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H05            Electric techniques not otherwise provided for(16269)

Detection of functioning variable intensity control presence // 2642514
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: detection circuits (1, 2) for detecting the presence of functioning variable intensity controls, made with possibility of luminous intensity adjustment of lamps (14), comprise the first circuits (1) to measure the impedances in the joints (12) designed to transmit possibly regulated feeding signals for the lamps (14). The first circuits (1) provide the first output signals that determine the measured impedances, which contain impedances at frequencies exceeding the power-line frequencies. The detection circuits (1, 2) additionally comprise second circuits (2) for analyzing the first output signals. The second circuits (2) provide the second output signals determining whether functioning variable intensity controls are present. Impedance can be measured several times during the time interval. The change in the measured impedance of specific minimal deviation or more within a time interval may indicate the presence of the functioning variable intensity control. The second circuits (2) may comprise filters (21), averaging circuits (22), threshold circuits (23), comparators (24), and controllers (25).EFFECT: increased reliability of detecting the presence of functioning variable intensity controls designed to adjust the lamp's luminous intensity.15 cl, 8 dwg

ethod and device for lighting control in space inside of room // 2642502
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting control in space method includes the steps of determining the orientation of daylight-blocking element and/or the lighting device 301 and automatically correcting at least one characteristic of the daylight-blocking element and/or the lighting device at least partly based on the determined orientation (305). The method may additionally or alternatively include the steps of determining the likely conditions of daylight at some time in the future and beginning to correct at least one characteristic of the daylight-blocking element and/or the lighting device before a certain moment in the future (202/203). Also, elements of daylight-blocking element and/or lighting devices are proposed.EFFECT: providing the possibility of one or more aspects of lighting control methods.14 cl, 4 dwg

Intelligent electrothermal drive // 2642501
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: intelligent electrothermal drive contains a magnetic core with a power winding, installed on the core, a fixed heating element and rotating element in the form of a short-circuited secondary winding, having the form of a hollow rotor with cooling elements. The coupling of the rotating element and the fixed heating element is done using the thrust radial rolling elements. The power supply of the network winding is carried out with the help of an intelligent control device that takes into account the level of illumination, the presence of movement, temperature, time of day, weather conditions.EFFECT: selective operation of the drive is taken into account, considering the influence of the environment.2 dwg
ethod of local diagnostics of maxwell's plasma by single langmuir probe // 2642493
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: claimed method of local diagnosis of Maxwell's plasma using a single cylindrical Langmuir probe provides an introduction to the gas-discharge space of thin probe holder with a probe at the end in the form of a line of metallic yarn connected via source voltage probe to the metal casing of the gas-discharge device or additional supporting electrode. While steps are being taken to protect the probe circuit from electric pickups and building cleaning surface probe, recording its current-voltage characteristic by changing the probe voltage in both directions from the floating potential and determining the electron energy distribution function, the electron concentration, their temperature, and the plasma potential by processing the probe characteristic by one of the known methods. Then, the ion current density is measured per probe under a floating potential, used later to control the purity of the working gas or the state of the experimental vacuum technique.EFFECT: expansion of the set of measured parameters of the plasma under investigation by determining the thickness of the probe layer and the ion mass in the case when the electron distribution function with respect to the plasma energies is close to the Maxwell function.2 cl, 1 dwg

Led exiter with modulator of lighting controlled signal with compensation of exposure of external temperature // 2642438
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to exiters of light-emitting diodes and, in particular, is aimed at superimposing a signal for adding a property to an existing LED exiter. The device (200) is able to superimpose the overlay signal (digital or analogue) to the control signal (164) of the LED exiter (100), depending on the external control information (256). The control signal (164) is provided for LED exiter (100) at the input (105) of control signal. By superimposing the overlay signal, the device (200) modulates control signal (164) and provides a modulated control signal (164) for the same control signal input (105).EFFECT: expansion of LED exiter functionality.14 cl, 12 dwg
Device for generation of plasma from gas medium by means of electron-cyclotron resonance (ecr) with high range along one axis // 2642424
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device contains at least two coaxial wave guides (4), each of which is formed from the central conductor (1) and the external conductor (2) to direct microwave waves in processing camera. At least two electromagnetic waveguides (4) are connected to the magnetic circuit (21-22), elongated in one direction, while the specified magnetic circuit surrounds waveguides, creating a magnetic field that can reach a State of ECR near these waveguides.EFFECT: increasing the uniformity of plasma directed to the substrate under processing.9 cl, 1 tbl, 9 dwg

Device for evaluating electrization of liquid oil products // 2642257
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a sealed two-stage chamber, in the larger-diameter stage of which there is a generator of electrostatic charges in the form of a vessel with a movable electrode fixed on a fixed metal rod connected to an instrument for measuring electric current. A movable electrode is made in the form of N rotating cascade-shaped hollow cylinders made of foamed nickel. Hollow cylinders are connected to the fixed metal rod by slider bearings under each of which a mercury current collector is installed. The vessel with the movable electrode is made through, with a hole in the bottom and has diametrically arranged branch pipes in the bottom part of this stage for feeding oil product to said vessel. A nozzle for tangential feed and swirling of the oil product is mounted on each branch pipe perpendicularly to it in the horizontal plane. On the outer side of the sealed two-stage chamber above the branch pipes, there is a magnet for the charge concentration on the metal rod. In the lower step of the smaller diameter of said chamber, there is a metal cup with a perforated bottom.EFFECT: increased efficiency and reliability of evaluation by making it possible to integrally evaluate the effect of various materials on charge accumulation and due to approaching test conditions to the actual pumping conditions.2 cl, 2 dwg, 5 tbl

Display device // 2642160
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device includes the following components: a front-side assembly that includes a display and a holder, wherein the display is configured to allow display an image on the display screen, and the holder supports the display on the periphery side and includes an attached projection; and a back-side assembly that includes a rear chassis and an attachment frame. The rear chassis is located on the side opposite the surface with respect to the display screen, and the attachment frame is attached to the surface on the side of the rear chassis display and includes a protrusion for attachment. The front-side assembly is configured in such a way as to adhere butt to the back-side assembly and to slide against the back-side assembly toward the surface of the display screen, allowing the attached protrusion to enter into the recess with the protrusion for attachment to allow the front-side assembly to join the back-side assembly.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the adaptability of the work of assembling the display device.7 cl, 30 dwg

Integral inductivity with extended frequency range // 2641719
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: integral inductivity with extended frequency range comprises the first (1) and the second (2) terminals, a metal inductor film (3) located between the first (1) and the second (2) inductor terminals, the first (4) and the second (5) sections of the metal screen not connected with each other, located under the metal inductor film (3) and not having electrical contact with it, the first (6) and the second (7) broadband amplifiers. Nnoninverting current amplifiers with low input and high output impedances are used as the first (6) and the second (7) broadband amplifiers, wherein the input of the first (6) broadband current amplifier is connected with the first (4) section of the metal screen, and its output is connected with the first (1) inductor terminal, the input of the second (7) broadband current amplifier is connected with the second (5) section of the metal screen, and its output is connected with the second (2) inductor terminal.EFFECT: extension of the operating frequency range of the integral inductivity.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of electrically parallel bussed link of electric lamp of irr type for infrared heaters // 2641713
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: only one set of one bus pair is used, in which holes in phase bus are performed under sleeve with thread E40 and sleeves are fixed in them with internal thread E40, each of which is provided with screw through radial M5 screw hole in the bottom of the sleeve and butterfly screw with possibility of driving it into the sleeve screw hole, completing additional phase bus with cylindrical threaded sleeves with external thread E40 and internal thread E27 with opportunity of driving threaded sleeves inside the sleeve with thread E40 and fixing them with butterfly screw so that the lower ends of both sleeves, turned to the neutral bus, lie in one plane, and neutral bus is made of mechanically nontreated metal, wherein connection of buses with lamps is carried out so that the lamp IRR-500 are screwed into threaded sleeve E40 until it stops with an interference fit in the neutral bus and fixed with the butterfly screw, and lamps IRR-175 or IRR-250 are screwed into the threaded sleeve as far as it stops with an interference fit in the neutral bus and fixed, and threaded sleeve is driven in fixed sleeve with thread E40, while the phase and neutral buses are performed of the same thickness.EFFECT: simplification of manufacture, increase of reliability, increase of connection reliability, reduction of material consumption.5 dwg

Converter // 2641707
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: frequency converter has a housing in which the electrical and electronic components (5, 6, 7, 22) are located, and which is at least partially in the form of a Faraday cage. Inside the housing, at least two cells (4, 9, 15, 29) of Faraday cage are provided.EFFECT: improvement of electromagnetic compatibility.21 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for slow beam output of charged particles // 2641658
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method is carried out by using gradient dipole fields that have a gradient force impulse. By increasing the magnetic field of the gradient dipole, the beam is deflected to the output system and defocused to increase its radial size in the aperture region of the output device. When the magnetic field is increased, a part of the beam particles that enters the aperture of the output deflector is withdrawn from the accelerator, and the remaining part is focused and reintroduced into the equilibrium orbit. The magnitude of the magnetic field increases until all the particles of the beam are removed from the accelerator.EFFECT: reducing the magnetic field distortions around the screen and decreasing the loss of beam particles in the deflector wall.1 dwg

ethod of manufacturing the electric heating panel // 2641640
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: according to the method, an anti-adhesive layer is applied to the matrix, then a protective layer of synthetic resin with a dye, one layer of fiberglass reinforcing fiber, a sheet resistive heating element is laid, a binder mixture is applied to the heating element, a heat-insulating layer is laid, etc. and at the end the product is covered with a polyethylene film, is rolled up by rollers, is compressed and dried.EFFECT: increasing the strength and securely securing the heater.1 dwg
ethod of powered semiconductor devices welding // 2641601
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the hole of multiple cassette a supporting glass bushing is previously inserted and connectable assembly components of semiconductor device made in the form of semiconductor crystals, heat sinks and outputs, are uploaded. Place soldered gaskets are placed between them and the resulting assembly is welded in a furnace with a reducing or inert medium by heating to a temperature above the melting point of the solder. The internal diameter of the glass bushing corresponds to the dimensions of loaded parts of semiconductor device assembly.EFFECT: method allows to increase the degree of alignment of the elements of semiconductor devices assemblies and to prevent mechanical damage to assembly crystals when they are unloaded from the cassette after welding.5 dwg, 1 tbl

Room for cooling server // 2641474
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: number of exemplary embodiments of the present invention seal the cooling rows with a housing and draw cold air from the cooling row seal design using server fans to cool servers installed in the server racks. In other specific embodiments of the present invention, the disclosed devices can be used to mix external cold air in a sealing construction of cooling rows for cooling servers. In a number of exemplary embodiments, the present invention contemplates the use of a raised floor construction for cooling servers.EFFECT: improving the cooling efficiency of data centers.20 cl, 5 dwg

Hybrid vehicle // 2641405
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hybrid vehicle comprises an internal combustion engine, a motor, a transmission, a high-voltage battery supplying energy to the motor through the inverter. There is also a cooling mechanism with a pump circulating the cooling liquid, thereby cooling the inverter, a cooling liquid temperature measuring device and a low-voltage battery supplying energy to the pump. Under starting conditions with a high cooling liquid temperature, when the vehicle is switched on by means of the driver's key, the pump is started before energy is supplied from the high-voltage battery to the inverter.EFFECT: improved cooling of the inverter.15 cl, 11 dwg

Electronic modules with liquid cooling and methods of their replacement // 2640819
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: electronic liquid-cooled device includes a compartment configured to house an electronic module therein. The compartment contains a stationary cooling charge located on the inside of the compartment with the liquid cooling system configured to remove heat from the stationary cooling charge and a plurality of electrical connectors for the connection with the electronic module. The electronic module includes a mobile cooling charge configured to interface with the stationary cooling charge when a plurality of electrical connectors is connected to the electronic device module. The heat generated by the electronic module is removed by means of a moving cooling charge and the stationary cooling charge.EFFECT: creation of an electronic module with liquid cooling for an electronic device that can be replaced without disturbing the hydraulic cooling connections.20 cl, 11 dwg

ethods and device for compensation of removing leds from led matrix // 2640818
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: compensating unit may be connected to the free grid segments of the grid which are created by excision and the compensating unit may be configured to vary the current supplied to the remaining LEDs from the LED grid. In some embodiments, compensating unit is provided which is and/or can be configured to reduce the current applied to one or more LEDs from the LED-based lighting device.EFFECT: ensuring compensation of electrical changes resulting from cutting out a grid portion of a plurality of LEDs.15 cl, 13 dwg

ultifunction electrical convector with climate control // 2640797
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electric convector with electronic control contains a housing with an inside heating element and a control unit having an actuator and an electronic board with a control element mounted on it and electrically connected to the temperature sensor. The actuating element is based on a triac providing a smooth control of the power of the heating element by changing the number of total periods of the mains voltage applied to the heating element, depending on the difference between the user-set and the current ambient temperature. The connection of the triac with the control element is made using an optoelectronic connection, which excludes a direct electrical connection between the control element and the actuating element.EFFECT: reducing the amount of electricity consumed, preventing the occurrence of interference in the power grid, increasing the reliability of operation of the entire electric convector control unit.10 cl, 2 dwg

Inductor for induction heating // 2640794
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: inductor (1) for induction heating by current-carrying conductors (2a... f, 4a... f) contains sections of the multicore wire (20, 22, 24, 26) connected through the capacitors (4, 6, 8), thereby preventing a partial discharge on places of conductor interruptions (2a... f, 4a... f).EFFECT: invention prevents the possibility of occurrence of partial discharges at the places of interruption of current-carrying conductors of the inductor, which can lead to destruction of the inductor.24 cl, 1 dwg

Lighting device with polymer containing luminescent fragments // 2640780
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a lighting device including a light source for generating light source radiation and a light converter. The converter includes a matrix of the first polymer. The matrix includes discrete zones that contain the second polymer with luminescent functionality, representing a polyarylene ester containing luminescent fragments. The first polymer is chemically different from the polyarylene ester. The discrete zones occupy a volume in the range of 0.5-50% of the volume of the converter. A converter for converting light into luminescence and a method for obtaining said converter are also described.EFFECT: increase in the stability of luminophore and increase in the life of the converter.12 cl, 6 dwg, 1 ex

Led lamp with brightness adjustment, initiated by demand for power // 2640576
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lamp with brightness adjustment from the power demand side, operating on the DC power supply, which feeds the lighting subsystem. The dimmer unit selects the power consumption level of the lighting system. This choice alters the efficiency of the lighting subsystem in such a way that a reduction in power consumption actually leads to an increase in efficiency. The choice can be, for example, in the choice of a particular passive scheme, including the LEDs, inside the lighting subsystem.EFFECT: each passive scheme can have different volt-ampere characteristics, which leads to different L-P-characteristics, due to which there is improved efficiency at lower powers.16 cl, 5 dwg

Integrated electronic module with cooling structure // 2640574
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: conducting layer is located on the cooling surface of the substrate. The cooling surface and the mounting surface are on opposite sides of the substrate. The cooling structure due to the non-magnetic material fluid and the conduit with the fluid are set in thermal contact with the heat-conducting layer.EFFECT: provision of an integrated electronic module that is compatible with the magnetic resonance environment and that can be made of simple components is achieved by the fact that the integral electronic module contains a substrate with electronic components mounted on the mounting surface of the substrate.4 cl, 1 dwg

ethods using remote arc discharge plasma // 2640505
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the system, a coating application unit is located inside a vacuum chamber. The coating application unit includes a vapour source providing the material applied on a substrate, a substrate holder holding the substrate to be coated, so that they are located in front of the vapour source, the cathode chamber unit and the remote anode. The cathode chamber unit includes a cathode, an optional primary anode and a screen that isolates cathode from the vacuum chamber. The specified screen has holes for passing the electron emission current from the cathode to the vacuum chamber. The vapour source is located between the cathode and the remote anode, and the remote anode is connected to the cathode. The system includes the primary power source connected between the cathode and the primary anode, and the secondary power source connected between the cathode chamber unit and the remote anode. The method includes generation of the primary arc in the electron-emitting cathode source between the cathode target and the primary anode, generation of the remote arc held in the coating application zone between the cathode chamber unit and the anode, connected to the cathode target, and generation of metal vapour flow from the source of the metal vapours toward at least one substrate, intended for coating.EFFECT: resulting coatings have improved adhesion, smoothness, hyperfine microstructure, high density, low defect concentration and porosity and high functional characteristics.36 cl, 29 dwg

Industrial equipment working on principle "roll-to-roll" for implementation of mutually agreed continuous and discontinuous stages of treatment // 2640502
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: first drive unit is designed to move the strip base in the feeding direction (X). The strip base moves through at least two treatment zones (110, 120, 130) in such a way that different areas of the strip base can be processed simultaneously. At least two treatment zones include the first treatment zone (110, 120) for the discontinuous process and the second treatment zone for the continuous process using a solder reflow processing plant. The soldering plant (130) contains at least one heat source (W) and the second drive unit to move this heat source relative to the first treatment zone along the strip base. The second drive unit is made with the possibility of moving the heat source (W) relative to the first treatment zone (110, 120) along the strip base (101) in the direction opposite to the feed (X) of the strip material (101), even if the first drive unit remains stationary.EFFECT: process improvement.15 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and device of defrosting biomaterial // 2640427
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: system includes a heating device, configured to transfer energy to a vessel, and a base, movably connected with the heating device. The system also includes a processor, configured to receive input data, associated with the target temperature, and to transfer a signal to control the movement of the heating device relative to the base for a period of time. The time period is determined on the grounds of the target temperature and fill volume, encoded in a special tag, located on the vessel. Besides the system comprises of a device, maintaining the target temperature for the whole period of using the biomaterial.EFFECT: reduction of amount of intermediate operations.24 cl, 8 dwg

Target for generating neutrons // 2640396
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: target includes a substrate coated with a palladium layer and a lithium layer such that the surface of the lithium layer is irradiated with charged particles to generate neutrons. In addition, the target contains a barrier layer made of metal, which does not form an eutectic alloy with either palladium or lithium located between the palladium layer and the lithium layer. As components of the barrier layer of metals, copper, iron, nickel, cobalt, titanium, and zirconium are preferred.EFFECT: preservation of technical characteristics of the target during long-term operation, prevention of separation of the lithium layer.2 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of increasing efficiency of plasma-hydrogen radiator operation // 2640193
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: plasma formed from the explosive gas is accelerated by the electromagnetic field, which is the sum of the electric and magnetic fields. In order to ignite the explosive gas, the electric field strength of the discharge chamber exceeds the voltage of breakdown and explosive gas, supplied from the mixing chamber into the discharging one, and the magnetic field, accelerating the formed plasma, is the sum of several magnetic fields that are created by a magnetic core, its winding wire and two parallel-connected inductances. The pair of inductances is series- and electrically connected with the secondary winding and transformer feedback winding, these windings are in the shape of a hollow spiral, in which cooling water is pumped. Hot output water from the windings is fed to the inlet of the water decomposition device, at the outlet of which the formed explosive gas enters the discharge chamber.EFFECT: increase of the radiating power of the plasma flow.2 cl, 3 dwg

Controller design and connection unit // 2640161
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: controller design of the electromotor includes a base that performs the function of the ground on which the motor phase control units are installed. Each control unit contains a ground bus, a phase bus, a positive bus and a series of electronic current control elements located between the buses and being collapsed into a single package along with the said buses. The buses are installed in parallel on the base. The phase bus and the positive bus are mounted on the housing through non-conductive elements. A printed-wiring board of the control circuit of the electronic control elements, as well as switching connections between electronic control elements and areas of pressing of buses to a board is installed on the buses. The positive buses of the control units are connected to the positive input of the power supply by means of a busbar, pressed to the end of the positive buses and consisting of plates. The design of the connection unit of electrical buses includes a series of flat buses interconnected by means of a busbar pressed to the end of each of the flat buses by pressing devices.EFFECT: increase the reliability of the electromotor controller at high switching currents.14 cl, 8 dwg

ultilevel converter // 2640038
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: multilevel converter (5) comprises at least two serially connected submodules (SM), wherein each submodule (SM) has at least two switches, respectively (10, 20, 30, 40, 210, 220, 410, 420), and a capacitor (C), as well as two current-carrying external terminals (A1, A2) of the module. According to the invention, it is provided that at least one submodule has at least one external heat sink (60, 80, 300, 400) which serves as a current-carrying external terminal (A1, A2) of the module.EFFECT: reduction of vibrations in a multilevel converter.13 cl, 11 dwg

Clamping device for electrode // 2639900
FIELD: metallurgical engineering.SUBSTANCE: device includes at least one power generating means configured to apply radial force to the electrode and a flexible peripheral tension element configured to receive a reactive force directed from the electrode and distributing it around the periphery of the electrode. The power generating means includes a dislocating means in the form of a spring, the first end of the spring being attached to the electrode while the second end is disposed radially outwardly relative to its first end, and the end areas of said flexible peripheral element are biased in the angular direction relative to the longitudinal axis of said dislocating means.EFFECT: reducing the size and weight of the spring due to the optimal distribution of forces, using the device for heavier solid electrodes requiring less expansion, without an external support frame to counteract the forces applied by the springs.18 cl, 4 dwg

Display installation system for reducing head injury criterion // 2639844
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: on the structure in front of the passenger sitting on the seat, there is a display intended for viewing by the passenger. Herewith in the structure, a notch and an area surrounding the notch are made. The display contains an electronic visual playback device, a housing into which the electronic visual playback device is inserted. The fastener includes a constructive jumper containing the area of the reduced fastener thickness, made with possibility of deformation under the action of forces arising as a result of the passenger's head impact on the electronic visual playback device in the event of an accident. By extending the portion of the reduced thickness, the housing is moved with the electronic visual playback device positioned therein relative to the notch.EFFECT: increasing the passenger's safety, reducing the risk of injury to the passengers' head.20 cl, 8 dwg

Device for irradiating samples of materials by electrons // 2639767
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: claimed device consists of a sealed chamber, which is a cylindrical body with branch pipes, divided by an insulator into two parts, inside which there is a sample holder connected to cooling means, thermocouples connected to a vacuum current lead located on the end cover of the chamber. At the entrance of the chamber, a diaphragm is mounted to accurately feed electrons to the sample.EFFECT: irradiating samples of materials by a stream of electrons from an external source.4 cl, 1 dwg
Printed circuit board with internal mounting of elements and method of its manufacture // 2639720
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: design of the printed circuit board (PCB) includes a single or multi-layered base and a tracking set (TS) made of glass-textolite foil and prepreg. The height of the TS layers exceeds the height of the largest frameless ERI not less than 0.2 mm. In multi-layer printed circuit boards (MPP), there are one or several cavities, within which frameless electro-radio products (ERP) are installed and sealed on the topology with a non-shrinkable compound, which are mated with metallized holes with encapsulated ERP on the back of the base and the top layer of the TS. When manufacturing the PP in the TS, technological windows are created. When assembling the MPP, first the layers of the base and then the layers of the TS are laid out, followed by pressing, after which metallized holes are created. Framed ERPs are installed on one or both sides of the MPP after the complete curing of the non-shrinkable compound.EFFECT: creating the design of a printed circuit board with built-in active and passive frameless electro-radio products that are not exposed to high temperatures and pressure, allowing the installation of electro-radio products with a height of hundreds of microns and, consequently, increased capacity and power.2 cl, 2 dwg

Halogen modification of lighting device based on led (light-emitting diodes) using electronic transformer and controller // 2639322
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: control circuits (1) lead the power converters (4) to different modes in response to the detection results. Power converters (4) exchange possible straightened first current/voltage signals with electronic halogen transformers (2) and the second current/voltage signals on the circuit of light-emitting diodes (5). The first current signals have different amplitudes for different modes. Different amplitudes have different constant values and/or different values of the derivatives. As a result, the first current signal becomes a relatively volatile first current signal. Then the halogen transformers (2) will no longer experience the problems that arise when it is necessary to provide smaller amounts of power than designed. The detection may comprise detecting polarity and/or detecting transitions through zero in the first voltage signals. Halogen transformers (2) contain power supplies with self-oscillating switchable mode, designed to provide the first quantities of power at their outputs. The circuits of the light-emitting diodes (5) are designed to consume second power amounts less than the first quantities.EFFECT: improve the operation of the device.19 cl, 12 dwg

Packaging of load tires and method of its manufacture // 2639315
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing the matrix packaging (4) of the load tires includes placing a plurality of load conductors (2) in the heat conducting substrate (6), placing a load connector portion (14) in the heat conducting substrate, and electrically connecting the load conductors to the load connector portion in the heat conducting substrate.EFFECT: simplified installation.15 cl, 6 dwg

ethod and device for network nodes commissioning // 2639300
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: method is implemented as follows: (S10) at least one indication message including identification information of the second network node (30b) is received in the first network node (30a); (S20) parameter information indicating a parameter read by at least one parameter sensor associated with the first node (30a) is received at the first node (30a); (S30) time correlation of at least one indication message and parameter information is determined; and (S40) if the correlation is determined, the correlation information about the second node (30b) is added to the registration table of the first node (30a).EFFECT: provision of a method and apparatus for network nodes commissioning that enable reliable identification of a registration table, preferably a neighbouring network table.15 cl, 4 dwg

Electroluminescent devices and their manufacture // 2639294
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: in the method for manufacture of a conformal electroluminescent system, an electrically conductive base film layer of the mounting panel (16) is applied to a substrate (12). The dielectric film layer (18) is applied to the film layer of the mounting panel (16), then the phosphor film layer (20) is applied to the dielectric film layer (18). A phosphorescent electrically conductive film layer of the electrode (22) is applied to the phosphor film layer (20). A conductor bar (24) may be applied to the film layer of the electrode (22). Preferably, water-based solutions are applied to the film layers of the mounting panel (16), the dielectric (18), the phosphor (20), the electrode (22) and the current bus (24), which are applied by conformal coatings spraying.EFFECT: creation of luminaires of complex configuration that can not be delaminated under mechanical, thermal and long-term ultraviolet action, technological for placement on surfaces with complex topology.15 cl, 13 dwg

Plasmatron, radiator and method of radiator manufacture // 2639140
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention can be applied for plasma-electromagnetic influence on various kinds of material medium located both at close and considerable distances from the radiator. Plasmatron includes coaxially located condenser plates between which the emitter and at least a couple of tubes made of porous permeable ceramic (faience) composition for oxygen and hydrogen supply are located and which are isolated with dielectric refractory composition. Oxygen and hydrogen are supplied into the mixing chamber through the tubes, after which a breakdown of the mixture takes place in the discharge chamber to form a water plasma, which, further is accelerated by the electromagnetic field of the radiator, is linearly radiated into space.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of the device.3 cl, 2 dwg

Circuit device and led lamp, containing this circuit device // 2638958
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: circuit device comprises the sequentially arranged input device (6), four-pole power generation circuit (7), and lamp driver unit (8). The power generation circuit (7) comprises at least the voltage divider (13) and the damping circuit (14). Whereas the voltage divider circuit (13) allows the AC current to flow to set the total current, selected during the operation from the power source to the predetermined minimum load current, the damping circuit (14) serves to attenuate the high frequency oscillations in the mentioned operating voltage. To improve the compatibility of the dimmer and to provide the economically efficient circuit unit at the same time, the first and the second feedback circuits (18, 25) are implemented to control the voltage divider circuit (13) and the lamp driver unit (8) in accordance with dual control.EFFECT: possibility to provide the power to at least one low-power lighting device with the operating voltage with the phase cut-off so, that the mentioned lighting device can operate with different types of power sources, while maintaining the high quality of the output light.15 cl, 6 dwg
Gas-discharge device for processing heat-sensitive surfaces // 2638797
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: gas-discharge device for processing heat-sensitive surfaces contains a discharge chamber (1) made of a dielectric material, a gas feed and control system (2), an axial electrode (3), which is threaded through the insulating tube (4) and is installed inside the discharge chamber (1) with the sealed holder (5), a grounded annular electrode (6) mounted on the cylindrical dielectric sleeve (7), which is inserted into the discharge chamber (1). When the AC voltage source (8) is connected through a current limiting resistor (9) and feedback resistor (10) to the discharge interval between the axial (3) and grounded circuit (6) electrodes, as well as connected to the modulator output voltage (11).EFFECT: invention provides an efficient treatment of heat-sensitive surfaces by improving the stability of the discharge parameters, and a significant cost reduction due to the simplified construction of the device.4 cl, 3 dwg, 2 ex

ethod for heat energy generation // 2638646
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: in the proposed method an anode and cathode are placed in a tank with a narrow channel of plasma within 2.5-3 cm, the tank is filled with distilled water, in which sodium chloride salt within 3-3.5% and 0.5-1% of lithium chloride salt are added, through which alternating current is passed. Water is mixed with a finely dispersed sodium chloride salt and lithium chloride salt. Use of an alternating current, but not a constant one, is provided. The salt content in water (3.5-4.5%) corresponds approximately to the composition of salt in the water of the world ocean with a specific heat capacity of C 3.9 kJ/kg⋅deg.EFFECT: increased power efficiency due to the narrow plasma channel and the possibility of obtaining up to seven pulses of plasma per second, increased durability of aluminium electrodes.1 dwg,1 ex

ethod for sterilisation using gas-discharge plasma of atmospheric pressure and device for its implementation // 2638569
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method includes creation of a jet of cold gas-discharge plasma of atmospheric pressure. To create an endurable plasma jet, a system of electrodes is used from the point cathode and a cylindrical anode where the cylindrical anode coaxially surrounds the point cathode. The discharge is initiated by feeding a constant voltage of 10-20 kV between the electrodes. The argon flow is introduced along the point cathode at a flow rate of 1-10 l/min. Steady combustion of low-current high-voltage spark discharge is achieved by a ballast resistance of 10-63 MOhm. The gas discharge device comprises a point cathode, a cylindrical anode, a gas supply system, an electric power source and a sterilizable (disinfected) object. The point cathode has a tip curvature radius of 30 mcm and is mounted on the isolator axis, the cylindrical anode coaxially covering the point cathode is installed on the isolator periphery, the insusolator has longitudinal holes for argon discharge to the spark gap, plasma jet nozzle is represented by the open end cut of the cylindrical anode.EFFECT: device simplification with simultaneous increase of its operational stability and provision of more equitable and effective disinfectant effects of low-temperature plasma on wound surfaces of the biological tissue across a large surface reducing the device dimensions to make its portable use in field or other extreme conditions convenient.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethods and apparatus for configuring control devices // 2638156
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: methods and apparatus for configuring a physical control panel (120). In some embodiments, at least, one property (128) of the physical control panel (120) is detected on the mobile device (150); a plurality of events (122, 124, 126) that can be generated by the physical control panel (120) are identified; one or more control actions (154) are associated with one or more of the identified events on the mobile device (150); and the said associations are transmitted (159) to the controller (130).EFFECT: device improvement.18 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and plant for obtaining electroconductive scheme on surface // 2638024
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electroconductive solids are transferred to a region of a predetermined shape on the surface of the substrate. The electroconductive solids are heated to a temperature higher than the characteristic melting point of the electrically conductive solids, to form a melt. The melt is pressed against the substrate in the gap. The surface temperature of that portion of the gap that contacts the melt is below the characteristic melting point.EFFECT: proposal of a method of producing conductive circuits characterized by good adhesion, high peel strength, high conductivity continuity on the substrate.19 cl, 12 dwg

Fire-resistant light-transparent heated structure // 2637986
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: in fire-resistant light-transparent structure, containing glasses, installed and anchored at a certain distance from each other, and at least one extreme glass is tempered and has a chamfer, made at its edges along the perimeter of the tempered glass. Light-transparent heat-reflecting nanocoating, applied to its inner surface, is conductive and heated due to the fact that at least two low-resistance conductor paths, connected by power cables with the power supply, are formed on the surface of the nanocoating at opposite edges of the tempered glass.EFFECT: creation of a fire-resistant light-transparent heated structure with its expanded functionality due to the provision of an additional function of its heating.10 cl, 4 dwg

Diagram of flyback quick start driver and method of excitation // 2637775
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: diagram of a flyback quick start driver includes a voltage input device, a transformer comprising a primary winding, a secondary winding, and an auxiliary winding, an excitation control device for the primary winding of the transformer, a load device, and a control device with feedback. The load device performs the charging process based on the DC current from the voltage input device to allow the output voltage to be brought to the starting value that is applied to the excitation device. The excitation device outputs a control signal for excitating the primary winding. Thus, voltage is generated on the auxiliary winding. The control device with feedback receives voltage of the auxiliary winding and determines, whether to stop charging the load device or not based on voltage of the auxiliary winding.EFFECT: acceleration of excitation and reduction of energy consumption.20 cl, 3 dwg
Circuit of flyback switched mode power supply and lighting driver in which it is used // 2637773
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: circuit of flyback switched mode power supply and lighting driver in which it is used comprise: a transformer with primary winding, secondary winding and auxiliary winding situated on one side with the primary winding; an output rectifier connected to the output circuit terminal of the flyback switched mode power supply from the secondary winding of the transformer; a switching transistor designed to control voltage on the primary winding; a controller designed to send PWM signal for excitation of the switching transistor gate; a delay fixation chain designed to fix the gate potential of the switching transistor at low potential, so that the switching transistor is actuated at a wave trough of drain potential damped oscillations. MOS-transistor can be actuated at a wave trough of drain potential damped oscillations, and the loss of the switching capacity of the MOS-transistor can be reduced by locating the delay fixation chain in the circuit of flyback switched mode power supply and adding auxiliary winding in the transformer.EFFECT: reduced switching capacity losses of MOS-transistors.18 cl, 3 dwg

Device for electric heating of bath for deactivation // 2637490
FIELD: energetics.SUBSTANCE: electric heating of the bath for deactivation of the vertical version contains a heater from a wire with a high electrical resistivity with current leads and couplings and thermal insulation units located on the outer surface of the bath for deactivation. The device consists of three thermal insulation units, made in the form of coaxial metal screens, which are installed with an air gap from the heater. The heater with current leads is made in hermetic design. Each thermal insulation unit is supplemented with a coaxial metal protective cover. The air gap between the thermal insulation unit and the protective cover in the upper part is covered by a cover with a visor. A sealed coupling is installed on the solid cover of the upper protective casing. Through-holes are made in the upper and lower parts of the side surface of the protective cover.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase reliability, to reduce the material consumption of the device and to simplify the installation and repair of the device.1 dwg

Led-module system with led-module // 2637308
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED-module system with a LED-module (1, 2, 3) with at least one built-in LED-unit (5, 6, 7), which is connected to at least one built-in light regulator (9, 10, 11) which is configured to be controlled by a built-in control device (17), depending on the signals (D) of the built-in sensor (20) of twilight and signals (N1) of the built-in switching input (18), wherein the external on/off switch or a movement sensor (22) is connected to the switching input (18). The LED-module (1, 2, 3) is configured to operate in at least three different modes, namely: "off mode", "touch mode" and "lighting mode". The "lighting mode" can be activated with maximum brightness by means of the external on/off switch signal (N1) or the movement sensor (22), wherein the "touch mode" can be automatically activated with a brightness decreasing in a predetermined manner by the twilight sensor (20) signal (D).EFFECT: providing the user with the possibility to individually customize the blending of colours.4 dwg