Railways (B61)

B61            Railways(14459)

Determination method of the rail track spatial coordinates and geometrical parameters and device for its implementation // 2628541
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device, implementing the method of determining the spatial coordinates and geometric parameters of the rail track contains the track measuring truck, including the movable and fixed wheel pairs, interconnected between each other by the support frame, installed perpendicular to the direction of travel. The first and the second satellite antennas are installed above the corresponding rail threads in the terminal parts of the mentioned support frame. The phase centers of the antennas lie on the same line in the plane perpendicular to the direction of the track measuring truck, the indicated satellite antennas is being associated respectively with the first and the second inputs of the satellite receiver, which input-output is connected to the modem receiving the signals from the base satellite station, and the output of the indicated satellite receiver is connected to the on-board computer.EFFECT: simplification of the device design.4 cl; 3 dwg

ethod of automatic crossing signaling system management // 2628042
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: AC signal is continuously applied to the rail-track line feed end and the amplitude of the voltage and current is continuously measured at the same end with different values of the coordinate of the train shunt location from the relay to the feed end of the rail-track line and a plurality of measured values of voltage, current and corresponding coordinates of the train location is formed, with the help of which a system of equations is compiled. Coefficients of the train coordinate equation are determined, the current coordinate of the train location in the approach segment is determined measuring the current value of voltage and current, the train speed in the segment is determined, and the actual coordinate of the crossing shuttering is determined taking into account possible acceleration of the train. Moreover, at the moment of the train enter into the approach segment, the current coordinate of the train location, determined by the equation, is compared with the length of the approach segment, the coefficients of the train coordinate equation are corrected in case of inequalities of those values, and the train speed and the actual coordinate of the crossing shuttering are determines in case of the value equality.EFFECT: increased traffic safety.2 dwg

Whole-rolled railway wheel // 2628025
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: railway wheel structure includes a rim, consisting of rolling surface, a rib and side surfaces, limited by the rim inner diameter from the outer and inner sides, a hub and a disc formed by the outer and inner surfaces. Central line of disc radial cross section is shifted along wheel rotational axis at section of its conjugation with hub relative to said central line at diskc conjugation with rim toward inner surface. And generating lines of disk outer and inner surfaces consist of main radius curves with opposite curvature interconjugated at disc central section while, on hub side and that of rim, with transition radius sections. The value of said displacement is from 0.075 to 0.150 of the width of the rim, the middle line of the disc radial section at its conjugation with the rim is located at a distance from 0.5 to 0.6 of the rim width of from its inner side surface.EFFECT: increase the strength of the wheel while reducing the weight.1 dwg

Dispatch centralized system of management of railway transport "cetуhь" // 2628004
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: system contains the first level, including the monitored points, which are connected to a looped linear chain, one of which is connected to electrical centralization via discrete signal controllers and Tele control units, the other is connected to microprocessor centralization, the very first monitored point is connected to the main channel, and The latest - to the backup channel for docking with the unattended workstation WS "СВЯЗЬ" of the second level, all elements of which are united by a local-computer network. To manage the devices introduced ССС AWS "ДНЦ", AWS on duty mechanics of the central CTC - AWS "ШНД", the workstation WS "ФАЙЛ-СЕРВЕР" to save the archive, the server calculation of "ГИД". The third level of interface with the top-level systems includes two network cards, one of which on WS "ШЛЮЗ" 18 receives information on the status of objects with WS "СВЯЗЬ", and on the other card, WS "ШЛЮЗ" transmits information through the interworking node - "УМВ"- consumers of TV signals, which are the systems for maintaining the schedule of the executed traffic.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of railway traffic management.1 dwg

Railway wheel with side braking surface (versions) // 2627978
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in a railway wheel consisting of a rim, a hub and a disk between the rim and a hub, containing braking surfaces on the lateral planes separated from the hub and the rim by annular grooves, the disk is provided with through channels connecting the annular grooves of the hub to the annular grooves of the rim located on opposite sides of the wheel, or located on each side of the wheel, or each through channel in the disk, connecting the annular grooves of the hub with the ring grooves of the rim located on each side of the wheel, can consist of two non-parallel channels connected together.EFFECT: improved cooling of the railway wheel brake disk.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for monitoring rail vehicle and magnetoelectric generator // 2627959
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device contains a processor, a satellite navigation module, a GSM module, a memory unit, a series-connected acceleration sensor and a diagnostic data processing unit, a control unit, a central processor, a power source including a battery with a charge controller and a magnetoelectric generator, all installed in a housing. Wherein the housing is made with a removable cover, one part of which is made of a radiocarbon material and beveled at an angle of not more than 70 degrees to the vertical axis of the housing, opposite to it there are antennas of the satellite navigation module and the GSM module; the housing side opposite to the cover serves as its base, in which openings are made, respectively, for fixing the front bearing shield to the housing base, for mounting and fixing the housing base on the main cover of the axle box and for connecting the generator rotor shaft by means of a suitable coupling with the axis of the wheel pair.EFFECT: increasing the generator efficiency, expanding the functional capabilities of the device.9 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of railway vehicle moving safety precautions and the railway vehicle // 2627924
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of railway vehicle moving safety precautions on a railway track includes obtaining of information on the maximum segment allowed for the passage by the vehicle and determining the maximum allowable speed curve as a function of time based on the maximum segment obtained. While the vehicle is moving, the instantaneous speed of the railway vehicle is determined on the maximum segment and the instantaneous speed is compared with the maximum permissible speed at a given moment based on the determined maximum allowable speed curve as a function of time. On the basis of the comparison results of the maximum permissible speed with instantaneous speed, if the maximum permissible speed is exceeded by instantaneous speed, the railway vehicle brakes.EFFECT: increased traffic safety.13 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for controlling magnetic rail brake device of railway vehicle // 2627920
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for controlling magnetic rail brake consists in electrical connection established between the power source and the magnetic coil, which appears in response to activation signal of magnetic rail brake, and in response to the magnetic rail brake deactivation signal is disconnected to activate the magnetic coil for creating magnetic force and to deactivate it. In response to the activation signal of the magnetic rail brake, once the electrical connection established between the power source and the magnetic coil of the magnetic rail brake is disconnected and re-established in the set cycle sequences, or in response to the magnetic rail brake deactivation signal, once the disconnected electrical connection between the power source and the magnetic coil of the magnetic rail brake cycle sequences is set and then disconnected.EFFECT: minimizes the jerk when the magnetic rail brake is switched on or off.20 cl, 3 dwg
Railway dwarf traffic light // 2627895
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: traffic light includes a set of separate cases with a back cover and a sun visor, a foundation with the transformer box fixed to it with the help of a rigid attachment, the sun visor is made of a composite structural polymer material based on polycarbonate. The case and the cover of the traffic light, as well as the case of the transformer box, are made of a composite structural polymer material based on polyamide 66, and the foundation is made of a composite mixture based on ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene with the addition of a nanodispersed modifier in the amount of 25 wt % of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.EFFECT: increasing the stiffness of the construction of a dwarf light at its own resonance frequency of longitudinal oscillations of not less than 60 Hz.3 cl, 1 tbl, 2 dwg

ethod and device for gas-fuel supply in internal combustion engine // 2627323
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: apparatus and a method for the supply of gaseous fuel from the tender in 20 of the internal combustion engine 30 of the locomotive, including fuel storage at ultra-low temperature cryogenic tank 50 to 20 tender; cryogenic pumping fuel from the tank 50 to the first pressure by means of pumps 60 and 70; transfer fuel to a gaseous state under pressure through the first heat exchanger 90 at 20 specified tender; and fuel supply translated into a gaseous state, of the tender 20 in the internal combustion engine 30; wherein the gaseous fuel vapour pressure in the range 310-575 bar.EFFECT: improved method feeder.42 cl, 10 dwg

Device for fixing support of sensors or commutation means on rails // 2627256
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a rail cam with two shoes made with the possibility to be mounted from opposite sides to the rail base. One of the shoes is provided on the side of the support, and the other is made adjustable in relation thereto by means of a setscrew passing under the rail base. The device is made with the possibility of adjusting and fixing the distance from the support to the point of gripping the rail base by the cam shoe located on the side of the support, which is provided by the presence of an adjusting screw passing through the threaded hole of the support holder, the right and left threads made at opposite ends of the setscrew and intended for screwing the cam shoes, as well as a groove made in the shoe located on the side of the support for engaging it with the holder.EFFECT: simplifying the mounting of the device on the rail.3 dwg

ethod for determining sequence car numbers of moving train // 2627254
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: method is based on the detection of gaps between cars by using electromagnetic radiation, wherein three lumen detectors are installed along the train path between cars at equal distances therebetween, and thus the conditions are fulfilled: Lmax≤D≤2·Lmin, D/2≥ΔS, where Lmax and Lmin - maximum and minimum values of the gap length value L between cars respectively, D - the distance between the outermost detectors, ΔS - the maximum possible train displacement in the time between two successive moments of the received logical status signals on the detectors state. The current and previous states of the detectors are analyzed by the processor, the counter values on the car number, driving direction codes and car number change in the train are formed.EFFECT: ability to determine the sequence numbers of different car types, driving directions and car number change in maneuvering the train, as well as the use of different detector types for gaps between cars.8 cl, 5 tbl, 5 dwg

easuring complex for express control of parameters of receiving coils of automatic locomotive signaling // 2627250
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: measuring complex contains a generator, simulators of an alternating magnetic field and a meter. Moreover, the generator is made on a microcontroller with an information input-output unit, a switching and protection unit, a digital-to-analog converter, a digital attenuator, a power amplifier, a current sensor, an analog-to-digital converter, devices for simulating an alternating magnetic field, and a wireless communication module. The meter is made on a microcontroller with an information input/output unit, a switching and protection unit, a digital-to-analog converter, a digital attenuator, a power amplifier, a current sensor, an amplifier, a first analog-to-digital converter, a switching and protection unit, a second A/D converter, high-voltage source, constant voltage source, receiving coils, a wireless communication module that is connected via a radio link to a wireless communication module installed in the generator.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of measurement and processing of measurement information.2 dwg

Cryogenic fuel supply system for engine feed // 2626903
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed cryogenic fuel supply system for the engine feed is located on two sections of the locomotive, interconnected by an intersection connection 4, and comprises a cryogenic tank 1 for storing liquefied cryogenic fuel, a voluminous cryogenic high pressure pump 3, an oil heat exchanger 5, a gas heat exchanger 6, a gas mixer 7, a gas receiver 8, a fuel filter 9, a controlled gas dispenser 10, pipelines 22-25, valves 18-21, controlled by a control unit 17 valves 12-16. Between the cryogenic tank 1 and the cryogenic pump 3 an intermediate buffer 2 is installed.EFFECT: location optimisation of the cryogenic fuel supply pipelines, reduction of the preparation time for work and transfer to the storage mode of the cryogenic fuel supply system, increasing the reliability of the cryogenic fuel supply system, reducing the time for repair and maintenance of the locomotive.3 cl, 1 dwg
Restrictive device for the manual brake // 2626834
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: limiting device includes bearing I, a spring, a spring holder, the holder and the guide plate of the guide plate. The guide plate and the guide plate holder are sequentially arranged on one side of the spring away from the spring holder. A stop rod III is fixed on the side of the holder of the torsion spring directed towards the spring. The stop rod I is fixed on the side of the guide plate directed towards the torsion spring. The locking rod is fixed on the side II of the guide plate of the holder directed towards the guide plate. The number of guide plates is the number of n, where 1≤n≤10. When In≥2 stopper rod sn to n-th turn guide plate in the arcuate slot n-1-th guiding plate. Stopper rod rotates in the arcuate II n-th slot of the guide plate.EFFECT: increase the center distance between the drive shaft of a manual brake and the shaft end of the chain winding chain, avoiding collision with a moving pulley chain.1 tbl, 7 cl, 13 dwg

Suboptimum energy system // 2626798
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: suboptimum energy system contains a heat generating unit with a primary AC winding that is the object of control. The output of the unit is connected to the input of the control unit using measuring gauges. A surveillance camera is included in the control unit, which is a physical object sensor. The control unit includes an image stabilization device, a background adaptation unit, a motion detection unit, a foreground blob extractor, an optical flow vector determining unit, an image stabilization unit, a suboptimum interference filtering unit, an illumination analysis unit, a noise analysis module, a threshold value selection unit, a filter factor selection unit, a filter selection unit, a preprocessing module, a contrast enhancement unit, an image training and recognition device, a normalization unit, a training unit, a feature selection unit, a recognition unit, an intellectual decision-making unit and a target control unit.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the energy system.1 dwg

Brake leverage of railway freight car trolley // 2626796
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: brake leverage contains vertical levers, the lower ends of which are pivotally connected to the tightening, and one of the levers is pivotally connected by its upper end to the link pivotally connected to the bracket of the dead point of the brake leverage. On the vertical lever, which is not attached to the dead point link, there is a pointer on the outside, oriented along the lever axis drawn from the centres of the upper and the middle openings on the lever. Into the upper opening of the vertical lever a roller is mounted, on which a pendulum located on the outside of the vertical lever is mounted, having a through window in which the index bar is visible.EFFECT: making it possible to visually determine the critical wear of brake pads without additional measuring instruments.3 cl, 4 dwg

Autonomous vehicle ventilation system // 2626789
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: ventilation system contains air supply means and means for its intake. Air intake facilities are located in the areas where the flow of exhaled air enriched with expiratory products is spreading or diverted. The means of air inflow are made taking into account the condition of non-overlapping the inflow streams with the flow of exhaled air in the zone of direct distribution of the exhaled air flow.EFFECT: autonomy of the ventilation system, increasing degree of vehicle insulation.22 cl, 6 dwg
Seat for a public vehicle salon with a fabric layer with a colour solution // 2626777
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: seat (13) has a seat casing (1) made of one or more different fiber-reinforced plastics (3), especially fiberglass-reinforced. The seat casing has a visible fabric layer (4) that is fully or partially embedded in plastic (3). The method for manufacturing the seat housing includes the following steps: a) stacking fabric layer (4) with a colour solution or a fabric layer without a colour solution into the negative body shape (1) of the seat and adjusting the fabric layer to a negative shape, b) pouring a liquid curing reaction mixture which form a thermoset material onto fabric layer (4), so that the fabric layer is embedded in the reaction mixture, c) repeating steps a) and b) once or repeatedly, using the same or different reaction mixtures, and the last is laid fabric layer (4) with a colour solution, when, during the first step a) a fabric layer without a colour solution is inserted into the negative form, d) curing of the reaction mixture/mixtures to form a fiber-reinforced thermoset material.EFFECT: development of a seat for a public vehicle salon, which is anti-vandal and fire-resistant.16 cl, 3 dwg
ethod for railway train traction on power distribution system // 2626441
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method to implement train traction on the power distribution system includes applicatio of a locomotive is used, divided into separate traction and non-traction sections and functional units. The structure of the locomotive includes a control section, a cargo traction section, a passenger traction section, a traction carload section, a traction carload passenger section and a control unit. Depending on the tasks, the locomotive configuration is performed from the required number of sections and units distributed in the train.EFFECT: obtaining the necessary characteristics of the locomotive at the time of train formation.4 dwg

Operation method for automatic system of railway traffic and automatic control system of railway traffic // 2626430
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: solution includes an electronic interlocking cabin with a connected radio beacon and a connected electric frequency rail contour which gives indicating message of the first type and indicating messages of the second type, a control unit connected to the electronic interlocking cabin for modular elements with addressable memory for the number of free segments of block sections and connected to the beacon, wherein the beacon is a modular element. It also comprises of an indicating message originator connected to the electronic interlocking cabin. The originator generates indicating messages of the third type considering a functional relationship between the memory addresses and the code data of the electric frequency rail contour. Wherein the originator of indicating messages is connected to a digital input-output component, which generates control signals for a relay device connected to it. The system also includes at least one transmitter of the electric frequency rail contour connected to the relay device.EFFECT: simplified technical refitting of railway traffic control system based on the ETCS.9 cl, 2 tbl, 1 dwg

ethod for replacing wheel pairs of railway carriage (versions) // 2626425
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for replacing the wheel pairs of a railway carriage includes fixing the carriage relative to the track, separating the wheel pairs to be replaced from the carriage and the trucks, removing the wheel pairs to be replaced from the carriage, installing the carriage with the trucks onto the replacing wheel pairs. Wherein three adjacent sections are formed to accommodate parallel rail tracks made of the rails on each of them, in order to manipulate the wheel pairs to be replaced and the replacing wheel pairs. Wherein the rails of the railway tracks consist of sections laid freely relative to each other.EFFECT: replacement of the train wheel pairs is simplified; the time of such replacement is shortened.12 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for technical diagnostics of locomotive equipment and device for its implementation // 2626168
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method includes requesting and receiving of diagnosis data from the onboard microprocessor locomotive control system in the form of equipment current technical condition parameters, statistical processing based on correlation analysis and formation of a warning signal in the event of equipment failure prediction. During statistical processing, the said diagnostic data are divided into groups relating to the same type of hardware assemblies. Correlation analysis was performed in each group for each parameter by correlation coefficients calculation. Equipment failure is predicted if the correlation coefficient differs from the average value by more than 2%. Technical diagnosing device includes means for connecting to the locomotive on-board microprocessor control system and a processing unit configured to implement the described method.EFFECT: improved accuracy of failure prediction.2 cl, 2 dwg

Wheel-motor unit of electric vehicle with asynchronous traction motor // 2625699
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: wheel-motor unit contains the traction motor, the traction gear unit. The gear unit housing is connected on the drive shaft side with the reactive thrust to the trolley frame, and abuts on the wheel pair axle via the bearings on the driven wheel side. The traction motor is suspended on the reactive thrusts on the trolley frame crossbeam.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of the wheel-motor unit.3 cl, 6 dwg

Plant for unloading dispersed material for vehicles, first of all rail vehicles, and method of unloading dispersed material // 2625686
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for unloading dispersed material for rail vehicles contains a storage container filled with the dispersed material and a loosening element associated with the outlet opening of the storage container, and also terminating in the immediate vicinity of the clearance between the wheel tread and the rail with a discharge pipeline for the dispersed material. A dosing device and a transporting element are located behind the loosening element. The transporting element is in connection with a shut-off valve and an air supply valve and the discharge pipeline. The dosing device consists of a screw conveyor with a cross section conically tapering to the outlet, located in a tubular housing. Baffle dividers are located between the screw thread blades to create a labyrinth. A method of unloading dispersed material is proposed, using the above plant for unloading the dispersed material.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of installations for unloading dispersed material.14 cl, 4 dwg

Device for checking operation of automatic locomotive signaling // 2625395
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device includes a stationary control unit for operating modes, a block of programs for assigning code combinations and distortions, an ALS transmitter, a current adjustment and measuring unit, an inductive communication channel, ALS locomotive devices, a locomotive traffic indication unit, operating mode control, locomotive and stationary receivers and transmitters of a wireless communication channel and a recording and display unit.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of the results of checking the automatic locomotive signaling.1 dwg

Device for controlling passing light on railway // 2625217
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device contains track circuits with track relays, an information input unit, a signal relay and a test enable relay, where the contacts of the signalling relays of adjacent block sections are connected to each other and to the traffic light bulbs, and the test inclusion switch contacts are connected to the control circuits of the signal generators of rail circuits of the block-section, a logic device with an element of free and occupied state of the rail circuits of the block-section common to the block-section and a slow-acting repeater element of the common circuit of a leaky relay. Moreover, the triggering device of the counter is installed in the logic device, each of these triggers is connected to the rear contact of the track relay of its section and the front contact of the track relay of the next along the train section, including the track circuits of the previous and the subsequent block sections. In addition, triggers of the test check, including the signalling relay, the closure of the path section and the fixation of the passage of testing.EFFECT: increase in train movement safety.3 dwg

ethod for suspending bellows in coupled vehicle // 2625214
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for suspending bellows in a coupled vehicle is in using supporting devices for the bellows. As a supporting tool, one or more universal self-centering systems are used. A universal self-centering system contains an internal and an external base. Three or more external rollers are fixed on the external base. Three or more internal rollers are fixed on the internal base. The internal and external rollers are connected together by a closed rope. The external base covers the internal base. Coupled carriages are used as an external base of a universal self-centering system. The vehicle bellows rest on the inner base of the universal self-centering system.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of the method for suspending bellows.7 dwg

Condensation device for pneumatic brake cylinder // 2625208
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: condensation device for pneumatic brake cylinders, for condensing moisture from air sucked into the secondary chamber of the brake cylinder or displaced from the secondary chamber, contains a pot-like reservoir, in which two perforated steel sheets are disposed. The first and the second perforated steel sheets have through openings, respectively. In the operating position of the reservoir, a supply and exhaust ventilation opening in the reservoir bottom and a connection for connecting to the secondary chamber are made in the upper portion of the reservoir. The first and the second perforated steel sheets are laid in the reservoir one above the other, so that they are arranged opposite each other in some portions at an interval, so that a flow connection can be formed between their through openings. The pneumatic brake cylinder comprises a condensation unit.EFFECT: effective prevention of moisture and dirt penetration into the secondary chamber of the brake cylinder.18 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and device of train integrity monitoring // 2625207
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in method, train integrity monitoring is carried out by means of continuous monitoring of the train length. Wherein the train length is determined by means of radiolocation of the last carriage with the help of a radio range finder installed on the locomotive and directed towards the trail end of the train. On the last train carriage, at a certain fixed distance from each other, passive directional repeaters are installed, which relay the probing signals of the radio range-finder towards the locomotive. The signals received from the repeaters are isolated against the background of other signals reflected from other objects, they are identified with the last car of the train and, by analyzing the time of their delay relative to the moment of emitting the probing signals, the decision to preserve or break the integrity of the train is made.EFFECT: improving the reliability of train integrity monitoring.8 cl, 2 dwg

Apparatus, absorbing energy of shock // 2624966
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: apparatus comprises a body 1 in the form of a sleeve closed on one side with a bottom 3. The elastomeric shock absorber 2 is partially located in the hub of the housing 1. The elastomeric shock absorber 2 and the support plate 5 are moved relative to the housing 1. On the base plate 5 there are fixed screeds 6 with hooks 8 rotated relative to them. The hooks 8 press the pre-inserted spacers 7 to the protrusions 10 on the hub of the housing to pre-press the elastomeric shock absorber 2. The couplings 6 with the hooks 8 are formed in one piece and are located on a sliding fit on the protrusions 10 of the hub of the housing 1.EFFECT: simplification of manufacturing technology and increase of reliability of work.12 cl, 17 dwg

Rail vehicle equipped with spillway conduit protected from freezing // 2624485
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: rail vehicle is equipped with a spillway conduit (1), the end part (2) of which is adjacent to the opening (4) in the panel (5) of the rail vehicle floor. The end part (2) has a heating plate (7), which is located parallel to the floor panel (5) and has a spillway (8) adapted to the free cross section of the end part (2) of the spillway conduit (1). There is a heating device of the surface action on the heating panel side (7) opposite to the floor panel (5).EFFECT: invention increases the protection degree against spillway freezing.10 cl, 1 dwg

Device for controlling freight dimensions and rolling stock during their motion // 2624365
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for controlling freight dimensions and rolling stock in the process of their movement comprises the laser triangulation sensors with the integrated microprocessor control system, the U-shaped frame equipped with brackets and outriggers attached to the racks of the U-shaped frame. The racks and the cross-beam of the U-shaped frame are made in the form of trusses equipped with cable channels and brackets for attaching gauges. Sixteen laser triangulation sensors with the integrated dimension microprocessor control system are installed along the perimeter of the U-shaped frame in a staggered set. At the edge of the U-shaped frame at the height of 1080 mm from the level of the railhead on the outriggers attached to the truss of the U-shaped frame at the level of the carriage body frame, there is a train presence sensor, at the height of 2300 mm from the level of the railhead there is the scanner for recognizing and fixing the carriage numbers. The outputs of microprocessor control systems of all sixteen dimension control sensors, the outputs of the scanner and the train presence sensor are connected to the unified data processing system, that automatically starts after the activation of the train presence sensor. Processing the readings of all sensors is performed in real time, and the analysis results are supplied to the control room.EFFECT: improved reliability of the dimensions control, simplifying the installation of sensors, ensuring the device operation automation.5 dwg
ethod for registration of rail vehicle wheel passage and method for determining rail vehicle wheel diameter // 2624358
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method comprises application of a wheel sensor and determining the speed of the wheel passage. The sensor contains a detection zone, and for the zone response function with respect to the wheel passage and/or its derivative there are two extrema, the difference in the appearance moments of which at a certain fixed speed depends only on the passing wheel diameter. In the sensor memory a set of master values of the differences in the appearance moments of extrema is recorded which is calculated from the static characteristics of the interaction of the master wheels of different diameters with the sensor detection zones. When the wheel passes, the response values in the form of response function are recorded to the sensor memory, taking into account the wheel passage speed the difference in the extrema appearance moments of the response function and/or its derivative is calculated, when the calculated value of the difference in the moments coincides with one of the values of the differences from the set stored in the sensor memory, the fact of the passage of the wheel is registered. The diameter of the passing wheel is determined according to the table of compliant master values of the differences in the extrema appearance moments recorded in the memory of the passage sensor.EFFECT: increased reliability of registration of the wheel passage and accuracy of determining the diameter.2 cl

Locomotive coupling with double power supply of drives // 2624354
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: locomotive coupling with double power supply of drives contains one section of a diesel locomotive and one of an electric locomotive. The power supply of the traction motor drives of both sections, arranged and fixed on the axles of wheelsets and trucks of the diesel locomotive and the electric locomotive is carried out both from the contact network through the electric equipment of the electric locomotive on electrified sections, and from the diesel generator set of the diesel locomotive on non-electrified sections by means of harmonizing the control of sections of the diesel locomotive and the electric locomotive of the locomotive coupling.EFFECT: possibility of increasing the efficiency of transporting goods and passengers by mainline rail transport on alternating electrified and non-electrified railway sections.1 dwg

Rail vehicle // 2624281
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: rail vehicle comprises a running gear (102) and a car body unit (101.1). Car body unit (101.1) is supported on running gear (102) by means of an overhead mechanism (106). First and second rotary buffer devices (115) are associated with running gear (102) and car body unit (101.1) and adapted to damp rotational movement between running gear (102) and car body unit (101.1) around a rotation axis parallel to the direction of height. First and second rotary buffer devices (115) are configured to form a traction connection between runing gear (102) and car body unit (101.1). First or second rotary buffer device (115) has a first contact surface (119.4). Second contact surface (101.2) is designed on second contacting element (101.1) of two contacting elements (102, 101.1). First and second contact surfaces (119.4, 101.2) in the neutral state of the rail vehicle are divided by a longitudinal rupture (117) having a longitudinal dimension in the longitudinal direction.EFFECT: compact design of the suspension mechanism and increased running comfort.16 cl, 8 dwg

Passenger wig aircraft // 2624231
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: passenger WIG aircraft comprises a housing with a cabin, low aspect ratio wing, tail upright double fin with stabiliser mounted on the tail fins with hinged elevator, as well as autonomous towing motor installation carrying WIG engine and connected by horizontal axis cylindrical hinges and telescopic shock absorbers with two parallel side towing rods. Force solenoid for the elevator control is located in the cabin. Towing motor installation is designed as a light truck with a linear induction traction motor, placed by hinged type with the possibility of relative movement on an installed monorail. Towing rods movable mounting cylindrical joints to the WIG housing and trucks are provided with electromagnetic clutches, providing rigid relative fixation of the WIG and trolleys in predetermined motion modes. At that, the elevator control solenoid through wiring system mounted along the rods and clutches are electrically connected to traction motor stator power supply on a truck and equipped with motion modes switching proximity sensors.EFFECT: simplification, automation of management processes, reduction of power.3 dwg

Locomotive cryogenic systems intersectional joint (versions) // 2624227
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: intersectional joint of cryogenic locomotive systems contains the flexible double-walled corrugated pipeline, consisting of two corrugated pipes from the cold-resistant steel, which are placed one in the other, separated by the elastic inserts and equipped with the end transition flanges fixed on the end walls of the locomotive adjacent sections. The intersection joint is provided with the elastic rod, which is connected to the flexible double-walled corrugated pipeline by means of suspensions. The elastic rod and flexible double-wall corrugated pipeline are made in the form of the spatial spirals, the elastic rod ends are fixed in the transition flanges. In another connection version of cryogenic locomotive systems, the elastic rod is located in the inner cavity of the inner corrugated pipe of the flexible double-walled corrugated pipeline and is centered relative to the inner corrugated pipe of the pipeline by centering the elastic inserts.EFFECT: intersectional joint reliability increase.2 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for registration of the rail vehicle wheel passage // 2624140
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method implies wheel passage detection sensor comprising at least one detection zone. The type of the approximating function F is preliminarily determined, which describes the response of each detection zone during wheel passage. Where during the operation of the wheel passage detection sensor when the wheel passes each detection zone the response values of each detection zone are recorded in the sensor memory as a ƒ function, the degree of compliance of the function to ƒ function F type is determined, when the function coincides with the specified accuracy with ƒ function F type the fact of passage of the exact wheel of the rail vehicle is registered.EFFECT: increased reliability of registration of the rail vehicle wheel passage.2 cl

ethod of transportation and railway complex for its implementation // 2624138
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: railway complex is equipped with the system of gas liquefaction and liquefied gas transportation by an extended railway line in railway tank cars with the help of gas turbine locomotives. Along the railway mainline track in 600-800 kilometres liquefied gas storage facilities replenished from the tanks of railway trains are arranged. Gas from the storage facilities is used for the periodic supply of gas turbine locomotives, as well as for fuel at gas turbine or combined-cycle power plants. The electric energy generated by them is used to electrify the sections of the railway main line, as well as to supply electricity to its facilities and nearby utility and industrial consumers. The generated heat energy is used for heat supply to station buildings and structures, utility and industrial consumers.EFFECT: increasing power supply efficiency, improving the reliability of the railway complex both in normal and extreme conditions of its operation.2 cl, 2 dwg

ulti-rail trestle road, revolver unit and method of construction of the road // 2623786
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: immersion of piles, installation of crossbars, laying of slabs and installation of tracks from rail assemblies is carried out by one turret unit consisting of a body on a railway run and a swing tower, on one side of which there is a device for piling, and on the opposite side there is a manipulator with the gripping device for the installation of crossbars, plates and rail assemblies. The totality of the properties of the turret unit and the multi-rail road, vehicles for the movement of which have the ability of transverse displacement, allow construction to be carried out in a way in which the construction of the next section of the road is made from the edge of the already constructed section and only from it.EFFECT: condition is created for the construction of a road in a fully automatic mode, there is no need to build auxiliary roads with their subsequent reclamation.3 cl, 13 dwg

ethod of regulating the voltage in gas turbine - generator system for power supply of electrical drives of a vehicle // 2623643
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of regulating the voltage of the gas turbine - generator system for providing power to auxiliary electric drives of a vehicle consists in using a power unit of a vehicle having a generator in its structure as a primary voltage source. Using gas turbine - generator system as the powerplant of the vehicle. The voltage from the power windings of the traction generator is fed to the input lines of the traction rectifier, to the output buses of which a multichannel converter of auxiliary needs is connected. Converter contains channels own needs with output voltage to power the on-board switching equipment and multiple channels with high-voltage output voltage, providing charge on-board batteries and work static frequency converters, feeding the auxiliary drives.EFFECT: increasing the system reliability of regulation of voltage supply to the subsidiary loads.1 dwg

Freight car bogie solebar // 2623461
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: freight car bogie solebar contains an upper belt, a lower belt, pedestrial jaw opening with external and internal jaw rails, vertical columns connecting the upper and lower belts and forming therewih a spring opening. The lower belt includes four inner side ribs and one central rib. There is a support platform in the lower part of the opening, conjugated with vertical columns in radius transitions. The inner side ribs are designed in such a way that they terminate in inclined belts and are provided with cylindrical projections from the outside, triangular projections and vertical stiffenning ribs in the inside.EFFECT: increased strength and useful life of the side frame.4 dwg

Emergency truck for car body transportation // 2623368
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: emergency truck for car body transportation contains a frame, supports of height-adjustable bearers, pairs of flanged wheels connected to the frame, and a column base. The frame is made of interconnected longitudinal and transverse beams. Supports of height-adjustable bearers are installed at the ends of the transverse beams. The trolley is relocatable. The column base is located at the center of the transverse beams, and the upper end is equipped with a center plate. In the center plate and column base, coaxial holes are made for the center pivot, which connects the truck to the car body in the operating position. In the lateral surface of the column base, a guide is provided for locating the center pivot securement means in the operating position. The pairs of flanged wheels, longitudinal beams and transverse beams, bearers bearings and column base are mounted with the possibility of mounting and dismantling.EFFECT: improvement of operational properties.5 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and device for monitoring cable core soundness in track circuits // 2623363
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method is based on the creation of a DC electric circuit closed through 'Earth' potential with a pair of cable cores in track circuits. A specified direct current is formed in the loop and the decrease of the current running through the elements connecting pairs of cable cores or a pair of cable cores with the 'Earth' potential below the acceptable value is controlled. Wherein the insulation fault in a cable is detected by comparing the magnitudes of currents at the inputs of the cable cores with the currents at their outputs. The insulation resistance between the pairs of cable cores or a pair cable cores and the 'Earth' potential is determined by a current leakage, current magnitude difference at the input and output of a pair of cable cores and the total resistance of the circuit elements located between the pairs of the cores of a cable with a damaged insulation. The device implementing the method includes a control circuit, control current forming unit, leakage current simulation unit and comparing unit.EFFECT: discontinuity of monitoring the soundness of cable cores in track circuits at the initial stage of cable insulation fault.3 cl, 1 dwg

Roller device for crosspiece transfer // 2623360
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for displacing the movable core of the track device crosspiece between two check rails contains a movable and an immovable frame. The check rails are connected with the immovable frame, and the crosspiece core - with the movable frame. The movable frame is movably mounted with respect to the fixed frame by means of a roller system disposed outside the space defined by the check rails. The immovable frame has a guide track for guiding the movable frame movement relative to the immovable frame. The movable and immovable frames include two opposing abutment surfaces bent relative to the longitudinal direction of the guide track. The track device includes a device for displacing the core between the check rails of the crosspiece.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of the core displacement device.7 cl, 6 dwg

Nuclear vehicle for people and cargos transportation by the railway // 2623358
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: nuclear vehicle consists of two cars. In the first car there is the nuclear vehicle motion and emergency situation control unit, two vertical, cylindrically shaped nuclear reactors with the water jacket for cooling the nuclear reactors walls and produce the steam, the shelf scrubbing filter for collecting the harmful emissions in the event of the nuclear reactors accident with the decontamination system by aqueous solution 0.5% of sulfuric acid, the steam separator for separating the water droplets from the water steam flow, the steam turbine with current generator and transformer for nuclear vehicle motion with electric motor and pulley for V-belt drive to the front wheels leading pair. In the second car there is the tank with the alkali aqueous solution, connected to the propeller pump, and further with the horizontal contactor with U-shaped tubes inside for stirring and neutralizing of acid complex uranium compounds from the bottom of the shelf scrubber. The contactor output is connected to the drum vacuum filter to separate the solid phase of uranium hydroxide U(OH)4.EFFECT: increase of the operation safety and reliability.2 cl, 2 dwg

Chair of mechanical lift and installation with such chair // 2623286
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: claimed chair (1) includes a safety handrail (10) made with the possibility to take the first extreme raised position and the second extreme lowered position, and means for locking the safety handrail (10), when the safety handrail is in the lowered position. The locking means include a bi-stable magnet (12) equipped with a rod (14) made with the possibility to move between the first stable position in which said rod (14) provides locking the safety handrail (10) in the lowered position by means of placing an obstacle on the ascending trajectory described by the element (17) of the handrail while switching from the lowered position into the raised position, and the second stable position in which the rod (14) allows to unlock the safety handrail (10) for moving it in the raised position by removing the obstacle from the ascending trajectory described by the element (17) of the safety handrail. The invention also relates to the installation of the mechanical lift comprising said chair.EFFECT: increasing the safety of passengers without significantly increasing the wiight of the means of transportation.10 cl, 6 dwg

anual rail greaser // 2622732
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: manual rail greaser consists of the tank with the lubricant supply system, mounted on the manually operated roller carriage, formed by the frame with two rollers fixed to it by the axles with bearing supports by two rollers, mounted on the same rail of the track, the driving handle connected to the carriage frame by the hinge and provided with the lever with the rope, the hinged sliding rod with the support roller for the stable movement of the roller carriage. The lubrication system includes the lubricating wheel with the built-in lubricating elastic non-metallic element, fixed by means of the bearing unit on the outer wall of the tank, pressing against the working side face of the lubricated rail head, and the lubricating pulley, fixed inside the tank. The lubricating pulley is fixed inside the tank with lubrication on the axle, displaced relative to the lubricating wheel axis and pressed against the outer surface to the lubricating wheel by means of the spring, mounted on the lubricating pulley axis.EFFECT: reliability of the rail greaser increase, its maintenance is simplified.2 dwg

Rolling stock derailment control device // 2622673
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device contains the information system with the transmitter-receiver device, installed at the locomotive and directly connected to the regular radio communication system of the locomotive, the car information system, including the transmitter-receiver device, installed in the tracking areas of vertical oscillating accelerations at the running carriages. Moreover, on the locomotive the radar signal determination system is installed additionally sequentially coupled with the transmitter-receiver device, containing the unit for forming the interrogation signal, the memory unit, the amplitude-to-digital converter, the impulse detection unit, the decoder unit, the transmitter signal receipt comparing and permiting unit, and the carriage information system additionally contains the signal forming unit, that forms in response to the interrogation signal of the transmitter-receiver device of the locomotive information system the special code signal with the personal identification number of the carriage.EFFECT: increase of the rolling stock derailment fact reliability.1 dwg