Kitchen equipment and coffee mills and spice mills and apparatus for making beverages (A47J)

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A47J              Kitchen equipment; coffee mills; spice mills; apparatus for making beverages(2371)
A47J29 - Egg-cookers(16)

Pusher for use in granular product dispenser for beverages preparation // 2642766
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: pusher (100) for using in the dispenser (1) of the granular product (30) for the beverages preparation includes the body (110), where there is the inlet (112) for the product, the outlet (114) for the product and the channel (116), which connects the product inlet and outlet; the screw feeder (120), which includes the screw blade (124), which is placed in the channel (116) with the ability to rotate and move, so that it is able to move axially along the longitudinal axis (l) between the first and the second position; and the first sealing device (126b), which made with the ability of air-tight seal and channel (116) release, connecting the product inlet (112) and outlet (114) for the product, depending on the axial position of the screw blade (124).EFFECT: increased operating reliability.15 cl 3 dwg

Horizontal device for beverages preparation, using capsules, containing powder food // 2642480
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: horizontal device for beverage preparation, using the capsules comprises at least the first component (4) and the second component (6), that are made with ability to move between the working position in which the capsule (2) chamber (8) is formed between it and the capsule (2) insertion position in which it is spaced apart from each other, as well as the water injection means (13) and the beverage collection means (14), that are connected to the chamber (8). The beverage collection means (14) contain at least one perforating element (44), made with ability to move between the working position, where it provides the capsules (2) perforation, which is inserted into the socket (5), and non-working position, where it is located at the distance from the capsule (2) bottom, the coupling device (46), interacting with the first component (4) and performed with the ability to switch between the coupling, in which it hold the perforating element (44) in the working position and release configuration, and the first elastic means (47), affecting the perforating element (44) for pressing it toward the non-working position.EFFECT: during the moving of the first or the second component from the insertion into the working position, the second component provides the switching of coupling device from coupling configuration into the release configuration, whereas during the opposite moving, the second component provides the perforated element moving from the non-working into working positions.11 cl, 15 dwg

Device for producing beverage with two-position water container // 2642332
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for producing a beverage comprises of a casing and a removable water container that is adapted to be connected to the outside of said casing in the operative position when using the device. The water tank is further configured to be installed in an inoperative position inside a recess formed by said casing or parts thereof when the device is not used.EFFECT: reducing the size of the device when the device is not in use.14 cl, 14 dwg
Food preparation device // 2641580
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: food preparation device contains frame, legs connected together, tray and skewers. In this case, the frame is made as two-tier frame, with the possibility of the fixed installation along its lower perimeter of the tray, and along the upper perimeter of the movably mounted skewers. The upper and lower tiers are rigidly connected by the vertical rods protruding from the bottom out the frame level. At that the two-tier frame, legs and skewers are made of metal, and the tray is made of aluminium foil. At that the two-tier frame, legs and skewers are made of stainless steel. At that the tray is made of the aluminium foil with the thickness of 70 microns. At that the two-tier frame and the tray are rectangular. At that the two-tier frame and the tray are round. At that the tray is made disposable. At that the fixed installation along the perimeter of the aluminium tray two-tier frame is achieved due to the L-shaped rim edge made along the tray edge. At that the legs are made as folding. At that the legs are made from vertical and horizontal bars joined together. The upper pair of horizontal bars serves as the additional support for the tray. At that the legs are made removable, installed by the loops on the vertical bars, finishing at the bottom by L-shaped protuberance. At that the legs are made at obtuse angle with respect to the two-tier frame. At that the legs in the upper part are rest against the vertical bars, protruding from below, finishing by L-shaped protuberance.EFFECT: device improvement.13 cl, 3 dwg

Grinding mill // 2641577
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: grinding mill contains the electric motor and the grinding system, besides, the rotor of the engine is made conical with the possibility to replace the grinding bowl. The internal surface of the hollow and perforated rotor is made with spokes. The charging pipe with the rib-blades is provided in the upper part of the rotor to create the air stream towards the interior of the rotor. The outer surface of each of the spoke is covered with nano-shaped glass-like film of tantalum oxide with high degree of smoothness and the rib-blades outer surfaces curvature is made along the cycloid line as the brachistichrone.EFFECT: finished product quality improvement.5 dwg

System of baking plates for waffle baking machine // 2641494
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the system (1) of baking plates for automatic waffle baking machine, wherein this baking plates system (1) has the baking plates system framework (2), which comprises two joined together framework parts (3) with the possibility to rotate and two baking plates (4, 10, 13) that are mounted on the framework parts (3). At a minimum one baking plate (4, 10, 13) is always dished preloaded in reference to the baking surface (5) with the aim of the baking plates (4, 10, 13) deformations leveling during the baking process in such a way that the distance in the middle area of the baking plates (4, 10, 13) is less than the distance in the border area of the baking plates (4, 10, 13) before baking process beginning when the baking plates system (1) is closed. The system (1) of baking plates has the contact device (6). This contact device (6) is mounted on the system (1) of baking plates in such a way that the baking surfaces (5) of the closed system (1, 36) of baking plates are separated by a distance from one another. At a minimum one contact element (7, 8, 11) of the contact device (6) is configured to shift in such a way that the distance between the baking plates (4, 10, 13) of the closed system (1) of baking plates can be adjustable.EFFECT: product range expansion.17 cl, 8 dwg
Disposable unit, system and method of preparing foamed food product // 2641492
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: disposable unit comprises a concentrated liquid food product, and also comprises an eductor and a microfiltration device. The eductor water inlet is made with the possibility to be connected to an external water source. The gas inlet of the microfiltration device is made with the possibility to be connected to an external gas source, and the outlet of the microfiltration device is made with the possibility to release a foamed food product created by means of the microfiltration device from the disposable unit. The system for preparing a foamed food product comprises a device for preparing a product for preparing said foamed food product and such a disposable unit. Said device comprises a water source, a water heater and means for forcing water pressure, made with the possibility to connect to and to disconnect from the eductor of the disposable unit. The device additionally comprises a source of pressurized gas and means for forcing gas pressure, made with the possibility to supply the pressurized gas to the microfiltration device. In the process of preparing a foamed food product, heated water is supplied to the eductor water inlet to entrain the concentrated liquid food product from the container and to mix this concentrated liquid food product with heated water.EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability.14 cl, 5 dwg

Holder filter for machines for preparing beverages // 2641490
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a filter holder comprising a filter housing comprising a bottom and a dispensing channel or an opening in said bottom. The valve with the valve plug is configured to selectively open and close the dispensing channel or the opening, the valve plug being supported by a rotary arm and is elastically biased towards the closed position. The valve plug closes the opening when the filter holder is attached to the hot water dispensing unit of the machine for preparing a beverage, in order to soak a beverage ingredient, e.g. powdered coffee, loaded in the filter cup, with hot pressurised water. The valve is calibrated in such a way that it opens when a certain pressure is reached in the filter cup. After opening, the valve plug will remain open regardless of the pressure inside the filter cup, due to the device described below in this document. The filter holder additionally comprises a cam disposed between the filter housing bottom and the rotary arm supporting the valve plug. The cam has a profile interacting with the rotary arm. The cam is made movable, preferably around a rotation axis or a hinge axis for selectively mounting in various positions. In particular, the cam has at least a first position, in which the cam profile prevents the movement to close the valve plug, and a second position, in which the cam profile allows the movement to close the valve plug. The cam is elastically pre-loaded towards the first position by a suitable resilient element, e.g. a spring, such as a torsion spring. The filter holder additionally comprises a slider interacting with the cam to move the cam from the first position to the second position, with overcoming the elastic action applied to the cam. The slider is preferably elastically pre-loaded in the off position and is urged to move in the working position direction by means of direct or indirect interact with the water dispensing unit, to which the filter holder is attached. The slider is made and positioned in such a manner that during said movement from the off position to the working position, it pushes the cam in the direction of the second position, i.e., the cam position allowing to close the valve plug. The elastic force applied to the slider is overcome by the interaction of the slider with the above fixed element. When the interaction with the fixed element ends, the slider elastically returns to the off position.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.25 cl, 28 dwg

Lip seals for food preparation device and food preparation device with such lip seal // 2641457
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: food preparation device contains a food preparation chamber, designed to hold a medium for food preparation, a cover, configured to cover the food preparation chamber, and a sealing element, installed between the cover and the food preparation chamber, for sealing the space between the food preparation chamber and cover. The cover comprises of a cover plating and a retaining element, disposed on the inner surface of the cover, while the retaining element is adapted to hold the sealing element close to the edge of the cover. The sealing element contains a lip-seal part, which contains the top edge and bottom edge, each of which is at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the sealing element to constitute, essentially, V-shaped profile on one longitudinal end of the sealing element and a crest part containing the upper crest and lower crest, each of which is located at the opposite longitudinal end of the sealing element.EFFECT: increased tightness.18 cl, 7 dwg

Self-cleaning load holder for frying device // 2641453
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: in some embodiments, the holder may comprise of an upper plate, a delivery cylinder, a lower plate, a plurality of support plates, and a plurality of guide plates. The upper plate may include a through hole located substantially in the center of the upper plate and configured to allow liquid and/or vapour to pass therethrough. The outer diameter of the lower plate may be smaller than the outer diameter of the upper plate and the outer diameter of each of the plurality of guide plates, and the plurality of guide plates may be configured to allow movement of the load therethrough. In some embodiments, the food cooking device may comprise of a food cooking chamber, a steam distribution chamber, a vent tube, an outlet pipe, a drainage tube, and a pressure relief tube.EFFECT: increased operating reliability.19 cl, 9 dwg

Horizontal unit for beverages preparation, using capsules, containing powder food // 2641248
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: horizontal unit for beverages preparation, using capsules containing powder food, contains the first part (4) and the second part (6), which are movable between the working position, in which it form the extraction chamber (8) for capsule (2) and the capsule (2) insert position, in which it is located at the distance from each other and the driving means (17) for reciprocating movement of two parts (4), (6), containing the connection lever mechanism (21) - crank (19), connected to the moving part (4), (6). In the working position the crank (19) rests on the part of the unit supporting structure (3). The crank (19) also contains at least the first support section (56) and/or the second support section (58), which interact in contact in the unit closed position, respectively, on at least the first shoulder (57) and/or the second shoulder (59), formed by the supporting structure (3), at that the mentioned shoulders are respectively positioned in such a way as to prevent the crank (19) movement towards the shaft parallel to the axis line and/or the crank (19) movement transversely to the plane in which it rotates.EFFECT: improved unit operation reliability.9 cl, 14 dwg

ethod for manufacturing kitchenware piece with internal surface of silver or silver alloy // 2640481
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing a kitchenware piece includes shaping the kitchenware piece made of a ferrous metal, surface hardening, oxidation and polishing, while the inner surface of the kitchenware piece is coated with silver or a silver-based alloy by electroshaping.EFFECT: method ensures antibacterial and antiviral properties of dishes and increased thermal conductivity, allowing to cook food at a temperature below the splitting threshold of oils and fats, prevents food adhesion during cooking and facilitates its detachment from the surface of the items.13 cl, 6 ex, 2 dwg

Dripping-preventing nozzle for device for treatment of food products // 2640268
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: nozzle (60) for the spout (140) of a food treatment unit (10), comprising a housing (70) with a fluid inlet (80), a front surface (160), and a fluid outlet (100). The housing forms a subsequent cavity (110), which, with the possibility of removal, receives the spout and disposes the fluid inlet adjacent to the spout. The nozzle also comprises a dripping-preventing flap (150) attached to the front housing surface and covers it. The dripping-preventing flap reversely rotates around the horizontal rotation axis between the closed position, in which the fluid outlet is blocked by a sealing element on the flap, and the open position, in which the fluid outlet is open.EFFECT: device performance improvement.11 cl, 8 dwg

Device for drink production, comprising at least one tube for fluid movement // 2639644
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for drink production comprises at least one tube (1) for fluid movement, in particular the tube (1), which is equipped with the slot (3), passing along the tube (1) length between one end (11) of the tube (1) and the other end (12) of the tube (1). The tube (1) opens in slot (3) place, what is important for the cleaning purposes.EFFECT: tube is rather well applicable in appliances such as the milk foamer, where liquids are used that tend to create the system contamination when these liquids movement, the flexible material can be used in the tube so that the tube may be expanded for assuming the plain shape.10 cl, 6 dwg

Device for citrus fruit squeezing and method of citrus fruit piece juicing // 2639642
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for citrus fruit squeezing comprises two pressure elements (30, 40) for the performing the pressing on the citrus fruit piece action, moreover, these pressure elements (30, 40) have the surfaces for contacting with the different sides of the pieces of the citrus fruit, which must be squeezed, and, along with this, the pressure elements (30, 40) are made moveable relative to each other in two contrary directions, in other words, to each other and from one another. Furthermore, the device for squeezing comprises the cutting tool for performing the citrus fruit piece cutting action through the fruit rind, wherein the cutting tool is placed for the penetration into the piece from its side, which is not in contact with the pressure elements (30, 40) surfaces. The cutting tool can comprise at a minimum one knife, which is placed in the lateral position towards the pressure elements (30, 40) surfaces.EFFECT: device improvement.12 cl, 9 dwg
achine for beverages preparation // 2639093
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: machine for beverage preparation includes a brewing unit (10) with (i) a main body (12) forming a cavity (14) for placement of a removable capsule holder (18) and (ii) a lid (20) connected to the main body (12) for cavity (14) opening and closing. The beverage preparation machine comprises a detachable capsule holder (18) adapted to receive a capsule (50) containing an extractable food product. The brewing unit (10) and the removable capsule holder (18) cooperate so that the liquid flows like a fountain.EFFECT: increased application convenience.15 cl, 5 dwg

Espresso machine with possibility of making americano // 2639067
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an espresso machine that is designed and programmed to have a secondary water supply system. The secondary water supply system works in conjunction with the mechanisms of the coffee making device to make Americano coffee. The volume and strength of the finished beverage can be pre-set or programmed by the user.EFFECT: possibility of making Americano coffee of enhanced taste, while avoiding unnecessary extraction of unwanted tastes.15 cl, 13 dwg

ultipurpose dishware // 2638865
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: multipurpose dishware has a pot body frame (10), composed of the base (11) and the capacitance (12), whereupon the base (11) is provided with the upper surface (111) and the bottom surface (112). The capacitance (12) is formed on the base (11) side and is provided with the holding space (13). The dishware comprises a steam nozzle (20), which covers the capacitance (12) side, which is opposite to the base (11), and is optionally designed with a possibility of taking off from the capacitance (12). The steam nozzle (20) is provided with the air vents (21) that pass through the steam nozzle (20). The dishware has a pot cover (30), the form of which corresponds to the capacitance (12) shape. The pot cover (30) is optionally designed with a possibility of the covering the steam nozzle (20) side, which is opposite to the capacitance (12), for obtaining the closed space with the capacitance (12). The base (11) side is provided with the capacitance (12) by virtue of this with the aid of one item of the dishware one can fry food on the base (11) and make soups in the capacitance (12). The capacitance (12) is covered with the pot cover (30), additionally varying a capacitance (12) so that it becomes a vacuum cooker, where one can simmer the food. Moreover, the steam nozzle (20) is located between the capacitance (12) and the cover (30) of the pot so that the steam generated by the liquid heating in the capacitance (12) steams the food that lies on the steam nozzle (20) so that the capacitance (12) becomes the steam cooker. The frying pan, the broth pot, the vacuum cooker and the steam cooker are combined in one unit in instant invention.EFFECT: one dishware item can serve a set of functions simultaneously, so that the convenience of dishware reference increases and, in comparison with the ordination of the great number of dishware items, the necessary space decreases.7 cl, 5 dwg
ethods for thermal processing of meat semi-finished products using modern electrophysical heating methods // 2638546
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: when processing natural meat semi-finished products, the flow density is 7 kW/m2, the distance to the upper radiator is 10 cm and the temperature in the working chamber 1 is 66°C for 9 min. A chopped steak is processed in a two-stage mode for 12 minutes, while at the first stage, the flux density is 3 kW/m2, at the second stage - 7 kW/m2. Cutlets with vegetable additives selected from laminaria, carrots and onions are processed at a radiation density of 6 kW/m2 and working chamber temperature of 179-180°C.EFFECT: minimized losses of nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins, reduced loss of energy and nutritional value of meat semi-finished products.7 tbl
Drop bag // 2638508
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to a drop bag that has a simple design with grip elements adhesively attached to the outer surfaces of the two opposite front sheets of the bag body, configured to extend the passage section of the body opening and ensure the stable shape of the said opening. For this purpose, the bag has a body made of a water permeable filter sheet and having an upper opening end, and grip elements made of a thin lamellated material and located on the outer surfaces of two opposite front sheets of the body. A grip element has an upper fixed part, adhesively attached to the body along its opening, a central part, located under the top fixed part in the center of the body in the direction of its width and which cannot be pulled away from the body, and a grip part, not being adhesively attached to the body. A pair of the first inclined folding lines and a pair of the second inclined folding lines are arranged on the upper fixed part. The lines are located at respective specified angles.EFFECT: bag provides an extremely convenient opening when used due to the declared location of the folding lines, the bag is opened to form a polygon-shaped opening that provides an increase in the passage section, facilitating the pouring of hot water through the opening.10 cl, 11 dwg

Capsule and system for beverages preparation // 2638146
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: capsule comprises a circular or conical sidewall (2), an inlet wall (3) and an outlet wall (4) forming a hollow body (5) containing a product to be cooked, wherein the above hollow capsule body (5) has a central axis (A). At least one portion of the inlet wall (3) extends along the curve (E) of the ellipse defined by the projection of the circle (C) with a diameter substantially equal to the maximum diameter (Dmax) of the side wall (2) of the capsule and lying on the plane (P'), inclined at an angle (α) with respect to the plane (P) perpendicular to the central axis (A) of the capsule. The above planes (P) and (P') intersect on the (Z) axis in a plane perpendicular to the plane (P) and contains the above intersection axis (Z) or a parallel axis.EFFECT: capsule improvement.29 cl, 3 dwg

Vacuum suction cup // 2637973
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: suction cup includes a cover, a suction plate, an inner plate and a height adjustment element. The cover is fixed and configured for rotation on the upper part of the vacuum suction cup and contains a plurality of fastening elements located on the inner upper surface, and a plurality of closing projections. The suction plate is installed under the cover and has a central shaft in center of the outer surface. The inner plate is placed between the cover and the suction plate and includes a plurality of guide portions located on inclined surface, a portion of a locking groove and a stopper which are provided for turning the cover within preset range and stopping the rotation, a plurality of elastic locking elements each having a preset elastic force, in this case, each fixing part slides along them for rotating or fixing the cover. The height adjustment element includes a side plate located on the outer surface of the inner plate circumference, where there is a plurality of guide grooves, into which the guide sections are inserted that are arranged on the inner upper surface of the cover. The closing projection which is designed for sliding along the upper surface of each guide section and is located between the guide grooves, a connecting groove section which is located in the suction plate circumference on its upper surface, a supporting section having an axial hole, into which the central shaft is inserted, a connecting projection positioned on the inner plate of the height adjustment element and which is movably inserted the connecting groove portion projecting from the lower surface of the inner plate, and an adhesive element in which there is a through hole for attachment of the suction plate to the attachment surface and which is made of soft material and is fixed to the lower surface of the suction plate.EFFECT: enhanced smoothness of the operation.5 cl, 8 dwg

ultifunctional vessel and beverage preparation machine in which it is used // 2637739
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: vessel (1) comprises a housing (5) with at least a first container (23) and a second container (25) for accommodating the ingredients for preparing beverages. A first agitator (17) can be located in the first container (23). In some versions, a second agitator (19) may be located in the second container (25). The vessel also comprises a cover closing the vessel housing. A first fluid connection (51) is provided for receiving a beverage from the beverage preparation machine and composing the beverage in the first container (23). In addition, there is a second fluid connection (77) with the beverage preparation machine, in fluid communication with the second container (25).EFFECT: multifunctionality.17 cl, 10 dwg
Steam device // 2637303
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: steam heater involves a heating component with the implemented within it channel with inner walls and with inlet and outlet, a head piece with at a minimum one opening at the inlet, upon that, at a minimum one of the head piece openings faces one of the inner walls, along with this, the steam heater is capable of heating-up the entering the channel water with steam formation.EFFECT: heat rating improvement.22 cl, 9 dwg

Beverage production unit and machine // 2637099
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: beverage production unit (17) comprises a brewing chamber (23) with a movable first brewing chamber section (25) forming a container (31) for accommodating at least one product for the beverage preparation and moving between the loading position, in which the first section (25) of the brewing chamber is located under the product loading funnel (35), and the cooking position, in which the first brewing chamber section (17) cooperates with the second brewing chamber section (27), closing the brewing chamber, and vice versa. The beverage production unit (17) additionally comprises a scraper (37) made with the possibility to align the product hump (H) projecting from the container (31) while moving the first brewing chamber section (25) from the first position to said second position. The container (31) has an upper edge (31L) surrounding the container inlet. The upper edge (31L) comprises a projection (43) projecting from the upper edge (31L) and made with the possibility to prevent the product from falling out of the container when passing under the scraper.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.10 cl, 8 dwg

Device for heat treatment of, in particular, frankfurters // 2636918
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a heat treatment device (200), in particular, frankfurters related to the type of frankfurters (S) obtained by coextrusion. Said device (200) comprises: a pipeline (102) extending between the inlet (104) and the outlet (106), through which the frankfurters (S) exit the pipeline (102), a receiving device (108) located above the inlet (104), entering the pipeline (102) at the inlet (104) and designed to enable the frankfurters (S) to be introduced into the pipeline (102), a pump (112) designed for moving hot water into the pipeline (102) upstream of the inlet (104) or in the receiving device (108). The water level (116) in the receiving device (108) is above the location level of the outlet (106) and the location level of the inlet (104), and the location level of the inlet (104) is below the location level of the upper part of the coil (110). The pipeline (102) comprises, between the inlet (104) and the outlet (106), a part in the shape of a coil (110), in the form of a downward spiral, and an ascending part (202) located between the inlet (104) and the coil (110).EFFECT: heat transfer increase.7 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of increasing efficiency of thermal unit in field kitchen // 2636832
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method of increasing the efficiency of a thermal unit in a field kitchen is provided by redistributing the heat fluxes of flue gases in the flue and at the boilers. Wherein the first boiler above the flame is protected from overheating by a ceramic coating containing liquid sodium glass with a silicate module of 2.5-3.0-30%, in the mixture with copper oxide of 7%, refractory clay - 17%, kaolin - 5 %, graphite - 5% and water - 36% of the total mass, with the thickness of 1.0 mm specially sprayed onto the outer boiler wall, dried at the temperature of 80°C and baked at the temperature of 800°C.EFFECT: reducing the temperature of a superheated boiler wall.1 dwg

ethod for beverages preparation by capsules // 2636650
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for beverages preparations using a capsule comprising a side wall, an injection surface to introduce pressurized water into the capsule. The side wall and the insertion surface form a receptacle to store the infusion or soluble product, and the insertion surface comprises one or more regions of reduced thickness. The method includes the steps of: pressing the capsule insertion surface by pressing means and introduction of a pressurized water flow to open the said one or more regions of reduced thickness of the injection surface, so that the pressurized water can enter the capsule.EFFECT: since the areas of reduced input surface thickness are opened by the flow of pressurized water, it is possible to avoid the use of special components for capsule piercing in beverage preparation plants.6 cl, 13 dwg

ill // 2636573
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: mill (1) with the first grinding element (11) and the second grinding element (15), in which two grinding elements (11, 15) rotate relative to each other in such a way that coffee beans are ground by the grinding elements into coffee powder and with a pickup wheel (25), rotating with the first grinding element, the mentioned pickup wheel is used to move ground coffee powder along its border area from the grinding elements (11, 15) through an output channel (6-3). The border area of the pickup wheel (25) is made conoidal in the direction to the grinding elements (11, 15) with a concave profile, so that it forms an inner high edge (Ri) and an outer low edge (Ra), and the pickup wheel (25) contains lots of pickup blades (26) distributed in the border area peripherally.EFFECT: increased reliability and efficiency of the device.10 cl, 6 dwg

Safety system of household device for processing food products // 2636561
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: household device (10) for processing food products comprises a main unit (12), a processing tool unit (14) with a processing tool (18) for processing loaded food products, and a receiving unit (16) with a receiving volume (20) for receiving processed food products. The main unit provides the driving force for activating the processing tool. The receiving unit is able to be connected to the processing tool unit, the main unit being able to be connected to the processing tool unit. The processing tool unit is equipped with a safe connection mechanism (38) specifying the connection order, according to which the main unit is able to be connected to the processing tool unit only in case the receiving unit is connected to the processing tool unit; and according to which the possibility of disconnecting the receiving unit from the processing tool unit is blocked, when the main unit is connected to the processing tool unit.EFFECT: equipping a household food processing device with a connection system ensuring that the processing tool can not be touched in the working state.13 cl, 10 dwg

Deflector and heat treatment chamber // 2636379
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: deflector has a deflector plate, a recess portion formed in the deflector plate, a union which projects in a first direction from the recess portion formed in the deflector plate, and comprises an open side wall portion which is arranged for opening towards the side of baffle portion. The recess portion projects from the union. The baffle portion projects in a first direction from the surface of the recess portion and is located near the union. A heat treatment chamber is configured to retain medium therein for heat treatment and food products preparation therein. The chamber has a heating element, wall, inlet port formed in the wall, a connecting element of the heat treatment chamber located near inlet port, a connecting element of the heat treatment chamber is made to provide a fluid-tight connection for the heat treatment medium which is supplied through the inlet port to a tank formed by the wall, and the deflector located near the inlet port.EFFECT: increase in operational reliability.19 cl, 17 dwg

Brewable product cooking method and system // 2636369
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the brewing method, which is composed of the stages, at which the capsule in the shape of the closed capsule is provided. The closed capsule has the capsule wall comprised of the closing surface from the extraction side, the closing surface from the injection side and the circular lateral surface, which lies between the closing surface from the extraction side and the closing surface from the injection side; the capsule is placed in the brewing module, which has the injector for liquid for the brew injection in the capsule and the release slide for the brewable product outlet. Upon that, the injector has at a minimum one perforating member from the injection side, and the release slide has at a minimum one perforating member from the extraction side; the brewing module brewing chamber is closed so that the noted at a minimum one perforating member from the injection side perforates the closing surface from the injection side along the cutting line; the liquid for the brew is force-injected in the area between the supporting surface from the injection side and the closing surface from the injection side so that the closing surface from the injection side is pressed in towards the capsule cavity in consequence of the liquid pressure, whereas the capsule encircling seal holds the circular lateral surface, and so that the liquid for the brew gets into the capsule cavity; and the pressure on the liquid for the brew is maintained at least until the brewable product comes out from the outlet ports that are formed within the closing surface from the extraction side in response to the perforation by virtue of the noted at a minimum one perforating member from the extraction side.EFFECT: augmented stability under the brewing process with the side locking with the help of the seal and under the plastical deformation of the closing surface from the injection side, the side edges take the beneficial stabilizing effect during the compression by virtue of the liquid for the brew.15 cl, 10 dwg
Pressure cooker // 2636301
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: pressure cooker comprises a container with an airtightly closing cover. The container at its top or the cover comprises a bellows. The cover comprises an inlet valve for pumping the container with nitrogen, an outlet valve for evacuating the pressure cooker container due to air discharge through said valve into the atmosphere. Wherein the container and the cover are made of heat-resistant glass.EFFECT: increasing the shelf life of products.1 dwg

Electric pressure cooker // 2636296
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: electric pressure cooker comprises a body of the pressure cooker which contains the housing; an outer container disposed in the housing in such a way that a cavity is formed between the outer container and the housing; a cap mounted on the upper part of the outer container and housing and closing the cavity, wherein a microswitch assembly is located in the cavity, and a pressure rod exits upwards from the cap; a pressure cooker lid having a closing state in which the body of the pressure cooker is closed by a lid and an opening state in which the pressure cooker lid is removed from the pressure cooker body. The pressure cooker lid is rotatable relative to the pressure cooker body between the pressurization position and the depressurization position in the closing state. The microswitch assembly is located on the pressure cooker body and is designed with the possibility of switching between OFF state, in which the microswitch assembly indicates an electric pressure cooker to stop cooking, and ON state, in which the microswitch assembly indicates an electric pressure cooker to start cooking. When the lid of the pressure cooker is in the closing state and in the depressurization position, the lid of the pressure cooker uses the microswitch assembly to switch to the OFF state, and the microswitch assembly is in the ON state, when the lid of the pressure cooker is in the pressurization position. The microswitch assembly contains a pressure rod displaceable in the up and down direction between the first position, in which the microswitch assembly is in the ON state, and the second position in which the microswitch assembly is in the OFF state, and when the lid of the pressure cooker is in the closing state and depressurization position, the lid of the pressure cooker switches the pressure rod to the second position. The front part of the housing has the second mounting hole in which the pressure rod displaceable in the up and down direction is located; a rear part of the housing connected to the front part of the housing; a fixed attachment located on the front of the housing; a movable attachment connected with the fixed attachment with the possibility to move in an up and down direction.EFFECT: improved quality of the final product.15 cl, 13 dwg

Cooking method // 2636026
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: water or liquid food is divided inside the dishes to the heated part and the rest after some time after dishes filling.EFFECT: reduced energy and time needed to heat the water.2 dwg

odular device for preparation and dosed dispensing of beverages // 2635967
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a modular device for brewing beverages that comprises a removable module for producing hot water, a removable module for producing pressurized hot water, and a removable module for producing steam, all of which are connected to a remote unit for dosed dispensing of liquid beverages.EFFECT: design favourably allows for routine maintenance and modification of each beverage module without interrupting the use of a modular device for brewing beverages or the related business.16 cl, 17 dwg

Upgraded desk-type mixer // 2635794
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: desk-type mixer with a combined nozzle has a whisk and a scraper. Preferably, the mixer comprises a processing element configured to access data indicating the interval of values supplied to the electric motor power for each of a plurality of speeds available for the user selection, following the electric motor speed, and comparing this speed with a user selected speed.EFFECT: processing element increases the power supplied to the electric motor to the corresponding interval of values if the current speed is less than the user selected speed.12 cl, 47 dwg

Accumulating boiler // 2635747
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: boiler (1; 1a) having one water inlet element (22) and one water outlet element (20), the water heating boiler (1; 1a) comprising: a tank-type water heater having a water tank (2) with an element for water inlet forming one water inlet element (22) of the boiler (1; 1a) and a water discharge element (19) and a first heater (25) located in the water tank (2) for water heating, contained in it, to the first temperature (T1) and to maintain it at the first temperature. The boiler further comprises a flowing water heater disposed in a tank (2) for the water of a tank-type water heater and comprising a hollow body (9) with a water inlet element (19; 19, 39, 38) fluidly connected to the discharge element (19) into water tank (2), and water discharge element forming one element (20) to the water discharge of the boiler (1; 1A) (1), and a second heater (17) installed in the hollow body (9) and selectively actuated for heating water passing through it to the second temperature (T2), exceeding the first temperature (T1).EFFECT: increased efficiency.8 cl, 3 dwg

Device and method for providing dosed ingredient amounts, in particular, for fod specially prepared for infants // 2635121
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device (1) for providing dosed amounts of ingredients for a food composition for infant feeding; in particular, the present invention relates to a device for preparing individual infant food based on specific needs of infants. The device comprises several containers (2), several feeders (3), a data input device (14), and a controller (7) for controlling the dosed amounts of the ingredients fed separately from the containers after the data entry. Moreover, the present invention relates to a method for preparing a food composition for a particular infant.EFFECT: device improvement.18 cl, 1 dwg

Blade assembly for food processor and food processor comprising it // 2635072
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: blade assembly (10) for a food processor comprises a shaft (12) and a base element (16), on which one end of the shaft (12) is hingedly supported with the possibility of rotation around its axis (14). The first and the second blade element (22, 24) are mounted on the shaft in respective axial positions (23, 25). These blade elements (22, 24) extend radially and in opposite directions from their respective positions (23, 25) on the shaft (12), wherein the blade element (22) closer to the free end (28) of the shaft (12) is arranged at an angle backward along the shaft towards the base element (16), and the other blade element (24) is positioned at an angle forward along the shaft towards the free end (28). The first blade element (22) also has an associated thereto relatively short and blunt bar-shaped blade section located at an angle forward from the reference position (23) for the first blade element (22) and projecting beyond the free end (28) of the shaft (12).EFFECT: improving the design reliability.15 cl, 3 dwg

achine for preparing beverages, comprising removable container for ingredients // 2635060
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: machine (1) for preparing beverages is described, comprising a housing (3), a beverage preparation unit made in the housing, and a container (21) for at least one beverage ingredient, for example, coffee beans. Said container (21) can be locked on the housing (3) and released from fixation thereon. The container (21) comprises a lower opening (27) for dispensing the ingredient contained therein and a flap (29) for selectively closing and opening said opening. In addition, an actuating element (37, 39, 41, 45) is provided in the housing. Said actuation element acts on the flap for selectively opening and closing the lower opening (27) of the container while at the same time locking the container on the housing and releasing the container from fixation on the housing, respectively.EFFECT: improving operational characteristics.14 cl, 20 dwg

achine for preparing beverages // 2634679
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: machine for preparing a beverage from a capsule containing an ingredient comprises a module for the treatment of a caprule with an ingredient, having a chamber for the treatment of the above capsule; a passage for moving the above capsule into the chamber, and a capsule positioning device having at least one element that limits the receptacle for receiving the capsule. The movable element(s) can be moved from the position of receiving and holding the above capsule to the position of releasing the above capsule into the passage. The movable element(s) are configured to hold the capsule generally vertically above the passage in the receiving and holding position and to lower the capsule generally vertically from the capsule positioning device to the passage in the releasing position. The machine additionally comprises guiding means for guiding the capsule, which comprise guiding elements for guiding the capsule flange to other guide elements located in the passage.EFFECT: lowering the probability of the improper machine operation, while simultaneously increasing the safety during its operation.20 cl, 9 dwg

Capsule for producing carbonated beverages, and also relevant system and method // 2633265
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: system and method for producing and delivering gaseous CO2 are described. The sealed chamber is equipped with a heating means, so that when the CO2-carrying material, such as sodium bicarbonate, is placed in the chamber and heated to the decomposition temperature, gaseous CO2 is released. The released gas is introduced into the liquid contained in the container. With increasing gas pressure in the container, an increasing amount of gaseous CO2 dissolves in the liquid. The heating can be carried out using the thermal conductivity of a microwave heater or an induction mechanism. Sodium bicarbonate or any other material containing carbon dioxide can be used as a dry or wet powder, a solid, a suspension, an emulsion or a solution. This material can be placed in a thin shell.EFFECT: possibility of increasing the shelf life of cartridges, reducing the probability of mechanical damage to the airtight zeolite package inside the cartridge.11 cl, 14 dwg

achine for obtaining beverage with connector for removable ingredient container // 2633216
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: connector comprises a bottom wall with a passage for the issuance of the ingredient into the inner part of the casing and a locking support for said ingredient container. The locking support comprises a projection at least partially surrounding the bottom wall. At least one resilient element is located in said locking support and is pressed to the projection. The projection comprises at least one tangential recess with an edge extending substantially parallel to and at a distance from the bottom wall. At least one resilient element projects from the recess edge and to the bottom wall and is configured to reduce the dead path between the ingredient container and said connector, when said ingredient container is locked in said connector.EFFECT: reducing the difficulties while connecting the coffee bean container to the machine.15 cl, 8 dwg

Bowl for blender equipped with blender rod // 2632278
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a bowl (101) for a blender (102) with a blender rod (103) equipped with a rotary rod (201) connected to a knife (202) closed with a casing (203). The bowl (101) for a blender (102) has a blender rod (103) equipped with a rotary rod (201) connected to a knife (202) closed with a casing (203). The bowl comprises a lower surface (104), a side wall (105) extending upward along the vertical axis (A1) from a mentioned lower surface. The side wall (105) forms a hole (106) in its upper part to accommodate the mentioned rod (103) of the blender. The lower surface (104) is formed as a part (P1) of the surface (S1) formed by such parallel movement of the two-dimensional indirect pattern (NFP) along the axis (A2) perpendicular to the mentioned vertical axis (A1), to always form the gap between the bottom surface (104) of the bowl (101) and the casing (203) of the blender rod (103) during mixing. A two-dimensional indirect pattern (NFP) is part of a parabola (P), or a part of a hyperbola (H) branch, or a part of a sinusoid (S).EFFECT: increase of reliability, convenience.3 cl, 15 dwg

Device for foaming liquid // 2632276
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: inner surface of the housing has a curved contour. At least one inlet is disposed in the transverse area of the housing for supplying a liquid and a gas for foaming the liquid inside, and may have the tangential orientation with respect to the curved contour of the inner surface of the housing. The butt faces of the housing are open and function as outlet openings of the device, in which it is preferable that the longitudinal axis of the housing continues in the horizontal direction. Rings are used in the housing to retain the rotating flow in the housing for a period of time, long enough to effectively perform the foaming process.EFFECT: obtaining good quality foam with sufficient thickness.14 cl, 5 dwg

Device for preparing beverage by centrifugation // 2631840
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device is presented for preparing a beverage from a beverage ingredient contained in a container (17) by bringing the container (17) into the centrifuging state; the device comprises a retention component (16) designed for retaining the container (17) in a position allowing it to rotate along the longitudinal rotation axis (I), a component (8) interacting with a liquid, which is designed for engaging the container (17) and for supplying water to the container (17) and extracting the beverage. The retention component (16) and the component (8) interacting with a liquid are interconnected by a connecting means, so that these components (8, 16) rotate together with the container (17) during centrifugation. The connecting means comprises at least a first engagement surface (48) of one of the components to which the retention component (16) or the component (8) interacting with a liquid and a second engagement surface (23) of a locking means (20), connected with another component, i.e. a retention component (16) or a component (8) interacting with a liquid, that are made with the possibility to engage in contact with each other at least during the device rotation, preventing the movement of the retention component (16) and the component (8) interacting with a liquid, from each other, at least in the axial rotation direction (I). The locking means (20) of the connecting means ismade with the possibility to connect the components (8, 16) movably to each other with at least one degree of freedom, at least around the rotation axis (21).EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability.15 cl, 6 dwg
Transparent filter material // 2631802
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: filter material contains transparent fibers and scutched cellulose fibers characterized by the grinding degree in the range of 30-80 degrees of Shopper-Rigler.EFFECT: increase in tensile load and relative elongation while preserving the transparency of the filter material.15 cl, 2 tbl, 2 ex

Device for separating stalks and substandard berries of grapes // 2631696
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a hopper in the form of an upwardly extending box installed on supports, and a device for separating stalks, installed under the outlet hopper opening. The device is represented by a shaft with blades, located on supports and installed inside a mesh made in the form of a half-cylinder with elongated and outward-bent upper edges fixed in the box. On the shaft, staggered at an angle to its axis, with a shift of 90° and in a spiral, blades are installed. The device is mounted on a support frame, and a geared motor is located on its side wall. Under the device mesh, there is a sorter separates berries into standard and substandard ones. The sorter consists of a frame in the form of a parallelepiped, on the outside of which a vibration motor is fixed. Inside the frame, there are string sieves with different mesh sizes, made of stainless wire, arranged in tiers with an adjustable slope one above (under) another and ending with gutters. All sieves are detachable. To reduce noise from vibration, the sorter structure is mounted on a stand with springs.EFFECT: improving the processing quality.2 cl, 2 dwg

Portafilter for capsule // 2631626
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a portafilter for attaching to a brewing head of an espresso machine, comprising a handle to which a compartment is attached, into which a capsule can be placed. Wherein said compartment has a lower component and an upper component, detachably attached to each other.EFFECT: claimed portafilter design allows the user to use capsules of various sizes in various espresso machines, using the same portafilter while preparing, thereby enhancing the device functionality.14 cl, 23 dwg