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Pharmaceutical composition containing sildenafil citrate, and method of using it

Invention refers to a new pharmaceutical composition in the form of spray for oral administration, containing an aqueous solution of sildenafil citrate as an active substance in the amount of 3-30 wt %. The composition contains stabilising agents in the form of pharmaceutically acceptable calcium salts taken in an amount required to reduce pH to 3.0 to 6.0. The calcium salts are specified in a group consisting of calcium lactate pentahydrate, calcium lactate trihydrate, calcium gluconate, calcium malate, calcium glycolate, calcium chloride hexahydrate and calcium chloride dihydrate. What is also described is a method for preparing the composition by introducing the pharmaceutically acceptable calcium salts as the stabilising agents into the aqueous solution of sildenafil citrate.

Chaotic vibration generator

Chaotic vibration generator includes a resistive element, first and second bipolar element with capacitive resistance, a bipolar element with inductive resistance and a nonlinear current amplifier.

Launching installation

Invention relates to armoury systems, in particular, to a system of launching of smoke grenades from armoured vehicles. The launching installation comprises a barrel, a breech, in the inner cavity of which on the bushing there are electric coils, and also a base with fixation to the board of the vehicle by a nut. At the end of the wires that conduct electric current to electric coils, there is a socket connector designed for connection to a system of grenade launching control. Connection of parts of heterogeneous materials in the launching installation may be made depending on requirements of dismountability: a helical joint, rolling or other types of mechanical connections. At the same time parts of the launching installation are made of materials in accordance with their functional purpose. For instance, the barrel may be made from light-alloy materials, a bushing - from electric steel, and a breech, a base and a fixture to a vehicle - from structural steel.

Vehicle control manipulator

Proposed manipulator comprises engineman vigilance ACS processor, lever and handle. Handle comprises tubular bed, egg-like head, top and lateral sides, sensory key electrically connected with said processor. Sensory key is arranged at egg-like head. Axis extending through sensory key perpendicular to lateral side, at the level of its location, crosses the drive action plane at the point nearby or the member of the head larger axis. In compliance with another version, said handle is symmetric relative to mirror plane including the drive action direction and distance from sensory key to mirror plane is smaller than 25 mm. Besides, support element relative to which the handle displaces. Note here that at control position distance from sensory key to support element is smaller than or equals 95 mm.

Power plant with variable thrust vector

Invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly, to aircraft engine control systems. Proposed poser plant comprises engine frame, engine engaged via transmission with propulsor and propulsor turn drive. Transmission consists of the shaft arranged in the beam to engage the engine with propulsor reduction gear input shaft. All power plant components are arranged at integral engine frame. Said beam can turn about transmission shaft axis. Note here that beam part blown in cross-section features symmetric streamlined profile while its cross-section is always directed along screw airflow at whatever turn angle. Power plant can comprise two engines each being engaged via its transmission with common shaft and can be equipped with second propulsor arranged at the right of left of the engine. Note here that every propulsor is connected with its reduction gear by turn beam. Said propulsors can be composed of coaxial screws connected by T-shape reduction gearbox with shaft arranged in turn beam.

Bearing (versions) adapted for retention of step and method of step retention

Invention relates to bearing, step retainer and to retention of step in said bearing. Bearing comprises the ring with retaining head (44). Step (34) arranged in said ring has lower recess (42) to accommodate retaining head (44) and to turn thereat while retaining appliance retains step (34) in preset space in said ring. Retaining appliance can apply retaining force to said step (34) in addition to force acting between retaining head (44) and step (34). Retaining force acts if radial direction of the ring, from its centre.

Combined anti-ice system

Combined anti-ice system consists of a thermal device located under skin of wing leading edge, and movable flap. The flap is installed at a distance of 1-2 maximum thicknesses of profile from the leading edge. The flap turns by an angle of 20°. Flap surface and surface of the wing in front of the flap are coated with superhydrophobic coating, preventing the formation of barrier ice.

Ultrasonic doppler audio device for monitoring blood flow with pitch shifting

Imaging system comprises an ultrasound probe, operating at an ultrasonic Doppler transmission frequency f0, a Doppler demodulator which produces Doppler shift signals from the velocity of blood flow in an audio frequency band, a Doppler information display, an audio Doppler system, responsive to the Doppler shift signals, which produces a pitch-shifted Doppler audio signal without changing the displayed blood flow velocity. A Doppler audio system is responsive to a user control device in order to shift the pitch of Doppler-shifted signals by a fraction or whole number of cycles in order to maintain the tone quality of Doppler audio signals.

Protective container for independent research hardware

Invention relates to protective means at transportation and docking/separation of spacecraft and their parts, particularly, to CubeSat-type hardware (pico-satellite, PS). Container housing (1) comprises four lateral walls with guides of C-like cross-section at inner surface of two opposite walls. Said guides cover PD side ribs at transportation. Rear wall (3) with container carrier handle (6) is provided with captive screws (7) to lock PS inside the housing. Turn cover (5) is secured at housing (1) with the help of lead-in frame and provided with service cover (17). Closed cover (5) is locked by captive screws (8) while open cover is locked by permanent magnet with bracket (10). Opposite polarity compensation magnet (12) is located on opposite wall. PS delivered in container aboard the spaceship, in particular ISS, is tested and placed outside the station sealed compartment for long-term experiments in open space. After said tests, PS is placed on the container and returned to the earth. To launch the PS to open space, turn cover (5) is opened and locked by magnet. Then, astronaut pushes container by handle (6) in direction of PS separation.

Production of resilient-like aircraft models at nc machine tools

Invention relates to analysis of aircraft aeroelasticity in wind tunnel. In making of aircraft models at NC tools, preliminary and verification calculations of the frame mathematical model. Obtained results are used to produce the frame from steel of aluminium alloy by high-speed honing at NC tool with allowance for similarity of mass-inertia and stiffness characteristics of structural frame with that natural frame of aircraft. Bottom shaping surface of the model is machine together with structural frame at NC tool. To produce outer lines of the model shaping surface, fused material with low modulus of elasticity is sprayed on premade frame. Final shaping of the model upper airfoil is performed at high-speed low-moment honing at NC tool with the help of complete mathematical model.

Application of carboxymethylcellulose for control of pressability and hardening time of compositions, containing one or more ceramic materials

Invention relates to a set, containing calcium sulphate hemihydrates, pressed particles of calcium sulphate dehydrate, additionally containing one or more therapeutically, preventively and/or diagnostically active substances, and sodium-carboxymethylcellulose (Na-CMC) and a water medium, including water. The ratio R of sodium-carboxymethylcellulose and calcium sulphate in the set constitutes from 0.1 mg of sodium-carboxymethylcellulose (calculated as Na-CMC)/g of calcium sulphate to 8 mg of sodium-carboxymethylcellulose (calculated as Na-CMC)/g of calcium sulphate. When mixed, the said components of the set form a bioresorbable ceramic composition. The invention also relates to the application of the set for the treatment of a disease or condition, associated with prostate. Also claimed is a composition ready for application in the form of a paste for introduction to a patient during the time period from 5 minutes to 1 hour before hardening, obtained by mixing the components of the set. Also claimed are: a hardened composition and a method of obtaining the hardened composition or the composition ready for application.

Method and construct for modelling dental bracket

Method for modelling a dental bracket comprises the following stages: making a dental model and drawing crossing base lines, making basic units comprising the crossing base lines and designated by a series number, placing and fixing the dental bracket in the basic unit, attaching each of the basic units together with the respective dental bracket to the dental model on the basis of the crossing base lines, adjusting the position of the dental brackets, connecting each of the basic units by means of a light cured composite together, forming sequences of the connected basic units, disconnecting each of the sequences of the connected basic units together with the respective dental bracket, connected to the basic unit, and the dental model, attaching each of the sequences directly to each respective section of the patient's teeth to be aligned, mounting a flexible element coupled to each of the basic units on each of the dental brackets after applying an adhesive layer, once the adhesive layer has hardened, and removing each of the basic units from the respective dental bracket. A construct for modelling the dental bracket comprises the dental model, the sequence of the basic units, the dental brackets and the flexible elements. The dental model comprises the crossing base lines and is made according to the patient's dental profile. The sequence of the basic units comprises a section of a horizontal hook and a vertical section having a bending guide groove. The central point comprises a vertical aligning slot to form a cross-shaped base line, which matches with the respective crossing base line of the dental model for matching the position of the dental brackets. The dental brackets are bound and fixed by means of the flexible elements. The dental brackets are inserted into the vertical sections of the basic units.

Wave power station

Invention refers to hydropower industry and can be applied in wave and tide power plants, and as shore protection structure. Wave power station includes vertical guide racks, cross-beam between them, bearing two turbine plants separated by space. Cross-beam can move in vertical direction on the racks to the turbine plant submersion depth depending on wave height. Additionally the wave power plant includes two dams between which waves pass, reflecting screens directing water stream to turbine plants and mounted on the cross-beam made in the form of metal frame, and one-side gate valves mounted on the dam ends. One turbine plant can be operated by a wave approaching the shore while the other plant can use retreating wave.

Locking crimp ring

Invention relates to quick-release couplings. The device has housing, which is disposed around the pipeline, and in which there is a keyslot for minimizing rotation of the pipeline. Crimping mean retains the pipeline and prevents its rotation. Crimping mean has a key, matched with keyslot, so that the housing doesn't rotate around the crimping mean.

Hydraulic ram

Hydraulic ram comprises water source 1 parted by the web with tubular pipe 3. The latter is connected with accumulation chamber 4 accommodating curved rotary gate 5 with float 10 to shut off the outlet of pipe 3 aligned with open inlet 14 of feed pipe 13. Gate 5 has outlet 11 arranged at its bottom and shutoff by check valve 12 of the side of pipe 3. End of feed pipe 13 has chamber 17 to accommodated air cap 35 and impact valve 18. Said valve 18 makes a throttle connected with float 19 in adjustment chamber 26 Said web is arranged on the side of discharge pipe 27 and composed of suction board 29 that allows its adjustment to develop required difference between levels.

Method of producing enantiomerically rich 1-ethyl-(3r)-phenylaluminacyclopentane

Invention relates to organometallic synthesis, specifically to a method of producing enantiomerically rich 1-ethyl-(3R)-phenylaluminacyclopentane (1) . The method includes reacting a styrene with triethylaluminium (AlEt3) in the presence of an enantiomerically pure catalyst of bis(1-neo-menthylene dienyl)zirconium dichloride ( I n d 2 * Z r C l 2 ). The reaction is carried out in molar ratio styrene:AlEt3: I n d 2 * Z r C l 2 = 25:(29-31):2 at room temperature (22°C) for 24 hours without a solvent.

Amide derivative

Invention relates to compounds of formula (I) , where R1 is a hydrogen atom or a C1-C6-alkyl group, substituted with one or two substitutes selected from C1-C6-alkoxy group, hydroxyl group, which can be substituted with a C1-C6-alkylcarbonyl group (substituted with one or two substitutes γ), and a 4-6-member saturated monocyclic heterocyclic carbonyl group containing a N atom; γ is a hydroxyl group, amino group, di(C1-C6-alkyl)amino group and carbamoyl group; R2 is a H atom or a C1-C6alkyl group, which can be substituted with a hydroxyl group; or R1 and R2, together with the nitrogen atom with which they are bonded, can be combined to form an azetidine group, a pyrrolidine group or morpholine group, which can be substituted with one hydroxyl group or a hydroxy-C1-C6-alkyl group; R3 and R4 is a C1-C6-alkyl group; R5 is a halogen atom or a C1-C6-alkyl group; R6 is a halogen atom; m and n denote an integer from 0 to 1; V and W are CH; X, Y and Z each independently can be CH or N. The invention also relates to a pharmaceutical composition containing a compound of formula (I), use of the compound of formula (I) and a method of treating sugar diabetes a disease associated with diabetes.

Method of obtaining 3-aryl-1,5,3-dithiazocanes

Invention relates to a method of obtaining 3-aryl-1,5,3-dithiazocanes of formula where R=H (a), m-CH3 (b), p-CH3 (c), o-OCH3 (d), m-OCH3 (e), p-OCH3 (f), o-NO2 (g), m-NO2 (h), p-NO2 (i), consisting in the interaction of N,N-bis(methoxymethyl)-N-arylamine (aryl=phenyl, m- and p-methylphenyl, o-, m- and p-methoxyphenyl, o-, m- and p-nitrophenyl) with 1,3-propanedithiol in the presence of a catalyst Sm(NO3)3 ·6H2O in a molar ratio N,N-bis(methoxymethyl)-N-arylamine: 1,3-propanedithiol:Sm(NO3)3·6H2O=10:10:(0.3-0.7) at room (~20°C) temperature and atmospheric pressure in chloroform as a solvent for 30-60 minutes.

Method of obtaining tetraalkyl-substituted furans

Invention relates to a method of obtaining tetraalkyl-substituted furans of general formula (1) , where R=C2H5, C3H7, C4H9; R'=CH3, C3H7, characterised by the fact that dialkylacetylene of general formula R-C≡C-R, where R=C2H5, C3H7, C4H9, is subjected to interaction with a double excess of ester of general formula R'CO2R", where R'=CH3, C3H7;R"=C2H5, C5H11, and ethylaluminiumdichloride (EtAlCl2) in the presence of magnesium (Mg, powder) and a catalyst Cp2TiCl2 in a molar ratio of RC≡CR:R'CO2R":EtAlCl2:Mg:Cp2TiCl2=10:20:(20-30):(10-14):(0.8-1.2), in tetrahydrofuran in argon atmosphere at 60°C and under atmospheric pressure for 4-8 h. The said compounds are of interest as initial synthons for the creation of biologically active compounds of the medicinal and agricultural purpose, demonstrating antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-tumour, painkilling, anticonvulsant properties.

Method of obtaining allobetulin

Invention relates to a method of obtaining allobetulin (19β,28-epoxy-18α-oleanan-3β-ol) by the isomerisation of betulin under the action of an acidic agent in an organic solvent, with isomerisation being carried out in chloroform under the action of a strong acidic cationite Amberlist 15, which contains strong acidic sulphogroup in its structure, at 25°C for 5 h.

Method of obtaining copper [n,n'-bis(dimethylaminomethyl)-thiourea oxalate]sulfate pentahydrate as preparation for fighting soil and seed-surface infection

Invention relates to method of obtaining copper [N,N'-bis(dimethylaminomethyl)-thiourea oxalate]sulfate pentahydrate of general formula (1) as preparation for fighting soil and seed-surface infection. Essence of method consists in interaction of N,N,N',N'-tetramethylmethylenediamine (bisamine) with thiourea in mole ratio bisamine:thiourea=(20-30):10, at temperature 30-50°C for 1.5-2.5 h with further removal of bisamine excess and addition of water solutions of oxalic acid (COOH)2 and copper sulfate (CuSO4·5H2O) in equimolar to thiourea quantity and mixing for 10 min.

Ski poles

Movement with the above travelpath with ski poles is achieved in that the rods of the poles in the support elements and pikes are provided with the locking resilient-elastic devices with the ability of avoiding the interaction of the support elements of the poles and the pikes with the track at the dragging the poles on the track after the push, at that the resilient-elastic devices are made with the ability of unseparated sliding when dragging on the track, regulating and fixing them in length of the rods, and the surfaces of the elastic device in contact with the track are made with a small coefficient of sliding friction.

Circular roller

Circular roller consists of stiff ring and carriage arranged therein. This carriage has foot support and roller supports composed of one band hyperboloids and hand steering element. The latter is composed of two stiff arcs with convexities directed outward in the plane perpendicular to the ring plane and rigidly connected by their lower sides to said carriage and by their upper sides to roller support. Stiff ring has protector composed of endless coil spring of elastically pliable material coiled on stiff ring. Roller supports are configured to combine the gear functions approximating to worm gears of spring-hear transmission. They are fitted in place in pairs and mutually perpendicular at three frames, mid plane on each being directed to the ring rotation axis. Note he that said spring can be made of the material with shape memory.

Method of extinguishing forest fires

Method comprises feeding combustible gas propane or butane to the zone of the fire source simultaneously with non-combustible gas in the ratio of 1:0.2.

Kochetov's foam generator

Disc of nozzle sprayer is made by two surfaces, one surface looking on the diffuser is curvilinear surface. Curved line of n order is used as line creating this surface, and second surface is plane.

Device for training neck muscles

Invention relates to device for training athletes, in particular, for training neck muscles. Technical result is achieved by device for training neck muscles, which contains platform, seat, installed on platform, means for protection of person's head and means for creating loading. On platform additionally installed are at least four supports, connected in the upper part by means of brackets, from two sides from seat to supports with rests for hands, in front of seat support for digital indicator. Seat is installed with possibility to regulate its height. Means for creating loading is made in form of hollow case with base for fixation on bracket and cover with hole; inside working cavity of case placed is piston with built-in tensosensor and rod, between piston and base in cavity placed is spring; screw thread, interacting with nut, installed in cover hole is made on rod, with handle for rod travel being fixed on rod end. One means for creating loading is fixed on each bracket, with each means for creating loading being connected by means of rope with means for head protection via node of rope tightening and fixation, with one end of rope being connected with means for creating loading, and one end of rope is connected with means for creating loading through spring with piston, and the other end - with means for head protection through detachable unit.

Device for cooling breathing mixture of self-contained apparatus

Compression-type refrigeration device is used as the cold source for the breathing mixture, with a compressing element (compressor) of the device being made in the form of elastic chambers located under the sole of the shoe, and the energy of the human foot is used as a source of mechanical energy of the device.

System, method and capsule for beverage preparation

System for beverage preparation with usage of a product being extracted contains a replaceable capsule, a device containing a receptacle socket for the replaceable capsule retaining and a device for fluid medium output into the capsule under pressure. The capsule contains a rigid peripheral wall, a bottom, covering the peripheral wall at the first end, and a covering element covering the peripheral wall at the second end. The wall, the bottom and the covering element limit the inner space containing the product being extracted. The bottom contains an input zone. The device for the fluid medium output is designed so that to communicate (via the fluid medium) with the input zone for the fluid medium supplying into the beverage preparation product being extracted. The covering element contains an output zone. The system contains an output that, during usage, communicates with the output zone via the fluid medium. The receptacle socket is designed so that to enable the beverage output from the replaceable capsule through the output zone containing a filter layer represented by a layer of a non-woven and/or woven fibrous material and containing at least one first area where the non-woven and/or woven fibrous material is sealed for prevention of liquid output through the said area and multiple second areas where the non-woven and/or woven fibrous material is not sealed for ensuring the liquid output through the said area.

Centifugal swirl atomiser of kochstar type

In centrifugal swirl atomiser containing casing, captive nut, insert with contracting along the flow tangential channels, vortex chamber, nozzle and disc adjacent to the insert end from side of the tangential channels; at that the insert and disc are made out of metal-ceramics; the entry edges of the tangential channels are rounded, the end surface of the captive nut has central hole axisymmetric to the casing, the hole has cylindrical and cone parts, and insert has at least three tangential channels located in plane at right angle to the casing axis, and vortex chamber connected with the tangential channels, coaxial with casing orifice in the bottom part of the insert, and disc adjacent to the insert end from side of the tangential channels at right angle to the casing axis; the liquid flow spreader is connected to the captive nut end axisymmetric to the casing, the spreader is in form of the perforated cone shell with base secured by screws on the end surfaces of the captive nut; at that tip of the cone surfaces of the shell is directed from the liquid vortex, and in spreader bottom part the spherical perforated segment is secured such that tip of the cone shell coincides with centre of the spherical surface of the perforated segment.

Tobacco raw material treatment device

Invention relates to a tobacco raw material treatment device that contains: a cylinder containing a tobacco raw material, a sprayer means through which fog is sprayed that precipitates onto the tobacco raw material and a pair of moving plates provided for in proximity to the spraying means, such plates protruding in front of the spraying means for the reduction of the spraying means spraying area and being retracted away from the spraying means front side for an increase of the spraying means spraying area.

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