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Solid lubricant material for abrasive processing

Invention relates to a solid lubricant material for abrasive processing, which contains stearic acid, molybdenum disulphide, additionally contains superdispersed powder of diatomite, soaked with mineral oil with surface-active substances and chemically-active additives and superdispersed powder of a diamond-graphite charge with the following component ratio, wt %: diatomite powder - 15 - 25; molybdenum disulphide 10-15; diamond-graphite charge powder - 0.1-1; stearic acid - the remaining part.

Liquid alkaline washing preparation for metal cleaning

Invention relates to technological processes with the application of washing preparations, in particular in the metallurgical industry for cleaning of hard-rolled metal-roll in rolls on units of continuous processing from oils, rolling emulsols, lubricants, carbonaceous pollutions. Described is a liquid alkaline washing preparation, which contains sodium hydroxide, trisubstituted sodium phosphate, complexon (aqueous disodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or aqueous trisodium salt of hydroxyethylidendiphosphonic acid), a washing surface-active agent Berol DGR 81, additionally contains potassium hydroxide, a washing surface-active agent Berol LFG 61, a mixture of polyoxyethylated ethers of monoethanelamides of synthetic fatty acids of fraction C7-C17, propylene glycol and an antifoaming additive Biomol DF -63 with the following component ratio, g/l: sodium hydroxide 2.05-3.4, potassium hydroxide 1.5-2.5 sodium phosphate trisubstituted 0.08-0.13, aqueous complexon-disodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, aqueous or aqueous trisodium salt of hydroxyethylidendiphosphoric acid 0.16-0.28, washing surface-active agent Berol DGR 81 - optimised mixture of nonionic SAS of alcohol ethoxylates and alkylglucosides 0.12-0.2, washing surface-active agent Berol LFG 61 - optimised mixture of nonionic SAS of alcohol ethoxylates and alkylglucosides 0.58-0.97, mixture of polyoxyethylated ethers of monoethanolamides of synthetic fatty acids of fraction C7-C17 0.035-0.09, propylene glycol 0.21-0.36, antifoaming additive Biomol DF -63 0.17-0.29, water - the remaining part to 1 l, and the weight ratio of the mixture of the surface-active substances to propylene glycol and to the antifoaming additive constitutes : (4.3:1.24:1).

Hydrocracking reactor

Invention is related to hydrocracking reactor comprising a frame with reactor floor and head, inner heat insulation, input tubes for raw stock and hydrogen-containing gas, a tube for product output. Catalyst for all reactor zones is placed into a common circular basket consisting of two concentrical perforated shells with filter screens; the perforated shells are interconnected by a floor and a head. The upper filtering zone of the reactor is limited by a truncated cone. Raw stock flow passes radially from the centre to periphery thus filling cavity between the outer perforated shell and non-perforated shell, then other zones come in turn except for the last one, then it passes radially from periphery to the centre thus filling cavity inside the non-perforated shell up to the truncated cone, passes radially from the centre to periphery and leaves the reactor through the tube.

Method of commercial triethylene glycol regeneration

Claimed invention relates to a method of commercial triethylene glycol (TEG) regeneration by evaporation from a basic volume of moisture-containing TEG and removal of admixtures, simultaneously collected by the said TEG, and water from remaining, specially discharged from the gas drying process, volume of TEG, by extraction of admixtures by additionally added water with intensive mixing of the said mixture with the following settling, pouring out of the TEG settled from mixture, filtering and regulated dosed return of the said, poured out after settling, TEG into the basic volume, supplied to water evaporation. Before the stage of admixture extraction not less than one and a half fold volume of water and a cyclohexane mixture in their volume ratio two to one respectively is introduced into the volume of TEG, specially removed from circulation.

Method of reducing loss of olefins in reduction of carbon dioxide from olefin flow after reaction of dehydration

Invention relates to a method of carrying out reactions of dehydration with further absorption purification of gases, with the absorption gas purification followed by a stage of pressure release in a reservoir of high pressure flash evaporation, provided by mass-exchange elements, with the said stage being carried out with the application of combustible gas, flowing through the mass-exchange elements towards gravity direction, which passes through the high-pressure flash evaporation reservoir in a counterflow with respect to a solvent, subjected to pressure release, so that the absorbed hydrocarbons are absorbed by combustible gas. Combustible gas is represented by fuel gas, used for heating the dehydration reactor and which, for instance, is natural gas. To increase the process efficiency the flow of carbohydrates, separated from acid-forming gases, can be returned back into a channel of technological gas before absorption purification of gases.

Method of creating ranked neighbouring cell list

Invention relates to mobile communication. For each of a plurality of neighbouring cells, a value of a first component is assigned, depending on whether or not a base station can detect signals transmitted from said neighbouring cell. A value of a second component is assigned, depending on a history of successful or unsuccessful handover attempts to said neighbouring cell. The values of the first and second components are combined to form a weighting parameter, for use in determining a handover priority to be given to said neighbouring cell in the neighbouring cell list.

Coverage loss recovery in wireless communication network

Invention relates to wireless communication systems. A re-entry method includes steps of receiving, by a base station of a wireless communication network, a message from a mobile station which includes an indication that the mobile station is in coverage loss recovery mode, and a mobile station identifier to identify the mobile station. The method further includes a step of determining whether a static context and/or a dynamic context associated with the mobile station identifier is stored at a previous serving base station of the mobile station and transmitting a message to the mobile station to indicate which re-entry actions are to be performed to facilitate re-entry of the mobile station into the wireless communication network.

Method and arrangement in wireless communication network

Invention relates to wireless communication. A method and an arrangement in a relay node for selecting a communication mode. The relay node is configured to communicate with a base station through a donor antenna via a first link and to communicate with user equipment through a coverage antenna via a second link. The method comprises obtaining an isolation value based on radio wave isolation between the relay donor antenna and the relay coverage antenna. The obtained isolation value is compared with a threshold isolation level. The relay node is configured to communicate in full duplex mode if the obtained isolation value exceeds the isolation threshold level and in half-duplex mode otherwise. Information regarding the configured duplex mode of the relay node is transmitted to the base station. A method and an arrangement in a base station are also described.

Bitter liqueur preparation method

Prepared ginseng root in an amount of 50-120 kg per 1000 dal of the ready product is poured with 50-60°C treated drinking water at a ratio of 1:1 and maintained during 5-6 hours. Water infusion is drained, filtered; part of the infusion is separated, heated up to 50-60°C, strewn with sugar in an amount of 1 kg per 0.5 l of the infusion; the mixture is continuously stirred till sugar complete dilution; sugar syrup is filtered. The ginseng root is repeatedly poured with water-and-alcohol liquid with 70% vol. proof at a ratio of 1:2, maintained during 5-7 days under stirring conditions during 15-20 minutes every other day; water-and-alcohol infusion is drained and filtered. Blend is prepared from the remaining water infusion, water-and-alcohol infusion, sugar syrup, treated drinking water and "Extra" and "LUX" rectified ethyl alcohol under stirring conditions during 15-20 minutes after each component introduction and after blending completion. In the blend one uses the following ingredients in an amount per 1000 dal of the ready product: water infusion - 35-110 l, water-and-alcohol infusion - 95-235 l, sugar syrup - 20-25 l, treated drinking water and rectified ethyl alcohol - in an amount required for 40 proof. The blend is maintained for 3-10 days; the liqueur is filtered.

Method of determining annual meat productivity of beef cows charolaise

Method is presented as the sum of data of live weight of two weaned steers and one heifer, their weight at birth and weight of culled cows after feeding, reduced with the rate of a year, and represented by the formula: Pc≈0.19·[Pcow+1.7(Pcalf+Pas··Ts)+0.85(Pcalf+Pah·Ts], where Pc is average year meat productivity of beef cows Charolaise; Pcow is mass of culled cow after feeding, kg; Pcalf is calf weight at birth, kg; Pas is average daily gain of steers at foot, kg; Pah is average daily gain of heifers at foot, kg; Ts is sucking period of calf rearing, day; 0.19, 1.7 to 0.85 is corrective breeding and technological factors.

Method for production of decreased allergenicity cultured milk product

Invention relates to dairy industry. The method involves milk standardisation, introduction of whey proteins hydrolysate with hydrolysis degree from 8 to 15%, pectin introduction, homogenisation, pasteurisation, cooling to a fermentation temperature, introduction of a kefir starter, a bacterial concentrate of propionate bacteria or bifidobacteria, stirring, ripening, cooling, ageing, cooling, dispensing and additional cooling.

Memory chip-based storage

Invention relates to computer engineering. Storage based on microcircuits with a rectangular hysteresis loop with full-point magnetic element electronics, with electrical rewriting, wherein the memory has a virtually unlimited scanning frequency, and a completely magnetic design.

Self-service cash operating unit

Unit includes a set of conveyors for laying out goods acquired by a customer and subsequent movement thereof into an identification area, a set of means of identifying goods acquired by a customer, with subsequent display of identification results, a set of means of self-payment for acquired goods by the customer, and a set of means of selecting unidentified goods with subsequent return thereof, preferably to the customer.

Diode-based microwave signal power limiter

Invention relates to microwave engineering and specifically to diode-based power limiters for protecting the input of a receiving device from the effect of the microwave signal of its own transmitter and an external high-power microwave signal. The diode-based microwave signal power limiter includes an input transmission line connected to the input of a channel binary divider comprising N-1 separate dividers connected to each other by identical line sections, an output transmission line connected to the output of an N channel binary adder comprising N-1 separate adders connected to each other by identical line sections, two of which are shunted by at least one diode each, outputs of the binary divider are connected to inputs of the binary adder by N line sections, each shunted by one diode at distance close to half the wavelength from the input of the binary adder, and a direct current circuit for the diodes. Each line section connecting the binary divider and the adder is further connected to adjacent line sections connecting the binary divider and the adder at a distance close to half the wavelength from the input of the binary divider.

Data recording system

Invention relates to instrument-making and can be used in aircraft to process, store and display flight information. The technical result is achieved through a system which comprises an information collection and conversion unit, a secure storage, an information retrieval unit, a control unit, a secure storage controller and a diagnostic information storage and processing unit. All information stored in the secure storage is transmitted from information collection and conversion unit through the secure storage controller into the diagnostic information storage and processing unit, to the data inputs of which information from additional sensors required for diagnosis is also transmitted directly.

Database replication method and table updating apparatus

Invention relates to a method and a system for selectively replicating data from a primary database associated with a primary server to a secondary database associated with a secondary server. The secondary server determines that a replication task using a first update command has modified the primary database. The secondary server determines that a primary table in the primary database has been updated. The secondary server generates a secondary combined table which is linked to the primary table. The secondary server obtains a second update command based on the first update command from the primary database and applies the second update command to a secondary table in the secondary database using the secondary combined table.

Video monitoring system and forward error correction (fec) method thereof

Present invention relates to a video surveillance system and a forward error correction (FEC) method. The method includes the surveillance external interface initiating a session request to the surveillance platform and establishing a session; the surveillance external interface performing FEC encoding on a source media code stream, and transferring an FEC code stream obtained through the encoding and the source media code stream to the surveillance platform in the same channel; the surveillance platform splitting received code streams into the source media code stream and the FEC code stream, and if it is determined that a media packet is lost in the source media code stream, recovering the lost media packet in the source media code stream through the FEC code stream By using the present invention, the problem of network packet loss between the surveillance external interface and surveillance platform frequently resulting from limited uplink bandwidth is solved and operating costs reduced.

Dielectric resonator of transverse magnetic wave; dielectric filter of transverse magnetic wave, and basic station

Transverse magnetic wave resonator includes a volumetric resonator with a hole on one of its ends and a dielectric resonant column installed in the volumetric resonator; with that, lower end surface of the column contacts the inner lower surface of the volumetric resonator; dielectric resonator also includes thick and thin patch plates covered with conductive material, a slot located on the surface of a thick patch plate and filled with a filler configured with a possibility of formation of elastic deformation of a thin patch plate when the thick patch plate covers the thin patch plate. Besides, according to versions of this invention, transverse magnetic wave electric resonator has good structural stability, convenient assembly and strict operability, thus, it is suitable for large-scale production and has good correspondence to large-scale production.

Secure and private backup storage and processing for trusted computing and data services

Invention relates to secure and private backup storage and processing. The method includes receiving, by at least one computing device in a first region of control from at least one computing device in a second region of control, encrypted data formed from encryption of full backup data for a defined data set of the at least one computing device in the second region of control according to at least one search encryption algorithm based on cryptographic key information; receiving, by the at least one computing device in the first region of control from the at least one computing device in the second region of control, encrypted metadata formed from analysis of the full backup data and encryption of an output of the analysis based on the cryptographic key information; receiving trapdoor data enabling visible access to the encrypted data as defined by at least one cryptographic trapdoor of the trapdoor data; and maintaining synthetic full data for the defined data set based on the encrypted data, encrypted metadata and trapdoor data.

Instant correction of tumour segmentation results

Invention refers to segmenting a medical image volume. A system (10) comprises: a display (24) in the user's interface (16) whereon the user is presented with an original segmented volume of interest; the user's interface (16) comprises an instrument (26) for data input by the user which is used to control the weight of a superparameter (50) of the segmented volume of interest; a processor configured to execute a component of a parameter controller (22) which controls one or more of the numbers of internal parameters (52) in accordance with the superparameter weight control to induce variations of the segmented volume of interest; the processor (12) is configured to repeat the segmentation of the volume of interest more than once with using the number of the controlled internal parameters, and displaying the re-segmented volume.

Method and apparatus selective data compression

Invention relates to systems and methods of determining the capacity to transmit signals in compressed form. The method includes steps of: using a signal to be transmitted via a link; determining if at least part of the signal contains data with non-random distribution; if it is determined that at least part of the signal contains data with at least partially non-random distribution, applying a compression algorithm to at least part of the signal to obtain the used signal in compressed form; and transmitting the signal in compressed form via the link.

Hierarchically organised control galleries

Invention relates to computer systems having a graphical user interface based on hierarchically organised control galleries. A computer system includes a display device which displays a graphical user interface having hierarchically organised control galleries and having a document area and a control ribbon. The document area contains at least a portion of a document that a user is editing. The control ribbon includes a gallery of class controls, each associated with different classes of related commands, and a variation control gallery containing variation controls in a class associated with a selected one of the class controls. In response to a selection of a variation control in the variation control gallery, the computer system applies a command associated with the variation control to a document in the document area.

System and method for analysing file launch events for determining safety ranking thereof

Invention relates to protection from computer threats and specifically to means of analysing file launch events for determining safety ranking thereof. The method includes assigning a safety ranking to at least one file; registering a user-initiated launch of at least one file; monitoring events in an operating system, including file launch events; comparing information on a least one file launched in the operating system with information on at least one file whose launch has been registered; lowering the safety ranking of the file if there is no information on the launch thereof, or raising the safety ranking if information on the launch thereof is available; excluding files whose safety ranking is higher than a given threshold from antivirus scanning.

Driver's help

Invention relates to driver's help. Proposed automotive computer comprises the following logical circuits: programmed logical circuit for detection of operation of sensor describing the carrier abnormal operating conditions and programmed logical circuit for determination one or more possible abnormal conditions related with sensor operation. It incorporates the logical circuit for access to carrier data base and definition of one or more data elements related to carrier abnormal operating conditions. Programmed logical circuit for ordering of data with allowance for its statistically significant location, ordering of data storage at remote circuit location are defined, at least partially, proceeding from previous selections of similar data made by carrier user. Said carrier is equipped with computer and programmed logical circuit for one or more data elements in electronic form for carrier user.

Method and apparatus for navigation reporting

Invention relates to navigation devices. Apparatus includes logic circuits programmed to receive indications to acquire input data on a destination, logic circuits programmed to determine indications for determining a set of indications between a location and a destination, logic circuits programmed to evaluate roads, values of corresponding travelling times based on roads included in the indications based on a predetermined criterion, logic circuits programmed to compile a report for including one or more roads included in the indication into a route report based on evaluation results provided by the logic circuits programmed to evaluate roads, wherein the report includes less than all roads included in the indications, and logic circuits programmed to compile a report for including a second road with the second-highest weighted value in the report only and only when the second-highest weighted value is greater than or equal to a predetermined percentage of the weighted value of the road with the highest weighted value.

Active phased antenna array

Invention relates to radar, particularly to an active phased antenna array. The active phased antenna array comprises first and second coherent oscillators, a central processing unit, first and second power dividers, N receiving-transmitting units, random-access memory, a programmable logic integrated circuit, non-volatile rewritable memory, a digital-to-analogue converter, an analogue-to-digital converter, a vector modulator, a quadrature demodulator, first and second band-pass filters, a power amplifier, a low-noise amplifier, a circulator and a protective device. The active phased antenna array is characterised by that it further includes a third coherent oscillator, a third power divider, a frequency divider, a directional coupler, a controlled attenuator, first and second mixers, a power controller, wherein the active phased antenna array comprises n+1 receiving-transmitting units.

Sensor device, tachograph design and method of manipulation recognition

Invention relates to a sensor device with a sensor and a device for signal processing. A sensor device (1'; 1") comprises a sensor (10; 10') and a device (11'; 11") for signal processing of a sensor signal (US; IS), besides, the sensor generates a sensor signal depending on the value of the magnetic field, and the device comprises the first block (110') of comparison, besides, the block of comparison compares the sensor signal with at least one threshold value (S1, S2), and depending on it generates a signal (U_OUT) of a pulse sensor with the first or second value, the device (11'; 11"), moreover, for recognition of a manipulation attempt comprises the second block (120) of comparison, which compares the sensor signal with the specified working range (AB) and initiates the manipulation signal (MS), if the value of the signal (US; IS) is outside the working range (AB).

High-current pulse generator

High-current pulse generator comprises a pulse charging transformer and a discharging circuit that includes at least one storage capacitor charged by the charging transformer and at least one controlled three-electrode arrestor as well as an igniting pulse transformer, a capacitor and a non-controlled two-electrode arrester, at that the capacitor is coupled to a branch of the secondary winding of the charging transformer through a resistor.

Method for reduction of duration of microwave emission pulse, and device for its implementation

Microwave emission pulse is introduced to a waveguide section with gas-discharge lamps; glow discharges are lit in gas-discharge lamps by means of a pulse voltage generator, which leads to formation of a electromagnetic band structure. A device for reduction of duration of a microwave emission signal includes a waveguide section with five gas-discharge lamps, which is connected with one of its sides through a coaxial-waveguide transition and a ferrite valve to microwave generator output, and with the other side through a coaxial-waveguide transition and ferrite valve to a microwave detector; five gas-discharge lamps are located along the waveguide section perpendicular to its wide walls at interval l=Λ0/2÷Λ0, where Λ0=λ0(1-(λ0/2a)2)-1/2 - waveguide wave length, λ0 - length of incident microwave emission wave; a - size of wide wall of the waveguide section, and they are connected to the pulse voltage generator that is connected to the pulse generator output, the output of the synchronisation pulse of which is connected to the microwave generator.

Negative electrode for accumulator battery and method of its manufacturing

Claimed invention is related to negative electrode for lithium-ion accumulator battery and method of its manufacturing. The negative electrode has current tap and a layer of active material formed at the current tap surface, which contains particles of active material for the negative electrode. In the layer of active material for the negative electrode between active material particles insulating material is placed so that conductivity by percolation is not developed in the whole layer of active material for the negative electrode.

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