achines or engines for liquids and wind, spring, or weight motors and producing mechanical power or a reactive propulsive thrust, not otherwise provided for (F03)

F03            achines or engines for liquids; wind, spring, or weight motors; producing mechanical power or a reactive propulsive thrust, not otherwise provided for(6776)

Free-stream turbine with flow energy concentrator and hydraulic unit with such turbine // 2642717
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: in the opening of the supporting frame (1) a rotating rotor with paddles (4) attached to its shaft (2) is installed. Flow energy concentrator is designed as two partitions (6) of aperture, the ends (7) of which adjoin with clearance (8) to the cylindrical surface (9), swept by blades (4) when the rotor is rotating. In the partitions along the ends (7), on one or both sides of the opening of the frame (1), grooves (10) of the rounded profile are formed.EFFECT: increase in the coefficient of utilisation of the flow kinetic energy and increase in the cost-effectiveness of material on the concentration of free-flow energy.7 cl, 3 dwg

The wind-generating tower // 2642706
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: wind-generating tower includes a wind farm section and a section of energy conversion, has many levels of wind-entries, through which the wind enters and passes through the inner volume of the tower of the wind generator and is removed outside, the wind farm section has many wind-entries and many wind outputs, and around the center of the tower of the wind generator a plurality of wind deflecting walls are radially arranged in such a way that the wind coming through the wind-entries flows radially in the direction of the energy conversion section through the wind outputs, the wind turbine with vertical shaft having vertical blades in the space formed at the center of each of the levels of the tower of the wind generator is installed in the energy conversion section in such a way that a wind channel of at least 1 m length is formed between the wind deflecting walls and the vertical blades and the wind coming through the wind-entries and the wind outputs of the wind farm section, flows through the wind channel, formed radially in the direction of the energy conversion section and is removed outside from the wind generating tower.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of use of the wind rotating blades.8 cl, 9 dwg

Device for desalination of sea water // 2642658
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for desalination of sea water includes a body located inside and fixed on the frame structure with a suction valve, and a valve for discharging concentrate by a plunger pump, the movement of vertically arranged plunger working on reverse osmosis principle and containing a coiled flexible material that is twisted in shape of cylindrical pipe which is a reverse osmosis membrane, to the lower position passing beyond the limits of the body under the action of its weight, and lifting to the upper position is performed by a flexible coupling, one end of the lifting device is connected to the lower end of the plunger, and at the other end connected to a source of unidirectional intermittent motion in the form of sea wave energy converter.EFFECT: simplified design and improved reliability.8 cl, 1 dwg

Switching unit of rotary switches for ion transport system // 2642447
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: system to control ion engines has two power control devices, four ion motors and two switching units . One switching unit of switches is connected to two power control devices and with two of four ion motors. Another switching unit is connected to said two power control devices and with other two ion engines. Each switching unit has first and second switching states which may be selected to enable power supply by any device of power supply control to any ion engine from the first to fourth ones. Each switching unit has a hollow shaft made rotatable and driven by a stepper motor. The ion engine comprises a discharge anode, a discharge cathode, an electrode of a discharge maintenance device, a discharge heater, a neutralizer cathode, a neutralizer heater, screen, accelerator and moderator grids.EFFECT: improved reliability of the switching means.15 cl, 17 dwg

Anti-icing-balloon wind generator // 2642008
FIELD: wind power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind power engineering. Anti-icing-balloon wind generator, containing an aeronautical module as part of a soft gas-filled balloon shell of positive buoyancy, reinforced with meridian belts, below the mounted frame suspension with a wind-power block of wind rotors and an electric generator, a berthing unit, on the swing platform of which there are two coaxial winches installed downwind and a cable bay placed diametrically opposite to them. Anti-icing-balloon wind generator is added with a rigid-shell ballonet, located inside the balloon shell and partially protruding from below beyond it, on this protruding part of the ballonet, there is a frame suspension with a wind-power block fixed to its bottom and a compressor mounted on a cantilever platform pushed to the leeward side, compressor is tied with a hose manifold with automatic valves that operate from the external icing detectors of the balloon shell so that forced flows of a portion of the light gas between the shell and the ballonet are carried out.EFFECT: invention is aimed at breaking icing and the spatial stability of the wind generator.1 cl, 2 dwg
ultimodulal high-altitude wind power plant // 2642004
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: multimodular high-altitude wind power plant comprising a tethered balloon and a cable-rope, at least two wind turbine modules are suspended in series on the cable-cable in height, each of which includes coaxial screws positioned at an angle of attack against the incoming flow, and electric energy generator. The angles of attack of coaxial screws and their inclination to the left or right can be adjusted by the control system together with attack angles of the screws of the remaining modules.EFFECT: reduction of aerodynamic resistance modules and automatic orientation in the wind direction.2 cl, 2 dwg

Stand for testing electric rocket engine operating on iodine working body and method for testing electric rocket engine operating on iodine working body // 2641983
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: stand for testing electric rocket engine operating on iodine working body consisting of vacuum chamber, evacuation system, electric-rocket engine, system for braking jet of iodine plasma released from engine, system for storing and feeding iodine equipped with heaters and connected through valves with electric rocket engine, a device for condensing iodine provided with a cryoagent supply system, and further includes an iodine vapour line. A braking system mounted coaxially with electric rocket engine and provided with cooling circuit has a central body in the form of truncated cone and a receiving cone covering it, which larger diameter faces the outlet section of the electric rocket engine, and the smaller diameter is connected with the iodine vapour line, the end section of which is connected to the device for iodine condensation and configured with a sealed jacket which is hydraulically connected to the cryoagent supply system, a reservoir which internal cavity has an elastic bag for collecting iodine and made of cold-resistant material and adjacent to its inner wall. The method of testing an electric rocket engine operating on iodine working body is thet the jet of iodine that is released from the engine is braked in the braking system and deposited in the iodine condensation device.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the economic efficiency of stand operation.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of manufacture of composite structural element, composite structural element and wind-driven power plant // 2641867
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacture of composite structural element, in particular for wind-driven power plant, which includes a lot of, at least, two-component composite shaped parts, wherein the first component is formed from the core shaping material and the second component is formed as a part of the connecting layer, the shaping core material is formed, in the prism shape, in the form of a prismatic body with a polygonal base. The polygon of the base has a basis and an angle to the basis, which is from 30° up to 60°, and connect a set of prismatic bodies, and on the joined sides, the functional orientation of the connecting layers is performed in such a manner that the connecting layer passes at an angle 30-60° to the basis surface of at least one of the prisms adjacent to each other. The second component is formed as a woven mat, the woven mat is placed between the first and the second prismatic bodies and connected with the shaping core of the prismatic bodies and the core shaping material is being obtained by extrusion. The composite structural element is connected by a hot joint.EFFECT: increase bending and shear stiffness.14 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of operation of hydro-electric turbine system // 2641804
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the following steps: place a turbine 12 on the seabed in a zone of a reservoir prone to tidal actions; lay an electrical cable for transferring electrical energy from the turbine 12 to a remote location; provide the possibility of rotation of the turbine 12 and the generation of electrical energy due to the energy of the tidal flow of water passing through the turbine 12; and before electric connection of the cable to the turbine 12 absorb electric energy by the load unit 16. The unit 16 is electrically connected to the turbine 12. The unit 16 is installed in the hydro-electric turbine system 10.EFFECT: simplification of installation of the hydro-electric turbine system in the reservoir prone to tidal actions.9 cl, 6 dwg

Freezing point-reducing coating from synthetic film for application of wind-generators on rotor blades // 2641790
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: application of coating containing from 15 to 75 at % of fluoride, a particular method of the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and from 25 to 85 at % of oxygen, hydrogen and/or carbon defined by the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, or coating containing silicon, oxygen, and carbon, causing at least one surface of the rotor blades for lowering the freezing point. The coating is structured in the form of a dot or line image.EFFECT: long and constant protection against icing.5 cl, 9 dwg, 1 tbl

Device for deployment and folding of flexible structure, flexible deployable structure and satellite, equipped with such device // 2641398
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device contains elastically transformable tapes ("roulettes") (31a, 31b, 31c), bent U-shaped and fixed on a flexible film or bed (30). The roulette is removed and retracted using the rotor (33) installed in the stator (32). The first end (16) of the first roulette leg (31) is rigidly connected to the first fastener (36), which can be fixedly connected to the stator (32). The second end (17), passed through the clamping jaws, is wound on the rotor (33). When unwinding from the rotor, the roulette spontaneously (elastically) becomes operational.EFFECT: creation of a compact, easy-to-operate, optimally interfaced with the deployable structure of the device, providing the necessary rigidity and stability of the structure in the working position.20 cl, 16 dwg
Device for conversion of renewable energy // 2641176
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device has a frame, a crank mechanism mounted on the frame which shaft is pivitally connected with the frame by connecting rod and connecting link; a blade rigidly secured on the connecting rod. The connecting link is made in the form of a slider mounted for reciprocation along a guide located in a plane perpendicular to the shaft rotation axis. The connecting rod is located at an angle to the blade plane defined by relation sin |α|<D/(LR), where R is the length of the crank, L is the length of the connecting rod, d is the offset of the guide slider relative to the shaft axis, a counterweight is mounted on the opposite side of the connecting rod on the shaft and the slider guide is offset relative to the shaft rotation axis.EFFECT: increased reliability and reduced dimensions.2 cl, 3 dwg

Hydraulic electric machine body // 2640878
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a body (CAS) of hydraulic electric machine (FEM). The body (CAS) passes along the longitudinal axis (X) and comprises a shell (CAC), a cover (COV) for closing opening (COP) of the shell (CAC), an annular insert (CSP) extending in the body (CAS) in the direction (CD) of the periphery, and adjoins the shell (CAC) and the cover (COV), a first seal (S1) between the cover (COV) and the shell (CAC), a second seal (S2) between the shell (CAC) and the annular insert (CSP), a third seal (S3) between the cover (COV) and the insert (CSP). The body (CAS) includes a sealing intermediate space (ISP) sealed by seals (S1), (S2), (S3) and limited by the shell (CAC), the cover (COV) and the insert (CSP). The space (ISP) is connected to a control line (ISC) connecting the space (ISP) to a control unit (MU) transmitting the signal to control system (CU) when the working medium (PF) from the inner space (IC) of the body (CAS) enters the space (ISP).EFFECT: saving structure space in the radial direction.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for wind turbine operation // 2640462
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind power plant having a foundation (210) configured to be mounted on the ground (10) or to the ground (10) having a ground level and a tower (102) that is located on the foundation (210). The foundation (210) has a foundation plate (211) and a foundation base (212) on the foundation plate (211) located above the ground level. The foundation plate (211) is located below the ground level. A connecting element (213, 214) for the pulling cables is provided on the base member (212), having a plurality of apertures (213a, 214a) for receiving the pulling cables (230). The pulling cables (230) are tensioned from the underside (213b, 214b) of the connecting element (213, 214) by means of the head (240) of the pulling cables. The foundation plate (211) and the base plinth (212) are cast in one piece from the concrete poured in place. The distance between the upper side of the foundation plate and the underside of the connecting element for the pulling cables is of a size providing enough space for the workers to pull the pulling cables.EFFECT: improvement of the foundation of the wind power plant.6 cl, 8 dwg

Spring coupling // 2639930
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: spring coupling comprises a drive and driven half couplings which can be moved along the shaft splines. There are cushion layers along the planes of engagement. The half coupling is connected by a helical spring. The ends of the helical spring are fixed in the slots of the couplings at the end flanges. When the shaft rotates, the spring is able to twist and move the driven half coupling, driving the half couplings into the locked-in condition. The possibility of moving the ends of the springs in the mentioned slots and the presence of shock absorbers makes the engagement smoother.EFFECT: prolongation of working life.2 dwg

Wind turbine with vortex aerodynamic air flow converters // 2639822
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind turbine with vortex aerodynamic air flow converters containing a wind-receiving device with a wind flow accelerator executed in the form of Venturi tube, characterized in that it includes a hollow annular concentrator in which the air flow is accelerated and it is located in the center of the wind receiving device with an air flow vortex generator located inside the concentrator, as well as a vortex ejector of air flows consisting of n modules.EFFECT: invention is directed to convert the kinetic energy of air flows with minimal losses.3 dwg
Autonomous power unit // 2639458
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: unit is provided, containing a tower-type wind turbine with a propeller in the form of a three-bladed rotor with a horizontal axis of rotation, a solar photoelectric panel generator, a diesel generator with a unit for smooth power control, a group of mast vibratory-inducer electric generators for backup unit charging, a vanadium battery of redox cycle elements with containers for anodic and cathodic electrolytes and circulation pumps, or solid oxide fuel cells battery of flow type with a hydrogen electrolyser to methane or hydrogen electrolyser to the metal hydride compounds, pumps for methane, hydrogen and oxygen injection into the receivers, a switch with intelligent source control and network protection against short circuits and overvoltages, a lithium-ion battery, each of the above generators and batteries are used as the main or backup power source for consumers based on actual power generation or accumulation in an amount corresponding to the consumers' needs in power supply.EFFECT: year-round uninterrupted power supply of settlements and towns located in high latitudes.7 cl, 3 dwg

Aerostat-bound wind turbine // 2639419
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: aerostat-bound wind turbine comprising an aeronautic module of positive buoyancy from even number of gas-filled cylinders laid across the arch on a bridge truss, wind-power unit each provided with a nacelle in a planetary multiplier and generator, and also with a radial-blade rotor which axis of rotation coincides with the direction of wind, cable and cable-rope communication with ground quay unit, cable-rope coil and programmed-controlled winches are located on turning platform of unit. Cable-cable is fixed in the middle of horizontal beam of arch bridge truss connected to fastening ropes of tied ropes; cable-rope coil of the mooring assembly is equipped with its mechanical drive controlled by software; wind-power units are suspended to arch bridge truss below its horizontal beam and mirrored relative to axis of module symmetry, all their rotors are transferred to the underwind side of the truss, but the rotors located away from the axis have counter-rotation.EFFECT: increase spatial orientation stability of wind power blocks and minimise aerodynamic interference.2 cl, 3 dwg

Small hydro power plant // 2639239
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: small hydro power plant comprises the upper main accumulation pool, which is connected to the river bed and is attached to the retention basin inlet by dint of the head conduit through the control gate of the upper circuit and through the orthogonal hydro turbine, which is located at the turbine pit. The retention basin is attached to the river bed below the upper main accumulation pool inlet through the suction pipe, the turbine pit with the orthogonal hydro turbine and the lower circuit control gate. The orthogonal hydro turbine is attached to the consuming electrical network, and the control gates of the upper and lower circuit are linked to the gate-operating gear. The upper main pool and the retention basin represent the interconnected vessels.EFFECT: providing the generation of the constant electric energy, that is superior to the influx consumption, in case of the operating expenses in the turbine pit.3 cl, 1 dwg

Vertical gold-section wind motor // 2638691
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: wind motor has a vertical axis of rotation, at least two blades and attachments, the connecting blades and a shaft in the horizontal plane of the blade are in the form of an elongated drop. In horizontal plane, the mean line of each blade coincides with a portion of "the golden section spiral", namely, the mean line of the blade is an arc of one fourth circle, and its arrangement to the axis of rotation relates so as the chord of said arc relates to the vertex of the right angle of the triangle, where the chord is the hypotenuse, and the ratio of the catheters is equal to φ=1.618033.EFFECT: increased efficiency of wind energy utilisation.6 dwg

Ground-generator wind engine // 2638237
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: ground-generator wind engine comprising orthogonally-bladed wind rotors having identical dimensions, raised in the air by a gas-filled balloon shell of positive buoyancy, a mechanism of bevel gear rotation transmission to a flexible shaft stretched downwards to a freely oscillating generator located on the rotary platform of the ground spear knot. The mechanism of bevel gear rotation transmission is located at the center of the transverse support, which is part of the farm, rigidly suspended under the bottom of the balloon shell; the driven shaft of the transmission mechanism rotates in the bearings at right angle to the mentioned support, a driven wheel is attached to the upper end of this shaft and its lower end is joined to the flexible shaft; the driving gears of the transmission mechanism are diametrically disposed relative to the driven wheel, refer to coaxial wind rotors equally moved out of the farm and having a counter rotation of the horizontal axes perpendicular to the direction of the wind.EFFECT: reduced energy losses and stable power generation from the wind.2 dwg

Device for wind conversion // 2638232
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: device for converting wind energy, containing a support-bearing structure, with converters and batteries of electrical energy. The support-bearing structure is made in the form of a fiberglass central rod with decreasing cross-section from the base to the top. The rod is equipped with horizontally located shelves, decreasing from the base to the top, each shelf is equipped with flexible elements, one side of which is fixed to the central rod, and the other - to the rods with springs or dampers in the middle of the rods connecting the shelves. On the shelves the tubes of non-magnetic material which are radially disposed relative to the central rode are installed, each of the tubes contains fixed and movable parts installed with a gap in these tubes and made in the form of permanent magnets directed with the same poles to each other, the movable parts are installed with a gap along the entire length of the tubes, the fixed parts are made in the form of movement limiters of the movable parts, stems are established in them rigidly connected to the nearest movable parts, and on the outer surface of each tube of non-magnetic material, an insulated electrically conductive winding connected to the battery of electric energy is installed.EFFECT: increase in power generation with insignificant wind loads.2 cl, 4 dwg

Wind power plant // 2638230
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: plant comprises a tower (102) with a longitudinal axis, a nacelle (104) rotatably mounted on the tower (102), several cables (200) extending from the nacelle (104) to the tower (102) and a transport unit (500). The transport unit (500) is fixed inside the nacelle (104) and serves to transport the goods (400) inside the tower (102) to the nacelle (104). The transport unit (500) comprises a cable-guide unit (300) with several rings (310-350), the power cables (200) being fixed to the rings periphery (310-350), so that the area inside the rings (310-350) is kept free for cargo transportation (400). The topmost ring (310) is attached to the cavelle (104), and the lowermost ring (350) is fixed in or on the tower (102) without a possibility of turning. The lowermost ring (350) comprises a non-rotatable guide (360) along the longitudinal axis of the tower.EFFECT: simplified transportation of goods to the nacelle.3 cl, 9 dwg

ethod of electric power supply to electrical network // 2638123
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: supply through the windmill farm (2), which includes a multitude of wind power plants (4), to the electrical network (8). The method includes the steps of: supplying electrical power at the network connection point (6); registering at least one network status parameter at the network connection point (6) via the farm control unit (14); checking the electrical network (8) for the presence of a transient process and transmitting, at an increased clock rate of set of values measured by the farm control unit (14) and/or a set of control values (iQS1, iQS2, iQS3), determined by the farm control unit (14), wind power plants (4), if a transient process was detected.EFFECT: maintaining a high-quality network and with a high response rate.11 cl, 2 dwg

Wind turbine plant // 2638120
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: wind turbine plant has a rotor mounted in the housing made in the form of a centrifugal impeller with blades, and a wind trap comprising vertically oriented blades bent towards the wind flow and displaced relative to each other with successive overlap with formation of vertical air duct therebetween. The rotor is mounted on the wind trap and configured in communication with it. The rotor housing has outlet branch pipes, one end of each branch pipe communicates with inner part of the rotor housing, and the free end is directed into the air duct of the wind trap. The blades of the wind trap are provided with stiffening ribs arranged at an angle to the horizontal plane with inclination towards the wind flow on the inner and outer sides of the blades. The rotor blades are fixed on the centrifugal impeller from the inner surface of the housing and directed along the chords of the rotor housing.EFFECT: increased performance and efficiency of the plant for any duration, speed and direction of the wind.5 dwg

Wind power plant rotor blade and wind power plant // 2638093
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: one first and one second aerodynamic ridges (810, 820), the first aerodynamic ridge (810) is located on the rotor blade in a radial direction with respect to the rotor rotation axis around 25% to 40% of the radial length and the second aerodynamic ridge (820) is located on the rotor blade in the radial direction relative to the rotor rotation axis around 45% to 60% of the radial length, has a leading edge (803) and a trailing edge (804) facing away from the leading edge (803). Each aerodynamic ridge (810, 820) or ridge portion (811, 812, 821, 822), respectively, increases its height (h) from the leading edge (803) to the trailing edge (804), in particular from the height (h) of 0 to 5 mm next to the leading edge (803), it continuously increases to a height (h) of more 15 mm, in particular more than 20 mm, to the trailing edge (804).EFFECT: flow stall preventing or limiting.11 cl, 12 dwg

ethod of low-thrust rocket engine operation // 2637787
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: in method of operation of low-thrust rocket engine containing a heating chamber, a nozzle, a high-frequency current source, a control unit, a working medium supply system to a heating chamber and a cooling system, including feeding of working medium into a porous insert located inside the heating chamber, heating the porous insert with use of high-frequency current energy, efflux of working medium through nozzle, the new one is that water is used as working medium, at that the value of the pressure before the porous insert is set depending on the consumption of the working medium and the porosity of the insert of at least 1000 bar, in the first stage of water flow in the porous insert, water is transformed into steam, in the second stage superheated steam is obtained, in this case, superheated steam flows through the nozzle. The porosity of the insert is preferably set from P=0.02 to P=0.2.EFFECT: improvement of safety, reduction of power consumption and cost in operation of the engine.2 cl, 2 dwg

Damless inertial hydroelectric power plant // 2637771
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: damless inertia hydroelectric power station contains a frame. Inside the frame there is a water wheel with a partial immersion in the passing stream of water, on the axis of which there is a hub. The hub is fixed to the bearing assemblies mounted on the frame, and is kinematically connected to the flywheel. The flywheel is a hollow wheel containing a neck for filling/draining a liquid, and inside it is divided into sections by partitions with holes for water overflow between the staggered sections. The flywheel is rigidly mechanically connected to the electric generator, which performs the function of the electrodynamic brake for the flywheel. The hydroelectric power station also contains a flywheel speed sensor, a relay unit connected to the flywheel speed sensor, and a mean for withdrawal the generated electricity.EFFECT: increase in power, expansion of the field of application and increase in reliability.10 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of rotor blade manufacturing // 2637679
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method of manufacturing the rotor blade of a wind power plant in a two-floor manufacturing building, which first floor level is for production of the first part of the rotor blade, and the level of the upper floor located above the level of the first floor is for production of the second part, for example a blank for this rotor blade, wherein at the level of the first floor and at the level of the upper floor, production of the first and second parts is carried out simultaneously and/or in parallel.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce production costs, provide increased reliability, continuity and safety of the rotor blade manufacturing.8 cl, 6 dwg

Two-mode wing // 2637606
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: wing for transition from arch shape to non-curved flat shape and back consisting of three or more parts (1-1, 1-2, 1-3) with aerodynamic profile of the wing connected in series and articulated with each other by means of at least one hinged joint (2, 3) set between at least one pair of such adjacent parts (1-1, 1-2, 1-3) with the aerodynamic profile of the wing.EFFECT: preservation of unchanged shape of wing profile.9 cl, 13 dwg

Wind mill aerostat-floating engine // 2637589
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: wind mill aerostat-floating engine contains aerostat-floating module in the composition of aerostat envelope, a wind-power unit including a generator and orthogonally-blade wind mills, a cable, a conducting rope, and a mooring assembly, on which rotary platform there are two coaxial winches and diametrically opposite cable coil are mounted. At the bottom of the aerostat envelope which is in the form of a gas-filled ball by meridian bands, there is a ring pressed by planar wind vanes on brackets, a H-shaped frame is fixed in the diametric and perpendicular ring plane to the wind, in this case the brackets with the planar wind vanes are extended at a right angle from the frame sides to the branch side. A generator is installed in the middle of the frame horizontal beam. The generator horizontal shaft projects from the both ends of the generator and conjugates with orthogonally-blade wind mills coaxial thereto, which are equally extended beyond the frame limits and rotatable in bearings built into the frame sides. The conducting rope is fixed in the middle of the frame horizontal beam, the cables are tensioned down to winches from the lower end sides of the H-shaped frame.EFFECT: invention is aimed to maintain stability and power generation from ascending air flows achieved by the wind mill engine with the power unit lifted by the aerostat-floating module to the height of high-speed winds.2 dwg
Converter of external kinetic energy into electricity // 2637529
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: converter is made to convert the wave energy into electric power and comprises a stator with turns of the electrical winding 4 provided with contact terminals 5 and a rotor 9 of a linear generator. The stator comprises a support frame 1 provided with a through longitudinal groove 2, on one side of which the magnetic system 3 of the stator with the winding 4 is fixed. In the opening of the groove 2 an elastic plate 6 is installed, one end of which is rigidly connected to frame 1 and at its loose end the rotor 9 is fixed, made in the form of a magnetic body, arranged with a working gap relative to the surface of the stator with possibility of reciprocating displacement relative to it through the groove 2. The plate 6 is made with an eigenfrequency of resonant oscillations of a greater frequency of water oscillations in the waves and faces their flow with one side.EFFECT: increased output power and simplified design of the device.5 cl, 4 dwg

Shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine // 2637280
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine includes an impeller, a rim enclosing the ends of impeller blades, a rotor of generator with poles comprising one unit with the rim, a generator stator, a seal on the two sides of the rim. The rim with the rotor and the generator stator are enclosed in a chamber. The chamber has an inlet for compressed air supply with possibility of its feed adjustment, an inlet for pressure sensor in the chamber, a water flow pressure sensor located on the generator chamber. Ends of the rim are provided with circular concentric ridges. An air channel between the impeller rim and the turbine flow part is filled with porous material in form of cellular seals.EFFECT: improved reliability of shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine design.2 dwg

Hydraulic motor integrated with vehicle wheel // 2637241
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic motor comprises a hub, a hydraulic motor housing, a ring nut, a hydraulic oil distributor. The hub is mounted on a steering knuckle defining the axle (X) of the hub and the hydraulic motor. The housing of the hydraulic motor is mounted without rotation on the steering knuckle, has an annular shape and is equipped with radial pistons. The ring nut is made in one piece with the hub, on which the radial pistons act. The hydraulic oil distributor is located in the hub.EFFECT: increasing the device reliability.12 cl, 2 dwg
Pulse plasma heat actuator of ejector type // 2637235
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft flow control systems at subsonic and nearsonic flight speeds. The pulse plasma heat actuator of the ejector type comprises an underwater channel with a check valve, a discharge chamber with built-in needle electrodes, an ejector nozzle, a mixing chamber, a rarefaction cavity with a slit connecting the rarefaction cavity with the surface of the wing, and an output diffuser. The actuator allows to create a high-speed pulsating jet of gas flowing from the nozzle without overheating of the working area in one area of the flow and simultaneously carry out the boundary layer exhaust into the other one.EFFECT: expanded possibility of controlling the aircraft wing flow.2 dwg

High-altitude air wind power plant // 2637161
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: plant is presented, containing a magnetoelectric generator whose rotor is located vertically and stationary in the centre of a fixed site, and the upper and lower stators are mounted on top and bottom of the fixed site. The stators are made in the form of torus-shaped rings and have opposite directions of rotation relative to each other; blades are attached to the stators at one end, and the other end of the blade is hingedly attached to the rotor shaft, while the blades and stators torus rings are inflatable and filled with helium.EFFECT: increased efficiency.3 dwg

ethod of energy generation in which harmful support vibration is used and simultaneously partially dampened (versions) // 2637156
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: in the first version the energy generation method, in which the harmful support vibration is used and simultaneously partially dampened, is characterized in that an unbalanced rotor mounted on the support is accelerated to the frequency equal to or greater than the vibration frequency of the support, after which the unbalanced rotor acceleration is stopped and the energy is removed, for example, from its shaft. In a preferred version of this method, the unbalanced rotor is accelerated by an electric motor whose shaft is connected to the shaft of the unbalanced rotor. The second version generally repeats the first one, but it uses two unbalanced rotors and, accordingly, two engines.EFFECT: method allows to generate mechanical or electrical energy due to the use and simultaneous partial dampening of the harmful support vibration, the generation of energy is carried out without significant heat loss and is therefore effective.6 cl, 4 dwg

River damless hydroelectric power plant with stepped concentrator and vertical bucket longline hydroturbine // 2636971
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: technical solution consists in artificial narrowing by a ground bridge of a river bed and creating concentration of kinetic energy of the water flow and in further using a vertical bucket longline hydroturbine in work. The hydroelectric power plant consists of a hydroturbine, generator, transformer, auxiliary and other equipment. Artificial narrowing of the river bed is achieved by a ground jumper and a water intake (1) in the form of a truncated cone or a prism shape . A turbine pipeline is connected to the water intake (1) with intermediate concentrators (2) in the form of a truncated cone shape. The water flow, passing through the turbine pipeline with concentrators (2), enters the distributors and further into the nozzles of the hydroturbine through the outlets and has the velocity and kinetic energy necessary to ensure the operation of the vertical bucket longline hydroturbine of the installed capacity. To prevent the entry of floating waste, wood and other wastes into the turbine pipeline, protective barriers (3) are installed in front of the water intake of the turbine pipeline in the form of gratings, grids, etc. preventing the waste penetration into the turbine pipeline. To ensure the fish passage to spawn, a bypass (4) with basis of spandrel is installed parallel to the turbine pipeline, through which the fish during the spawning season passes through the HPP. A fish-farm can be placed on the bypass. The inlet of the bypass is covered by shields or other devices, the normal position of which is closed, and they are opened only for the period of the fish passage during spawning.EFFECT: increasing the speed of water flow ensures the operation of a HPP year-round, there will be no negative impact on the environment.2 dwg

Irrotational thermal-mechanical converter // 2636956
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: irrotational thermal-mechanical converter comprises heating and cooling zones, a bimetallic cylinder (instead of the rotor), rollers arranged around the outer circle deforming it, among which at least one is connected with it kinematically, for example, by friction gearing and has a shaft for drive of the connected equipment, as well as a system for supplying heating and cooling heat carriers, wherein heat-exchange chambers are equipped with heat recuperation channels with its application both for preheating segments of the working cylinder shell and for other purposes (household and others), i.e. to ensure converter operation in a cogeneration mode.EFFECT: simplicity of design, flexibility in using various sources of thermal energy, its high operational characteristics, low cost of manufacture, installation and operation, safety and quietness of the converter ensure its global demand.4 dwg

Dc traction substation with flywheel storage // 2636847
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: DC traction substation with a flywheel storage includes a power transformer, rectifier, a smoothing filter with a reactor, flywheel storage, an energy conversion, control and redistribution unit, current and voltage sensors. The conversion, control and redistribution unit include an automatic drive that is connected to the storage and to an automatic transfer box. The transfer box is connected to a DC motor, a DC generator and a three-phase generator by means of shafts. The motor and the DC generator are connected to the positive and negative buses of the traction substation via semiconductor switches. The three-phase generator is connected to the three-phase supply network through a semiconductor switch unit. In this case, the control leads of the automatic drive with an automatic transfer box, all semiconductor switches are connected to the corresponding terminals of the control unit, to the inputs of which the terminals of the current and voltage sensors and the terminal of the storage charge level sensor are connected.EFFECT: improving the safety and reliability of the traction substation.1 dwg

ethod of controlling power of reactable hydraulic turbines // 2636603
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the automatic control of hydroelectric power stations (HPPs) aggregates and is intended for use in the system for maintaining the regime of HPP aggregate with reactive turbine in accordance with the set upper level of control of the amount of electric power. The determination of guide vanes position setting is performed by integrating the mismatch between the power setting signal and the value of the nonlinear function equal to the turbine power value calculated from the factory or experimentally taken dependence on this servomotor position and the runner vane slewing position, determined by the combinatorial dependence under the assumption of the effect of net head on turbine; in the subsequent detection of discrepancy between the value of the power developed by the turbine and the value of this function and correction of used value of the head by adding to it the weighted sum of resulting error and the integral of it.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and speed of these systems, and in the case of using it in the control systems of rotary-blade turbines, it allows not only to simplify their adjustment and improve the quality of control, but also to increase the efficiency of turbines.2 cl, 10 dwg

Rotary-vane engine (versions) // 2636595
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: engine comprises of a body 1, in the internal cavity of which a rotor 4 is mounted rotating on a central axis 2 connected to an eccentric axis 3 on which movably fixed vanes 5 are displaced, which have an application area 7 for the thrust bearing 6, located on the rotor 4, operating chambers with a supply channel 9 formed between the two vanes 5. The space between two adjacent vanes 5 forms alternating engine operating chambers with supply channels 9 and cooling chambers with cooling channels 11. The supply channels 9 and cooling channels 11 are formed in the rotor 4 at different radii. The feed and cooling ducts 16 and 17, as well as the discharge channel 12, are provided in the body 1.EFFECT: improved performance and improved efficiency.5 cl, 10 dwg

Working gas supply for ion jet engine // 2636285
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method for supply of ion jet thruster with working gas coming from reservoir with excessive pressure is carried out by means of a supply device comprising a valve on/off and, successively downstream of said valve, on/off, a high-pressure throttle, a buffer reservoir and at least one low-pressure throttle. The method comprises the steps of calculation a predetermined pressure value (pc) for the buffer reservoir as a function of given flow rate (Qc), calculation of the difference (Δp) between given pressure value (pc) for the buffer reservoir and pressure (pt), measured in the buffer reservoir, calculation of predetermined value (tc) for valve opening time on/off as a function of said difference (Δp) and pressure (pr) in said reservoir with excess pressure, and opening the valve on/off in accordance with said predetermined opening time value (tc).EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase reliability of supply with working gas of the ion jet thruster.10 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for creating electric propulsion thrust // 2635951
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: after creating an electric propulsion thrust in the fuel combustion mode at a pulsed pressure in a truncated spherical combustion chamber with the formation of a fire core in the combustion chamber and a plasma core in a magnetic field inductor under the action of a microwave field in the electron cyclotron resonance mode, and also creating a direct accelerating impulse voltage on the side of the cation accelerator located in front of the nozzle, the detonation combustion mode in the pulse mode, at which a stable detonation wave is formed in the fire core due to the pulse stream ionization-thermal cation waves from the plasma core, is additionally provided by creating an inverse accelerating pulse voltage on the side of the isolated electrode installed in the combustion chamber. The flow of ionization-thermal cation waves under the action of the reverse accelerating voltage and the flow of combustion products under the action of direct accelerating voltage is affected by a magnetic field whose induction vector coincides with the velocity vector of these flows.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the specific thrust, efficiency coefficient and efficiency of energy conversion of fuel combustion products into electric power.3 cl, 1 dwg

Wind turbine with gearbox of single-stage speed multiplier with high gear ratio // 2635753
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gearbox has a coaxial pair of ring gears including a large ring gear having a pitch diameter A, and a small ring gear having a pitch diameter D. The coaxial pair of spur gears includes a large spur gear having a pitch diameter B and a small spur gear having a pitch diameter C. The large spur gear engages with the large ring gear, and small spur gear engages with small ring gear to form two engaging pairs. A carrier is connected to input shaft of the gearbox. Two gears of one of two coaxial pairs are joined together to act epicyclicly on a bearing element. One of the gears of other two coaxial pairs is attached to the unit frame and the other gear is connected to an output shaft. Four gears satisfy the ratio of dimensions A=K+i, B=K, C=K-j and D=K+i-j-j, where K, i and j are integers.EFFECT: change of input rate on the input shaft connected to blade shaft of the wind turbine before the output rate on the output shaft connected to electric generator of wind turbine.4 cl, 2 tbl, 7 dwg

inipower plant // 2635750
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: minipower plant refers to mechanical engineering, in the part of the mass electrification of agriculture and the life of the rural population living along banks of mountain rivers with large slopes and low water costs. The mini-power plant contains a tank, a water supply channel, an internal cavity, a vertical shaft connected with a clutch to an electric generator drive, and outlet channels with regulators for changing the outlet. The tank consists of a shell of a bottom and a cover, which have a bolted connection to the shell, the inner cavity is the space between the pipe and the shaft in the form of Archimedean screw fixedly connected to each other, the cavity is bounded by the bottom, the plane of which is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the screw and connected to the bottom of the tank by a rotational kinematic pair, below the shell of the tank has windows, and from the cavity, with respect to its external surface, the drainage channels in the form of grottoes, are horizontally extended, and based on the continuation of the bottom of the inner cavity, between the shell of the tank and the surface of the cavity there is a gap sufficient for free rotation of the cavity with the drainage channels relative to the tank.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency and simplifying the design of the minipower plant.5 cl, 8 dwg

Wind power plant // 2635010
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind power plant comprises a platform made in the form of a multipath star with the ability to rotate about its own axis of symmetry, and sailing elements mounted at the ends of the rays of mentioned star, rotatable about their own symmetry axes. The platform is equipped with a device that maintains an unchanged ratio of the speed of rotation of the platform and sailing elements to each other. Sailing elements are designed to allow additional angular rotation around their own axes under the influence of an incident air flow. The angle of radial rotation of the sail element from the initial position, determined by the rotation of the platform, in either direction to the end position, is ∝=180°/n, where: ∝ - angle, n - number of sailing elements.EFFECT: exclusion of the action of the negative moment from sailing elements located in the inoperative zone.2 dwg

Aerogenerator rotor blade mounting method and aerogenerator rotor blade // 2635003
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: there is an aerogenerator rotor blade mounting method, where the aerogenerator has at least one separating unit (200), which comprises the following steps: lifting cable (300) fastening to lift the aerogenerator rotor blade to the rotor blade (108) or in the rotor blade (108), fastening of the first ends (410) of at least one auxiliary wire (400) on the separating unit (200) or in the separating unit (200) in the rotor blade (108), rotor blade (108) lifting with the help of the lifting cable (300), rotor blade (106) mounting on the aerogenerator rotor, separating unit (200) activation so that the first ends (410) of the auxiliary wires (400) are released, and auxiliary wires (400) removal, whereupon the mentioned at least one auxiliary wire is designed for the rotor blade operation and fixation during its installation.EFFECT: aerogenerator rotor blade mounting simplification.7 cl, 4 dwg

Wind power plant and method of wind power plant operation // 2635000
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wind power plant includes a rotor (106) comprising at least two rotor blades (108); an electric generator (200) directly or indirectly connected to the rotor (106) of the wind power plant and generating electric power when the rotor (106) rotates; and a control unit (120) for controlling the operation of the wind power plant. The control unit (120) activates the first operating mode in the event of a malfunction if the power supply (130) parameters exceed or decrease below the threshold value. The control unit (120) in the first mode of operation incase of a fault is configured to reduce the rotation speed of the rotor (106) to zero and to activate the electric consumer (400) to consume electric power generated by the generator (200) in the fault mode. The control unit (120) is configured to activate the second operating mode in the event of a malfunction if the power network parameters exceed or decrease below the threshold value. The control unit (120) in the second mode of operation in the event of a malfunction is configured to control the wind power plant in such a manner that said control unit takes power from the supply network and consumes said power by the electrical consumer (400).EFFECT: increase the responsiveness to the power network malfunction to which the wind power plant is connected.4 cl, 4 dwg

obile wind device for disinfection of roadsides by spraying // 2634975
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mobile wind device for disinfection of roadsides by spraying has a windwheel on a vertical tubular axle with a dosing cup and a telescopic rod attached thereon. A nozzle is arranged on bent end of the rod for changing radius and height of the spraying. Solution is delivered from a reservoir on vehicle through an adjusting valve and the dosing cup to the spraying nozzle by self-outflow. The telescopic rod is fixed on a rubber bushing and has a curved movable end. The device is made for combined rotation of the windwheel with the vertical tubular axle, the dosing cup and the telescopic rod with the nozzle.EFFECT: adjusting the flow rate of the disinfection solution and changing the size of the roadside treated surface in the horizontal and vertical plane.1 dwg