Furnishings for windows or doors (A47H)

A   Human necessities(312709)
A47H              Furnishings for windows or doors (concerned with the functioning of the door or window e05; roller blinds e06b; special arrangements or measures in connection with doors or windows, e.g. for ventilation or sealing, e06b0007000000)(83)

Closing devices for architectural opening, containing cellular structures displaced for disclosure // 2622821
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: closing device for an architectural opening includes the panel having the bearing sheet and at least one cell operatively connected to the bearing sheet and comprising a lamella material operatively connected to the first side of the bearing sheet. The device comprises the bearing element of cells, operatively connected with the lamella material and made with the possibility of maintaining it at a distance from the bearing sheet when the panel is in the extended position. The cells bearing element is made elastic to allow at least partial flattening of at least one cell when the panel is in the retracted position, and the springing or displacement of at least one cell into the open position when the panel in the extended position. The method of manufacturing the closing device and the shutter for the architectural opening are proposed as well.EFFECT: cells shape retention without crumpling and distortion.40 cl, 47 dwg

Cornice // 2565533
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: cornice comprises a bearing beam (1) mounted in the brackets (4), and holders (2) with crocodile clips (3) placed on the beam (1). The holder (2) is composed of an external element (6) and an inner spring element (7) which form an open ring with an inner diameter (A) being in the range from 1.4 to 2.5 of the external diameter (B) of the bearing beam (1). And the ends (8) and (9) of the inner spring element (7) are spaced apart by a distance which is less than the inner diameter B of the bearing beam (1). The mounting points (5) of the crocodile clips (3) are arranged in the holder (2) at a distance (C) from the proximal end (8) of the inner spring element (7), which is smaller than 0.7 the inner diameter (A) of the inner spring element (7) located in the holder (2). The inner spring element (7) covers the edges of the outer element (6). The holders of the brackets (4) have the form of a semi-ring (11) extending into the beam (12), and the holding part of the bracket (4) at the place of junction of the semi-ring (11) with the beam (12) passes through the holder (2).EFFECT: improvement of the design.5 cl, 14 dwg

ounting profile // 2467675
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of the national economy, namely, to household items and can be used for devices of sliding door wardrobes, movable dividers, for hanging curtains and blinds and in other structures. The mounting profile comprises the profile base with a slot in which from at least one side of the slot the longitudinal embedded elements with slits are made oriented perpendicular to the slot. The slits can have a form of an isosceles triangle with its top to the slot, which angle at the top is equal to the maximum permissible bending angle of the profile basis. At the corner at the top an additional hole can be made. The slits in the embedded elements can be complementary to remaining parts of embedded elements, in which holes can be made.EFFECT: enhanced functionality of the mounting profile is provided.5 cl, 2 dwg

Vertical light-protective draperies // 2399360
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light-protective draperies and refers to light-protective draperies of vertical type. Vertical light-protective draperies include curtain track and vertical lamellae fixed to the curtain track with its upper edge. The vertical lamellae are equipped with organic LED panels connected to DC power placed on one of the lamellae surfaces directed to the same side. The draperies have flexible bracing and lamellae control mechanism attached to the lamellae bottom edge and combining lamellae. The flexible bracing combining lamellae with each other are made in the form of flexible electrically insulated front and rear electric wires, and the organic LED panels are electrically connected to the front and rear electric wires through bends, and in parallel are connected to the DC source.EFFECT: invention provides a power-supply circuit from the DC power supply to the organic LED panels placed on separate lamellae freely hanging of vertical light-protective draperies without significant changing the design of draperies.4 dwg

Holder for blinds and various curtains // 2357639
FIELD: individual supplies.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fastening elements for blinds and various curtains and other similar items to cornices or guides. The holder is made from one-piece structural element such as ring. The ring 1 is provided with clamp. The holder ring 1 is made split in its lower part long longitudinal and transverse axes so that the lower part of the ring 1 is divided into two symmetrical plates 2 and 3. Both symmetrical plates have flat surfaces in their cross section, which are directed to each other. The plates 2 and 3 edges in the lower part of the ring 1 are provided with radial beads 4 and 5 directed outwards from the ring 1 edge. The beads 4 and 5 are inclined to each other and form clamping jaws 6 and 7. The clamping jaw 7 has an opening 8, while the clamping jaw 6 is provided with dowel-shaped extension 9 which is located in opening 8 of clamping jaw 7 when the holder is in working position.EFFECT: developed holder is specific by improved and advanced technology implementation as it is implemented as one-piece structural element.3 cl, 3 dwg

Pulley clocking device // 2349462
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the pulley locking device intended primarily for geared engines used in curtains rollers. Device (10) to lock pulley (40) incorporates rotary axle (12) with outer surfaces locking pulley (40). Rotary axle (12) comprises at least one locking element (50) that can move from the first locked position whereat it holds pulley (40) and the second position whereat it releases the pulley. Locking element (50) is jointed with at least one element (60) that is actuated by the user to move the aforesaid at least one locking element (50) from the first position and backward.EFFECT: ease of release of pulley.8 cl, 3 dwg

Window blind // 2346637
FIELD: household goods and personal effects.SUBSTANCE: suggested window blind 100 consists of a series of folding stripes 102. Each stripe can be turned from closed position to open position by means of control mechanism and consists of rigid first transverse area 104 and opposite second transverse area 106, which has edge portion 108 of enhanced stiffness. When closed, the blind has no gaps or minimum number of gaps between the stripes, so that passage of light is almost cut off. Also, fastener 112 and opening element 114 are invisible from the window blind front side. Control mechanism decreases width of stripes by drawing the first and the second transverse sections together. Control mechanism also makes the stripes turn to widen the window blind gap.EFFECT: enhanced operation convenience.35 cl, 14 dwg

Louvers // 2345693
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: closing element for windows has closed and open positions. It contains two guides - upper and lower, and the following components are located between them - multiple panels, regulating element, and also mechanism for incline and element for fastening. Every of panels has the first longitudinal area and the second opposite longitudinal area, moreover, they cover each other to produce bent distal end section that stretches from regulating element. Panels are located with interval between horizontal rows. Every panel is inverted with the possibility of turn in direction of distal end section. Incline mechanism provides for regulation of multiple panels position by lifting and lowering of regulating element independently on element for their fastening.EFFECT: regulation of multiple panels by means of regulating element lifting and lowering.18 cl, 15 dwg

onolithic bracket for double cornice with u-shaped bar and tube element // 2324417
FIELD: mechanic.SUBSTANCE: plastic monolithic bracket for a double cornice has base for fixing the bracket to the wall, T-piece, tube element carrier and U-shaped bar carrier, cast monolithic in the same mould. In the upper part of the base, a hole for fixing the base to the wall is drilled, the T-piece consists of strip attached under the hole, for fixing the base horizontally, symmetrically to its horizontal axis of symmetry, and hollow part transforming, as an irregular curve, into the tube element carrier made as a curl facing upwards, and stiffener fixed along the horizontal axis of symmetry of the base and the axis of symmetry of the strip, at the side of its lower plane. The lower edge of the stiffener has a horizontal pad transformed into the upper part of the U-shaped bar carrier. The lower part of the side wall of the U-shaped bar carrier facing the bracket base is equipped with a trigger-type depressing element designed as an arc-shaped element with an angle stiffener.EFFECT: provides fabricability, decreases weight and prime cost, enhances consumer properties during cornice assembly and use; decreases time required for assembly; expands functionality.3 cl, 4 dwg, 2 ex

Vertical sunshade screen with adjustable length of segments // 2296496
FIELD: light-shading screen type equipment, in particular, vertical segments of adjustable length adapted for sunshade screens.SUBSTANCE: vertical sunshade screen with segments of adjustable length has segments secured on ledge and having weight fixed in their lower parts and equipped at their both sides with eyelets through which eyelets binders are passed for uniting all the screen segments into single part. Each of said segments is additionally equipped with detachable holder made in the form of shaped body consisting of part provided with opening in its upper portion, said part being smoothly continued with hollow cylindrical part, and rod. Rod is made separate so as to be located within hollow part. Cylindrical hollow part is made truncated in its lower end, with width of truncated end being equal to diameter of rod plus 0.5-1.0 mm. Length of segment is adjusted by providing running of segment fabric around rod and locating rod into hollow part through truncated portion.EFFECT: simplified construction, enhanced reliability in operation, reduced production costs, wider operational capabilities, in particular, provision for adjusting length of segments and improvement of appearance.2 cl, 5 dwg

Connection member for curtain guides, curtain guide // 2263454
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: connection member has substantially inverted U-shaped section with strips flanged inside. Flanged strips have lower part defining longitudinal opening defined at both sides by raised bearing edges for resting of curtain slides. Bearing edges are defined by ends of flanged strips. Connection member consists of at least one longitudinal part or comprises at least one longitudinal part, which may be at least partly enclosed between raised bearing edge and outer strip. Guide for curtain comprises indicated connection member. Rib is provided above space between raised bearing edge and outer strip on inner side of guide. Rib extends inward and transverse to at least portion of guide length.EFFECT: obstacle-free displacement of slide above actual point of contacting of sequentially arranged parts of curtain guide to eliminate damage.12 cl, 4 dwg

The way the decorative pelmets // 2198580
The invention relates to decorative and applied arts in the field of textiles and can be used to create interior decorative works

Device for growing plants // 2198500
The invention relates to agriculture and can be used for ornamental food and other crops in residential, offices, greenhouses and outdoors

Container for growing and planting in the ground // 2181537
The invention relates to utilities: tools to gardening and growing plants and their planting in the ground

The decoration zanvelevich window panels (options) // 2174823
The invention relates to decorative and applied arts in the field of textiles and can be used to create interior decorative works to enrich finish zanvelevich window panels, particularly Drapes, curtains, draperies, curtains, and valances in addition, the invention may find application in other areas of art that can be used fabrics, working in the lumen

The connecting device // 2166903
The invention relates to a connecting device for two installed at a distance from each other holders, in particular for hanging curtains, blinds and similar decorations, consisting of an anchor rod, which is in the region of their ends fixed in the corresponding holder

Sunscreen blinds // 2153834
The invention relates to consumer goods, in particular to municipal and administrative management, and can be used to protect homes and offices, coupe, rail cars, cabins of ships against the penetration of direct sunlight

The curtain for a window, the combination drapery and lining and a method of manufacturing a curtain for the window // 2136201
The invention relates to draperies, which includes two panels having inner vertical edges that partially overlap one another and are attached one to another

Device for hanging curtains // 2128939
The invention relates to household items and is designed for hanging curtains, curtains, draperies, valances

Cornice for curtains // 2128938
The invention relates to consumer goods, namely, cornices, in particular used in the bathrooms

Svetoreguljatory window curtain (options), a method of manufacturing svitrigailos window curtain, the device for manufacturing svitrigailos window curtain // 2118505
The invention relates to curtains for Windows and, more particularly, to fabric curtains with movable vanes for controlling the amount of light passing through them

Lamella sunscreen blinds // 2113814
The invention relates to a device sunscreen blinds, especially vertical type with elements of decorations, giving them the appearance of window curtains

A method of manufacturing window curtains with adjustable illumination, the device for manufacturing window curtains with adjustable lighting and window blinds with adjustable illumination // 2103469
The invention relates to light industry and relates to a method and device for the manufacture of window blinds, and window curtains, equipped with movable bridges for controlling the amount of light passing through it

Bracket // 2096015
The invention relates to devices for hanging household items and interior

Cornice // 2095017
The invention relates to furniture, and more particularly to a window cornices

Device for screening // 2073476
The invention relates to equipment public buildings, in particular to a device for screening openings, Windows, etc

Device for moving curtains // 2057568
The invention relates to the satisfaction of human needs, and it is a kind of furniture cornice and is used for curtaining window and door openings

Decorative pendant with ring // 2050822
The invention relates to devices for hanging curtains

Curtain // 2007947
The invention relates to accessories for Windows and doors, in particular for curtains