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Design of measuring pressure converter with capacitance sensor

Invention relates to measurement equipment, in particular, to pressure sensors, and may be used in measurement of liquids and gases pressure difference. The measuring pressure converter with the capacitance sensor comprises the following components joined to each other: a body of a sensitive element that has a central chamber divided by an electroconductive membrane into two cavities. The cavity of the electroconductive membrane is connected by two pouring capillaries parallel to each other and the sensitive element and is equipped with current-conducting leads. Two separating assemblies with separating corrugated membranes arranged in parallel to each other have cavities under membranes that communicate to the cavity of the electroconductive membrane. The concave working surface of the cavity is made as fully metallised from outside. The electroconductive membrane of the sensitive element is located perpendicularly in respect to separating corrugated membranes. The pouring capillaries of the cavity of the electric sensitive membrane are turned in opposite directions and are connected to its cavity by a horizontal channel. The separating corrugated membranes are arranged each in its body at the opposite sides of the sensitive element body. Cavities under the membranes of the separating corrugated membranes are connected with the separate pouring capillaries that supply a separating fluid.

Vibration transporting machine

Vibration transporting machine includes a working element connected via an elastic connection to a jet part carrying a resonant one-directional vibration device, and shock absorbers of low stiffness; besides, the resonant one-directional vibration device is made in the form of at least a pair of similar parametric vibration exciters mounted on the jet part of the machine and installed so that rotors of inertia elements can be rotated in opposite directions in vertical planes and brought into rotation from independent electric motors, and resonant frequency of the resonant one-directional vibration device is determined as follows: ω=λ1+λ2, λ1=ν·ω, 0<ν<1, where ω - averaged value of partial angular speeds of rotors, λ1 - effective proper frequency of swinging pendulums of rotors of inertia elements, λ 2 = C / M r e d u c e d - partial proper frequency of the working element, which corresponds to an opposite-phase shape of one-directional free vibrations, Mreduced=M1M2/(M1+M2) - reduced mass, C - stiffness of an elastic connection, M1 - mass of the working element, M2 - total mass of the machine jet part.

Method to measure mechanical properties of material under conditions of confined pressure (versions)

Invention relates to the field of research, namely, measurement of mechanical properties of solid materials, for instance, solid geological rocks under conditions of hydrostatic pressure, and may be used for the assessment of their quality, namely, their strength and modulus of elasticity during compression. Substance: a material sample surrounded by highly-plastic metal is placed in a matrix of a device providing for conditions of hydrostatic pressure at the sample. Load is applied by two puncheons, besides, the external puncheon sets hydrostatic pressure at the material sample as it impacts the highly-plastic metal, and the inner puncheon provides load directly to the material sample. According to the second version of the method realisation, the load at the material sample is applied by one puncheon, which sets hydrostatic pressure at the sample as it impacts highly plastic metal and simultaneously provides the load directly to the material sample, besides, the matrix of the device has a channel, by the cross section of which they determine hydrostatic pressure impacting the material sample.

Imitator of pipeline passage narrowing

Imitator of a pipeline narrowing is made in the form of a nozzle welded to a pipeline, and comprises a flange, where a plug cover is fixed by means of fastening elements, at the same time inside the nozzle there is an imitator wedge. Imitator wedges may be of any size. The imitator wedge has a smaller diameter compared to the nozzle. The profile of the imitator wedge is of a sharpened shape, at the same time with the wide side it is installed across the flow of the working fluid.

System of localised control of combustible gas leaks by primary parameters of measuring devices

System of localised control of combustible gas leaks by primary parameters of measuring devices includes stationary sensors-gas analysers of combustible gases, an automatic control system, comprising a unit of sound and light alarm, a unit of control of sensors-gas analysers. The system additionally includes a unit of automatic switching of gas supply from the main process line into a reserve one and back, air-conducting boxes with a common swirler, where air is injected with required parameters from an air blowing plant, making it possible to move a gas leak in a certain direction to serially arranged sensors-gas analysers, which will make it possible with a sufficient extent of accuracy to determine local arrangement of the available leak in the shortest possible time from the moment of its formation.

Method of discrete indication of lunar phases on watch dial and watch with discrete indication of lunar phases on dial

Invention relates to chronology, to mechanical calendar mechanisms and methods of indication of moon phases in time measurement devices, for precise and realistic displaying of moon phases in mechanical watch. To create a compact, with a simple design, precise and reliable, cheap in production and suitable for installation practically in any analogue wrist or pocket watch of compact mechanical display of moon phases with the alternating geometrically exact flat visual images of lunar phases the diurnal motion of the watch mechanism is converted into the motion of fractional with reference to solar day of the lunar cycle, and then the motion of fractional with reference to solar day of the lunar cycle is converted in multiple to integers the discrete motion of the device of indication of lunar phases with a possibility of discrete indication of the respective lunar phases on the dial. Meanwhile the discrete indication of lunar phases on the dial is executed by means of sequentially conjugate with the watch mechanism of the device of transformation of the motion of the watch mechanism into the lunar cycle motion, of the device of transformation of the lunar cycle motion into the discrete motion of the device of indication of lunar phases and of the device of discrete indication of lunar phases. The watch with indication of lunar phases on the dial containing the watch mechanism and a device of indication of lunar phases on the dial, contain series-conjugate with the clock mechanism the device of transformation of the a clock mechanism motion into the motion fractional with reference to solar day of the lunar cycle, the device of transformation of the motion fractional with reference to solar day of the lunar cycle into multiple integer discrete motion of the device of indication of lunar phases and device of discrete indication of lunar phases and are designed with a possibility of discrete indication of lunar phases in preferred amount 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 during the lunar cycle.

Mixture for making porous aggregate

Mixture for making porous aggregate includes, wt %: low-melting clay 70.0-76.0, oil sludge 8.0-10.0, flax shive ground until passage through sieve N5 10.0-16.0, liquid glass 4.0-6.0.

Mixture for making porous aggregate

Mixture for making porous aggregate contains, wt %: montmorillonite clay 69.0-74.0, dolomite ground until passage through sieve N014 4.0-8.0, quartz sand 9.0-12.0, liquid glass 10.0-14.0.

Compositions and methods used for assessing cytotoxicity of single cells

Method for assessing the cytolytic activity of single effector cells with defining a profile of the secreted products and using microcell matrixes; it involves monitoring of an infected target cell lysis with using the effector cells in the microwells, wherein the microwells contain one effector cell and at least one infected target cell per a microwell on the average; wherein the monitoring procedure involves the stage of detecting the above infected target cell lysis with using the effector cells by means of a fluorescent indicator, thereby defining a profile of one or more secreted products.

Strain enterococcus mundtii producing peptide substance with antilisterial ativity

Invention refers to microbiology and biotechnology. What is presented is the strain Enterococcus mundtii GKPM (State Collection of Industrial Microorganisms) - Obolensk V-7424 producing a peptide substance having the antilisterial activity.

Immunoglobulins with reduced aggregation

Invention provides a composition for producing a medicament which contains an antibody with a reduced tendency to aggregation owing to introduction of at least one aggregation reducing mutation, selected from a group consisting of residues of aggregation motif - 1:181 (CH1); aggregation motif 4:252 (CH2) and 253 (CH2); aggregation motif 5:282 (CH2); aggregation motif 6:291 (CH2); aggregation motif 7:296 (CH2); aggregation motif 8:308 (CH2) and 309 (CH2); aggregation motif 9:328 (CH2), 329 (CH2), 330 (CH2) and 331 (CH2); aggregation motif 10:395 (CH3), 396 (CH3), 397 (CH3), 398 (CH3) and 404 (CH3); aggregation motif 11:443 (CH3); and aggregation motif 14:201 (CL). Concentration of the antibody is at least 10 mg/ml.

Method for identifying staphylococcal exotoxin genes with high level of structural homology with superantigens by multiplex polymerase chain reaction and test system for implementing it

Invention refers to biotechnology and microbiology and represents a method for identifying a cluster of antigens coding staphylococcal proteins that are exotoxins. The present method is implemented by performing a single multiple-primer polymerase chain reaction in two reaction mixtures, first of which contains primers to genes coding such staphylococcal proteins, as thermonuclease, beta-glucosidase in the species S.aureus, S.epidermidis, S.haemolyticus, S.lugdunensis, S.saprophyticus, and the second one - to set1, set2, set3, set4, set5 genes coding the exotoxins. That is followed by a comparative analysis of amplified gene fragments prepared in two sample aliquots and a positive control reference according to the identification table. The present invention also discloses a test system for implementing the above method, which contains DNA recovery components, PCR components, and result analysis components. The PCR components contain a 10-merous buffer solution, pH 8.4, deionised sterile water, one positive control reference, Taq polymerase, mixture of four dNTPs, mixture of primers No.1 containing epi-F, epi-R, aur-F, aur-R, hae-F, hae-R, lug-F, lug-R, sap-F, sap-R in a ratio of 1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1, and a mixture of primers No. 2 containing set1-F, set1-R, set2-F, set2-R, set3-F, set3-R, set4-F, set4-R, set5-F, set5-R in a ratio of 1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1.

Hydraulic pressing device

Device includes a movable element that is moved by means of a hydraulic piston of a hydraulic cylinder relative to a fixed element. Return of the hydraulic piston to initial position is performed with a return spring. Return motion occurs depending on the pre-determined pressure as a result of actuation of a check valve. Besides, a control valve is provided, which in addition to the check valve, when in an open state, opens a drain of the hydraulic device and has an ingress side and a drain side. In accordance with one version of design, the control valve is loaded with pressure of a back flowing hydraulic agent on the ingress and the drain side at opening of the check valve. Besides, pressure on the ingress side is lower as a result of throttling. As per the second version of design, the device includes a hydraulic pump, from which a hydraulic agent flow passes to the control valve and directly to the check valve.

Automatic concrete mixer

Proposed concrete mixer comprises elongating discharge flute (20) arranged to be locked at, at least one retainer (30). Said retainer can translate in guide (32) between transportation position and position for extraction, and can rotate. Retainer is composed of one U-like part made of sheet metal that follows the shape of said elongating discharge flute.

A-i apolipoprotein mimetics

Peptide is characterised with sequence Lys-Leu-Lys-Gln-Lys-Leu-Ala-Glu-Leu-Leu-Glu-Asn-Leu-Leu-Glu-Arg-Phe-Leu-Asp-Leu-Val-Inp (SEQ ID NO: 16). The invention also relates to peptide/lipid complex based on the above peptide, in which phospholipid represents one or more of sphingomyelin, DPPC and DPPG, a pharmaceutical composition that contains it, and treatment methods of dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, endothelial malfunction, macrovascular illnesses and microvascular illnesses using it.

Ferrum-vanadium powdery alloy

Water-sprayed, pre-alloyed steel powder, containing by wt %: 0.05-0.4 V, 0.09-0.3 Mn, less than 0.1 Cr, less than 0.1 Mo, less than 0.1 Ni, less than 0.2 Cu, less than 0.1 C, less than 0.25 O, less than 0.5 of inevitable admixtures, the rest is iron.

Cutting device with adjustable side guide

Device includes an upper knife and a lower knife and at least one drive device that is connected to the upper knife. The cutting device includes a side guide serving for direction of the upper knife. The side guide can be adjusted throughout the length by means of an adjustment element and can be connected with one of its ends to the side of the upper knife at different height, and with the other end to the hinge connection point that is located sideways from the upper knife.

"sibiryak" alcohol-containing beverage

Alcohol-containing beverage contains initial ingredients represented by water-alcohol liquid of "Extra" rectified food alcohol and treated drinking water and a biologically active additive represented by "Tavolga" syrup at the following ingredients ratio, l per 1000 dal of the ready product: Tavolga" syrup - 50-196, "Extra" rectified food alcohol and treated drinking water - balance for proof to be 18 - 42%. The beverage allows to preserve antitoxic and medical-and-preventive properties during 18 years. Specific organoleptic and antitoxic properties mitigate the beverage alcohol component, reduce toxic alcohol-induced liver injury, ensure almost complete neutralisation of alcohol unpleasant flavour. The beverage has a tea-cognac colour, a unique balanced savour with a soft astringent sweetish honey aftertaste of wild-growing endemic plants of Siberia and a light cedar aroma.

Method of steel strap cast and unit for strap cast

Steel with chrome contents above 33 wt % and with the carbon content above 1 wt % percents is poured on the transporting strap (17) of the horizontal unit (1, 18) for strap casting. The transporting strap (17) is designed either with deepenings for shaping of molten plates in a steel strap, or with transverse protuberances for shaping of locations of preset destruction in the steel strap.

Razor cartridge

Cartridge of wet shaving device includes case with safety element, cover and a pair of separated internal walls between the cover and safety element. At least one of separated internal walls bears a ledge for blade support. Elastic element supporting a blade runs in lateral direction from one of the internal walls to the other internal wall. At least one clamp is provisioned on the case. At least one blade is positioned between elastic supporting element and at least one of the internal walls and is attached rigidly in first direction between clamp and blade supporting ledges and supported in another direction between supporting elastic elements and at least one of the internal walls.

Metal powder production device

Invention relates to metallurgy. Proposed device comprises water-cooled working chamber with controlled atmosphere, plasmatron arranged in working chamber top section to generate plasma flow, one or several device to feed rods in plasma flow and powder collector arranged at working chamber bottom. Working chamber is arranged parallel with working branch and connected therewith by top and bottom bypass pipes to allow circulation of gas flow towards powder particles flow owing to blower location at bottom bypass pipes. Top bypass pipes is arranged under point of intersection of plasma flow with rods. Parallel working branch incorporates extra powder collector arranged at its bottom.

Tube cold rolling mill

Invention relates to metallurgy. Pilger mill comprises moving working stand with beating bed and to drive working rolls equipped with wedge mechanisms of their position adjustment, planetary-crank drive of working stand reciprocation with crank translation, housing with stand guides and rack drive of rolls. Higher strength of working stand is ensured by invariable lateral clearance in rack-gear pairs without additional adjustment at roll position variation which is possible due to bearing fitted on stand drive crank at stand bed tail section. Note here that second bearing of working stand running gear is composed of two rolls in contact with housing guide, one roll on axles in every frame of bearing bed. Roll drive racks in the area of engagement with the shaft drive gears are arranged in contact with support rolls fitted in the housing secured from external end of working roll bearing support pad on drive gear location side. Note here that free end of racks is articulated with lever mounted at the bed with working stand guides to displace the rack along rolling line.

Method and device for control of flow speed and delay of non-ferromagnetic conducting fluids and molten metals flow

Invention refers to the method of control of flow speed and delay of non-ferromagnetic conducting fluids and molten metals using magnetic fields during output from metallurgic tanks, such as melting furnaces. The method is characterized by the following: molten metal flow is directed through closed guide element using at least one stationary magnetic field with constant polarity, at least one stationary magnetic field with alternating polarity or multipolar shifting magnetic field. Magnetic field lines in cross direction all across its section generate tensions in magnetic field in molten metal flow. This results in generation of eddy currents in magnetic field in molten metal flow. They are located radially and axially when stationary magnetic field of constant polarity is used, and axially when stationary alternating magnetic field or shifting electromagnetic field is used. Due to interaction of magnetic fields and eddy currents there generated are forces which reduce molten metal flow speed with simultaneous reduction of turbulence.

Method of stabilisation of monorail rocket carriage (versions) and device for its implementation (versions)

Invention relates to launchers, namely to test beds. The stabilising device of the monorail rocket carriage (RC) of the rocket track contains a wing in the form of the pointed plate, shaft, device or determination of tilt with a gyroscope and two contact sensors, wing rotation device in the form of the stepper motor or two pyro-pushers with cylinders, rods and powder charges, wing rotation device control unit with the power supply, shoe, chock, burning system for the powder charge of pyro-pushers as an ignition powder charge, pair of rocket motors (RM). A wing is established in a vertical plane and during RC motion the incidence angle variation is eliminated, a pair of RMs is installed and during RC motion the tilt is eliminated.

Drive mechanism for selective change-over of drive between traction mode and torque vectorisation mode

Drive mechanism for transfer of torque to the first and the second driven elements includes a drive and a switching element connected to the drive. The switching element is connected selectively to the first driven element in a vector mode or to a fixed case-shaped part in a traction mode. The switching element is connected to the first driven element by means of a connection element. When in traction mode, torque of the drive is transferred to the first and the second driven elements in one and the same directions, and when in a vector mode, in opposite directions. The first and the second driven elements and the drive are connected with a differential gear containing a gear wheel with external teeth, which is connected to the second drive element. The first driven element is connected to a carrier of planetary differential gear, and the second driven element is connected to a solar gear of the planetary differential gear.

Vehicle cooling system

Snowmobile has frame, water cooled engine supported by said frame and snowmobile drive. In compliance with first version, snowmobile comprises rear heat exchange connected with engine for cooling of its water. Heat exchanger can displace relative to said frame and communicates with ICE via flexible lines. In compliance with second version, snowmobile comprises rear heat exchange supported by the frame and connected with engine for cooling of its water and second heat exchanger connected with said frame and communicated with said rear heat exchanger. Heat exchanger can displace relative to said frame and communicates with ICE via flexible lines. Additionally, snow mobile comprises rear suspension connecting drive with frame. Note here that rear heat exchanger displace along with rear suspension.

Manufacturing method of drill, namely of rock bore bit

Rock bore bit includes a rod with a shank and a drilling head. An attach surface for connection to the drilling head with form closure is formed in the rod end face opposite to the shank. A cylindrical rod billet is manufactured at one stage. At the next stage, an attach surface is made in the rod; at the next stage, the drilling head is engaged with the rod with form closure through the attach surface that is made in the rod by electrochemical machining (ECM).

Method for iodide refinement of zirconium and apparatus therefor

Group of inventions relates to iodide refinement of zirconium in closed metal apparatus and can be used in iodide refinement of other metals, e.g., titanium and hafnium. The method includes depositing metal on a red-hot zirconium filament based on a given volt-ampere characteristic (VAC). The required temperature of the material in the apparatus is maintained by air cooling the external wall of the apparatus and the central part by varying air flow rate. The zirconium deposition mode and the temperature of the material in the apparatus are controlled automatically via simultaneous correction of the VAC within a given range with frequency ranging from 20 times per second to once per minute and synchronised, gradual variation of the air flow rate at the external wall and in the central part of the apparatus in the range of 35-3500 and 10-1000 m3/h, respectively. Automatic control of operation of the apparatus is carried out by a system of standardised input/output modules and a controller with an operator panel, and an industrial computer is further used to control multiple apparatus. Automatic synchronous control of operation of the apparatus is carried out using a system of input/output modules with a NI CompactRIO, National Instruments, controller and an industrial computer, the software of which is developed in Lab View and enables to carry out the operating cycle of the apparatus without an operator.

Sliding block for hinge spindle

Hinge spindle includes a hinge head that is equipped with a shank arrangement groove. The shank consists of a two elements projecting forwards and forming a pin-shaped flat lug, on which a sliding block is fixed. The sliding block is formed with two sliding bodies that have outlines of rotation bodies in separate areas and are installed with possibility of being rotated in the hinge groove. The groove is made in compliance with the shape of sliding bodies and has a shape of a rotation body so that it can be rotated in the hinge head. Outlines of rotation bodies in the direction of a transverse axis of sliding bodies are concave or convex, and the groove is convex or concave respectively.

High-wear-proof blades for pelletiser and method of their sharpening

Invention relates to blades for thermoplastic polymer pelletising and to method of their sharpening. Said blade is made from tool steel for cold machining with hardness making at least 65 units in Rockwell C-scale. Prior to fitting in pelletiser, said blade is heated treated at 500-700°C for over 5 minutes at the rate equal to or lower than 15°C/min. Blades are sharpened by abrasion against extrusion head plate surface. Force acting on blade at pressing it against plate surface does not exceed 0.5 N. Simultaneously, cooling is performed by circulating thermostatic fluid at variable flow rate.

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