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System of integrity control // 2614158
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of railway automatic systems and telemechanics. The system contains the installed on the locomotive and the tail car kits, which include on-board equipment unit, a microcontroller with an integrated transceiver module, an onboard receiver coil and a receiver board. The station has traveling loops, each of them has a track generator, a microcontroller with an integrated transceiver module and wired interface. Wherein, all wired interfaces are associated with the central unit train traffic control station equipment via a wired link.EFFECT: invention provides a simplification of equipment integrity control structure, improving its reliability and control of the reliability.1 dwg

Three-car vehicle design and medium truck of v.v. bodrov // 2613922
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: three-car vehicle includes the capacity for transportation of materials, two swivel and average cross moveable carts, as well as support by the average truck. Medium trolley support comprises a longitudinal beam to the node connections to the upper base plate. To both side surfaces of the longitudinal beam symmetrically about its center rigidly secured by two or four lugs depending upon the number of pairs of side frames to the middle cart. Lugs are articulated by means of pairs of hinged rods, spring-loaded with the efforts to increase the angle between the cranks in each pair, lugged the average truck. Average trolley includes an upper support plate with the docking unit with a longitudinal beam, the lower support plate is rigidly connected to bolster or biaxial four-beam connecting trolleys. Opposing side bogie frame rigidly connected to the horizontal frame having on each side two lugs on the frame.EFFECT: increased efficiency in the medium truck vehicles of various types.3 cl, 6 dwg
High-speed carriage for locomotive underframe // 2613642
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: high-speed carriage for locomotive underframe is designed as a biaxial carriage consisting of two articulated single-axle carriages. Single-axle carriage includes the first, second and third stages of spring suspension. The spring suspension first stage consists of two composite single-leaf spring. The spring suspension second stage consists of elastic longitudinal traction, returning device and hydraulic dampers. The spring suspension third stage is made by two air spring diaphragm type springs or by means of a system consisting of two main springs, hydraulic damper, auxiliary spring and rubber block.EFFECT: increased locomotive underframe speed.3 dwg
ethod of non-stop running of pneumatic transport trains // 2613638
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of pipeline transport, in particular, to pneumatic transport of passengers in trains along a transport pipeline. Passenger train cars move along the transport pipeline due to air pressure difference. Braking of train cars in the pipeline occurs to the speed exceeding speed of motion in open station areas. Upon exit from the pipeline, cars are moved via the open station areas by means of drives. Upon exit of the pipeline, doors of each non-stop moving cylindrical car of trains alternately rotate around the horizontal axis by motion along round guides at end walls of the car for opening to start on and off boarding and upon entrance into the pipeline, for closing after the end of passengers boarding on and off.EFFECT: invention provides for safe passenger boarding on and off train cars and increased throughput passenger capacity in a system of pipeline passenger pneumatic transport.3 dwg
Device for unceasing movement of trains of passenger pneumatic transport // 2613636
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device reffers to the field of pipeline transport, namely the pneumatic passengers' transport in a transfer line trains. The device comprises a transfer line, connected to an open station sites to getting on/off the passengers. The station areas are equipped with sidewalks with the ability to promote, along with trains at a speed of pedestrians. Moving sidewalks are installed on the rotating platform. The ends of the sidewalks are provided with elastic straps. Moving train wagons are fitted with elastic straps to engage with works of sidewalks and turning around their axes platforms due to the friction forces in the interaction with the elastic straps.EFFECT: pipeline transport with increased reliability and throughput of passengers in the pipeline system of pneumatic passenger.4 dwg

Roller bearing // 2613549
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: bearing comprises rollers, external and internal rings with toroidal races. Axis of symmetry of race profile is located relatively to plane of symmetry of the bearing at a contact angle close to angle of action on the bearing of the resulting load. The races have round profile with radius , and diameters of sides of the external rings are determined from the ratio Db≥Dd⋅(1-α⋅Δt), where R is radius of profile of races, mm; Ld is length of work part of races, mm; β is angle of inclination of the axis of symmetry of the races profile relatively to plane of symmetry of the bearing, rad.; Db is diameter of side of the bearing, mm; Dd is diameter of races of the external ring, mm; α is coefficient of linear expansion of the external ring material, 10-6/°C; Δt is permitted heating temperature of the external ring.EFFECT: increased load capacity of the bearing, reliable operation of the bearing, decreased overall dimensions of the bearing, and simplified design.1 dwg, 1 ex

Vehicle electric traction drive // 2613363
FIELD: physics, instrument-making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle electric traction drives. A vehicle electric traction drive comprises dc traction motors, connected to the output of a voltage converter. The exciting coil of the electric motors is connected in parallel to an exciting current controller made in form of series-connected capacitor and resistor. The voltage converter consists of two rectifiers, inputs of which are connected to separate generators, mechanically coupled with thermal engines. Control inputs of the thermal engines, for controlling excitation of generators and the control circuit of the contactor of the exciting current controller are connected to corresponding outputs of the controller. Armature windings and exciting coils of the electric motors are respectively connected in series. The lead of the armature winding of the first electric motor is connected to the positive terminal of the first rectifier. The lead of the exciting coil of the second electric motor is connected to the negative terminal of the second rectifier. The negative terminal of the first rectifier is connected to the positive terminal of the second rectifier. The lead of the armature winding of the second electric motor is connected to the lead of the exciting coil of the first electric motor.EFFECT: invention improves efficiency of the electric traction drive.1 dwg

System and method for controlling operational characteristics of railway carriage // 2613188
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device comprises: the housing with the possibility of mounting on a railway carriage; the temperature sensor; the electrical circuit within the housing; the power source electrically connected to the electric circuit to ensure its power supply, disposed in said housing; the probe located outside the housing. The probe comprises said temperature sensor and a magnet to attract the railway car part by means of the magnetic field; the communication device within said housing for transmitting the information about the measured temperature. Wherein the control of the measuring device power consumption is performed due to switching to the standby mode and the periodic activation of the measuring device for collecting the data received from the temperature sensor, and transmitting the information about the measured temperature by means of the communication scheme.EFFECT: improved effectiveness of the carriage operational characteristics monitoring.32 cl, 9 dwg, 1 tbl

Remote control device for ballastless tracks state // 2613126
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device comprises the sensory optical cable of displacement fixation and the sensory optical cable for temperature fixation, located under each rail in two layers and configured to enable their connection to the measurement instrumentation. The first layer of the sensory optical cable for displacement fixation and the sensory optical cable for temperature fixation is located under the reinforced subgrade layer, the second layer - in the lower part of the rubble, sand and gravel mixture. Each layer of the sensory optical cable for displacement fixation is mechanically connected with the ground via the clamps.EFFECT: increase of reliability of the ballastless railway track control.2 cl, 2 dwg

Railway vehicles center plate // 2613113
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: railway vehicles center plate comprises a support surface, an abutment surface, a hole for a pin and a mounting surface. Two opposite bevels are formed symmetrically relating to the longitudinal center plate central axis at the edge of the support surface.EFFECT: reduced center plate or center plate place bearing surface wear.2 dwg

Car bogie brake shoe suspension roller attachment assembly // 2613095
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport, namely, to devices intended to protect car bogie brake shoe suspension roll against falling out. Car bogie brake shoe suspension roll attachment assembly comprises retainer in form of bogie frame arranged on roll between bracket end and washer and lock suspension inner end surface. Washer is made in form of U-shaped connection clip, wherein in its walls in planes parallel to their upper edges opening and outward open slit in one of them and slot in other are made. Lock is made in form of fork of two branches, which end sections grips are separated into opposite to each other sides. One of lock branches is located in wall connection clip hole, other is in open slit, and separated grips are in connection clip other wall slot on its outer side.EFFECT: enabling decreased amount of metal during attachment assembly production, reduced labor input during its manufacturing and higher reliability in operation.1 cl, 4 dwg

Tank car for hardening products // 2612299
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to reservoir trucks for hardening products transportation and can be used in tank containers and stationary reservoirs. Reservoir truck for hardening products contains connected with frame (6) boiler (1), equipped with reheating system in form of jacket (2), covering at least part of boiler bottom surface, with product filling and discharge devices. In reheating jacket continuity interruption zones from boiler shell inner side channels (10) are installed with possibility of heat carrier movement along them.EFFECT: invention increases reheating jacket efficiency.1 cl, 5 dwg

Vibration security device for railway rolling train // 2612227
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises two hollow cylinders mounted horizontally and symmetrically with a vertical axis. The adjustable screw stops transmit impact on the guide rods by means of springs. The ends of the screw stoppers are pivotally secured to the frame body or bogie of rolling train. An average power unit is designed as a connection of rods, which are rigidly connected to the axle box truck or adjusting rod in the form of "dovetail".EFFECT: increased smoothness of motion and extension of damping range.2 dwg

Passenger railway vehicle // 2612091
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. Passenger railway vehicle (1) with four different levels of boarding comprises swinging footboard (4) for first, lowest level of boarding, retractable footboard (3) for second level of boarding located above first one, ladder (13) for third level of boarding and folding ramp (2) for fourth, highest level of boarding. Folding ramp (2) includes two footboard plates arranged vertically in initial position in passenger railway vehicle (1) boarding area, and in working position overlapping gap between passenger cabin and platform.EFFECT: invention increases comfort for passengers.4 cl, 12 dwg
Tank car for hardening products // 2612079
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. Reservoir truck for hardening products contains platform (2) with connected to it boiler (1) including heating device in form of shell, enveloping boiler housing or its part and together with boiler walls forming cavity with circulating heat carrier, discharge and filling devices with nozzles heating chamber for installation of filling and discharge valves connected with heating device via channels. Discharge pipe is equipped with heating chamber, made in form of jacket enveloping it with clearance. Jacket lower part is connected with boiler heating device, and upper part is connected with nozzles heating chamber.EFFECT: invention reduces transported product heating time and, consequently, total car downtime under unloading.4 cl, 3 dwg

Centralised system for monitoring vocal frequency rail circuits for high-speed movement // 2612053
FIELD: physics, communications.SUBSTANCE: system relates to railway automation and telemechanics, for controlling high-speed movement of trains on sections of railway lines. The centralized system for monitoring vocal frequency rail circuits for high-speed movement comprises electrical centralised control towers, which include main code signal receivers, a switching unit, main transmitters, backup transmitters, additional backup transmitters, a tower control unit, an interface unit, a unit for controlling train movement via a digital communication radio link. The electrical centralised control tower is connected to a cable network, filled with interfacing devices, controlled unit of sections with intermediate light signals.EFFECT: high reliability of providing given throughput of a section of high-speed movement in conditions of short-term breakdown of a digital communication radio link.1 dwg

Adjustable magnetic suspension of vehicles with lifting force correction // 2611858
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to magnetic suspensions or levitation devices for vehicles. A magnetic suspension of the vehicle for the overpass with a ferromagnetic rail contains permanent magnets and electromagnets installed with the possibility to be drawn to the ferromagnetic rail. The permanent magnets are installed to control the gravitation force to the ferromagnetic rail by changing the position of the permanent magnets against the suspension. The magnetic suspension control system contains a control unit of the permanent magnets and a control unit of the electromagnets. The control unit of the permanent magnets contains a module determining the load of the permanent magnets and the control module of the permanent magnets. The control unit of the electromagnets contains a module detecting fluctuation and a control module of the electromagnet. The vehicle is designed to move on the overpass with the ferromagnetic rail and contains a magnetic suspension and a control system of the magnetic suspension.EFFECT: invention improves the correction efficiency of the magnet lifting force.15 cl 3 dwg

ine monorail // 2611660
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mine monorail is comprised of rail segements attached to the suspensions of the lining excavation, each of which includes a plate with holes and bolts in such holes; on top the system is connected to the bolting excavation by means of inserts made of pliable material, while the bottom is connected to a segment of the monorail . The suspension comes with a metal plate placed on the part of the lining on the surface of the insert provided with thickness limiter compression insert placed between the metal sheet and the plate, and the section of each bolt under the plate, has at least one pair of disc springs placed inside the grummet in contact with its inner surface. Belleville springs are installed with the stiffness coefficient determined by means of a mathematical relationship.EFFECT: reduced dynamic loads on the supports of them and increased stability of the mine.3 cl, 4 dwg

Spring parking brake with brake repeated setting mechanism with ball screw // 2611478
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to railway transport. Parking brake comprises air cylinder, piston, spring, manual control wheel, inlet hole for air pressure application for piston movement to second wall with action against spring, brake repeated setting manual mechanism, spindle and pusher. Cylinder comprises cylindrical wall and first wall opposite to second wall. Spring passes between piston and second wall for piston displacement to first wall at cylinder depressurization. During operation spindle is connected with manual control wheel for brake repeated setting manual mechanism movement. Pusher is connected with brake repeated setting manual mechanism. According to second version, brake repeated setting manual mechanism comprises threaded shaft, having first end connected to spindle first end with possibility of sliding, and second end connected with pusher, and ball nut made with possibility of rotation in engagement with threaded rod.EFFECT: enabling higher efficiency of parking brake operation.18 cl, 7 dwg

Spindle conveyor and parts processing plant with such // 2611477
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: in spindle conveyor for processed parts transportation, for example, automotive wheel discs (14), there is system (10) of guides, which includes bearing guide (18), at which several transport trolleys (34) are moving, each of which includes running gear (32) and for processed parts (14) carrying device (42), which is simultaneously moved by running gear (32). Each processed part (34) is transferable by two spindles (54a, 54b) for processed parts, which are included into carrying device (42). Two spindles for processed parts (56) in form of assembly are installed with possibility to turn relative to running gear (32) around vertical axis (52) of rotation and may receive first and second angular positions.EFFECT: enabling possibility to create buffer zones, in which same number of processed parts can be arranged along guide on smaller area or more processed parts with same area.12 cl, 7 dwg

Integrated system of fire safety and information warning about fire in electric train cars and depot supervisor notification when train is in layover // 2611476
FIELD: communication; transportation.SUBSTANCE: system comprises train communication line, locomotive driver unit, cars units, fire detectors, car doors and loudspeaker limit switches. At that, every locomotive driver and car unit is made in sealed housing, locomotive driver unit includes power supply unit, random-access memory and processor providing for exchange via communication line and generating information messages, and car unit is electronic microprocessor device installed in each electric train car and performing fire detectors communication lines power supply, measurement of current in communication line and on locomotive driver unit request generating code parcel, containing information on its operability and connected circuits state, wherein each car unit polling by locomotive driver unit is performed via dedicated communication line. At that, locomotive driver unit is connected with train radio station through matching device and in case of fire hazardous situation signals supplies electric power to radio station via two pairs of relay contacts and generates radio station control signals.EFFECT: higher efficiency of fire alarm operation.12 cl, 1 dwg

Controlled light-emitting diode traffic light // 2611475
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a controlled light-emitting diode traffic light. Controlled light-emitting diode traffic light has a light-emitting diode matrix, consisting of N series-connected light-emitting diodes. Matrix is connected through front signal relay contact with current source. Also traffic light comprises field-effect transistor, pulse generator, rear contact of signal relay, standard dynamic element and control relay. Control relay is connected to output of standard dynamic element. Gate of field-effect transistor through rear contact of signal relay is connected to output of pulse generator. Source of field-effect transistor is connected to light-emitting diode matrix and with common leads of pulse generator and standard dynamic element.EFFECT: higher reliability of traffic light.1 cl, 1 dwg
Electromagnetic wagon retarder // 2611474
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: when the wheel (16) enters the coverage area of electromagnetic wagon retarder, motion sensor 9 is triggered and signals are sent from its first and second terminals (8) and (10) to the inputs (7) and (11), activating the power supply (6) and auxiliary power supply (12). The latter supplies power to the magnetic bias field winding (14), creating the constant-direction magnetic flux, which passes over the wheel (16) and magnetizes the latter. Power supply (6) supplies the power to electrical windings (3), which create a traveling magnetic field, and its direction is opposite to the direction of wagon movement. The interaction between traveling magnetic field of electrical windings (3) and magnetized wheel (16) creates a braking force of the wheels (16).EFFECT: using forces caused by interaction of the traveling magnetic field of electrical windings with magnetized wheel allows to avoid mechanical contact with retarder stationary parts at the wheel deceleration, resulting in an increase in the service life of the electromagnetic wagon retarder.2 dwg

Device for railway overhead system elements protection from exposure of self-consistent locomotive power equipment air-out fume // 2611448
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to air-out devices of a diesel locomotive with an internal combustion engine or gas turbine. Device for railway overhead system elements protection from exposure of self-consistent locomotive power equipment exhaust fume consists of two guide plates groups disposed symmetrically about the longitudinal axis of the device symmetry. The guide plates are connected by the reinforcement ribs forming a honeycomb frame. The frame is rigidly connected to supports for the attachment of the device above the discharge outlet on locomotive body roof. Wherein one of the groups has guide plates inclined leftward from the longitudinal axis of the device symmetry at an angle of 25 to 70 degrees, and another group has guide plates inclined rightward from the longitudinal axis of the device symmetry at an angle of 25 to 70 degrees.EFFECT: device improving the efficiency of reducing the thermal and dynamic exhaust gases effects to the electrified lines contact network.3 cl, 4 dwg

System of automatic braking of rolling stock according to data of high precision system of coordinates // 2611445
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of railway automatics and telemechanics, to control train motion. A system comprises the following components installed in a train control cabin: a unit of coordinates correction, a connecting CAN interface, a system of automatic train operation, a receiver of floor sensor signals, a locomotive complex, including a braking control module and an electronic memory card. Besides, the unit of coordinates correction comprises a receiver of a satellite navigation system, a unit of preliminary processing of current coordinate, a unit of inertial navigation sensors, a calculation unit, a unit of high precision map storage and an on-board modem. Along the rail track there is a network of base stations of the satellite navigation system with a signal processing center, comprising a communication server, to which base stations of the satellite navigation system, the differential correction calculation unit and the stationary radio modem are connected.EFFECT: increased accuracy of rolling stock positioning and braking.1 dwg

N-digit traffic lights // 2611052
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the regulatory or warning devices positioned along the route of the locomotives or trains, namely, the traffic lights regulating the movement of the trains. According to the invention, M multi-colour LEDs are inserted into the N-digit traffic light, the device inputs are the control inputs and the common input. Each control input is connected to the M anodes of the multi-colour LEDs of the same colour, the common input is connected to the M cathodes of the multi-colour LEDs. Light indication is determined by the result of mixing K colours of the switched-on LEDs that make up the multi-colour LEDs.EFFECT: design of the traffic light is simplified, and the quantity of its signal indications is increased.1 dwg

Air conditioning system of railroad cars (versions) // 2610923
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: air conditioning system contains the input return air duct (1), the inlet duct (2) for the outside air, connected to the chamber (3), mixing outside and return air. Over the mixing chamber (3) there are consequently arranged the main duct (4), which includes the fixed evaporation unit (5) and the supply air fan (6). Supply air fan is installed after the evaporation unit and the output discharge duct (7), feeding the treated air into the cabin. The system is provided with a block (8) of the ultraviolet air treatment (UAT), in which the UV light source - amalgamate lamps (13), which is preferably U-shaped. The block (8) is mounted in one or several of the following locations: before the mixing chamber in the inlet return air duct, and / or in the mixing chamber, and / or after mixing chamber before evaporation unit, and / or after the evaporation unit before the supply fan, and / or after the supply fan in the outlet discharge duct, wherein in the air duct body of the window unit for the air input and / or output can be covered with a protective grating, which is coated with titanium dioxide, absorbs UV radiation. The inner surface of the block (8) can be coated with absorbing ultraviolet radiation substance, or a coating reflecting ultraviolet light.EFFECT: increase of the air disinfection efficiency, while extending the shelf life and service life of the system, people protection from UV radiation, reduce of the system sizes and simplification of its installation and maintenance.30 cl, 10 dwg

System of transmission mechanism in rail transport facility // 2610910
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transmission mechanisms, and may be used in rail transport facility. The system of transmission mechanism of a rail transport facility with at least one pair of helical gears includes a driving gear and a driven wheel in a meshing spur gears, which are mounted in the gear casing via cylindrical roller bearings. At least one of the spur gears has at least one thrust shoulder with correlated contact area for trapping the axial forces. Each thrust shoulder is formed substantially as a thrust washer with a correlated contact area in a circumferential area of abutment washer, wherein at least a circumferential area of the thrust washer regardless of rotational motion, at least portions of the lubricant are supplied.EFFECT: invention provides catching of occurring axial forces and sufficient supply of lubricant.12 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of closing railway crossings // 2610903
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: parameters, obtained in the method of the analog track circuit comprising reading voltage U and current I at the feed end of the rail line; the reference parameters of the delay time of closing the move are determined, based on the processing of the primary parameters; store in memory of mentioned reference parameters; determine the change in the parameters of the selected control area, which is carried out for the selection of characteristic features, describing the state of the rail line; determine the position, direction and speed of the rolling stock. Then the secondary parameters containing data is formed on the calculated actual speed and direction of the rolling stock on the control section of the rail line; the comparison of the secondary parameters with reference parameters for the selected area are carried out. And on the basis of comparison, the value of the coordinates of the closure of the move, and on the basis of the received coordinates of the activation automatic means crossing signaling is carried out.EFFECT: improving of the accuracy of determining the time of the train approaching the crossing.6 cl, 3 dwg
Automated transport carriage // 2610896
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to timber logging, in particular, to perform handling operations related to transportation of cut timber on water surface. Transport carriage comprises a traction sheave and an autonomous engine to move along a carrying cable and a system of bearing pulleys. The system of bearing pulleys is equipped with a controlled central bearing pulley, which may extend upwards by a worm electric mechanism, thus varying tension of the carrying cable in automated mode for optimal cable tension. The transport carriage includes sensors, which serve as control and prevent loosening of the carrying cable as it passes through the mobile elements of the cable carriage, and the signals from the control sensors arrive to the system of bearing pulleys, vertical position of which changes due to use of automatic electric mechanisms that receive commands from control sensors and perform function of tension or loosening of the carrying cable. Operation of this unit is accompanied by periodical variation of carrying cable tension due to vibration processes caused by wind action and mobility of water surface, where timber is placed, being held and moved with the help of the transport carriage.EFFECT: invention provides for emergency-free operation in process of movement of a transport carriage along a carrying cable located above water surface.3 cl, 5 dwg

Body lateral support at bogie // 2610892
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lateral support of the car body on the bogie comprises an upper portion, including a wear strip, mounted on the car body, and a lower portion of the side support, mounted on car bogie bolster. The lower part of the support includes a housing, formed from at least two conical tubes, the space between them is filled with an elastic element in the form of an elastomeric material and mounted on the lateral support base. The base side support includes a base plate fixed to the bolster truck, and a conical guide coupled to the base plate, on which the housing is installed. On top of the housing there is a cap, mounted on the edges of the disc of self-lubricating material for direct contact with the wear strip. On top of a conical the guide disc of self-lubricating material is installed. Between the upper edge of the disk fixed to the conical lower surface and the guide cap housing formed gap.EFFECT: simplification of the support structure.3 dwg

ethod of forming protective layer of railway transport body // 2610842
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of protective coatings, including heat insulation and noise-isolation, for vehicles. Method of formation of protective layer of body includes cleaning of surface, application to vehicle body of priming coating layer, to which noise-attenuating coating is applied. At least one heat-insulation layer is formed by applying heat insulating mastic in liquid state, made of composition containing polymer binder and hollow microspheres, wherein heat insulation layer has heat conductivity of no more than 0.003 W/m °C, density in range of 350–400 kg/m3. Heat insulation layer is formed of process layers, in amount from one to five. Each process layer has thickness of no more than 1,500 mcm and is formed by application of auxiliary layers in amount of no more than five. After application of each auxiliary layer it is dried and layer thickness is controlled.EFFECT: invention improves technological effectiveness.3 cl, 5 dwg

Ski lift transporting device // 2610839
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ski lift transporting device and to ski lift unit, equipped with this transporting device. Transporting device contains safety hand-rail (15), made with possibility to receive lowered position, thus determining closed space to prevent falling of passenger and raised position, in which safety hand-rail (15) releases space before transporting device for passengers debarkation and boarding, and safety handrail (15) blocking device in lowered position. At that, locking device consists of retainer (20), said retainer has one first end (22), having thrust surface (24) and locking surface (25), limiting first slot (30), intended to entering of safety handrail part into it and second end (23) for engagement with locking element, made with possibility to fix retainer (20) second end (23), when safety handrail (15) is in lowered position. Ski lift unit contains mentioned transporting device, ski lift cabin.EFFECT: result is enabling safety handrails locking device simplicity and ease of its adaptation to already existing transporting devices.13 cl, 4 dwg

Protective canopy of passenger seat // 2610786
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to passenger transport and to public transport equipped with individual passenger seats. Protective canopy of a passenger seat comprises a sliding fabric screen placed onto a seat. The screen is placed with the help of trim strips so that straight trim strips are stiffly fixed to sides of the seat. A rectangular trim strip is attached to the head of the back as spring-loaded at the top in the place of fixation. Besides, fabric folds of the screen are connected to trim strips with the help of movable rings so that elbows remain inside them. Each fabric fold is fixed with edges of the back.EFFECT: protective canopy increasing passenger safety by prevention of his or her fallout from the chair and prevention against bruises in case of severe brake application, skidding or tilting of a vehicle, possibility of privacy.3 dwg

Wagon air conditioning system // 2610753
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: wagon air conditioning system comprises a ventilation unit (1) with an air heater (2), an outer air channel (3), injection (4) and recirculation (5) channels. Inside the wagon there are feeding channels of two levels connected to the injection (4) channel, a ceiling (8) and a floor (9) channels of plenum air, connected to feeding channels. At the sides of entrance doors (10) there are vertical channels of plenum air connected to the floor channel (9) of plenum air. Control gates are installed in the feeding channels. Outside the wagon body there are deflectors (14) installed, and inside the body - exhaust holes. Feeding channels are placed between the roof and the ceiling of the wagon, and in the ceiling there is a hole connected via the intermediate chamber with the ceiling channel. Feeding channels are connected to the injection channel with a splitter, upstream which a fire damper is installed in the injection channel. The injection channel is equipped with an air decontamination device.EFFECT: high air exchange rate.3 cl, 5 dwg

Lining of vehicle ventilation and heating system // 2610752
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: lining of a vehicle ventilation and heating system comprises a lining panel (1) of a lateral wall (2) of a vehicle, at least one sheet cover (3) in the form of a shaped panel fixed at least on one frame element (4). The lining panel (1) is made of the upper part (5) and the lower part (6), fixed on the floor (7) and lateral wall (2). The frame element (4) and the sheet cover (3) are fixed on the lower part (6) of the lining panel (1) by their upper and lower ends. The upper part (8) of the sheet cover (3) adjoins the lower edge (9) of the upper part (5) of the lining panel (1).EFFECT: invention simplifies design of lining of a car ventilation and heating system, increases convenience of passengers and service personnel.4 cl, 4 dwg
ethod to record rolling stock wheelset travel through track section // 2610733
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of railway automatics and telemechanics, to record wheel travel. In the method they register variation of output voltages at the outlet of inductive sensors in real time, convert this data relative to distance in the form of voltage functions U1=f1(l), U2=f2(l), … Un=fn(l), then compare this data with a set of identical functions, which were previously entered into the memory of the controller during imitation of passage of the specific flanges of the wheel at some fixed distances from the surface and from the longitudinal axis of symmetry of the wheel travel registration sensor. Besides, using the produced functions, they establish the fact of travel of the wheel flange above inductive sensors and its diameter.EFFECT: due to the invention, reliability of recorded wheel travel through a track section increases.6 cl, 1 dwg
Built-in car bogie brake and brake shoe wear compensator for use with built-in car bogie brake // 2609846
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles. Bogie brake comprises brake beam, brake cylinder, brake shoes wear compensators, levers and holders of brake shoes and has suspended links for its placement under car truck. Bogie brake comprises only one separate braking beam and brake shoes wear compensators are aligned with wheels (15) of car bogie.EFFECT: decreased weight, simplified design and improved characteristics of braking device in brake systems of bogies are provided.8 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of current maintenance of curved section of track in plan and track for its realization // 2609612
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of current maintenance of a curved track section in plan includes sand filling onto an external rail length, at the same time sand filling is provided to the rail length of the track arranged with a shift in the areas of interaction of the wheel-rail system elements along rail rolling surface away from the center of the curve by means of change in external rail canting. To realize the method, a rail track is proposed, which comprises a curved section of the track in plan with sand filling to the external rail length, which is arranged with a shift in the areas of interaction of the wheel-rail system elements along rail rolling surface away from the center of the curve by means of change in external rail canting.EFFECT: reduced wear of a track.2 cl, 1 dwg

Car with opening roof by v.v. bodrov // 2609557
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: car with an opening roof comprises a body with end (1) and side walls, two half-roofs from polymer resistant to all types of atmospheric impact. Each half-roof comprises two sections with the help of independent rotation. Each section includes two T-shaped stands (2), hingedly fixed outside the end walls and equipped with mechanisms of balancing and inclination, cables (16), pulled between T-shaped stands, a cover (17), fixed on the cables, and an arc hingedly connected to T-shaped stands. The cover is made of solid thin-sheet structural polymer. Axes of arc hinged joints are parallel to the longitudinal axis of the car, ends of the arc are rigidly connected to counterweights under axes.EFFECT: invention simplifies manufacturing and service.2 cl, 6 dwg

onorail system // 2609552
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: monorail system consists of a supporting and guiding line and a train. The supporting and guiding rail line is a triple pipe structure symmetrical in transverse direction with lower thick-walled large diameter pipe that support the train, the wheels of which are made in the form of hyperboloid rollers. The guides for upper level hyperboloidal rollers of the train are mounted on a horseshoe-shaped rod system, ended by pipes at the top of the horseshoe and rigidly connected in the bottom of the horseshoe to the support pipe of the train. Hyperboloidal rollers, at least of the upper level are hollow, filled with compressed air and have the system of holes on the working surface.EFFECT: simplified monorail system design and improved safety of its operation.2 dwg

Auto-oscillation suppressor of freight car truck wagging - antiwheel by v.v. bodrov // 2609509
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the rail vehicle, in particular to the auto-oscillation suppressors of the freight car truck wagging. An auto-oscillation suppressor of the freight car truck wagging includes a rigid horizontal frame and means of the wagging suppression. Means of the wagging suppression contain a double-arm lever and two identical pneumo-amortisseurs with the possibility of air pumping into their rodless cavities with adjustable leaking. The horizontal suppressor frame is fixed to the lateral frames of the truck. The short arm of the double-arm lever is a part of the rocker engagement with the center sill of the car. Two pneumoclamps, the most extended rods of which are directed in a straight way from the both sides of the center cill, are rigidly fixed on the horizontal frame. The rodless cavities of the pneumo-amortisseurs are interconnected and with the cylinders of the pneumoclamps.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the auto-oscillation suppressor is achieved.4 dwg
Railway vehicle brake shoe // 2608994
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles. Braking shoe comprises recess on working surface, made in form of rotation surface part, not coaxial to shoe back surface, made in form of rotation surface part and containing projections in central and side parts. Distance between shoe back surface axis of rotation and shoe working surface axis of rotation is selected from relationship: L=0.9÷1.1A, where L is distance between shoe back surface and shoe working surface axes of rotation, A is shoe back surface width.EFFECT: enabling improvement in shoe operating characteristics due to provision of shoe overall dimensions balance during operation.1 cl, 2 dwg

Diagnostic technique for railway vehicles // 2608992
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation and telemetry systems for rail vehicles diagnostics. System comprises at least one control center, mounted on at least one railway vehicle at least one measuring device for recording of measured values of at least one measured parameter and at least one transmitter to transmit measured values from railway vehicle to control center, wherein said control center comprises at least one receiver to transmit measured values from rail vehicle to control center and at least one controller for evaluation of measured values by means of predetermined algorithm. At that, controller is made with possibility to assess measured values of railway vehicle by means of predetermined algorithm in direct relationship to additional measured values, which are recorded independent from railway vehicle.EFFECT: enabling increased accuracy of maintenance prediction.10 cl, 3 dwg

Railway vehicle brake shoe // 2608898
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles. Braking shoe comprises two flat end surfaces, flat side surface, other side surface, part of which is made flat, and other part is made in form of torus surface section, as well as back and working surfaces. Containing recess working surface is made in form of rotation surface part, not coaxial to shoe back surface, made in form of rotation surface part and containing projections in central and side parts. Working surface axis of rotation is coaxial to axis of rotation of shoe side surface flat part mating arc interfacing with its part, made in form of torus surface part.EFFECT: enabling improvement in shoe operating characteristics due to provision of shoe overall dimensions balance during operation.1 cl, 1 dwg

System and method for early detection of train // 2608789
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: technical solution relates to railway automation and telemechanics. System for implementation of method for early detection of moving train, comprises sensor modules with fixture on rail for detection of first signal caused by running train, sensor module is divided by electromagnetic screen into first chamber and second chamber, wherein first chamber has piezoelectric element fixed on external wall, and first element output signal amplifier. At that, electromagnetic screen contains one or more input devices designed to transmit said output signal from first chamber into second.EFFECT: higher traffic safety on railway transport.15 cl, 4 dwg

Location of vehicle // 2608783
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation and telemechanics. Device implementing method of railway vehicle location determining, includes waveguide laid along rail track, pulse generation device for generation and successive introduction of electromagnetic pulses into waveguide, back scattering electromagnetic samples detecting device generated due to back scattering induced by vehicle, back scattering sample evaluation device. At that, waveguide along rail track has at least one section of location detection, on which waveguide vibrations sensitivity and/or vibration impacting on waveguide, is more or less, than outside location section, and evaluation device is made so, that it performs location of rail vehicle, at least, also with account of back scattering sample amplitude.EFFECT: higher reliability and accuracy of location determining.22 cl, 11 dwg

System for remote monitoring of car conditions // 2608206
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. System includes a power supply source, server, control-adjustment system and car-set structurally divided into a central unit, control sensor unit and two units of loading sensors. Central unit comprises a geolocation module and a cellular communication module, and its microcontroller is made with a possibility of processing and storing information from sensors, as well as receiving said information via radio channel. Control sensor unit contains an integrity sensor of the controlled equipment of the car with the microcontroller, configured to obtain information from said sensor and to transmit thereof via radio channel to the server. Loading sensor unit comprises a radio antenna, a memory unit, deflection and acceleration sensors of a bolster, real-time clock, wherein it is configured based on the microcontroller with a possibility of obtaining information from these sensors and transmission thereof via radio channel to the server.EFFECT: increase in functional capabilities and simplification of the system installation are achieved.3 cl, 4 dwg

Three-link biaxial railway bogie and method of constructing standard series of bogies // 2608205
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a three-link biaxial bogie with changed structure of bolster, side frames, central spring suspension and a unit transmitting load from side frame to bearings of wheel pairs.EFFECT: invention provides development of a new design of standard three-link biaxial bogie with improved characteristics.1 cl, 18 dwg

Hinge for rail vehicles or rail vehicle modules with angle sensor // 2608200
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: rail vehicles or their modules are connected by hinge (1) with possibility of turning relative to two or three axes (X, Y, Z), intersecting in hinge center, in which or next to which angle sensor (19) is arranged. Angle sensor (19) readings are used to control opening of doors or acceleration and/or speed of articulated rail vehicles or their modules.EFFECT: increasing accuracy of control over doors opening or acceleration and/or speed.14 cl, 7 dwg