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Diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie // 2607699
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, particularly to diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie. Non-pedestal diesel locomotive bogie consists of frame, made of longitudinal and transverse beams with hinged motor wheel units. Units include traction electric motors and mounted wheels with spring sets and journal-boxes, connected with frame using shackle links. On frame crosswise beams, in extreme motor wheel units installation area, turning platforms lower rings are rigidly fixed. Lower rings are connected with turning platforms upper rings via socket joints and latter by means of helical compression springs are connected with one ends of U-shaped curved rods, which other ends are rigidly connected to traction motors. Traction motors end surfaces are equipped with arc-shaped projections, provided with slots interacting with spring-loaded retainers, mounted on bogie frame transverse beams.EFFECT: enabling higher stability of diesel locomotive.1 cl, 3 dwg
Diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie // 2607697
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely to non-pedestal diesel locomotive bogies. Diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie consists of a frame with mounted on it motored wheeled units and wheel pairs with axle boxes. Axle boxes the of wheel pairs are spring-loaded relative to the frame by helical compression springs and with the help of shackle links are bound with it. Motored wheeled units are located at the bogie edges and are rigidly fixed on additional frames. Some ends of the additional frames by vertical hinge pins are installed on the frame crossbars located in the middle part of the bogie. Other ends of the additional frames are pivoted in curved guides rigidly secured on the bogie frame end crossbars.EFFECT: provided is higher reliability of wheel flanges.1 cl, 3 dwg
Device for rolling stock units moving with jammed wheel pair // 2607345
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device for rolling stock units moving with jammed wheel pair is intended for fast output from railway of different rolling stock traction units with jammed wheel pair. Four device carriages have two spaced apart radius shaped stops with configuration, mirror to profile of rolling stock wheel pair rim. Mechanisms of carriages mutual movement have quickly installed tie-rods with base openings aligned with fixing slots. Quick detachable lanyards are installed on carriages external sides. Slots and air intake canopies are made in rollers axles opposite to through openings.EFFECT: providing device mounting on wheel pairs of different diameter without adjustment of carriages, passage of small turn radius curved track sections, transportation on high speed, efficient cooling of rollers bearing assemblies.1 cl, 10 dwg
Bogie for railway vehicle with improved suspension, in particular, for low-floor tram and railway vehicle containing such bogie // 2607141
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: disclosed group of inventions relates to railway transport, particularly to low-floor tram and its bogie. Bogie comprises two pairs of wheels, wherein wheels of each pair are interconnected by axial structure, wherein axial structure contains box for each wheel of corresponding pair. Bogie comprises articulated chassis, wherein each axial structure is mounted on axle using primary suspension means. Primary suspension means for each wheel comprise lever, arranged, in fact, longitudinally between first end, rigidly connected to this wheel box, and second free end. Lever is articulated by its first and second ends on hinge joint with chassis. For each lever primary coil spring is arranged between first seat made on this lever second end, and second seat located on chassis.EFFECT: higher reliability of bogie.8 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of workers alerting on approaching of rolling stock when performing operations on railway track // 2606755
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of railway automatics and telemetry systems for track workers notification. In method from rolling stock detectors, arranged on one or two railway tracks on both sides of works performance place, at each side by two sensors at one track at distance from each other, warning signal is transmitted from system unit to central control unit with transmission of alarm signal from both sensors to system unit, installed on one track, and with notification signals transmission sequence from these sensors, corresponding to direction towards works performance place, and when notification signals input to system unit only from one of two sensors and in absence of warning signals from second sensor does not transmit warning signal from system unit to central control unit, upon that, at CCU warning system corresponding direction failure is recorded.EFFECT: enabling higher reliability of alarm system.1 cl, 1 dwg
Switch assembly wireless control device // 2606654
FIELD: railway automation devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation devices and is intended for switch assembly temporary wireless control in electric interlocking in case of signal-locking cable damage. Switch assembly wireless control device includes interfaces matching device for switch assemblies with DC electric drives, interfaces matching device for switch assemblies with 3-phase alternating current electric drives, wireless modem control device, wireless modem, wireless modem antenna. Besides, disclosed device comprises switch assembly secondary power supply device on electric interlocking side, wireless modem antenna on switch assembly side, wireless modem, wireless modem control device, switch assembly controller with DC electric drive, switch assembly controller with 3-phase alternating current electric drive, as well as switch assembly wireless control device self-contained power supply on switch assembly side, including DC generator, storage battery control unit, storage battery, internal combustion engine with automatic start-up, secondary power supply source.EFFECT: result is enabling switch assembly complete functional performance during damaged switch assembly control cable repair.1 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of diesel locomotive diesel engine cooling system automatic independent warming-up // 2606428
FIELD: warming-up.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to diesel locomotive diesel engine warming-up. Method of diesel locomotive diesel engine cooling system automatic independent warming-up includes, that warmed-up diesel engine is periodically started, performing diesel engine and its cooling system heating. Diesel engine shutdown occurs automatically at diesel engine cooling system component preset operating temperature, having most heat capacity. Automatic diesel engine starting occurs at cooling system component with highest heat capacity temperature drop to specified value or temperature drop below permissible limit in cooling system component with minimum heat capacity. After diesel engine shutdown performing coolant pumping through the entire diesel locomotive cooling system. Pumping is actuated at temperature drop in cooling system component with minimum heat capacity to threshold value, exceeding permissible limit for diesel engine starting. Pumping is switched off when temperature in cooling system component with minimum heat capacity reaches set limit.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of pump operation duration for coolant pumping in cooling system and storage battery increased service life.1 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of sand supply onto rails // 2606426
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport and can be used in railways network locomotive facilities. According to wear of curved track section outer rail it is supplied with sand. In motion between rolling stock wheel pair wheel and outer rail rolling friction is provided.EFFECT: enabling track in curve and railway transport rolling stock increased service life.1 cl, 1 dwg
Railway vehicles automatic coupling girder system disengagement mechanism // 2606420
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: towing hitch disengagement mechanism comprises actuator, consisting of flexible transfer element, as well as of actuating unit, wherein flexible transfer element is connected with girder system as part of towing hitch. Transmitting element (6) is Flexball rope.EFFECT: preventing undesirable disengagement.4 cl, 2 dwg
Diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie // 2606417
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely to diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogies. Diesel locomotive non-pedestal bogie consists of a frame with motored wheel units on it. Frame is made of longitudinal and transverse elements. Motored wheel units include traction motors with wheel pairs and axle boxes. Axle boxes are equipped with links connected to the frame and a spring suspension. On the bogie frame transverse elements located on the side of extreme motored wheel units, in their vertical plane, there are elastic rods installed with the help of supports. In one of the supports there are splines interconnected with similar ones made on the elastic rods, and in the other support the elastic rods are movable and equipped with levers pivotally connected to the traction motors of the motored wheel units. Each lever is articulated with the longitudinal element of the bogie frame via a hydraulic damper.EFFECT: provided is higher durability of wheel flanges and improvement of their smooth running.1 cl, 3 dwg
Passenger car non-pedestal bogie // 2606416
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely to passenger cars non-pedestal bogies. Passenger car non-pedestal bogie consists of a frame with rigidly connected to it antirattlers. Antirattlers are coupled with cycloidal propellers of wheel pairs axle boxes in contact with cylindrical helical compression spring of the suspension. Inside the antirattlers, with the possibility of angular turns, there are elastic rods with ring-shaped stops. Rods are provided with splines interconnected with mating ones made inside splined bushes rigidly fixed on the axle boxes cycloidal propellers. Rods by one their ends are connected with locking nuts and by the other ones – with levers in contact with tapered thrusts rigidly installed on the top outer surfaces of cases of the said axle boxes.EFFECT: provided is smoother run of passenger cars.1 cl, 2 dwg
Diesel locomotive geared wheel unit // 2606412
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, particularly, to diesel locomotive geared wheel units. Diesel locomotive geared wheel unit comprises a wheel pair with axle boxes connected with an extra beam rigidly attached to the traction motor. Motor is equipped with a spring suspension connected to the locomotive bogie frame. On the bogie frame crossmember there is a torque hydraulic cylinder. Shaft of the hydraulic cylinder is rigidly fixed on the horizontal section of the extra beam. Spring suspension of the traction motor is movably arranged in a curved guide rigidly fixed on the bogie frame. Torque hydraulic cylinder is connected via pipelines with a hydraulic control valve, the spool of which is rigidly connected both with the locomotive body and with a hydraulic station arranged in the said body.EFFECT: provided is reduced wear of wheel flanges at passing curved track sections by the locomotive.1 cl, 3 dwg
Three-axle locomotive bogie // 2606411
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely to three-axle locomotive bogies. Tree-axle locomotive bogie consists of a frame with mounted on it wheel pairs and traction motors with spring sets, axle boxes and links. End surfaces of the axle boxes of extreme wheel pairs of the locomotive in their vertical plane are equipped with rectangular shape guides with sliding matching shape rods in them. Rods are installed movably in bushes rigidly fixed on the bogie frame, while their other ends are fixed on a spring-loaded relative to the bogie frame transversely located beam. Beam is in contact with curved stops rigidly fixed on the bottom of the locomotive body.EFFECT: provided is higher durability of locomotives wheel flanges.1 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of integration of railway wheel by automatic means of radio frequency identification // 2606410
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automatic control and number accounting on railway transport. In method of integration of railway wheel automatic means of radio frequency identification on side surface of wheel hub passive radio-frequency RFID tags are installed, then data on tag are entered into a data base and compared with identification number of wheel, where there is tag is located.EFFECT: possibility of automatic identification of railway wheel throughout service life from manufacturing to recycling.3 cl, 6 dwg
Diesel locomotive // 2606409
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely to diesel locomotives. Diesel locomotive consists of a body connected with a pair of 3-axle bogies by means of pins and the central suspension arranged in the form of helical compression springs. On each of the bogies in their longitudinal plane at equal distance relative to the axis of symmetry passing through the pins there are elastic rods. One ends of the rods are equipped with levers interacting with the body bottom, and the other ones – with splines moving in supports rigidly fixed on the bogies. Each of the elastic rods with its splines is interconnected with mating splines made in the jars of square cross-section movably installed in one of the supports. Inside the jars there are helical compression springs in contact both with their inner end walls and with ends of the elastic rods. Each of the jars with outer end inclined surfaces interacts with blocks of a wedge shape movably installed in guides rigidly secured on the bogies.EFFECT: provided is development of the central locomotive suspension, which enables to automatically change the rigidness characteristics.1 cl, 4 dwg
Car air curtain // 2606258
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles air curtain devices, preferably, electrical train car. Car air curtain comprises, at least, one air riser in door opening and, at least, one fan with delivery branch pipe and suction hole. Delivery branch pipe is connected with air riser. Fan is located in car overhead space. In car ceiling holes in form of gaps between its panels are made for air intake into overhead space. Fan is connected to heating element and made with possibility of its simultaneous actuation with opening of car door opening.EFFECT: enabling noise level reducing when using air curtain, creation of comfortable conditions for passengers in car, as well as preventing penetration of outside air into car passenger compartment.4 cl, 2 dwg
Linear distributor, in particular, for rail brakes anti-noise device // 2606156
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lubrication of rails and to rail vehicles. Linear distributor is preferably intended for rail brakes anti-noise device. It comprises one or multiple mini-pumps (10), wherein mini-pump (10) pumping medium out of volume, supplied by main drive mechanism (1), and distributes said medium by one or multiple metering tubes (8) through one or multiple dosing nozzles (5) per wheel (12).EFFECT: result is providing accurate batching in real time mode and in required amount, eliminated delay in time between beginning of operation and medium application moment on rail vehicle wheel side surface.9 cl, 2 dwg

Disc brake of railway vehicle // 2605663
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport field, particularly, to disc brake braking units. Disc brake braking unit consists of housing with suspension, levers, eccentric shafts, brake cylinder and pads with friction linings. Automatic parking brake is translatory-rotary mechanism, using which pads pressing force is transferred onto disc. In braking unit input loads from brake cylinder and parking brake actuator are applied on different eccentric shafts. Enabling absence of pads pressure force summation on disc with simultaneous actuation of brake cylinder and parking brake actuator.EFFECT: enabling provision of absence of pads pressure force summation on disc with simultaneous actuation of brake cylinder and automatic parking brake actuator.1 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle retractable boarding platform, mainly low floor tram car // 2605660
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Retractable boarding platform comprises sliding panel, support rollers, panel extension power drive, cleaning element from sticking. Sliding panel is made of links, which in working position allows to ensure non-bending rigid state. With retraction on said links upper surface layer of flexible sheet material with non-slippery surface is laid, fixed by front edge with first link. Sliding panel in transport position is folded so that links are laid in volute, and flexible sheet material is folded into roll. Volute and roll drive rollers are kinematically connected with panel extension power drive made of two parts. One of parts is located on floor in tram car, and other is under car floor about entrance doors opening in additionally formed compartment. Additional compartment lower part is closed by detachable cover.EFFECT: higher reliability of operation and reduced weight of boarding platform.3 cl, 5 dwg

System and method for optimizing train operations considering rail car parameters // 2605648
FIELD: railway automatics.SUBSTANCE: technical solution relates to railway automation and telemechanics. In the method it is determined a parameter of a rail car that is not a railroad engine, and that is to be included in a train, it is created a train trip plan based on the rail car parameter in accordance with operational criteria for the train. System comprises a central controller, a rail car parameter measurement system, communication network for allowing communications between the measurement system and the central controller. Wherein a rail car parameter measured and provided to the central controller which determines at least one of a train make up profile for all rail cars in the train and a trip plan for the train mission based on the rail car parameters, including at least axial load of a rail car.EFFECT: increase in optimization of a train operations is achieved.23 cl, 12 dwg

Device for digital train radio communication on railway transport (versions) // 2605226
FIELD: communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to communication on railway transport. Device comprises in a single dispatcher control centre a computing device of an operator workstation for radio communication, control station, analogue locomotive radio stations, digital locomotive radio stations, stationary radio stations, including a stationary unit and a control panel. Control station includes a network interface module, a control module, a module for converting coordinates, electronic map module, talk-back module. Digital locomotive radio station comprises a navigation receiver, module for selecting stationary radio station, train number setting module, digital transceiver, control panel and control module. Stationary radio station unit comprises a network interface module, module for generating signals, signal scanning module, control module and digital-analogue transceiver, including a digital signal codec, transmission channel, antenna switch, receiving channel and analogue signal modem.EFFECT: provided is higher system reliability.3 cl, 2 dwg

Axle liner of car bogie side frame // 2605130
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: axle liner is made of sheet metal with wear-resistant properties in form of u-shaped box opening and has support wave surfaces, interacting with support surfaces of jaw opening, and surfaces, tightly adjacent to cylindrical surfaces of axle box housing. Liner also comprises at least three local zones of variable stiffness, provided with grooves, made perpendicular to support surfaces of lining, and in contact with wavy gaskets of constant or variable length on thickness, arranged between axle box housing and axle liner.EFFECT: such design of liner makes it possible to damp considerable force of impact action, reducing load transmitted to axle box housing in a canine jaw opening, reduced wear of support surfaces of axle box housing and side frame, redistributes load between rows of bearings.1 cl, 3 dwg

Positioning system in railroad transport trains // 2605127
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation and telemechanics. System comprises emitters, radiation detectors, processing unit, three optical laser position sensors, protected by thermostabilizing casings, which are connected to processing unit, comprising microprocessor controllers and computer equipment. At that, position sensor emitter is installed left from rail track axis in direction of motion at distance of 2.25-2.45 m from thermostabilizing casing edge to railway track axis at height of 0.4 m from rail head level, wherein thermostabilizing casing with sensor emitter is fixed at angle of 27°, and on opposite side from railway track axis at distance of 2.0 m from axis and at height of 3.0 m from rail head level sensor receiver is installed coaxially to emitter.EFFECT: higher reliability of cars accounting with bodies of any complexity.1 cl, 6 dwg

Transport container, vehicle, traction group, method of loose material loading into transport container and method of transporting // 2604947
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cargo transport. Transport container includes transport container (10) for receiving of cargo subject to transportation, containing at least one opening (12) on its upper side (11), at least partially closed by grid (20), containing cross bars and longitudinal bars. In transportation container interval D ratio between cross bars to bars height H makes 0.8≤D/H≤1.2. Transport container contains side walls, separating transport container on lateral sides, between which grid is located. Vehicle comprises transport container, and transport set comprises tractor and vehicle with transportation container. Method of loose material loading and method of loose material transporting is implemented by means of vehicle with transportation container.EFFECT: improved aerodynamics.13 cl, 3 dwg

Diesel locomotive non-pedestal three-axle bogie // 2604924
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely to diesel locomotive non-pedestal three-axle bogies. Diesel locomotive non-pedestal three-axle bogie comprises wheel pairs with axle boxes, a frame with coupled on it motored wheel units, spring sets and pneumatic cylinders. On the axle boxes of the wheel pairs there are rigidly fixed bushings of square section, in which there are flexibly placed similar section rods. Rods are arranged on the pneumatic cylinders pins. Square-section rods have thrust ring, and between them there are movable forks. Forks are rigidly attached to one arms of two-arm levers articulated with the bogie frame. Other arms of the two-arm levers are articulated with the axle boxes. Rods are rigidly attached to the pneumatic cylinders pins equipped with pistons spring-loaded relative to the pneumatic cylinders on both sides, and the pneumatic cylinders are rigidly fixed on the bogie frame.EFFECT: provided is higher reliability of running diesel locomotive non-pedestal 3-axle bogies.1 cl, 2 dwg

Diesel locomotive three-axle bogie // 2604923
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely to three-axle diesel locomotive bogies. Three-axle diesel locomotive bogie is articulated with the locomotive body. Bogie comprises a frame with coupled on it two extreme and one middle traction motors with wheel pairs, axle boxes and a spring suspension. On the extreme traction electric motors, in their vertical plane, pins are rigidly fixed. One of the pins is interconnected with the help of a two-arm lever pivotally mounted on the bogie frame to interact with similar pin rigidly fixed on the bottom of the locomotive body. Other pin is in contact with a trough-shaped section thrust rigidly fixed on the said bottom of the diesel locomotive body.EFFECT: provided is higher reliability of wheel flanges of diesel locomotives.1 cl, 2 dwg

Coupling device for railway transport // 2604842
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to railway transport, particularly, to coupling devices. Coupling device comprises rectangular design housing with outer walls. Walls inner surfaces form inner cavity. Housing comprises front part with edges, forming hole, and rear part. Housing additionally comprises two solid side supports, two central ribs and friction wedge. Supports pass from point, located approximately in middle between housing outer wall front and rear parts, to intersection point with rear part edge. Each central rib also passes from point located approximately in middle between housing outer wall front and rear parts, to intersection point with rear part. Friction wedge is located inside housing cavity. Friction wedge is characterized by presence of end extending from hole in housing front part. Friction wedge additionally contains pad located on wedge external surface. Friction wedge working element interacts with housing internal surfaces.EFFECT: enabling higher reliability of coupling.9 cl, 5 dwg

Diesel locomotive bogie // 2604365
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway vehicles, namely, to diesel locomotives bogies. Diesel locomotives bogie comprises a frame and axle boxes links. Axle boxes links are rigidly connected on one side to hollow flexible rods arranged on the bogie frame and on the other side - pivotally to the axle boxes wings. Axle boxes links on the side of the axle boxes are equipped with vertical spline pins connected with rods horizontally installed in the transverse plane of the bogie. Other ends of the rods are connected to ball supports rigidly secured on the axle boxes wings.EFFECT: provided is higher durability of wheel flanges.1 cl, 3 dwg

Balancing device for transitive automatic coupling // 2604127
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport, particularly, to transitive automatic couplings balancing devices. Transitive automatic coupling balancing device is installed on automatic coupling upper end surface. Balancing device comprises rotary axis, pivot arm and upper seat. Pivot arm comprises upper and lower end plates between which there is inclined protrusion, arranged on lower end plate side surface. Inclined projection has flat extending form. Pivot arm is made with possibility of rotation relative to rotary axis. Arm is articulated with tie rod with lug by means of rotary axis. In upper seat through hole is made. Tie rod with lug passes via through hole in upper seat. Between nut and through hole in upper seat there is spring. Spring diameter is larger than diameter of through hole in upper seat.EFFECT: higher reliability of transitive automatic coupling.7 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for operating, securing and/or monitoring of rail-bound traffic and operation control system // 2603708
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway control systems. Operation control system (20), implementing the method for operating, securing and monitoring of rail-bound traffic, wherein a signal box (10) is controlled remotely in a first operating mode. wherein operation control system (20) upon determination of the disruption of a signal box (10) or a disruption of the communication between the operation control system (20) and the signal box (10) is determined, the operation control system (20) is switched into a second operating mode, and a limited signal box functionality is provided.EFFECT: higher traffic security of rail vehicles is provided.14 cl, 1 dwg

Track measuring follow-up system // 2603452
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mobile diagnostic complexes of rail track. Track measuring follow-up system of mobile diagnostic complex of rail track, suspension of which contains a roller axle, is equipped with lifting track measuring truck, made in the form of two coaxial telescopic booms and parallel with it shaft, connected to each other with independent parallelogram mechanisms connected with the help of brackets with roller axis. On external ends of the telescopic booms following wheels are available. Between the telescopic booms the body with diagnostic equipment is fixed. On the shaft there is at least one rotary module, and on the shaft ends are fixed L-shaped lever fork, each of which with its other end engages with one of the levers of the corresponding parallelogram mechanism.EFFECT: as a result, reliable of diagnostic equipment arranged on track measuring truck and accuracy of measurements are increases.1 cl, 4 dwg

Flaw detector of combined noncontact magnetic and ultrasonic testing of rail track // 2603451
FIELD: measurement technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to nondestructive inspection of rail track. Tracking system is made in the form of suspended centering beam fitted on two parallelogram mechanisms, at the ends of which there are two power cylinders for lifting and lowering search system which contains search beam connected with the help of two forks with power cylinders, and on search beam there are mounted three ultrasonic flaw detectors and two permanent magnets of tracking system. Permanent magnets are arranged between first and second, as well as between the second and third frames of ultrasonic flaw detectors. Each frame of ultrasonic flow detector consists of a base fixed on search beam by means of two pairs of articulated arms, resting on top, at maximum lowering base in the adjusting bolts fixed on search beam. Each base is connected with two vertical rods, upper end of which is connected to upper end of tension spring, and the lower end of tension spring is fixed on search beam. At the ends of extreme frames of ultrasonic flow detectors are fixed magnetic finders. Besides, locking mechanism of search system comprises two pneumatic cylinder connected with hooks, engaging with search beam in lifted position.EFFECT: as a result, accurate control of rail track and operating reliability of tracking and search systems flaw detector are increasing.1 cl, 4 dwg

Water-vacuum toilet system // 2603442
FIELD: transportation; sanitation equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles sanitary equipment, namely to railway cars, buses, planes toilets etc. Hydro-vacuum toilet system includes toilet bowl, installed on support frame (2), connected with discharge valve by water feed line, gate valve, located in discharge valve body at toilet bowl outlet and its movement actuator. Toilet bowl is linked to support frame by means of adhesive joint, and discharge valve body is placed behind toilet bowl rear wall with inclination angle of 20-40° relative to toilet bowl vertical axis. Gate valve closing discharge valve openings, is made from ceramic-metal plates.EFFECT: invention provides for compact arrangement of discharge valve body relative to toilet bowl vertical axis and increases system reliability.1 cl, 2 dwg

Railway brake coil manufacturing or repair method and railway brake coil // 2603431
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway brake coil production or repair technological processes and to its designs. Railway brake coil comprises metal housing, conductor with insulation, which is wound on template, and outputs. For railway brake coil structure production or repair performing application of insulation on conductor, conductor winding onto coil template with subsequent application of insulation thereon, production of leads and making metal housing with further assembly. Housing is made combined by insertion of end rubber inserts from its inner side.EFFECT: enabling coil higher wear resistance, impact resistance and moisture resistance, longer service life, as well as reduced metal consumption, spent on coils housing manufacturing.12 cl, 1 dwg

Design of self-unloading body // 2603420
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles cargo handling mechanisms. Design of self-unloading body comprises mounted on wheels chassis, on which body and tipping mechanisms are installed. Body frame is made so, that in unloaded state it is raised and connected with energy accumulation mechanism in form of pneumatic cylinders and receiver. Receiver is actuated at moment of loading, and at moment of unloading body is capable to shift aside along guide beams by gravity. Guide beams are installed inclined, and body is tipping due to accumulated energy, and using pneumatic cylinders it is returned into initial position.EFFECT: enabling unloading mechanism operation increasing.1 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for integral monitoring and diagnostics of control over safe operation of rolling stock and device for its implementation // 2603294
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: technical solution relates to railway automation and telemechanics. Method includes assessment of technical state of assemblies, units, subsystems, articles and the rolling stock in general at the stages of operation and repair, determining the type and hazard level of faults, generation and presentation to the personnel instructions for actions, elimination of detected faults and preventing leakage of hazardous state to the operation, formation of technical readiness reports, their automatic transfer and accumulation in the diagnostic network, formation of summary diagnostic information on the technical state of the rolling stock, its presentation to heads of operation and/or maintenance and implementation of integrated planning and management of operation and maintenance of the rolling stock. Device comprises computer means of monitoring and diagnosis equipped with an automatic expert system, a diagnostic network having a server with a single integrated database, workstations for heads of operation and/or repair and data terminals for repair personnel.EFFECT: provided are safety, efficiency and uninterrupted operation of the rolling stocks.5 cl, 5 dwg

Rail vehicle with variable geometry of axes // 2603176
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: railway vehicle (S) with variable geometry of axes comprises two axis (A1, A2), herewith horizontal angular position (α) of each axis has the possibility of changing relative to the vehicle frame. Angular positions (α) of the axes during operation of the rail vehicle continuously asymmetrically relative to each other are installed in such a way that a preset transverse displacement (dy) of the axes and a preset master angle (dα) are achieved. On one end of each axis there is a fixed vertical rotation center and respectively on the other end of each axis there is an actuating element. Actuating element on one side is hinged in the fixed point of the vehicle frame, and on the other side it is fixed in made with the possibility of horizontal angular displacement support of matched railway vehicle axis.EFFECT: reduced are the wear and damages of the rail vehicle.5 cl, 4 dwg
ethod and device for determination of load of passenger railway vehicle // 2603169
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device implementing method for determination of load of a passenger railway vehicle comprises a recording device, which determines connected state of mobile telephones available on rail vehicle, and recording device is connected to an estimation unit, which from recorded connected states determines load of passenger railway vehicle. Recording device is located on rail vehicle.EFFECT: higher accuracy of determining load of passenger railway vehicle.10 cl

Freight railway car bogie with friction damping // 2602912
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: freight railway car three component bogie consists of two frame sides distant from each other in radial direction, and bolster, interconnecting said frame sides. Bolster is maintained by spring suspension working springs, and control springs enable support of friction pads. Both types of friction pads have gaps, which allow friction pad to perform lateral movements across bolster or across frame side. During lateral displacement spacer from low friction material is used, provided between bolster and friction pad; or spacer from low friction material, provided between friction pad and wear-resistant plate resting against frame side.EFFECT: low friction material low sliding resistance allows transfer energy to dissipate in lateral separating gap.8 cl, 12 dwg

High-capacity explosion-proof tank truck, essentially for inflammable, explosive liquids // 2602591
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to liquids transportation facilities and can be used for transportation and storage of highly inflammable, toxic and aggressive liquids. High-capacity explosion-proof tank truck, essentially for inflammable, explosive liquids involves motor car chassis with frame, tank with discharge and filling hoses, fasteners and supports, explosion-proof device with safety indicator on breaking element, mounted in tank expansion throat with hatch, and emergency alarm device.EFFECT: invention increases tank-truck explosion safety during transportation of inflammable, explosive liquids.1 cl, 3 dwg

Information system for timely warning about closing (opening) of railway crossing // 2602517
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation and telemechanics for warning drivers of non-rail vehicles on vacancy/occupancy of railway crossings. System comprises an input module and an alarm synthesiser, wherein input module additionally includes cellular communication network subscribers, Internet site, applications for mobile devices and personal computers, and alarm synthesiser further includes an SMS-message server and a network of information displays on crossings.EFFECT: possibility of informing drivers of non-rail vehicles on current state of railway crossings.1 cl, 2 dwg

Snowplow working elements automatic control system // 2602516
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control over railway cleaning equipment. System comprises two transceivers, which antennas are installed on snowplow roof in its head and tail parts and continuously emitting radio signal, irradiating base in horizontal plane with width equal to snowplow width with open wings at specified distance to snowplow. Two Doppler narrowing beams units DOL are performing radio-locating range-finding Doppler processing of reflected signals received by transceivers, computer based information processing and control unit calculates working members position and process obstacles coordinates and generates required combinations of signals levels at corresponding step bipolar electric motor windings. At that, system also includes front shield and side wings spool-type pneumatic valves, front shield and side wings pneumatic cylinders, controlling operation of corresponding working element, and working members position sensors.EFFECT: preventing snowplow working members with process obstacle contact interaction.1 cl, 3 dwg

Elastic damper taking up impact loads, and impact energy absorbing device using said damper // 2602268
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. Elastic damper 1 is made of elastic material in form of workpiece by forming and/or mechanical treatment by cutting. Along damper in non-deformed state outer surface perimeter groove 5 with its flanges 6 inclined to each other is arranged. Place of groove flanges maximum approach is continued by formation of additional groove 9 in damper body. Additional groove is made in form of line of damper body joined surfaces. Impact energy absorbing device comprises housing, in which pressing assembly is arranged in contact with spring-loaded package of elastic dampers.EFFECT: higher compression stroke, as well as increased durability.5 cl, 21 dwg

Support device for holding vertical position of coupling rod articulated with car body bottom frame of rail vehicle // 2602267
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: support device (100) comprises a support (1) made capable to be inserted into contact with coupling rod (51), and holder (2) connected with support and attachable to the lower frame (60) of car body. Support is movable relative to the holder and along the holder at exceeding of critical force acting thereon in vertical direction. Support device additionally comprises a spring mechanism with spring element (3a, 3b, 3c), connected to support and holder by means of force transmission mechanism (10) for elastic element deformation by the support moving relative to the holder. Force transmission mechanism converts the force of elasticity arising as a result of deformation of spring element in supporting force opposite to the force acting on the support. Force transmission mechanism is designed for conversion of the distance made by support moving relative to the holder in deviation of the spring which deforms the spring element when support moves relative to holder. Force transmission mechanism is also made so that asynchronous correlation between characteristic curve of the supporting force and characteristic of the spring elastic element, to decrease support force in working zone of the support device the more the spring element is deformed.EFFECT: preventing damage to the hinged device and/or the lower part of car body.15 cl, 12 dwg

Three-wire device for controlling electric switch mechanism // 2602154
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric switch mechanisms. Three-wire device for controlling electric switch mechanism comprises connected to source of alternating three-phase voltage (1) switching and control unit (2), three-wire line (8), phase-sensitive unit (9), electric motor (16) and automatic circuit breaker (17). Phase-sensitive unit (9) comprises resistors (14) and (15), capacitors (12) and (13), relays (10) and (11) and their contacts (10.1), (10.2), (11.1), (11.2). Outputs of phase-sensitive unit (9) are connected to electric motor (16) and auto-switch (17) of electric switch mechanism.EFFECT: technical result is improved reliability of electric switch mechanism.1 cl, 1 dwg

Signal receiver of track generator application circuit with guide galvanic isolation // 2602108
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway automation and telemechanics. Receiver comprises a capacitor, inductive throttle, insulating transformer, rectifier bridge of diodes, condenser, limiting resistor, light radiator, light guide consisting of light-conducting core made from dielectric material and having a light-proof shell from dielectric material along its whole length, and translucent ends, a photodetector with a sensor which is a phototransistor, is light-insulated from the outside environment and acting as a key in the matching device design.EFFECT: higher protection of electronic equipment of rolling stock control modules.1 cl, 1 dwg

Cabin of public passenger vehicle // 2602010
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment of passenger compartments of vehicles. Vehicle passenger cabin with rows of seats arranged one after another, including seat with backrest, configured for turning working surface relative to vehicle travel direction, and mechanism of their attachment to floor. Each seat is made in form of a single equilateral corner module with similar dimensions of depth of seat and backrest height. Mechanism to fix seat of each row to floor is a sequence of rectangular cross protrusions made on floor, spaced apart on by width of shelf of corner module. Each of seats of row is installed on one of protrusions mounted under seat in rear part of cylindrical hinged support for tripping seat back by an angle of 90°. Two adjacent protrusions on both sides of above-mentioned are equipped with fixed parts of fixing supports-latches, having contact successive interaction with moving parts thereof.EFFECT: higher safety in motion.1 cl, 2 dwg

ultilayer roof stabilization system for prevention of deformation under load during transportation and its manufacturing method // 2602009
FIELD: textile and paper.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to tarpaulins to cover tractors, trailers or trucks, roof stabilization system and its production. Tarpaulin for use as stabilizer, preventing deformation of tractors, trailers and/or trucks, includes dense fabric (15) of base with density of weaving from 5x5 to 12x12 threads/cm2 and reinforcing layers (17, 18) with reinforcing cores, located at least with tilt in lengthwise direction. Tarpaulin comprises intermediate coating, at least one secondary coating, as well as finishing and intermediate stabilizing coating.EFFECT: method of tarpaulin producing involves making base fabric, having dimensional stability, application of intermediate coating, provision of reinforcing layer and application of coatings.15 cl, 8 dwg

High-speed freight car bogie by bodrov // 2602006
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport, particularly, to high-speed freight cars bogies. High-speed freight cars bogie includes two mounted wheels with possibility of wheels independent rotation, braking system and two rigidly connected side frames. Side frames rigid connection is made by horizontal frame. Brake system is made in form of acting on wheel rims side surfaces and partially on their rolling surfaces clamping brake with two pairs of brake pads horizontal holders. Holders ends are supported on horizontal frame with possibility of mutual displacement along bogie and connected with possibility of holders with brake pads arranged in vertical plane oppositely directed transverse displacement. Bell cranks long arms are articulated with car braking system tie rod, and short arms are articulated with holders. On horizontal frame there are means of wobble oscillations suppressing devices. Bell crank axis is fixed in horizontal frame one of transverse beams middle part.EFFECT: enabling reducing vibrations of bogie.1 cl, 8 dwg

System for transmitting information to control objects // 2602001
FIELD: data processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to data exchange systems responsible for exchange of information between devices of automatic control and controlled objects. System comprises first and second multichannel set-transmitters, control unit, linear device first and second communication channels, coded information generator, lock key, control panel, controlled object and monitor. Input of the monitor is connected to the second output of the generator of code information, wherein the controlled objects are configured to generate receipts when performing corresponding control actions, and the linear devices are configured to convert said receipts into messages that are similar to messages transmitted via the first communication channel; additionally the output of each controlled object is connected to the second input of the linear device, and the outputs of the second communication channel depending on the number of controlled objects are connected to the corresponding inputs of the control unit, its second output is connected to the input of the control panel.EFFECT: higher reliability and accuracy of bringing instructions to controlled objects and monitoring the execution of the transmitted control action by the controlled objects.1 cl, 1 dwg