achines or engines for liquids (F03B)

F03B              achines or engines for liquids (machines or engines for liquids and elastic fluids f01; positive-displacement engines for liquids f03c; positive-displacement machines for liquids f04)(2635)

Free-stream turbine with flow energy concentrator and hydraulic unit with such turbine // 2642717
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: in the opening of the supporting frame (1) a rotating rotor with paddles (4) attached to its shaft (2) is installed. Flow energy concentrator is designed as two partitions (6) of aperture, the ends (7) of which adjoin with clearance (8) to the cylindrical surface (9), swept by blades (4) when the rotor is rotating. In the partitions along the ends (7), on one or both sides of the opening of the frame (1), grooves (10) of the rounded profile are formed.EFFECT: increase in the coefficient of utilisation of the flow kinetic energy and increase in the cost-effectiveness of material on the concentration of free-flow energy.7 cl, 3 dwg

Device for desalination of sea water // 2642658
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for desalination of sea water includes a body located inside and fixed on the frame structure with a suction valve, and a valve for discharging concentrate by a plunger pump, the movement of vertically arranged plunger working on reverse osmosis principle and containing a coiled flexible material that is twisted in shape of cylindrical pipe which is a reverse osmosis membrane, to the lower position passing beyond the limits of the body under the action of its weight, and lifting to the upper position is performed by a flexible coupling, one end of the lifting device is connected to the lower end of the plunger, and at the other end connected to a source of unidirectional intermittent motion in the form of sea wave energy converter.EFFECT: simplified design and improved reliability.8 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of operation of hydro-electric turbine system // 2641804
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: method comprises the following steps: place a turbine 12 on the seabed in a zone of a reservoir prone to tidal actions; lay an electrical cable for transferring electrical energy from the turbine 12 to a remote location; provide the possibility of rotation of the turbine 12 and the generation of electrical energy due to the energy of the tidal flow of water passing through the turbine 12; and before electric connection of the cable to the turbine 12 absorb electric energy by the load unit 16. The unit 16 is electrically connected to the turbine 12. The unit 16 is installed in the hydro-electric turbine system 10.EFFECT: simplification of installation of the hydro-electric turbine system in the reservoir prone to tidal actions.9 cl, 6 dwg
Device for conversion of renewable energy // 2641176
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device has a frame, a crank mechanism mounted on the frame which shaft is pivitally connected with the frame by connecting rod and connecting link; a blade rigidly secured on the connecting rod. The connecting link is made in the form of a slider mounted for reciprocation along a guide located in a plane perpendicular to the shaft rotation axis. The connecting rod is located at an angle to the blade plane defined by relation sin |α|<D/(LR), where R is the length of the crank, L is the length of the connecting rod, d is the offset of the guide slider relative to the shaft axis, a counterweight is mounted on the opposite side of the connecting rod on the shaft and the slider guide is offset relative to the shaft rotation axis.EFFECT: increased reliability and reduced dimensions.2 cl, 3 dwg

Hydraulic electric machine body // 2640878
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a body (CAS) of hydraulic electric machine (FEM). The body (CAS) passes along the longitudinal axis (X) and comprises a shell (CAC), a cover (COV) for closing opening (COP) of the shell (CAC), an annular insert (CSP) extending in the body (CAS) in the direction (CD) of the periphery, and adjoins the shell (CAC) and the cover (COV), a first seal (S1) between the cover (COV) and the shell (CAC), a second seal (S2) between the shell (CAC) and the annular insert (CSP), a third seal (S3) between the cover (COV) and the insert (CSP). The body (CAS) includes a sealing intermediate space (ISP) sealed by seals (S1), (S2), (S3) and limited by the shell (CAC), the cover (COV) and the insert (CSP). The space (ISP) is connected to a control line (ISC) connecting the space (ISP) to a control unit (MU) transmitting the signal to control system (CU) when the working medium (PF) from the inner space (IC) of the body (CAS) enters the space (ISP).EFFECT: saving structure space in the radial direction.4 cl, 2 dwg

Small hydro power plant // 2639239
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: small hydro power plant comprises the upper main accumulation pool, which is connected to the river bed and is attached to the retention basin inlet by dint of the head conduit through the control gate of the upper circuit and through the orthogonal hydro turbine, which is located at the turbine pit. The retention basin is attached to the river bed below the upper main accumulation pool inlet through the suction pipe, the turbine pit with the orthogonal hydro turbine and the lower circuit control gate. The orthogonal hydro turbine is attached to the consuming electrical network, and the control gates of the upper and lower circuit are linked to the gate-operating gear. The upper main pool and the retention basin represent the interconnected vessels.EFFECT: providing the generation of the constant electric energy, that is superior to the influx consumption, in case of the operating expenses in the turbine pit.3 cl, 1 dwg

Damless inertial hydroelectric power plant // 2637771
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: damless inertia hydroelectric power station contains a frame. Inside the frame there is a water wheel with a partial immersion in the passing stream of water, on the axis of which there is a hub. The hub is fixed to the bearing assemblies mounted on the frame, and is kinematically connected to the flywheel. The flywheel is a hollow wheel containing a neck for filling/draining a liquid, and inside it is divided into sections by partitions with holes for water overflow between the staggered sections. The flywheel is rigidly mechanically connected to the electric generator, which performs the function of the electrodynamic brake for the flywheel. The hydroelectric power station also contains a flywheel speed sensor, a relay unit connected to the flywheel speed sensor, and a mean for withdrawal the generated electricity.EFFECT: increase in power, expansion of the field of application and increase in reliability.10 cl, 4 dwg
Converter of external kinetic energy into electricity // 2637529
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: converter is made to convert the wave energy into electric power and comprises a stator with turns of the electrical winding 4 provided with contact terminals 5 and a rotor 9 of a linear generator. The stator comprises a support frame 1 provided with a through longitudinal groove 2, on one side of which the magnetic system 3 of the stator with the winding 4 is fixed. In the opening of the groove 2 an elastic plate 6 is installed, one end of which is rigidly connected to frame 1 and at its loose end the rotor 9 is fixed, made in the form of a magnetic body, arranged with a working gap relative to the surface of the stator with possibility of reciprocating displacement relative to it through the groove 2. The plate 6 is made with an eigenfrequency of resonant oscillations of a greater frequency of water oscillations in the waves and faces their flow with one side.EFFECT: increased output power and simplified design of the device.5 cl, 4 dwg

Shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine // 2637280
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine includes an impeller, a rim enclosing the ends of impeller blades, a rotor of generator with poles comprising one unit with the rim, a generator stator, a seal on the two sides of the rim. The rim with the rotor and the generator stator are enclosed in a chamber. The chamber has an inlet for compressed air supply with possibility of its feed adjustment, an inlet for pressure sensor in the chamber, a water flow pressure sensor located on the generator chamber. Ends of the rim are provided with circular concentric ridges. An air channel between the impeller rim and the turbine flow part is filled with porous material in form of cellular seals.EFFECT: improved reliability of shaftless straight-flow hydraulic turbine design.2 dwg

River damless hydroelectric power plant with stepped concentrator and vertical bucket longline hydroturbine // 2636971
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: technical solution consists in artificial narrowing by a ground bridge of a river bed and creating concentration of kinetic energy of the water flow and in further using a vertical bucket longline hydroturbine in work. The hydroelectric power plant consists of a hydroturbine, generator, transformer, auxiliary and other equipment. Artificial narrowing of the river bed is achieved by a ground jumper and a water intake (1) in the form of a truncated cone or a prism shape . A turbine pipeline is connected to the water intake (1) with intermediate concentrators (2) in the form of a truncated cone shape. The water flow, passing through the turbine pipeline with concentrators (2), enters the distributors and further into the nozzles of the hydroturbine through the outlets and has the velocity and kinetic energy necessary to ensure the operation of the vertical bucket longline hydroturbine of the installed capacity. To prevent the entry of floating waste, wood and other wastes into the turbine pipeline, protective barriers (3) are installed in front of the water intake of the turbine pipeline in the form of gratings, grids, etc. preventing the waste penetration into the turbine pipeline. To ensure the fish passage to spawn, a bypass (4) with basis of spandrel is installed parallel to the turbine pipeline, through which the fish during the spawning season passes through the HPP. A fish-farm can be placed on the bypass. The inlet of the bypass is covered by shields or other devices, the normal position of which is closed, and they are opened only for the period of the fish passage during spawning.EFFECT: increasing the speed of water flow ensures the operation of a HPP year-round, there will be no negative impact on the environment.2 dwg

ethod of controlling power of reactable hydraulic turbines // 2636603
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the automatic control of hydroelectric power stations (HPPs) aggregates and is intended for use in the system for maintaining the regime of HPP aggregate with reactive turbine in accordance with the set upper level of control of the amount of electric power. The determination of guide vanes position setting is performed by integrating the mismatch between the power setting signal and the value of the nonlinear function equal to the turbine power value calculated from the factory or experimentally taken dependence on this servomotor position and the runner vane slewing position, determined by the combinatorial dependence under the assumption of the effect of net head on turbine; in the subsequent detection of discrepancy between the value of the power developed by the turbine and the value of this function and correction of used value of the head by adding to it the weighted sum of resulting error and the integral of it.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and speed of these systems, and in the case of using it in the control systems of rotary-blade turbines, it allows not only to simplify their adjustment and improve the quality of control, but also to increase the efficiency of turbines.2 cl, 10 dwg

inipower plant // 2635750
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: minipower plant refers to mechanical engineering, in the part of the mass electrification of agriculture and the life of the rural population living along banks of mountain rivers with large slopes and low water costs. The mini-power plant contains a tank, a water supply channel, an internal cavity, a vertical shaft connected with a clutch to an electric generator drive, and outlet channels with regulators for changing the outlet. The tank consists of a shell of a bottom and a cover, which have a bolted connection to the shell, the inner cavity is the space between the pipe and the shaft in the form of Archimedean screw fixedly connected to each other, the cavity is bounded by the bottom, the plane of which is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the screw and connected to the bottom of the tank by a rotational kinematic pair, below the shell of the tank has windows, and from the cavity, with respect to its external surface, the drainage channels in the form of grottoes, are horizontally extended, and based on the continuation of the bottom of the inner cavity, between the shell of the tank and the surface of the cavity there is a gap sufficient for free rotation of the cavity with the drainage channels relative to the tank.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency and simplifying the design of the minipower plant.5 cl, 8 dwg

Well electric power plant // 2633981
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: well electric power plant is the shaft well with water and the repair well, it also contains the telescopic float, the upper part of which has spring-loaded flaps, and the lower one has the explosive charge and the cable, integrated with the power generating device: drum, brakes, reducers and generators, and also contains the pipe located outside the well with the opening sharp end, designed for opening the spring-loaded flaps of the float, discharge of explosive gases from it and throwing the new explosive charge into it.EFFECT: expansion of functionality.1 dwg
Tidal power plant power module // 2633497
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: tidal power plant power module comprises at a minimum one pair of tanks 10 that are linked to each other by the flexure link, which is connected to the drive that provides the electric generator shaft movement. The module has one upper open from the top for the water entry from the outside and one closed lower pools 2 and 1 that are linked to the mine 5. The mine 5 cuts off the interior space from the external environment and has vertical guides 6 suitable for the tanks 10 periodic reciprocating motion along the guides. The pool 2 is located in such a way that it provides the tanks 10 water admission through the drainage holes that are fitted with the sealed with regard to the pool 2 shutoff locking device suitable for its movement in the vertical plane.EFFECT: invention allows to receive the environmentally friendly electric energy through the use of the affluxions with the elimination of the interruption of the power supply into the electric power system and with the efficiency factor increase.8 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

Wave energy generator and method of energy generation // 2633328
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: wave energy generator contains a floating body intended for swimming in a mass of water. The electric machine (103) disposed in the body has an anchor and a field source, wherein the machine (103) has a fixed part connected to the body and a movable part. The counterweight assembly (104) is movable in the body and comprises a movable part of the machine (103). The relative movement of the counterweight unit and the stationary part of the machine (103) generates electrical energy. The energy storage device (400) stores the energy generated by the machine (103). The control system (200) determines a bi-directional energy flow between the power storage device and the armature. The energy returns to the machine (103) to drive the counterweight assembly antisymmetrically to the body movement.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency in generating energy.23 cl, 21 dwg

Rotary machine // 2632737
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotary machine includes a stator 1, a cylindrical rotor 2 arranged therein and filled with liquid for rotation thereof with the same angular velocity as the rotor 2. A through reactive port 6 is made in lower part of the rotor 2 on cylindrical surface for rotation of rotor due to energy of liquid, outflowing from the port 6. In upper end wall 8 of the rotor, there is a suction port 9 which is connected in series by means of manifold 10 and adjustable valve 11 with a liquid supply source 13 located above. In the lower part of the stator 1, there is the same adjustable drain valve 16.EFFECT: providing serviceability of the rotary machine and expansion of its technical possibilities.3 dwg

Water jet engine // 2632676
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: water jet engine is under microprocessor control and contains a coaxially located input device, a nozzle, a high pressure pump on one shaft, a low pressure pump and a turbine. The water jet engine consists of water high pressure chamber of spherical form. There is a corrugated expansion element in the upper part of the chamber, connected on one side by a vertically arranged pipe with a high-pressure pump, and in the lower part through electromagnetic valves with several combustion chambers, each of which is an egg-shaped vessel that has at upper part two electrodes of the electric discharge and with certain displacement from the axis through the solenoid valve, a tubular connection with the atmosphere, and the outlet in the lower part is made in the form of a vertical pipe with an injector, which internal cavity is connected to external circuit through a one-way valve, smoothly transorming into a horizontal one and is connected to a common nozzle leading to the outside water after a single-sided valve. There is a turbine and an external circuit inside the nozzle. In the upper part of each of the combustion chambers, next to the two electrodes of the electric discharge, there are two inputs covered with needle-shaped solenoid valves. One of them has a connection with natural gas bottle, and the other one - with a compressed air bottle, which contacts the atmosphere through the compressor.EFFECT: creation of reactive propulsion in water environment.1 dwg

Water mill and method of production of electricity by this device // 2632067
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: mill comprises a water guide with at least one flow channel 54a in which at least two blade wheels 67a1 and 67a2 having a rotational shaft 68a1 and 68a2, respectively, oriented in a working state perpendicular to the direction of flow, and at least three blades, and means for transferring the rotational motion of the shafts 68a1 and 68a2 to the generator. Each blade comprises lamellas adapted to pivot about a pivot axis extending parallel to the shafts 68a1 and 68a2. The axis of rotation of each lamella is located on one long side of the corresponding lamellae or near it. The swivel motion of the lamellae is hampered by restrictive means when the corresponding blade is moved along with the flow. The lamellas are freely rotatable when the corresponding blade is moved against the direction of flow. The lamellas are in the form of a drop. The wheels 67a1 and 67a2 are formed in the channel 54a one after the other. The water supply area is funnel-shaped, tapering towards the channel 54a.EFFECT: ensuring the effective conversion of water flow into electricity.26 cl, 10 dwg

Hydraulic turbine assembly and method to install replaceable hydraulic turbine // 2631581
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic turbine assembly 50 includes a hub 54 rotatable about a central axis 71 and configured to be installed in water channel and at least three working wheel blades 52. The hub 54 includes an upstream end, a downstream end and an outer surface between the upstream end and the downstream end, and at least three mounting grooves. Each mounting groove comprises a first mounting surface 56 of the hub 54 and a second mounting surface 58 of the hub 54. The surface 58 is located downstream and radially inside from the surface 56. The ascent continues between surfaces 56 and 58. Each of the blades 52 comprises a base 64 configured to be mounted in a one of the corresponding mounting grooves. The base 64 comprises a first mounting surface 68 configured to abut against the surface 56 and a second mounting surface 70 configured to abut against the surface 58.EFFECT: increase of power generated by the turbine.15 cl, 16 dwg

Hydraulic power unit // 2631474
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic power unit comprises a body 1 in the form of two chambers 17, 18 with the inlet and outlet ports 19-22 with the hatches 23-26, the floats 30, 31 that are housed within the chambers 17, 18, an accumulator tank 8, an operating main line 4, a cranked axle 37 with piston rods that are linked to the floats 30, 31. The unit is placed in parallel with the river bed or the channel, which is divided by the longitudinal baffle 3 into the operating and emergency main lines 4, 6 with dampers 5, 7. The tank 8 is formed in main line 4. The main line 6 is attached to the bypass line 9. The ports 19-22 are placed against each other suitable for connection with lines 4 and 9. The unit is equipped with the motor drives 41-44 that are fixed above the ports 19-22, the shaft of each of the drives is supplied with the drum 45, which is connected to the relevant hatch by the wire rope 46, and is equipped with the floating switches 48, 49 of the motor drives 41-44 and with the rod forked switches. The motor drives 41-44 are linked to the oscillator, which is connected to the shaft 37 with the gear unit.EFFECT: enhancement of unit operating efficiency, unit performance reliability and construction simplification of the hatches lift and drop headgear.2 cl, 3 dwg
Energy conversion device // 2631349
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: energy conversion device comprises a drive shaft (10), a transfer shaft (20), a power shaft (30), the first (13, 31) and the second (23, 31) input devices. In addition, the composition includes the first tension force transmitting element (40) and an energy storage unit. The energy storage unit may be constructed using the second force-transmitting tension element (50) and a spring (51) or weight (52).EFFECT: energy transfer stability.11 cl, 5 dwg

Compact vane for francis turbine runner and method of runner configuration // 2629849
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: vane 20 for runner 18 of the Francis turbine having the throat diameter (Dth) has a maximum thickness of at least 0.03 of the throat diameter (Dth). The leading edge has a maximum angle of inclination of at least 45 degrees at its lower edge. The angle of inclination is determined by the vertical line and the leading edge.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at the development of compact vanes having an improved performance in relation to the problems of cavitation and the efficiency of the turbine.8 cl, 6 dwg

Hydrostorage system // 2629350
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydrostorage system includes working mechanisms that transform movements of various nature into operation of individual high pressure pumps pumping water from natural reservoir into impoundment at a level higher than the level of the natural reservoir, as well as a device for converting pressure of water flowing via water pipeline from the impoundment into consumption energy for production of useful work. The system is equipped with tanks placed on the bottom of the impoundment and communicated with pumps that are capable of pumping high pressure water into said tanks and which are equipped with pressure accumulators to normalize the pressure therein and a buffer tank at the bottom of the water pipeline located below the impoundment and above the level of natural reservoir and equipped with pressure accumulators to protect water pipeline and working mechanisms for pressure take-off from the hydralic impact.EFFECT: increased operational reliability and energy efficiency.2 dwg

Hydroelectric power generator // 2628942
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power generator contains a main and an auxiliary wave generators, wave power stations of the float type connected to a single power system, and a hydroelectric power processing and accumulating unit. The auxiliary generator is made in the form of a pendulum, the axis of which is built into the pillar support. On the long arm of the pendulum, a container with a liquid is fixed, for example with alcohol, and at the end of the short arm a rod is attached, connected with a ratchet mechanism for converting the reciprocating motion of the pendulum into a one-sided forward rotation of the star wheel shaft of the main wave generator. A container of water intake from the reservoir is fixed to each ray of the star wheel. The main wave generator is provided with a lock chamber for water discharge to generate wave processes on the surface of the reservoir. The receipt of hydroelectric power is provided by creating wave processes on the surface of the reservoir and by converting the vibration energy of the floats into electricity.EFFECT: achieving a higher power of the hydroelectric power station by introducing an auxiliary wave generator, as a result of which the energy generated by the wave power plants is completely supplied to the power storage unit, the installation of an additional current generator in the lock chamber of the main wave generator, operating from the mechanical energy of water discharge.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of giving movement to a working wheel and a working wheel of hydroturbine // 2628254
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of giving movement to the impeller consists in forming the main torque using the reaction of the inflowing fluid when the flow interacts with the main blades 5 arranged by the convex side to the flow and as much as possible changing its radial direction and the additional torque using an outflow liquid with further interaction of the flow with additional blades located concave sides to the flow.EFFECT: increase in the efficiency of the hydroturbine due to additional energy extraction from the liquid at the outlet of the impeller.2 cl, 8 dwg

Control method of the hydraulic gate drive for the hydraulic gate with the electric machine, operational diagram, the hydraulic gate drive and the hydroelectric power station // 2627999
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: drive has the asynchronous machine (210), operated as the asynchronous motor/generator to control the gate. The machine (210) has the brake (230) with release the brake device. The method contains the following steps in which the emergency closing situation is detected and/or indicated, the brake (230) is released by the release the brake device in the event, when the insufficient power is indicated. The machine (210) is activated by the gravity force of the hydraulic gate shield or the roller gate. The machine (210) is operated automatically, at that the rotating field is formed. The machine (210) is operated in the generating island operating mode, in which the rotating field is generated automatically.EFFECT: creation of the method and device to control the hydraulic gate or the roller gate drive, which during the emergency shutdown provides the gate shield release passively.24 cl, 4 dwg

Floating coastal hydro-wave power plant // 2626188
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: floating coastal hydro-wave power plant that uses the energy of its body (1) rolling by waves and wind, contains cargoes (2) moving relative to the body (1), kinematically connected to the shafts of the electric generator rotors, to which end the cargo (2) bases are made along a circle arc and have the possibility of arc moving in the body (1). Cargo (2) is freely installed along and/or across the axis of the body (1) by its lateral cylindrical surfaces on parallel to them supporting rollers (5) with the possibility of the cargoes (2) stable orientation to the Earth's center in a vertical plane and their free rotation along the arch of their base when rolling the body (1) by waves and wind. The support rollers (5) are kinematically connected with the rotors and stators of the electric generators.EFFECT: providing effective power removal with a wide range of parameters and wave energy.25 cl, 22 dwg

ethod of obtaining electric power in operation of injection and development wells // 2623318
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic motor and a power generator connected to it through a shaft are lowered on a suspension into the production string of the injection or development well down to a level below the static level of the fluid. The annular space between the bodies of the hydraulic motor and the power generator and the production string are closed by a packer. When the level in the well is increased or lowered by injecting or removing fluid out of the well, due to the fact that the dynamic level always tends to static, the fluid will drive the hydraulic motor and the power generator generating power supplied to the wellhead through an electric cable.EFFECT: reduction of energy costs and increased efficiency.2 cl, 2 dwg

Reactive hydroturbine // 2622685
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: reactive turbine consists of a lower shell, which is connected to the upper hull, a pipe line fixed to the lower hull, a hydraulic manifold, made in the form of a sealed chamber with blades of the first turbine. Inside the pipe there was pressed a copper pipe with a helicoidal thread, flared over its ends. In the upper part of the pipe, a slot nozzle is fixedly fixed, made in the form of a cylinder with rectangular slots in the upper part of the lateral surface of the cylinder. The nozzles and blades of the turbine of the rotor form a second turbine. The hydraulic collector with the power take-off shaft, the shaft, the cone surface of the rotor, the pipes, the supply nozzles, the second turbine form the turbine rotor. Pipes intended for supplying liquid are made with a helicoidal thread and fixed to the conical surface of the rotor during the rotation of the turbine rotor. The nozzles of the second turbine are rotatably mounted together with the turbine rotor.EFFECT: increase of energy efficiency of reactive water turbine.1 dwg

All-season micro run-of-river plant // 2619969
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydropower industry and is intended to deliver electric energy to small loads at places without power transmission lines. All-season micro run-of-river plant comprises separately located hydraulic turbine 2 in the river stream 1 and machine room with a multiplying gear 4, a generator 5, and an inverter 6 with battery 7 on platform 8 on tree or pile above level of floodwater. The torque transfer from shaft of the hydraulic turbine 2 to the multiplying gear 4 is performed by flexible shaft located inside the pipe 11 filled with non-freezing solution. The hydraulic turbine is located in half opened housing and rotates on vertical shaft. The blades are made out of two folded halves on axle with fluoroplastic inserts.EFFECT: invention creates a compact and reliable micro run-of-river plant for all-season power supply of small loads.7 cl, 8 dwg

Run-of-river microhydro power plant // 2619966
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended to provide the electrical power to the small settlements, camps of geologists, hunters, fishermen, logging companies, by conversion the river channel flows power into electrical power. Run-of-river microhydro power plant (microPP) includes a body 1 in the form of the cylindrical shell, consisting of two halves - the turbine 5 with the blades 7 and the engine room with the generator 27, closed from the ends by the non-rotating pull heads 2 and 3, connected rigidly by bolts 35 with circular heads 37 for the anchor rods 38 with delimiters. The axial turbine 5 is installed at the through hollow axle 4, having the internal thread at the ends for locked bolts 35.EFFECT: invention is directed to the development of the compact with simplified cylindrical body reliable microhydroPP for uninterrupted power supply to consumers.4 cl, 5 dwg

Gas-waterjet drive of wave power plant // 2619670
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine power engineering and is intended for producing electric energy from sea waves. Gas-waterjet drive of a wave power plant includes inlet convergent nozzle 10, channel-pipe 12, gas supply pipe 13, device for supply and increasing the rate of air. Drive is equipped with a module-pontoon, which includes at least four gas-waterjet drives, each of which comprises an inlet grate, output knee 21, multiplier 18, electric generator 17 and rotor 16, which is arranged in the cavity of channel-pipe 12. Device for supply and increasing the rate of air is made in the form of chamber 14 coaxially placed around channel-pipe 12, in which there are holes 15 for passage of the atmospheric air. Rotor 16 is made in the form of a hollow screw pipe of rectangular cross section with horizontal shaft 20, from which the torque is transmitted to multiplier 18 increasing the RPM of electric generator 17.EFFECT: invention is aimed at the increase of power generation from a renewable energy source - sea waves and maintaining viability of hydrobionts.4 cl, 4 dwg
Navigation buoy with integrated power plant // 2617607
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: navigational buoy is proposed having streamlined sealed body divided into compartments, light-optical LED equipment located at the head of the body, solar power plant, consisting of a light-optical device, an autonomous power supply (battery) and rechargeable energy device with a mechanism to connect it to this source that converts thermal sun energy into electrical energy and placed inside the solar concentrator whose functions are performed by optical device based on a Fresnel lens, wave power plant, mounted inside the housing comprising a cylindrical container with a stator of a linear electric generator, on the axis of which the rod is moving in the guides; on the rod, the rotor with permanent magnets of the linear electric generator is mounted; at the end of the rod, a stabilizing ballast is installed, made hollow in the form of a float, the stator winding is connected to the charger input, the output of which is connected to the battery from which the light-optical equipment energised. One more solar power plant is introduced, made in the form of a sphere mounted on the perimeter of the LED emitter and connected to the battery.EFFECT: increases capacity of the navigational buoy power plant, simplified structure.1 dwg

Hydro-electric power-plant // 2617369
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydro-electric power plant contains mounted on the displacement base two hydraulic turbines 1, placed symmetrically about the longitudinal axis 4, along which its axis of rotation 3 is oriented, made with ability of reverse rotation, kinematically connected to the electric generator 5, the anchor device 6, ballast tanks 7. The rotors 2 of hydraulic turbines 1 are provided with screws 9 of variable pitch, the blades of which are arranged with ability of forced rotation. Displacement base is made streamlined. Along the longitudinal sides of the base the wells 12 are made. The hydraulic turbines 1 are installed at the ends of the towers 13, the second ends of which are provided with ballast 14. The towers 13 are passed through the wells 12 and mounted on the horizontal axis 15, with ability to swing in the wells 12 in the planes parallel to the axis 4. The ballast 14 weight, taking into account the size of the lower tower 13 is sufficient to hold the longitudinal tower axis 13 vertically at rotors 2 rotation.EFFECT: efficiency increase of flow power conversion into the power, that is used to rotate the generator.4 cl, 3 dwg

Wave electric system // 2617025
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: wave electric system comprises a supporting element, a water pressure sensing element made in the form of a ball-shaped float 8, with the ability to move it in a vertically fixed bar lattice 4, an electric generator 15. The float is connected to the toothed link with the possibility of turning movements around the axis 11. On the float 8 outer side a belt 10 of sliding along the vertical bars 5 of the grating 4 is fixed horizontally in a circumferential direction. The toothed link has the form of a circle in any cross-section.EFFECT: ensuring the operation of the wave electric system in case of any change in the waves direction.2 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of electric power generation by means of pressure conversion under water // 2616692
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: high pressure under water in water body with deep water is converted to electric energy by means of present method. Plurality of pressure transducers is immersed in said water body. Each transducer has large compression chamber. Air volume is compressed under water in water body using high-pressure until compressed air under high pressure. Compressed air is supplied into expansion chamber, in which turbine is arranged. Turbine is rotated by means of compressed air. Turbine in its turn, rotates electric generator, connected to it, to provide electric power generation.EFFECT: thus, high pressure energy is converted into electric energy.9 cl, 9 dwg

Orthogonal turbine (versions) // 2616334
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: orthogonal turbine according to the first embodiment contains the curved along the cylindrical helical line, at least one blade with an aerofoil profile in its cross-section, at that the blade is mounted across riding on it the air or water flow with ability to rotate around the axis of the cylindrical helical line, and the input edge of the aerofoil profile is directed towards the blade rotation. The blades ends are fixed relatively to the shaft, mounted with ability to rotate, coaxially to the cylindrical helix coil axis and connected to the electric generator shaft, the blade ends are fixed relatively to the shaft by means of the cantilever beams. The shaft is formed by two half-shafts, each is connected with one of the cantilever beams and is mounted on its support, the blade is curved without intermediate supports along the cylindrical helix with a constant radius of curvature, so that in each cross section the aerofoil profile of the blade is formed at the acute angle to the circle tangential, traced by the entry edge of the blade airfoil profile, and that the blade ends are rotated relatively to each other by 360°. The second embodiment differs from the orthogonal turbine of the first embodiment in that, the blade is fixed relatively to the shaft with one of its ends by means of the cantilever beam, at that the shaft is mounted cantilevered at the support, the cantilever beam is provided with the counterweight of aerodynamic shape mounted cantilevered on the shaft.EFFECT: efficiency increase of the orthogonal turbines with airfoil blades by increasing the efficiency of the fluid power conversion, namely the water or wind flow power.2 cl, 3 dwg

Float block hydroelectric power plant based on the undershoot water wheels with active blades // 2616333
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: hydroelectric power plant contains the identical blocks. Each of the blocks consists of a switchboard, floats, between which the frame with working channel tapered box is fixed and mounted undershoot water wheels with active blades on the parallel horizontal shafts, connected to the electric generator. The wheels are made as a set of coils with mutually perpendicular guide rails for the blades, dampers, limiters and balancing weights. The stepless control system is introduced, it contains mounted on the frame the intermediate and primary bumpers, the ramps, the axles with drop-down doors, the brackets with springs, providing the stretch of the ropes in the slugs of the flaps opening angle adjustment mechanism by the servo motor, mounted in the caisson tray, fixed on the frame. The floats are made in the form of sectional tanks with seacocks. Additionally, the compressor is introduced, it is connected to the caisson tray and the floats.EFFECT: creation of the environmentally friendly simple design, which allows to increase the volume of the power generation.7 dwg

Pendulum hydraulic wave electric current generator // 2615288
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electricity and electrical machines, in particular, to electric current generators. Pendulum hydraulic wave electric current generator 1 comprises stator 2 and rotor, for which cores with coils and excitation system provide generation of electric current in free suspension of stator 2 in a floating vehicle. Floating vehicle is configured for cyclic oscillations by angle ±α during movement of water waves and performing same cyclic oscillations by generator 1 in transverse plane relative to vertical axis due to its constant orientation to centre of gravity of Earth. Axis 5 of suspension of stator 2 is aligned with axis of its free swinging and shifted relative to axis 5 of rotor rotation. Axes 5 and 7 are articulated via a system of gears.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing rotation frequency and power of electric current generated by generator with free rotation of rotor relative to stator.25 cl, 34 dwg

Wind and hydraulic power unit with composite blades using magnus effect in flow (versions) // 2615287
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wind and hydraulic power industry. Wind and hydraulic power unit with composite blades, using Magnus effect in flow, contains wind and hydraulic impeller with horizontal rotation axis, at which electric generator is fixed, and cylinders with drive radially mounted on flaps, on one end each cylinder has non-rotating root part, on other is rotating end part, equipped with washer, truncated cone, and contains spiral ribs-screws on its surface and on cone surface, wherein cone base faces cylinder, which diameter is larger than diameter of cylinder. On cylinders both sides on flaps brackets are secured with possibility of turning, between brackets along flow direction axis rotors are located, of Savonius type, wherein rotors are located in front of or behind cylinders, and their blades are installed on matched with cylinders rotation direction.EFFECT: invention aims at increasing of aerodynamic lift in working cylinders based on Magnus effect.4 cl, 4 dwg

Device for stable underwater electric power transmission to drive high-speed engines or other underwater loads // 2614741
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering. Device for stable underwater electric power transmission to drive high-speed engines or other underwater loads, e.g. pumps, compressors and control systems, represents rotary stepped frequency change device, more precisely, frequency increase or decrease rotary device; it comprises engine and generator functionally connected so, that engine drives generator; at least, one vessel filled with gas and/or liquid, in which, at least, one of engine and generator is arranged, wherein cable length is long, which means long enough, to cause problems due to Ferranti effect at frequencies and power levels, suitable for underwater pumps and compressors engines. Through lengthy cable device gets power supply at input at sufficiently low frequency to have stable transmission. Functionally connected to engine device, at output outputs electric current frequency, current and voltage, suitable for connected engines operation. Hydrocarbon fluid medium underwater pressure increase system or other fluid medium comprises said device.EFFECT: invention can be used in equipment for electric power transmission to underwater loads, located far from platform surface parts or from shore, requiring transmission of high power.15 cl, 7 dwg, 4 tbl

Control method of adjustable-blade turbine impeller by servomotor // 2614232
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: control method of adjustable-blade turbine impeller by servomotor by shifting the main valve from the middle position includes a determination of the current position of the main servomotor, a determination of the deviation of the current position from the set position, used the pulse three-position controller output signal to form the valve offset value from the central position, wherein the input signal is the deviation rate and the signal proportional to this value. An additional signal is formed proportional to the level increace of the specified deviation rate of the current position of the servomotor from the predetermined one which rate is selected in accordance with the speed determined by the calculation of its positioning accuracy at deviations selected to control its movement by the controller only. The amount of the additional signal and the controller output signal is used as a valve displacement signal.EFFECT: improved reliability of the impeller blades drive.12 dwg
Surf hydroelectric power plant // 2613476
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: outer cylindrical rotor (11) rotates under the influence of straight surf stream. Pawls are engaged with teeth of ratchet wheel (12), torque is transmitted to inner cylindrical rotor (10). Through a shaft (9) and a mechanical gear (7), torque is transmitted to a flywheel (5), a vertical shaft (4) and a generator (3) which produces electric current. During the action of reverse surf stream, pawls out of engagement with teeth, and torque is not transmitted to the inner cylindrical rotor (10), and the latter continues to rotate by inertia due to the energy stored by the flywheel (5).EFFECT: provision of high efficiency of surf hydroelectric power plant.2 dwg
Downhole generator of rotating magnetic field // 2613353
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a downhole generator of a rotating magnetic field. Downhole generator of a rotating magnetic field comprises a stator unit including stationary cylindrical housing (1) and winding (20) arranged in the first area (L1) of housing (1) and a rotor unit including permanent magnet (10) arranged in the radial direction outside the winding and turbine rotor (8) arranged in the second area (L2) of housing (1), which in the axial direction is adjacent to area (L1). Rotor (8) and magnet (10) are rigidly interconnected along the axial direction and are arranged onto housing (1) on both ends of the rotor unit respectively through the first bearing and the second bearing. Housing (1) includes internal axial channel (18) and radial channel (22) arranged in its first area. To output the generated electric power and/or a generated electric signal used is electric conductor (21), which passes through a radial through hole with a seal and is connected to the winding.EFFECT: invention is aimed at increasing power and optimizing the configuration of the generator.9 cl, 1 dwg

Watercraft on the river // 2613072
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: watercraft on the river consists of several watercrafts with fixed turbines on them to select kinetic energy from the river flow. The watercraft turbine rotation axes are the same and are oriented across the river course. Turbine shafts of individual watercrafts are combined with each other in a single shaft of a united watercraft.EFFECT: possibility of increasing the selection of kinetic energy from the river flow.4 dwg

River hydro wind power plant (hwpp) // 2612499
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: river hydro wind power plant includes the hydraulic structures: 1 dam, shut-off valves 4, hydro turbine 5, hydrogenerators of AC 6, wind turbines 9 and centrifugal pumps 7, the control units 12 of the maximum and minimum voltage for controlling the number of operating pumps 7. The shut-off valves 4 provide the required concentration of the water flow and height creation. Hydrogenerators 6 convert the power of moving water into the electrical power. The wind turbines 9 and pumps 7 provide the water lift from the downstream 3 to the upstream water 2. To transfer the mechanical power from the wind turbines 9 to the centrifugal pumps 7 the electrical transmission of the direct current is used.EFFECT: increase of the annual electric power production and reduction of its cost.1 dwg

Breakwater and caisson breakwater unit // 2611917
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to a caisson breakwater and, in particular, to a caisson breakwater unit containing an oscillating water column. Unit 100 of a caisson breakwater has windward and leeward sides 110 and 120 and comprises an oscillating water column. Caisson breakwater comprises base 20 installed onto sea bottom 5 and cover 50 made able to be arranged over base 20. Base 20 makes a water intake on windward side 110 and additionally forms water oscillating chamber 21. Cover 50 forms breakwater section 52 on windward side 110, turbine chamber 51, at least one air duct 58 connected with chamber 51. Cover 50 has a built-in additional essentially tight chamber 57.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at creation of an improved breakwater structure.16 cl, 17 dwg

Hydro-wind power installation // 2611139
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: unit is designed for converting the water or wind flow energy and comprises a base 1, a shaft 3, the rotor 4 is rigidly mounted on a shaft 3 rotatable about its own axis, the blades 10 mounted with the possibility to change its position in relation to the flow, the loading device. The installation is provided with a housing 2, mounted on the base 1, which accommodates a shaft 3, rotatable sleeve 5, mounted in the bore of the rotor 4, the arms with rollers, which are rigidly attached to the rotary sleeve 5, the main cam 8 with projections and depressions, seated on the disk 9, mounted on the housing 2, a chain drive 16 for transmitting the rotational loading device from the blades 10, springs. The blades 10 are mounted in the holes of rotor 4 perpendicularly to the axis of rotor rotation 4. Rollers with levers are mounted for rolling on the protrusions and depressions of the primary cam 8, overcoming the spring force, and turning vanes 90º and back along with the setting of the blade 10, perpendicular to the flow in the working phase and in broken along the flow.EFFECT: creation of a powerful and user-friendly operation of the plant.5 cl, 15 dwg

ethod of hydro-electric turbine system transportation // 2610746
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of water transport and concerns hydro-electric turbine system (12) transportation method, as well as vessel (10), suitable for use in said method implementing, wherein vessel includes section (28), which is made with possibility of lifting and which enables possibility of vessel passage over said hydro-electric turbine system (12) part (16) during location in dry dock filled with water, wherein said base (16) part protrudes above water level in dock.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of time consumption and complexity during hydro-electric turbine system installation for transportation to installation point.14 cl, 5 dwg

Screw-type wave power plant (versions) // 2608795
FIELD: energy.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to hydropower industry and can be used for generation of electric energy from wave motion in seas or oceans. Screw-type wave power plant comprises shafts with screw blades forming a single-or multiple-thread screws that are located at an angle to the flow, a base, a reduction gear, connecting the lower ends of shafts, cardan joints connecting upper end of one shaft with the generator, the upper end of the other shaft with the thrust bearing. Generator and bearing are connected to the supports. Flexible cables are used as shafts. Screw blades are made with positive buoyancy. Generator, reduction gear and thrust bearing are arranged on separate floating bases connected to the supports.EFFECT: group of inventions is aimed at increasing the efficiency and performance of a power plant.2 cl, 2 dwg