Weapons (F41)

F41            Weapons(6760)

Composite bullet-resistant uniform material and method of its manufacture // 2642797
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: material is formed as an intersecting composition of N double-layered structured unit elements, where 1≤N≤8, an organic thin film attached to both sides thereof; wherein the intersection angle of each adjacent layer is 45-90°. The first layer is a fibrous bullet-resistant tape with a unidirectional fibre orientation coated with the first polymeric adhesive. The second layer is a fibrous bullet-resistant tape with a unidirectional fibre orientation coated with the second polymeric adhesive. The tension modulus of the first polymeric adhesive is less than 6 MPa, and the tension modulus of the second polymeric adhesive is greater than 6 MPa. The loss modulus of the first polymeric adhesive and the second polymeric adhesive under the same conditions is the same as the loss modulus of the bullet-resistant fibre.EFFECT: invention ensures creation of a soft composite bullet-resistant uniform material that has acceptable hardness and increased bullet resistance.16 cl, 2 tbl, 1 dwg
ethod of target register using quadcopter // 2642554
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: target register (1) is performed using a quadcopter (3) with a video camera (2) and a control panel with a tablet (4). The scale of the video image is determined in the region of the target by measurements of the distance in millimetres between the points of break of two near-point smoke ammunitions on the tablet, shooting of ammunitions is carried out with the installations of the sights which differ by 200 m. Longitudinal deviations and direction of impact point of the second register ammunition is measured on the tablet in mm with regard to the target and with the consideration of scale. The calculated corrections with the consideration of deviations received on the video image are introduced in sight for a shot with a live ammunition.EFFECT: improvement in precision of target registering under the absence of direct sight of the target at the minimum consumption of ammunition and reduction of the risk for observer's life without use of optical instruments, sound and radar stations.2 dwg

Locking element and mounting system for fastening part mounted on c-shaped bus // 2642532
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mounting system for fastening the c-shaped bus comprises two laterally spaced arms and two enclosing strips facing towards the mounted part and located at a distance from each other. The mounted part can be pressed against the outer surfaces of the two enclosing strips of the c-shaped bus by means of a threaded joint. The system comprises a locking element in the form of a clamp and comprising two arms which at least partially enclose two laterally located arms and two enclosing strips of c-shaped bus placed at a distance from each other. The locking element is configured for connecting to the c-shaped bus by means of a threaded joint. If mounting system is used properly, the locking element is placed between the hinged part and the enclosing strips, so that the two arms of the locking element at least partially enclose the two side arms of the c-shaped bus. The threaded joint comprises a screw with a head and a slide nut or screw with t-shaped head and a nut, and a spacer is arranged between the slide nut or screw head with t-shaped head and locking element.EFFECT: prevention of bending of the c-shaped bus under load.9 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of improving efficiency of homing on underwater target of group of corrected underwater missile // 2642224
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: method for homing on underwater target of group of corrected underwater missiles of corresponding antisubmarine ammunition includes dropping antisubmarine ammunition at specified points of water impact, provision of specified airspeed of each antisubmarine ammunition, hovering at a set depth after the water impact at a given point and a separation of one of the corrected underwater missiles from the body of the antisubmarine ammunition. In the event of an underwater target enters the missile targeting area, it moves towards the target. Simultaneously with the release of one of the underwater missile which targeting area was entered by the underwater target, the signal is generated for the releasing the remaining missiles from the respective antisubmarine ammunition. In case of underwater targets enters the targeting area of any of remaining underwater missiles, the motion trajectory correction system of the underwater missile is conducts its targeting. The detonation of each antisubmarine missile is carried out when it passes the shortest distance relative to the underwater target or when it comes into contact with it.EFFECT: increased efficiency of homing on the underwater target of group of underwater missiles.1 dwg
Device for automatic control of coupled machine gun // 2642222
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of military equipment, in particular to the design of installations that guide weapons in the horizontal and vertical planes. Device for automatic control of coupled machine gun includes machine with movable and stationary parts, installation with a weapon, placed on the movable part, train drive fixed to the stationary part, elevation mechanism, which kinematically connects the drive with the installation. Installation is divided into first and second parts connected respectively through the first and second parts of the elevation mechanism to the first and second drives of this mechanism. Barrels are respectively located on the first and second parts of the installation.EFFECT: expansion of the functional capabilities and improvement of the operating characteristics of the control device is achieved.9 cl, 4 dwg

Universal system for mounting optical sight for hand firearm // 2642163
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: system consists of a main guide (10) fixed on the weapon unit (23a 23b, 23c), which is connected with a fastening element fixed an optical sight (4a, 4b, 4c) with the possibility of dismantling. The main guide (10) consists of a counter plate (12, 12A) positioned on the side of the weapon or retaining elements and an adjustment plate (11, 11a) held on the counter plate (12, 12A) or on the retaining elements in two planes perpendicular to each other. The optical sight (4a, 4b, 4c) is detachably fixed on the adjustment plate (11, 11a) by means of a receiving guide (7) or other retaining elements. On the upper side of the adjustment plate a separation plane (17) is formed, in which zone the sight (4a, 4b, 4c) can be removed from the weapon unit and moved to another weapon unit.EFFECT: creating universal system for mounting optical sight of hand firearm of the common type, in which there is no need in readjustment of the optical sight once adjusted by weapon unit when moving this optical sight to another weapon unit.10 cl, 7 dwg
Short-range precision integrated tactical missile launcher // 2642019
FIELD: arms materiel and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: short-range precision integrated tactical missile launcher comprises a fixed frame that includes a mounting pivot with the traversing gear and the cradle shaped missile launcher and a vertical impact guidance system attached to it. The missile launcher is equipped with the observation and sight devices and control panel. The fixed frame comprises an adjustable telescopic simplex jacks. A mounting pivot comprises the parallel guiding ways, the repositionable front and rear mounting brackets stiffened with the help of the steady arm, self-alignment steering drive of the swivelling mount on the frame and the traversing and elevating mechanisms. The cradle shaped missile launcher rear end is fixed to the rear bracket with the help of the swivelling steady arm. The steady arm elevating gear is fixed to the front bracket with the help of the swivelling steady arm. The steady arm elevating gear is connected to the cradle shaped missile launcher front end with the help of the swivelling steady arm.EFFECT: missile launcher efficiency increase.5 cl, 7 dwg

Application of small weapons // 2641947
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: stock contains a hollow plastic case, provided with fill and drain holes, magazine for cartridges, a socket for the accessories case, an attachment for the belt, and a back plate. Inside the hollow stock there are stiffeners with overflow holes.EFFECT: stock weighting when using small arms in combat.3 dwg

Ballistic protection with multilayer structure, including plurality of rigid members // 2641542
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: protection includes many separate rigid members. Each of the rigid members includes a plurality of layers of high molecular weight polymers, part of which at least one of the rigid elements includes multilayer materials of high molecular weight polyethylene bands or strips in the form of unidirectional leaves. The weight per area unit of the surface of the first rigid member relative to the direction of random bullet is greater than the weight per area unit of surface of the rigid member or rigid members following the first rigid member. The magnitude of the specific flexural modulus of the first rigid member relative to the direction of random bullet is less than the specific flexural modulus of the rigid member or rigid members following the first rigid member. Ballistic protection product includes ballistic protection.EFFECT: decrease in trauma risk when a bullet hits.15 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for target reconnaissance from samples of subdivision ammunition // 2641538
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: hardware and software of pointers automated workstations are supplemented with programs for automatic capture and tracking of targets, formation of notifications of object detection, weapons and military equipment (WME) models are provided with external remote control equipment and an external remote control system is created for WME units with the ability to control the search process from all sample units with one automated pointer workstation. Video information from all the sights of the sample units is transmitted by the external remote control system to its video surveillance device. Target detection by some WME sample unit is transmitted by an external remote control system to the pointer in the form of announcement. If necessary, management of the target search process is transferred to the pointer automated workstation of another WME unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency of targets reconnaissance from the unit weapons.1 cl

ethod of detention of person and device for its implementation // 2641403
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: human detention by contact detention method of electro-shock weapons to the object of the application is that the casting produces electro-shock weapons in a combat situation, fix electro-shock weapons on clothes the object, release electro-shock weapons and produce a manual or automatic start affecting the circuitry of weapons. Electroshock weapons contain a body, current-conducting electrodes that affect the electrical circuit and control elements of the switching-on of an electric shock weapons and the pulling out, tilting or exposing the electrodes. The hitting electric circuit consists of a power source in the form of a battery or an accumulator, a voltage converter, an output generator of high-voltage pulses. Electro-shock weapons contain at least two main hidden in the body current-lead electrodes which are put forward or hinged with a twist from the body or disclosed when opened or at other transformation. Each of the electrodes has a device for fixing on the clothing of the target object.EFFECT: improved efficiency of use of electric-shock weapons.2 cl, dwg

Attachment unit of firearm barrel // 2641373
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: firearm comprises a receiver with a barrel attachment unit in the form of a terminal connection, a barrel with a breech end, a base of aiming devices. The barrel attachment unit in its upper part comprises one or more through holes through which support protrusions of the base of the aiming devices pass, which allows to fix the base of the aiming devices directly to the barrel.EFFECT: reduction in the weight of the weapon in the equipped aiming device.7 cl, 20 dwg

ethod of manufacture of multilayer textile armour and multilayer textile armour // 2640992
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method is the manufacture of multilayer textile armour, where each flat-oriented layer is made by weaving bands with a height (4) of bending wave equal to its two thickness (5). Multifilament zero-twist yarn from aramid fibers (7) are taken and unrolled into a band. In this case, the band is rolled up to no more than four layers (8) of fibers along its edges (9) and to no more than six layers (8) - in the middle. To preserve the shape of the band, the fibers are fastened across the band spacing along the band length, equal to two-five times the width of the band (12). A multilayer textile armour, made by this method, is also proposed.EFFECT: creation of flexible textile armour of increased reliability with less labour-intensive manufacturing technology.8 cl, 8 dwg
Electronic conduct-of-fire trainer "test" // 2640952
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: electronic conduct-on-fire training device consists of a weapon simulator (6) with built-in sensors for monitoring parameters influencing correctness of exercise performance, a controlling software-technical complex (5) with software implementing the simulation and visualization of the target environment using three-dimensional graphics, a projection screen (1), video projectors (2), an acoustic system (3), a high-speed video camera (4), a radio communication system, lasers for forming a point of sight, a pneumatic system built in the simulator. The training device additionally contains air-charging stations for simulators (7). The pneumatic system with a cylinder for its operation is built into the simulator (6) and is made with the ability to simulate the operation of moving parts of the weapon mechanisms, kickback and removal of the barrel during the production of the shot. Controlling software and hardware complex (5) implements the interaction of the simulator with other simulators that support the requirements of the international standard of distributed modelling IEEE 1516 - HLA.EFFECT: endurance simulators weapons regarding PC and pneumatic equipment in the process for conducting and monitoring the level of preparedness of the trainees on shooters, firing grenade launcher, sniper fire without the use of ammunition.2 dwg

Selectly weakened expansion films // 2640758
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: film contains a number of unweakened parts; at least one pair of weakened parts and at least one weakened area extending between the pair of weakened parts, wherein the weakened parts and said at least one weakened area have at least one characteristic that is worse than the characteristic of said plurality of unweakened parts.EFFECT: creation of a film for a composite product, which allows improving its ballistic characteristics.15 cl, 25 dwg

Target marking device and target processing system containing such target marking device // 2640680
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: target marking system contains a compact flying unit containing sensors that measure environmental parameters, a data transfer unit, and an emitter. The target processing system comprises a target marking device, an autonomous flying device, a means for locating position information, an aircraft guidance means, and a means for processing the target.EFFECT: reliability of locating, identifying, and assigning a target, increasing the reliability of targeting.15 cl, 7 dwg

Universal device for ammunition inspection for firing suitability // 2640601
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a casing 1, a carrier for cartridge attachment 3 in the form of three spring-loaded expansion sectors 3.1, a threaded cover 3.2 to retain them and a threaded sleeve 3.3. The cartridge attachment assembly is detachable in accordance with the caliber, and also in accordance with the execution of the cartridge case with a protruding or non-protruding flange. The assembly is installed in a detachable hollow body 6. On the latter, a latch 4 is mounted on the thread with a shock-trigger mechanism, including a firing hammer and a dog 4.1. The detachable body 6 is made communicating by its cavity with a damping sleeve 5 with apertures 5.1 and a base 2, the base 2 is formed with a plurality of through holes 2.1 for the outflow of the powder gases when the cartridges are fired, and is additionally provided with a channel 2.2 closed on one side. The rotary latch 4 is replaceable in the form of two independent modules, one containing a firing hammer made with a spherical firing pin 4.2 to fire central-fire cartridges, and the other contains a firing hammer with a firing pin made in the form of two horns 4.3 to fire rim-fire cartridges. The body 4.4 of the rotary latch 4 is provided with a thread 4.5 and, after being screwed into the internal thread 6.1 in the removable hollow body 6 in the device state prepared for ammunition inspection for firing suitability, interacts with the end face of the threaded cover 3.2.EFFECT: expanded functionality with a simple design and technological execution.9 cl, 6 dwg
Robotized platform for special purpose // 2640264
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: robotized platform (RP) consists of a housing, a drive, and a control device. The RP is a vehicle with a caterpillar drive driven by DC brushless electric motors. The RP is controlled by a radio channel in the following modes: manual remote, semi-automatic, automatic according to the programme. The RP also comprises a navigation and inertial on-board systems, a closed armoured engine-transmission compartment. Inside the housing, a support frame provides the attachment of internal RP assemblies and units. The RP drive comprises fastening elements and drive sprockets of the left and the right track. The RP chassis consists of two caterpillar drives. Each drive is equipped with three double support rollers made of rubber, two supporting rollers, and a tensioner unit with a sprocket and rubber tracks with grousers, arranged in front in the direction of travel, and all the drive elements are fixed to the caterpillar frame. The frame is attached to the support cantilevers of the housing by means of brackets.EFFECT: ability to move the target.4 dwg

easuring framework for non-contact optical determination of hole position and relevant method of measurement // 2640101
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: measuring frame, designed to implement noncontact method of determination of the position of the bullet holes in the surface of the target contains at least one source of radiation to produce the first expanding radiation fields at least one second radiation source to produce the second expanding radiation field. The first and the second radiation fields intersect at an angle in a plane transverse to the direction of the hole, and at least a first and at least one second optical receiving devices that are respectively associated with at least one first and second radiation sources. Each of the optical receiving devices comprises a group of optical receiver elements that are suitable for determining the spatially extended position of the shading due to the bullet to be detected.EFFECT: determination of position of the hole as well as the calibre of the bullet.15 cl, 29 dwg

Composite products containing fiber with longitudinally changing configuration // 2640061
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: structural composite product contains a matrix and fibers embedded in the matrix. Each fiber has a length and configuration, the fiber configuration varies along its length. The fibers are disposed nearby to each other to form a layer; at least a part of the fibers of the layer comprises a sequence of the first parts and the second parts; and the fibers are arranged such way that the second parts of one of the fibers are at least partially interfaced with the first parts of the adjacent fiber layer. A method of manufacturing a structural product and a method of loading a vehicle's structural product are also described.EFFECT: creating a composite structure in which the movement of fibers in the matrix can be controlled to improve its ballistic and optical characteristics.13 cl, 23 dwg

Device to guide ammunition into channel of weapon barrel with twist rifling on drive portion // 2640056
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device to guide ammunition into channel of weapon barrel contains a guiding surface for the ammunition with projections of the rifles corresponding to the rifles in the weapon barrel, the vertices of which form a cylindrical surface made with a diameter exceeding the bore diameter. The guide surface is formed on a portion of the barrel located in front of the drive portion and has a lead-in chamfer, and the side surfaces of the guide surface rifles are a continuation of the side surfaces of the drive portion rifles.EFFECT: increased reliability and simplified design of the device to guide ammunition into channel of weapon barrel with twist rifling on drive portion.4 cl, 3 dwg

Small-weapon locking mechanism // 2639965
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: small-weapon locking mechanism comprises a slide made in the form of a cylinder 1 and a breechblock 2, with a one-lever pivoted arm 3 mounted on it. The cylinder 1 and the breechblock 2 are arranged in series, and the back surface of the cylinder 1 is wedged.EFFECT: increased reliability of the locking mechanism operation, reduced wear of the locking system elements, reduced vertical size of the weapon.14 cl, 12 dwg

ethod and device of non-lethal influence on intruder // 2639843
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device of non-lethal influence on the intruder contains two types of sensors: passive and active, which record the state of the object of influence and transmit a signal about the state of the object to the control unit, which, depending on the operating mode, either automatically changes the parameters of the action, or signals the operator about the need to change exposure parameters.EFFECT: efficiency of using the device is increased, the likelihood of causing unacceptable damage to the object of influence during operation is reduced.1 dwg

Device for launching guided missle // 2639839
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: device for launching a guided missile with aerodynamic rudders from the container comprises a lock, a launch control device and pressure accumulators installed in the missile tail, each of which is made in the form of a hull with a pair of nozzles and a pyro cartridge with an igniter squib and controlled slide valve installed in the shell. The launch control device is made in the form of a launch preparation console with the possibility to enter the ambient temperature values, the required speed value, the value of permissible longitudinal missile load, the calculated values of pressure change over time in the accumulators of pressure and overpressure in the launching container shell. The device allows you to control the process of creating optimal pressure within the container and set a certain amount of time between actuations of the pressure accumulators.EFFECT: reduced weight of the container.2 cl, 6 dwg

inesweeping method and device for its implementation // 2639837
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: method consists in mechanical removal of mines beyond the limits of the swiping area. The device for mechanical removal of mines is moved in front of the mine-sweeper behind a wide-area search device. During the movement the mine-weeper a mine is determined by defining its present position, the device mechanical removal of mines activated to remove the detected mines outside the sweeping area, the device for mechanical removal of mines is put back to transport position and switched to wide-area mine search mode. The device is installed in the front of the mine-sweeper and contains the device for mechanical removal of mines. In addition, in front of the mine-sweeper there is a wide-area search device of induction type. When the mine is detected, the device for mechanical removal of mines can be switched from transport position to operation position to remove the detected mine outside the sweeping area, and then switched back from the operation position to transport position in mine search mode.EFFECT: increased speed for minesweeping without degradatiing the working conditions of the minesweeper's crew.2 cl, 12 dwg

Anti-aircraft gun // 2639378
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: anti-aircraft gun contains a barrel, a breech mechanism, a recoil mechanism, hydraulic drives and a frame rotating in two planes. The first hydraulic drive controls horizontal movement, the second hydraulic drive controls the vertical movement. The hydraulic drives are connected to a source of hydraulic pressure and are controlled by the valves connected to the control lever. The direction of this lever coincides with the direction of the barrel.EFFECT: improved convenience of guidance, speed and accuracy of guidance of an anti-aircraft gun on targets.2 cl, 2 dwg
Universal robotic platform // 2639009
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: platform additionally contains front-view TV cameras, a rear-view TV camera, drives on the left and right sides of the platform are made as independent electric drives based on brushless three-phase motors with a gear and separate power control units. The system of independent individual suspension consists of four rubber wheels for each board. Communication means consist of two channels. The platform software consists of a level of hardware interface and an application layer. The remote control station consists of the operator's workplaces of the universal robotic platform and the operator controlling the target load. The platform operator's workplace, equipped with a personal computer with display facilities, a platform communication means, a platform motion control panel provides platform delivery to the specified point, platform traffic control, monitoring of the state of devices and platform subsystems.EFFECT: increasing the controllability in real climatic conditions, autonomous orientation, determining the own position coordinates by signals of satellite navigation.4 dwg

Semi-free lock of small arms // 2638889
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: semi-free lock of small arms comprises a frame 2, a head 1, and a double-arm swivel lever 3. The head 1 is movably mounted on the frame 2 with the possibility of longitudinal movement and is able to interact with the double-arm lever 3 with its rear end surface. The double-arm lever 3 is connected to the frame 2 by a swinging rod 4.EFFECT: possibility of creating a compact semi-free lock with a double-arm lever and a lock head of a simple technological form.2 cl, 18 dwg

Remote mine clearing device // 2638886
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: remote mine clearing device is installed on the vehicle with compartments for personnel. In addition, the following is installed on the vehicle: the super-high-frequency unit, at least one super-high-frequency unit antenna device, the ultrabandwidth high-frequency module, at least one ultrabandwidth high-frequency module antenna. The super-high-frequency unit antenna device is made with the electromechanical drive of sector scanning. The ultrabandwidth high-frequency module antenna contains at least one horn radiator with horizontal polarization. The ultrabandwidth high-frequency module antenna contains at least one horn radiator with vertical polarization. The vehicle is equipped with the monitor and indication block of the electromagnetic radiation level at personnel workplaces.EFFECT: possibility of mine explosives remote disposal.10 cl, 2 dwg

agazine of large capacity small arms // 2638885
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: multi-row box magazine includes a housing of box variable section with dividing partitions, a feeder, a feeder spring, and a spring cover. Oblique projections of feeder key element sending the movement of last patrons in the magazine are made in the form of rotating elements, blocking the movement of feeder additional element at the time when feeder passes the area of magazine housing, on which the rebuilding of cartridges from two 2-lane threads in one 2-lane thread is carried out.EFFECT: increase the reliability of magazine operation.4 dwg

Detachable protective structure block // 2638757
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: detachable protective structure contains the tongue-and-groove blocks of three parallelepipeds. Blocks consist of the hollow body, welded from flat and/or bent metal sheets without through welds, and the body filling. The body can be filled completely or partially with one or more fillers through the hole in the tongues. When using different fillers, each of the parallelepipeds may have the opening for the corresponding filler. Using of different fillers allows to create the multi-stage protection with different properties, taking into account interaction with the destructive agents due to changing its effect on the block elements.EFFECT: detachable protective structure provides the reliable protection against bullets, from small-calibre projectiles and shell fragments.3 cl, 2 dwg

Sight on interior base // 2638625
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: sight has two input windows, the distance between which serves as the interior base for parallactic angle with the vertex on target. The sight has a parallax compensator for combining two target images from the input windows into one. The movable part of compensator, through mechanical connection or through position sensor of movable part, ballistic calculator and actuators, give the gun barrel an angle of aiming and a derivation correction corresponding to the range at which the current position of the movable part of compensator completely compensates the parallactic angle, or the movable part of compensator moves the aim mark in the field of shooter view, so that the gun barrel receives such an angle of aiming and derivation correction when the mark is placed on the target.EFFECT: adjustment of angle of aiming and the derivation correction on the weapon are ensured, which, at the full depth of the aiming range, exactly correspond to the range to the target of any linear dimension, visible from any angle, without the use of emitting distance measuring means.6 dwg

Device to produce combined camouflage curtain // 2638590
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: system for setting up a combined camouflage curtain contains a launch tube and a charged grenade installed in it, as well as stopping and induction grenade launchers, a metal grenade tubular body with a payload, a drop-off lid, an induction trigger, a propelling charge and pyro-retarders. The payload, effective in the visible and infrared ranges of the EMI, is placed by a piston and divider in the volume formed at the ends, by the body of the grenade along the outer diameter, and is made in the form of sets of segmented smoke elements mounted on the heels of the support pushers forming the central hollow channel. Smoke elements in the sets are made with different burning times and rates of decrease. The payload, effective in the amateur band of EMI, is placed in the volume formed at the ends by the separator and the drop-off lid, along the outside diameter - by the body of the grenade, along the internal diameter - by the plate spring pushers with the locks installed on the central support tube. The payload is made in the form of a cylindrical cut of the set.EFFECT: increased effectiveness of the camouflage curtain.4 cl, 4 dwg

Fire automatic weapons // 2638588
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: fire automatic weapons contain a barrel, a barrel extension, a two-piece bolt carrier, a gas seal stand with a gas seal, a return mechanism. The gas seal stand with a gas seal is movably mounted in the longitudinal guides of the upper part of the shutter frame, and the necessary position of the gas seal stand on the supply line is provided by the protrusion on the barrel extension and by the spring of the stand that presses the gas seal stand to the protrusion of the barrel extension.EFFECT: increased reliability of automation.3 dwg

Innovative command and control system, and also sighting and shooting system for military land vehicles equipped, at least, with one weapon // 2638511
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: system contains: an external surveillance system for aiming and shooting, operatively linked to the weapon of a military vehicle; an external view system for command and control; a user interface for aiming and shooting, the configuration of which provides control of both the external sighting system for aiming and shooting and the associated weapon, and an external view system for command and control; and command and control user interface, the configuration of which provides control of both the external command and control system for the command and control, and the external view system for aiming and shooting and the associated weapon.EFFECT: increased effectiveness.8 cl, 1 dwg
ethod for forming atmospheric projective target for learning battle shooting and device for its implementation // 2638510
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method for forming an atmospheric projection target (11) is that the image of the object (9) is projected onto a non-solid surface. As a non-solid surface, the interface (4) of contacting air layers having a different temperature is used. The device for forming a projection target comprises equipment for forming the non-solid projection surface (7), a set of lighting and projection equipment (8), and a system for indicating misses and hits. As equipment for forming the non-solid projection surface, at least one set of heat gun type equipment with a flat-slit nozzle device is used. Expanding the range of applicability of the method and the device is achieved due to the possibility of using in conditions of negative temperatures.EFFECT: excluding environmental pollution.7 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

External view and/or sighting system of equipment for military land vehicles and ships of naval forces // 2638509
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: system contains two sensors, the configuration of which provides the capture of video streams of the same scene, each of which is in the corresponding area of the spectrum; an electronic processing unit, the configuration of which provides for the introduction of an appropriate aiming reticle into the images of each captured video stream, thereby generating an appropriate pre-processed video stream, and processing two pre-processed video streams; and a user interface whose configuration provides the display of the video stream received from the electronic processing unit.EFFECT: improved quality of images, resulting in the generation of the first and second video streams of increased quality.10 cl, 4 dwg

Light weapon system // 2638203
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: light weapon system comprises a mortar tube (2), a superstructure (3), enclosing the hatch and protruding vertically above the hatch, which is closed by the hatch cover (6) and includes a hole (8) allowing the projectile to be delivered into the mortar tube (2) through its muzzle (4) of the mortar tube (2) rigidly connected to the superstructure (3) by the first end and comprising, at its second end, a rotary joint (4b) rigidly connected to the mortar tube (2), a hole (8) extending to the outer the side of the superstructure (3), between the sidewalls (4a) of the support (4), and extending to the muzzle (2a) of the tube (2), when the tube (2) is in a horizontal position, the vertical guidance means (7) of the mortar tube (2) and the firing means for firing the projectile.EFFECT: possibility of safely servicing the weapon system from the combat compartment inside the armoured vehicle without making significant changes to the design of the armoured vehicle.8 cl, 8 dwg
Non-fatal device pistol facility and facility attached devices // 2637836
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: complex contains a basic electro-shock device, a pistol grip of the case with the trigger of the destructive device, a fuse for turning-on the destructive device, aiming devices, a laser target designator, a target illumination lamp, an indicator for displaying the charge information of the power source of the basic device, and a place for attaching additional devices. The basic electro-shock device is made in the form of a semi-automatic pistol. The fuse for turning-on is installed at the rear end of the case part of the slide simulation system. The laser target designator and the target illumination lamp are located in the lateral protrusions of the slide simulation system case. Attached devices are made in the form of aggregates, which may have a power source, combined with a basic electro-shock device, or individual power supplies.EFFECT: use of both electric means of destruction and other principles of target destruction.4 cl, 6 dwg

False target // 2637638
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: false target is made of metal pipe section (4) with one dead end and trihedral corner reflectors in the number of N pieces. The N-1 triangular corner reflectors are made of grids of thin conductors with square cells. All N angle reflectors are rigidly fixed in the body of the false target, one after the other, in order of decreasing working wavelengths of the sub-bands and coaxial to the body with apertures in the direction of the open body end. The angle reflector of the long wave sub-band is set in front of the open body end. A corner reflector of the short-wave sub-band which faces are made of metal sheets is mounted in front of the blanked end. The dimensions of cells bi of i-th grids of faces (i=1, 2, …, N-1) of the angle reflector and the wavelengths of sub-bands of corner reflectors satisfy the inequalities: λ(i+1)/2<bi<λi/4, where i - takes values 1, 2, …, N (i - the number of corner reflectors and sub-bands of wavelengths starting from the longest wave); λ - the smallest wavelength of the first sub-band; λ(i +1) - the largest wavelength of the next sub-band; bi - the size of square cells of the grid faces of the i-th corner reflector. The distance between the adjacent i-th and (i +1) -th angular reflectors is 0.5λi.EFFECT: increased number of working ranges of false target wave lengths.1 tbl, 3 dwg

ethod of accounting explosion deviations (explosion group center, submissile explosion group center) of high-precision ammunition // 2637392
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: when high-precision ammunition does not hit the target, the deviation of the explosion (EGC, SM EGC) of high-precision ammunition is taken from the target center to determine the settings for the new aiming point using the results of the previous launch. The new aiming point is determined taking into account the deviation of the explosion (EGC, EGC SM) of the high-precision ammunition from the target in range and direction. The settings for starts (shots) are determined by the method of full (shortened) training from the firing (starting) artillery position at the center of the target.EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities due to taking into account the deviations of the explosion, submissile explosion group center of the high-precision ammunition based on the results of the notch of the explosion to determine the coordinates of the new aiming point in order to reduce the time and expense of high-precision ammunition for destroying targets when firing with high-precision ammunition.2 dwg

Stand for semirealistic simulation of flying vehicle homing guidance system // 2637096
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of testing and checking the operation of the homing heads (HH). The stand contains a signal emitter, a device that changes the signal in accordance with the interference coefficient of reflection from the sea surface, the homing head, the analogue machine (AM). The HH is fixed on a fixed base, the radiator of signals is fixed on a fixed base, so that its longitudinal axis is aligned with the longitudinal axis of the HH. The AM contains blocks of dynamic motion models of the flying vehicle (FV), the target motion model, the gyrostabilized platform motion model, the gyrostabilized platform control model, the FV-target vector and the target-LA radius calculation model. The stand for semirealistic simulation allows real-time simulation of the homing system of the FV without distorting the dynamics of the guidance system, taking into account the influence of the underlying sea surface.EFFECT: improved modelling accuracy.1 dwg

Fire weapon with quick barrel changing // 2637082
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: fire weapon comprises a frame located in the receiver and having a groove formed therein, a barrel having a barrel clutch and a swinging wedge configured to engage a transverse pin on the barrel to pull the barrel upward into a pair of V-shaped blocks on the frame and to attract the barrel clutch flange upwards, into the recess in the frame, to align the barrel and block the forward and backward movement of the barrel clutch relative to the core.EFFECT: fire weapon can provide a quick barrel change.31 cl, 1 tbl, 283 dwg

ethod of imitation of unmanned aerial vehicle for homing aid adjustment during flight tests // 2636430
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: flight tasks are set for the unmanned aerial vehicle using a programmer unit. Pre-flight check is done, homing aid is started, the inertial control system is set. A simulator of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is positioned on the delivery aircraft, the simulator's aircraft connector is connected to the delivery aircraft equipment. The simulator connector is energized. They perform a flight of the delivery aircraft along a trajectory close to the target one of the UAV, the UAV start-up, operation and power usage are simulated. The data transfer is recorded in the internal memory device, telemetered data are recorded, processed and analyzed after the flight.EFFECT: adjustment and testing of the homing aid during flight tests.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for manufacture of armour panel from layer composites for face bottom part protection and armour panel from layer polymeric composites for protection for face bottom part protection // 2636303
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacture of an armour panel from layer polymeric composites to protect the lower part of the face in which 2-4 impregnated layers of fiberglass (3) are laid in the mould (2), then 12-18 ballistic layers (4) of a non-impregnated aramid fabric treated by waterproof composition with impregnation of edges (5) only for a width of 15-20 mm on the lower, lateral and temporal edges, and also with the impregnation of the zones of brackets for armour panel fastening the helmet, are laid. In the glasses area, the fiberglass is laid with an allowance for the groove on the 15-20 mm, and ballistic layers (4) - into the interior of the groove without edges impregnation, aligning the ends of these layers with the allowance level. Then, the bag is pressed uniformly to the mould and kept until the binder (17) is partially cured, after the removal of the pressure-generating device, 2-4 impregnated layers of fiberglass (18) are laid on the package covering all layers, then the final bag is pressed with uniform pressure (19) to the mould and kept until the binder (17) is cured completely to form a three-layer structure from the front (3) and back (18) shells, inner ballistic layers (4), and a rigid frame rigidly fixed to the shells, (20) along the contour of the armoured panel up to the width of the bar along the lower, lateral and temporal margins - 5-8 mm, in the glasses area - to the width of the fiberglass shelf support for the glasses - 5-8 mm, in the brackets areas - according to the areas size, and the pile formed on the lower, lateral, temporal and zones of the edge brackets during cutting is edged as a channel made of impregnated glass tape. An armour panel to protect the face bottom part is also proposed.EFFECT: technological and high quality armoured panels are provided.2 cl, 9 dwg, 2 ex

Light weapons breech block (versions) // 2636186
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: light weapons breech block contains a bolt 1 and a bolt support 3 with a rotary single-arm lever 4 mounted thereon, which is operable to cooperate with receiver 6 lock 5. According to the first version, gate 2 can be mounted on the bolt, having the possibility of mounting in several fixed positions relative to the bolt 1, and also having the possibility of interaction with the rear part with rotary single-arm lever 4. According to a second version, a repositionable joggle 7 can be mounted on the rotary single-arm lever 4, having the possibility of interacting with the rear part of bolt 1. According to the third version, a swing stop 8 is provided on the bolt 1, made in the form of a single-arm lever, the end of which is able to interact with the arcuate surface of rotary single-arm lever 4 mounted on the bolt support 3.EFFECT: operative adaptation of weapons with the principle of giving half-free bolt to use with ammunition of non-standard capacity, as well as to hindered operating conditions, is appraised.3 cl, 34 dwg, 2 tbl

Curved-barrel revolver with conical drum // 2635938
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: revolver contains the body, the barrel, the drum, the locking device, the mechanism for turning and locking the drum in deployed positions, the trigger and striking mechanism, the trigger and the safety device. The barrel is performed curved in the longitudinal vertical plane. The drum is performed conical. The drum bullet chamber axes are inclined to the axis of rotation of the drum with the formation of the taper angle, and it is located entirely in the lower part of the handle cavity with access to its rear end and the bullet/shells cartridges in the bullet chambers with the shoe folded back.EFFECT: improvement of technical and operational characteristics.19 cl, 3 dwg
Laser fire simulator // 2635901
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: laser fire simulator contains an optically coupled laser, a transparency and a lens. The transparency is installed in the focal plane of the lens and has N zones, where N is not less than 2, with dimensions of r1<r2<…<rN and with the transmission coefficients in the zones of τ1>τ2>τi…>τN, the centres of these zones are aligned or offset from each other vertically. The transparency is made in the form of a diffractive optical element (DOE) with alternating strokes with maximum and minimum transmittance. Herewith the parameters of the strokes satisfy the conditions , where di - the width of strokes with minimum transmission in the i-th zone; τi - the transmittance coefficient in the i-th zone; T is the period of the DOE strokes, T=λmin/ϕ, where λmin - the minimum working laser wavelength; ϕ - the aperture lens angle.EFFECT: increasing the technology of the simulator and increasing the accuracy of fire simulating.3 dwg

Guided weapon control method // 2635299
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: to control the guided weapon, determine the target coordinates, highlight the bottoming surface area by the laser radiation, capture and guide the self-guided air-to-surface weapon (SGASW) according to the reflected laser radiation from the bottoming surface highlight area. In this case, the bottoming surface highlight area by the laser radiation is moved along the path, defined by the predetermined relative target coordinates, excluding the highlight by laser radiation of the target itself. Then determine the control parameters of SGASW to the target relatively to the trajectory parameters of the moving bottoming surface highlight area by the laser radiation, and its values are transmitted to the SGASW.EFFECT: effeciency increase of the guided weapon application for targeting radiation by reducing the electromagnetic accessibility of highlight signals at the destruction target.3 dwg
aneuvering method for high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle in possible coverage area of anti-missile and air defense means // 2635022
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a manoeuvring method for a high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle (HSUAV) in possible coverage area of anti-missile and air defence means. To implement the method, the trajectory of mandatory HSUAV manoeuvring, consisting of a sequence of individual manoeuvres with a certain duration, is selected stochastically in certain spatial boundaries of the plane of the individual manoeuvre vectors, calculated in a certain way, while the parameters of the acceleration vector of the next manoeuvre are limited by the design features of HSUAV.EFFECT: poor predictability and low vulnerability of the trajectories of a high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle in the area of their possible damage.1 dwg