Agriculture and forestry and animal husbandry and hunting and trapping and fishing (A01)

A   Human necessities(312083)
A01            Agriculture; forestry; animal husbandry; hunting; trapping; fishing(79318)
A01D - Harvesting; mowing(12901)
A01L - Shoeing of animals(27)

Seedbed formation device and method by devyatkin // 2642763
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, in particular to horticulture and gardening, and can be used for growing fruit and berry crops and vegetables on private farms. Device for the formation of seedbeds in the soil consists of polyhedral rod 2 on which there is a polyhedral cone-shaped constriction, cup-shaped limiter 8 and replaceable form-builders in the form of a cone with a curved end, in the form of a sphere or a conical cylinder, and retainer 10 creating a support for the rod. Seedbeds in the soil are formed by rotating a polygonal rod in a circle, giving the seedbeds a cone-shaped cross-section, and then a pit-like seedbed, while a clay solution is added to strengthen the walls of the seedbeds in sandy soils, and in the clay soils, a reinforcing material in the form of sand or organic materials from crushed wood, grass or humus is added.EFFECT: proposed invention will increase the depthward volume of the root layer of trees with a reduction in the root propagation area along the crown projection, and also increase the wind resistance of the gardens.11 cl, 6 dwg

Device for testing sprayers // 2642645
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of agriculture and can be used for testing sprayers of agricultural atomizers. Device for testing the nebulizers comprises a housing, a classifier table, a computer, a processing and signaling unit, a rod with a working fluid distribution unit, means for vertical movement and rotation of the rod, a supply and measurement unit for air speed, a block for supplying, regulating and controlling the flow of working fluid, a unit for measuring and evaluating the process of dispersing the working fluid, a light source. Bar is rotatable about the vertical axis by an angle of 0≤α≤360° and changes in the length of the side. Lateral side is connected on one side with the upper fixed base, and on the other hand with the lower moving base. Lower base is connected by a pivot-fixed support with a fixed rib with rotation of the lower base in a vertical plane from the horizontal position to the angle 0≤β≤20°. Air supply and distribution unit is provided with a pivoting device with an angle of rotation in the horizontal plane by an angle of 0≤γ≤180° and deflector. Deflector is made in the form of a rectangular diffuser. Larger side of the diffuser is equal to or greater than the length of the lower base of the rod. Classification surfaces for determining the unevenness and thickness of the coating are performed on opposite sides of the classifier table in parallel to each other. Surfaces are made with the ability to move them from the upper level to the lower and vice versa.EFFECT: automation of the process of sprayers testing is ensured, accuracy and reliability of determination of the quality indexes of the distribution of working fluid are increased taking into account the influence of external influences.1 cl, 4 dwg
Processing of fish population by lufenuron // 2642637
FIELD: veterinary medicine.SUBSTANCE: drug is applied by oral administration of daily doses of 1 lufenuron to 30 mg/kg of fish biomass within a period of 3 to 14 days, while the total number of lufenuron used during the specified interval of time is from 7 up to 350 mg/kg of fish biomass.EFFECT: invention is suitable for treating salmon and provides continued effective protection against sea lice in the sea.10 cl, 6 tbl, 2 ex

Conveyor for grain germination // 2642511
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture. Proposed is a conveyor for grain germination comprising an electromagnetic energy source connected to an emitter mounted inside a chamber above a dielectric conveyor, under the upper branch of which there is an installed metal screen with a dielectric layer, made with the possibility of changing its position in height. Thickness of the tape of the dielectric conveyor is chosen taking into account the wavelength of the emitter. In the upper part of the chamber there is a loading hopper, in the lower part of which a dosing flap is made, a system of transverse waveguides connected to the vibrator is installed below the dosing flap. Unloading part of the dielectric conveyor is made above the soaking bath, in which the lower end of the noria is submerged, the upper part of the noria is installed above the hopper, from which the grains are fed to one of the conveyors, and a pipeline with injectors is installed above the conveyors.EFFECT: invention ensures flowability of the grain germination process.1 cl, 2 dwg

Genetically modified non-human animals and method for their application // 2642319
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to genetic engineering, in particular genetically modified immunodeficient rodent expressing human M-CSF polypeptide, huma IL-3 polypeptide, human GM-CSF polypeptide, human SIRPA polypeptide and human TPO polypeptide. The rodent is modified so that its genome contains nucleic acids encoding human M-CSF, human IL-3, human GM-CSF, human SIRPA and human TPO, respectively. Each of the said nucleic acids is operably linked to a promoter. This invention also discloses a method for engraftment of a hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell (HSPC). This method involves HSPC administration to a genetically modified immunodeficient rodent according to the invention.EFFECT: invention allows to obtain genetically modified rodents demonstrating improved engraftment of solid tumours for use as models of the human immune system.19 cl, 17 dwg, 2 ex

Germ plasm of canola possessing compositional properties of seeds, which provide increased nutrition, nutritive value of canola // 2642297
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: canola seeds are selected from the group consisting of seeds deposited in the ATCC under the number PTA-11697, the seeds deposited in the ATCC under the number PTA-11696, the seeds deposited in the ATCC under the number PTA-11698, and the seeds deposited in the ATCC under the number PTA-11699.EFFECT: invention allows to efficiently obtain fodder meal from the dark canola seeds.2 dwg, 8 tbl, 14 ex

Lizimeter // 2642261
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices used in agriculture for balance research on reclaimed lands, in particular, for determining infiltration irrigation, thawed and sprinkling water. Lysimeter includes container (1) with a soil monolith, connected with vertically installed container (6), tray (5) and water level controls. Vertically mounted vessel (6) is divided into measuring container (9) and drainage well (10) by partition (8), in the middle part of which hole (11) is made in the form of an opening overlapped by shield (12). Shield (12) is equipped with device for discharge of water in the form of siphon (15), descending line of the siphon is brought to drain well (10) towards the head of the outlet of closed header. Siphon (15) is fixed inside the hole in shield (12), made with possibility of vertical limited movement relative to opening (11) in baffle plate (8). Vertically installed container (6) is hydraulically connected to container (1) tray (5) with the soil monolith. Lysimeter is provided with drainage tube (16) adjustable valve (18), one end of which is hermetically passed through shield (12) to the descending branch of siphon (15) and pointing upwards to its bend, and the second to measuring container (9) and is located below the ascending branch of the siphon. Ascending branch (23) of the device in the form of siphon (15) is equipped with L-shaped lever (22), in the middle part of which two-arm lever (19) is articulated, on one arm of which shut-off device (17) is fixed, and on the other arm – float (20).EFFECT: invention provides convenience and stepless adjustment of the lysimeter parameters for each taken crop and a program of dumping water into the drainage well, improves the accuracy of calculating the irrigation regime and allows expanding the scope of application for water accounting for irrigation or sprinkling.4 cl, 1 dwg

Antagonists neurokinin-1 compositions for intravenous introduction // 2642234
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to pharmaceutical compositions of a neuroleukin-1 antagonist for intravenous administration and discloses a pharmaceutical composition comprising (5S,8S)-8-[{(1R)-1-(3,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)ethoxy}-methyl]-8-phenyl-1,7-diazaspiro[4,5]decan-2-one (compound 1) or pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates or prodrugs thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, a method for treatment of nausea and/or vomiting, including acute delayed nausea and/or vomiting associated with the initial and repeated courses of highly emetogenic or moderately emetogenic chemotherapy, including CINV treatment method, a method for hemolysis minimization using the said pharmaceutical composition.EFFECT: increased efficiency of treatment.34 cl, 13 dwg, 21 tbl, 8 ex

Cutting blade for grass for trimmer (versions) // 2642187
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: cutting blade for a trimmer with manual feed with an engine consists of a disk-shaped main body with cutting teeth located on its outer circumference. Each cutting tooth has a front cutting edge substantially radially directed, projecting in the drive direction. The upper edge of the tooth, extending in the circumference direction, is adjacent to the front cutting edge. The front cutting edge, as well as the upper edge of the tooth, form a cutting edge. The front cutting edge and the upper edge of the tooth are sharpened alternately from one side and the other side of the cutting blade. The front cutting edge and the upper edge of the tooth form a common tooth point projecting in the drive direction. In the first version of the cutting blade implementation, certain points of the cutting teeth, following each other in the circumferential direction, lie in one common plane. In the second version of the cutting blade implementation, all the points of all the cutting teeth lie in a common plane.EFFECT: increased cutting efficiency.11 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of removing undesirable vegetation from railroad precinct // 2642180
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes periodic mechanical removal of undesirable tree and shrubbery vegetation from the railroad precinct. In the process of removal of the tree and shrubbery vegetation each specimen of tree and shrubbery vegetation is processed into chips. The tree and shrubbery vegetation is removed by the roots by a multi-functional vehicle 1. The time between the removal of vegetation from the railroad precinct and its processing into chips is equal to 1-3 minutes.EFFECT: method helps to reduce the hand labor of railway workers, reduce the cost of disposal and subsequent utilisation of logging residues, reduce until the complete elimination of re-treatment of previously cleaned areas and, in general, improve the quality of the railroad precinct clearance and traffic safety.2 dwg

Seeding machine with seeds feeding device // 2642118
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: agricultural implement contains many row units. Row units contain one or more seeds meters for the receipt, the singulation and the seeds issue into the ground, so that the preferred location of the subsequent seeds is achieved. To transport the seeds from the seed meter into the ground, the seeds feeding systems are provided to reduce its jumping and to facilitate the seed spacings control, that can be based on the tool speed relative to the ground, as it moves across the field. The seeds supply system may control the seeds transportation in the field, so that the seeds can have zero or almost zero relative velocity, so that the seeds will not have or will have the slight movement after the location in the rib.EFFECT: using of the group of inventions will improve the quality of the seeding.33 cl, 18 dwg
Low-dust fillers for animal toilets and methods for their manufacture // 2642113
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: low-dust filler comprises about 2 to about 40% of one or more wood species, about 50 to about 95% of corn cob cores, about 0.1 to about 10% of polyhydric alcohols, and about 0.5 to about 12% of binders. The filler is made by combining the above components, in particular by mixing.EFFECT: reduced amount of dust when using the filler.11 cl, 38 ex, 5 tbl

Device for threshing grain crops on root // 2642103
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device comprises passive stalk splitters 8, active working elements in the form of rollers 1 with stripping elements 2, as well as an air duct for suctioning threshed grain from the threshing zone and feeding it to a hopper. The rollers 1 are arranged in the horizontal plane in a row along the front of the threshing unit movement and are oriented with the rotation axis 5 in the movement direction. The rollers 1 are grouped in pairs with the formation of a threshing zone in the clearance between the rollers 1 in each pair. When stripping grain crops, the stripping elements 2 of each roller 1 in each pair move from bottom to top. The air duct has an increasing cross-section along the course of the grain-air mixture.EFFECT: reducing grain losses due to under-threshing and premature shedding.4 dwg
Synergetic method of weed control based on application of aminocyclopyrachlor and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyxous acid (2,4-d) // 2642102
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: herbicidal composition contains a synergetic herbicidal effective amount of (a) aminocyclopropane, or its agricultural acceptable salt, or ester and (b) 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), or its agricultural acceptable salt, or its ester, in which the weight ratio of acid equivalents of (a) and (b) is in the range of 1:8 to 2.4:1.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the weed control.35 cl

Device for automatic pastry liquid distribution // 2642094
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of devices for liquid distribution and can be used to automatic supply assign liquid volumes. Device comprises a bulk with inlet and outlet ports and a housing placed in the bulk. Housing has a displace with closures and a pipe that is tapering downwards. Pipe is connected to the housing by screw. Housing and the displacer are ball-shaped. Closures are made in form of tapered needles. Inlet and outlet sockets have cone locking saddles. Locking socket of inlet fitting is located in the bulk. Locking socket of the outlet fitting is coaxial connected to a diverting, tapering down pipe. Draft tube is connected to a discharge pipeline. Bulk is further connected to the outlet pipe by means of tubular channels connected to side ports in the walls of the outlet pipe. Lower end of the housing is rigidly fixed to the bottom of the bulk. Housing is detachable.EFFECT: simplified design and higher operation reliability are provided.1 cl, 1 dwg

Agricultural grain harvesting unit of modular construction // 2642092
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: unit includes a self-propelled power means 1 with a frame 2, a harvesting module 3, an inclined chamber 4, a threshing device 5 with an unloading window 6 and a trailer cleaner-accumulator 7 having a feeding window 8. The unloading window 6 of the threshing device 5 is fixedly connected to the receiving branch pipe of the transfer conveyor 9. The unloading branch pipe of the transfer conveyor 9 is connected to the feeding window 8 of the cleaner-accumulator 7 by means of the draw-off arm 10 and the hinge 11. The axis of the hinge 11 is in the same vertical plane with the longitudinal axis of the cleaner-accumulator 7. The longitudinal axis of the unloading window 6 of the threshing device 5, the longitudinal axis of the self-propelled power means 1 and the axis of the hinge 11 common to the unloading branch pipe of the transfer conveyor 9 and the draw-off arm 10 are arranged in one vertical plane.EFFECT: technological process stability and energy consumption reduction.2 dwg
ethod of in vivo adaptation of strawberry microplants // 2642085
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes planting microplants in plastic trays covered with lutrasil with planting openings preliminarily made therein, by immersing the plant root system in an aqueous antiseptic solution, with the subsequent provision of the flow circulation of water in the tray and the top fine-disperse humidification of the plants. A 0.01% solution of potassium permanganate is used as an aqueous antiseptic solution.EFFECT: method allows to reduce the resource intensity of the plant adaptation process.2 cl, 1 tbl

ethod for creating a system of cultural lawn with a lighting construction part // 2642083
FIELD: municipal services.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of landscape design in urban parks and on countryside. When implementing the method of creating a cultural lawn system with a glowing part, a grass-side is grown formed from preliminary-formed grasses having a base of lawn bands. Cultivation is carried out on the prepared site. Irrigation system is carried out from sections connected to the water source. Water source is equipped with an automatic control system. Sections of the irrigation system are placed between two layers of landscape fabric. Fertile soil is laid on the surface of the landscape fabric and seeds are planted. Under the lawn’s root system the anode of energy source is placed. Cathode of graphite is placed on the surface of plant stand. As a consumer, a luminous construction component is introduced. Part is made of glasslike polymer based on epoxy or polyester resin. Part contains an outer layer, an intermediate layer with a filler and a lower protective layer. Glass bits and luminescence material are used as the filler of the intermediate layer. Inside the part, an LED strip is fixed at the level of the intermediate layer. Tape is connected to the power source by a wire.EFFECT: provides the opportunity to highlight the landscape, the formation of strong root system of the lawn, high performance properties of the lawn.3 cl, 3 dwg
Heterocyclic compounds as pesticides // 2641916
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: non-therapeuticuse of heterocyclic compounds of the formula for controlling animal pests, including arthropods, insects, and nematodes.EFFECT: invention allows to realise the specified purpose.18 cl, 5 tbl, 48 ex
ethod for intensifying natural feed base of fish-breeding ponds // 2641915
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes introducing the probiotic "Prolam" in an amount of 10-15 l/ha into a water basin. The probiotic is applied for 2-3 days after filling the basin.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the ecological safety of cultivated products.2 tbl

Aerogydrodynamic key buoy and method of cropping of surface objects of fishing // 2641898
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method involves preparation of a cascade filtering-type fishing gear, while one end of the fishing gear is provided with a hydrodynamic anchor, made in the form of a parachute and connected to a signal buoy through stay bars. The other end of the fishing gear is equipped with a key buoy. It is connected to the hydrodynamic anchor through the system of stay bars allowing the hydrodynamic anchor to be in stagnation in a water column at the required level, and to the key buoy using the aerodynamic power of wind and hydrodynamic power of water - on the water surface. The key and the signal buoys are equipped with radio beacons. Choose the place of fishing, set the fishing gears, stagnation, select the fishing gear and pull out a catch. The key buoy includes a cylindrical body, inside which there is a holding device for additional elements, and a light source. The cylindrical body is executed moulded with a through cylindrical hole in the center. The holding device for additional elements is made in the form of a cylindrical rod and is located inside a cylindrical hole, with the upper and lower tips of the rod provided with lifting rings. The cylindrical body along the perimeter is equipped with aerohydrodynamic valves, which allow to use aerodynamic power of wind and hydrodynamic power of water.EFFECT: increase in fishing efficiency.7 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for correction of s- and c-shape scoliosis in 12-15-year-old adolescents using karate kyokushinkai exercises // 2641846
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: Kyokushinkai karate exercises are used, including consistently performed preparatory, intermediate and correction complexes in accordance with the formula of the invention. At that, the preparatory and intermediate complexes are for warming up and include the same exercises for correction of both types of scoliosis, strengthening the muscular corset and developing the mobility of joints. The adolescents without primary physical training start exercising with the preparatory complex, and the ones with primary physical training - with the intermediate complex. The complex for correction of S-shape scoliosis includes such exercises as: hand strikes; kicking; combined exercises from starting positions: lying on the stomach, lying on the back, standing. The complex for correction of C-shape scoliosis includes such exercises as: hand strikes; combined exercises from the starting position lying on the stomach.EFFECT: method versions provide reliable and effective correction of C-shaped and S-shape scoliosis safe for children's health.6 cl, 88 dwg, 2 ex

ethod of producing choline hydroxide from trimethylamine and ethylenoxide // 2641815
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method includes feeding ethylene oxide, trimethylamine and water to the first reactor to produce the product of the first reactor under the controlled temperature conditions. The product of the first reactor is fed to the second reactor to produce the product of the second reactor under uncontrolled adiabatic conditions. All unreacted trimethylamine in the product of the second reactor is removed, resulting in a final product containing choline hydroxide.EFFECT: invention allows to minimize the production of by-products of monoethoxylated and diethoxylated choline in the product - choline hydroxide.23 cl, 3 dwg

Greenhouse with cleaning and integrated waste gases recycling // 2641747
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: greenhouse includes the transit flue duct with bypass flue, the heat exchanger, the fan, the ejector, the ozon and air mixture distributor, connected to the ozon plant, the air/gas manifold, connected to the greenhouse body, equipped with the deflector. The oxidation chamber is installed after the ejector, it is equipped with the ozone-air mixture distributor and the hydraulic lock. The air/gas manifold is connected through its right and left branches to the greenhouse body, installed on the right and left rows of vertical plate heat exchangers, adjacent to the support posts with its end faces. Each vertical plate heat exchanger consists of the vertical rectangular body with the internal vertical partition, made of transparent material with high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The vertical partition is installed with formation of the lower overflow slot. In the upper part of the body inner wall there is the horizontal distribution slot. In the upper part of the body outer wall there is the air/gas sleeve, connected to the right or left branch of the air/gas manifold. The body bottom has the condensate drain sleeve, connected to the right or left branch of the condensate manifold, connected to the oxidation chamber through the hydraulic lock and with anion filter.EFFECT: ecological efficiency increases of the green house with cleaning and integrated waste gases recycling.5 dwg

Universal pneumatic scarifier // 2641730
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: universal pneumatic scarifier is offered; it contains two feed hoppers with dispensers, a fan for supplying an even flow of seeds from the dispensers by means of air through a pneumatic conduit that is equipped with a removable distributor head with a seed pipe directed to the scarifying surface or a removable dissector, a scraped seed hopper with an unloading neck. At the same time, to provide pickling, the scarifier is provided with a solution or water supply system that is connected to the air line through a diffuser and a diffuser located in the air line in front of the seed feeders. For waste air in the lid of the bunker of the scarified seeds, a filter is made which is connected through a suction pipe to the fan, forming a closed system.EFFECT: device provides a high performance.2 dwg
ethod for obtaining of dry bee royal jelly // 2641720
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: dewatering is carried out in a vacuum drying apparatus. At that, drying is performed in two stages: at the first stage, the royal jelly is concentrated at a residual pressure of 2-3 kPa and a chamber temperature of 70±3°C for 5 hours before the concentration of solids is 58-60%. At the second stage, drying is carried out to a solids concentration of 90-95% at the same residual pressure and chamber temperature of 35±3°C.EFFECT: increased efficiency of royal jelly dewatering, preservation of the thermolabile components of royal jelly.1 cl

Reaping machine // 2641703
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: reaping machine (1) comprising a central section (3) located on a main frame (2) and at least two side sections (4) adjacent to the central section (3); a rear wall (15) passing substantially perpendicular to the main frame (2), a flexible knife bar (6) extending across the width of the reaping machine (1), and at least one transporting device (5) located behind the knife bar (6), at the relevant side sections (4) made in the form of at least one endless conveyor belt (7) adjacent to the central section (3) and intended for transporting harvested mass cut by the knife bar (6) to the lateral side towards the central section (3). The side sections (4) comprise a plurality of brackets (16) hingedly mounted on the main frame (2) and carrying the knife bar (6). The respective side section (4) comprises a plurality of supporting elements (7) carrying the conveyor belt (17), which are mounted in the support (21) and movable axially relative to the main frame (2).EFFECT: invention allows for better compacting and less wear of the conveyor belt.13 cl, 8 dwg

Soil-tilting implement // 2641624
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: soil-tilting implement contains a frame, working tools, a hopper for mineral fertilisers, fertiliser funnels, supply tubes. The hopper is centrally located symmetrically on the frame in such a way that the width of its lower part is less than the transverse distance between the posts of the central working tools. At the bottom of the hopper there are spring-screw metering conveyors of mineral fertilisers, the intake part of which is located inside the hopper. The transporting part of the metering conveyors is enclosed in a cylindrical casing, cantilevered on the hopper in such a way that the end portion of each metering conveyor is output to the fixation zone of the frame served by working tools in the bottom part of the hopper. Unloading ports are made above the intake devices of each metering conveyor. At the end parts of metering conveyors there are switchgears, each of which contains a hatch in the upper part, and outlet pipes of the fertiliser funnels in the lower part. The distributing devices are fixed with the possibility of rotation relative to the axes of the metering conveyors. The supply tubes are located behind the posts of the working tools so that each supply tube adjoins the rear surface of the relevant working tool and repeats it shape in both longitudinal and transverse direction, and at the output end of each supply tube an oblique cut is made. Drive wheels of the metering conveyors are placed on a spring-loaded radial suspension.EFFECT: increasing the degree of soil pulverization by working tools of the soil-tilting implement, reducing its traction resistance and clogging with the simultaneous introduction of solid mineral fertilisers.2 dwg
ethod of increasing quantity of black soldier fly clutches // 2641622
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: for the clutch of eggs, flies use natural and artificial honeycombs as a working material, the honeycombs serve as a matrix. The honeycomb diameter is from 4.0 to 7.0 mm, the wall thickness is from 0.1 to 1.0 mm, the depth is from 5.0 to 15.0 mm, and the thickness of the bottom is from 0.1 to 2.0 mm, the smell of honeycombs is natural, the colour is any shade of white, yellow, red, green, black, blue.EFFECT: use of the invention will increase the quantity of fly clutches.5 dwg

Device for pneumatically separating and cleaning grain materials // 2641534
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for pneumatically separating and cleaning grain materials includes a fan, a sluice gate, in the housing of which an inlet and an outlet window and a rotating blade drum, connected to one another by radius walls, are located, at least one control valve, a separator equipped in the upper part with an inlet branch pipe for airmix and an exhaust branch pipe connected to the suction branch pipe of the fan, and in the lower part - with an unloading window connected to the inlet window of the sluice gate, and a bypass channel and a pneumatic separating channel, the lower and upper parts of which are separated by an input device, connected to each other and to the separator. The lower part of the pneumatic separating channel is located under the outlet window of the sluice gate. The inlet and outlet windows of the sluice gate are offset in different directions in such a way that the radius wall connecting them covers half or part of the drum, located under the inlet window of the sluice gate. The control valve is located in the housing of the sluice gate above its outlet window above the drum axis, and forms with the latter the bypass channel. The blade drum serves as an input device for the pneumatic separating channel. The pneumatic separating channel via the bypass channel is connected to the exhaust branch pipe of the separator and/or the suction branch pipe of the fan in bypass of the separator.EFFECT: increased efficiency of separating and cleaning grain materials, simplifying the device design.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for harvesting grain crops and soybeans // 2641531
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for harvesting grain crops and soybeans includes mowing 1 grain mass and transporting 2 it to a rotary threshing-separating device for thrashing 3, with selecting a grain heap 4 and straw 5. Then the straw is ground 6 and scattered 7 over the field. The grain heap is transported 8 with an air jet of a blade fan through a loading window to a storage hopper. When the grain heap comes in the storage hopper, it is blown 9 with a directed air jet through a sieve installed inside the storage hopper below the loading window. Chaff is blown out 10 of the storage hopper through a chaff wadboard packer by an air jet of a blade fan. Grain passes through the openings in the sieve and settles 11 in the storage hopper.EFFECT: method improves the efficiency of harvesting grain crops and soybeans due to reducing transportation costs.1 dwg
Universal light bait // 2641530
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: bait includes a light module connected to a fishing line by a rotating lobe driven by an arm with a load and a fish hook, a current source, a light-emitting diode or diodes, and an electric circuit. In the housing of the light module, the light-emitting diode or the diodes, the electric circuit elements and the current source are hermetically sealed with a dielectric light transmitting material. Electrical connection or switching-off of the current source to one of the light-emitting diodes is provided by a light mode switch made in the form of a movable element and a stationary element or stationary elements and at the same time being a fastening element for the driven arm with the load and the fish hook. The rotating lobe is connected to the fastening element of the light module located in the upper part of the housing.EFFECT: increasing the bait catchability.14 cl, 26 dwg
ethod for protecting tomato seeding of open ground from tomato leafminer // 2641525
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: individual 20-meter rows of Phoenix cucumbers on a vertical espalier are placed around tomato seeding or on intercellular spaces at a distance of no more than 70-80 m from the most remote tomato plants, achieving a permanent growth of cucumbers. Leafminers on cucumber leaves are destroyed by spraying plants with insecticides as the depredator accumulates. Tomatoes are not sprayed against the tomato leafminer.EFFECT: reduction of the pesticide load on the environment.1 cl
Cultivator // 2641524
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: cultivator comprises a frame (1) with S-shaped spring racks (4) with flat-cutting working bodies (5), attached by means of L-shaped clamps (2) and tightening bolts (3). Elastic plates (6) are mounted on the S-shaped spring racks (4) and connected by means of lower (8) and upper bolts (9) with bushings (7) having inside threads for the hinge connection of horizontally arranged bolts (10) with the eyelets (11) of fixing plates (12) having bolted connection (13) with clamping plates (14). On the L-shaped clamps (2), angles (15) are mounted by means of the tightening bolts (3), in which vibration stoppers (17) with interchangeable openings (18) are mounted by means of the bolt connection (16). The upper bolts (9) have hemispherical heads (19) with adjusting nuts (20). The flat-cutting working bodies (5) have two L-shaped racks (21) each, connected by means of vertically arranged (22) rivets with a middle knife (23) and by means of horizontally arranged rivets (24) with side knives (25). The connecting elements (26) of the L-shaped racks (21) are made in the form of bits, under which there are rectangular grooves (27) for fixing the bolted joints (28) of the S-shaped spring racks (4). The knives (23, 25) are made detachable.EFFECT: increasing the uniformity of the running depth and the movement stability of the flat-cutting working bodies in the soil.2 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for determining doses of mineral fertilisers for planned crop capacity of agricultural crops // 2641523
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for determining the doses of mineral fertilisers for the planned crop capacity of agricultural crops includes agro-chemical analysis, determining the correction factors and calculating the fertiliser doses, taking into account the value of the planned crop capacity, agrochemical soil indices, agronomic factors and biological features of agricultural crops, the calculation of fertiliser doses being carried out taking into account the additional influence of a predecessor in the crop rotation and the ratios of the removal of mineral nutrients depending on the crop capacity level, the rate of phosphate and potash fertiliser doses being calculated according to the formula: FR= (Rf-Rf×Cn):CUF×100, where FR- the rate of P2O5, K2O, kg/ha; Rf - the removal of P2O5, K2O with the planned crop, kg/ha; Cn - the factor of using P2O5 and K2O from the soil of removal with the crop; CUF - the factor of fertiliser nutrients use, %; and the rate of nitrogen fertilisers is calculated using the transformed formula: FR=(Rf-(Rf×Cn (of phosphorus)×)C):FUF×100, where C is the removal of nitrogen with the planned crop, the removal of P2O5 with the planned crop.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce the consumption of mineral fertilisers while cultivating agricultural crops.2 tbl, 1 ex
ethod of maintaining vine // 2641521
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes planting grape vines according to the scheme 2.5-3.0×0.75-1.0 m. A Y-shaped stem and a twisted cordon with 3-4-eyelet fruit links at the stem height of 100 cm from the laterals of the second order, ensuring the vine stability, are formed.EFFECT: expanding functionality and simplifying the method, increasing the productivity of the plantings.1 dwg,1 tbl, 1 ex
eans for combating pests // 2641295
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a compound of the general formula (I) , where R1 represents a halogen atom, an amino group, a hydroxyl group, a mercapto group, a cyano group, a nitro group, a (C1-C6) alkyl group, a (C2-C6) alkenyl group, a (C2-C6) alkynyl group, a (C3-C6) cycloalkyl group, a (C1-C6) a halogen alkyl group, a (C1-C6) alkoxy group, a (C2-C6) alkenyloxy group, a (C2-C6) alkynyloxy group, a (C3-C6) cycloalkoxy group, a (C1-C6) halogen alkoxy group, a (C1-C6) alkylthio group, a (C2-C6) alkenylthio group, a (C2-C6) alkynylthio group, a (C3-C6) cycloalkylthio group, a (C1-C6) halogen alkylthio group, a (C1-C6) alkylamino group, a (C2-C6) alkenylamino group, a (C2-C6) alkynylamino group, a di (C1-C6) alkylamino group, a di (C2-C6) alkenylamino group, a di (C2-C6) alkynylamino group, a (C1-C6) alkylsulfinyl group, a (C2-C6) alkenylsulfinyl group, a (C2-C6) alkynylsulfinyl group, a (C3-C6) cycloalkylsulfinyl group, a (C1-C6) halogen alkylsulfinyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylsulfonyl group, a (C2-C6) alkenylsulfonyl group, a (C2-C6) alkynylsulfonyl group, a carboxyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylcarbonyl group, a (C1-C6) alkoxycarbonyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylaminocarbonyl group, a di (C1-C6) alkylaminocarbonyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylcarbonyloxy group, a (C1-C6) alkylcarbonylamino group, or a (C1-C6) alkylcarbonyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylamino group; R2 is a halogen atom, a hydroxyl group, a mercapto group, a nitro group, a (C1-C6) alkyl group, a (C2-C6) alkenyl group, a (C2-C6) alkynyl group, a (C1- C6) halogen alkyl group, a (C1-C6) alkoxy group, a (C2-C6) alkenyloxy group, a (C2-C6) alkynyloxy group, a (C1-C6) alkylthio group, a (C2-C6) alkenylthio group, a (C2-C6) alkynylthio group, a (C1-C6) alkylamino group, a (C2-C6) alkenylamino group, a (C2-C6) alkynylamino group, a di (C1-C6) alkylamino group, a di (C2-C6) alkenylamino group, a di (C2-C6) alkynylamino group, a (C1-C6) alkylsulfinyl group, a (C2-C6) alkenylsulfinyl group, a (C2-C6) alkynylsulfinyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylsulfonyl group, a (C2-C6) alkenylsulfonyl group, a (C2-C6) alkynylsulfonyl group, a (C1-C6) alkyloxy (C1-C6) alkyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylthio group (C1-C6) alkyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylamino (C1-C6) alkyl group, a di (C1-C6) alkylamino (C1-C6) alkyl group, a hydroxy (C1-C6) alkyl group, a carboxyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylcarbonyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylaminocarbonyl group, a di (C1-C6) alkylaminocarbonyl group, a (C1-C6) alkylcarbonyloxy group, a (C1-C6) alkylcarbonylthio group, a (C1-C6) alkylcarbonylamino group, or a di (C1-C6) alkylcarbonylamino group; W is CH or a nitrogen atom; n is an integer from 1 to 4; or its salt, which is used as an insecticide or means for the destruction of animal pests.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of the means.5 cl, 3 tbl, 12 ex
ethod of cultivating plate lentils in mixed sowing // 2641077
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: in the method, cultivating lentils is carried out in a mixed sowing with spring Camelina as a supporting crop in a common way in different rows without preliminary mixing the seeds. The lentils seed rate is 2.2 million of sprouting seeds per 1 ha, and that of spring Camelina - 6 million of sprouting seeds per 1 ha.EFFECT: method helps to increase the seed productivity of lentils and to obtain steadily a full yield of both crops.2 tbl, 1 ex

ethod of seeding grass seeds into sod and seeding machine for its implementation // 2641073
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method includes pre-sowing tillage of a sod with disc milling cutters and, simultaneously, widespread seeding of fertilisers along the axis of a tilled strip, with a spread width not exceeding 1/3 of the width of the tilled strip, followed by soil surface levelling in the strips. Shares create a compacted seedbed along the axis of the tilled strip, and grass seeds are sown in rows 1…2 cm above the fertiliser application depth. Next, post-sowing soil packing in the strips is carried out. A seeding machine for sowing grass seeds in the sod in strips comprises a frame 1, on which supporting and driving wheels 2, a milling section 3 having a depth adjustment mechanism and closed by a casing 4, on the output shafts of which working bodies in the form of discs 5 with L-shaped knives 6 are installed, seed 7 and fertiliser 8 hoppers with sowing units and their drive, seed 9 and fertiliser 10 ducts, fertiliser guides 11, and packing rollers 12 are installed. Under the protective casing 4 behind the milling drum and along the axis of the tilled strip, there are fertiliser guides 11 adjustable in height relative to the casing 4 and connected by the fertiliser ducts 10 with the fertiliser hopper 8. The protective casing 4 has levellers 13 of soil surface in the strips, and a fastening beam 14 is hingedly fixed thereon, on which the shares 16 connected by the seed ducts 9 with the seed hopper 7 are located along the axis of the tilled strip, between the casing 4 and the packing rollers 12, on trailers of torsion springs 15. To create the necessary thickness of the soil interlayer between the seeds and the fertilisers by means of changing the position of the fertiliser guides relative to the protective casing, the required depth of sowing fertilisers is established. The rough adjustment of the established sowing depth of grass seeds is carried out by changing the position by the roller height relative to the fastening beam, the exact one - by turning the spring trailer in the point of its attachment.EFFECT: invention will allow to improve the quality of sowing seeds in the sod.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for keeping domestic reindeer // 2641072
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for keeping domestic reindeer includes free reindeer grazing in winter and keeping reindeer in a flexible hedge in spring and in autumn. In summer, the reindeer are kept in a closed room, in which they are protected from bloodsucking Hymenoptera insects, and the internal air temperature is maintained at the level of 10-15°C.EFFECT: obtaining high-quality meat and dairy products and primary products of biological raw materials from live reindeer, ensuring an uninterrupted process cycle of work and increasing the efficiency of production capacity.1 cl
Synergic method of weed control with application of penoxulam and mephenacete // 2641009
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a herbicide composition containing a synergically herbicidal effective amount of (a) penoxulam or a salt thereof acceptable for agriculture, and (b) mephenacete or a salt thereof acceptable for agriculture. The weight ratio of (a) to (b) is from 1: 400 to less than 1:30. The invention relates to a method of combating undesirable vegetation in rice culture, which includes applying penoxulam or a salt thereof acceptable for agriculture and mephenacete or a salt thereof acceptable for agriculture on vegetation, or a plot neighbouring with the vegetation, or on ground or water.EFFECT: preventing vegetation occurrence or growth.26 cl, 4 tbl, 1 ex

Interface for lighting in crop production for interaction with at least one lighting system // 2640960
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an interface 20 for converting a desired physiological response of a plant to control instructions for at least one lighting system 4, 5 having adjustable lighting parameters, said interface 20 comprises: a receiver for receiving the desired physiological response of the plant, a processor connected in operation with said receiver for converting said desired physiological response of the plant to said control instructions, and a transmitter 7 connected in operation with said processor, for transmitting said control instructions to said at least one lighting system 4, 5, wherein said desired physiological response of the plant is defined as a predetermined point in the multidimensional crop propagation space. In addition, the invention relates to crop production system, a sensor and a method for converting a desired physiological response of a plant to control instructions for at least one lighting system.EFFECT: invention will provide the ability to control lighting and an alternative lighting method for use in crop production.14 cl, 15 dwg

Installation for automatic watering of plants // 2640958
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: unit for automatic watering of plants includes a dosing tank, an adjustment device with a water outlet of the outlet branch and a drain hole and a network of pipelines. The shut-off organ is made in the form of a float regulator and is located on a discharge branch pipe. The float regulator is made in the form of a float and is attached to a two-arm lever. On the body of the branch pipe, there is a clamp. A bracket with a double-armed lever with an axis of rotation is rigidly attached to the yoke. The two-arm lever is L-shaped. To the lower end of the two-arm lever is attached a locking body in the form of a plug. Cork is made in the form of a hemisphere of durable wear-resistant rubber. The upper end of the double-armed lever is connected to an adjustable load-counterweight with the possibility of changing the force moment with an adjustable spring. The rotation of the double-armed lever with the locking body is limited by the bracket.EFFECT: regulation of the automated irrigation process after a specified time, increases the reliability of installation in operation.2 cl, 2 dwg
Incapulated fertiliser particle containing pesticide // 2640885
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: encapsulated particle contains: a crust particle containing a fertiliser; a transferred pesticide with vapour pressure of at least 3 mPa at 25°C and located near the indicated crust particle; and a polyurethane layer located near the said transferred pesticide, wherein the said polyurethane layer comprises a reaction product of isocyanate and polyol, and wherein the reaction mixture of the said polyurethane layer has a maximum reaction mixture temperature of not more than 30°C during formation of the said polyurethane layer.EFFECT: pesticide effectiveness is increased.24 cl, 2 tbl
Herbicidal agent containing aclonifen // 2640877
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: herbicidal agent with an effective content of aclonifen, pendimethalin and picolinafen.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the weed control.10 cl, 1 tbl
Application of method of noninvasive light pulsed therapy for photostimulation of plants and microorganisms // 2640851
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: application consists of irradiation with pulses of light of duration 5×10-3 to 10-10 s, in the particular case, in the ultraviolet range of wavelengths of 305-405 nm. Wherein at the same time, irradiation in the red and infrared spectrum ranges is carried out, the irradiance ratio in the three spectral regions being 97:1.5:1.5. The irradiation pulse sequence frequency is set to not more than 1 Hz, the irradiation is carried out with the possibility of changing the radiation intensity from 1 to 100 W/cm2, in the spectral range of wavelengths of high-altitude solar radiation of 300-1500 nm.EFFECT: application makes it possible to increase resistance to diseases.4 cl
Working tool // 2640850
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: working tool has a working member and an internal combustion engine that drives the working member. The internal combustion engine has a rotatable crankshaft. The working tool has an excess fuel device for the internal combustion engine, which comprises a mode selection switch operated by the user. The excess fuel device has the operating position and at least one start position. The working tool has a return device switching the excess fuel device from the start position to the operating position, if the crankshaft rotation speed exceeds the return frequency. The return device blocks switching the excess fuel device to the start position at a rotation speed higher than the return frequency.EFFECT: simplicity of the working tool design, excluding errors in control.11 cl, 10 dwg
Work tool // 2640842
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: work tool with a drive motor for driving at least one working element and with a control device for the motor that comprises a user-operated control element. The control element is movably placed in the housing and is made movable in the direction (57, 70) from the zero position (74) to the maximum position (75). Between the zero position (74) and the maximum position (75), an intermediate stop (55) operates, the position of which is adjusted by the positioning element (17). After reaching the intermediate stop (55), it is possible to further act on the control element up to the maximum position (75), with increasing control force (F) to further actuate the control element while reaching the intermediate stop (55). After the intermediate stop (55) has been overcome, when acting on the control element, the control force (F) decreases again in the action direction (57, 70).EFFECT: invention makes it possible to create a work tool on which it is possible to work without fatigue also at high rotation speeds and which facilitates operation at various reduced speeds.19 cl, 21 dwg

Improved method for priming seeds // 2640840
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for priming seeds is proposed, including the stages of providing dry seed for priming, immersing said seeds in an aqueous solution and removing the seeds from the aqueous solution after saturating the seed with water, reducing the water content in the seed by 1 to 10 wt %, and also, after reducing the water content in the seed , incubating the seed in atmosphere having a relative humidity of at least 95%, but less than 100%. The immersion time is at least equal to the time necessary for the seed to enter II phase of germination, but shorter than the time required for seed to enter III phase of germination.EFFECT: preventing seed germination during priming.14 cl, 1 dwg, 2 tbl, 1 ex

Fodder dispenser // 2640830
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: fodder dispenser comprises a frame (1) with a running gear and a hopper (2) in the form of a horizontal rotating drum with fodder dosing and unloading devices. On the side surface of the hopper, a loading window is made, overlapped by a shutter in the form of a cover (6), looped around the drum. The cover is connected to two rims (7) and a carrier for opening and closing the window. The drum rotation drive is made by means of a link (9) connecting the motor shaft (11) to the shutter rim. The carrier is fixed to the cover near its edge with the possibility of interaction with the edges of the loading window of the hopper.EFFECT: increased reliability of the distributor operation.4 dwg