Lighting (F21)

F21            Lighting(2180)
Illuminated panel for escalator, moving sidewalk or lift // 2642464
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: panel (20) illuminated by at least one lighting device has a structure comprising a plurality of layers (61, 62, 63, 64, 65). The side surfaces (61A, 61B, 62A, 62B, 63A, 63B, 64A, 64B, 65A, 65B) of each layer (61, 62, 63, 64, 65) are limited in their planar extension by the section (61C, 62C, 63C, 64C, 65C) of the edge. The layers (61, 62, 63, 64, 65) of the structure are adjacent to each other by their side surfaces (61A, 62A, 62B, 63A, 63B, 64A, 64B, 65B). The first layer (61) is a reflective coating (61), the second layer (62) is a transparent plate (62) made of polymer material, with the possibility of illumination along the edges containing light-scattering particles, the third layer (63) is the first glass plate (63), the fourth layer (64) is a transparent polymer layer (64), and the fifth layer (65) is the second glass plate (65).EFFECT: increased uniformity of lighting.29 cl, 5 dwg

Artificial lighting system for imitation of natural lighting // 2642138
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: proposed lighting system for illuminating the environment using lighting which imitates natural lighting comprises: the first light source which emits a visible light beam; a scattered light generator, bounded by an inner surface which receives a light beam, and by an outer surface. The scattered light generator is at least partially transparent to the light beam. The scattered light generator permits transmission of at least part of the light beam and emits the visible scattered light through the outer surface, wherein the correlated colour temperature of the transmitted light is lower that the correlated colour temperature of the visible scattered light. The lighting system also includes a dark structure which is optically coupled to the medium by the scattered light generator and provides a substantially uniform background to the first light source.EFFECT: creating uniform lighting without glare.42 cl, 15 dwg

Lighting device containing advanced heat transfer structure element // 2642116
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device comprises at least one light emitting element configured to allow light to be emitted, a housing having an elongated hollow base portion and a light emission portion, wherein the elongated hollow core portion has a polygonal cross section, and the heat transfer structure element, formed from a folded sheet of a heat conducting material inserted into the housing and fixed inside the housing, while the heat transfer structure element includes the first section on which the light emitting element is located and which is configured to receive heat released from the given at least one light emitting element in the light emission, and the second section having an outer surface which, after fixing inside the housing, assumes a shape providing its adherence to the inner surface of the elongated hollow base housing portion, so that heat transfer of released heat to the housing is ensured.EFFECT: improved heat transfer regulation.14 cl, 4 dwg

Sunlight imitator (versions) // 2642005
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting sources and, in particular, can be used to illuminate residential, medical and educational premises and, in particular, in said facilities in the northern regions of the globe, where daylight is absent for six months. Virtual solar light flux is formed from a light source located in a room with one window, placed in the focus of a parabolic mirror reflector suspended or installed at a height above the window. Light source further comprises a series-connected motor and a reducer, the output shaft of which is connected to a vertical rod, located near the front in the direction of motion of the mirror plate of the side of the frame, in front of each light source there is a frame which is rectangular or curved towards the light source, upper and lower sides of which are made with channels, in which a movable perforated mirror plate is installed, the openings of which are covered with rippled paper petals in the form of leaves. There is an end microswitch connected to the input switch of the power source, which supplies the motor and the light source. For a room with two windows separated by a corner, east and south orientation, the simulator further comprises a second light source, which together with the first source is suspended or installed in parabolic mirror reflectors.EFFECT: designing a light source, close in its properties to real sunlight, creating a joyful mood, increased efficiency.2 cl, 4 dwg

Led lamp with thermosyphon cooling and lighter on its basis // 2641894
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to high-power LED/LED/lamps and lighting fixtures based on them, having a high degree of environmental protection and local cooling of the lamp's LED module. The LED bulb contains a hollow volumetric LED module with a thermosyphon installed in thermal contact with the walls of the cavity with an extended tubular sheath with zones of evaporation and/or boiling, transportation, cooling and condensation of the heat transfer fluid vapour curved at an acute angle from 6 to 90° parts of said shell, surrounding the zone of cooling and condensation of the heat carrier vapour, with the radiator. At the same time, the LED module is provided with a supporting flange with mounting elements on the object on which a flat annular hinge is assembled, movably connecting the shell of the thermosyphon with this flange with the possibility of azimuthal rotation of its curved part with the cooling zone and condensation of the heat carrier vapour for gravitational orientation of the thermosiphon in space, providing transportation of condensate by gravity to the evaporation zone during operation of the lamp. The ring hinge of the lamp is made in the form of a union nut that surrounds the tubular shell of the thermosyphon and is screwed onto the annular flange of the flange of the LED module through an intermediate ring seal with locking and fixing the angular position of the thermosyphon in the lamp module; in space. The illuminator on the basis of this lamp provides for the implementation of the housing with sockets with openings outwards, paired with fixed support flanges of the LED modules, in the cavities of which there are thermosyphons with a curved shell on the outside and with a cooling coil for the condensation zone of the heat carrier vapour, space and fixing the position with the union nut of the hinge.EFFECT: minimizes the size of the lamp and illuminator and improves performance due to the possibility of an arbitrary orientation of the thermosiphon, cooling the LED lamp module and the illuminator in space, when the lamp is operated in hermetically sealed and protected devices, and providing efficient heat removal to the surrounding area.10 cl, 3 dwg
Solar radiation simulator // 2641514
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: simulator contains an arc light source around which the same channels are evenly set, each of which contains a condenser with an aperture diaphragm, a mirror set at an angle to the optical axis, a field diaphragm, and a collimating lens. The axis of the arc light source is located parallel to the optical axis of the collimating lens. The following relations are performed: Dc≤Dm.m.-Dcon.m.; Δycon.max.≥df.d., where Dc - the diameter of the collimating lens; Dm.m., Dcon.m. - the diameters of the main and secondary mirrors of the test mirror-lens objective; Nch - the number of channels in the simulator; Δycon.max - the value of the transverse spherical aberration of the condenser at the maximum value of the aperture diaphragm; df.d. - the diameter of the field diaphragm.EFFECT: reduction of the diameter of the collimating lens while maintaining a uniform brightness distribution over the field of the test lens, the possibility of measuring large-sized mirror-lens objectives.4 dwg, 1 tbl

Lighting system // 2641321
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting system has a recessed panel (light source or window) and a side wall or a set of sidewalls around the recess. At least one of the side walls has a lighting device for controlling the colour of the illumination and/or the shape from which light emanates from the side wall or side walls.EFFECT: ability to use in order to imitate the sharp boundaries of illumination on the side walls in sunlight through a skylight or create general lighting around the window.13 cl, 9 dwg

System of exposing goods // 2641247
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a detector (5) configured to detect the presence of a person (8) in the immediate vicinity of the exposure area (2) configured to receive a part of goods (3), a temperature control device (4) configured to control the temperature in the immediate proximity to the exposure area, and a controller (6) configured to detect, control the temperature control device, wherein the arrangement is contained in the exposure system of goods.EFFECT: providing a temperature difference to contribute to how a person perceives a part of goods.14 cl, 2 dwg

Light panel with end emission input // 2640986
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light panel with an end emission input is proposed, comprising: a light guide having an end, light sources placed near the mentioned end so that in the switched-on state at least a part of the light flux enters the mentioned end, a body having a front portion, a side portion connected to the edge of the front portion and a rear portion connected to the edge of the side portion, a light emission scattering means, a reflector located behind the light guide, a compensator configured to equalize the light flux produced by the rays emanating from the mentioned light guide over the entire area of the mentioned light guide, is characterized in that the mentioned body is made of a substantially transparent material. The mentioned front, side and rear portions of the body are made by bending from a single workpiece.EFFECT: manufacturing technology of the panel is simplified and its thickness is reduced by replacing the hollow moulding with a casing made from a single part by means of bending.30 cl, 8 dwg

Lifting device for highly installed equipment // 2640942
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: lifting device is described that includes a main body disposed at a predetermined height and comprising a hollow drum, around which the cable is wound, and a drive motor arranged to exert a rotational force on the drum, a movable body suspended from the cable and comprising a unit for a connection unit disposed at a lower portion of the main body and comprising a containment structure with an open lower part for connection to the movable body, and a latch mounted in the receiving structure to fix the movable body. The device also comprises an upper contact portion and a lower contact portion disposed respectively in the main body and the movable body so as to contact each other when the movable body is raised and connected to the main body as a result of winding the cable. The drum is disposed so as to be disposed downwardly in the main body, the cable being unwound from the drum passing through the drum cavity and being connected to the movable body, and when connecting the main body to the movable body, the upper contact portion and the lower contact portion are contacted with each other in the drum cavity.EFFECT: elimination of equipment fluctuations.12 cl, 10 dwg

Lighting device with polymer containing luminescent fragments // 2640780
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a lighting device including a light source for generating light source radiation and a light converter. The converter includes a matrix of the first polymer. The matrix includes discrete zones that contain the second polymer with luminescent functionality, representing a polyarylene ester containing luminescent fragments. The first polymer is chemically different from the polyarylene ester. The discrete zones occupy a volume in the range of 0.5-50% of the volume of the converter. A converter for converting light into luminescence and a method for obtaining said converter are also described.EFFECT: increase in the stability of luminophore and increase in the life of the converter.12 cl, 6 dwg, 1 ex

Acoustic panel with lighting properties // 2640060
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: acoustic panel comprises one or more long cavities. Each cavity has a first cavity wall, a second cavity wall and a cavity opening between the first cavity wall and the second cavity wall, and the rear end of the cavity. One or more elongated cavity accommodates at the rear end of the cavity a light source having a light emitting surface. The light source is configured to emit a light source that can be emitted from the cavity opening. The first wall of the cavity or the second cavity wall hides the giving off light surface of light source at a time when acoustic panel there is normal to acoustic panel. The acoustic panel also contains sound-attenuating material. The acoustic panel additionally comprises a support frame that holds light sources at the rear end of the cavity. For one or more of the extended cavities, it is provided that the first wall of the cavity and the second wall of the cavity converge on the cone towards the rear end of the cavity and set the angle (γ) of the cavity opening having a value in the range 0°<γ<90°.EFFECT: invention allows to improve illumination and soundproofing of office premises.14 cl, 20 dwg

Lighting device with circular distribution of light // 2639980
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: device (2) comprises a light source (210) having a main direct radiation direction (20) and a bulb (220) in which a light source (210) is located. Bulb (220) contains the upper land (225) scattering properties, and is placed to reflect light from a source (210) light and the main direct (20) radiation and to miss part of the light from a source (210) light.EFFECT: distribution of the light intensity of the lighting device is more uniform, since the intensity of light in the opposite and lateral directions increases, while the light in the main forward direction of the radiation also passes.10 cl, 22 dwg

Led lighting device and led linear lighting system // 2639890
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light-emitting diode (10, 100, 200) for linear lighting comprises the elongated box (12, 120, 220), including the first end section (13, 121) and the opposite second end section (15, 122), the elongated lighting support (14, 140, 240), comprising at least one LED light source to form the continuous line of light, the first connecting part (142a, 142b) for detachably fixation of the lighting support (14, 140, 240) to the box (12, 120, 220) and the second connecting part (134, 234), configured to be longitudinal (12, 120, 220) in one row with the adjacent box (12, 120, 220) of the adjacent LED lighting device (10, 100, 200), thus, forming the self-supporting box system. The lighting support (14, 140, 240) detachment is provided in the substantially transverse direction with respect to the row of boxes (12, 120, 220) and without dismantling the box (12, 120, 220) from the box system.EFFECT: increase of the service life and lighting efficiency.11 cl, 9 dwg

Light module with possibility of optical adjustment // 2639834
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light module contains light sources, a housing with a lower mounting surface, L-shaped brackets, fasteners, a lever, a handle and heat-conducting fins in thermal contact with the housing. The light sources are rotatable about the pivot axis. Each L-shaped bracket has a base part and an upper part. Light sources are attached to the upper parts. Fastening elements pass through the base parts on the respective turning axes to the mounting surface. The lever is located in the housing and is attached to the base parts so that each light source can be rotated. The handle is located in the housing, mounted on the mounting surface with an ability to turn on the pivot axis and is attached to the lever. The handle is positioned so that its longitudinal axis is aligned with the optical axes of the said light sources, the optical axes of the light sources are simultaneously positioned parallel to each other when the lever is moved by the handle.EFFECT: creation of a light module configured to rotate the light source and adjust the optical axis.5 cl, 13 dwg

Device with wide colour palette based on led // 2639733
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting unit includes a blue light source, a green light source and two red light sources. The first red light source comprises of the first red luminescent material capable of delivering red light with a broad-banded spectral distribution of light. The second red light source comprises of the second red luminescent material capable of delivering red light with a spectral distribution of light containing one or more red emission lines.EFFECT: expansion of the colour palette of the emitted light.15 cl, 16 dwg, 6 tbl

Led module // 2639141
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED module contains a lot of LEDs and has terminals which can be inserted into the lamp socket in order to replace the ordinary illumination devices. The LED module is characterized, in particular, in that it has at least two terminals, each of which is configured to be inserted into the lamp socket for the lighting device. One of the two terminals is configured to be inserted into the lamp socket for the lighting device, and the second of the two mentioned terminals is configured to be simultaneously inserted into another lamp socket for the additional lighting device, so that the LED module replaces the two separate lighting devices. The lamp and the LED module are explosion-proof.EFFECT: simplified assembly.20 cl, 4 dwg

Device for installation of the built-in lamp // 2639055
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for mounting the built-in lamp in the panel hole contains a bushing located in the panel hole inside which the lamp is located. As a bushing, a lamp cartridge is used, inside which a lamp is fixed in the center with a quickly hardening mortar. The cartridge is installed in the center of the panel hole using the U-shaped element(s) with undulating ends installed at an angle of 45 degrees in opposite directions between the cartridge and the hole surface in the panel and fixed using a quickly hardening mortar, located between the cartridge and the panel hole wall.EFFECT: simplified design, increased security, reduced price.3 cl, 2 dwg

Fabric with organosilicone base of optics // 2638985
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method includes the steps of: feeding the organosilicone material and the fibrous material; wetting the fibrous material with the organosilicone material; hardening of the organosilicone material so that the fibrous material is partially immersed in the organosilicone material; feeding a textile-based element; and fixing the organosilicone-based element to the textile-based element with a binder, and the mentioned fibers in the fibrous material strengthens the bond between the organosilicone-based element and the textile-based element. In addition, a product made in such a way is offered.EFFECT: invention allows to create a product particularly suitable for application on the leather due to the high biocompatibility of the organosilicone compound, in particular polydimethylsiloxane.13 cl, 7 dwg

Lighting device based on light guide with light-scattering particles and light angle selection module // 2638822
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device (1) comprises a light guide (2) with introduced light-scattering and/or light-reflecting particles (5), the first light-emitting element (6a) and the second light-emitting element (6b). The lighting device is designed in such a way that for the light rays emitted by the first light-emitting element (6a), the incidence angles of the light rays introduced into the light guide (2) are within the first angular interval, and in such a way that for the light rays emitted by the second light-emitting element (6b), the incidence angles of the light rays introduced into the light guide (2) are within the second angular interval. The first angular interval and the second angular interval are different.EFFECT: ensuring uniform lighting.12 cl, 5 dwg
Led lamp for street lighting // 2638821
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lamp comprises a plurality of diffusing modules (3) fixed to the base (1) and prepared for installation along the periphery, at least one mounting plate (9) with several LEDs (10). The technical result is achieved due to the fact that the heat dissipating modules (3) intended for assembling adjacent modules and simultaneously for mounting the printed circuit board with LEDs are separated from one another to ensure air circulation between them. The printed circuit boards (9) of the LEDs are elongated. The heat dissipating modules (3) are a series of separated sections to provide a very large contact surface that promotes heat dissipation.EFFECT: simplified production.11 cl, 10 dwg

Lamp and method of lamp manufacture // 2638301
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lamp (10) comprises of a body made in the form of a flexible container (30) limited by the light output structure (20) and at least one light source (40) disposed in the body. The flexible container (30) has a flange (35) surrounding the opening in the container, with the flange being connected to the light output structure (20). The coupling between the container (30) and the light output structure (20) limits the flexibility of the container (30).EFFECT: increase of the lighting efficiency.14 cl, 12 dwg

Light-emitting module // 2638027
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in light-emitting module including a group of electrically connected semiconductor light-emitting crystals disposed on a common board made of a textolite and having a coating made of a polymeric compound, the upper and the lower surfaces of the board have a metal coating. In the board are formed through metallized holes through which the metal coating available on the upper surface of the board and the metal coating available on the lower surface of the board are communicated with each other. These holes are made on the areas not occupied by crystals, and the coating of the polymeric compound is made in the form of a layer of polymer material located on top of the board with the crystals arranged on it. In this case, the ratio of the area of the metal coating available on the lower surface of the board to the total cross-sectional area of the metallized portion of the through holes is not more than 65.EFFECT: ensuring high heat-transmitting properties of the light-emitting module.2 cl, 2 dwg
Led modulated plant phytolighter // 2637744
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: control system is introduced with an automatic regulator of the radiation flux density for the time of day "morning", "day", "evening" and an automatic regulator of pulse switching of light sources with adjustment of exposure time and duration of dark pauses. The change in the parameters of the light flux can also be controlled manually.EFFECT: creating LED plant phytolighter, modulated by a spatial modulator, based on phyto LED matrices operating in pulsed mode with spectral characteristic, which matches as much as possible the relevant individual characteristics of plants, and increased density of radiation flow, helps to ensure significantly higher yields for shorter periods.3 dwg

Lighting design // 2637513
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting structure (1, 1') comprises a light source (2) for generating light, a scattering element (3) configured to scatter the generated light in a scattering plane (S) determined by the optical axis (Ao) of the light source (2) and the longitudinal axis (L) of the scattering element (3) to provide a substantially uniform amount of light per area unit on the radiation surface (41, 51) orthogonal to the scattering plane (S) and parallel to the longitudinal axis (L) of the scattering element (3). The scattering element (3) comprises two distinguishable projections (30) aligned along the longitudinal axis of the scattering element (3), so that the light source (2) is accommodated by the scattering element (3) substantially symmetrically between these two projections (30). A light-redirecting element (4) comprises a longitudinal flat radiation surface (41, 51) and is arranged to collect the light scattered sidewise in the scattering plane (S) and to radiate the collected light substantially uniformly above the radiation surface (41, 51). The light-redirecting element (4) is configured to refract the light into the radiation plane (E), which contains the continuation of the scattering plane (S). The light-redirecting element (4) comprises a plurality of distinguishable sideways refraction zones (40, 40", 40") to collect the sideways-scattered light.EFFECT: improved lighting efficiency and simplified design.6 cl, 11 dwg

Led-module system with led-module // 2637308
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED-module system with a LED-module (1, 2, 3) with at least one built-in LED-unit (5, 6, 7), which is connected to at least one built-in light regulator (9, 10, 11) which is configured to be controlled by a built-in control device (17), depending on the signals (D) of the built-in sensor (20) of twilight and signals (N1) of the built-in switching input (18), wherein the external on/off switch or a movement sensor (22) is connected to the switching input (18). The LED-module (1, 2, 3) is configured to operate in at least three different modes, namely: "off mode", "touch mode" and "lighting mode". The "lighting mode" can be activated with maximum brightness by means of the external on/off switch signal (N1) or the movement sensor (22), wherein the "touch mode" can be automatically activated with a brightness decreasing in a predetermined manner by the twilight sensor (20) signal (D).EFFECT: providing the user with the possibility to individually customize the blending of colours.4 dwg

Assembly of led lamp, especially for automobile lamps // 2637306
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lamp assembly (10) comprises at least two LED light sources (2), a support element (1) of LED light sources (2), an electrical connector base for electrical connection of the LED light sources (2), and a radiator (3,4) located in thermal contact with the support element (1). The support element (1) is located between at least the first portion of the radiator (3,4) at one end of the support element (1) and the electrical connector base at the opposite end of the support element (1).EFFECT: expanded technical means.12 cl, 7 dwg

Led lighting device // 2636930
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lighting device comprises of: an LED module; a heat-dissipating element and a connecting member for connecting the LED module and the heat-dissipating element mechanically and thermally. The heat-dissipating element contains a reflective surface to reflect light from the LED module, and the connecting element has the form of a hook shaped at one end of the installation element through which the LED module is connected to the heat-dissipating element with the ability to detach.EFFECT: improvement of heat removal.18 cl, 7 dwg

Led lamp // 2636791
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: third contact 6 and fourth contact 7 are brought into contact with mating contacts of the external electric circuit, for example, by screwing the cap 5 into the female socket. The power supply unit 8 converts the voltage of the external electric source into an operating voltage required for the correct operation of the assembly 10. One or more light-emitting diodes 13 disposed on the substrate 15, when the current, supplied via the current-conducting string 16, flows through them, create optical radiation. The fluophoric layer converts this radiation of the light-emitting diodes 13 into the optical radiation with a modified spectrum, more favourable for human eyes. Different inclination of assemblies 10 relative to the bulb 1 axis, as well as their relative location allow, depending on the product design, to place the lighting spatial angle axis from each individual assembly 10 so that the general direction pattern of light radiation was the closest to the spherical shape.EFFECT: increase in the uniformity of the direction pattern of the light radiation.24 cl, 2 dwg

Illuminator with led and improved reflective collimator // 2636754
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: reflective collimator comprises a plurality of reflective segments, which are spaced apart from each other by air gaps suitable for dissipating the heated air. The segments are configured to reflect the emitted light generated by a light source laterally in a direction substantially parallel to the mentioned main direction.EFFECT: increased heat output generated by LEDs and compact design.15 cl, 6 dwg

Led lamp with heat pipe cooling // 2636747
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: LED lamp is made with a hollow 3D LED-module from heat-conducting material with a neck with a ring support flange bearing means of the conductor and installation of the lamp in the object (in the lighting device), and in the axial channel of the neck and cavity of the LED-module a shell with zones of evaporation and vapor transportation of liquid two-phase heat-transfer fluid, filling the specified shell of the removable heat pipe (HP), is installed. The HP shell, which is in thermal contact with the walls of the LED-module, protrudes from the neck with the support flange to the surrounding space in such a way that a part of its shell with a zone of condensation of heat-transfer medium vapor can be covered by a radiator to cool under free or forced convection. The removable HT of the LED-lamp can be made in a shell with a wick with a capillary structure, attached to its walls and moistened with a two-phase heat-transfer medium with a boiling point of 40-150°C, or in a non-wick shell, i. e. on the basis of a thermosyphon filled with the same heat-transfer medium in a volume not exceeding 33% of the HP volume. The 3D-module can be made with a solid or releasable neck with a support flange, installed in thermal contact with a flat wall of the lamp-carrying object, that provides the conductive heat transfer not only to the walls of the HP shell, but also in the support flange with a ring compartment for the power line transducer. The LED-lamp can be made in a translucent bulb or without it with a compact 3D LED-module on LEDs 0.5-3 W and more and is effective to replace high-pressure gas-discharge lamps with power up to 400 W.EFFECT: increase in the efficiency of lamp cooling in such devices and improvement of the performance characteristics by simplifying its installation and the replacement procedure in the operation of the component parts, mainly when reusing the heat pipe.10 cl, 3 dwg

Light-emitting device // 2636410
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light-emitting device includes a light source emitting light with the first spectral distribution, a light guide made of a luminescent material and comprising of light input and output surfaces extending at a non-zero angle to each other. The light guide also contains an additional surface located opposite the surface of the light output. The light guide is adapted to convert a portion of the first light into the second light with the second spectrum distribution. In addition, the light-emitting device includes a phosphor element adjacent to the additional surface and a reflecting element adjacent to the phosphor element. The phosphor element converts the light, incident from the light guide, into the third light with the third spectral distribution. The light guide adopts light with the third spectral distribution and outputs it from the light output surface.EFFECT: increase of reliability and durability of the device.17 cl, 18 dwg, 1 tbl
Device for cooling single powerful led with intensified condensation system // 2636385
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: in the cooling device of a single powerful LED with an intensified condensation system including a base with the LED, a steam channel adjoins the surface of the base, which forms the intensifying heat exchange surface in the closest proximity to the p-n-junctions of the LED. A radiator is made of a closed thin-walled corrugated sheet profile in the form of a multiblade drum. The radiator blades have rounded vertices with a radius of curvature, r, lying in the range 0.25×k≤r≤1×k, where k is the capillary heat carrier constant, the channels between the radiator blades have a constant width and rounded bases, the radii of the blades' vertices are 2-3 times as much as the radii of the channels' bases.EFFECT: high-efficiency heat dissipation with a minimum value of heat transfer resistance from a single semiconductor LED.2 dwg
Flexible led module, circular led module and wave-like led module // 2636297
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: flexible LED module that comprises of: elastic component layer (20), on which a plurality of light emitting units are disposed; an adjusting portion (30), that affects the back of the elastic component layer (20) and compresses or stretches the two sides of the elastic component layer (20), so that the elastic component layer (20) is bent into an inner arc or an outer arc. After bending and deforming the elastic component layer (20), a larger gap or distance does not appear between the light emitting units.EFFECT: improvement of reflection effect.9 cl, 8 dwg

Lighting device // 2636258
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: in a lighting device, comprising of a hollow vertically mounted support, a light source with means for connecting it to the support in its upper part, made in the form of a curved tube with a reflector of light at the end, pipe cavities and supports have a light-reflecting coating. In the wall of the support, through holes are made. They are closed with light-permeable plugs from the outside. The light-permeable plugs are painted.EFFECT: improving the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.2 cl, 2 dwg

Candlestick for lighting and location in book during reading // 2635914
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: candlestick for lighting and location in the book during reading consists of a flat base and a candle holder fixed on its upper part. The base is divided by a protrusion on the back side onto the embedded element and the protruding part, and the candle holder is fixed to the base with the possibility of rotation and fixation in the required position around the transverse axis of the base. The protruding part of the base contains a recess corresponding to the dimensions of the candle holder. An image can be printed on the protruding part.EFFECT: possibility of non-stationary and compact use of a candle for any use.12 cl, 7 dwg

Flat lighting device // 2635406
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a flat lighting device (1), comprising of a carrier (2) which includes a heat-conducting layer (7), at least one solid-state light source (3), located on the front side of the carrier (2), and an electroinsulating cover member (5a, 5b), which is in heat contact with said front side and the rear side, which is opposite to said front side. The cover member (5a, 5b) is adapted to transfer heat from said carrier (2) from the lighting device. The cover member (5a, 5b) comprises of an optical structure (4) disposed on the carrier in front of at least one light source (3) and configured to direct light, emitted from at least one solid-state light source (3).EFFECT: increased efficiency of control of thermal processes.22 cl, 3 tbl, 17 dwg

Led lamp // 2634913
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: in LED lamp, comprising a base with an integrated power supply, at least one thread-like emitter, electric current conductors, a light-permeable bulb, and a thread-like radiator is positioned freely along a helical line around a cylindrical channel opened at one end of the bulb.EFFECT: simplifying the design and improving the heat transfer to the surrounding air.3 dwg

Light-emitting module, lamp, illuminator and method of object lighting // 2634699
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light emitting module (100), a lamp and a lamp are offered. The light-emitting module is designed to illuminate the object and comprises a first light-emitting module (102) and a second light-emitting module (104). The first light-emitting module emits the first light (L1). The first light has a white colour point. The second light-emitting element emits a peak of blue light (L2). This peak of blue light has a peak wavelength in the range of 440 to 470 nm and has a spectral width that is less than 70 nm, and the spectral width is expressed as the value of the full width at half-maximum.EFFECT: converts the visual characteristics of the illuminated object.15 cl, 6 dwg

Integral led emitter // 2634302
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: integral LED emitter comprises a housing with electrical terminals for connection to a power source, and a light emitting module and a key management controller located in the housing and connected to the electrical terminals via a rectifier, the light emitting module is a section of an electrical circuit of N LED elements connected in series, each comprising a LED unit with a certain number of LEDs connected in series inside the unit and key connected in parallel with LED unit, the controller has N+2 terminals, wherein it is connected with electrical terminals on the housing by two terminals, and each of the other N terminals is connected to the key of corresponding LED element. In this case, the LED unit of any LED element can contain at least two parallel connected sections of the electrical circuit, each is of the same number of series-connected LEDs.EFFECT: possibility of operating LED emitter with a high efficiency of emition directly from AC sources without the use of current stabiliser.2 cl, 1 dwg

Lighting support // 2633938
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for lighting roads, squares, streets, made of pipes of various diameters, and can be used in the construction of towers, masts, power lines, etc. The technical result: increasing the reliability of fixing the lighting support to the base. The lighting support comprises a metallic pole connected in the lower part to the lighting support base made in the form of a pipe equipped in the upper part with a plate with a set of studs for connecting the base to the metallic pole, and a spatial reinforced framework is fixed inside the pipe. Wherein the lighting support base can also be made in the form of a set of studs connected to one another in a single structure in the upper part by means of a plate, and in the lower part by horizontal studs and corner elements.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of fixing a lighting support to a base.2 dwg

Lighting device on basis of heat-conductive sheet with light-diffusing particles // 2633924
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device (1) is disclosed comprising a light guide assembly (2) comprising embedded light-diffusing and/or light reflecting particles (5) and at least one light input surface (3) configured to input light into the light-guide assembly (2), and at least one light emitting element (6) located in such a way that at least some amount of light emitted from it is introduced into the light guide block (2) through the mentioned light input surface (3). The light guide assembly (2) comprises a heat transfer means adapted to transfer heat generated by the operation of at least one light emitting element (6) away from at least one light emitting element (6). The heat transfer means is arranged in a such way that at least the spot of the housing of the light guide unit (2) has an absolute thermal resistance equal to or less than 20 K/W.EFFECT: minimizing the effect of heat generated by the operation of the light-emitting element on the construction of the lighting device.7 cl, 8 dwg

Layer packet containing luminescent material, lamp, illuminator and method of manufacture of layer package // 2633765
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: layer stack (100) comprises a first outer layer (102), a second outer layer (106), and a fluorescent layer (104). The first outer layer (102) and the second outer layer (106) are a polymeric material transmitting light, with an oxygen transmission rate below 30 cm3/(m2⋅day), measured at standard temperature and pressure (STP). The luminescent layer (104) is disposed between the first outer layer (102) and the second outer layer (106) and comprises a matrix light transmitting polymer and a luminescent material (108) adapted to absorb light in accordance with the absorption and conversion spectrum of a portion of the absorbed light into the light spectrum of light radiation.EFFECT: increase the longevity of the light source with organic luminescent materials.13 cl, 8 dwg

Luminophore sheet // 2633551
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: luminophore sheet includes barrier films 12 and 13 for water vapour and a luminophore layer 11, for example based on sulfide, located between them. Each of the barrier films 12 and 13 has an edge portion sealed by a cover member 15 containing the second luminophore layer 143 and a substrate 141 having a water vapour transmission rate of not more than 1 g/m2/day. The cover member 15 may include an aluminium foil. The second luminophore layer can be located on one side of the sheet.EFFECT: invention allows to simplify the design, to prevent the penetration of water vapour into the luminophore layer from the edge parts of the barrier films and the luminophore degradation.10 cl, 23 dwg, 1 tbl, 7 ex

Direct view light based on light emitting diodes (leds) with homogeneous mixing of output light // 2633391
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light includes a plurality of light sources (132), made in combination and configured to generate a plurality of different colours of light, one first light-mixing chamber (110) and at least one second light-mixing chamber (120), in optical communication with the first mixing chamber by means of at least one opening (134). At least one output surface (112) of direct view light is connected to the first light-mixing chamber. The light sources are contained in the second light-mixing chambers, which are designed to prevent direct incidence of light, emitted from the light sources onto the output surface (surfaces) of the light. The first light mixing chamber and the output surface (surfaces) of the light are configured to mix light, emitted from the light sources so that all the light, leaving the surface (surfaces) of the light substantially has uniform brightness and colour.EFFECT: production of mixed light in the direct view light, which is essentially uniform in brightness and colour.19 cl, 16 dwg

Execution method of universal led bulb, led bulb, having a stopping ring structure, and a led lamp // 2633361
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: implementation method comprises the steps of supporting an optical source element of the optical source of the LED bulb in lens locking ring (8) using lens locking ring (8) as the main bulb main housing, using an inner locking ring (81) provided on the inner side of optical lens (7) of light distribution in the frame element of the optical source of the LED bulb, as an auxiliary bulb support structure, and additionally using an inner locking ring (81) as the installation base for optical source module (4) and a heat-conducting bracket (3) or a radiator installation base (103) for the LED bulb; the frame element of the LED bulb optical source is made of a heat-conducting bracket (3), an optical source module (4), an inner locking ring (81) and an optical lens (7) of light distribution. Outside of optical source module (4), an inner cover (6) is provided, and an electrical connector is provided to heat-conducting bracket (3); the mounting flange is provided to lens locking ring (8) for installing the bulb; the optical source module (4) is composed of an optical source array plate, a set of LED chips and the associated wiring by soldering and sealing, or further combined with a chip to drive a power source. The LED bulb can be provided with a radiator with the possibility of independent operation or can be installed to the lamp radiator so that the lamp and products for controlling the lighting are independently manufactured and used, thereby reducing the manufacturing links of the LED lighting products.EFFECT: simplified design.25 cl, 95 dwg

Protection means for lighting device security // 2633261
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electrical parameter is measured by exciting the illuminator with specific excitation settings and comparing it with the estimated expected value of the electrical parameter such that in case of a detected system failure, an alert or tripping signal may be provided.EFFECT: ensuring the lighting device safety.13 cl, 6 dwg

Led lamp with cooling by heat pipe and illuminator on its basis // 2632657
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lamp comprises a volumetric LED module in the form of a right prism or two conjugate bases of truncated pyramids with LEDs of 0.5-3 W power assembled at the edges, made or installed in thermal contact on the jacket of the evaporation zone of a heat pipe (HP) with a wick having a capillary structure, and a biphase heat-transfer fluid partially filling the pipe. The evaporation zone of the HP is connected through the adiabatic zone to the vapour condensation zone of this heat carrier, cooled by a removable finned annular radiator cooling system mounted on the thread and/or by sliding fit. The specified area of the HP jacket with a removable radiator cooling system, when installing the lamp in the illuminator, is taken from its housing into the surrounding space for cooling. The elements of the current lead and lamp mounting in the illuminator are assembled on a supporting flange made on the jacket at the point where the FP adiabatic zone adjoins the vapour condensation zone, with connection to the LED module and to the converter of the power network discharged from the lamp into the illuminator compartment or installed on the jacket of the adiabatic zone inside the lamp. The supporting flange is made with holes for the bayonet mechanical fastening of the lamp on a flat wall with a hole of the illuminator socket in thermal contact with it by pressing it with a removable HP radiator. In an illuminator based on a LED lamp with HP cooling, containing a protected or unventilated housing with one or two sockets for mounting the lamp with the LED module protected by an optically transparent bulb, each lamp is mounted in a socket with a flat wall perpendicular to the main optical axis of the reflector and with an axial hole for placing the jacket of the vapour condensation zone of the HP heat carrier, taken out of the protected or unventilated housing into the surrounding space with sealing and thermal contact of the mentioned housing wall between the supporting flange and its removable annular jacket radiator cooling system, providing high cooling efficiency.EFFECT: improving performance by improving the efficiency of lamp cooling when working in illuminators with a high degree of environmental protection and in unventilated devices.10 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of performing universal led bulb, led lamp, having type of internal stopping ring, with flange and lamp // 2632471
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: frame element of the optical mechanism of the LED light bulb is installed, using a heat-conducting bracket (3) with a flange as the main support for the bulb design. The frame element of the optical mechanism of the LED light bulb in an auxiliary way is supported, using the inner retaining ring (81) attached to the heat-conducting bracket (3). Using the inner retaining ring (81) as the base for installing the retaining ring (8) securing the optical lens (7). The component element of the optical armature of the light-emitting diode lamp consists of a heat-conducting bracket (3), an optical mechanism module (4), an inner locking ring (81), and an optical light distribution lens (7). The upper part of the inner retaining ring (81) is connected to the heat-conducting bracket and the lower part of the inner retaining ring (81) is glued to the optical lens (7) so that these elements form a densified waterproof space for housing the optical light bulb module (4). Outside the module (4) of the optical mechanism, an inner cover (6) is attached. An electrical connector (11) is attached to the heat-conducting bracket (3). The optical device module (4) is made from an optical source array plate, an LED chip and the associated wiring by soldering and sealing, or further combined with a chip to drive a power source.EFFECT: simplification of design and industrial production.21 cl, 95 dwg, 1 tbl

Lighting device // 2632254
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: lighting device contains an array of light sources emitting light cones with edges that intersect in the intersection plane and a lens unit for homogenizing the intensity of distribution in the far field. The array of light sources and the lens unit are arranged so that either the radiation cones intersect the lens unit and the distance between the array of light sources and the lens unit deviates from the sum or difference between the focal length of the lens unit and the distance between the intersection plane and the array (2) of the light sources (3) by 20 percent or less.EFFECT: ensuring uniformity of intensity distribution in the far field.13 cl, 6 dwg