Couplings for transmitting rotation and andclutches and brakes (F16D)

F16D              Couplings for transmitting rotation (gearing for conveying rotation f16h, e.g. fluid gearing f16h0039000000-f16h0047000000); ;clutches (dynamo-electric clutches h02k0049000000; clutches using electrostatic attraction h02n0013000000); brakes (electrodynamic brake systems for vehicles in general b60l0007000000; dynamo-electric brakes h02k0049000000)(9780)
F16D1 - Couplings(1687)
F16D49 - Brakes(267)

Box coupling // 2641610
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: box coupling consists of two interconnected half couplings. The connection of the half couplings is made in the form of a hinge, the axis of which is located in the parting plane of the half couplings. Between the parts of the detachable half coupling there are a spacer spring and a limiter of their relative rotation. The fixing ring is made in the form of a bush with an internal thread interfaced with the thread located on the outer side surface of the half coupling. The fixing ring with internal thread is interfaced with the thread located on the inner side surface of the end protrusion of the detachable part of the half couplings interfaced with the shaft. The outer diametre of the fixing ring is equal to the outer diametre of the side surface of the half coupling. The fixing ring is held from self-unscrewing by a threaded stopper.EFFECT: increased reliability.2 dwg

Hydrodynamic coupling // 2640938
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydrodynamic coupling comprises a closing element, a drive wheel, a driven wheel, a locking coupling, a damping mechanism, and a pendulum damper. The closing element is connected to input element (7) and contains fluid medium. The damping mechanism has an input element (15b) connected to the locking coupling and an output element (15c) connected to the output element (14), and an elastic element arranged between the input element (15b) and the output element (15c). The driven wheel, the damping mechanism, the locking coupling and the pendulum damper are arranged in an order on the output element (14) in the axial direction of the rotating shaft in the closing element.EFFECT: torsional vibration damping.6 cl, 2 dwg

Wheel electromechanical brake of motor vehicle // 2640679
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: wheel electromechanical brake of motor vehicle includes poles made of magnetic material on the motor vehicle wheel and oriented radially with minimum air gap parallel to the poles of the electromagnet fixed on the steering knuckle of the vehicle front wheel or on the rear beam of the motor vehicle. On the circumference near the pole of the electromagnet there are sensors of the vehicle wheel pole position that are connected by their outputs to the inputs of the control device connected by its output to the input of the switching device which connects electromagnet winding to the power supply. The output of the braking force control device is connected to the other input of the control device. The lock of the wheel pole containing a lock pin of the wheeled pole is fixed on the steering knuckle of the vehicle front wheel near the electromagnet pole and the movement path of the wheel poles.EFFECT: improved device reliability.4 dwg

Brake pad for buses and trucks // 2640381
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: brake pad for buses and trucks contains a metal frame and a polymer composite friction element fixed on it, in the central part of which a groove is made. The metal frame is made with nine holes, eight of which are arranged symmetrically to the groove outside the area of the groove, and the ninth is located directly in the area of the groove. The friction element is provided with projections disposed in the bores of the frame. The length of the groove and the depth of the groove are chosen from the relationship: L/H=6.0-7.0, where L is the length of the groove, H is the depth of the groove.EFFECT: reducing the possibility of destruction of the friction element during the operation of the shoe by more efficient compensation of stresses in the central part of the friction element.2 dwg
ethod for maintenance of universal joints // 2640157
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method for maintenance of cardan joints consists in the fact that at first preliminary marking of universal joint yoke position is carried out, then the universal shaft bearings are dismantled, washed and mounted back. Sequential disassembly of bearings starts with the most accessible of all located in universal shaft by removing the locking ring and creating internal excess pressure of lubricant pumped through a hole to supply the lubricant, leading to the bearing pressing-off, and then it is washed. Sequential reverse bearing installation is performed with an angular displacement of 30 in relation to the original position, compared by the marking of the universal joint yokes with fixation by the locking ring. Maintenance of other bearings is carried out in a similar way after the necessary rotation of the universal shaft to get access to the next bearing.EFFECT: reduced maintenance burden, improved reparability and durability of universal joints without removal of the universal shaft and disassembly of half couplings of its attachment to the transmission.1 cl

Shaft coupling for roll mill device // 2639961
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: roll mill device for processing moulded articles or dough sheets for making baked foods comprises a roll mill (21) and a frame (22) of the machine. The roll mill (21) is connected to the frame (22) via the shaft coupling. The shaft coupling is intended to engage the shaft neck (1) with the drive (3) or the bearing axis (25). The rotatable coupling housing (4) has a coupling opening (5) for receiving the shaft neck (1). The shaft neck has a polygonal cross section. The housing (4) of the coupling is made integral or openable along the dividing line (6). The dividing line (6) intersects the opening (5) of the coupling, wherein the clamping device (7) is provided for the non-rigid retention of the shaft neck (1) in the coupling opening (5). The coupling opening (5) is formed at least partially by clamping shoes (8) which are pressed against the journal neck (1) in a closed position by means of the clamping device (7), preferably flat one.EFFECT: simplification of assembly and disassembly.14 cl, 5 dwg

Spring coupling // 2639930
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: spring coupling comprises a drive and driven half couplings which can be moved along the shaft splines. There are cushion layers along the planes of engagement. The half coupling is connected by a helical spring. The ends of the helical spring are fixed in the slots of the couplings at the end flanges. When the shaft rotates, the spring is able to twist and move the driven half coupling, driving the half couplings into the locked-in condition. The possibility of moving the ends of the springs in the mentioned slots and the presence of shock absorbers makes the engagement smoother.EFFECT: prolongation of working life.2 dwg

Damping device // 2639845
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: damping device comprises the first spring seat (41) and the second spring seat (42). The metal core member (45) comprises a metal core member (451) of the seat segment located along the spring seating surface (43a) in the seat segment (43). The open segment (451a) of the metal core adjoins the coil springs (31, 32). The fragment of the spring seating surface slides relative to the coil springs.EFFECT: increased wear resistance of the device.5 cl, 24 dwg

Housing device for magnetic circuit for electromagnetic or permanent magnet track brake for rail vehicle and electromagnetic or permanent electromagnet rail brake for rail vehicle // 2639830
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: housing device for magnetic circuit for electromagnetic track brake for rail vehicle has the first hole for cable input for the first electrical connecting wire in magnetic circuit. The first axial extension axis of the first hole for cable input is disposed at an acute angle of inclination relative to the main surface of the housing device adjacent to the first hole for cable input. The first cable hole for the cable input is located within the tolerance in the middle of the rail brake.EFFECT: improving the technical characteristics of the device.9 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of braking with feedback // 2639363
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of braking with feedback consists in use of parallel-connected gears with load-dependent gear ratio. The gear with gear ratio depending on the load has input and output shafts. Torque is applied to the input shaft of the first gear. The input shaft of the first gear is connected to the output shaft of the second gear, and the output shaft of the first gear is connected to the input shaft of the second gear. In the initial position, when the brake force is not applied to the output shaft of the first gear, the speeds of all shafts are equal. When the brake force is applied to the output shaft of the first gear or to the input shaft of the second gear, the speed of the output shaft of the first gear is reduced and the braking force is transmitted to the input shaft of the first gear.EFFECT: reduced proportion of braking energy on friction surfaces as compared with the total braking energy.9 dwg

System of inertia-electric starting of internal combustion engine // 2638957
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: inertia-electric starter device for internal combustion engine including a battery 1, an ignition switch 2, an electric starter 3, a traction relay 4 with a closing contact and a winding, a pinion gear 5, a drive gear lever 6, a crown of a flywheel of a crank shaft 7, an electromagnetic coupling (driving half-coupling 12, driven half-coupling 10, an inductor 11, contact rings 8 and brushes 9), a flywheel 13 and an overrunning clutch 14. The overrunning clutch 14, the flywheel 13 and the driving half-coupling of the electromagnetic coupling 12 are fixed to armature shaft. The drive gear is mounted on the shaft of the driven half-coupling of the electromagnetic coupling by means of a splined joint.EFFECT: efficient start-up by the starter.1 dwg

Disc brake, for cargo truck in particular, and also brake pad for disc brake // 2638209
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: disc brake contains a bracket in which brake pads are positioned on both sides by means of pneumatically or electromechanically powered load device. The load device contains a brake piston. The brake lining is installed hingedly in the radial direction of the disc brake, with the possibility for overturning. The bearing plate of the lining and the pressing element of the brake piston or the rear side of the bracket of the disc wheel brake mechanism comprise communicated overturning elements comprising an elevation and a matching recess. The elevation is made in cross-sectional form by a convex, in the form of a strip in the lining bearing plate or an adjacent pressure plate, a pressure element or a wall. The brake pad, in which the lining bearining plate comprises a recess with a base rounded surface in the form of groove extending along the length of the lining bearining plate.EFFECT: increasing the functional reliability of the disc brake.6 cl, 6 dwg

Disc brake and brake lining set of disc brake // 2638061
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: disc brake with a moving support comprises a permanently fixed shield brake mechanism having two pairs of the shield beads, by which a brake lining from the reaction side and a brake lining from the clamp side are retained, and a clamping device. The brake mechanism support is formed by links, as well as the rear part of the brake mechanism support. The distance between the shield beads gripping the brake lining from the reaction side is greater than the distance between the shield boards gripping the brake lining from the clamp side.EFFECT: improved heat transfer, increased service life of seals.13 cl, 9 dwg

Control device of breake mechanism // 2637700
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: control device comprises a drive unit with a linearly movable drive element, an actuator with a linearly movable actuating element, by means of which a brake element can be moved relative to a brake disc or a brake drum, and a transmission unit for transmitting force from the drive element to the actuating element. The transmitssion unit comprises a deflecting device by means of which the force transmitted from the actuating element to the actuating element can be deflected from a first direction to a second direction.EFFECT: reduced overall dimensions of the device for use in a limited installation space.10 cl, 2 dwg
Body of friction ring of rail vehicle wheel brake and rail vehicle wheel brake // 2637698
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: body of a friction ring disposed on a rail vehicle wheel disc comprises a friction ring cut from sheet metal and a plurality of attachable elements arranged on the friction ring by means of the permanent connection technology. A rail vehicle wheel brake comprises a rail vehicle wheel having a wheel hub and a wheel rim with a rolling surface. The wheel disc passes between the wheel hub and the wheel rim, and there are the bodies of friction rings on both sides of the wheel disc.EFFECT: simplifying the friction ring manufacture.15 cl, 7 dwg

Clutching unit of vehicle transmission // 2637053
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: clutching unit of a vehicle transmission comprises a smaller and a larger multi-disk friction clutches with hydraulic control by means of hydraulic cylinders. The hub (25) of the hydraulic cylinder of the smaller clutch is mounted on the hub (11) of the hudraulic cylinder of the larger clutch, is connected to it by a splined connection and is fastened to it by means of a lock (29). The lock (29) is made in the form of a threaded bushing screwed into the hub (11) and having a collar flange (31) adjacent to the end of the hub (25). At the end of the hub (25), a radial recess (30) is made, into which a plastically curved portion (32) of the collar (31) is inserted.EFFECT: increased maintainability.2 cl, 4 dwg

Damping device // 2636844
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device contains the first coil spring (31) and the second coil spring (32) disposed in a circumferential direction between a support arm (11) on the side of the hub disk for the hub (1) disk and the support arm (24) on the side of the intermediate disk for input/output disk (2). The first spring seat (41) and the second spring seat (42) are made of polymeric material. The metal core element (45) supports two ends of the coil springs (31), (32). Two saddles (41), (42) of the spring comprise a seat piece (43) and a protruding piece (44). The element (452) of the metal core of the protruding piece of the element (45) comprises a piece (452) with low rigidity. The high rigidity piece (452b) is formed on the far side of the seat piece (43).EFFECT: increasing the wear resistance of the protruding piece and the coil spring.6 cl, 20 dwg

Damping device // 2636840
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a spring saddle (42) that supports the two ends of the first coil spring (31) and the second coil spring (32). The springs are arranged in a circumferential direction between a hub disc and a disc. The spring saddle (42) comprises a pair of clamping protrusions (46) protruding from the saddle piece (43). The side in the direction of the external diameter of the device of the central axis (Sc) of the spring is a low stiffening piece (46a). The side in the direction of the internal diameter of the device of the central axis of the spring is a high stiffening piece (46b).EFFECT: suppression of the possibility of damage when fastening to a fixing piece.4 cl, 19 dwg

Electromechanical braking system of hoisting plant // 2636833
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electromechanical braking system of hoisting plant comprises an engine control system, a switched reluctance motor (1), a brake drum (7), two spring-loaded brake pads (4) on the connecting rod (8), sensors (9, 10), a comparison unit (13), current sensors (18), a pulse width converter (16), a valve switch (15), a correction device (17). Rotation of console and its interaction area with the drum (7) by an angle of 18 degrees, a deceleration sensor (10), a force sensor (9), a screw pair (2), comparators (11, 12) are additionally introduced to the system. A braking effort control unit (14) is connected to the first input of the valve switch (15), which output is connected with the switched reluctance motor (1), the first output of the switched reluctance motor (1) by means of the screw pair (2) is connected with lever of the brake module, the output of the brake drum (7) is connected with the deceleration sensor (10), the force sensor (9), generated deceleration and force signals are transmitted to the inputs of the comparators (11, 12), their outputs are connected to the input of the comparison unit (13), DC voltage from the valve switch (15) powers the switched reluctance motor (1), the second output of the switched reluctance motor (1) is connected to the inputs of the current sensors (18), which outputs are connected to the inputs of the valve switch (15) by sequentially connected correction device (17) and pulse width converter (16).EFFECT: reduced energy consumption, increased positional accuracy, increased efficiency of operation.1 dwg

Brake cylinder with spring brake with emergency releasing brake device // 2636829
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: air-controlled brake cylinder contains a body, a spring brake, a brake cylinder piston and an emergency releasing brake device. A spindle is designed to be screwed into a retractable, non-rotatable in the pipe brake cylinder piston with spring brake by means of a body closure of the nut. The body closure is formed on one hand, between passing in a circle on the outer periphery of the nut towards the periphery of outer polygon profile and further formed circular internal polygon profile on the inner periphery of the intermediate bushing, and, on the other hand, by passing in a circle on the outer periphery of the intermediate bushing in the direction of the outer periphery of the polygon profile and additionally formed a circular internal polygon profile on the inner periphery of the pipe of the brake cylinder piston with the spring brake.EFFECT: increase the reliability of the brake cylinder.13 cl, 3 dwg

Transmission element of turbomachine // 2636628
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: element comprises a torque transmitting means. The means is made in the form of tubular coupling made of homogeneous material with regions of different density. A toothed spline band is made on each end of the coupling on outer side. The area of low-density structure is made in the form of circular cylindrical channels filled with material decreased density arranged over a circumference in coupling body. The material structure of the coupling is formed by the method of additive application. The tubular coupling can be made of a chromium-nickel alloy.EFFECT: weight reduction.2 cl, 1 dwg

Brake spider for drum brake and brum brake // 2634854
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: brake spider contains the mounting section for installation the spider on the vehicle frame, and the anchor finger support part, extending from the mounting section. The mounting part defines the opening, centered around the first axis and configured to receive the semi-axle of the vehicle, passing through the mentioned opening along the first axis. The support part of the anchor finger includes the finger receiving section, defining the opening centered about the second axis and configured to receive the mentioned anchor finger, passing through the hole along the second axis. The support part of the anchor finger additionally includes the bracket support sections, extending axially from the opposite sides of the finger receiving section. The bracket support sections face each other and move away from each other as it approach to the spider mounting part.EFFECT: increase of the device rigidity and strength.30 cl, 12 dwg

Vehicle disc brake lining retention system // 2634846
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system for car disk brake lining retention contains a bracket, a support with bearing caps on the entrance and exit sides and with a bridge element connecting the bearing caps with each other, a brake lining. The carrier and supporting surfaces of the lining plate carrier can be fixed to each other with a backlash with a geometrical closure. The brake lining is retained in the lining shaft by spring-loading, so that the retaining spring of the lining presses the brake lining in the direction from the bridge element of the brake support to the bearing caps without play. In the first version, the lining retaining spring is retained in the recess with the brake lining plate carrier side opposite to the bridge element. In the second version, the lining retaining spring has the form of a tension spring, which rests on the lining retaining clamp.EFFECT: increased durability of the brake mechanism.8 cl, 6 dwg

Double-pole wheel electromechanical brake of vehicle // 2634500
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: double-pole wheel electromechanical brake of the vehicle contains the wheel poles (2) oriented radially and located on the wheel of the vehicle, made of magnetic material. The adjacent pair of wheel poles (2) is located with a minimum air gap to the poles of the electromagnet (4) fixed on the swivel member of the front wheel of the vehicle or on the rear beam of the vehicle. On the circumference next to the electromagnetic pole there are position sensors (6, 7, 8, 9) of the wheel pole (2) connected by their outputs to the inputs of the control device connected by its output to the input of the switching device. The switching device connects the winding of the electromagnet (5) to the power supply source. The output of the brake force control device is connected to the other input of the control device. The lock of the wheel pole (2) containing the wheel pole locating pin (2) is fixed on the swivel member of the front wheel of the vehicle or on the rear beam of the vehicle near the electromagnetic pole and the trajectory of movement of the wheel pole.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.3 dwg

Clutch with endless flexible closed friction element in of single-sleeve and two-sleeve drives // 2634061
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: sleeve comprises a frame, bearing units and a control unit. In addition, the sleeve has the endless flexible closed element that has the possibility in the tensioned state for radial acting on the friction zones of the driving and driven parts of the sleeve. Said element is connected to a control lever. The tensioned state in the friction element material for the longitudinal shift is within the limits of the material strength, and when using two tension rollers mounted on the same frame, the tension and the large coverage angle for the both parts of the sleeve can be realised at the same time.EFFECT: simplification of design.3 cl, 3 dwg

Automatic wear compensator of disk brake // 2633709
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: automatic wear compensator of disk brake has a body, in which a hollow piston is mounted. Piston cavity accommodates a friction spring pressed with guaranteed tension on a rod, and a return spring installed between a cup and an outer bead of a pressure bushing. The rod is fixed in the body. The friction spring is made in form of helical cylindrical spring of dense coiling with cross section of turns in the form of circular segments with chords oriented parallel to longitudinal axis of spring.EFFECT: reliability of the device by increasing the contact area between the friction spring and the rod.3 dwg

Connecting system for torque transfer for application in vehicle transmission // 2633708
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: connecting system comprises a shaft neck (4) and a hollow shaft connecting part (6), which are connected to each other without the possibility of rotation with the help of a hub-shaft type facility (8). The shaft neck (4) and the connecting part (6) with the hollow shaft comprise the grooving bodies (10, 12) which enter into compound with the fastening ring element (14). The grooving body (10) of the shaft neck (4) is formed as an outer groove of the shaft. The grooving body (12) of the connecting part (6) with the hollow shaft is made in the form of an outer groove of the hollow shaft. The fastening element (14) comprises fastening portions (24, 26, 28, 30) which are directed radially in relation to the outer groove (10) of the shaft and in relation to the outer groove (12) of the hollow shaft. The fastening element (14) comprises fastening means (16, 18) which, during mounting, allow the fastening element (14) to expand radially.EFFECT: increase of reliability and durability.8 cl, 3 dwg

Drilling motor with coupling rotating in one direction // 2633625
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: drilling motor assembly comprises a body, a spindle having a recess, a pawl adapted to be selectively engaged with the recess, the pawl having an axis of rotation and a generally flat contact surface which is adapted to engage with a flat contact surface of the recess, wherein the engaging contact surfaces of the pawl and the recesses are arranged at an angle to the radius passing from the axis of rotation to the engaging surfaces of the pawl and the recess. The pawl is rotatable about a pivot pin inserted into an elongated hole, such that the pivot pin is located at a distance from the body in the direction of the elongated part of the elongated hole cross-section, the pivot pin does not transmit torque between the body and the spindle while preventing relative rotation between the body and the spindle.EFFECT: no perception of compressive force by the pawl pivot pins when transmitting torque from the spindle to the body.31 cl, 5 dwg

Brake lining of disc brake and disc brake // 2633137
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: brake lining of the disc brake comprises a friction lining mounted on a brake lining carrier and a locking device arranged on a brake lininh holder with a spring element and a locking element. The spring element and the locking element of the locking device are connected to each other with form geometric closure in the form of two separate parts and rotatable with respect to each other. The locking device is movable from an open position in which the locking part of the locking element is inserted into a cut of the brake lining holder into a locking position in which the locking part of the locking element projecting from the side of the brake lining on the side to cooperate with the cutting edge of a brake bracket of the corresponding disc brake and back again.EFFECT: increased reliability of the brake lining, simplied assemblage during installation and maintenance thereof.25 cl, 22 dwg

Control system for engagement mechanism with engaging tooth type // 2633045
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: control system for engagement mechanism of engaging tooth type including a first and a second element with a plurality of first and second pawls, respectively, a fluid chamber and a switching valve, comprises an electronic flow control and fluid supply stopper to the fluid chamber via switching valve. The electronic control unit provides filling of the fluid chamber by controlling the switching valve.EFFECT: simplified control.6 cl, 7 dwg

Brake system and drive mechanism of brake (versions) // 2633033
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: brake system ensures the activation and release of the parking brake with the help of the jetting device and maintains the brake action when the pressure in the system drops, in this case no springs are used for braking, but only one jet control line. The drive mechanism of the brakes of the system comprises a body comprising a service brake chamber and a parking brake chamber. In the parking brake chamber there is a pushing bar of the parking brake to move together with the diaphragm located in the chamber. The parking brake is activated by supplying fluid from one side of the diaphragm. The push rod includes a clutch on which there is a tooth for engaging with the corresponding teeth on the push rod to hold it in the engaged position in the event of a drop in the fluid pressure. The coupling is rotated by a mechanism driven by a fluid.EFFECT: increase the reliability of the brake system.29 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of braking using universal self-centering system // 2632383
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of braking when using the universal self-centring system consists in changing the direction of the self-centring system rotation bases during reverse pressing of a bicycle pedal. The braking torque is transmitted to an output shaft. The parts of the device are in constant engagement with their pairs.EFFECT: performing braking without movement of parts.12 dwg

Electromagnetic brake with universal self-centering system // 2632370
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in electromagnetic brake, dynamic properties of the universal self-centring system are used, which makes it possible to create one-way feedback with input and output shaft of the universal self-centring system. The action of the output shaft results in braking the object, and reverse action on the universal self-centring system through the output shaft is not present. The electromagnetic brake with universal self-centring system does not contain friction and switching parts.EFFECT: complete braking of the braked axis when the electromagnetic energy is less than the energy on the braked axis.6 dwg
Energy conversion device // 2631349
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: energy conversion device comprises a drive shaft (10), a transfer shaft (20), a power shaft (30), the first (13, 31) and the second (23, 31) input devices. In addition, the composition includes the first tension force transmitting element (40) and an energy storage unit. The energy storage unit may be constructed using the second force-transmitting tension element (50) and a spring (51) or weight (52).EFFECT: energy transfer stability.11 cl, 5 dwg

Switched one-sided coupling // 2630273
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: switched one-sided coupling includes the first plate, the second plate, the tooth, the switch plate and the plate driving device. The switch plate rotates relative to the first plate between the engaged position and the disengaged position. The plate driving device includes the driving arm, the actuator, the transmission mechanism, the stopper and the disengaging mechanism. The actuator draws the driving force to drive the switch plate by means of the driving arm. The transmission mechanism transmits the driving force to the driving arm so, that the switch plate rotates from the disengaged position to the engaged position. The stopper is configured to move between the restricted position and the unrestricted position. The stopper is placed in the restricted position, when the actuator is not actuated. The release mechanism transfers the driving force to the stopper so, that the stopper moves from the restricted position to the unrestricted position.EFFECT: reliability increase.5 cl, 7 dwg

Disk brake mechanism with reset device and brake lining // 2630265
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: disc brake mechanism contains a clamping device that covers the brake disc of the brake disc caliper, a wear adjustment device for the linings, a disc brake holder with guide surfaces opposite in the direction of the periphery of the brake disc. Between the guide surfaces on the clamping side and on the back side of the brake disc, a brake pad with a lining holder and a friction pad, respectively, is displaceably parallel to the rotational axis of the brake disc, with the possibility of displacement. A recoil device that rests on the rear brake lining with the lid holder on the disc brake mechanism holder. The reset device includes two reset elements that are displaceably parallel to the rotation axis of the brake disc mounted on a holder located on the underside of the brake pad.EFFECT: improving the operation of disc brake mechanism.12 cl, 11 dwg

Electro-mechanical disc brake // 2629822
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: electro-mechanical disc brake consists of a body with a dead recess between central hole and the outside diameter provided with a coil forming magnetic circuit, a spring-loaded anchor disc, a brake disc in the form of a ring and a manual brake release with balls in faceplate holes with a handle. The anchor disc has a vertical end groove from the side of its pressing to the larger end of the stepped bushing and ensuring a guaranteed pressing of its vertical protruding part to the entire surface area of the end face of the stepped bushing due to the adjusting screws. Support disc and pads are made in the form of rings which outer diameter coincides with the outer diameter of the anchor disk, and the power disk is fixed with screws to the rotating part of the wheel along the outer diameter.EFFECT: simplification of brake release device design and improvement of brake reliability.1 dwg
Braking method with universal self-centering system // 2629462
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: braking method consists of using the universal self-centering system containing outer and inner bases, rollers attached to the bases, gears or sprockets which are connected together by a closed cable, a chain or a belt. An input shaft is connected to the outer base and coincides in direction with a shaft on the inner base, the brake gears of different diameters are coaxially fixed to the gears of the outer base and transmit torque to a brake shaft. The torque from the input shaft to the brake shaft is transmitetd by shifting the shaft axis on the inner base relative to the axis of the input shaft. The brake gears differ in diameters, but simultaneously contact the brake shaft and try to rotate it at different rate. The toothing of all parts is constant and non-switchable. Transmission of rotational torque from the input shaft to the brake shaft is carried out smoothly at initial speed equal to zero.EFFECT: possibility of braking without the use of friction pairs rotating relative to each other.9 dwg
Limit moment coupling // 2629414
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: coupling comprises a body, configured to be rigidly connected to the drive shaft. The outer bearing collars of radial-thrust bearings with conical rollers are connected with the body. The inner collar of one of the bearings is rigidly fixed to the driven shaft. The inner collar of the second bearing is mounted on the driven shaft with the possibility of axial movement without rotation with respect thereof by means of an adjusting nut. Between the adjusting nut and the inner collar of the second bearing, there is an elastic element in the form of disc spring with a compliance that exceeds the compliance of the driven shaft when the bearings are heated during rotation.EFFECT: stability of the torque value transmitted to the driven shaft.1 dwg

Uzyakov's synchronous reactive magnetic gearbox-multiplier // 2629003
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: synchronous reactive magnetic gearbox-multiplier contains two rotors - high-speed and slow-speed. One of the rotors is made with a pole on permanent magnets, and the second one is made of ferromagnetic material with teeth. The three-element ferromagnetic magnetic flux-stator has two cylindrical disjoint surfaces with teeth and a body made of non-magnetic material. The rotors have an even number of poles - more than two. The cylindrical stator surfaces have a number of teeth, multiple of three, three for each two poles of the rotor. The magnetic fluxes of all the poles of the pole-rotor on the permanent magnets are closed through the main air gap, the ferromagnetic magnetic flux-stator and the second ferromagnetic rotor with teeth. The poles of the second rotor tend to orient themselves relative to the field so that the magnetic resistance for the force field lines is minimal, which leads to a synchronous rotation of the second rotor.EFFECT: increasing the transmitted torque.4 dwg

Brake shoe and braking unit // 2628555
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: brake shoe contains the arc-shaped base, having the outer side in the radial direction to install the brake pad and the inner side in the radial direction, opposite to the outer side. Several loops are also formed at the base near its first end. The loops are aligned along the axis and located at the distance from each other along this axis. Each loop is configured in such a way, that it is possible to insert the fastening pin inside it, by means of which the brake shoe can be attached to the brake mounting support with ability to turn. The fastening pin is fixed in the first and the second loops to prevent its movement relative to these loops. The brake unit contains the mounting support, the brake shoes and the drive actuator. The actuator movement causes the movement of the first and the second brake shoes between the engagement position with the brakes working surface and the position, when it does not contact the working surface.EFFECT: stability of braking and steering dynamics.20 cl, 6 dwg

Device for clipping type clutching // 2628543
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: clutch device includes the first part, the second part, the clamping mechanism and the anti-force mechanism. The first detail is equipped with a set of first dogs. The second part is supplied with a plurality of second triggers. The pressing mechanism is configured to press the first part toward the second part. The opposing force mechanism is configured to form a counter force with respect to the pressing force pressing the first part so that the first pawls and the second pawls are engaged with each other so that the magnitude of the increase in the opposing force relative to the movement of the first part is greater at a position farther on the side of the second part, than in the given position, in comparison with the magnification value for a given position, when the first part is pressed.EFFECT: improving the clutch reaction.5 dwg
Assembly shaft brake disc // 2628419
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shaft brake disc contains a hub and two friction rings that are parallel to each other at a distance from each other. Between the friction rings is an insertion element comprising of spokes extending radially outwards in the form of a star, such that the friction rings are joined to the flat sides of the insertion element. The plug-in element has, with a hub, a connection that is a screw connection. The method for manufacturing the shaft brake disc includes the steps of preparing a flat insertion element containing spokes, joining the friction rings on the flat sides of the insertion element, joining the insertion element to the hub and connecting the insertion element to the hub by means of a screw connection.EFFECT: increased resistance to mechanical stress and improved ventilation.17 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for control terminal working from the motor vehicle clutch position readout system // 2627952
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in the method for the control terminal working from the clutch position readout system, the clutch pedal position is controlled, the transition area is defined, determined by the of clutch pedal positions range, in which the control terminal is one of two alternative clutch pedal positions, containing the released clutch pedal position and pedal depressed position. The sliding threshold displacement is also set from the clutch pedal initial position, which if intersected when the clutch pedal position is within the transition area, causes the change of the clutch pedal position and the control terminal from the current position to the alternative position, if the sliding threshold is crossed.EFFECT: starting and stopping characteristics of the motor are improved.22 cl, 7 dwg

Self-sealing synchroniser // 2627911
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in the synchroniser, the pinion gear has a conical synchronising surface made in the pinion gear body from the inside with respect to its teeth coaxially to the pitch cylinder of the teeth. The blocking ring is mounted on the hub of the synchroniser with the possibility of axial movement and rotation relative to the hub by an angle determined by the thickness of the blocking tooth. The movement of the blocking ring relative to the pinion gear in the direction of its movement when the gear is actuated is limited by a spring retainer ring installed in the pinion gear. The synchroniser hub is mounted on the shaft splines and the is pressed against the spring retainer ring mounted on the shaft by the spring. The teeth, by means of which the pinion gear is connected to the shaft, are made on the pinion gear and the hub.EFFECT: increased synchronisation moment and increased synchroniser resource.32 cl, 11 dwg

Double-rotor assembly for transmitting force to shaft // 2627252
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: double-rotor assembly for transmitting force includes a power head assembly with a spring housing present in it, a plurality of the first spring sets which create a braking force for the first rotor, and a plurality of the second sets which create a braking force for the second rotor.EFFECT: ensuring application of uniform and equal pressure to both rotors, even with uneven wear of the frictional surface.17 cl, 8 dwg

Brake shoe lining for piston-driven disk brake of rail vehicle or load carrier // 2627245
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: brake shoe lining contains a carrying plate having two spaced apart mounting holes. On the side of the plate carrying the lining, facing the friction lining, beyond the overlapping area of the friction lining, a stiffener with a greater thickness than the adjacent area is located. The stiffener is made in the form of a transverse rib which is located between the holes for fastening the plate carrying the lining or holes for fastening are made therein.EFFECT: increased service life of the brake lining and increased reliability of its operation.5 cl, 3 dwg

Downhole drilling motor with concentric rotary drive system // 2626476
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: rotary drive for fluid medium has the first and the second housing, at that the second housing is made rotatable relatively and inside the first housing, forming between them the gap for the working fluid medium. The gates are supported by the first housing, and the second housing has the blades. The pockets for the gates are formed in the first housing, the gates, when in contact with the blades, are displaced into them by turning on the pitch hinge. The gates and the pockets for the gates are mutually configured to form between them the cavity for the foreign particles, capable to contain temporarily the solid foreign particles, included in the working fluid. Each gater has the surface, facing the associated pocket for the gate and having the series of protruberances, at that the gaps between the adjacent protruberances form the flow path in the pocket for the gate. The working fluid can pass through each flow path in the pocket for the gate into the gap for the working fluid, when the corresponding gate is displaced into the associated pocket for the gate to the maximum.EFFECT: total gates displacement and obtaining wide ranges of the torque and rotation speed.28 cl, 20 dwg

Gear clutch // 2625477
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a gear clutch (30), which includes two joined coupling halves (27, 28). Each coupling half (27, 28) comprises at least one part (3, 4) with external gears and one part (5, 6) with internal gears. The mentioned parts in the respective coupling half (27, 28) form a convex linkage (13, 14), with at least one resilient sealing element (18, 47) associated with the drive connection (13, 14). At least one zone (56) in which the geared half couplings (27, 28) and the at least one region of the inner gear portion (56) and/or the (3, 4) parts are connected by at least one resilient element (35) is placed by the outer gear.EFFECT: electrical shaft insulation and reduced vibration.28 cl, 12 dwg

Vehicle braking force generation device // 2625405
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle braking force generation device includes the rotating element, the friction element, the clamping device and the electrostatic charge neutralizer of the self-discharge type, provided on the surface of the certain element. The electrostatic charge neutralizer of the self-discharge type replaces the air around the electrostatic charge neutralizer of the self-discharge type with negative air ions in accordance with the positive charges amount, accumulated by the certain element and neutralizes the charge as the result of the negative air ions attraction by the positive charges of the certain element for neutralisation in order to reduce the amount of the certain element charge and, thus, reduce the amount of the lubricant charge.EFFECT: possibility of charge neutralisation, accumulated in the device lubrication without the need to use the special devices and the lubricant viscosity increase.5 cl, 9 dwg