Shafts and tunnels and galleries and large underground chambers (E21D)

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E21D              Shafts; tunnels; galleries; large underground chambers (soil-conditioning or soil-stabilising materials c09k0017000000; cutting machines for mining or quarrying e21c; safety devices, transport, rescue, ventilation or drainage e21f)(11663)
E21D1 - Shafts(5796)
E21D15 - Working-face supports(797)

ining machine gathering head // 2646259
FIELD: drilling of soil or rocks; mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to mining machines with a gathering head. Gathering head is installed at the front end of the mining machine. Gathering head has a front end and a rear end, the rear end being intended to be positioned adjacent to the mining machine. Head comprises at least one base extending along the length of the head, the base having a surface of the base for contacting the material collected by the head, a pair of side walls, disposed at the longitudinal ends of the base, at least one back plate, a shelf extending along the length of the head and descending, projecting forward and backward from the base, providing a leading edge of the head. Each of the side walls has a side surface for contact with the material and tapering inwardly in the widthwise direction of the head from the front end to the rear end. Each lateral surface narrows outwardly relative to the surface of the base from the lowest region to the uppermost region of each side surface, directing the flow of material to the surface of the base and the material contacting surface. In this case, the back plate has a material contacting surface, extending upward from the rear region of the surface of the base and continuing in the lengthwise direction of the scraping head between the side walls.EFFECT: technical result is the elimination of the need for additional raking feet, facilitating the movement of the extracted material.15 cl, 5 dwg
ethod for separately mining and transporting thick coal seam with gangue, and backfilling goaf with gangue // 2645694
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining. Method for separately mining and transporting thick coal seams with gangue and backfilling a goaf with gangue comprises tunneling transportation roadway (1) and track roadway (2) in parallel in the shaft. Connecting the transport roadway and the track roadway to form an open-off cut. Employing comprehensive mechanical solid filling and coal mining technology for coal recovery and goaf backfilling during coal mining. Mining the coal seam and the gangue seam in layers from top to bottom in sequence. Transporting the coal down to the transportation roadway via front scraping conveyor (10), and transporting the coal out of a working face via belt conveyor (5) in the transportation roadway. During gangue seam mining, reversing the front scraping conveyor to transport the gangue to the track roadway, transporting the gangue to goaf (14) via reverse gangue loader (6) and feeding scraper (7) in the track roadway, and backfilling the gangue to goaf (14) via backfill scraping conveyor (12).EFFECT: method improves quality and degree of coal mining.1 cl, 7 dwg

Drilling structure and method related to drilling structure // 2645024
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: drive element operates in the direction (R). The method comprises stages at which: a drive head with axis of rotation is provided for connecting to the drill string means. The drive head is arranged for joint operation with feeding element operating respectively in a first (P) and a second (P') direction; the drive head is rotatable relative to the support device of the drive element and the feed element about the axis of rotation (A) extending in transverse direction with respect to said direction (R); the drive head is rotated from the first fixed end position, in which the axis of drive head rotation is parallel to the said direction (R), and the feeding element drives the drive head in the first direction (R) into the second fixed end position, in which the axis of drive head rotation is parallel to said direction (R), and the feeding element drives the drive head in the second direction (P'). Directions (P) and (P') are opposite. Invention also relates to the drilling structure and a computer-readable carrier comprising a program code for electronic control unit connected to the drilling structure for implementing the method.EFFECT: reduced dimensions of the drilling structure.13 cl, 20 dwg
achine for fastening bolts of mining machine roof // 2643053
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mining machine comprises at least one machine for fastening roof bolts, in which a head for drilling or installing the bolts is provided on the main frame of the mining machine by means of the first and the second bearing frame of the machine. Between the second bearing frame and the support of the bearing element there is a connecting lever, which sets the head for drilling or installing bolts by means of conventional bearing element device. Pivotal attachments between the first and second frames and connecting levers enable moving the head for drilling or installing the bolts both forward and backward, and in lateral directions in so that the mining machine can reach a plurality of different positions for installing the bolts or drilling.EFFECT: reliability, providing movement of the drill head between a plurality of positions.14 cl, 8 dwg
ethod of preventing flooding of potash mine over reef array // 2642610
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves panel-block preparation of reserves and development of sylvinite beds by system of chambers. Prior to mining, seismic exploration is carried out, the boundary of reef array spreading in the subsalt layer and the sections with dip angle of reef array roof more than 2.5 degrees are determined. Then the mining direction of potassium ores is selected so that temporary and permanent boundaries for development of beds together with their alignment of selected sections on the plan are sub perpendicular along the strike of the boundaries of the reef array. In the case of alignment of the development boundaries with reef array sections with roof dip angle more than 2.5 degrees with the non-perpendicular position of mining boundaries and the boundaries of reef array, and in case of stretching deformations in the water-protective layer due to their increase towards rood dip of the reef array, the limits of areas of inactive mining operations are advanced from the boundaries of the reef array by carrying on the development and transferring the area of stretching deformations to compression state.EFFECT: prevention of extreme situations at potassium mine.1 cl

ethod of transport overcoming of water obstacle in areas of eternal congelation // 2641810
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended to provide for the transport overcoming of a water obstacle in areas of eternal congelation in the form of rivers, lakes or summer flooding of large sections of the tundra using a bottom tunnel with a communication pocket. The method of transport overcoming a water obstacle in areas of eternal congelation is that this overcoming is carried out on a train along a bottom tunnel along a concave downward trajectory, loading vehicles into a structure comprising container platforms from the end of the train and unloading on the other shore from the other end of the train. To prevent damage to the airtightness of the carriage in case of emergence in a water-flooded tunnel, when dragging it along a flat horizontal reinforced concrete ceiling of the tunnel on the roof of the carriage, small non-drive wheels are used to contact the carriage with the tunnel ceiling. Use carriage-locomotives with two end control cabs.EFFECT: ensuring the year-round fast and safe crossing of the water obstacle by rail transport carrying cars and their passengers in the same train while eternal congelation is preserved.5 dwg

Polymeric composition for isolating and strengthening rock // 2641553
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: polymer composition contains a prepolymer with short polymer chains separately injected into the rock mass in the volume ratio of 1:1, formed by mixing the solvent of 2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentandioldiizobutirate, the hydroxyl-containing component of polypropylene glycol and a polyisocyanate of the brand "Wannate PM-200", taken in a double excess. The injection is carried out at the following ratio component in the prepolymer, wt %: polyisocyanate - 73-75, polypropylene glycol - 11-12, solvent - 14-15 and hydroxyl-containing plasticiser formed by mixing the solvent of 2.2,4-trimethyl-1.3-pentandioldiizobutirate and polypropylene glycol with the addition of the regulator polymerization "AMINE A33" in the following ratio component in the plasticiser, wt %: solvent - 84-87, polypropylene glycol - 11-13, the regulator polymerization - 0.1-4.5.EFFECT: increasing the penetration depth and efficiency of the polymer injection structure in an array of species by reducing the viscosity of fluids while maintaining low compressibility of the whole, under the influence of pressure and small content of it residual isocyanate.1 dwg

Device for passing of mine shine // 2641052
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device for drilling a mine shaft, containing a tool for excavating material at the mine shaft. Located within the coverage area of the extraction tool to divert vehicles hole excavated shaft material transfer position, having single capacity for staging and lifting equipment for removing the excavated material from the capacity for staging. And the vehicles contain a suction pipeline and an exhaust fan connected to the suction pipe, which creates an air flow directed from the mine shaft to the intermediate storage tank. In this case, the intermediate storage tank, which is made in the form of a suction tank, as well as the dust filter of vehicles connected to the suction reservoir by means of a connecting pipeline, is supported by a shaft platform located between the shaft platform located on the side of the mine shaft and the shaft platform the sides of the mouth of the shaft. Moreover, a connecting pipe connected to the exhaust fan of vehicles, supported by an intermediate shaft platform, is connected to the dust filter.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility of ensuring that the removed material is periodically withdrawn from a single container for intermediate storage of a continuous cleaning cesspit.4 cl, 6 dwg

Rope bolt // 2640610
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the mining industry and can be used to support the contour of underground mining workings. The rope bolt with the an ampoule of fastening mixture in a hole includes a head of the rope bolt. It is made in form of jaw wedge which has wedge, a spreading jaw and spring rings for holding the jaw. The rope bolt is made of twisted strands consisting of a set of wires. There are also movement limiters, a supporting washer, a coupling with a tension nut, a clamped wedge. The head on the downhole end of the rope bolt is made in the form of a conical screw with self-tapping thread. The head has a gap with the spreading jaw and the wedge held on the opening jaw by spring rings. The spreading jaw has a cylindrical shape with a bevel and a bottom axial hole for fixing the rope. The coupling on the outer surface has a thread and a nut for tightening the rope, and at the end includes holes (grooves) for releasing the ends of strands that do not carry the main load of the rope. The coupling has a channel inside for passing and fastening the rope that repeats the form of the clamping wedge in which a deformation gap is located along the entire length, and a second deformation gap cut perpendicular to the first one on both sides of the conical part. The rope is inserted in the channel. The bearing parts of the rope are inserted into the hole of the clamping wedge which has a conical shape transforming into a cylindrical one. For reliable fastening of the clamping wedge inside the end of the coupling there is a thread on which the bolt of the clamping wedge can be supported after rope tension.EFFECT: increase the reliability of bolt fastening in the hole and the ends of the rope.1 dwg

ethod to support headings with anchor bolts // 2639008
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: drilling of the hole is carried out according to the method. A metal anchor with bearing lock and support plate and tensioning element is installed. When supporting mine headings in permafrost conditions, from the heading surface a portion of space between the anchor and hole surface is filled with heat-conducting material with thermal conductivity factor of approximately equal to anchor material. The tension element and support plate are coated with a fire-retardant material, for example, biopyrene, which can change its thermal resistance when air temperature in the heading is increased.EFFECT: increased bearing capacity of anchor support in emergency situations, for example, in case of underground fire in mine heading driven in dispersed frozen rock.2 dwg

ethod of driving raises // 2638992
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of driving the raise includes preliminary slotting along raise contour over entire height and subsequent crushing of rock array separated from rock mass by blast method. The raise shape is made in the form of a truncated pyramid with a larger base downwards, holes are drilled along side faces and ribs of the pyramid and explosive charges positioned therein are blasted simultaneously, forming a slit along the raise contour. The block of rock separated from the rock array in the rise contours is crushed by the explosion of charges charged into the holes drilled near raise axis. Initiation of said charges by means of short-delay blasting is carried out after formation of contour slit during falling of the separated rock block. The holes charged along the raise contour are alternated with non-chargeable ones.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce the volume of holes drilling for development and provide reliability of raise formation over entire predetermined height per one blast.2 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and device for removal of overburden in course of tunnel development // 2638681
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: in course of open pit development or advancing face with ground support, a first opening made in pipe-shell of an auger conveyor in the direction of removal is opened, and a second opening located behind the first opening in the direction of removal and made in the cross-section of the pipe-shell of the auger conveyor is closed. When advancing a face with a hydraulic weight, the first opening is closed, and the second opening is opened. Device for overburden removal in tunnel-driving machine with at least one auger conveyor, wherein said or each auger conveyor is surrounded by a housing, with a first opening formed in the housing from the side of the stope, with the second opening formed in the housing at a distance from the stope, with configured with the possibility of selective actuation by a first gate for the first opening and configured with the possibility of selective actuation by the second gate, which passes through the housing and is designed for hydro-mechanical separation of the first section and the second section of the auger conveyor or an auger conveyors system. At that, the first opening ends in the unloading device for advancing a face with ground weight, and the second opening ends in the unloading device for advancing a face with hydraulic weight.EFFECT: development of method and device for removal of overburden in course tunnel development when switching between faces with ground weight or open development and advancing face with hydraulic weight, which would provide for low sensitivity to interferences with insignificant wear during the operation.6 cl, 9 dwg

Controlled lighting of area in mining environment // 2634874
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: system comprises of at least one LED, located on the lower side of the roof support, and a controller, configured to receive status information for mining equipment, operating in the mining environment, and to transmit information to at least one LED and switch at least one first operating mode of the LED to the second operating mode, based on the received status information. Therein, in the first operating mode at least one LED provides the area illumination, and in the second operating mode at least one LED transmits information to personnel, located in the mining environment, wherein in the second operating mode, the controller controls the flashing of at least one LED to indicate the direction from the location with the detected condition.EFFECT: control properties of light sources, such as colour, brightness, status, structure, position, for transmitting different messages or information to personnel.21 cl, 4 dwg
Cutting module of tunnel boring machine for solid rock // 2632833
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: cutting module of drilling tunnel boring machine for solid rock contains a reduction gear of the cutting device, a cutting tool leg connected to the cutting device reduction gear and a cutting head mounted on the cutting device leg. The cutting head comprises a main shaft, a planetary satellite assembly, inner gear ring, a bearing unit, a packing gland, a casing, cutting device discs, cutting teeth, a planetary gear carrier and a parallel bevel gear assembly. The inner gear ring and the bearing unit are rigidly connected to the cutter body by means of bolts. The planetary gear assembly is mounted on the satellite planet gear carrier of the cutting device. The rotary seal is installed between the satellite planetary gear carrier of the cutting device and the bearing block. The sealing gland is fastened to the satellite planetary gear carrier of the cutting device by means of screws. A parallel-running tapered-tooth assembly is mounted on the satellite planetary gear carrier of the cutting device. The body of the cutting head is fastened to the satellite planetary gear carrier of the cutting device by means of bolts. The discs of the cutting device are installed on the bevelled surfaces of the cutting head body. The cutting teeth are welded at the front end of the cutting head body. A parallel-running conical tooth assembly is engaged with the main shaft of the cutting head.EFFECT: higher efficiency the operation.4 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for construction of prefabricated-solid support of shaft of mining enterprise and device for its implementation // 2631061
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method for constructing prefabricated-solid support of a shaft in the latter includes a process defined interval, the value of which is determined by the total length of the vertical fragments of the tubing string assembled during the time of acquisition of the specified strength properties of the concrete component of the prefabricated solid support. The process determined interval is divided into cuts. Before filling space behind tubing string of each cut with concrete solution, tension of the anchor rods is carried out by pressing of assembled elements of the tubing string to the previously fixed fragment of the tubing string with the total force equal to the total weight of all vertical fragments of the tubing string of the process determined interval and the concrete poured into the space behind tubing string, filling each cut with concrete solution and retaining the tension of the anchor rods in the course of time sufficient for concrete to get the strength, providing retention tension anchor rods due to their adhesion to the concrete monolith. In the device for constructing prefabricated solid support of the shaft, the hydraulic jacks are made with hollow rods and fixed to the mounting frame coaxially to the windows for anchor rods passage, each of which passes through the cavity of its rod and contains at its end the fastening elements of the locking stop interacting with the end of the hollow rod of the hydraulic jack. The latter are made with the possibility of pre-tensioning the anchor rods for the time of assembling the next portion of the tubing string and concreting space behind the tubing string, and then moving together with the mounting frame along the anchor rods.EFFECT: inventions increase the quality and reliability of the tubing concrete support with its downward erection, the ability of the support to resist multidirectional stresses transmitted from the intersected rock layers increases, and the thickness of its walls decreases, the number of equipment used and its dimensions decreases, the material consumption and the diameter of the shaft development, development rate increases.7 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of rock mass disintegration by crosswise cuts // 2630839
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: rock mass is disintegrated in crosswise direction by heading-and-winning machine planetary-disc actuators. This is performed by serial intersecting cuts in radial-tangential and tangential-radial directions made by turn disc cutters, and also by tangential cuts by rotor comb cutters. Utilised heading-and-winning machine planetary-disc actuators consist of four rotary discs and rotor combs with cutters mounted thereon. The first and third disks desintegate the rock mass by cutting in radial-tangential and tangential-radial directions, the second and fourth discs desintegate the rock mass by cutting in the direction opposite to the first and third discs. The rotor combs desintegrate the peripheral part of the face with tangential cuts in form of concentric circles.EFFECT: reducted specific energy costs, reduced number of small classes in blasted products, incresed life of transmission elements of mining machine, improved in stability of the machine.3 dwg

ining tunnelling machine // 2627806
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: mining tunnel machine contains a movement mechanism, a frame, at least one cutting head. The cutting head comprises at least one cutting disc with a lateral cutting surface fixed to the lever. The lever is rotatable, and the cutting disc is located at an acute angle to the surface of the slaughtering.EFFECT: ensuring uniform removal of rock layers, reducing pressure on the breasts of the face due to the effect of screwing the actuator into the rock and eliminating the rotating loads on the combine when the cutting tool touches the surface of the slaughtering.4 cl, 3 dwg

Rope bolt // 2626478
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: there is conical screw installed as the head of the rope anchor at a distance of l=5-10 mm from the end of the rope. The diameter of its base dscr is determined based on the expression of dscr=0.8dhol, where dhol is the diameter of the hole. The coupling on the outer surface has a thread and a nut for tightening the rope. At the end of the coupling there is a hexagonal surface with a cylindrical shank of width l1=5-10 mm and a radius inscribed in the regular hexagon. Inside the coupling thee is a channel for passing and fastening the rope, which follows the shape of a clamping wedge piece, in which there is a deformation slot and a channel for passing strands of the load-bearing portion of the rope, having a conical shape that transforms into a cylindrical one. To securely fix the clamping wedge piece, its length Lw is taken depending on the diameter of the clamped rope load-bearing portion dcl and calculated by the formula Lw=(11÷13) dcl. The length of the conical part of the wedge piece Lcw is taken based on the expression Lcw=(0.5÷0.7) Lw. The angle of the conical surface slope is in the range α=2.5÷3.5°. The width of the deformation slot lw depends on the diameter of the clamped load-bearing portion of the rope and is in the range lw=1.3÷2.0 mm.EFFECT: increasing the manufacturability and installation ability, and the structural reliability of the rope bolt and the efficiency of its anchoring in the hole.2 dwg
ethod of two-lane tunnel construction // 2625064
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of two-lane tunnel construction comprises tunneling using tunnel-boring mechanized complex, installation of a formwork for the construction of a ventilation slab, erection of a rigid tunnel base. A multi-level assembling trolley of portal construction supported by rollers is connected to the tunnel-boring mechanized complex, utility systems are erected at the planned height during tunneling and formwork for the ventilation slab construction is installed using the trolley. When erecting the rigid tunnel base, lateral concrete protrusions are constructed, a handling trolley is moved along them, the trolley consists of two ramps and a transport rack supported by metal slides, is intended for crossing the work area for laying the central part of the rigid base by a multiservice vehicle which runs under the multi-level assembling trolley, delivering materials and lining blocks to the tunnel-boring mechanized complex while tunneling. Construction of the ventilation slab and erection of the rigid tunnel base are carried out simultaneously with tunneling using the multi-level assembling trolley and the handling trolley.EFFECT: reduced labour costs and reduced construction time of the two-lane tunnel due to the simultaneous performance of unrelated operations.4 dwg

ethod of ensuring access to underground facility // 2624852
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method involves forming an oriented cavity with a screw-turning unit in the forward direction when it rotates in one direction, cutting the helical grooves and three longitudinal radial channels, evenly distributing them in the plane of the cavity cross-section, in the border zone of the cavity in a mass of surrounding rocks, maintaining the goaf by support setting with embedded elements installed in the radial channels. The cavity is fixed with an annular frame support with a lattice lacing of the interframe space. At the end of the formation of the oriented cavity, the cutting body of the screw-turning unit is dismantled and transported to the beginning of the formed cavity. One set of the ring support is dismantled and transported to the beginning of the cavity. The screw-turning unit is rotated in the opposite direction and moved backward by a support setting pitch, then, in the section of the cavity between the face and the screw-turning unit, the embedded elements are installed in the radial channels, the screw support is mounted, the elements of which are attached to the embedded elements.EFFECT: reduction of the surface area required to provide access to the underground zone.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of mine working // 2624491
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method consists of multipoint impact on the free surface of the face by the executive bodies driven by external energy sources, giving the central executive body the direction of movement of the combine with the subsequent activation of the peripheral executive bodies and their movement along the trajectory of the epicycloid. At the same time, a shock-shearing effect of a rock-destroying tool by means of generators of mechanical impulses is carried out on the free face by applying prolonged shock loads with a successive step-by-step displacement along the entire surface of the face section.EFFECT: expanding the use of mechanical impact and force to destroy strong rocks, the possibility of changing the direction of mining workings, especially in difficult mining and geological conditions, reducing energy intensity, improving the working conditions of maintenance personnel.2 dwg

Integrated drilling unit for drilling with water drainage for anchor soles production // 2623399
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a cylinder (7) of the charge air, the engine (8), the lever (9), the control knob (11), torque and the muffler (12). The front end of the motor (8) is connected with a mechanism (17) of the optimum water circulation via a regulator (11) of torque. The mechanism (17) comprises a water circulation optimal transmission shaft and filtered water circulation pump mounted on the coupling by means of the transmission shaft. The circulation pump comprises a filtered water conduit (3) collecting the rock powder. Filter mesh is installed on one side of the box (3) for collecting the rock powder. Suction and pressure pump is mounted under the filter mesh. Channel of pure water, which communicates with the release of the suction and pressure pump, is mounted on the other side of the box (3) for collecting the rock powder. Hole of external water pipe is installed on site channel inlet for pure water. The front end of the transmission shaft is provided with an internal annular groove, the inner wall of which is provided with inlet openings for clean water. The rear end of the transmission shaft is provided with a cylindrical inner recess, the inner wall of which is provided with waste water-absorbing holes. Suction and pressure pump pumps the slurry into the storm bore and produces sludge in the sludge chamber through the drain hole of absorbing water. The separated water is pumped into the duct for clean water for reuse.EFFECT: water resource is saved, as well as the rock powder in a storm hole is promptly collected, improving drilling efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of tunnel construction // 2623397
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: tunnel construction method includes the creation of a protective screen in the form of a spatial structure by stepping through the tube sections of the screen, excavating the rock from the squeezed section, cutting the sector from its internal cavity by the amount of punching, setting the next section into the cutout, mating with the locking/guiding device. Before the subsequent section is squeezed, the sections are welded together, the reinforcing frame is laid and the inside tube space is filled with concrete. In this case, before the laying of the reinforcement frame, continuous longitudinal cuts are made in the contacting walls of the pipes without disturbing the annular end parts of the pipes, leaving in the calculated places, depending on the diameter of the tube, the beacon strips for fixing the location of the stiffeners. The stiffeners are installed. Through continuous cutouts in the walls of the pipes and along each pipe, longitudinal and transverse packing of the reinforcement is produced, forming a single armo-frame. Filling the inside of the pipe with concrete to convert the protective screen into a tunnel.EFFECT: increasing the economy and safety of conducting underground works.1 cl

Shaft-sinking and tunnelling or winning machine // 2618815
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: shaft-sinking and tunnelling or winning machine, according to one embodiment, contains the cutting tools, made with ability to move along the gate end and located at the boom, and the platform configured to move in the machine longitudinal direction, carring the road lining device. The road lining devices contain the fixing manipulator and the anchors drilling and installing device. The anchors drilling and installing device is attached to the movable platform with ability to rotate between the initial position and the working position, and the fixing arm has a telescopic rod attached to the movable platform with ability to rotate in the vertical direction and carrying the gripper device for temporarily receipt at least one fastening element, in particular the mounting arch. The fixing manipulator and anchor drilling and installing device is attached to the movable platform at the prelimenary fixed distance from each other with ability to move together with the movable platform between the retracted position and the off-centered position.EFFECT: mechanization degree increase of the combined road lining fastening process.25 cl, 7 dwg

Stabilisation system for mining machine // 2618005
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to mining equipment, in particularly to machines of continuous action. The method for the mining machine stabilisation relative to the first surface of the excavation and the second surface excavation comprises the extension of the first actuator to the first surface of the excavation before reaching a predetermined value by at least one indicator of the force between the first actuator and the first surface of the excavation, the retraction of the first actuator to the first predetermined distance, the first extension of the actuator to the first predetermined distance plus the offset distance, the second extension of the actuator to the second surface of the excavation before reaching a predetermined value of at least one indicator of the force between the second actuator and a second surface of the mountain Mining machine for the method's implementation.EFFECT: invention provides the implementation of maximum opportunities for creating the lining and optimal leveling.25 cl, 21 dwg
Executive body of tunnelling shield complex for construction of multilane road and railway tunnels and pillarless metro stations // 2614176
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: executive body of the oval-shaped shield complex comprises lateral working bodies that represent ovals formed by rotating about the vertical axis of the lateral tunnel arches and their coupling with the arch and the reverse arch of the tunnel. The front working body consists of three working bodies, each of which is formed by rotating about the horizontal axes of the arch and the reverse arch circles, wherein the intermediate working body is made concave. The gaps between them and the shield shell correspond to the working tool overhang, and the working tool is mounted with the displacement to the development magnitude.EFFECT: provision of tunneling with the optimal oval cross-section shape, while reducing the costs for the rock development; provision of tunneling in various geological conditions at the large influx of water, creating the conditions for the maximum mechanization and automation of all production processes.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for sinking vertical well bores and corresponding equipment // 2613999
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: system for sinking vertical well bores includes a rotary drive mounted on a multi-tiered sinking platform with telescopic hydraulic cylinders, and connected to a cylindrical drill, hydraulic penetration bids, a loading machine for excavation of rock, and a tubbing erector. The set of equipment includes a conductor, with friction type bearings along the perimeter, and lower and upper supporting rings, and a screwdown structure with stulls and an encasing. A cylindrical drill has a cutting edge along the lower end and a support ring in the middle section, with the tooth wheel on top; wherein the gear drives are mounted on the lower conductor support ring to engage with the gear. The loader is mounted on a telescopic vertical stand rigidly fixed to the upper central part of the conductor. Cylinder rods of hydraulic jacks of the rock drill are mounted on the upper support ring of the conductor and rods of telescopic hydraulic jacks are connected with the screw down structure. The top floor of the sinking platform has niches with inflatable rubber elements, to prevent leakage of concrete.EFFECT: increased speed of shaft sinking and lining quality due to construction of a monolithic lining inside the barrel.3 dwg

Hydrotechnical deferent tunnel with reinforced concrete lining // 2613461
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: hydrotechnical deferent tunnel with reinforced concrete lining is designed as a working 1 in the rock with a cross section in the form of a figure of a constant width and in contact with the bearing reinforced concrete lining 2 with the external and the internal surfaces made in the cross-section in the form of a figure with a constant width. The cross-sections of the working 1, of the external surface in contact therewith, and of the internal surface of the reinforced concrete lining 2 are made in the form of a Reuleaux triangle. One of the coinciding corners 3 of the Reuleaux triangle of the working 1, the external and internal surfaces of the reinforced concrete lining 2 is located in the vault portion 4 of the tunnel with the reinforced concrete lining.EFFECT: increasing the strength, stability and reliability of the hydrotechnical deferent tunnel in complex engineering geological and seismic conditions.1 dwg
ixture of accelerators for peroxide curable resin mixtures, resin mixture containing mixture of accelerators, mortar of reactive resins and dual component mortar system containing mortar of reactive resins, as well as use thereof // 2612502
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a mixture of accelerators for peroxide-curable mixtures of resins, which comprises a main accelerator (I) and a co-accelerator (II), wherein main accelerator (I) is a compound of formula (I): , and co-accelerator (II) is a compound of formula (II-1) or (II-2): in which R1 and R2 respectively independently denote an alkyl group with one or two carbon atoms, a hydroxyalkyl group with 1–3 carbon atoms or once or repeatedly ethoxylated or propoxylated hydroxyalkyl group with 1–3 carbon atoms. Molar ratio of (I):(II) ranges from 1:1 to 5:1. Said mixture of accelerators is used as an accelerator for curing agents based on organic peroxides for use in dual component mortar systems.EFFECT: use of this accelerator enables to prolong gelatinisation time without negative effect on properties of system, in particular, such as moderate hardening at low temperatures and low load of completely cured substances at high temperatures, which enables to preserve properties of system in entire temperature range from -10 to +40 °C.17 cl, 2 tbl, 3 ex

Tunnel self propelled bearing arch // 2612427
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport, hydraulic engineering structures, as well as to tunnels production in urban conditions. Disclosed is tunnel self propelled bearing arch, containing front arched frame, rear arched frame, arch forward motion power cylinder and support power cylinder. At that, front arched frame contains more than three front longitudinal beams and more than three front arched beams. At that, all front longitudinal beams pass in lengthwise direction along front arched beams arched upper surfaces. At that, each front lengthwise beam is connected to all front arched beams, front arched beam comprises first semi-arch beam and second semi-arch beam. At that, first semi-arch beam is connected to telescopic beam one end, and second semi-arch beam is connected to telescopic beam other end. At that, telescopic beam has small lateral beam and large lateral beam, where small lateral beam one end is inserted inside large lateral beam, and small lateral beam other end is connected to first semi-arch beam. Telescopic beam is internally equipped with lateral power cylinder. This lateral power cylinder one end is articulated with small lateral beam, and this lateral power cylinder second end is articulated with large lateral beam. Large lateral beam one end is connected to second semi-arch beam. Support power cylinder is located in front arched frame lower part. Rear arched frame contains more than three rear longitudinal beams and more than three rear arched beams. At that, all rear longitudinal beams pass in lengthwise direction along rear arched beams arched upper surfaces. At that, each rear lengthwise beam is connected to all rear arched beams, and support power cylinder is located in rear arced frame lower part. Front longitudinal beams and rear longitudinal beams pass alternating with each other, and between front arched beam and adjacent rear arched beam there is space. One end of arch forward motion power cylinder is attached to front arched frame, and other end of arch forward motion cylinder is attached to rear arched frame. At that, front arched beam and rear arched beam have arched shape.EFFECT: technical result is increasing reliability and safety of tunnels or hydraulic structures construction works.12 cl, 15 dwg

Anchor for coal mines // 2611778
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: anchor for coal mines includes a rod as solid body of cylindrical shape with a sharp end. The solid body of the rod is made of a material containing fine coal - coal dust - in the amount of 74.8 weight parts, bonded by phenol-formaldehyde resin of cold curing SFG-3032 in the amount of 20.6 weight parts, the curing agent in the form of 70% technical benzene-sulphonic acidaqueous solution in the amount of 4.6 weight parts. The opposite end of the anchor rod relatively to the sharp end is made with a base diameter of conical form at least equal to the diameter of the blast hole.EFFECT: reduction of the anchors cost, the simplification of their manufacturing process, as well as improving the quality of coal, broken-up by mechanical units of winning machines.1 dwg
ethod for underground mining potassium salts deposits affected by breachings or floodings // 2608140
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used in underground mining potash deposits. Method is used for deposits affected by breakthroughs or floodings. Method comprises a construction of vertical water protection artificial arrays. Mine field is opened by vertical shafts and, then, divided into scourings, after that, the scouring to be mined is opened from below by two vertical short jack shafts. Stoping the panel is being performed. When breaching salt water in mine workings of the mineable panel, both jack shafts are is plugged and then cleaning operations on the other panel is being started.EFFECT: excluding entry of water from the point of breaching salt water into adjacent panels during mining a deposit.1 cl, 1 dwg

Complex for tunneling of vertical mine workings in quaternary deposits // 2608086
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and can be used for tunneling of vertical mine workings. It is achieved by fact that in complex for tunneling of vertical openings including rock loading mechanism, walking framework frame with mechanism of thrust in support, driving device of rock loading mechanism pressure hydraulic grapple is used as rock loading mechanism. Appliance for driving of rock loading mechanism is made in form of hinged mechanism, associated with boom by means of two parallel racks in upper part, and in bottom part it is articulated with intermediate link with bracket, on which rock loading mechanism is pivotally mounted. Wherein complex frame is rigidly connected with posts of walking framework, and mechanism of its thrust to support is made in form of skis connected with frame by hydraulic jacks and pairs of elements, one of which is rigidly fixed on frame and the other on skis. Wherein in upper horizontal rack of frame there is driving mechanism of barrel along bottomhole.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of efficiency, reduction of labor costs and higher safety of works.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of vertical and inclined workings driving and supporting and guard system for its implementation // 2607824
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underground construction at construction of vertical and inclined deep level openings. This is achieved by fact, that in method of vertical and inclined workings driving and attachment, which involves ground development and excavation in bottomhole zone, movable formwork installation, supply of concrete mixture in space formed by guard outer skin and formwork, concrete mixture compaction and support erection, according to invention support erection is performed in cycles, successively erecting sections of monolithic-compacted concrete with number of passes, providing further installation of one or two rings from cast iron tubings or reinforced concrete blocks, wherein concrete mixture supply until press chamber complete filling is performed with control of intensity and uniformity with concrete-conveying pipes overlapping after filling by means of controlled gates, which are regularly arranged along inner formwork circumference at pressure ring working stroke end, and then concrete mixture squeezing is performed in upward direction from press chamber with support onto rock and with formation of press-concrete support next pass. To implement method guard system is used including housing, rock-destructing working element, rock delivery mechanism, support erection mechanism, according to invention as destructing working element rotor type working member is used, which is made cone-shaped and rigidly connected with central hollow shaft, which is connected with gear wheel and driven into rotation by several hydraulic drives, gears, which come into engagement with gear wheel, driving rock destruction element with central shaft into rotation, wherein loosened rock delivery mechanism is located inside hollow shaft and made in form of screw, which lower end is pivotally supported against starting borer structure from rock destructing working element, and upper is connected with hydraulic drive arranged on guard housing horizontal flange, and guard inner housing lower part panel is also made cone-shaped and arranged at angle to central shaft, in lower part having of openings to receive loosened rock with its penetration into screw, and on guard housing conical part inner surface corrugated plates from abrasion and wear resistant and high-strength steel are arranged to increase working surfaces durability and efficiency during grinding of large pieces of rock, wherein screw in upper part is connected with for rock receiving hopper, and on guard housing upper tier in its central part tubbing erector is installed, having rotary platform installed on table with rollers and hydraulic drive, rigidly connected with central post, wherein on rotary platform telescopic handle with cast iron tubings or reinforced concrete blocks grip is arranged, wherein guard system has pressing chamber connected with hydraulic cylinders and equipped with pressing ring, at least, three controlled gates with concrete-conveying pipes uniformly arranged along inner formwork circumference, and on pressing chamber inner surface air valves are arranged, along circumference between concrete-conveying pipes gates for removal of air counter pressure when the pressing chamber filling with concrete mixture.EFFECT: technical result from use of invention consists in improvement of support reliability and durability, as well as works production safety with reduction of shafts construction time with significant reduction of material and labor costs.2 cl, 2 dwg

Face support cantilever cap turning position determination method and device and face support cantilever cap turning device // 2607002
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powered support elements position monitoring devices. Disclosed is face support cantilever beam (10) turning position determination method, which by means of, at least, one hydraulic cylinder (14) can be turned about axis relative to face support cap (12) between retracted position and extended position, characterized by fact, that determining pressure in hydraulic cylinder annular space (24) and/or in piston space (26) and depending on determined pressure making conclusion on turning position.EFFECT: technical result is providing accuracy of cantilever support turning position determining without need for arrangement of necessary components in face support potentially hazardous zone.11 cl, 4 dwg

Chute unit for metro tunnels cast iron liner // 2601822
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underground mine workings fixing, passable by caisson method, namely, to cast-iron tunnels lining chute units design. Chute unit for subway cast iron tunnels liner consists of reinforced concrete part and metal tray-plate, made in form of box-like rectangular shaped cast-iron casting with flat back of rectangular shape, changing into radial sides with formation of two internal caissons. On outer side casting is provided with stiffening ribs, forming external caissons. In internal caissons parallel and radial edges openings are made for fasteners and engraved grooves for sealing of joints. In one of plate external caissons opening is made for installation of transfer manipulator actuating element. In metal tray-plate profiled through chute is made embedded into one of its external caissons, which lengthwise axis is parallel to chute unit central axis. Along chute outline of the on side of parallel sides engraved grooves are made, matched with chute plate parallel sides engraved grooves for further sealing of said chute plates boards joints to each other. On chute external surface own stiffening ribs are made, forming external caissons and matched with reinforcement during chute unit concrete section grouting. Made so chute unit enables to obtain reliable routing of different communications along tunnel with provision of trouble-free operation.EFFECT: technical result is aimed at ensuring of routing along chute blocks of air ducts, drain pipes, cables and other communications with provision of trouble-free operation and easy access to them.4 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for erection of steel constructions of vertical mine opening shaft and armoring unit for implementation of the method // 2601647
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and is intended for installation of steel constructions of a vertical mine opening shaft. Armoring unit for erection of steel constructions of a vertical mine opening shaft comprises an upper armoring running bridge with a suspension at monkey engines under a polyspast scheme and lower armoring running bridge with a suspension at on thimbles. Upper running bridge and lower running bridge are equipped with lifting devices and can move relative to each other.EFFECT: technical result of the declared invention is high rate of erection of steel constructions of a vertical mine opening shaft due to reduced weight and simultaneous installation of tiers of steel constructions and conductors.4 cl, 1 dwg

Shaft sinking combine // 2600807
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry, namely, to construction of vertical shafts of mining enterprises and shaft sinking equipment for its implementation. Shaft sinking combine consists of the rock destruction tool for mining face and body for loading of the broken rock. Device for erection of reinforcing support includes a mounting frame, in lower part of which along the perimeter the downwards support jacks with independent working drives are located, configured to interact with shaft bottom. From the side surface of the mounting frame the spacer jacks directed to the sides are located, configured to interact with shaft wall. Wherein the rock destruction tool for mining face and loading of the broken rock is mounted on the bottom frame, which is connected to the mounting frame by means of suspended jacks row located along its perimeter. Herewith the bottom frame is equipped with elements of the progressive kinematic pairs for interaction with support jacks of the device mounting frame for erection of reinforcing support, at that, the bottom frame is located relative to the mounting frame with a possibility of converging in operation process, excluding physical contact.EFFECT: increased reliability and speed of vertical shafts passing by the combine and quality stabilization of erection of reinforcing tubing and/or concrete support due to implementation of the "parallel" principle driving shaft in the process and due to combination in time and separation in area of the rock destruction process and its unloading.10 cl, 9 dwg

Device for injection of resin for drilling device for installation of anchor bolts in soil // 2600120
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: series of inventions relates to installation of anchor bolts of rock bolts in soil/rock layers. Device for resin injection in connection with drilling device comprises an injector of fluid medium made with possibility of hydraulic connection with hollow drill stem of a drilling device for injection of one or more resin fluids into the drill stem. Wherein resin injection into the blast-hole through the drill stem before inserting the anchor bolt is provided. Injector includes connecting device designed with possibility of rotation and connected to the drill stem. Injector remains fixed when the drill stem rotates while working. Connector has a detachable connection with drill stem and is separated from the drilling device. Connector comprises first and second tight bearings. They ensure fluid-tight seal between the external surface of the drill stem and internal part of the connecting device. Connecting device also has outer case containing a mixing chamber inside the connecting device. Fluid injector also has a retainer detachably attached to the outer casing and the drilling device.EFFECT: technical result is efficiency increasing of the lining support due to the usage of a self-tapping anchor bolt on a resin with single-step installation.15 cl, 9 dwg

Heading set for auxiliary workings // 2599115
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, specifically to a heading set designed for auxiliary mine workings. Heading set for auxiliary mines includes working element, protective cover, mechanism for movement of working element, erector arm tunnel driver, bearing frame, rotary lever. Working element is made in form of strikers with peaks, pivotally connected to movable platform fixed on one end of rotary lever and is equipped with hydraulic cylinder for controlling angle between longitudinal axes of hammers. Each of hammers is equipped with mechanism for rotation of peaks in form of helical pair with ratchet wheel, consisting of segments with springs with possibility of their reciprocal motion.EFFECT: such a solution of system provides clear delineation of bottom-hole zone in mine roof, reduces weight of actuating element, which reduces time spent on mounting-dismantling works, increases productivity and efficiency of treatment of bottom-hole zone, as well as safety of works.1 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of making head part of cable anchor // 2597911
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and can be used for production of elements of mine support for mines, namely cable anchors. Cores or strands of the given section are unwound on one side to a certain length. For at least one cycle, including installation and fixation of at least one additional wire at the point of separation of the cores or the strands, the cores or the strands of the cable section are woven at a section of certain length. herewith this section is embraced outside with an additional wire, and the wire is fixed in the end of the section by passing it between the cable cores or strands. When the required number of cycles is performed the ends of the cable cores or strands and the end of the additional wire on the unwound side are fixed to each other. Herewith the additional wire used is one of the cable cores. When using several additional wires each cable section is woven independently of the others.EFFECT: technical result is the possibility of easy production of head part of cable anchors with any given parameters of the fixation pitch lengths; according to the method a part of any required length is cut off the cable.3 cl, 4 dwg

Tunnelling machine actuator // 2595118
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining combines and can be used during driving of mine workings mines, pits. Tunnelling machine actuator, including frame, cutting bits, electric motors, reduction gear with two drive shafts, one of which is connected with cutting bits, arranged in frame. At that, reduction gear is installed with possibility of rotation around its axis relative to frame and planetary motion of cutting bits by gearing from second drive shaft of said gearbox.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing higher efficiency and compactness of reduction gear.1 cl, 1 dwg

Rib support for attachment and reinforcement of mine // 2593854
FIELD: mining. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a rib for supporting and reinforcing an excavation, as well as a method for supporting and reinforcing an excavation based on use of one or more supporting ribs according to present invention. Rib for supporting and reinforcing an excavation comprises at least a structural element provided with a tubular body with an inner cavity adapted to be filled with concrete after installation of support rib, and a filling device operably coupled to means of injecting concrete into cavity. Supporting rib comprises a ventilation device for discharge of air during injection of concrete, wherein ventilation device is configured for closing during injection, which causes increased internal pressure of concrete. Method for supporting and reinforcement of excavation, comprising steps of installing a first rib, made according to invention, filling inner cavities of structural elements of first support rib with concrete until at least complete filling thereof. Injection of concrete is continued with closed ventilation device in order to increase internal pressure of concrete. EFFECT: creation of support with high stability. 24 cl, 17 dwg

Composite mine anchor // 2593665
FIELD: mining. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining industry and, in particular, to anchor support, and can be used for attachment of mine workings circuits. Composite mine anchor includes a load-carrying rod from composite material on the basis of fibers and polymer binder. Anchor is solid in cross section and has a head part with screw groove and a shank. Shank has thread and nut. Polymer binder of the composite material includes grains of ferromagnetic powder. Said grains allow removing parts of the load-carrying rod destroyed during coal production with the help of magnetic catchers. EFFECT: load-carrying rod obtains additional properties with higher mechanical strength. 1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for mining-well extraction scavenger oil and process equipment system therefor // 2593614
FIELD: oil and gas industry. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to fuel and energy industry and can be used for production of high-viscosity scavenger oil. According to method after mine opening of oil deposit and preparation of mining-producing well units, system of force-stimulating reservoir recovery wells is formed by drilling at formation from underground mine-preparatory workings. Production wells are drilled from day surface or directly from ore mining and development workings extraction with common or branched horizontal sections of well shaft. From associated oil gas at oil separation methane is extracted, which is used for generation of electric energy at gas-turbine power plant. Propane-butane component of associated petroleum gas is liquefied under underground conditions and used as displacement working agent pumped into formation through force-stimulating wells. Work on scavenger oil production is carried out with supply to productive formation through a system of force-stimulating wells as displacement working medium of liquefied broad fraction of light hydrocarbons. Said fraction is obtained by separation of associated petroleum gas and/or heat action on formation with circulation loop of heat-bearing fluid with tubular heat exchangers installed in force-stimulating wells. EFFECT: simplified process of operation and structure of underground equipment, increasing reservoir recovery, reduced cost of well drilling. 2 cl, 5 ex, 9 dwg

ethod of well shaft construction, shaft sinking combine, rock destruction unit and reinforcing support erection device (versions) // 2592580
FIELD: mining. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, namely, to construction of mining plants vertical shafts and shaft-sinking and tunnelling equipment for its implementation. In compliance with structure of shaft each stage of working face development in depth and removal of broken rock is independent of reinforcing support assembly and installation stages. Development of face and removal of broken rock are carried out simultaneously and separately in technologically independent zones during whole process of development. Between each stage of working face development in depth and removal of broken rock and appropriate assembly and erection of reinforcing support step power reserve of process equipment is maintained in form of developed in depth bottom hole and/or clearance to form next step of reinforcing support assembly and erection in extent of at least one step of reinforcing support erection. At that, power reserve of process equipment is achieved due to mounting frame equipment with support jacks, which can interact with bottom frame. Shaft sinking combine comprises rock destruction unit mounted on bottom hole frame for development of face and loading of broken rock and located above it device of reinforcing support erection, including mounting frame, that is located relative to bottom frame with possibility of converging in operation, excluding their physical contact. In rock-breaking unit downhole frame comprises rotary base and in its lower part is equipped with located along perimeter and directed downwards support jacks with independent working drives. Rotary base on side opposite to location of journal with rock cutting tool comprises through opening, equipped with rotary bracket, on which loading unit with jackknife boom and bucket is fixed. At that, boom is configured with possibility to output bucket beyond bottom frame during any position of rotary base. Rotary support of loading tool is located in center of rotary base, and rock cutting and loading tools are made with possibility to develop face and removal of broken rock simultaneously and separately in technologically independent areas during whole process of development. In first version of reinforcing support erection device mounting frame comprises rotary shelf, in middle part of which there is rotary bracket with jackknife boom with tip. At that, boom reach is configured with possibility to output tip beyond mounting frame at any position of rotary bracket, wherein mounting frame in its lower part includes downwards directed support jacks located along perimeter, made with possibility of simultaneous stepwise displacement, or in its upper part comprises fasteners of traction winches suspended ropes. In second version of reinforcing support erection device mounting frame has stationary shelf and in its lower part is equipped with located along perimeter and directed downwards support jacks. EFFECT: inventions increase speed of vertical shafts tunneling and stabilize quality of reinforcing (waterproofing) tubing and/or concrete support erection. 21 cl, 12 dwg

Extensible anchor bolt // 2592083
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to expandable tubular anchors. Anchor includes tubular anchor bolt. Production of anchor bolt comprises steps of, first, determining length and diameter of holes in rock. Provided elongated tubular part. Provided elongated enhancing agent. Agent intensifying is inserted into tubular part. Element made of two parts, which are arranged together, one inside other, is placed in forming device. One side of element is attached to end section, while second side element is attached to end part. Longitudinal fold is formed along all element. Hole in end part for connection of anchor bolt with compressed substance is formed. EFFECT: technical result is increased stability of anchor to acting on it forces and corrosion. 8 cl, 13 dwg

Heat insulation support // 2588268
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for attachment and heat insulation of mine workings mines, developing mineral deposits by underground method in permafrost rocks (cryolite zone). Heat insulation support includes laminar-concrete coating consisting of alternating layers of common and heat-insulating concrete. On both sides of last sprayed concrete layer there are additionally layers made from fireproof material, for example, biopyrene, changing its heat resistance at high temperature in development.EFFECT: improved heat-insulating properties of support in emergency situations, for example, in case of underground fire, without changing its bearing capacity.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of mounting in blast tubular anchor with circular cross section and anchor therefor // 2588049
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions intended for use in strengthening walls of mine workings. By method pipe is made with external diameter exceeding that of blast hole, longitudinal groove along its whole length and front end of conical shape. Support plate is put on pipe. Part of pipe extending beyond support plate to its rear end is divided into sectors with longitudinal slots. At that, part of sectors of pipe is made with surfaces, forming parts of which are parallel to longitudinal axis of pipe. Other part of sectors is made with surfaces, forming parts of which are not parallel to longitudinal axis of pipe and form cone vertex directed to support plate. Set tube rear end part of its sectors in annular groove of striker. Under action of axial force through striker is introduced into blast pipe front end of conical shape. During introduction of pipe in blast striker formed stops of supporting plate of sectors of pipe at different distance from its longitudinal axis.EFFECT: higher reliability and operation of tubular anchor.2 cl, 5 dwg

Face equipment with cable levelling units laid between downhole conveyor and frames of shield support // 2586991
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanized support used with downhole equipment for working in continuous development system. Proposed is face equipment for mechanical production in continuous development system, primarily in underground coal mines with face conveyer (17) located along front of works in bottom, with possibility of movement along face conveyor (17) by production mechanism (18) and frame (10) of shield support secured at angle to face conveyor (17). At that, for determination of height of opening of bottom-hole space in area of face conveyor (17) on separate frames (10) of shield support between downhole conveyor (17) and at least one basic component of frame (10) of movable shield is laid hose level (21) with hose filled with fluid (22), and at least on one end of hose (22) there is pressure sensor (23, 24). At that, in addition to account of longitudinal and/or transverse inclination of face conveyor (17) and basic component of frame (10) of movable shield when determining height of face on bottom-hole conveyor (17) and having end hose level basic component of frame (10) of shield support there is at least in two axes of rotation relative to horizontal device (25, 26) for measuring inclination. At that, pressure sensor (23, 24) and inclination measuring device (25, 26) are connected with data processing and control device.EFFECT: simplified determination of height of opening of bottom-hole space.21 cl, 6 dwg