Devices for fastening or securing constructional elements or machine parts together, e.g. nails, bolts, circlips, clamps, clips or wedges and joints or jointing (F16B)

F16B              Devices for fastening or securing constructional elements or machine parts together, e.g. nails, bolts, circlips, clamps, clips or wedges; joints or jointing (couplings for transmitting rotation f16d)(5401)

etallic fastener // 2642768
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: metal fastener contains an expanded head and a smooth barrel for engaging with the structure and located along the axis of rotation. The surface of the smooth barrel comprises, around the noted smooth barrel, at least one alternating conductive portion and at least one alternating lubricating portion. At least one conductive portion extends along the length of the smooth barrel, and at least one noted lubricating portion extends along the entire length of the smooth barrel, a lubricant is applied to the noted lubricating portion.EFFECT: increased possibility of conducting electricity in all layers of the structure.11 cl, 7 dwg

Dowel and fastening element securing layer of material // 2642720
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a dowel for securing a layer of material on a structure including a tray (12) and a hollow shaft (14) formed therein to receive a fixing screw, wherein a stepped hole (16) is provided in the hollow shaft. The stepped hole (16) includes at least two steps (28) between at least three regions (18; 30). The hollow shaft (14) on the outer surface is at least partially conically decurrent. Hollow shaft (14) is provided with radially extensible elements, and extensible elements are executed from the external side in the conically decurrent part of hollow shaft (14) as axial seizures (40). According to the invention, it is proposed that the seizures (40) at the base of the seizures are at least partially provided with a thin, expandable or tearable by expansion, bottom. The present invention further relates to a fastening element including a dowel and a fastening screw according to the invention.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the stability of the dowel independently of the fastening screw.12 cl, 13 dwg

Insert for a vehicle support, device using the insert and the vehicle containing the device // 2642540
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: insert comprises a head from which the elongated body extends along the longitudinal axis Z and is configured to change its state by rotating the insert around the longitudinal axis Z between a locked condition in which the head and the stop formed on the elongated body interact with the axial locking element, carried out on the support to prevent the insert from moving forward relative to the support along the longitudinal axis Z, and an unlocked state in which the elongate body of the insert can be inserted into the opening of the support or retrieved from the aperture of the support. The insert comprises a first rotation locking element mounted on the head and configured to prevent the insert from rotating about the longitudinal axis Z by interacting with the second rotation locking member provided on the support when the insert is in the locked state. The head contains an axial lock made interoperable with emphasis to ensure axial locking supports between the focus and the specified element axial lock, which is executed in the form of projections on the surface of the head, which is the first element of the lock. The locking element is configured to leave a free space between the mentioned head surface and the support in the locked state to provide access to the first locking element.EFFECT: increase the reliability of fixing the insert in its locked state.8 cl, 10 dwg

Locking element and mounting system for fastening part mounted on c-shaped bus // 2642532
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mounting system for fastening the c-shaped bus comprises two laterally spaced arms and two enclosing strips facing towards the mounted part and located at a distance from each other. The mounted part can be pressed against the outer surfaces of the two enclosing strips of the c-shaped bus by means of a threaded joint. The system comprises a locking element in the form of a clamp and comprising two arms which at least partially enclose two laterally located arms and two enclosing strips of c-shaped bus placed at a distance from each other. The locking element is configured for connecting to the c-shaped bus by means of a threaded joint. If mounting system is used properly, the locking element is placed between the hinged part and the enclosing strips, so that the two arms of the locking element at least partially enclose the two side arms of the c-shaped bus. The threaded joint comprises a screw with a head and a slide nut or screw with t-shaped head and a nut, and a spacer is arranged between the slide nut or screw head with t-shaped head and locking element.EFFECT: prevention of bending of the c-shaped bus under load.9 cl, 2 dwg

Fixing element for sensor current // 2642390
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: fixing element has a locking device, as well as a flange area for mounting the current sensor in an upright position on the mounting surface. Flange area has supporting surface and/or the anchor bar, which lie in the first plane, fixing element also has a clamping surface on which the locking device is moulded. The clamping surface lies in the second plane, and these two planes have a common crossing angle (α), which is more than 90.25°.EFFECT: increase the reliability of fastening.15 cl, 16 dwg

Falling preventing device and connecting element // 2642041
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: falling preventing device comprises a connecting element and a lug to prevent falling. The connecting element has the first opening corresponding to the cross section of the lug and is designed to locate the connecting element rotatably on the lug, at least one second opening for rotatably inserting the screw into the connecting element, and at least one connecting part, both ends of which are respectively connected to the first opening and the second opening, wherein the connecting part has the form of a circular arc, and one end of the lug is attached to the block and is intended for attaching the connecting element to the block.EFFECT: increasing comfort when using a falling preventing device.13 cl, 7 dwg

Fastening bracket // 2641433
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: fastening bracket comprises an upper wall and a lower wall, mutually parallel, two openings are made in the upper wall, and a vertical slot open from one end is made in the lower wall. Wherein the openings in the upper wall are arranged in such a way that while rotating the bracket about one of them, the second one freely moves relative to the fixed fastening element inserted therein.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.4 cl, 2 dwg

Details connection with one-sided access // 2640985
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: details connection with one-sided access comprises an attachable part with a hole, a body with a threaded hole, a sleeve fixed to the attachable part and a threaded element. The sleeve comprises an elastic element cooperating with the cylindrical external surface of the head of the threaded element, the elastic element holding the threaded element in the attachable part.EFFECT: improve the technological effectiveness of assembly and obtain the connection of the details with one-sided access by using an elastic element that holds the threaded element in a certain position and provides a screw locking after tightening the threaded element.2 cl, 2 dwg

Spacing dowel with spacing portion with slots // 2640978
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: dowel has a rod having a neck region and a spacing portion which iis disposed with an axial offset relative to the neck region. The dowel comprises a spacing channel which extends through the neck region and the spacing portion of the rod. The rod is expandable on the spacing portion in the radial direction by inserting an expanding element into the spacing channel. The spacing channel on the spacing portion is formed exclusively by slots which come from the circumference of the rod and lead to the inner space of the rod. The spacing channel in at least one cross-sectional plane of the spacing portion is formed by two slots, which come from the portions of the rod circumference located opposite each other in the cross-sectional plane, at least partially extending with an offset relative to each other in the cross-sectional plane. The end face of at least one of the two slots forms at least two contact facets for the expanding element.EFFECT: increased reliability of dowel fixation.10 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for fastening two elements comprising complementary snap-in parts // 2640951
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: first of the elements to be connected comprises a first snap-in part comprising a pawl equipped with a tip, and the second element comprises a second snap-in part that comprises a snap-in shoulder comprising an engaging surface made with the possibility to interact with the tip. The method comprises the following stages, at which: the second element is positioned on the first element, so as to position the first snap-in part against the second snap-in part; the second element is acted upon by a pressure relative to the first element in such a way that the engaging surface is opposite the tip; the snap-on shoulder is acted upon by a thrust force, so that the engaging surface rests on the tip.EFFECT: improving the fixing reliability.10 cl, 4 dwg

Set of stop washers // 2640465
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of stop washers is designed for using together with the screw and comprises a first stop washer and a second stop washer. The first and second stop washers comprise means for contact interaction with an element to be attached by means of a threaded joint. The stop washers comprise means for interacting with each other. The first stop washer has a central through hole which is larger than central hole of the second stop washer. The second stop washer has a diameter of a central through hole that prevents teeth of the second stop washer from contact interaction with screw head which has a chamfer or rounding in the transition zone between the screw head and the screw shaft with which it shall be used. The through hole has a diameter such that if the washer is located closest to the screw head having rounding or chamfer with two roundings, the second stop washer, as being parallel to the underside of the screw head, will form a gap. The first and the second stop washers are cam-type washers.EFFECT: increased reliability of elements connection.17 cl, 10 dwg

Sealing bolt and sealing system // 2640408
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: sealing bolt for sealing a container lid relative to container body comprises a seal head mounted on the container lid, a seal rod, a pin connecting the seal head with the seal rod, and comprises a breaking cable located through the transverse passage in the pin. Wherein the breaking cable is fiber optics, the braking cable is arranged so that, any rotational or translational movement of the pin relative to the seal head and/or the seal rod causes rupture of the breaking cable. There is also a sealing system for sealing the container lid.EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to create the sealing bolt with improved safety properties and requiring less maintenance efforts.20 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of manufacturing and device of nondetachable antivandal nut (versions) // 2640168
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bushing is drilled on one side of the nut, then a ring with a pre-cut internal thread, similar to the thread of the nut, is inserted into the bushing, and then a limiting ring is positioned at the end of the bushing so that the ring with the internal thread has a longitudinal gap between the bushing base and the limiting ring. The bushing with a groove is executed on one side of the nut. In the interval between the base of the bushing and the groove the ring with internal thread is located, similar to the thread the nut, the diameter of the ring with internal thread is smaller or corresponds to the diameter of the bushing, and the width of the specified ring is smaller than the interval, formed by the base of the bushing and the groove. The limiting ring is located in the groove.EFFECT: eliminating the possibility of unscrewing the nondetachable nut from the rod, ensuring high reliability and trouble-free use, ensuring the possibility of tightening the nondetachable nut when the joint is being spun.28 cl, 12 dwg

Display installation system for reducing head injury criterion // 2639844
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: on the structure in front of the passenger sitting on the seat, there is a display intended for viewing by the passenger. Herewith in the structure, a notch and an area surrounding the notch are made. The display contains an electronic visual playback device, a housing into which the electronic visual playback device is inserted. The fastener includes a constructive jumper containing the area of the reduced fastener thickness, made with possibility of deformation under the action of forces arising as a result of the passenger's head impact on the electronic visual playback device in the event of an accident. By extending the portion of the reduced thickness, the housing is moved with the electronic visual playback device positioned therein relative to the notch.EFFECT: increasing the passenger's safety, reducing the risk of injury to the passengers' head.20 cl, 8 dwg

Washer for use between threaded fixing means and object that should be fixed with threaded fixing means, and assembly of threaded fixing means // 2639633
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: washer for use between a threaded fixing means and an object to be fixed by the threaded fixing means comprises a first face for direct support by the threaded fixing means and a relieved face for directly supporting the object, the washer being thick with respect to its diameter, so that it is substantially rigid and is not easily deformable when a crimping load is applied to it during the tightening of the threaded fixing means, wherein the relieved face is made with the possibility to ensure that initial line contact occurs between the washer and the object on the outer peripheral edge of the relieved face.EFFECT: increasing the connection reliability.11 cl, 8 dwg

Expanding anchor // 2638515
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: expanding anchor with a bolt as a first element and an expansion sleeve, at least partially covering the bolt, as a second element. The bolt includes an expanding portion for expanding the expansion sleeve. One of two said elements includes a groove extending in the longitudinal direction of the expanding anchor, and the other element includes a projection that at least in portions enters the groove having a taper preventing the movement of the expansion sleeve axially relative to the bolt.EFFECT: improving the fixing reliability.8 cl, 4 dwg

Transmission of the rotating moment // 2638467
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: screwdriver for torque transmission, configured to enter the slot of the head of the fastener, with a larger diameter of the slot of the head of the fastener is less than 0.06 or less 0.1 inches, comprises a main body, the first end part of which is configured to receive torque from the torque transmission source and with the possibility of transmitting the torque of the second end portion. The second end portion of the housing opposite the first end portion is formed as a key parallel to the screwdriver axis and having a protruding driving end. The key is formed by a shape enabling it to enter the slot of the head of the fastener and has a larger diameter of less than 0.06 in, and a smaller diameter, the projecting leading end having beveled portions with an angle of 10° up to 30° with respect to a plane perpendicular to the axis of the screwdriver, and is formed in a shape different from the shape of the key, and at least a part of the beginning of its leading end has a size of a larger diameter of the key. The protruding leading end of the second end portion of the main body has a shape consistent with the spline of the head of the fastener for transferring the torque from the second end portion of the main body to the fastener.EFFECT: improved torque transmission.14 cl, 1 tbl, 8 dwg

Detachable threaded joint of parts, nut with detachable connection // 2638145
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: detachable threaded joint of parts comprising a bolt with a locking element and the nut with detachable connection, assembled and secured with a retainer bracket made in the form of a curved plate with holes for fastening elements in one part and two narrow elastic lobes transforming into convex arcuate grooves at the ends in the other part, while the retaining bracket is located in a recess of one of the parts to be joined, which passes into the slot made in the co-dimensional groove, in the other part to be joined, ensuring the bolt is placed therein, and the nut of detachable connection consists of a base and two retaining clips located on its side surface, with the side surface of the retaining clips cooperating with the inner surface of the convex arcuate grooves of the retainer bracket with the possibility of tilting the detachable threaded connection of the parts.EFFECT: increased reliability of the fastening of the connected parts to mechanical effects, swift assembly and disassembly of the connected parts in the absence or limited visual control, regardless of the group of equipment execution, compactness of the structure.10 cl, 6 dwg

Vacuum suction cup // 2637973
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: suction cup includes a cover, a suction plate, an inner plate and a height adjustment element. The cover is fixed and configured for rotation on the upper part of the vacuum suction cup and contains a plurality of fastening elements located on the inner upper surface, and a plurality of closing projections. The suction plate is installed under the cover and has a central shaft in center of the outer surface. The inner plate is placed between the cover and the suction plate and includes a plurality of guide portions located on inclined surface, a portion of a locking groove and a stopper which are provided for turning the cover within preset range and stopping the rotation, a plurality of elastic locking elements each having a preset elastic force, in this case, each fixing part slides along them for rotating or fixing the cover. The height adjustment element includes a side plate located on the outer surface of the inner plate circumference, where there is a plurality of guide grooves, into which the guide sections are inserted that are arranged on the inner upper surface of the cover. The closing projection which is designed for sliding along the upper surface of each guide section and is located between the guide grooves, a connecting groove section which is located in the suction plate circumference on its upper surface, a supporting section having an axial hole, into which the central shaft is inserted, a connecting projection positioned on the inner plate of the height adjustment element and which is movably inserted the connecting groove portion projecting from the lower surface of the inner plate, and an adhesive element in which there is a through hole for attachment of the suction plate to the attachment surface and which is made of soft material and is fixed to the lower surface of the suction plate.EFFECT: enhanced smoothness of the operation.5 cl, 8 dwg

Shrinking clamping ring // 2637357
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shrinking clamping ring from the initially open clamping belt for closing is equipped with ends interlocking like a puzzle. From one end of the belt there is a tongue protruding in the longitudinal direction of the belt, and on this tongue there are fingerlike elements disposed transversely to the longitudinal direction of the tape; from the other end of the belt a notch is made, which in its configuration complements the shape of the tongue. At each outer end of the transverse edges of the finger-like elements located across the longitudinal direction of the tbelt and facing the free end of the tongue, there is one protuberance, and at the inner end there is one recess.EFFECT: increase the strength of the mutual connection of the end edges.9 cl, 3 dwg
Adjustment insert manufacturing method // 2637340
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for manufacturing adjusting insert comprising the following stages: preparing liquid solution of uncured resin in excess volume of solvent; allying film layer of the resin liquid solution to at least one side of each metal strip; stacking metal strips in such a way that two adjacent metal strips are separated by resin film. The method includes a stage for resin curing in which stacked metal strips are heat treated for specified period of time at temperatures higher than the temperature of thermal degradation or resin burning.EFFECT: use of cutting or piercing tool for peeling is not needed; instantaneous execution of the peeling operation; risk of unintensional peeling of several plates is eliminated; piercing-cutting tool injury hazard elimination; significant reduction in production costs during mechanical assembly; significant acceleration of production flows; possibility for repeated use of peeled off metal sheets due to elimination of their deformation which ensures cost-effectiveness.13 cl

Aircraft junction and structure // 2636373
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: junction, provided at the workpiece and intended to bind the workpiece and the element by gluing, contains the groove, formed therein into which the element is inserted; and the first joining form into which the element is inserted and which is formed on the entire surface of the bottom side of the groove. The first joining form is formed asymmetrically with respect to the center line of the groove width as the axis.EFFECT: accuracy increase of one element location in the workpiece without increasing the number of assembly operations without strength reduction.7 cl, 6 dwg

Expansion dowel // 2635973
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: thrust dowel for the thrust with a screw or sprig is provided externally with fixing surfaces which, in the longitudinal direction of the dowel, parallel to the insertion direction in which the thrust dowel is mounted in the drilled hole according to its purpose, pass in the direction of insertion from the rear forward at an acute angle less than 45°, outside.EFFECT: increasing the fastening force in soft building materials.9 cl, 1 dwg

Device for load-carrying elements connection // 2635912
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device load-carrying elements connection has two parts with mounting holes where axis is located and fixed by means of elastic locking ring with an opening, which is installed in a circular groove of axle and made with a fixing rod, which base is located on the inner surface of the elastic locking ring and oriented along its axis of symmetry in the direction of the opening. The fixing rod is placed in through cylindrical hole made in the center of the circular groove of axle. Through cylindrical hole is made with sections widening from the ends in the form of truncated cones, and the fixing rod has a cylindrical shape with a base in the form of truncated cone and ending with cone-shaped part with rounded vertex. The base of the fixing rod is coextensive with the expanding sections made at the ends of the through cylindrical hole, and the diameter of the middle part of the fixing rod is commensurable with the diameter of the through cylindrical hole.EFFECT: increased load-carrying elements connection device stability to impact of various types of mechanical loads, providing on-time mounting and disassembling of the device under field conditions at limited visual control without using a special tool.6 dwg

Lock (versions) // 2635796
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: lock is proposed, consisting of a nut designed for interacting with the structure and a locking element interacting with it, that ensures the nut retention. The locking element is represented by integrally formed at least one nut-retaining element and a supporting pad in the form of a plate, enabling access to the threaded opening in the nut, with at least two sidewalls arranged above the nut surfaces designed for interacting with the structure, the sidewalls being designed in such a way that at least a part of each sidewall provides elastic interaction of the lock with the structure, sufficient to attract the nut at least to the structure, both due to the inclination of said sidewall parts from the horizontal towards the nut and due to the properties of the material, from which the locking element is made, and said inclined side parts do not change their surface areas while mounting the lock.EFFECT: retaining the nut in the given point of a structure groove and preventing its turning over without fastening at installation.31 cl, 14 dwg

Fixing clip and method of fixing decorative frame to window frame or anything similar, and window equipped with such fixing clip // 2635777
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: fixing clip for fixing the decorative frame (31) to the window frame (22) or similar is proposed. In this case, the frames (22, 31) consist of profiles (23), and the fixing clip (1) consists of the central part (2) and two coaxial bayonet latches (4, 5) on either side of the central part (2), respectively, one bayonet latch (5) - to secure the fixing clip (1) in the cut groove (27) provided for this purpose in the frame (22) and fixing it by turning the fixing clip (1), and one bayonet latch (4) for securing the fixing clip (1) to the cut groove (32) provided for this purpose in the decorative frame (31), and fixing it by turning the fixing clip (1). The fixing clip (1) is provided with means for temporarily holding the fixing clip (1) after fixing in the groove (27) of frame (22) or the decorative frame (31), and at least one radially oriented wing (3) on the central part (2), which can act as a lever for rotating the fixing clip (1). Wherein, the aforementioned means are formed by a latch connector (11) which is formed by two resilient hooks (12) which are provided along the width of bayonet latch (5) on either side of the bayonet latch (5) and which are fixed by their base (13) to the central part (2) and whose hook-shaped end (14) is movable in the width direction of the corresponding bayonet latch (5). The window consisting of a frame with a decorative frame is also suggested. The decorative frame is attached to the frame using the fixing clip described above. Method of fastening the decorative frame to the window frame is also proposed using the fixing clip described above.EFFECT: improving the fixing reliability.20 cl, 6 dwg

Aircraft load-bearing structures bolted-type connections installation method // 2635304
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: one sets the bolt slidably into the opening of the connectable details, places the bolt head along with the connectable details on the support, and mounts the punch on the bolt tip so that the punch working part touches the connectable details surface, selects the punch working part diameter, which is equal to the bolt head diameter. The radial interference is created by dint of the plastic deformation of the material of the connectable details round the bolt with the help of the punch and the bolt head on the press by the force, which is directed along the bolt axis, is equal to or smaller than the standard force of the impact riveting in value, is similar to the bolt in shape and in size.EFFECT: aircrafts life-extension.1 dwg

ethod for manufacturing segment of wind power plant tower from precast concrete element and formwork of tower segment from precast concrete element // 2635149
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing a segment of a wind power plant tower from a precast concrete element includes installation of an inner formwork having at least one opening and at least one holding assembly on the inner side of the inner formwork in the area of the opening. The first end of the concrete anchor or the removable element is introduced at the first end of the concrete anchor from the outside of the inner formwork through the opening into the holding assembly to hold the concrete anchor. The outer formwork is installed. Concrete is poured between the inner and outer formworks. The removable element at the first end or the first end of the concrete anchor is removed. The inner and outer formworks are removed. The holding unit has first and second holding plates arranged parallel to each other, back plates and the first and second holding elements. Each of the first and second holding elements has the first spring end, a stop portion and the second end. The first spring ends of the first and second holding elements create spring loading when the first end of the concrete anchor is inserted in the first direction, and the stop portions of the first and second holding elements create a lock in the second direction opposite to the first direction.EFFECT: improved efficiency of manufacturing the segment of the wind power plant tower.5 cl, 7 dwg

Fastening element // 2634877
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: fastening element with a rod and a disc provided at the first end of the rod. On the second end of the bar opposite end to the disc, radially projecting ribs extending longitudinally are provided. The thickness of at least one rib decreases radially from the rod in at least some regions. The rib has two opposite side surfaces and a radial end surface. The rib has a continuous flat lateral surface and a partially flat opposite side surface that has a recess towards the end surface.EFFECT: increasing the possibility of fitting holes of different sizes.9 cl, 5 dwg

System of fastening of electric device on metal support // 2634747
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a finger (3) adapted to pass through the through hub (21) of the metal support (20) and through the metal insert (10) of the electric device (1) with the possibility to transmit an electrical signal, and means (30, 32, 34) of the insulation of the metal support (20) located between the metal support (20) and the metal insert (10). The system additionally comprises mechanical confinement means (40, 42) configured to exert force on the insulation means (30, 32) to keep them in contact with the metal support (20) and the metal insert (10), wherein the means (40, 42) of the mechanical confinement comprise a support element (41) located transversely to the finger (3) and an elastic mean (42) disposed between the support element (41) of the part (40) and the insulation means (30, 32) and configured to exert force on the insulation means (30, 32).EFFECT: mechanical confinement of the electric device on metal support, the transmission of an electrical signal emanating from the electrical device, and the electrical insulation of the electrical device from a metallic support, despite the extreme environment of vibrations and temperatures acting on the device during operation.23 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for providing spacers // 2634128
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions refers to a method for providing spacers (5) on a structural element (1) to be glued and to a structural element (1) with such surface element (2) with channels (3). The method comprises the following stages: the surface element (2) is applied to the structural element (1) to be glued. The surface element (2) has channels (3), and a curable liquid (4) is introduced into the channels (3) of the surface element (2). The liquid (4) after curing and removing the surface element (2) forms spacers (5) on the structural element (1) to be glued, which, when gluing the structural element (1), provides a predetermined thickness of the adhesive gap. The structural element (1) is suitable to have spacers after introducing the surface element (2) into the channel, curing the curable liquid (4) and removing the surface element (2).EFFECT: providing minimum thickness of the adhesive gap and the use of the surface element as a protective film.10 cl, 4 dwg

Fastening device, fastening system and furniture unit // 2633259
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: panel mounting fastening device has an axial extension along the axial direction and a transverse expansion along the transverse direction, wherein the device comprises an upper part and a lower part. Device comprises a circumferentially extending peripheral surface comprising a curved surface intended to be densely placed in the bore of the first piece of furniture during assembly, and a flat surface intended for densely fitting and pressing against the flat surface of the second piece of furniture for assembling the first and second pieces of furniture together at using, and an axially extending through channel for inserting the pin in the axial direction. The upper part comprises an upper surface, and the lower part comprises a lower surface. Fastening device comprises the first slot hole arranged so that it extends axially from the upper part of fastening device and the second slot hole extending axially to the lower part of fastening device. First slot hole is positioned in such a way that it extends axially from the upper surface of the upper part. Second slot hole is positioned in such a way that it extends axially from the lower surface of the lower part. The upper part and the lower part are expandable after inserting the pin into through passage.EFFECT: facilitating the assembly of piece of furniture.13 cl, 12 dwg

Fastening device // 2633229
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: fastening device comprises a support platform located inside the chamber, landing rods and a locking device that includes a rod with bayonet heads at both ends of the bar located inside the drill, with one side connected to a bayonet bushing fixed to the object to be attached, and with the other - to a power device resting on an external drill flange and including a power head inside which there is a rotary mechanism and a bayonet rotatable bushing attached to a power unit made in the form of a movable flange, a power cylinder and a power truss, and screw jacks installed between the outer flange and the power movable flange.EFFECT: increased reliability of objects securing at their regular places when applying forces to them without using fasteners in the form of threaded connections or precise embedded structures, increased reliability and service life of the device.6 cl, 10 dwg

Threaded shank, connection joint, gas turbine engine and method for assembling turbomashine rotor of gas turbine engine // 2633199
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: threaded shank of the turbomachine rotor is designed to interact with the threaded additional component of the turbomachine rotor having the cylindrical first thread with a constant pitch and a constant profile angle. The threaded shank has the second thread with a constant pitch and a constant profile angle and the third thread with a constant pitch and a constant profile angle. The profile angle and the pitch of the first, second and third threads are identical. The second and third threads are designed to interact with the first thread. The second and third threads are axially spaced apart by a thread-free zone. The second thread helix and the third helix are axially offset relative to each other, when they are engaged with the threaded additional component in a non-rotating state with preload. Another invention of the group relates to a connection joint of the turbomachine rotor designed to provide the interaction of a tie rod containing a threaded shank with a lock nut which is a threaded additional component. The threaded shank and the additional component are designed as it was mentioned above. One more invention relates to a gas turbine engine comprising the above-mentioned connection joint. When the turbomachine rotor of the gas turbine engine is assembled, the second and third threads are engaged with the first thread.EFFECT: increased fatigue strength of the connection joint of the gas turbine engine rotor.14 cl, 6 dwg

Structure for glueing vehicle elements and structure for glueing rear door elements // 2633104
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: structure comprises the first and the second elements, an outer and an inner gluing parts. The first element is made in the form of a panel made of polymer. The second element is made in the form of a panel made of polymer or metal having a smaller coefficient of thermal expansion. The outer gluing part is located on the outer edge of the first element surface. The inner gluing part is located within the outer gluing portion in the direction of the first element plane. One of the plurality of vertices in close proximity to the outer gluing part overlaps the rib line when viewed from the outside of the vehicle. The structure for glueing the rear door elements comprises the outer and inner panels, the outer and inner glueing parts.EFFECT: reduced thermal stress on the vehicle elements.13 cl, 11 dwg

Aircraft joint and construction // 2632552
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: joint attaching the element to the workpiece contains a wedge-shaped part inclined relative to the surface perpendicular to the direction in which the tensile load acts on the element and formed on the surface of the joint with the workpiece. In this case, the workpiece has a recess corresponding to the shape of the wedge-shaped part of the joint. The wedge-shaped part is built into the recess of the workpiece and glued to the workpiece. Wherein the wedge-shaped part is formed by a number of inclined surfaces.EFFECT: increased strength of the glued joint and workpiece surface.4 cl, 17 dwg
Security system of window opening and mounting bracket of window lattice crossbar // 2632377
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: system comprises, as a protective device, a metal lattice consisting of fencing elements in the form of two crossbars, at the ends of which through coaxial openings are made, and at least two vertical racks arranged between the crossbars and connected with them, with a distance therebetween of not more than 11 cm, and an installation kit. The installation kit includes four brackets, by means of which said lattice is installed from the outside of the window on the vertical surface of the window frame. Each bracket is represented by a three-dimensional piece made of a sheet workpiece, having a T- or L-shape in plan, the vertical and the horizontal elements of which are respectively the cantilever part and the support part of the bracket. On the edges of the support part, there are through openings for fixing screws, by means of which the bracket is fastened to the window frame. The longitudinal edges of the cantilever bracket part are bent each at the right angle away from the support part to form side flanges, each having at least one through opening coaxial to a similar through opening on the opposite side flange. In the cantilever bracket part, at least one through groove of the rectangular or circular shape is made, into which one end of the corresponding crossbar of the metal lattice is mounted and then fixed. Four plates are also included in the installation kit, that are mounted on the inside of the frame, with openings for the heads of fixing screws, by means of which said brackets are fastened to the window frame. Fixing elements are allso included in the installation kit, by means of mounting which through the through openings at the ends of the lattice crossbars the longitudinal movement of the lattice crossbar ends in said through grooves of the cantilever part of the brackets is limited.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.12 cl, 4 dwg

Expanding anchor with protection against turning // 2632283
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bolt in its front end area has an expanding cone, designed to move an expanding sleeve radially apart when it is inserted into the expanding sleeve. The bolt has a threaded section for imparting the tensile force to the bolt. The bolt has a lip, that restricts the expanding sleeve shift away from the expanding cone, and wherein the bolt has at least one anti-rotation protuberance to prevent the rotation of the expanding sleeve relative to the bolt, that extends from the lip and protrudes radially outside from the bolt. It is provided, that axial length of the protuberance for turning protection is less, than the thread pitch at the bolt threaded section.EFFECT: expanding anchor fixation reliability increase.7 cl, 6 dwg

Fastener with remote control // 2632175
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: fastener with remote control for detachable connection of structural elements with the longitudinal axis and with a fastening body for inserting into the fastening base. The fastening body comprises an anchor inserted into the fastening base, which moves at least in the first direction for fixing with the geometric and/or frictional locking of the fastener in the fastening base and in the second direction opposite to the first direction, for detaching it. The anchor is connected to a remote-controlled drive provided for the operation by means of a fluid, that is arranged in the fastener and moves to the second direction, the anchor comprising at least two separate parts and extending in a direction radial to the first direction, into which each of these separate parts moves, from the longitudinal axis. Each of these separate parts comprises a projection extending vertically to the longitudinal axis, which is made with the possibility to cooperate with providing the geometric locking with the undercut of the fastening base.EFFECT: shortening the fastener detaching time.10 cl, 20 dwg

Coupling device // 2631203
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: coupling device contains a panel part, intended to be embedded in a shelf and a wall part, intended to be fixed in the side wall. The panel part has an outer contour with the predetermined shapes, containing a cylindrical section, a flat front section, disposed at one level with the outer edge of the shelf, and an inner recess with a rear supporting surface, that is located in a plane at least substantially parallel to the flat front section. The wall section has the threaded fastening section and the cooperating section for insertion into the panel section and having the rear end, which surface is intended to adjoin against the rear support surface, and the front end, facing the fastening section and having the pressing surface, intended to be pressed against the indicated side of the side wall. The recess has a groove, ending at the bottom in the flat front section, as well as the front support surfaces for the cooperating section.EFFECT: increase of the joint reliability.13 cl, 9 dwg

Permanent connection of closed circuit components and method for its implementation // 2631043
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for permanent connection of closed circuit components made of dissimilar metals which cannot be joined together by welding due to fatigue failure of the weld during operation. The connection comprises male and female metal parts in which at least two holes are formed, wherein a through hole is made in the female part and a recess one is made in the male part. Metal cylindrical pins with a through inner hole, made of the same material as the male part, and well welded together and fused along the inside diameter of the pin with the material of the male part are installed in the holes by the press fit.EFFECT: increased reliability of the connection of closed circuit components made of dissimilar materials.2 cl, 2 dwg

Device for signalling torque retension loss and blocking threaded connection self-unscrewing // 2630766
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for signalling torque retention loss and blocking threaded connection self-unscrewing contains two gear rings with flags mounted on the adjacent connection nuts, a spring tensioner consisting of a compression spring and a bolt with a washer and nut, and a microswitch connected into the warning protection system circuit. The flag axes are set to a position close to parallel, and are directed counter-way, and at the ends of the flags there are holes into which the spring tensioner bolt is inserted. One of the flags has a microswitch, so that a small gap is formed between the microswitch button and the second flag. The flags of the gear rings are mutually disposed so that the force vectors applied from the tensioner side to the flags create moments on the nuts directed clockwise. Between the gear rings and nuts there are transitional spline sleeves, each of which has outer triangular splines interacting with the splines of the coupling, and a hole with six or twelve faces for interaction with the faces of the nut.EFFECT: increased reliability of the continuous control of the torque retension loss of the threaded connection, which simultaneously blocks self-unscrewing of the nut.5 cl, 3 dwg

Device for signalling torque retension loss of threaded connection // 2630763
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for signalling torque retention loss of a threaded connection consists of a control device and a housing containing a rod and a spring. Under the two adjacent nuts of the threaded connection there are two tanged washers, on one side of the rod, located inside the housing, there is a support, on one side of the housing there is a preload adjustment nut, and on the other - an eye wherein the pull bar is located, and the control device is a microswitch with a button included in the alarm warning system circuit and fixedly located inside the housing, wherein there is a gap between the button of the microswitch and the movable spring support, moreover, the rod is movably connected to the toe of one washer and the pull bar is movably connected to the toe of another washer.EFFECT: increased reliability of tightening control during operation.2 cl, 3 dwg

Fastening element and fastener assembly having improved tightening characteristics and sustainability to vibration // 2630756
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: fastener assembly comprising a nut having a part with an internal thread; an annular element extending from the nut and configured to receive therein a rod of an elongate fastening element, wherein a radial cut section is formed in the annular element along the length to create an inflection point of the annular member relative to the deflection rod; and a constricting ring forming a cone, configured to gradually deflect the annular element into the rigid engagement with the rod, while tightening the fastener assembly around the working surface.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of fastening elements.21 cl, 29 dwg

ethod of pipe fitting producing from layered composite material // 2629487
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of pipe fitting producing from a layered composite material includes layerwise laying of CFRP layers, each layer of tubular elements is set spirally butt-ended, each successive layer of tubular elements is displaced relatively to the previous one in the plane perpendicular to the axis of the tubular elements by 180° and has the opposite direction of rotation, and the laying of carbon fiber layers of the thickening zone consists of alternating layers of tubular elements and layers of the thickening zone. Each layer of the thickening zone is displaced by 180° relatively to the previous layer of the thickening zone in the plane passing through the axis of the tubular elements.EFFECT: increase of the connection strength.2 cl, 3 dwg

Fastening systems providing protection from electromagnetic exposures // 2629097
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method involves inserting fasteners into the stack of components and ending the fasteners with parts having a dry dielectric coating and/or a dry dielectric seal in selected areas for EME protection. The insertion of at least one of the fastening elements includes the positioning of the pin of the fastening member in the through hole in mentioned stack. The rod is covered with a dry resin containing electrically conductive particles.EFFECT: raised efficiency of system.13 cl, 15 dwg
Device for fixing insulation to wall // 2627809
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for fixing the insulation to the wall consists of a fixing sleeve, on which a clamping sleeve is inserted, forming a single unit with a circular clamping plate provided with cutting teeth located along its periphery. The fixing sleeve ends with an expansion zone on one end, and with a circular plate on another end. There is an expansion element inside the fixing sleeve, preferably in the form of a screw. In this case, the expansion element has a head that is integrated into a sleeve with an external thread, in which a polygonal hole is provided. The clamping plate ends in a round flange, inside which there is an insulating cover, and the teeth of the clamping plate have lateral and front sharp edges.EFFECT: simplicity of design with universal functionality and with reliable fixing and fast installation.10 cl, 6 dwg

Device for fixing insulation to wall // 2627805
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for fixing the insulation to the wall consists of a fixing sleeve (1) which ends on one end with an expansion zone (2) and on the other with a circular plate (3) where an expansion element (4) is located inside the fixing sleeve (1), preferably in the form of a screw. In this case, the expansion element (4) has a head that is integrated into a sleeve (5) with an external thread, where a polygonal hole (6) is provided in the sleeve (5). The fixing sleeve (1) has a diameter with a gradual decrease, with the largest diameter (D) being on the input side. The length (L2) of the fixing sleeve (1) from the stage to the end of the fixing sleeve is not less than the length (L1) of the expansion element (4) from the point of attachment to the sleeve (5) to its end. The largest internal diameter (D) of the fixing sleeve (1) is larger than the outer diameter (D1) of the sleeve (5) rigidly attached to the expansion element (4). The length of the segment (K) with the largest internal diameter (D) of the fixing sleeve (1) is not less than the length (K1) of the sleeve (5), which is attached to form an integral joint to the expansion element (4).EFFECT: creation of a device with a simple design with functionality and with reliable fixing and fast installation.2 cl, 4 dwg

Lubricating film-forming composition and threaded connection for steel pipes // 2627704
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: lubricating film-forming composition comprising: from 40 to 80% by weight of base oil, consisting of one or more substances, selected from pentaerythritol ester, fatty acid, trimethylolpropane ester and fatty acid; from 5 to 20% by weight of a solidifying substance, consisting of paraffin wax; and from 10 to 40% by weight of a solid lubricant, consisting of one or more substances, selected from alkali metal salt and hydroxystearic acid; and salts of alkaline earth metal and hydroxystearic acid. The total content of the base oil, solidifying agent and solid lubricant is 85 wt % or more and 100 wt % or less, and the lubricating film-forming composition does not contain heavy metals. A threaded joint for steel pipes, including a nipple and a coupling, is also provided, wherein said threaded joint is provided with a lubricating film that is formed from a lubricating film-forming composition on the surface of the fitting part.EFFECT: improved properties.4 cl, 5 dwg, 2 tbl

Gasket, engine (versions) and automobile // 2627236
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: gasket (105, 2100, 3100, 4100) is an integral part of a round ring shape (101). One gasket surface is provided with lubricating grooves (104, 2130, 3130, 4130), and the central axis of the lubricating groove (104, 2130, 3130, 4130) is a curve (103) or a straight line (102). The engine and the automobile, wherein the gasket is used (105, 2100, 3100, 4100) are also proposed.EFFECT: improved device reliability.26 cl, 12 dwg