Engineering elements or units and general measures for producing and maintaining effective functioning of machines or installations and thermal insulation in general (F16)

F16            Engineering elements or units; general measures for producing and maintaining effective functioning of machines or installations; thermal insulation in general(70549)
F16H - Gearing(13641)
F16N - Lubricating(1251)

etallic fastener // 2642768
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: metal fastener contains an expanded head and a smooth barrel for engaging with the structure and located along the axis of rotation. The surface of the smooth barrel comprises, around the noted smooth barrel, at least one alternating conductive portion and at least one alternating lubricating portion. At least one conductive portion extends along the length of the smooth barrel, and at least one noted lubricating portion extends along the entire length of the smooth barrel, a lubricant is applied to the noted lubricating portion.EFFECT: increased possibility of conducting electricity in all layers of the structure.11 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of draining liquid from wells when using underground oil production method // 2642759
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes supplying liquid to the divider through a hole in the cover of the upper chamber, filtering large mechanical impurities, supplying liquid into the upper chamber with a float, then through openings of throttle partition into the lower chamber to the valve unit. Under the action of high level of liquid in the upper chamber, the float moves upward and, by means of the rod, it opens a first small valve. Then, if it is necessary to increase the throughput capacity of the large valve, moving the small valve with one degree of freedom inside the large valve and together with it inside the sleeve along the common vertical axis. After draining liquid through the discharge bushing under the action of lowering of liquid level in the upper chamber, the float moves down and closes both valves.EFFECT: improved safety of the drainage process due to smooth adjustment of liquid outlet and provision of process continuity.3 cl, 12 dwg

Rupture disc having laser-formed reversal initiation and strain control elements // 2642752
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: reverse acting rupture disc (10) having a laser-formed reversal initiation element (16) provided in the disc projecting portion (12). The reversal initiation element comprises at least the first laser-exposed region (22) which has reduced thickness relative to the remaining projecting portion. A second laser-exposed region (24) provided within the first laser-exposed region. The second laser-exposed region has depth less than the depth of the first laser-exposed region. Attenuation line (40) can be formed in the projecting portion which acts to direct the reversal of raised portion towards specific region of the disc, such as line (56) of the opening groove.EFFECT: control and ordering of the extension shape in reversal.40 cl, 12 dwg

Dowel and fastening element securing layer of material // 2642720
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a dowel for securing a layer of material on a structure including a tray (12) and a hollow shaft (14) formed therein to receive a fixing screw, wherein a stepped hole (16) is provided in the hollow shaft. The stepped hole (16) includes at least two steps (28) between at least three regions (18; 30). The hollow shaft (14) on the outer surface is at least partially conically decurrent. Hollow shaft (14) is provided with radially extensible elements, and extensible elements are executed from the external side in the conically decurrent part of hollow shaft (14) as axial seizures (40). According to the invention, it is proposed that the seizures (40) at the base of the seizures are at least partially provided with a thin, expandable or tearable by expansion, bottom. The present invention further relates to a fastening element including a dowel and a fastening screw according to the invention.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the stability of the dowel independently of the fastening screw.12 cl, 13 dwg

Wave transmission // 2642676
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: wave transmission contains an elliptical wave former, a flexible wheel mounted on rollers placed on the wave former, and a rigid gear wheel. The flexible wheel is made with an annular rib at the end, and the grooves on it are made with cylindrical surfaces along the edges and are arranged symmetrically in two rows on each side of the gear ring, with one set of grooves half offset.EFFECT: increased loading capacity of the wave transmission.3 dwg
Explosion-protection structure for fencing explosion-hazardous premises of production facilities // 2642619
FIELD: safeguards; explosion-protection devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to explosion-protection devices used in explosive objects. Technical result is achieved by the fact that in explosion-protection structure for fencing explosion-hazardous premises of production facilities, containing reinforced concrete panels of size 6000×1800 mm with perimeter strap for transportation, panel is made in the form of depressions in the building wall and is formed by the planes of a regular quadrilateral truncated pyramid with a circular base, inscribed in its faces in the form of a hole with diameter Dy, there is a body base, made in the form of a plate with a central hole of diameter Dy, equal to the diameter of the hole in the building fence, which is covered by a lined cargo gate movably connected to the base by means of at least three flexible connections, for example in the form of chains, one end of which is hingedly connected to the cylindrical part of the body, and the other one is hingedly connected to the cargo gate, the cylindrical body part is connected to the middle conical and upper cylindrical parts, and in the cylindrical body part, adjoining the conical part, there is a circular diaphragm with a central hole and with at least three holes located in its peripheral part, and between the circular diaphragm and the lined cargo gate there is a bushing made of a rapidly disintegrating material, for example glass, of the "triplex" type, whose strength is calculated for a certain overpressure in the explosion-protection structure, and there is rod coaxial to the bushing, made of a rapidly disintegrating material, axisymmetric to a hole of diameter Dy and fixed to the base of the body on the lined cargo gate, right part of the rod is axisymmetrically located in the central hole of the circular diaphragm.EFFECT: technical result is increased reliability and efficiency of safe operation of explosion-hazardous premises of production facilities.1 cl, 2 dwg

Insert for a vehicle support, device using the insert and the vehicle containing the device // 2642540
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: insert comprises a head from which the elongated body extends along the longitudinal axis Z and is configured to change its state by rotating the insert around the longitudinal axis Z between a locked condition in which the head and the stop formed on the elongated body interact with the axial locking element, carried out on the support to prevent the insert from moving forward relative to the support along the longitudinal axis Z, and an unlocked state in which the elongate body of the insert can be inserted into the opening of the support or retrieved from the aperture of the support. The insert comprises a first rotation locking element mounted on the head and configured to prevent the insert from rotating about the longitudinal axis Z by interacting with the second rotation locking member provided on the support when the insert is in the locked state. The head contains an axial lock made interoperable with emphasis to ensure axial locking supports between the focus and the specified element axial lock, which is executed in the form of projections on the surface of the head, which is the first element of the lock. The locking element is configured to leave a free space between the mentioned head surface and the support in the locked state to provide access to the first locking element.EFFECT: increase the reliability of fixing the insert in its locked state.8 cl, 10 dwg

Locking element and mounting system for fastening part mounted on c-shaped bus // 2642532
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mounting system for fastening the c-shaped bus comprises two laterally spaced arms and two enclosing strips facing towards the mounted part and located at a distance from each other. The mounted part can be pressed against the outer surfaces of the two enclosing strips of the c-shaped bus by means of a threaded joint. The system comprises a locking element in the form of a clamp and comprising two arms which at least partially enclose two laterally located arms and two enclosing strips of c-shaped bus placed at a distance from each other. The locking element is configured for connecting to the c-shaped bus by means of a threaded joint. If mounting system is used properly, the locking element is placed between the hinged part and the enclosing strips, so that the two arms of the locking element at least partially enclose the two side arms of the c-shaped bus. The threaded joint comprises a screw with a head and a slide nut or screw with t-shaped head and a nut, and a spacer is arranged between the slide nut or screw head with t-shaped head and locking element.EFFECT: prevention of bending of the c-shaped bus under load.9 cl, 2 dwg

Fixing element for sensor current // 2642390
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: fixing element has a locking device, as well as a flange area for mounting the current sensor in an upright position on the mounting surface. Flange area has supporting surface and/or the anchor bar, which lie in the first plane, fixing element also has a clamping surface on which the locking device is moulded. The clamping surface lies in the second plane, and these two planes have a common crossing angle (α), which is more than 90.25°.EFFECT: increase the reliability of fastening.15 cl, 16 dwg

Safety valve // 2642278
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: valve for controlling the flow of medium from the first system to the second system comprises a deformable dome-shaped structure forming a reservoir. The valve cover includes the first connecting hole for connecting the valve to the first system and a contact element for interacting with the flow path hole to open and close it. The valve base is hermetically connected to the valve cover and to the dome-shaped structure and includes the second connecting hole for connecting the valve to the second system. The deformable dome-shaped structure is configured in such a way that it is deformed in the open position of the valve, and the flow path hole is not connected to the contact element so as to allow the medium to flow from the first system to the second system through the first and second connecting holes and the flow path hole. In the closed position of the valve, the deformable dome-shaped structure has its original dome shape, and the flow path hole is connected to the contact element and is thus closed. A pumping device for transporting the medium and a breast pump device for extracting milk from the breast of a nursing woman are disclosed.EFFECT: ensuring reliable vacuum control.14 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for obtaining permanent joint of components made of dissimilar materials, one of which is made of plastic metal // 2642239
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: threaded holes (2) are made in the first component (1). On the component (3) made of plastic metal, recesses (4) for heads of fastening elements (5), coaxial to the holes (2), are made. The components (1) and (3) are fastened by the fastening elements (5), wherein the heads of the fastening elements (5) are embedded into the recesses (4) until formation of free space between the heads and the component (3) surface. The component (3) made of plastic material is affected by a rotating cylindrical tool (6) to heat it to the temperature causing its plasticization. When moving the tool, the mentioned free space of the recesses is filled with plasticized metal (7) of the second component (3), ensuring closure of the heads of the fastening elements (5) in them, receiving hermetic permanent joint. During the heating of the second component, when the cylindrical rotating tool (6) is moving, the first component is cooled.EFFECT: method provides high structural strength of the permanent joint of dissimilar materials.2 cl, 5 dwg

Combined vibration isolation system of torsion type // 2642213
FIELD: engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical engineering. Combined vibration isolation system contains a base, a spatial transmission mechanism, a pivot linking the base and a vibration-insulated object. Transmission mechanism is made in the form of two torsions in parallel mounted on the vibration-insulated object in hinges with oppositely attached levers at their ends. Free ends of the levers are connected with vertical rods by means of spherical hinges. Rods are connected to the base by spherical hinges. Three shock-absorbing springs are installed and fixed between the base of the vibration-insulated object and the base of the protected inter-floor overlapping of the building.EFFECT: increased efficiency of vibration isolation in resonance mode is being achieved.1 cl, 2 dwg

Gear transmission // 2642211
FIELD: engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in tooth gears. Gear train comprises paired gears on the shafts, installed in a closed housing with magneto-active powdered greasing substance, activated by a externally located magnetic field source. Body is made of diamagnetic material, teeth of paired gears are made from ferromagnetic material. Body of each timing gear is made of diamagnetic material. In the body of each timing gear, a coannular tubular element is fixed, it is made of ferromagnetic material. Outer diameter of the element is smaller than the diameter of the bases’ girth of the timing gear. Width of the element is less than the thickness of the body. Element is made as one with the teeth of the ring gear and is connected to them by radially oriented bridges, made from ferromagnetic material as well. Each tooth is connected to the element by a pair of jumpers made as one with the element and the tooth, located at a distance from each other on the side of the tooth's lateral surfaces, with an adherence to them. Width of the jumpers is equal to the width of the tubular element. Thickness of the jumpers is directly proportional to the magnitude of the magnetic flux, passing through them. And the volume between the bridges is filled with the diamagnetic material of the wheel body.EFFECT: optimization of the design and a reduction in the costs of manufacturing gears is achieved.1 cl, 4 dwg

Gear transmission // 2642207
FIELD: machine industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in gear transmission lubricated magnetic particle method. Gear transmission comprises timing gears, mounted on shafts, installed in a closed housing with magneto-active powdered greasing substance, activated by a externally located magnetic field source. made of diamagnetic material, teeth of timing gears are made from ferromagnetic material. Body of each timing gears is made of a diamagnetic material. In the body of each timing gears, coannular tubular element is fixed, made of ferromagnetic material. Outer diameter of the element is smaller, then the diameter of the bases’ girth of the timing gears. Width of the element is less than the thickness of the body. Element is made at the same time with the teeth of the annular gear and is connected to them by radially oriented connectors, made of ferromagnetic material. Each tooth is connected to the element by one connector, located on the side of the working side of this tooth. Cross section of each connector is the same across its entire height. Width of the connectors is equal to the width of the element, and the thickness of the connectors is set from the condition of ensuring optimum resistance to the magnetic flux, created by the source of the magnetic field.EFFECT: providing higher quality of lubrication process of gear transmission.1 cl, 4 dwg
Single action shock absorber with breakable elements // 2642190
FIELD: protective devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protective devices, for example shock absorbers, used in explosive facilities. Single action shock absorber with breakable elements contains a body, elastic and damping elements, additionally contains a rod, in the upper part of which, perpendicular to its axis, a fixed stop in the form of a circular plate is rigidly fixed, to the lower part of which the damping base is fastened with screws, and co-axially with the rod a bushing made in the form of a truncated cone is rigidly fixed to the damping base. Truncated cone lower base is connected to the base, and the single action element is supported against truncated cone upper base, made in the form of a hub of brittle, collapsing material, for example porcelain, which is pressed from below by a hub-type clamping element with grooves for fixing an elastic part in the form of a conical spring turned by its upper base towards the bushing-type clamping element. Conical spring lower base is fixed in the grooves of the damping base by means of injection polyurethane, wherein fixing of the bushing-type clamping element is implemented by means of latches mounted on the surface of the rod. Inside the bushing, made in the form of a truncated cone, wherein the bottom base of the truncated cone being connected to the base, and in the of the truncated cone upper base a single-action element is pressed against, an elastic conical element with an outer surface congruent and equidistant to the sleeve is located axially symmetric. Rod is made resiliently damping, consisting of co-axially arranged bushings and rods, wherein the bushings are made of an elastic material, and the rods of a vibration damping material, for example polyurethane.EFFECT: invention increases reliability of operation of explosion-proof devices at emergency explosion at site.1 cl, 1 dwg

Shut-off valves for main pipeline // 2642179
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used as the shut-off valve in the pipelines of NPP, TPP, main oil and gas lines. There are lubricating elements located in a housing above and below sealing seats and interacting with working surfaces of a lifting gate and made of solid lubricant. The lubricating elements are provided with devices for pressing them to the lifting gate.EFFECT: reduction of wear intensity of conjugated flat working surfaces of lifting gate and sealing seats.2 dwg

ethod for protecting underground pipelines from freezing // 2642084
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to public construction. Method comprises forming an anti-corrosion coating and heat insulation on pipeline (3), laying said pipeline in trench (2), followed by filling the trench with soil. Heat insulation on pipeline (3) with an anti-corrosion coating is formed after placing it in trench (2) by filling it with layer of sand (4) up to 2 times diameter (d) of pipeline (3) and wetting said layer using a known method with an aqueous salt solution of given concentration and subsequent filling of the final trench with soil (5).EFFECT: improved heat-shielding properties of the pipeline in the trench from the effect of drop in sub-zero temperatures.4 cl, 1 dwg

Falling preventing device and connecting element // 2642041
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: falling preventing device comprises a connecting element and a lug to prevent falling. The connecting element has the first opening corresponding to the cross section of the lug and is designed to locate the connecting element rotatably on the lug, at least one second opening for rotatably inserting the screw into the connecting element, and at least one connecting part, both ends of which are respectively connected to the first opening and the second opening, wherein the connecting part has the form of a circular arc, and one end of the lug is attached to the block and is intended for attaching the connecting element to the block.EFFECT: increasing comfort when using a falling preventing device.13 cl, 7 dwg

Gear wheel // 2642015
FIELD: engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in tooth gears. Gear wheel contains body in the form of disk and gear ring with teeth at the ends of which a pair of ring linings are reinforced. On the circumference of the body, in the bases of interdental slots, radially oriented cutouts are made along the whole width of the body, the lateral surfaces of each notch are interfaced with the lateral surfaces of the slots, the bottom of each cut is perpendicular to the ends of the body. In the body sections between adjacent cuts, through-going rectangular holes are made, oriented parallel to the ends of the body and perpendicular to the axes of symmetry of the slots under which they are made. Holes are arranged symmetrically with respect to the ends of the body, the top of each hole coincides in plan with the circumference of the bases of the gear rim, and the bottom of each hole is interfaced with the bottom of the adjacent notches.EFFECT: construction is facilitated and the costs of manufacturing the gear are reduced.1 cl, 3 dwg

Gear transmission // 2642014
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in gears lubricated by magnetic particle method. Gear train comprises paired gears mounted by means of shafts in a closed housing within which a magnetically active powdered lubricant is activated, which is activated by an externally located magnetic field source. Body and bodies of gears are made of diamagnetic material. Teeth of gear wheels of gears are made of ferromagnetic material. Between the bodies of cogwheels and their gear rims are crowned cogwheels made of ferromagnetic material, in conjunction with serrated crowns, the width of which is equal to the width of the gear rims. At the ends of the body of each gear wheel, a pair of annular linings made of a diamagnetic material, the outer diameter of which is not less than the diameter of the circumference of the bases of the gear rim of this wheel, and their width is not less than the thickness of the crown wheel.EFFECT: quality of the lubrication process of the gear wheel is improved.1 cl, 2 dwg

Gear wheel // 2642007
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in gears lubricated with solid lubricants in powdery dispersed phase. Gear wheel contains a body in form of a disk and a toothed crown with teeth. At both ends of the teeth, a pair of ring linings is reinforced. Length of lateral surfaces of teeth is equal to length of working sections of lateral surfaces of teeth calculated for this wheel. According to the outer perimeter of the body in the region of the bases of the crown rims, along the entire width of the body, radially oriented cutouts are made. Lateral surfaces of cutouts oriented radially are interfaced with lateral surfaces of teeth, and the bottom surfaces of the notches are oriented perpendicular to the ends of the body.EFFECT: it is ensured that the powdery lubricant is not accumulated and compacted in the region of the bases of the crown rims.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethods and device for treater calibration // 2642000
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: embodiment of method includes determining if a first position of a process control device is a first end position, and in response to the first position being the first end position, calculating a second end position of the process control device based on the first end position and configuration information. The embodiment of method additionally includes calculating a partial stroke zone of the process control device based on the first end position and the second end position, and determining when a current position of the process control device is within the partial stroke zone. The embodiment of method also includes calculating an output bias based on a control signal and a summed value when the current position is within the partial stroke zone.EFFECT: improving the calibration accuracy.22 cl, 6 dwg

Water-gas unit // 2641999
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: water-gas unit contains a membrane-valve mechanism for stabilizing a preselected water supply and a spring-loaded valve for gas supply with the drive from a membrane of the membrane-valve mechanism. The drive of the gas supply valve is carried out by the membrane through the magnetic field of two magnets oriented with respect to each other with the same poles located on both sides of the non-magnetic partition separating the gas and water cavities of the unit, one of the magnets is mechanically connected to the membrane and the other to the gas supply valve.EFFECT: increase the reliability of the device and the accuracy of the water supply regulation.1 dwg

Spring device and method of producing spring device // 2641989
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. Device comprises spring (3) with coating (7). Spring support (4) is made of plastic. Spring (3) and its support (4) are glued together with adhesive layer (8). Hardness of adhesive layer (8) is less than the hardness of coating (7). Method includes the steps of manufacturing spring device (2).EFFECT: improved resistance to wear and improved service life is achieved.16 cl, 5 dwg

Electrothermal insulating connecting insert // 2641988
FIELD: test equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to testing equipment and can be used for testing an object and its elements for simultaneous combined exposure of high-temperature loads in conditions of complete protection of testing equipment. Electrothermal insulating connecting insert consists of an inlet and an outlet flange with connecting threads on opposite ends and a hollow electrically insulating element in the form of a dielectric cylindrical bush fixed between flanges. Between the bush and flanges there are two high-temperature gaskets, clamped by means of pins and nuts with semi-rings, abutting the beads of the ceramic bush. Between the semi-rings there are two semi-rings of ceramic bricks glued together. All clamping metal elements are made with a coefficient of linear expansion equal to the coefficient of linear expansion of the material of the dielectric bush.EFFECT: invention provides a simultaneous connection of required air volume with the specified parameters to the test object and protection of the equipment from charged parts of pipelines.4 cl, 1 dwg

Wave gasket // 2641987
FIELD: manufacturing procedure.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to flat sealing gaskets for sealing the detachable flange connections, for example, flanged connections of pipelines, fittings, pressure vessels. Wave gasket contains a metal ring with a wave cross-section, located between the graphite layers. Surfaces of at least the cusps of the metal ring are ridged.EFFECT: ensuring the tightness of the flange connection even with its substantial deviation from flatness.1 cl, 5 dwg

Improved methods of creating an electrofusion connection // 2641925
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to methods for creating electrofusion compounds providing continuity and reproducibility of welds between electrofusion fitting and inner coating of a tube (or a separate pipe). The electrofusion fitting for connecting the sections of the tube having the inner coating has heating elements for creating at least one weld connection between the electrofusion fitting and inner coating of a tube, however, prior to the welding stage, the electrofusion fitting is heated and expanded to provide contact with the inner coating of the tube. Preheating of the electrofusion fitting also provides predetermined initial temperature for the fitting and the inner coating.EFFECT: increased reliability of fusion cycle and elimination of need for clamps or support frames to support the electrofusion fitting at the work area, thereby the duration of cycles is shortened, and level of complexity is decreased.25 cl, 4 dwg

Polyurethane elastomer for application in isolation of marine underwater pipeline // 2641908
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method includes providing the first length of the insulated pipe and the second length of the insulated pipe, each has at least one uninsulated end that do not contain insulation, the connection of the uninsulated end of the first length of the insulated pipe with the uninsulated end of the second length of the insulated pipe for forming the connection, the introduction of a curable reaction mixture into the gap, and curing the reaction mixture. The curable reaction mixture contains at least one simple polyetherpolyol, 1,4-butandiol, aromatic polyisocyanate, a catalyst in the form of zinc carboxylate, and epoxy resin. The reaction mixture is substantially free of the reaction catalyst of the epoxy group with an isocyanate group resulting in the formation of oxazolidinone and also substantially free of the amine curing agent.EFFECT: these mixtures are cured and acquire a raw strength similar to mercury catalyst systems.10 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex
Hollow poppet valve // 2641870
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: hollow poppet valve (10) has a head (14) formed integrally with one end side of the stem (12). The valve (10) comprises a hollow part (S1) disposed on the head side (14) and a hollow part (S2) located on the side of the stem (12). The hollow part (S1) and the hollow part (S2) are separated from each other by a partition (15) formed in the region of the halving part (13) between the valve head (14) and the valve stem (12). Hollow part (S1), located on the side of the head (14), formed by partitioning (15), spherical indentations hull heads (14) and the closing element forming the bottom of hollow parts (S1), located on the side of the head (14). On the head side facing the combustion chamber (14), in a hollow part (S1), located on the side of the head, there is heat-insulating part containing gas or material, which has a lower thermal conductivity compared with metal forming valve (10). In the hollow part (S2) located on the side of the stem (12), there is a cooling part, into which the coolant (19) is loaded. Thermal insulation effect is achieved in the heat-insulating part. The heat dissipating effect is achieved in the cooling part. By specifying at least one out of the wall (15) in the direction of up and down and the length of the partitions (15) in the direction of upside-down is provided by regulation of the relative values of heat-insulating and heat dissipating effect. A method for controlling the relative values of the heat-insulating effect and the heat-dissipating effect of the hollow poppet valve is disclosed.EFFECT: increase the mechanical strength of the poppet valve.2 cl, 8 dwg
Composition for temporary sealing device used for hot works on small-diameter gas pipe // 2641820
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: described composition for a temporary sealing device used for hot works performance on a small-diameter gas pipe, contains oil-containing bitumen, rosin, petroleum oil and filler, and porophore blowing agent with decomposition temperature of not above 100°C is used as filler at the following ratio of components, wt %: bitumen 10-80; porophore blowing agent 5-80; rosin 0.5-14.5; petroleum oil 0.5-9.5.EFFECT: production of a sealing plug that withstands gas pressure drop.2 tbl, 6 ex

Element of fixed support for pre-insulated pipeline // 2641805
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: element comprises a pipe with a casing concentrically put thereon. The casing has a rigid connection with outer stops and two pairs of rings enveloping the pipe at the casing ends with a temperature gap between them. The element has a number of ribs located on the outer sides of the rings. The outer diameter of the casing and the rings corresponds to the outer diameter of the pipeline insulation. Wherein each ring adjacent to the casing butt ends is rigidly connected to the casing, and the second pair of the rings has a rigid connection to the pipe. Between the rings, there is a temperature gap.EFFECT: reducing and eliminating stress in the structure, resulting from the temperature difference between the pipe and the casing, simplifying the design of the fixed support element, increasing its reliability.2 cl, 2 dwg
Valve cage without dead zones between noise suppression sections and high-throughput of flow // 2641799
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve cage for fluid medium flow controller contains a hollow cylindrical body, a noise absorption portion, a flow high-throughput portion and a transition portion. The noise absorption portion has a plurality of inlet openings, a plurality of outlet openings, and a plurality of tortuous flow paths extending between the inlet and outlet openings. The flow high-throughput portion is in axial direction adjacent to the noise absorption portion and comprises a first axial end, a second axial end, and plurality of primary flow openings. The transition portion is on the intermediate surface between the noise absorption portion and the second axial end of the flow high-throughput portion and comprises a plurality of transition openings. Each transition opening has a recess at the end of the flow high-throughput portion so that the transition portion ensures no dead zone in the valve cage between the noise suppression sections.EFFECT: high throughput of flow when implemented in the fluid flow controller.23 cl, 4 dwg

Safety locking device with locking mechanism of valve plate // 2641796
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a valve body (112), a valve seat (120) located between the inlet and outlet, a return rod (136) moving between the retracted and the reduced position. The valve plate support (160) comprises a threaded rod and is connected to a return rod (136). The valve plate (122) interacts with a support rod and is made with the ability to move in response to the movement of the valve plate support (160) between the open position and the second closed position in which the valve plate (122) is adjacent to the valve seat (120). A threaded nut (206, 208) attached to the threaded part of the rod of the valve plate support (160), also, a locking spring (210), protected by a threaded nut (206, 208), is disposed on the rod of the valve plate support (160). The locking spring (210) applies a biasing force to the valve plate (122). Versions of the device and method of stopping the valve plate are described.EFFECT: increase the reliability.18 cl, 9 dwg
Iron-based pipeline element, containing outer coating, method of its manufacture and underground pipeline, implemented from such pipeline elements // 2641793
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions can be used in the manufacture of metal pipes with an anticorrosion coating, as well as in the construction of underground pipelines from such pipes. The iron-based pipeline element (1), in particular cast iron-based, comprises of an outer coating (9) including: the first layer (11), the second adhesive layer (13), disposed on the first layer (11), and the third layer (15), located on the second layer (13). The first layer (11) includes at least one porous zinc/aluminium alloy layer containing from 5 to 60 wt % of aluminium. The third layer (15) contains a synthetic organic material.EFFECT: increased resistance to corrosion in case of damage to the outer surface of the pipeline.17 cl, 1 dwg
Fire valve of super-high pressure // 2641792
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: fire valve of super-high pressure with an input and output comprises a spring-loaded closure element and retainer set in the inner cavity of the housing with possibility of interaction, a saddle with an inner hole, installed coaxially with the closure element, gas discharge holes and a hole communicating with the inner cavity, one end of the retainer is designed as a disc, spring-loaded on the side of the closure element, fixed by a fuse part, saddle and piston surfaces facing each other are provided with a metal cutting edge, the fuse part is made in the form of a disc. In the inner hole of the saddle there are an additional fuse part and a retainer in the form of a hollow rod with a disc, a welded bushing is placed in the housing hole, in the upper part of the bushing there is a membrane fixed by an insert in the form of a disc which is fixed by the piston, the upper part of which is made in the form of a disc, which interacts with the fuse part in the form of a disc.EFFECT: preventing destruction of working tanks from excessive pressure in case of fire.2 dwg
Pyrotechnic valve (versions) // 2641789
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: pyrotechnic valve has a body in which a pyrotechnic drive and piston are mounted on one axle and which is perpendicular to the direction of piston movement and sealed with a plug by means of welding. At the pipeline outer diameter and the plug in the zone of their connection there is a groove of depth not less than value of elastic deformation of outer end plug bending which is welded to the pipeline without subsequent heat treatment of the weld zone and made of same material as the pipeline. The groove is made on the larger part of the plug length, and an annular groove is made on the piston outer cylindrical surface, which axial location provides its alignment with the opened pipeline. An embodiment of the valve is also proposed.EFFECT: creating a pyrotechnic valve to provide improved tightness and reliability.3 cl, 8 dwg

Oil pan of internal combustion engine // 2641788
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: oil pan of internal combustion engine comprises side walls, a bottom with oil a collector in the form of a recess, a drain and magnetic plugs, an intake device, a vertical filtering partition dividing the pan into cleaned and crude oil cavity, a guide plate installed with inclination towards crude oil, an adjusting gate under the vertical filtering partition installed in the lower horizontal guide, according to the invention, the lower horizontal guide is provided with a longitudinal slit and has elastic elements in the form of bent plates, which are fixed by the upper edge on the slit walls, and the base of the adjusting gate is made conical.EFFECT: reduced labour input and improved quality when performing maintenance of the internal combustion engine.2 cl, 4 dwg
Rotating sealing unit for compensating radial deflection and inclination // 2641779
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprising a body, an opening of the body and a shaft rotatably passing through the body opening, the rotating seal assembly comprises a seal holder stop coupled to the body and defining a cavity surrounding the shaft, a seal holder located inside the seal holder cavity. The seal holder is arranged for certain radial deflection and inclination relative to the stopper holder stop, and wherein the seal holder is held by the seal holder stop so as to prevent rotation of the seal holder relative to the seal holder stop, a sealing for rotating shaft located on the seal holder between the seal holder and the shaft, and sealing of the seal holder located between the seal holder and the seal holder stop.EFFECT: invention improves the reliability of the device.20 cl, 6 dwg

Cooled wall of tokamak // 2641651
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: cooled wall of tokamak has a heat flux receiving surface and an adjacent heat-conducting zone, inside which there is a group of atomizers, at that each atomizer contains a chamber with axial hole connected to the cooling liquid supply channel. Each atomizer has a nozzle arranged coaxially relative to the axial hole. Finning is made on the nozzle inner surface. A housing for collecting steam is mounted on the side of the nozzles.EFFECT: increased efficiency for cooling walls of chambers with high intensity of heat flow from the center of chambers to the periphery.2 dwg

Box coupling // 2641610
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: box coupling consists of two interconnected half couplings. The connection of the half couplings is made in the form of a hinge, the axis of which is located in the parting plane of the half couplings. Between the parts of the detachable half coupling there are a spacer spring and a limiter of their relative rotation. The fixing ring is made in the form of a bush with an internal thread interfaced with the thread located on the outer side surface of the half coupling. The fixing ring with internal thread is interfaced with the thread located on the inner side surface of the end protrusion of the detachable part of the half couplings interfaced with the shaft. The outer diametre of the fixing ring is equal to the outer diametre of the side surface of the half coupling. The fixing ring is held from self-unscrewing by a threaded stopper.EFFECT: increased reliability.2 dwg

Gear-cog step drive with mechanical excitation and zero reverse effort // 2641563
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gearbox has a transmission link in the form of an internal gear engaged on the carrier in the form of a crank and an output link in the form of a female gear. The transmission link is made in the form of a connecting rod with cogs at the ends. One of the cogs is recessed into the calliper groove, the second is at the same end of the connecting rod from its back side, and the third is on the opposite end of the connecting rod. The connecting rod is connected to the carrier so that at least one of the connecting rod cogs is always engaged with the female gear. The drive cog is disengaged from the teeth of the driven gear of the actuator simultaneously with engagement of a locking cog at the opposite end of the connecting rod with the same gear.EFFECT: reliability increase.1 dwg

Lubrication of cylindrical reducer // 2641561
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for lubricating the cylindrical reducer includes a gear, a slow wheel, a spring-loaded plunger arranged in oil bath and constantly interacting with the cam installed on the slow wheel, a pressure pipeline and a device for feeding lubricant into the tooth contact zone. The device for supplying lubricant consists of a body in the form of a cylindrical sleeve, a cylindrical slider with internal cavity for liquid lubricant material. On outer surface of the slider there are grooves with holes connecting the inner cavity of the slider with injectors placed on the housing in a zone for feeding lubricant into the pole zone of engaged wheels.EFFECT: increased service life and performance capacity of high-loaded high-speed stage of the cylindrical reducer.2 dwg

Structural element of bearing with internal diamond coating // 2641557
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: structural element of a bearing element includes a main body (2) and a hole (3) formed in the main body (2), where internal bearing surface is made. The inner bearing surface has a diamond coating (4). The diamond coating (4) has elongated recesses (42) which are provided in the diamond coating (4) and pass substantially in the longitudinal direction (X-X) of the hole. The width (B) of the elongated recesses (42) is smaller than the average width of diamond crystals (41) of the diamond coating (4).EFFECT: creation of a structural element of the bearing that provides a very long service life and minimal friction at start.10 cl, 2 dwg
Eight-stage gear train // 2641546
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: to obtain increased gear numbers by the small-sized reducer-divider of the gearbox, it comprises a sliding key, which height of engagement gear is calculated by the size, according to which the wedge sliding keys rigidly connect the support to the body opposite to gear engagement in all gear stages. Thereby, a multi-stage gear train with inner engagement is obtained.EFFECT: extended kinematic capabilities of the gear train.1 dwg

Ball cock // 2641544
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in a ball cock comprising a body with inlet and outlet holes, in which there is a ball plug with a through hole driven by a rod, and a seat made of polyurethane, interacting with spherical surface of the ball plug, rings are tightly fixed on the ball plug, the rings are made of polyurethane antifriction material and have a spherical surface interacting with seats. Center of the spherical surface of rings coincides with the center of spherical surface of the ball plug, and the diameter of the rings spherical surface is larger than the diameter of spherical surface of the ball plug. Centers of rings are aligned with axis passing through the center of the spherical surface of the ball plug and perpendicular to the plane, passing through the axis of the through hole of the ball plug and the axis of the rod.EFFECT: elimination of polyurethane seat adhesion to the spherical surface of the ball plug, which reduces and stabilises the torque required to control the cock, which increases the reliability of the ball cock operation.2 dwg

Telescopic suspension device, equipped with prestressing pretension precautions system // 2641539
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: telescopic suspension device is made with the possibility of connection with the hub of the wheel, containing the first tube, second tube moving sliding on the first tube, and a spring located inside these tubes, and optionally contains the cap regulation prestressing of the main spring. The control plug of the prestressing pretension of the main spring contains the pre-stressing system of the main spring in accordance with the user's weight. The bicycle frame contains a suspension device.EFFECT: increase the accuracy of suspension adjustment by the user.9 cl, 20 dwg

Fastening bracket // 2641433
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: fastening bracket comprises an upper wall and a lower wall, mutually parallel, two openings are made in the upper wall, and a vertical slot open from one end is made in the lower wall. Wherein the openings in the upper wall are arranged in such a way that while rotating the bracket about one of them, the second one freely moves relative to the fixed fastening element inserted therein.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.4 cl, 2 dwg

Improved sanitary engineering device // 2641422
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device (10) for fastening a branch pipe (40) to an existing pipe (50) comprises a section (12) for coupling with the pipe, adapted for coupling with the surface of the existing pipe (50), (14) for coupling with the branch, adapted to accommodate the end of the branch pipe (40) to be connected to the existing pipe (50). The fluid communication between the section (12) for engaging the pipe and the section (14) for engaging the branch is provided by a channel. To fasten the device (10) to the existing pipe (50), a first fastening mechanism (20) and a second fastening mechanism (26) are provided. The first fastening mechanism (20) is adjacent to the channel (16).EFFECT: improving the fastening reliability.14 cl, 7 dwg

Seal for turbo-fan engine // 2641421
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: seal for sealing the gap between the blade and the cover plate of the straightening blade of the guide apparatus comprises a connecting portion for connecting to the cover plate, a ridge flexible portion and a collar flexible portion. The ridge flexible portion extends from the connecting portion and tapers towards the tip to form a rounded angle between the blade and the cover plate, when the tip is in contact with the blade. The collar flexible portion extends from the seal inner surface and has such sizes in order to come into contact with the structure upper surface to attach the vain and maintain gas impermeability.EFFECT: according to the present invention the seal does not require intensive labour operation, it requires only attachment to the cover plate and integration into the straightening blade of the guide apparatus for sealing the flow of air and not to cause turbulence in the air flow.4 cl, 8 dwg

Section of two-layer hard pipeline and method of its manufacture (versions) // 2641418
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: pipeline section comprises an outer pressure shell 1 made of a fiberglass material based on a reactive plastic binder and an inner containment shell 2 secured to it from a plurality of flat or cylindrical elements made of electrical porcelain that cover the inner surface of the outer shell and are fastened together at the ends and with a hardened casing reactoplastic binder. In the first embodiment, a forming base is formed from the planar elements by temporarily securing it on the process mandrel with a releasable adhesive. After that, the outer shell is manufactured by impregnating the fiberglass material with a reactive plastic binder and winding it onto the forming base. After the binder solidifies, the mandrel is separated. According to the second embodiment of the method, the shaping base is made of hollow cylindrical elements by their free arrangement on a cylindrical mandrel and axial compression. The following operations are the same as in the first version of the method.EFFECT: simplification of the pipe manufacturing technology while providing a significant level of its strength and protection against destruction.4 cl, 6 dwg