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Reliable broadcast delivery of communications in land-based seismic surveying

Invention relates to geophysics and can be used in land-based seismic survey. The disclosed method for use in land-based seismic survey includes a step of transmitting a plurality of source control commands to a plurality of seismic sources over a VHF/IP network using a UDP without a storage state. Congestion on the VHF/IP network is managed using the UDP while transmitting the source control commands. The invention also discloses a program storage medium encoded with instructions which, when executed by a processor, execute said method and a computer programmed to execute said method of transmitting seismic data.

Gas release process for inspection of coated surfaces

Invention relates to production of coated vessels for storage of biologically active compounds or blood. Besides, it relates to method of coating process product inspection. In compliance with this process, release of at least one volatile matter from the coat surface into gas nearby said surface is measured. Result of said measurement is compared with at least one reference object measured at the same test conditions. Proposed method is suitable for inspection of whatever vessels with coating. Besides, in covers its application of PECVD-coatings made from organic silicon precursors, in particular, barrier coatings.

Two-terminal device parameter bridge meter

This bridge meter comprises feed pulse generator with voltage variation during their duration with tn, where n at separate equalisation takes on values of 0, 1, 2, and 3, bridge circuit and zero-indicator. Said bridge circuit comprises two-terminal device with balanced resistors that make the bridge circuit second branch. Also, it comprises extra capacitor and two extra resistors. Note here that all extra elements are interconnected in series. Free terminal of capacitor is connected with pulse generator output. Free terminal of second resistor is grounded while bridge second branch second capacitor is connected to common terminal of extra resistors. Common terminal of 3rd, 4th, and 5th resistors of bridge second branch make the bridge circuit output 2nd terminal. This terminal is connected with differential input of zero-indicator. Second, fourth and both extra resistors are adjustable. Functional elements make target parameters, that is, first and second resistances of resistors and first and second capacitance of capacitors.

Improved security system for screening people

Scanning system has two scanning modules that are placed in parallel, yet opposing positions relative to each other. The two modules are spaced to allow a subject, such as a person, to stand and pass between the two scanning modules. The first module and second module each include a radiation source (such as X-ray radiation) and a detector array. The person under inspection stands between the two modules such that the front side of the person faces one module and the back side of the person faces the other module.

Procedure for pulsed neutron logging and facility for its implementation

Rocks are irradiated by pulses of a fast neutron generator, inelastic gamma ray spectrometry (IGRS) for neutrons and The device for pulsed neutron logging is also claimed, and the device comprises a fast neutron generator placed in a protective casing, a scintillation gamma-ray detector coupled optically to a photomultiplier tube, a screen between the fast neutron generator and scintillation gamma-ray detector, an analogue-code converter, the central processing unit, a receiver-transmitter unit, the first and second memory units, a high-voltage software-programmable unit characterised by equipment with an auxiliary time-mode control unit for the fast neutron generator.

Setup for sample compression tests for long-term and short-term loading

Setup includes top and bottom cross-beams attached to bars and intermediate cross-beam with fulcrum ball, installed between them and enabling movement, nuts on bars, loading system including medium pressure source, sample loading piston in cylindrical hollow of the bottom cross-beam, sealed chamber under the piston, connected to the pressure source, piston limiting ring attached to the bottom cross-beam. Additionally, the setup features thrust bearings mounted on bars between the top cross-beam and nuts, and the sealed chamber is made in the form of metal bellow.

Electromagnetic flowmeter of liquid metals

Electromagnetic flowmeter of liquid metals comprises a cylindrical tube made of nonmagnetic material, electrodes and inductor. At that there is a protective casing made of nonmagnetic stainless steel in the form of a hollow cylinder with a diameter greater than the diameter of the tube and mounted coaxially with the tube, to which it is fixed with two metal jumpers in contact with their outer surface to the tube and the inner surface of the protective casing along line intersecting the channel diameter in the central area of the tube cross section perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field generated by the inductor which is located outside the protective casing, and the electrodes are welded to the outer surface of the protective casing.

Process parameter transmitter with display

Process parameter transmitter for application in industrial process parameter measuring includes display, case, process parameter sensor configured to perceive an industrial process parameter, transmitter circuit configured to produce transmitter output signal, and connecting element in a case, configured to connect to the transmitter circuit. First rotating connector in connection element includes multiple first conductors. Display module includes second rotation connector with multiple second conductors. Multiple first and second conductors are configured for electrical connection. This device implements respective method of display connection to terminal unit.

Determination of gold ore deposition industrial mineralisation boundaries

Geological sampling is made according to test grid. Samples are prepared by crushing, grinding, reduction, division and taking analytical samples. Gold content is defined in analytical samples. Rich and lean sections of gold ore deposit sections are isolated with allowance for accepted conditions. Industrial mineralisation of gold ore deposit is delineated. Then extra geological samples are taken at lean sections at least three paces from the boundary of rich section. Extra geological samples are prepared. Analytical samples are taken in weight at least twice as heavy as the main analytical sample. Every extra analytical sample is processed in centrifugal field with at centripetal acceleration over 25 units of free fall acceleration to produce concentrates and tails. Gold content is defined in said concentrates and tails to calculate it in terms of appropriate extra sample. Results of said calculations are used to refer said section to industrial mineralisation with refinement of delineation.

Photo-ionisation detector for gas analysers

Proposed detector comprises UV lamp with flat outlet opening. Flow-through chamber is arranged above said opening and composed by two disc electrodes. These are arranged one above the other and made of metals with different work function and separated by ring-like fluoroplastic washer. Besides, it comprises electrometer whereto connected are electrodes and signal detector registrator connected to electrometer output. Lower electrode has central bore while upper electrode has analysed gas flow intake channel. In compliance with this invention, said detector incorporates extra flat heater arranged at upper electrode for heat contact therewith. Cylinder made of heat-insulating dielectric material is arranged between lower electrode and lamp flat outlet opening so that cylinder mirror axis is aligned with that of flow-through chamber. Said cylinder has central bore and analysed gas discharge flow communicated with said opening. Note here that upper electrode bottom surface is coated with palladium-bearing material.

Antireflection optical device and method of making standard mould

Device has a base and a plurality of convex and concave structural elements arranged on the surface of the base with spacing which is equal to or less than the wavelength of visible light. The structural elements form a plurality of tracks and form a structure of a quadrangular or quasi-quadrangular array. In one version, each structural element has the shape of an elliptical or truncated elliptical cone, the long axis of which is parallel to the track. In another version, the ratio ((2r/P1)×100) of the diameter 2r to the spacing P1 is 127% or higher, where P1 is the spacing between structural elements on the same track, and 2r is the diameter of the lower surface of the structural element in the direction of the track. The method is carried out by forming a resist layer on the peripheral surface of a columnar or cylindrical standard mould, forming latent images via interrupted irradiation of the resist layer with a laser beam while rotating the standard mould with relative displacement of the laser beam spot parallel to its central axis, forming a resist structure via development thereof and forming structural elements by etching using the resist structure as a mask.

N-terminal device parameter bridge meter

Bridge meter comprises generator, four-branch bridge circuit and zero-indicator. Bridge circuit consists of two branches, first branch incorporating first and second multi-element two-terminal devices connected in series. Second branch incorporates signal resistor and terminals for tested object. Each of two multi-element two-terminal devices on first branch makes the C-R through circuit. Note here that total number of extra through circuits makes [ n 2 − 2 ] at even number of elements n in two-terminal device of tested object starting from the third through circuit. In the latter case, last C-R circuit is complete. At uneven number of elements b, the number of extra through circuits makes [ n + 1 2 − 2 ] also starting form third through circuit. In this case the last through circuit is incomplete and comprises only one capacitor connected parallel with resistor of penultimate through circuit. Every next C-R through circuit is connected in parallel with the resistor of previous C-R through circuit. The number of elements in first branch two-terminal device makes the number of elements n in two-terminal device of tested object.

Device for inductive winding diagnostics

Device for inductive winding diagnostics includes three-phase transformer with adjustable voltage of secondary winding connected in delta pattern, with one winding output connected by serial conductor to auxiliary circuit including serial ammeter with capacitor of variable capacity, shunted by a switch, and to the first of three outputs of inductive winding, while second output of inductive winding is connected directly to second output of secondary winding of three-phase transformer.

Measurement of deviation of planes location relative to centre of outer spherical surface

Proposed method consists in fitting the locating element with taper hole at mounting face. Counter is placed on locating element to provided for probe spread relative to taper hole axis and perpendicularity of probe and hole axes. Measurement object is fitted by its spherical surface in taper hole so that measured surfaces are located on opposite sides of taper hole axis and probe contacts with first measured surface. Measurement object is swung in taper hole to ensure the probed working surface fit with said first measurement surface. Counter readings are taken. Measurement object is refitted in locating element. Measurement jobs are repeated. Counter second readings are taken. Departure from preset spacing from measured surfaces to spherical surface centre are defined by counter readings while by their half-difference departure from symmetry of surface relative said centre is defined.

Method of measuring thermal effects using differential modulation scanning calorimeter and calorimeter therefor

Two identical test samples are placed in the chambers of a differential calorimeter and modulating action is applied on the calorimeter chambers differentially. As a result, detected thermal effects caused by the reverse component of the reaction of the samples to the modulating effect are summed, thereby increasing sensitivity. The calorimeter for carrying out the disclosed method employs a calorimeter thermal arrangement with thermal flux compensation. The device has chambers which are equipped with temperature sensors in form of thermocouples, one of the materials of which is the material of the chamber itself and remote separate LED based heaters. The disclosed system of selecting the reverse component of thermal effect using synchronous detectors outputs a signal containing full information on the amplitude and phase of the selected reversible component.

Angular velocity range extension for open-circuit fibre-optic gyro

Fibre-optic gyro comprises fibre ring interferometer and electronic data processing unit. The latter comprises sync detector to isolate spinning signal and electronic device for accumulated data division at sync detector output to permanent signal component at sync detector input. Mismatch signal zeroing feedback circuit includes auxiliary FM voltage generator. Angular velocities are measured at Sagnac phase difference variation in the range of ±[(0÷π/4)] rad; ±[(3π/4+2πn)÷(5π/4+2πn)] rad; ±[(7π/4+2πn)÷(9π/4+2πn)] rad, where n=0, 1, 2…. Ring interferometer beam phase difference modulation is used as a intermittent series of rectangular pulses with amplitude of ±π/2 rad and ±3π/2 rad. Angular velocities are measured at Sagnac phase difference variation in the range of ±[(π/4+2πn)÷(3π/4+2πn)] rad and ±[(5π/4+2πn)+(7π/4+2πn)] rad. Ring interferometer beam phase difference modulation is used as a intermittent series of rectangular pulses with amplitude of 0 rad and ±π rad.

Measurement of pressure differences in hydraulic drive with flexible pipe at estimation of hydraulic system state

This method consists in fitting the measuring element composed by force transducer or displacement transducer on flexible pipe outer surface with preload of 300-400 N and feeding of measured pressure medium. Measured pressure medium flowing in pipe for 5-10 seconds, measured magnitude is fixed and obtained readings are calibrated. Variation of forces or displacements caused by pre-compressed flexible pipe to act on measuring element is fixed to define the pressure in hydraulic drive.

Method of measuring oxygen concentration in gas mixtures

Method of measuring oxygen concentration in gas mixtures includes optical excitation of dye molecules by a scheme of recording dynamic holographic gratings, oxygen quenching of triplet states of the said molecules and measurement of oxygen concentration. Measurement of oxygen concentration is carried out by registration of intensity and spectrum of radiation, generated by a laser with a distributed feedback, pumping of which is realised through a recorded holographic grating.

Electromagnetic radiator of seismic shear waves

Disclosed is a radiator of seismic shear waves which consists of a radiating platform with ground lugs, an electromagnetic drive, an armature and a housing. The electromagnetic drive is in form of a base and two inductors placed in grooves on the base at an angle of 90° to each other. The magnetic core of the armature, which is in form of an isosceles triangular prism, is freely suspended on springs between the housing of the radiator and the base of the drive.

Pressure transducer

Outputs of stabilised feed of sensory bridge are connected with ADC and sensory bridge inputs while sensory bridge outputs are connected with normalising amplifier. Adder output is connected with normalising amplifier input. Amplifier output is connected with DAC1 input. Output of the latter is connected with input of inertia-free compensator of the main error while its output is connected with supply and reference voltage output signal shaper input. One output of supply and reference voltage output signal shaper is connected with sensory bridge stabilised voltage feed source while it second output is connected with DAC2 and ADC second input while third output of said shaper is connected to adder second input. ADC output is connected with the input of microcontroller its outputs being connected with second inputs of DAC1 and DAC2.

Method of personal autonomous navigation

Based on the received inertial information the course, pitch and roll are calculated by the algorithms of the analytical gyro-horizon-latitudinal compassing of the geographic latitude and orientation parameters of the object base. At that in addition to two channels of inertial measurement the third channel is formed on the basis of identification of the magnetic properties of the object base, measuring the magnetic field strength vector of the Earth (MFE), its correction and comparing of the estimates of the MFE strength vectors.

Method of detecting hidden defects on lsi reading arrays

Method includes opening windows on a silicon wafer with non-defective reading LSI in the protective oxide layer to metal-coated areas of MOS transistor sources, depositing an indium layer, forming indium regions in form of bands insulated from each other and directed perpendicular to the drain buses which short-circuit MOS transistor sources with each other in each band, monitoring operation of a multiplexer to detect drains with hidden defects by short-circuiting the indium bands on the wafer and then forming indium microcontacts. Defects are searched for only within that band where leakage is detected.

Method for geodetic measurement of engineering objects and device for realising said method

Disclosed is a method for high-precision measurement of engineering objects with scanning laser systems using software for controlling and processing results on two coordinates in real time and a device for realising said method. A scanning laser beam defines the reference direction in real time using a mathematical tool best adapted to geodetic measurements and enabling to take one-dimensional equally accurate measurements at multiple points of the investigated object, lying in line.

Column wheel for chronograph, chronograph and clock with chronograph having said wheel

Column wheel (1) for a chronograph comprises: a ratchet (2) equipped with a plurality of teeth (3), the shape of which determines the direction of rotation of the column wheel; a top part of the structure which is coaxial with the wheel and has axial symmetry of the order n>=3, wherein the peripheral part of the top part of the structure forms n columns (10), parallel to the axis of the wheel and distributed substantially along the circumference of the ratchet (2), wherein each column has an outer part whose cross-section is substantially in the form of a truncated triangle, having a base substantially parallel to the circumference of the wheel, a front side (12), called the front edge, and a rear side (13), called the rear edge and directed from the base into the wheel. The column wheel is characterised by that said cross-section is asymmetric, wherein the first angle α between the front edge (12) and the base (14) is less than the second angle β between the base and the rear edge (13).

Spring motor for clocks and clock with spring motor

Spring motor for clocks, having a means of bringing a spring into a tension state and a spring, one end of which is attached to the means of bringing the spring into a tension state when winding, and the other end is adapted to be coupled with a means of transferring energy of rotary motion of a clock mechanism, according to the invention, has a coiled torsion spring capable of storing energy of rotary motion when the spring is wound to bring the spring into a tension state and transferring energy of rotary motion when the spring unwinds to the means of transferring energy of rotary motion to the clock mechanism. The means of bringing the spring into a tension state is in form of a shaft placed inside the spring, attached by one end to one end of the spring and the other end of which is attached to the means of transferring energy of rotary motion to the clock mechanism. A winding wheel with a dog is mounted at the end of the shaft to prevent unwinding of the spring when the shaft turns when bringing the spring into a tension state and fixing the shaft when unwinding the spring. In different versions, the clocks can be made with clock hands, tourbillon, calendar devices or with devices for indicating planetary phases, e.g. moon phases or sunrise/sunset time.


Cartridge mounted with the ability to remove in the main housing of the image forming device, comprising a casing for placement the developer in it, at that the casing has a first sidewall and a second sidewall. These two walls face each other, the passive unit for reflection a driving force from the operating output unit provided in the main housing. The passive unit is mounted on the first sidewall and is made with the ability of rotation about the first axial line extending in the direction opposite to that in which the first sidewall and the second sidewall face each other, and the detected body mounted on the first sidewall and having the detected part, which is detected by the detecting unit provided in the main housing. The detected body is protruded outwards in the opposite direction with respect to the first sidewall by the driving force reflected by the passive unit and retracts inwards in the opposite direction with respect to the first sidewall.

Boron-containing iii-nitride light-emitting device

Invention relates to semiconductor light-emitting devices. The structure includes a III-nitride semiconductor structure comprising a light-emitting region located between an n-type region and a p-type region, wherein at least one layer in the light-emitting region is a Bx(InyGa1-y)1-xN light-emitting layer, 0.06≤x≤0.08 and 0.1≤y≤0.14, having a band gap energy and a bulk lattice constant corresponding to a lattice constant of a relaxed layer having the same composition as the Bx(InyGa1-y)1-xN light-emitting layer; an InGaN layer having the same band gap energy as the Bx(InyGa1-y)1-xN layer, has a bulk lattice constant corresponding to a lattice constant of a relaxed layer having the same composition as the InGaN layer; and the bulk lattice constant of the Bx(InyGa1-y)1-xN layer is less than the bulk lattice constant of the InGaN layer.

Multielement terahertz radiation generator

Multielement terahertz radiation generator includes test sample, femtosecond laser, multielement emitter where element emitter is made in the form of crystal semiconductor with sputtered metal mask forming sharp laser illumination gradient for crystal semiconductor layer. On the boundary of illuminated and shaded parts of semiconductor layer, a sharp gradient of photoexcited charge carrier concentration is formed parallel to the semiconductor surface. In addition the device includes elliptical mirror forming a focused terahertz radiation beam, while multielement emitter includes a raster of cylindrical microlenses distributing laser radiation between element emitters and illuminating only those semiconductor layer areas involved in terahertz radiation generation. The metal mask is made in the form of flat metal stripes.

Video altimeter

Invention relates to instrumentation, particularly, to avionics. Video altimeter comprises radiation transmitter composed by two parallel linear light sources, radiation receiver composed by TV camera with lens and position sensitive light receiver matrix. Besides it includes indicator composed by video monitor.

Active material for optically pumped maser and optically pumped maser

Invention relates to quantum electronics. The active material for an optically pumped maser includes a silicon carbide crystal with paramagnetic vacancy defects. The optically pumped maser includes a microwave generator (1), a circulator (2), a magnet (3) between the poles of which there is a resonator (4) with a translucent window (5), an active material (6) in form of a silicon carbide crystal with paramagnetic vacancy defects, placed inside the resonator (4), and a pulsed or continuous light source (7), optically connected through the translucent window (5) of the resonator (4) to the active material (6).

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