Furniture specially adapted for children (A47D)

A   Human necessities(312810)
A47D              Furniture specially adapted for children (school benches or desks a47b0039000000, a47b0041000000)(82)
Device for transporting children or hand luggage by rail transport // 2643126
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device is attached between the top and the bottom shelves of the passenger train carriage compartment to the internal compartment equipment structures. The device is arranged above the level of the lower sleeping shelf. There are systems of belts or cables hooked on the fastening elements of the shelves to the compartment wall, there are a fabric or plastic membrane, metal rods fixed the belt system. A protective perimeter is presented.EFFECT: increasing the comfort and reliability of accommodating children travelling without a seat, or hand luggage.3 dwg

High chair // 2641862
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a high chair for infants or small children consisting of a lower support part (11) and a hemispherical shape located in the upper part of the seat support (12), which is an outer hemisphere of somewhat larger volume and an inner hemisphere of somewhat smaller volume inserted into it with a possibility of fastening. Seat inclination can be adjusted, and to do so, at least one spacer or arc (15), forming a part of a circle along which the seat can be moved to change the tilt, is located on the back of the seat (12). The spacer or arc is movable in a guide (14) connected to the support part.EFFECT: possibility of adjustment of the size, height and inclination of the seat.11 cl, 7 dwg

Device for child walk training (versions) // 2636184
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device contains a U-shaped handle, the ends of which are attached to the ends of the side stops by means of one control assemblies and rotation angle fixation. The other ends of the side stops are connected to the child's handrail by means of other control assemblies and rotation angle fixation. The device for child walk training is also provided with at least one connecting element which is connected to the child's handrail by the upper part and to the rolling element by the lower part. According to a second version of the device, the side stops are side elements of the U-shaped frame. The transverse element of the U-shaped frame is the child's handrail. At least one connecting element is connected to the U-shaped frame by the upper part by means of at least one other control assembly and rotation angle fixation, and the lower part is connected to the rolling element. According to the third version of the device, the other ends of the side stops are connected to the frame by means of other control assemblies and rotation angle fixation, the transverse frame element is the child handrail, and the side frame elements are connecting elements connected to the rolling element.EFFECT: increased ease of operation, which is achieved by: provision of side safety for the child, increased stability of the claimed device, improved grip of the handle, improved view for the child.3 cl, 6 dwg

High chair with a tray easily linked to the structure support legs, when the tray is not used // 2632023
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: high chair contains a supporting structure for the seat made with the ability to accommodate the child, the structure has two front legs and two rear legs, a seat having armrests to which a tray is removably attachable and which is adapted to be attached while in a non-use position, to the rear legs of the structure. The tray comprises movable connecting elements arranged to interact with counter elements connected to the legs. The connecting elements move within the respective seats provided in the tray against the action of the corresponding resilient shear element, which provides a quick snap-fit connection of the said elements and counter elements when they are brought to a position opposite to each other.EFFECT: improved convenience of installing and removing the table from the high chair.12 cl, 8 dwg

Lounge chair // 2628981
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: lounge chair contains a base frame and a seat frame, while the seat frame in the use position is inclined relative to the base frame. The lounge chair further comprises a support device that connects the seat frame to the base frame with the possibility of movement. The support device is attached to the seat frame in one or more corresponding first connecting portions and to the base frame. The inclination alternately increases and decreases during the work of the lounge chair. When the inclination of the seat frame decreases, one or more of the first connecting parts move forward with respect to the base frame, and vice versa. And, in this case, the seat frame is movable around a virtual center of rotation placed above the seat at the front end. And, the support device comprises a biasing means adapted to elastically deform in response to a change in the inclination of the lounge chair.EFFECT: increasing the comfortable placement of the user.11 cl, 18 dwg
Set of parts for assembly of a swinging cot with possibility of extension and a cot made from this set // 2608294
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to furniture industry, namely to a set of parts for assembly of a swinging cot with possibility of extension, which includes: set of parts for installation of pendulum part of the cot, involving: set of parts for making a bed-head part of the cot, set of parts for making a footboard part of the cot, set of parts for making an extension part of the cot, set of parts for making a bearing part of the cot, involving: set of parts for making a support of the bed-head part of the cot, set of parts for making a support of the footboard part of the cot, set of parts for making an extension part of the support of the cot, at least, one suspension for the bed-head part of the cot, at least, one suspension for the footboard part of the cot, fastening fittings for attachment of parts, characterized by the fact that the parts of the bed-head and footboard parts of the cot are made with possibility of hinged attachment to the lower part of suspensions, each of the sets includes: one or several optional elements for mounting a mattress stand and one or more side elements for mounting sides along the whole perimeter of the mattress stand, each of the sets includes: horizontal support parts, ends of which are equipped with connecting elements so, that the ends of these parts can be connected to each other when assembling the cot without extension part of the base, posts made with possibility of hinge fastening to the upper part of the suspensions.EFFECT: due to the fact that base supports and a couch are assembled and consisting of footboard, bed-head and extension parts, invention provides the possibility of swinging of shortened and extended version of the cot.16 cl, 4 dwg

Calming/soothing device for babies and method of use // 2607760
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to calming/soothing device for babies and is aimed at increasing the device efficiency. Device includes the basic moving platform which performs reciprocal movement, and the drive which enables reciprocal movement of the basic moving platform. Moving headboard platform is connected with the basic moving platform, and at least one of the instruments sensitive to movement and sound activated device are located on or near the moving headboard platform, articulated with the basic moving platform. Logic circuit connects at least one of the devices sensitive to movement and sound activated devices of the calming /soothing device for babies to the basic moving platform by means of which the detected signals modulate movement of the basic moving platform.EFFECT: sound generator is connected with logic circuit.20 cl, 16 dwg

Article converted into child care items // 2603119
FIELD: personal usage items.SUBSTANCE: in state of the art there are solutions, combining several child care articles, such as chair pad and bag, but these combinations are hardly usable, wherein travel with child requires more articles. Article in compliance with this invention can be converted into folded position to produce bag, into semi-folded position to produce chair pad and into unfolded state to produce diaper changing mat, when material first side is directed upwards, or child carrying device, which can be fastened to chair or carried by user when material second side is directed upwards.EFFECT: present invention relates to article, converted into several child care items.9 cl, 4 dwg

Stimulator for development of support-motor skills in children // 2602960
FIELD: training means.SUBSTANCE: stimulator of coordinated movements for the child is a simulator of coordinated movements for the child aged from 4 months to 15 months related to his/her ability to walk and stand, it allows to speed up the process of teaching the child to move and stand independently, it also corrects the movements when walking while eliminating the fear of an injury. Stimulator of coordinated movements should be used on grass, snow, carpet and soft floor coatings. For your and your child convenience you should properly adjust the height of the lower handle so that the arm of the child is not too stretched upwards. Proper height means when the child grabs the handle his/her fist is just below his/her ear. For older children the model can be changed and the handle may be at the level of the waist, wherein the base of the handle should be rigid. Remember that the stimulator of coordinated movements is not a method for simplifying the walking with the child; it is a stimulator to teach the child to independently coordinate his/her movements. Main difference from walking when holding hands is that you can not control the child's movements completely, and the child coordinates his/her movements in the preset limits. Thus the child develops his/her coordination and learns to control his/her movements faster. Remember that the stimulator of coordinated movements can teach the child to walk twice as fast, wherein you can skip very important stages of teaching the child to walk, so that your child will walk for several meters instead of making one step. Remember that when your child walks for the first time without the stimulator of coordinated movements, you should not immediately make the child to walk independently or try to show others that your child is walking. Try to take as a matter of a normal learing process, do not pressure the child, otherwise the child may not want to walk independently for some time. Remember that constant use of one hand, right or left, may make the child's left or right side the dominant one. Material for producing the device is safe for children both in terms of construction safety, and food safety.EFFECT: stimulator of coordinated movements of the child allows to accelerate the process of teaching the child to move and stand independently, it also corrects the movements when walking while eliminating the fear of an injury.4 cl, 1 dwg

Additional seat // 2597359
FIELD: furniture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an additional seat for increasing the height of a chair use as a baby chair. Additional seat comprises a stretchable frame with a seat and backrest, a handle on the frame, which can be placed above the chair backrest. Frame is made of two telescopic tubes, each is formed by two telescopic elements. There is a brake to lock the telescopic elements in a certain position relative to each other, made in the form of a stopper. Two elements have asymmetric cross section.EFFECT: higher compactness and safety.14 cl, 6 dwg

Vehicle frame // 2595225
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to vehicle, vehicle frame and versions of a method of folding frame. Vehicle contains frame, first and second hinge devices arranged on opposite sides of said frame and a child-carrying unit. Hinge devices include first and second hinge parts. First hinge part comprises landing devices of housing for input of corresponding installation devices of said body. Landing devices are made with possibility of elastic rotation relative to first parts. Vehicle frame comprises a handle, a hinged device, rear and front support wheels, activating device for unlocking hinge devices and extending downward and back frame component including footboard. Method of folding frame in first version includes installation of child-carrying unit on frame in selected inclined position relative to frame, unlocking hinge devices, turning first hinge part relative to second hinge part. Method of folding frame in second version includes unlocking by means of activator hinge devices and application of pressure to stretcher.EFFECT: higher safety of vehicle parts when folding.21 cl, 16 dwg

Baby cot and mounting device // 2560339
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a baby cot for chair and is aimed at increasing the functionality of the baby cot. The cot for the chair, comprising a chair back having at least one element having an upper end or edge, and at least one of the elements of the chair back comprises a lower edge. The cot comprises at least one engagement means at the rear part of the cot, which enables to hitch the cod with the upper end, a part or edge of the said element or elements of the chair back. The cod is also able to stand independently on the base, such as floor, when it is not hitched to the chair back, and in both cases it is used as a cot or seat for an infant or young child. The cod comprises at least one movable locking device at the rear part of the cod, made with the ability to move it from the inactive position which does not restrict movement of the cod relative to the chair, and bringing it to the active position, in which the locking device (devices) is based on at least one lower edge of the element (elements) of the chair back and locks the cod on the chair, preferably against the substantially horizontal lower edge of the element (elements) of the chair rest and more preferably against the substantially horizontal lower edge of the transverse rail.EFFECT: increase in functionality of the baby cot is achieved.21 cl, 33 dwg

Corrector of child's body posture and position in sitting on chair pose // 2546086
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: corrector of the child's posture and body position in the sitting on the chair pose consists of a flexible overlay in the form of a fixer and a tightening system in the form of a supporting fixer. The flexible overlay for the fixation of the body in the vertical position represents a belt, which embraces the child's trunk from armpits to hips. The overlay has shoulder straps, on the inner side of which the soft part of the Velcro tape is sewn. On the right edge of the overlay, on the entire width of the overlay, the fixing plane from the hard part of the Velcro tape is sewn. From inside the soft part of the Velcro tape is sewn on the overlay. On upper and lower edges of the overlay hard parts of the Velcro tape are sewn. Below by the centre of the overlay the soft part of the Velcro tape is sewn. The supporting fixer has the central and two side straps. On the central strap the soft part of the Velcro tape is sewn. On the side straps soft parts of the Velcro tape are sewn. Additionally on one side strap the hard part of the Velcro tape is sewn on the inner side.EFFECT: possibility of safe durative fixation of the child in the vertical sitting on the chair position.2 dwg

Playing ground latching at corners // 2536227
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: folding structure contains an upper unit forming the structure upper section. The upper unit contains multiple arm units; a base unit forming the structure lower section' a centrally positioned connective unit functionally connected to the base unit; a post passing from each corner of the upper unit into the corner of the base unit thus to form the structure; and a latching mechanism passing from the upper section of one of the posts to the section of one of the arm units. The connective unit placement towards the surface where the steel structure is positioned forces the folding enclosure to move from the folded positioned into the opened position while movement of the connective unit off the surface forces the folding structure to move from the opened position into the folded position.EFFECT: simplification of baby enclosure usage.21 cl, 19 dwg

Soothing swing // 2526102
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: present invention refers to soothing swings, particularly for the individual's sleep agitation soothing swings. The soothing swing comprising a base, the first and second profile track each of which limits a closed corrugated path; the profile tracks are mounted on the base and are rotatable about each other and about the base; what is also provided is at least one track former interacting with the profile track; a rotational mechanism of the profile tracks transmit a relative rotational motion between each of the profile tracks and the track former and generates the respective track former displacement in relation to the base; a support plate is carried by the track former.EFFECT: invention provides rotating the tracks to generate the platform swinging in the wide amplitude range.14 cl, 2 dwg

Foldable high chair with small table // 2506873
FIELD: personal usage articles.SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to a foldable high chair with a small table. The high chair contains a seat, a back support, a foot support, an inter-leg post (installed inside the chair so that to enable its turning between the raised operational position in front of the back support and the dropped position) and a small table positioned on the inter-leg post; the small table is pivotally connected to the inter-leg post with the help of a locking mechanism, adjusted by means of the adjuster with the help whereof the table may be locked in the horizontal operational position or released so that it is position at an angle relative to the inter-leg post, preferably - in a position wherein the table is essentially aligned with the inter-leg post.EFFECT: invention enables the child being easily sat into the chair or retrieved therefrom, with the chair to be easily folded and removed.11 cl, 14 dwg

Baby cot with cradle function // 2506029
FIELD: personal usage articles.SUBSTANCE: this invention relates to a baby cot with a cradle function containing a cot structural element and legs connected thereto. The baby cot with a cradle function cot structural element and legs attached thereto; the cot has two legs connected to the cot structural element diametrally opposite each other in the co longitudinal direction; the corresponding leg contains sidewise projecting elements that are made of a resilient material at their free end, the resilient elements designed so that to enable projection at a slant downwards from the leg to the floor so that the leg lower part is positioned at a distance from the floor.EFFECT: invention enables creation of a baby cot with a cradle function that is capable of stochastic motion in three directions.8 cl, 3 dwg

attress support smoothly adjustable in height and device for such adjustment // 2505261
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: cot with mattress support smoothly adjustable in height comprises a horizontal mattress support, fixed backrest and sides, a plurality of drive units, an actuating element, a fixed fastening element, an actuating mechanism and vertical elements of stabilisation. The drive units are used for application of the vertical force. The actuating element is actuated by each of the drive units, and is a vertical piston rod made with the ability of reciprocating movement for applying the vertical force to the lower side of the mattress support. The fixed fastening element connects each of the actuating elements and the mattress support. The actuating mechanism is connected to a plurality of drive units for setting and smooth adjusting of height of placement of the mattress support. The vertical elements of stabilisation are designed for holding the mattress support in a horizontal position during its vertical movement. A plurality of drive units is hidden to protect the child.EFFECT: safe use of the adjusting device.14 cl, 42 dwg

Children's bed (versions) // 2502457
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to children's furniture, namely the children's beds with a height adjustable couch, and is aimed at the ability of safe movement of the couch in height. The children's beds consists of a frame, a couch located inside the frame, two levers providing moving the couch in a vertical plane, supports fixed on the frame, the drives, levers providing rotation, latches preventing unintentional movement of the couch, and an element controlling the latches operation. The drives are secured to the frame under the couch. Each drive comprises in its housing a piston with a bottom feed, a power element which accumulates mechanical energy and transfers it to the piston, the axis with a pinion engaging with the bottom feed. The drive also comprises a hydraulic system for limiting the speed of the piston motion, and an adjusting element adjusting the force of the power element. The control action on the latch is transmitted through the Bowden cable.EFFECT: providing the opportunity of safe movement of the couch in height.6 cl, 7 dwg

Chair fixture device // 2486856
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a fixture device to be used in a kid chair and is aimed at reliable fixation of the safety belt set or the seat enclosure set and at the possibility of the device simple disconnection from the seat plate. The fixture device is used in a kid chair with a seat plate wherein the seat plate has a vertical through slot for the fixture device installation. The fixture device contains a cross-wise part connected to the two side parts (that are connected with a cross-wise plank and limit the hole where the cross-wise plank is positioned at a distance (vertically) from the cross-wise part during the fixture device installation) and levelling elements inserted into the slot and connected, via their top ends, to the bottom part of the cross-wise part and/or the side part, each levelling element containing a fixing pin at its bottom end, the pin horizontal longness exceeding that of the levelling elements.EFFECT: enhanced reliability.15 cl, 8 dwg

Portable device // 2476135
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a portable device (10) with a receiving element (12) for placing an infant or a small child. The portable device with a receiving element for placing an infant or a small child is made in a way that provides the possibility of placing and/or resting in it of the area of a back part of the infant or a small child, as well as with a harness suspension system for the mounting the receiving element on a man. The receiving element is additionally made with the ability to change its height, and the portable device comprises an element of extension made as a whole with the receiving element and located on the receiving element so that due to lengthening the element of extension the receiving element is extended in the direction of height. The receiving element consists of a main section and the final section located above it. The element of extension is made with the ability of placing between the main section and the final section. On the lower edge of the receiving element the waist adjustment is attached.EFFECT: provision of the ability to use both for carrying a baby and a small child.40 cl, 8 dwg

Support with pendulum // 2448632
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a baby cot of cradle type, as well as to industrial devices and equipment using a reciprocating motion of the structure elements. Support with the pendulum consists of a base of support, a flexible pendulum suspension and a rack transmitting the load to the support from relying object. The device also includes fastenings of the flexible pendulum suspension to the base of support located on the same axis. The flexible suspension of the pendulum is connected to the rack with another fastening. The fastening is located lower than the fastenings.EFFECT: simplified construction of the crib.6 cl, 3 dwg

Device for swivel connection of handles with child seats, portable cots and with similar devices // 2432892
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: device belongs to rotating handle connections with child seats or portable cots. The device comprises two parts (1 and 2). The first part (1) contains a fixing element (5). The fixing element (5) is designed as a fold-out part with an angled end (6) and has the ability of inclination in the corner (8) cavity (7), which is located in the first part (1) and has a wider angle space compared with an angular end (6) of the fixing element (5). The fixing member (5) contains a U-shaped protrusion (5'), made with the possibility of selective engagement with one of the teeth (9) made ‚Äč‚Äčaround the circumference of the central hub (10) of the second part (2).EFFECT: achievement of an effective and easy assembly.2 cl, 4 dwg

Bracket for chair // 2431438
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a bracket for use in a child's chair with a seat. The bracket for use in the child's chair with the seat, which has a vertical hole, comprises a frame part, applied clamps and a fixing splint. The frame part is made with a vertical first hole for arrangement on the lower side of the seat. The applied clamps comprise two parallel fixing legs for insertion from top into the hole of the seat, which are joined together at the first end with the help of a flange, and each fixing leg has a horizontal hole for the splint in the other end. The flange has a size along the horizontal line, which is more than the hole area in the seat, and comprises a vertical inner hole between the fixing legs. The fixing splint comprises parallel arms for insertion into holes for the splint in the fixing legs. Arms are connected together with the help of the splint crosspiece.EFFECT: development of a universal fastening unit of a safety belt to child chairs.26 cl, 11 dwg

Safety arc for baby chair // 2423061
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a safety arc for use in a baby chair. The safety arc for use in a baby chair comprising a seat plate with a hole, a back and two side parts. Each of the back or the side parts has at least one hole. The safety arc is a triple-arm structural part in a part, where the first ends comprise the first and second connecting elements, and the third end comprises the third connecting element for detachable attachment to the seat plate. The safety arc comprises a crosspiece bent in horizontal direction with the first two ends and connecting elements. The connecting elements are represented by upward-directed tips with hooks arranged with the possibility of engagement in the hole (holes) in the back or side parts, and two first ends comprise stop elements that prevent backward displacement of the ends via the hole (holes) in the back or side parts.EFFECT: provision of reliable and safe arrangement of a child on the chair.17 cl, 10 dwg
Fire protection suit // 2421119
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: fire protection suit is designed for a short-term stay of a person in a fire area. The fire-protection suit comprises inner and outer tight layers, between which liquid is contained. In the outer layer of the suit there is a valve of excessive pressure, the inner layer of the suit, at the side of body adjacent to it, is corrugated top-down along a helical line with pumping of incombustible gas from a balloon installed in the fire-protection suit.EFFECT: reduced temperature of inner layer in a fire-protection suit.

Elastic cradle with bearing frame // 2416351
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an elastic cradle or a movable armchair. The elastic cradle comprises a bearing frame, a back, a hinged support for the back, a lever and an adjustment connecting part. The bearing frame is designed to be installed on the base. The hinged support for the back is installed on the bearing frame. The lever is rigidly connected to the back and is arranged under the back and at the distance from the hinged support. The adjustment connecting part serves for setting various angles of the back inclination relative to the bearing frame. The bearing frame comprises a support cross beam, branched ends of which are fixed to the support plate. The support plate consists of a cast fragment of plastic, having undetachable tubular bushes, which hold mutually parallel opened ends of the cross beam. The bushes are arranged at a distance above the support surface of the support plate turned towards the base.EFFECT: invention is aimed at more stable positioning of the elastic cradle on the base.21 cl, 9 dwg

Elastic cradle // 2415631
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an elastic cradle and is aimed at safe and easy adjustment of various cradle positions. The elastic cradle comprises a carrier frame, a back, the first hinged support for the back installed on the carrier frame, a lever rigidly joined to the back and arranged under the back, and also at the distance from the first hinged support. The lever, via the second hinged support, is joined to an adjustment connecting part. The adjustment connecting part has slots, which are arranged as various distances from the second hinged support and which are arranged with the possibility to hold a rod installed on the carrier frame and arranged at the distance from the first hinged support, to set various angles of the back incline relative to the carrier frame. The rod, the lever and the first and second supports are parallel in axial direction, and the carrier frame is designed for installation on substantially horizontal base. The adjustment connecting facility has a through lengthy hole, which has a side that is turned down in an inclined manner and faces the first hinged support, and where slots are arranged. Each slot has a lower part, which, with the possibility of support, holds the rod, and a neck, which changes into a hole in an inclined manner downwards and towards the first hinged support.EFFECT: invention provides for safe and easy adjustment of various cradle positions.6 cl, 9 dwg

Support device for back // 2414158
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to support device for back to be used in child's chair. Support device for back is designed for use in child's chair, which comprises back, two side elements, one seat and one protective arch with ends, which is attached with the possibility of disconnection to side elements. Each back or side element comprises a hole or slot. Support device for back comprises upper part passing behind back in height direction. Support device for back additionally comprises left and right arms for insertion in hole or lost in back or side elements. Parts of arms are fixed in specified hole or slot with the help of protective arch.EFFECT: invention provides for comfortable arrangement of a child on the chair with observance of safety rules.25 cl, 13 dwg

Assembly for keeping baby in proper position // 2413447
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine and can be used in maternity hospitals, baby houses, as well as domiciliary for baby care before eight months. An assembly comprises a base extended from right to left, upwards and downwards, and body supports provided from the sides of the base and adjoining to both sides of a baby's body lying on the mentioned base. Each body support is removable. The body supports represent at least four bolsters of different size, lengthwise, and diametrically for baby's biometric parametres with at least two of which being of the same size and supplied with position regulators on the base. Position regulators on the base represent e.g. a Velcro fastener. The base is made of waterproof cotton and has mates of the Velcro fastener.EFFECT: more reliable fixation of a sleeping baby.3 cl, 4 dwg

Assembled high children's chair with height adjustment device // 2404698
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to high children's chair. High children's chair includes the base intended to be installed on the floor, support device installed on the above base and provided with possibility of adjustment in vertical direction and seat having the surface passing in horizontal plane and connected to support device. Support device passes downwards from the front edge of seat surface. Chair contains fixing device allowing to fix the seat at the desired height relative to the base. Fixing device is installed between base and foot support element and contains the lever having the possibility of being moved between fixed position and non-fixed position so that the seat can be fixed at the desired height relative to the base.EFFECT: increasing the comfortable, simple and reliable use and adjustment of high children's chair during several steps of the child's life.23 cl, 21 dwg

Sanitary towel // 2389462
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to disposable sanitary towels used to protect items, such as chair pillows, bed-clothes or a changing table. A sanitary towel contains a longitudinal symmetry line, the first and second longitudinal edges, and the first and second transverse edges. The sanitary towel also contains a top layer for liquid reception turned to the user, and essentially fluid-tight bottom layer turned from the user. The sanitary towel is provided with a belt to attach the sanitary towel to the user so that to ensure the towel follows the user while moving.EFFECT: application of the invention provides protection of the item to be protected owing to that the towel is fixed concerning the user and the item.37 cl, 7 dwg

Crib // 2389423
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to crib. Crib comprises sack of soft material, bottom of which lies on the floor and with its hole is fixed on rectangular frame. Frame consists of two parts connected by collapsible fittings, which make it possible for frame parts to fold in position, in which they are arranged parallel one onto another. Leg comes out from each angle of frame. Legs may be folded to lower side of according frame part, so that they are located within frame area. Free end of each leg is fixed to neighbouring angle of sack bottom, to facilitate folding and unfolding of sack in process of crib spreading and folding.EFFECT: invention is aimed at creation of more stable crib with improved safety of child in it.12 cl, 7 dwg

Fastening bracket // 2372010
FIELD: personal articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fastening brackets for armchairs, including children's armchairs with regulated seat and is intended for possibility of managing without additional physical operations, which are necessary, but spoil armchair outlook. Fastening bracket for armchair, which consists of two lateral elements and seat plane, includes upper bar and lower bar, placed parallel to each other and connected with each other on front and back edges with front lateral part and back lateral part respectively. Said parts are outside the first cavity, which is formed between bars. Said cavity takes lateral side of seat plane, and the second cavity, which is formed between front and back lateral parts, takes lateral element of armchair. Bracket contains at least one fastening unit.EFFECT: claimed is novel fastening bracket.10 cl, 6 dwg

Wheeled folding chair for babies and small children // 2371342
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a wheeled folding chair for babies and small children. The chair has lateral sides which, when in a folded position, are located close to each other, and rear wheels are located at some distance from front wheels. Rear wheel support has a pin-type connection allowing to fold it relative to the appropriate rack. On each rear wheel support there is the other pin-type connection located below the first pin-type connection connecting the support to the appropriate rack, which gives the possibility of increasing the folding degree of the available support when folding the chair, and thus, rear wheel supports form two sections which are attached to each other with a pin-type connection and hinged to the chair frame elements, which, when folding the chair, push the two sections of supports so that rear wheels can be folded.EFFECT: decreasing the folding chair length in a folded position.2 cl, 5 dwg

Device for child carriage // 2354275
FIELD: individual supplies.SUBSTANCE: invention includes belt harness and front element held by the harness. Front element forms bag for child carriage. Front element includes two distanced parts. The parts are positioned at adjustable distance from each other. Two distanced parts of front element are attached to band element. Band element is made of material with lateral extensibility significantly exceeding lateral extensibility of distanced parts of front element.EFFECT: additional comfort for child.7 cl, 4 dwg

Training apparatus for training to walking in natural algorithm in aftertreatment of patients by children's cerebral paralysis // 2351304
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment, and is intended for restoration of locomotar function at children with local damages of brain, first of all, at children, suffering from the spastic form of infantile cerebral paralysis. Training apparatus of training to walking consists from functionally and electrically bound among themselves: tents from plastic on wheels with metal support; 3 tanks attached to support, and intended for air supply in fastenings; inflatable fastenings; pump with manual or automatic air supply in tanks and inflatable fastenings; training boots; colloid liquid; the pump providing automatic alternate liquid supply in boot chambers in natural algorithm of walking; 4 soft tubes binding the pump supplying the liquid and the boot chambers; forward and calcaneal arch supports located on a sole of the boot; 4 sound- and light elements, the boots located in chambers; and electric motor providing step-by-step advancement of tent together with patient in set rate. The vertical part of the support is built in the central part of the back wall of tent, and horizontal - in the central part of the dome. The tanks are attached to the support at level of patient's head, neck and body, and have the apertures framed with cylinders with screwing up covers on side and forward walls. The inflatable fastenings are intended for support of the head, neck and body in steady vertical position, and representing elastic goffered hoses, one of extremeties is stitched in the hat, collar or waistcoat, and the second - is put on corresponding cylinders of the tanks. Training boots are parted on forward and back chambers, and executed from 2 layers of water-repellent and elastic tissue with a porous layer between them. The colloid liquid freely circulates in internal space of forward and back chambers of the boots, providing weighting of corresponding part of limb. The liquid of green colour is intended for supply in forward chambers, and red colour - for supply in back chambers of boots. Soft tubes bind the pump supplying the liquid and chambers of boots: 2 green - for liquid supply in the forward chambers, 2 red - for liquid supply in the back chambers of boots. The tubes are put on the cylinders framing apertures in the top part of the bootlegs. The arch supports are located on sole of boots and have 2 metal plates with the electric chain contacts which are closed under the influence of a liquid gravity and include sound - and light elements electrically bound with them, located in chambers of the boots. The specified elements provide synchronous sound and light effects at weighting of the corresponding part of the limb.EFFECT: maintenance of bipedal locomotion in natural algorithm "heel-toe of the left foot, heel-toe of the right foot".9 dwg

Rocking cradle // 2348339
FIELD: household goods and personal effects.SUBSTANCE: rocking cradle contains support frame with four low supporting beams being connected as rectangular, four racks (7, 13, 26, 27) being installed in the corners of the four low supporting beams, left and right connection cross bars (19, 20), which connect upper ends of the four racks. The rocking cradle unit includes support plate (8), upper part (1) and lower part (3) of the cradle and is bolted to the support frame. The rocking cradle unit makes oscillatory movements to the right and to the left by means of driving motor (11).EFFECT: minimum force from driving motor is required during rocking and number of assembling elements is reduced.7 dwg

Children's seat // 2343815
FIELD: items of personal and household use; furniture.SUBSTANCE: children's seat contains a case, a separate pillow and a headrest. The pillow is connected with a headrest so that when moving of the headrest to the higher position, the pillow of a seat would come down to greater depth.EFFECT: easy adaptation of the position of the pillow and the headrest of a seat to corresponding size parameters of a child.5 cl, 11 dwg

Children swing load-bearing device // 2341170
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: proposed load-bearing device represent a frame whereto suspensions are fastened. A guard is arranged along the device edges to soften impacts of the swing seat against side jambs, the said guard representing an inflatable cushion. The said cushion can be made transparent and house various toys for kids entertainment. It is attached to the frame by its outer edges securely pressed between frame structure and its upper part. The said cushion is furnished with a valve.EFFECT: softening impacts of swing against side jambs.4 cl, 2 dwg

Double-level cot // 2336007
FIELD: household goods and personal effects.SUBSTANCE: double-level cot consists of folding framework, multiple layers of soft fabric surrounding cot framework and laying on cot bottom, folding bottom of cot and two plates for connection and disconnection from fabric layers. Folding bottom is designed to connect or disconnect cot framework. Fabric layers are provided with multiple connection sets at opposite short sides. Plates are provided with multiple connection sets at opposite short sides corresponding to connection sets of fabric layers. Height of folding cot bottom may be adjusted by connecting or disconnecting plates when cot framework is unfolded.EFFECT: simple design; low cost and possibility of bottom adjustment by height.3 cl, 5 dwg

ultiple-function blouse // 2311107
FIELD: sewing industry.SUBSTANCE: multiple-function blouse consists of upper part and lower part which are detachably connected with one another by means of cord passed through blocks, and sleeves consisting of upper part and lower part. Upper part of sleeves is non-detachably connected to upper part of blouse, and lower part of blouse equipped with detachable textile zipper fastening extending along longitudinal seam is connected to upper part of sleeves by means of cord and blocks. Lower parts of sleeve may be disconnected by drawing out cords from blocks, detaching parts of detachable textile zipper fastening along longitudinal seams and connecting lower parts of sleeves with one another for producing of top, with cords passing through blocks in upper part of top. Lower part of blouse may be disconnected by drawing out cord from blocks for producing of skirt, with cord being inserted into blocks of upper part.EFFECT: wider operational capabilities of clothing piece by transforming blouse into clothing set comprising blouse, top, and skirt.5 dwg

Baby carrying apparatus // 2295903
FIELD: baby carrying facilities.SUBSTANCE: baby carrying apparatus has two strap loops to be passed around respective user's shoulders and connected through fastening means 11 at rear side of apparatus. Baby carrying bag provided at front side of apparatus is adapted for resting upon user's chest. Fastening means 11 is adapted for light sliding over strap loops to be fixed in predetermined position along straps, said position being adjusted depending upon value and direction of force applied through portions of straps which are connected to fastening means 11. Apparatus is further equipped with belt connected to fastening means 11 at rear side of apparatus in order to restrict distance from belt to fastening means. Rear member is substantially made in the form of triangle whose apex is connected to fastening means 11 and is designed for transmitting loading to lower part of user's back.EFFECT: simplified construction, convenient usage and increased efficiency.11 cl, 3 dwg

On-shoulder hanging unit for carrying baby // 2294683
FIELD: domestic appliances.SUBSTANCE: design of unit allows changing shape and size of front part when baby is in pocket without making any damage to degree of reliability of hanging unit. On-shoulder hanging unit has flexible front part 22 connected with belts 31, 36, 37 to form pocket supporting a baby. Front part 22 has connecting member 60 with adjustable length, which member passes between two horizontal standing apart points onto front part which provides ability of changing local width of pocket. Front part has top edge area which can be lifted or bent down along horizontal line of fold. Buckles 70, 80 connect side protrusions 125 of top edge part 122 of front item with chest belts of hanging structure. First ring-shaped flat connecting part of buckle is connected with side protrusions and it interacts with second connecting part 80 made in form of pin protruding ahead in the direction being perpendicular to front surface of chest belt 31. Connecting unit 60, 60', 60" has tension belt. One end of belt is connected with first connecting part 70; belt goes in horizontal direction till inner point of fastening at top edge area 122. Point of fastening is formed by adjusting item which allows controlling length of belt 66 according to user's choice.EFFECT: improved comfort at use.12 cl, 12 dwg

Containers cooled by diffusion evaporation // 2291361
FIELD: cooling equipment.SUBSTANCE: container cooled by diffusion evaporation comprises casing having one or more walls. At least 5% of area of surface of one or more walls is occupied with matrix providing diffusion evaporation. Matrix contains porous hydrophilic material. Matrix allows small amounts of molecules of volatile vapor to pass therethrough. Vapor produced by evaporation of liquid provides cooling of container.EFFECT: increased efficiency in cooling of beverage containers without usage of mechanical pumps.85 cl, 22 dwg

Baby carrying belt system // 2287973
FIELD: baby carrying facilities.SUBSTANCE: belt system has yoke with rear portion, front portion and two side portions joined with front portion through side strips in such a manner that said portions define sitting member with shoulder strips of adjustable length extending from upper rear part of rear portion to front portion. Side shoulders have adjustable length. Rear portion is fitted with fastening means such as ears fixed in side ends on outer surface and suitable for detachable fastening to carrier strip or seat for children. There is detachable carrier strip of adjustable length, which may be readily disconnected or connected to fastening means through respective fastening parts provided at ends of carrier strip, such as fastening hooks allowing belt system to be worn by child as clothing, when child walks independently or when child is carried by means of carrier strip or fastened to seat.EFFECT: simplified, light-weight, compact construction and wider range of usage.7 cl, 3 dwg

Combination type table // 2279842
FIELD: combination designs of tables suitable for assembling according to different usage.SUBSTANCE: table may be used for putting on baby, as desk or partition. Table includes two vertical lateral members, one horizontal upper surface and at least one horizontal shelf or two vertical lateral members, one horizontal upper surface and one horizontal crosspiece. Alternatively table includes one or several shelves mounted between lateral members or at least two vertical lateral members mutually joined by their vertical edges.EFFECT: enlarged functional possibilities, simple design of table.3 cl, 5 dwg

Hung cradle // 2275831
FIELD: child's furniture, in particular, hung cradle for child rocking.SUBSTANCE: hung cradle has rectangular tubular frame, fabric enclosure adapted to be put onto frame and made in the form of bath. Cradle is attached by means of belts and hung to ceiling or to other horizontal support by means of hook, main belt and extensible spring for providing vertical vibrations. Cradle frame is supported in equilibrium state and performs horizontal vibrations by means of intersecting belts and carbine-holder connected with other end of extensible spring.EFFECT: simplified construction, wider operational capabilities and reduced production costs.3 dwg

Swinging apparatus // 2261641
FIELD: furniture industry, in particular, swinging equipment for resting and relaxation in case of stress situations.SUBSTANCE: apparatus has supporting structure, article, and suspenders for connecting article to supporting structure through bearings. Supporting structure is positioned under article. Suspenders are adapted for pivotal connection of supporting structure with article through two pins. One pin connects supporting structure with suspender and other pin connects suspender with article through bearings. Area of horizontal projection of supporting structure is smaller than identical area of article. Supporting structure may be formed as closed box.EFFECT: enhanced reliability in operation and wider operational capabilities.2 cl, 2 dwg

Bed // 2259798
FIELD: furniture industry, in particular, beds with cradle, may be used in hotels, mother and baby rooms, as well as in transport.SUBSTANCE: bed has back, cradle pivotally mounted in upper part of back by means of holders, which are pivotally connected with their one end to cradle and with their other end in guiding slots of bed back so as to be moved and fixed in operating position. Holders are made in the form of pipes inserted into one another for displacement with respect to one another, and their ends disposed in back slots are provided with thickened portion having size exceeding that of slot provided at outer side.EFFECT: convenient use and wider operational capabilities.4 dwg