Safety devices in general (F16P)

Preventing unauthorized access to a laser source // 2599406
FIELD: laser engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to laser equipment. Device (1) to prevent unauthorized access to a laser source comprises a laser source (3) and unit (2) safety. Unit (2) contains a detector (11) for detecting (30) of unauthorized access to a laser source (3). Safety unit is made so that to prompt laser source to fail in case of unauthorized access to a laser source (3) by means of switching (31) the laser source (3) to the deactivated state or reducing (32) of the output power of the laser source (3).EFFECT: technical result is in providing the possibility of reducing the hazard associated with abusing laser sources.13 cl, 6 dwg

Door locking // 2568352
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a control device of locking of opening of a door of a wind power plant. According to the invention, it is proposed to provide devices for fixation or latching of the rotating part and to have a door between rotating and fixed parts of the wind power plant, which can have a locking mechanism.EFFECT: possible unlocking and, when necessary, opening of the door when devices for fixation or latching respectively have stopped or fixed the rotating part of the wind power plant.7 cl, 16 dwg

Tractor assembly with system for restriction of access to assembly control // 2557107
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: tractor assembly contains a frame with an internal combustion engine (ICE) and a transmission, a propelling system consisting of a wheel or a caterpillar driving gear and a suspension, a cabin with the operator's working place, working equipment, tools and drives for control of ICE, transmission and/or the working equipment, the operator's panel and a controller generating signals enabling/locking the operator's actions related to ICE launch, control of ICE, transmission and/or the working equipment or signals providing for their forced stopping. Restriction of the operator's access to the tractor assembly control is implemented not only before the beginning (before ICE launching) but also immediately in the process of the assembly working if grounds for such access restriction have occurred. Such grounds include changes in operational or natural climatic conditions or modes of the tractor assembly work, its movement outside the borders of the working area allowed for the specific operator, excess of the maximally allowed time of the operator's uninterrupted working, low activity, inadequacy or slowness of the operator actions relating to the tractor assembly control. Additional conditions for the operator to be permitted the tractor assembly control are established: presence of a permit for control of the specific tractor assembly, a tractor assembly of the specific type or drawbar category, permit for performance of the technological operations for implementation whereof such tractor assembly is accommodated, permit for control under the specific operational and/or natural climatic conditions, the operator's presence in the seat, the operator being under no effect of alcohol or drug intoxication, etc.EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of prevention of the operator's unsanctioned access to the tractor assembly control before beginning and in the process of work including provision for such control locking and the tractor assembly stopping in case of occurrence of such access termination grounds due to the tractor assembly working conditions and modes modification; the tractor assembly working safety enhancement.24 cl, 1 dwg

echanical movement transmission to shaft of standard pipe fittings // 2554413
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: mechanical transmission contains shaft installed in the pole with secured handle. The handle periphery is connected with flexible transfer element of the transmission. The element is partially located with possibility of movement in the pipe. The pipe end nearest to the handle is secured in the orienting element secured on the pole. Link is installed on the handle with possibility of rotation or helical movement coaxially with the shaft axis of rotation. The link contains the orienting element. Between the link and pole the mechanical tie is installed. The tie prevents the link rotation around the shaft axis of rotation, at least in one direction.EFFECT: possibility of pipe orientation for flexible transfer element due to universal securing of the orienting element.5 cl, 4 dwg

Kochetov's soundproofing enclosure // 2554044
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: soundproofing enclosure contains a shell installed on the antivibration mounting made in form of box framework. Between the framework walls a sound absorbing material inlocated, it contains smooth and perforated surfaces. Between the surfaces a soundproof structure out of three layers is located. The first layer is more rigid, solid and profiled and is fixed on the smooth surface. The second layer is softer than the first one, is intermittent and placed in the focus of the sound reflecting surfaces of the first layer. The third layer is made out of construction sealing foam, and is located between the first layer and perforated surface. The discontinuous layer is made in form of balls or ellipsoids of rotation, and is secured using rods rigidly connected with smooth surface by means of the fasteners in form of plates. One plate end is rigidly secured on the smooth surface, and second end is made in form of clamp enclosing the rod and tightening is by means of screw. The solid profiled layer is made out of the material which sound reflection factor exceeds the acoustic absorption factor. The profiles are made by the spherical surface connected with each other such that each profile creates solid dome profile.EFFECT: increased efficiency of sound absorption.5 dwg

Bottom // 2539276
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: bottom (100) for a portable manual operating device with an internal combustion engine has mainly flat surface with outer edge (19) along the perimeter and one or more openings (14, 15) made for discharge of flying sparks. At least one edge (15a) of opening (15) has element (16) projecting at acute angle (α) and serving as a baffle plate.EFFECT: improving protection of a bottom of a manual tool against mechanical or dynamic loads.12 cl, 3 dwg

Kochetov's sound-absorbing barrier // 2538858
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: sound-absorbing barrier contains the casing installed on the anti-vibration support designed as a box-shaped frame. Between the frame walls the sound-absorbing structure is located. The casing is freely supported by the shelves placed between the frame walls along the support perimeter. On the shelves the shock-absorbers made of soft rubber are fixed. The sound-absorbing structure has the acoustic cladding rigidly fixed on the frame walls along the support perimeter with formation of ventilating channels. The anti-vibration support is installed on continuous elastic gasket from foam rubber and is fastened to the base by means of bolts and rubber-metal washers. The casing frame is designed either integral, or consisting of separate sections. Each of the acoustic panels is made as rigid and perforated walls, between which the layers of sound reflecting and sound-absorbing materials of different density arranged in two layers are located. The layers of sound reflecting material are of complex profile composed of evenly distributed hollow tetrahedrons. The sound-absorbing element along its whole surface is lined by an acoustically transparent material.EFFECT: higher sound-insulation efficiency.2 cl, 5 dwg

Driveline for torque transmission and shaft used in it // 2523117
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: driveline contains one shaft for torque transmission which shaft is provided with one additional cylindrical part (2) located inside hollow outer cylindrical part (1) coaxially with gap. Parts (1) and (2) are connected with each other at one end.EFFECT: higher reliability.2 cl, 4 dwg

Device for strain attachment of element to part // 2507051
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used for attachment of element to part with the surface of strain attachment surface. Device for attachment comprises male die to displace and to apply force to elements being connected. Device has element locating part with channel made therein. Impact punch is arranged opposite the channel outlet. Punch working side is retained at definite distance from channel outlet by appropriate retainers. Said retainers comprises fragile element to be broken at force applied to punch working side and exceeding limiting magnitude. Fragile element broken, the punch displaces the die set.EFFECT: higher reliability.16 cl, 2 dwg

Processing machine emergency gear // 2501649
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing machine emergency gear. Emergency gear comprises identification unit to identify working conditions of processing machine. Identification unit comprises image registration unit to control first security zone and sensor unit other than image registration unit designed to control second security zone. Second security zone corresponds to processing machine working tool zone. Sensor unit has at least one sensitivity band for registration of radiation in IR spectrum band.EFFECT: higher safety.12 cl, 5 dwg

ethod (versions) and device for current source control and welding face shield for current source user // 2498886
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method and device for current source control 1 connected with hand-held working tool composed of torch 4. Current source parameters are with the help of control elements 3 of control and indication unit 2 at current source 1. Processing unit 9 built in current source 1 registers the torch displacement in space 6. Fast control over current source without taking off of protective clothes is allowed by activation of control function at current source. Then, displacement of torch 4 in space 6 is registered to set the torch position resultant from said displacement to control unit 2.EFFECT: higher efficiency.16 cl, 9 dwg

Control device for technological machine // 2495319
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device includes recognition unit (32) provided for recognition of presence of at least one type of material at least in one specified zone (34) of a technological machine. Recognition is performed by means of a spectrum emission analysis. Recognition unit (32) includes sensor assembly (44) at least with one sensitivity range for recording of emission in the range of wave length, which is situated in an electromagnetic wave spectrum. Device includes transmission device (42; 64) provided for transmission of emission, and analysis device (58) having the possibility of determining the presence at least of one type of material at least in one specified zone of the technological machine based on the emission recorded by sensor assembly (44). At that, analysis device (58) is functionally related to transmission device (42).EFFECT: improving recognition reliability of a working situation of a technological machine.21 cl, 10 dwg

Safety device of cardan shaft // 2477415
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: safety device includes drive and driven cardan shafts connected with a splined bushing, and a protective casing. The latter is installed coaxially to shafts and consists of two rigidly fixed flanges and three tubular elements. Two tubular elements have the possibility of being turned relative to flanges, and the third tubular element is movable in axial direction relative to the first tubular element. Four springs are installed in the device with an offset through 90° relative to each other. On one side, the spring ends are installed in grooves of a stop ring, and on the other side, they are rigidly fixed in grooves of the bushing of a thrust bearing. Stop ring is installed on a thread inside the casing of the drive cardan shaft, and projections, with external surfaces of which an external stop ring interacts, are made on opposite side of the thrust bearing bushing. The drive shaft tube end is provided with a ring bushing that is fixed on both sides with stop rings connected to that tube. The ring bushing is rigidly attached to external tube having inner thread and interacting with outer thread of intermediate protective casing. Inner thread of intermediate protective casing interacts through a threaded connection with the stop ring.EFFECT: improving technological effectiveness of the device operation.1 dwg

Device for emergency disconnection of water supply // 2475600
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a stop element installed on the water way and connected by a movable part of the device with an accumulator 7, and a stop 9. The stop 9 prevents change of stop element position under action of the accumulator 7 from open for water motion to closed, and is connected at one side with the movable part of the device, and at the other side - with the fixed 10a, 10b part of the device, and loses the stop function when interacting with emergency water. At the same time the stop 9 is exposed to stretching force from movable and fixed parts of the device acting at it.EFFECT: enhanced reliability.2 dwg

Safety device based on protective casing // 2466848
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: device contains unit of protective casing and safety unit with safety element. Safety unit together with unit of protective casing provides protection in case of disruption of working member of hand-held machine. Safety element is partly formed by guard shield additional to protective casing.EFFECT: protection of operator in case of disruption of working member of hand-held machine.14 cl, 4 dwg

Processing machine control device // 2459138
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: machine, mainly with disc saw, comprises support surface 14 to retain workpiece and device to control machining with identification unit 24. The latter has two sensors to identify work conditions related with unforeseen behaviour of workpiece and/or operator touching work tool. Said unit 24 identifies departure of workpiece from support surface 14 proceeding from difference in distance parameters (42, 44, 46, 82, 98; 114.1 - 114.6). Note here that every sensor has field of vision facing support surface 14 while said controlled parameters correspond to distance from sensors to workpiece or operator hand.EFFECT: higher safety.22 cl, 20 dwg

Shield for welding jobs // 2457815
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding and may be used for welder protection. Proposed shield comprises actuator secured thereon, vision slit and holder with light filter arranged to close/open vision slit, spring, tip and air line. Tip end is arranged nearby lips. Actuator is made up of bellow with rod. Air line is fixed on face shield and has its one end connected with tip and another end connected with bellow. Bellow rod is articulated with light filter turning about holder pin. Spring is secured on holder and face shield.EFFECT: better conditions of work, higher efficiency and simplified design.12 cl, 3 dwg

Control device for technological machine and technological machine // 2456133
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control devices for technological machines meant for protecting a technological machine operator in critical working situations. The control device has a signal unit for performing various control functions when processing a workpiece. The signal unit has a transmitter which can generate an output ultrabroadband signal and a ultrabroadband antenna element for transmitting the output signal and/or receiving an incoming signal. The signal unit can analyse picked up ultrabroadband signals. The signal unit has a database of code in which a working situation arising during workpiece processing is associated with a certain action to change the processing operation.EFFECT: device does not cause interference for radio communication systems and enables to identify a critical working situation in the shortest time.11 cl, 6 dwg

Sheet or roll printing machine // 2426654
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of printing industry. A sheet or roll printing machine comprises the main section, at least one movable ink carriage adapted for connection with a composite section for interaction with it in process of printing operations and shifting away from the main section during operations of maintenance. At the same the specified movable ink carriage comprises at least one ink device, a unit of control to control motion of the specified movable ink carriage in direction towards the specified main section and away from the specified main section, an access area, which at least partially surrounds the specified movable ink carriage to provide access for an operator to the specified main section and the movable ink carriage, and detection facilities to monitor the specified area of access and to detect presence of an operator in the specified access area. The control unit is connected with the specified detection facilities with the possibility of control so that the movement of the specified movable ink carriage may be stopped or prevented.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to improve safety of the proposed device maintenance.15 cl, 6 dwg

Crank-operated press overload protection device // 2419545
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to press forging equipment and may be used in crank-operated presses to protect them against overloads. Press slide block is provided with groove receiving rod support to make a space between groove bottom and support. Overload protection device comprises rod with roller pivoted therewith, master cam in contact with said roller and ball. Compression springs are arranged in aforesaid space between slide block bottom and rod support. Ball enters the groove made in rod support to be pressed by rod via stack of plate springs.EFFECT: longer life and efficient operation.1 dwg

Control system // 2386507
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems of bending press control system and is intended for use with equipment having working element arranged with the possibility of displacement along available trajectory. Control system comprises facilities of data processing and control, which in the first working mode provide for distance between leading edge of working element and objects in the range between minimum and maximum values.EFFECT: improved efficiency of bending press as this control system is applied.25 cl, 15 dwg

Protective system // 2372552
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: protective system is implemented in the form of labour body, transferred by known path. System contains light-emitting facility, installed from one side of travelling part with ability of lighting of area nearby part of path, light detector, installed from the opposite side of travelling part with ability of receiving from light-emitting facility of light, passed through lighted area, and processing and control means. Processing and control means are implemented with ability of receiving of information from light detectors, and so recognition of presence at least one shadowy section, located in limits of lighted area and received by means of offset shadow to light detectors obstacles, located in lighted area. Processing and control means are implemented with ability of control of travelling part depending on specified information. Lighted area is lighted so that processing and control means allows information, enough for definition of shadowy section, or each shadowy section.EFFECT: effectiveness increase of operation, ensured by restriction of dangerous area nearby the motion path of labour body.50 cl, 10 dwg

Break releaser // 2328627
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to break releaser to be used, in particular, on the turbojet engine shaft bearing support. The said releaser joints two structural elements together. It contains a good few first breaking elements called protective breaking elements arranged in parallel, a food few second breaking elements called structural breaking elements arranged parallel to each other and to the first protective breaking elements. The said first protective breaking elements and second structural breaking elements are made so that to get broken only when the load applied to the releaser reaches the preset value. Here note, that the first breaking elements will deform at a load applied to releaser lower than the preset one, while the second breaking structural elements will sustain the aforesaid load to prevent or limit the said deformation of the first breaking elements.EFFECT: higher fatigue strength of the releaser.18 cl, 7 dwg

Device to prevent wet compression in pump // 2303754
FIELD: mechanical engineering, particularly devices to prevent wet vapor ingress in cylinders of compressors used in gas-processing plants for pressure increase in natural gas pipelines.SUBSTANCE: device comprises horizontal sucking pipe and emergency shutdown sensor. Low-frequency ultrasound generator is arranged inside horizontal sucking pipe. Ultra-violet radiation sensor is installed in lower part of horizontal sucking pipe and is spaced 0.1-1 m from low-frequency ultrasound generator.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.1 dwg

Sound-proofing guard // 2295089
FIELD: safety devices for reduction of noise level of machines and equipment.SUBSTANCE: proposed sound-proofing guard includes casing mounted on vibration-insulating support which is made in form of box-shaped framework with sound-absorbing material laid between its walls. Box-shaped framework may be either solid or built-up of noise-absorbing components inscribed in its contour. Noise-absorbing components consist of front wall with slotted perforations and rear wall. Walls are made from stainless steel or zinc-plated sheet, 0.7 mm thick with polymer protective decorative coat, type PURAL, 50 mcm thick or POLYESTER, 25 mcm thick; it may be also made from aluminum sheets, 1.0 mm thick provided with coat, 25 mcm thick. Ratio of framework height h to its width b is optimal: h/b=1.0-2.0 and ratio of thickness s' of assembled framework to its width is optimal: s'/b=0.1-0.15; ratio of thickness s of sound-absorbing material to thickness s' of assembled framework is optimal: s/s'=0.4-1.0; coefficient of perforation of front wall is equal to or more than 0.25.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of noise suppression.7 cl, 5 dwg

Propeller shaft protective device // 2281208
FIELD: agricultural engineering; applied mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to safety engineering devices of general application. Proposed protective device of propeller shaft contains protective sleeve installed coaxially to shafts of drive and actuating machines and consisting of three tubular members. Protective device contains electric clutch connecting drive and driven shafts whose housing is rigidly coupled with driven shaft. Housing of electric clutch accommodates driven friction disks and driving frication disks coupled with splined shank of drive shaft for longitudinal displacement along splined slots. Ring contact projection is found on outer surface of electric clutch housing. Said contact projection engages with brush secured on first tubular member coupled by wires with electric starting system of drive machine engine. Magnet is installed flush with outer side of second tubular member which engages with sealed contact reed relay installed in hole of third tubular member. Sealed contact reed relay is coupled by wires with engine electric starting system.EFFECT: improved safety of operating personnel and simplified design of device.3 dwg

Cardan shaft protective unit // 2247894
FIELD: applied mechanics; protective units in safety engineering, agricultural machines in particular.SUBSTANCE: mounted flush on inner side of third tubular element 5 is magnet and mounted opposite this magnet on outer side of first tubular element is hermetically-sealed reed relay which is connected with engine electric starting system by means of wires. Mounted on inner side of second tubular element 4 are guides and grooves for springy latches 14. Brackets 25 having holes are rigidly secured to ends of springy latches 14 on inner side; flexible cable secured on inner side of second tubular element 4 by means of screw may be passed through said holes of bracket.EFFECT: improved operating properties.4 dwg

ethod and device for detecting the presence of people in the underground mine workings // 2234136
The invention relates to method and means of ensuring the safety of people in underground mines, equipped with shields Stopes

Device for protection of a knife shaft of the machine, in particular surface // 2225566
The invention relates to safety devices woodworking machines, particularly surface

Corrugated plastic hinge of equal angular speeds speed gear shaft // 2216661
The invention relates to the field of transport engineering and can be used in high-speed transmission shafts of the power transmission on the hinges of equal angular speeds, especially on the joints, movable in the axial direction

The safety device of the propeller shaft agricultural machinery // 2170385
The invention relates to applied mechanics, safety devices safety General purpose, mainly for agricultural machines

The processing device by a laser beam // 2150361
The invention relates to the processing device by a laser beam, in which a supply of the laser beam to the workpiece being machined by using optical fibers

Protective device for the drive mechanism with a double cardan shaft // 2150034
The invention relates to a protective device for the drive mechanism

Device security // 2113979
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used to ensure operator safety when working in a flexible automated production, and individual equipment

The safety device of the propeller shaft // 2094694
The invention relates to the field of applied mechanics, in particular, to safety devices safety and General purpose

echanical press // 2090369

Device for protection of the working area of technological equipment // 2085805
The invention relates to devices designed to create safe working conditions maintenance of technological equipment

The boom and the key to chuck lathe // 2069121
The invention relates to the field of Metalworking, in particular to the barrier cartridges lathes

The safety device for the drive shaft // 2036368
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to safety while performing agricultural work using tractors and agricultural machines driven by PTO of tractor

The safety device for the drive shaft // 2025637
The invention relates to applied mechanics, in particular to the safety devices safety General purpose