelf // 2595975
FIELD: cooling.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a cooling shelf and is aimed to improve cooling properties at maximum effective use of cooling capacity and optimum design. Cooling shelf comprises a base unit, a rear wall unit, and an apron unit, which limit the cooling space from the bottom, rear and top and at least partially are equipped with components of the refrigerating unit and have a multilayer structure with a system of passages. Base unit, the rear wall unit and the apron unit have intermediate spaces between the corresponding layers as parts of the system of the flow passages, wherein on its rear side the lower intermediate space in the base unit has a flowing connection to pass flowing air to the lower section in the rear wall unit of the vertical intermediate space, and on its rear side the top intermediate space in the apron unit is connected to the upper section in the rear wall unit of the vertical intermediate space, and an evaporator or another heat exchanger of the refrigerating unit is arranged in the vertical intermediate space to generate cooling air.EFFECT: preferable cooling function is facilitated by measures consisting in the fact that at least, the vertical intermediate space accommodates, at least one fan made, in particular, as a radial fan to create an air flow through the intermediate space.16 cl, 36 dwg

Rack structure // 2588434
FIELD: furniture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a rack structure, and is aimed at simplifying the structure mounting on the spot. Rack structure comprises base part, which may be mounted, in fact, vertically on the wall, post, a support, etc., and at least one shelf to fix its detachable way on the base portion. Basic part is made of sheet material, wherein at right angle to its longitudinal direction it is generally U-shaped cross section, the specified back wall and two projecting forward side walls, each of which is connected to the rear wall along appropriate connection line parallel to the longitudinal direction. Also, the shelf is made of sheet material and has lower wall and front wall, non-concurrent lower wall. Besides, proposed racking structure has a rear locking device designed for fixation of detachable flange on the base portion.EFFECT: simplified structure mounting.12 cl, 3 dwg

Device for displaying products // 2587071
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to demonstration device, which enables efficient and clear demonstration of objects, for example goods in supermarket, and their location in accordance with need to as taking goods by purchasers. Set for levelling and one or more objects at bearing surface. Said set comprises container for objects at bearing surface limiting zone for alignment of objects, limited between pair of opposite side walls and pair of opposite end walls.EFFECT: besides, there is end element made with possibility of fixing of adjacent to edge of support surface, and spacer element designed to retain product at distance from end element and providing space for accommodation of end wall of container.22 cl, 20 dwg

System of cooled racks // 2585550
FIELD: cooling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cooled racks and aims at increasing versatility of cooled rack. System of cooled racks consisting of at least two installed in a row, equal to that of bottom section, section of rear wall and roof section with appropriate parts of lining and forming a refrigeration chamber shelving modules and device, wherein rack modules comprise identical frames modules with frame profiles, supporting section bottom section rear wall and roof section, and at least section of rear wall of each rack is provided with components of cooling device. Frames of modules with frame sections form lateral frame shelving modules with each rear vertical profile, as well as protruding from it forward from bottom lower and projecting from side of roof of upper horizontal profile and bottom section, section of rear wall and roof section with their corresponding parts of lining are installed on side frames. In section of rear wall between heat-insulating external lining and restricting refrigeration chamber behind and equipped with air-transmitting holes inner coating is formed by vertical intermediate space, vertical intermediate space adjacent shelving modules are combined into one common intermediate space, continuously passing along whole width of racking system, which is tightly closed at side ends, and cooling device includes at least one compressor, one evaporator one condenser, connecting facilities, including connection lines, one blower and one control device, having a control unit, rack system is equipped with passing along several or all shelf modules arranged in common intermediate space of back wall section common evaporator, and section of rear wall, bottom section and/or roof section of each rack is made for detachable installation of other components of cooling device.EFFECT: higher versatility of cooled rack.13 cl, 36 dwg

Cooler // 2585055
FIELD: cooling.SUBSTANCE: cooler comprises at least one cooling chamber that is accessible from above, through a displaceable sliding side cover which has a transparent glass. Glass is equipped with heat-reflecting inner coating, which in its front longitudinal area with convex side facing outwards in direction across longitudinal crosses outer edge, which is equipped with front border. Front bezel has a horizontal supporting surface with respect to vertical direction of gravity, and is provided with a control means. Front vertical cross-sectional edge border support portion serves as a longitudinal guide and is provided with spacers which project beyond its front plane abutment surfaces that are convex outward.EFFECT: use of said device provides easy movement in cover and reliable sealing properties.15 cl, 3 dwg

Product dispensation device // 2583355
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices of the refrigerator showcase type and to other types of devices for product dispensation, more specifically - to devices combining the properties of a refrigerator opened from the front side, with enhanced energy efficiency specific for a product dispensation device with a glass door. The product dispensation device contains a section communicating with the ambient environment where various products having the ambient temperature are placed, a controllable temperature section where various products having a controlled temperature are placed, a product chosen from products having the ambient temperature and comparable to one of the products having the controlled temperature, an automatic dispensation module functionally connected to the controllable temperature section and an identification unit capable to identify any product chosen from the products having the ambient temperature for ensuring dispensation of the product having the controlled temperature and comparable to the said chosen product identified by the identification unit. The identification unit is functionally connected to various products having the controlled temperature and located in the controllable temperature section; the automatic dispensation module is designed so that to enable dispensation of the product having the controlled temperature as a response to identification unit identifying the comparable chosen product having the ambient temperature.EFFECT: design improvement.22 cl, 10 dwg

Cooling device // 2581989
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a cooled rack and aims at increasing structural strength. Cooled rack having disposed on both sides of bearing C-shaped side frames of frame profile with a rear vertical profile and lower and upper protruding horizontal profile, while on vertical mounted rear wall section is provided with a thermally insulating outer skin on lower horizontal profile set bottom section, and on upper horizontal profiles - a roof section which surrounds cooling chamber rear, bottom and top. Both side frames through their bottom horizontal profile support section, wherein at least a section of rear wall insulating outer lining is turned on to inner side of refrigerating chamber of vertical profiles.EFFECT: higher strength of structure.16 cl, 36 dwg

System of laying-out and loading goods // 2580999
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: system of laying-out and loading the goods comprises a shelf unit; a container for goods, and a dispenser of goods. The dispenser of goods comprises a dispenser housing comprising the means for opening; a support panel; a section of laying-out goods under the said support panel; a first compartment and a plurality of loading containers located in the first compartment. The means for opening is made with the ability to open automatically the container for goods and dispensing the first good from the container for goods to the section of laying-out goods when the container for goods is displaced along the support panel. The dispenser of goods is located at a distance from the front end to form a loading surface near the front end, and the loading containers are adapted for intake of a plurality of goods selected from the first good, and also the second good.EFFECT: enhanced usability of extraction and placement of goods in the dosing system.20 cl, 7 dwg

Sun electric clock-work for clock with automated oscillator // 2577384
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: suggested sun electric clock-work for the clock with an automated oscillator contains a rotary base, a motor to drive the rotary base, a battery for motor power supply, a solar element for the battery charging, an internal clock-work, an electronic device to control the motor, a light-sensitive element connected with the electronic device, and an user interface to control the given electronic device; this electronic device is controlled by the user by means of selective switching of one or another work modes including the first mode, when the rotary base is driven only upon the illumination of the clock-work, and the second mode, when during the time pre-set by the control interface the drive program of the rotary base is switched on.EFFECT: assurance of the clock-work capable of simultaneous work as the clock-work and for clock fixed displaying during the shop working hours.7 cl, 2 dwg

Device for detachable fixation of element to wall or similar // 2576583
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for detachable fixation of an element to another element. The device comprises a rack plate, which is located in the element or forms it, at the same time the rack plate has at least two grips, which form at least one connection facility, at the same time the grips are made, in particular, with mutual inclination towards each other. Besides, there is a connection button fixed on the wall, which has a button plate and one or several mating means of connection, which during installation with the element connection facility and facilities may be actively connected to each other. The side surface of the button plate has at least one neck, which forms the mating connection facility. The neck separates the button plate into the head part of the plate and the lower part of the plate. On the button plate there are electric slots, in particular, in the area of the neck, which may be connected to the voltage source. The rack plate has at the same time mating electric slots, by means of which one or several structural elements may be connected, which operate on electricity and are installed on the rack plate.EFFECT: electric slots and mating electric slots are arranged so that in the connection they are automatically put in position of electric contact with each other.9 cl, 9 dwg

Device for attaching guitar // 2575440
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for attaching a guitar, which comprises a fastening element for attachment to the attachment surface of the guitar, provided with a lever extending perpendicular to the surface; a structural element connected to the lever, which extends along the back part of the guitar, at that the structural element has at least one first connecting element for connection to the first rod for attaching the guitar belt and/or the connecting element for connection to the neck of the guitar.EFFECT: providing a guitar attachment to the wall or placement on a pedestal.29 cl, 24 dwg

Product discharge container, system and method with preparation area // 2571024
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed invention discloses the product discharge container including the multiple walls defining the inner space to accommodate the multiple products wherein at least one of the walls includes the first access door, second access door, preparation area, first free edge and rupture line. The latter extends in lengthwise direction between said first and second access doors. Said preparation area in lengthwise direction stays opposite the first free edge extends through said wall and can at least partially shift relative thereto to make the free edge. The first and second access doors are defined at least partially by said first free edge defined by said second free edge and said rupture line when said preparation area is shifted relative to said wall. Besides, this invention discloses the product discharge system and process.EFFECT: simplified use of claimed system.20 cl, 12 dwg

Point-of-sale terminal // 2568169
FIELD: physics, signalling.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a classifying device for identifying commodities at an automatic point-of-sale terminal. A classifying device for identifying commodities at an automatic point-of-sale terminal comprises a storage unit capable of storing digital reference signatures, each corresponding to a commodity name, a processor connected to said storage unit, and at least one spectroscopic sensor configured to determine a measured commodity signature, wherein said processor is configured to compare said measured signature with digital reference signatures and calculate the probability of matching a predetermined number of commodity names.EFFECT: simple classification process.16 cl, 9 dwg

Refrigerator and/or froster // 2565086
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating and/or frosting case, at least, with one housing and, at least, with one cover located with a possibility of moving with reference to the pushing by means of which the cooled internal chamber of the case can be partially locked, at least, in one closed position of the cover; a cover contains the first device, in particular, at least, one hole, the case contains, at least, one blocking system which includes the second device, mainly, at least, one rod. The first and second devices mutually interact among themselves in the blocking position in such a way that interfere with moving of a cover in its closed position. The second device is implemented mobile with reference to the case housing, and the positioning device are provisioned which position the second device in such a way that in a closed position of the cover they are always in a certain position with reference to the first device. The system which includes, at least, one remote control by means of which the second device is implemented mobile from its blocking position in the release position and/or from the release position into the blocking position.EFFECT: use of this group of inventions allows to provide reliable blocking of refrigerating and/or freezing case.10 cl, 7 dwg

Table for selling // 2564211
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a table for selling goods. The table for selling goods, with the space to accommodate the goods, has legs, a bottom to support the goods in the space for placing it, and a side wall fastened to the legs, for lateral space restriction to accommodate the goods, at that the side wall has a hook-like downwardly directed bending, made with the ability to be inserted from above into the recess at the upper end, of at least one of the legs. The side wall has a horizontal wire which ends are inserted into the grooves of the legs so that the side wall can be raised or lowered along the grooves, to remove the bending from the recess or insert it in it.EFFECT: simplification of assembly and disassembly.9 cl, 4 dwg

odular cooling goods showcase system // 2563758
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the modular cooling showcase system, and directed to increase the angle of visibility of the good located in the system. The showcase system containing one or more number of the showcase blocks. The showcase system can contain a base block, containing the cooling unit to cool one or more showcase blocks. The cooling unit can be removed from the base block. One or more showcase blocks can be secured to one showcase block or base block. The showcase blocks can be made with possibility of arrangement by stack, one above another or one block can be located near rear wall of the another showcase block. The showcase block can be made with possibility of its securing to the base block. One or more showcase blocks can contain multiple shelves, and one or more doors ensuring the possibility of access in the showcase block.EFFECT: improved design.14 cl, 9 dwg

Refrigeration cabinet // 2562021
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to refrigeration cabinets for storage of several products. The cabinet contains an external framework, sections for products inside the external framework, the upper door through which some of products are accessible, the frontal door through which some or all of the named products are accessible. The frontal door has a transparent panel through which some or all of the named products are visible, and one or more sections for products are inclined.EFFECT: invention provides convenience of use of the refrigerating device.14 cl, 10 dwg

odular refrigeration unit of goods presentation // 2560271
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: unit components of goods presentation can be transported and taken in place of trading and can be placed horizontally and stacked on each other during transportation. The components of the unit of goods presentation can be assembled in a place of trading. One or more components can be assembled in advance and transported and taken in a place of trading, and these components should be assembled with the remaining components of the unit of goods presentation. The unit of goods presentation may comprise a stationary unit having a refrigeration unit that cools one or more windows. The refrigeration unit may be removable from the stationary unit. One or more windows can be attached to the other window or the stationary unit. The windows may be suitable for stacking on top of each other. The windows can also be designed for attachment to the stationary unit. One or more windows may comprise a plurality of shelves and one or more doors that provide the ability to access to the windows.EFFECT: enhanced usability.14 cl, 13 dwg

Set of accessories for site erection of checkout support and checkout stand // 2560055
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to manufacture of the equipment for shops, in particular to design of sets of accessories for site erection of checkout supports, and is aimed at simplification of checkout assembly directly at a work site. The set of accessories for assembly of checkout stand contains the base, the shelf for table-top and the squared metal sheet implemented with a possibility of its deformation and having flexible sections with V-shaped cuts located on parallel sides of the longer sheet. When the sheet is bent for formation of the stand sidewall, flexible elements are closed, forming a continuous edge. The stand assembled from this set of accessories contains the base, U-shaped sidewall made from a metal sheet, the bearing shelf for table-top, the shelf with fasteners for fixing inside the stand, and along the perimeter the sidewall contains a skirting with square cross section for wall strengthening and for fixing of the base and the bearing shelf serving as a bearing element.EFFECT: design improvement.4 cl, 8 dwg

Demonstration structure, for example, for demonstration benches with supported thermal conditions // 2558424
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to demonstration benches with supported thermal conditions with open demonstration sides. The demonstration structure for the demonstration bench with supported thermal conditions, with one or more open demonstration sides, containing a vertical row of demonstration shelves installed over each other, the first column and the second column along the named number of shelves where each first and second column has nozzles for supply of air flow through each of the named shelves where the air flow supplied by nozzles of the second column is influenced by the air flow supplied by nozzles of the first column.EFFECT: improvement of complete ventilation of space above shelves.11 cl, 4 dwg

Cooling system of exhibiting commodity (versions) // 2556508
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: system of exhibiting commodity comprises an outer housing with an upper wall, a lower wall, two side walls and a rear wall. The upper wall forms an opening of the upper wall; an inner support which forms the endoskeleton to maintain the outer housing. The inner support is formed of a plurality of tubular steel elements and the outer housing is attached to the inner support and surrounds it, and the inner support forms an opening of the inner support; a front door; a plurality of windows. One of the plurality of windows is located on each side wall; a removable refrigeration unit attached to the upper wall of the outer housing and the inner support and mounted through the opening of the upper wall and the opening of the inner support. The endoskeleton supports the refrigeration unit; and the plurality of shelves providing support for the product.EFFECT: improved cooling of the inner space of the system.20 cl, 9 dwg

Pushing device for exposed goods // 2549322
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pushing device for exposed goods and aimed to increase reliability of device operation. Pushing device for exposed goods contains: housing; rail section; guiding element and leaf spring structure which includes coiled part formed by spiral strip of leaf spring where core is fixed, and pulling body being freely pulled out of coiled part and pulled in by restoring force of leaf spring strip. The guiding element is connected with pulling body end and shifted in pulling out direction by means of elastic restoring force of leaf spring strip, and in the end part of housing window part is formed, and at least part of leaf spring strip or pulling body is visible from outside of the housing through the window part, where indicating part providing indication of amount of leaf spring strip uncoiling or pulling part from coiled part is formed in arbitrary location in direction of leaf spring strip or pulling body length, and this indicating part is visible through window part so that the remaining quantity of goods stored in the housing can be determined, where coiled part has structure of double coil of strip-shaped indicating strip on which indicating part is formed, and leaf spring strip.EFFECT: perfected design.13 cl, 28 dwg

Stirrer or spoon delivery device for beverage dispensing machines // 2548480
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for delivery of spoons or stirrers for beverage dispensing machines. The stirrer delivery device for a machine dispensing beverage etc. contains the first channel and the second channel for accommodation of a stack of stirrers. The channels have correspondingly the first hole and the second hole from where disposable stirrers are picked up and thrown by the thrower performing a reciprocal movement. The thrower has an engagement element with the help whereof disposable stirrers are picked up and thrown from the said holes at every stroke of the said thrower; the said first hole and the said second holes are positioned close to each other along the said thrower movement direction with the stroke limiter limiting stroke of the said thrower when there is at least one stirrer in the said first channel for the thrower to pick up stirrers from the second channel when the first one is empty.EFFECT: increased reliability of the device operation and increased quantity of spoons or stirrers in the device.9 cl, 7 dwg

Cooled showcase for display of confectionary goods // 2547438
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: cooled showcase contains a body, a display chamber, a transparent facade glass, a perforated grid, a compressor-and-condenser unit, an air cooling system and two transparent butt-end glasses. The butt-end glasses and the facade glass are straight. Evaporators are installed in the upper part of the chamber and the body rear wall, separated from the latter by the perforated grid. One of the shelves is equipped with luminescent illumination. The body is made of moisture-resistant laminated chipboard; the cooling plant has two pressure relays (for the cooling plant protection against suction underpressure and injection overpressure) and a system for automatic defrosting of the evaporators with tubular electric heaters and for condensate evaporation from the tray.EFFECT: invention allows to reduce specific metal consumption and energy expenditures, increase confectionary goods display area, enhance the quality of cooling equipment operation and client servicing.4 dwg

Flexible checkout counter capable of fast and simple switch from normal use by worker to self-checkout and vice versa // 2541942
FIELD: physics, computer engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to checkout counters used in retail facilities. The checkout counter comprises, in a working sequence, a belt conveyer, an intermediate scanning and payment unit and an end tray. A means is provided to enable use of the checkout counter by a worker or directly the a customer in self-checkout mode, as well as means which, in the case of the latter, enable the customer to directly pack commodities into bags after scanning on an area located immediately downstream of the intermediate unit from which the tray is removed. The tray is equipped with means which allow movement thereof to a position to enable use of the checkout counter in self-checkout mode. In the latter mode, the customer places acquired commodities at the initial belt conveyer, then reads the barcode of each commodity on the intermediate unit having a special-purpose programmable self-checkout interface for payment and other purposes and finally packs said commodities into bags at the end space from which the tray is removed, and then pays the total sum through suitable and pre-installed means.EFFECT: improved customer service and improved flexibility when using check-out counters.8 cl, 8 dwg

Demonstration stand for articles // 2533544
FIELD: testing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to foldable semi-automatic fold-out demonstration stands. The stand comprises a compartment which has a bearing wall, two side walls and is able to change the state between the folded and the unfolded state and the open operating state, in which it is ready for placement the article in it. The bearing wall is located between the sidewalls. Valves keep the compartment in the folded and open state, and the means of fastening with brace struts along with the bearing wall form the means of transmitting force. Each side wall is a thick wall which forms at least one dihedral angle with two faces, extending from the articulated edge, and which can be folded along the edge and along another fold line intersecting with the edge. In the unfolded state the edges are rigid and form a part of the means of fastening with brace struts.EFFECT: simplification of the design while increasing its strength.24 cl, 12 dwg

Cash box // 2531727
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: cash box contains the tabletop with zone of goods layout arranged successively, scanner zone and goods storage zone, two reference tables, one of which is designed with possibility to arrange cash machine in it, accessory device for securing the tabletop on pedestals and baffle plates. Accessory device for securing the tabletop on pedestals is made as profiles with C-shaped cross-section. The upper part of each C-shaped profile forms an edge, and the lower part of C-shaped profile has a base. The outer side of each C-shaped profile in its middle part has a groove for fixing the baffle plate in it, and from the inner side the C-shaped profile has the recess of echelon form under the upper part and four grooves arranged successively, which serve for arrangement of fastening means or technical means of goods layout zone, scanner zone or goods storage zone therein, depending on the place of C-shaped profile installation. Each C-shaped profile is designed with internal cavities, disposed along the whole length of it. Profiles are mounted on inner and outer sides of tabletop, the end sides of which are provided with the end members.EFFECT: easy mounting, dismounting and repeated installation of cash box.11 cl, 9 dwg

Self-service cash operating unit // 2531575
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: unit includes a set of conveyors for laying out goods acquired by a customer and subsequent movement thereof into an identification area, a set of means of identifying goods acquired by a customer, with subsequent display of identification results, a set of means of self-payment for acquired goods by the customer, and a set of means of selecting unidentified goods with subsequent return thereof, preferably to the customer.EFFECT: faster operation the self-service cash operating unit.4 cl, 4 dwg

Rack unit and rack system // 2530387
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: proposed is a rotary rack unit with gravitation supply, containing a bracket and a rack. In the demonstration position (when the front side of the said rack is accessible) is positioned at a slant angle to ensure gravitation supply in the forward direction. The rack is engaged with the said bracket so that to enable rotation. The rack unit additionally contains s slanting means designed so that to ensure slanting the rotation plane of the said rack during rotation, thus to control the said rack slanting angle.EFFECT: effective replenishment of the rack from the rear.15 cl, 7 dwg

Tare cooling plant // 2529161
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: tare cooling plant comprises a casing being a base for the installation of units and parts, leakproof doors, compartments for small, medium and large tare which are made from heat insulation material resistant to low temperatures and are fitted by vertical protective curtains, nozzles for nitrogen spraying, laser thermometers to read the temperature values from the surface of each package and transmit the signal to a processing unit which controls the amount of nitrogen supplied from the cylinders by branch pipes connected to an electronic trade terminal. The trade terminal is a human-machine interface fitted by a cash acceptor, a container to store cash, a mechanism to issue cash receipts.EFFECT: use of this plant allows for the increase of cooling efficiency and ecological friendliness.2 dwg

Universal plastic panel (versions) // 2528182
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method is realised by facilities of development of several versions of a universal plastic panel, which is made of at least one section shaped from at least two plates of preferably rectangular shape so that a pair of plates is located one under the other, to create a volume section, and also to ensure strength, the space between the pair of plates arranged one under the other is filled with cells of preferably rectangular shape, the quantity and size of which is selected randomly or depending on parameters of plates, for connection of sections between each other there is a lock element, formed by ends of parallel plates of the section extended in the place of formation of the lock element for the width of the lock element and bent towards each other to produce two elastically compressible and releasing arched structures arranged at the end of the section along its long side and providing for reliable fixation with the round ledge formed at the opposite side of the section from the lock element at the end of the section along its long side by the fact that the lock element of one section, gripping and holding by means of compression the round ledge of the other section, fixes the sections in the fixed condition relative to each other, providing for reliable connection of sections to each other to produce a collapsible structure made of several sections. To provide for decorative properties and to observe visual homogeneity of the structure made of one or several sections, on that side of the section, where there is a round ledge, there is a slot shaped along the lower side of the slot as extension of the lower plate of the section along the width through its entire length and lateral sides formed at one side by the end of the section and at the other side bent preferably at the right angle by the side of the lower plate, forming a rectangle with an open external side, in this case the round ledge is arranged not in the end of the section, but on the external free side of the slot, in case of combination of several sections into one by means of their arrangement on a single lower plate, the slot between sections is made without a round ledge. The round ledge is made on the external side of the slot, arranged at the external side of combined sections, to eliminate sagging of sections as they are connected or to eliminate sagging of combined sections, the lower side of the slot is strengthened with an additional base. To provide for installation of various holders, and/or decorative retained elements, and/or storage systems on the structure from sections, on one of slot sides there is a closed contour representing a structure of rectangular shape directed along the long side of the section, with width by size smaller than the side wall of the slot, providing for rigidity of fixation of sections along their long side, and also providing for stiffness of fixation of holders, and/or decorative retained elements, and/or storage systems, which by means of their installation into the slot are reliably fixed by means of engagement to the closed contour.EFFECT: development of such universal plastic panel, design of which would provide for production of finished universal panels of different size and configuration, where reliable fixtures would be provided, design of which would provide for the possibility to create various decorative walls for interiors and exteriors, using universal plastic panels.4 cl, 3 dwg

Goods feeding device // 2525815
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to goods presentation device for cardboard package or goods trays of Shelf-Ready-Packaging system. Feeding device for feeding goods from cardboard package placed on shelf contains pusher installed with possibility to move along guiding profile and provided with pushing plate to push articles, and frontal anchor designed for attachment of feeding device at the front on shelf and having connecting part for connection with guiding profile of pusher, where the connecting part is made of smaller height in comparison with guiding profile so that cardboard package installed in feeding device is held by its front strip located in the area of bottom due to form closure between frontal anchor and guiding profile.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing position uniqueness and reliability of cardboard package installation in feeding device achieved due to form closure of package in feeding device.8 cl, 6 dwg

Video display for display case with products // 2523617
FIELD: physics, video.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to video displays for display cases with products. A display case for products has a cabinet, having an outer surface and connected to doors, a plurality of shelves in the cabinet, a cooling module in the cabinet, a proximity sensor, a video projector, a retroreflective film glued to the outer side of a transparent surface for displaying video on the outer side of the transparent surface and a controller. A portion of the outer surface of the cabinet has a transparent surface. The cooling module is configured to maintain temperature for storing a plurality of products. The proximity sensor is located on the outer surface of the cabinet. The controller is configured to receive proximity data from the proximity sensor relating to the presence of a consumer and compel the video projector to reproduce video on the retroreflective film. The video contains information describing a product associated with the plurality of products in the cabinet, signalling to the video projector to pause video in response to determination that the doors are in an open position; and subsequent signalling to the video projector to resume video from the point when the video was paused, in response to determination that the doors are no longer in an open position.EFFECT: high effectiveness of product advertisement.16 cl, 9 dwg

Chill box barriers for air retention // 2523063
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to perfected chill box. Chill box is open at front and comprises multiple shelves to define multiple chambers there inside to accommodate and exhibit goods which have front openings for withdrawal of said goods. Every said front chamber is furnished with fixed barrier element to retain cooled air which makes with said front opening, at least, one window for direct withdrawal of cooled goods by hand from chill box. Every said fixed barrier element comprises barrier designed to close front opening of the chamber for accommodating and exhibiting of goods. Note here that said barrier has which have front openings for withdrawal of said cooled goods directly by hand.EFFECT: simplified withdrawal, ruled out electric power loss.7 cl, 2 dwg

System and method of preparing, arranging and packaging of foodstuffs // 2518543
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a point of arranging and packaging of foodstuffs, having a first working area of arranging of the foodstuff and packaging the arranged foodstuff, and a point of arranging the orders for dishes, having a second working area of arranging the orders for dishes, in which the foodstuff is placed, packed on the first working surface. Below the first working area the conveyor is located, which extends from a position near the first working area to a position near the second work area. Near the first working area there is an opening for access to the conveyor, allowing the personnel access to the conveyor for the purpose of manual loading of the foodstuff on the conveyor, arranged and packed in the first working area, for its transportation below the first working area to a position near the point of arranging the orders for dishes.EFFECT: effective plan of kitchen of fast food restaurant in terms of improving productivity of work is provided.22 cl, 8 dwg

Refrigerating device with glass door // 2517852
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device comprises a casing with a cooled inner cavity and a heat insulated door meant for opening and closing of the inner cavity. The door is connected to the casing by hinges and consists of an inner plate, an outer glass plate and a frame limiting the cavity filled by the insulation material. The frame comprises two vertical rods and two horizontal crossbars. The frame is glued to the outer door plate and/or the inner door plate with a double-side adhesive tape being used as the glue.EFFECT: use of that invention allows for the production of a door with relatively low expenses.11 cl, 5 dwg

Crate, rack, system and method for products placement // 2516795
FIELD: personal usage articles.SUBSTANCE: box contains a bottom, two butt-end walls and two side walls. Multiple holes are made in the bottom, the size of each of them adjusted for a support bar accommodation. The holes are positioned so that to enable uniform lifting of the substrate inserted into the box with the help of the support bars inserted in the holes and its positioning over the bottom. The rack for such box accommodation includes a support frame and multiple support bars mounted on the support frame.EFFECT: products placement improvement.20 cl, 9 dwg

System for securing commodities and control thereof // 2515942
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: merchandising system comprises a base capable of supporting a commodity; a housing capable of engaging with the base, having a top wall, a first sidewall and a second sidewall; a spring-loaded pusher configured to move on the base; a swivel door unit having a door capable of holding one commodity. The door moves from a closed position to an open position; and a locking unit, having a locking bar mounted on the base. The locking bar moves from an extended position to an non-extended position, and when the locking bar is in extended position, it locks the door unit and the spring-loaded pusher.EFFECT: preventing theft of commodities from shelves.26 cl, 132 dwg

Refrigerating device, and manufacturing method of refrigerating device door // 2505761
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: refrigerating device includes useful volume and at least one door including the main element and the front plate connected to it. The front door side is at least partially formed with the above front plate, and the main door element includes the first wall that forms the rear side of the above door, the second wall located at the specified distance from the first wall, as well as a heat-insulating layer placed between the first and the second walls. The refrigerating device includes an adhesive device that is placed between the main door element and the front plate. The front plate is bonded to the main door element by means of the adhesive device. The adhesive device includes an adhesive strip in the form of an adhesive tape that is laid along a transverse edge and a longitudinal edge of the front plate so that a closed frame is formed. The refrigerating device door manufacturing method involves the following: a) the main door element including the first wall that forms rear door side, the second wall located at the specified distance from the first wall, and a heat-insulating layer between the first wall and the second wall; the adhesive device applied onto the front side of the main door element, which includes an adhesive strip and laid along transverse edge and longitudinal edge of the front plate so that a closed frame is formed. The front plate is pressed to the main door element.EFFECT: improving ease of installation of a refrigerator.12 cl, 5 dwg

Assembly rack for storing automobile wheels // 2503392
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a rack for storing sets of automobile disks and tires, and is aimed at the possibility of adapting the rack to different premises, and to increase the ease of handling with wheels. The assembly rack comprises a large number of vertical columns with a T-shaped cross-section, made of rolled hollow section, connected by several cross bars on the front sides of the racks and through the holders of tires, thus forming, compartments. It has a number of holes located at the longitudinal column on both lateral sides of the vertical part of the longitudinal column and on both front side surfaces of the crossing part of the longitudinal column, as well as two series of holes spaced from one another, located on the upper outer surface of the crossing part of the column along the entire length of the longitudinal columns. All holes have the same shape, size and spacing between them, and two vertical edges of the end of the hollow profile are folded into one another on the lower side of the longitudinal column. The cross bars can be mounted on hooks vertically in the holes of the longitudinal column with possible fastening of tire holders, each of which has a pair of downwardly directed hooks matching with the holes. The tire holder has a rear wall and two crossbeams located one above the other, where each forms a cavity with a hole where the cross bar hooks are inserted through holes in the cavities of the crossbeams of the tire holder so that the cross bar on the longitudinal column and the tire holder on the crossbeam are always supported on two points.EFFECT: improvement of ease of handling with wheels.4 cl, 10 dwg