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FIELD: manufacturing technology.

SUBSTANCE: combined die for production of nanofibrous or microfibrous materials under the present invention comprises a thin-wall electrode and the first non-conducting body adjacent to the first wall of the said thin-wall electrode. Said first body has a wall facing the thin-wall electrode having multiple grooves, herewith the said grooves lead to the distal end of the combined die and have their own proximal ends connected to a source of the formed mixture. Thin-wall electrode, as well as the first non-conducting body, can have either a plate-like or a cylindrical shape. Combined die may additionally include the second non-conducting body adjacent to the second wall of the thin-wall electrode and guiding air from the proximal end to the distal end of the die. Combined die is easily disassembled and cleaned, since forming the fibre capillaries have the shape of grooves formed on surfaces of the first or the third non-conducting bodies.

EFFECT: proposed is a composite die for production of nanofibrous or microfibrous materials.

6 cl, 5 dwg, 3 ex

FIELD: pharmacy.

SUBSTANCE: combination for acne treatment, comprising an aqueous Gynura Procumbens leaf extract, and means containing non-activated platelets and white blood cells in their own blood plasma. A method of acne treatment by application of the above combination.

EFFECT: combination and treatment method are characterized by high efficiency in acne treatment.

2 cl, 2 dwg


FIELD: wireless communications.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wireless communication. Electronic key conveyance system (10) of medical institution (14) includes control point (70). Control point (70) receives one or more electronic keys from coordinator (12) of an MBAN spectrum. Each of the electronic keys authorizes medical institution (14) to use, at least, portion of the MBAN spectrum. System (10) further includes channel regulator (72) generating by processor (80) one or more channel use rules based on the electronic keys. Channel use rules authorize MBAN systems (18, 20, 22) of medical institution (14) to use at least, portion of the MBAN spectrum. Besides, System (10) includes one or more access points and/or ports (74, 76) notifying MBAN systems (18, 20, 22) of presently authorized portions of the MBAN spectrum based on the channel use rules. Electronic key is based on the available spectrum of primary users, like AMT, rules are based on a key and the spectrum already occupied by other MBANs and their nodes. Frequency range of used 802.15.4j is 2,360 MHz to 2,390 MHz or 2,360 MHz to 2,400 MHz. Cognitive radio principles are applied.

EFFECT: technical result is transmitting electronic keys for in-hospital MBAN (medical body area network) systems.

15 cl, 8 dwg


FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: charging valve of the garbage chute includes the chamber for placing the garbage bag therein and the device for introducing the garbage bag into the window of the vertical garbage chute composition. The stationary chamber for placing the garbage bag therein is made in the form of a parallelepiped with the inclined slippery bottom at an angle of more than 45%, wherein the toe of the inclined slippery bottom is extended up to the contact line with the window of the vertical garbage chute composition, the chamber turning cover is provided with a retractable rod ending with a flexible plate to push the garbage bag into the window of the vertical garbage chute composition. The passage rod sleeve is located on the cover closer to the garbage shaft. In the flange connection of the chamber to the passage insert of the vertical garbage chute composition, the flexible plate with flexible vertical stripes across the entire passage section is fixed.

EFFECT: increasing the charging valve efficiency and reliability.

2 dwg



FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to electric circuits protection devices, and can be used for electric equipment protection against short circuit currents. Current limiter contains capillary channels, filled with liquid metal, formed by bushing inner surface and located in it cylinder with cutouts on side surface along cylinder entire length. Cutouts on cylinder side surface have shape of cylinder cross section segment. Cutout shape allows to control cutting tool vertical feed only, simplifies technological process and increases current limiter functional capabilities.

EFFECT: technical result is simplification of technological process and improved functional capabilities of current limiter.

1 cl, 2 dwg


FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of transport and can be used for combustible mixtures ignition by means of electric spark, in particular in capacitive ignition systems for ignition system control, installed on aircraft engine, for ignition system technical condition evaluation in intervals between aircraft engines start-ups. Aircraft engines capacitive ignition system control device includes discharge current sensor, comparator, discharge current amplitude voltage check value setting device, time interval meter, actuator. Discharge current sensor output is connected to comparator first input, discharge current amplitude voltage check value setting device output is connected to comparator second input. Time interval meter output is connected to actuator. Control device additionally includes ambient environment pressure measuring transducer, containing serially connected ambient environment pressure sensor, amplifier, ambient environment pressure control voltage setting device, second comparator, univibrator, logical device "AND". Ambient environment pressure measuring transducer output is connected to second comparator first input. Ambient environment pressure control voltage setting device output is connected to second comparator second input, comparator output is connected to univibrator input, which output and second comparator output is connected to logical device "AND", by output connected to time interval meter input.

EFFECT: technical result is increasing of aircraft engines capacitive ignition system serviceability control reliability.

1 cl, 1 dwg


FIELD: physics, computer science.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to the assembly on the printed circuit board. It is achieved by that, the assembly on the circuit board includes: a bottom layer; electronic components, which are divided into categories, at that, each component is attached to the bottom layer by means of fasteners, having a specified temperature of thermal tripping, depending on to which category applies the mentioned component.

EFFECT: invention provides creation of an assembly on a printed circuit board and the assembling method of such assembly on a printed circuit board, in order to facilitate separation and collection of different electronic components, mounted in an assembly on a printed circuit board, at the end of its service life, and additionally facilitating the reuse of electronic components and / or recycling of substances, from which the electronic equipment wastes consist of.

12 cl, 6 dwg


FIELD: biotechnology.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to production of means containing at least one polypeptide selected from SEQ ID NO: 4, 2, 8, 10 and 12, and/or recombinant vector(s), comprising polynucleotide(s) encoding at least one polypeptide, as the active ingredient(s), and can be used in medicine. The resulting means is used for efficient induction of T-cell immunity against malignancies expressing KATNAL1.

EFFECT: invention allows to obtain antigen-presenting cells presenting the polypeptide obtained from KATNAL1, and to effectively induce cytotoxic cells against KATNAL1, which is efficient as a therapeutic agent against malignant neoplasms expressing KATNAL1.

7 cl, 3 dwg, 3 ex


FIELD: manufacturing technology.

SUBSTANCE: fluid medium regulator contains a housing having a fluid medium inlet and a fluid medium outlet interconnected by a fluid flow channel with part of the regulator housing forming the first chamber and the second chamber, a feedthrough hole located in the fluid flow channel, a seat and a control element located in the fluid flow channel and made able to displace between the open position located at a distance from the seat and the closed position installed against the seat, herewith the control element is configured to respond to changes of the fluid medium pressure in order to regulate the flow of the process fluid medium through the feedthrough hole.

EFFECT: first membrane with a radial inner part is functionally connected to the control element, and the second membrane with a radial inner part is also functionally connected with the control element.

23 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry. Vulcanisable composition contains one epoxy group-containing hydrogenated nitrile rubber, which contains repeating units of one conjugated diene, one α,β-unsaturated nitrile and one or more additional copolymerisable of monomers; one Lewis base and/or Bronsted base as a cross-linking agent; one cross-linking accelerator. Lewis base and/or Bronsted base differ from compounds, which form a group of cross-linking accelerators.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to limit use of peroxide or sulphur-containing cross-linking agents in vulcanisable compositions, optimise residual compression deformation at high temperatures during prolonged stress.

12 cl, 10 tbl


FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: terminal comprising: a chip power management, digital signal processing chip baseband IC processing the first radio frequency signal, a second radio frequency signal processing chip, the first card slot, the second card slot, the first source of clock signals and the second source of clock signals. Power Management IC chip is connected to a digital signal processing baseband, the first card slot and a second slot for the card. Chip processing digital baseband signals are also connected to the first card socket and second card socket and connected to the first radio frequency signal processing chip and the second chip processing radio frequency signals via line inphase/quadrature (I/Q) data and control lines, respectively.

EFFECT: operation of the terminal with a plurality of wait states and a number of different communication networks support modes and one standby state, and a variety of modes support a variety of communication networks.

11 cl, 10 dwg


FIELD: medicine, pharmacy.

SUBSTANCE: this present invention relfers to a pharmaceutical composition in the form of a capsule for oral administration for asthma or allergic rhinitis prevention or treatment. The composition comprises: (a) the first fraction of particles in the form of mini-pill comprising levocetirizine, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and organic acid; and (b) the second fraction of particles in the form of mini-pill comprising montelukast or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The organic acid is citric acid, tartaric acid, succinic acid or ascorbic acid. The organic acid is present in the amount of 100 parts by weight per 100 parts of levocetirizine. The said first and second particle fractions are physically separated and filled into the capsule. A method for pharmaceutical capsule composition production is also described. The pharmaceutical composition of this invention inhibits the production of related contaminants of levocetirizine and montelukast and provides good stability.

EFFECT: invention expands the product range of drugs for allergic rhinitis or asthma prevention or treatment.

9 cl, 3 dwg, 4 tbl, 6 ex

FIELD: data processing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to signal processing. Method of processing audio data includes receiving from a bit stream audio data, corresponding to a row of audio channels, application of decorrelation process to some of audio data, wherein decorrelation process involves using a decorrelation algorithm, active completely on real-valued coefficients.

EFFECT: reduced complexity of coding and decoding algorithms owing to decorrelation of only real-valued coefficients.

16 cl, 37 dwg


FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: working element of mole plow comprises a vertical knife with a drainer (2), a reamer (3), a horizontal knife (4) attached to the reamer(3) and made in the form of the wings diverging from the reamer (3) . Additional drainers (5) are installed on the wings. The reamer (3), the drainer (2) and additional drainers (5) in cross section formed in a Reuleux triangle, wherein they are oriented upwards by one of the corners in cross-section, and the other two corners of the Reuleux triangle of the reamer (3) and additional drainers (5) are located on the horizontal plane at the same axis with the horizontal knife (4).

EFFECT: increased stability of mole drains.

2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture; machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machine building, in particular to tillage machines. Multifunctional tiller comprises frame with hitch attachment and side walls, milling drum with permanent and arranged there between detachable blades or teeth sections, rear spring-loaded shield with detachable ridging housings, center and side on its lower surface, and with detachable blades, detachable support wheels. Milling drum contains permanently fixed and detachable sections and has drive mechanisms in form of driveline, central reduction gear, intermediate and side gear transmissions. Tiller is equipped with removable rippers arranged below milling drum in front of its detachable sections, detachable furrow shapers made in form of spherical discs with adjustable angle of attack and installation height, arranged in front of side walls and facing by sphere concave to tiller longitudinal axis. Side walls are equipped with support wheels posts installation devices, made with possibility of installation in front of milling drum or along furrow shapers trace behind side walls. Ridging housings are made removable, and side housings are installed with controlled mid-path.

EFFECT: such design solution is aimed at tiller functional capabilities expansion.

1 cl, 8 dwg


FAN ASSEMBLY // 2614378

FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.

SUBSTANCE: fan assembly containing a nozzle and the main part, on which the nozzle is installed. The nozzle contains a rear section, having at least one the first air inlet, at least one the first air outlet and the first internal passage for moving the air from the first air inlet to the first air outlet; and a front section, having at least one the second air inlet, at least one the second air outlet and the second internal passage, which is isolated from the first internal passage for moving the air from the second air inlet to the second air outlet. The nozzle sections define the internal hole through which the air from fan assembly outside is drawn by the air emitted from the nozzle. The main part includes the means for creating the first air flow through the first internal passage and the second air flow through the second internal passage, and also means for changing the second air flow moisture parameters before it enters the second internal passage.

EFFECT: improvement of the device reliability.

15 cl, 8 dwg


FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: disk soil-forming section contains a bearing assembly with a rack and the shaft. On the shaft on one side of the bearing assembly, two needle disc set, the plane of which is perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. On the other side of the shaft, the spherical disc is fixed with cutout. The spherical disc is facing the convex sphere and a bearing assembly mounted within the plane of the blade to the shaft axis, and the maximum tilted disk portion opposite the notch located tangentially. The rear edge of the cutout has been rejected by an angle of up to 30° from radius to the point of its edges on the blade in the rotational direction. The angle of deviation of the radius of the rear edge does not exceed 20°. Between the bearing assembly and the spherical disc, the needle disk is installed. The vertical shaft section and the rotation axis of disc axis lie in one plane.

EFFECT: increase the capacity of water-detention of cut furrows, preventing the clogging of the cut disc crop residues, increased section width.

2 cl, 2 dwg


FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electrical system that comprises a primary and a secondary device, wherein the primary device comprises a source of electrical power; a cavity configured to device receiving; a plurality of electrical contacts within the cavity configured to contact with the corresponding contacts on the secondary device, when the device is in the secondary cavity, wherein the plurality of electrical contacts is in electrical communication with the electrical power source; and a lid moving between the first position to retain the secondary device in contact with at least one electrical contact, and the second position in which the secondary device can freely go out of contact with at least one electrical contact, the lid comprising at least one window allowing the organic material to exude from the cavity when the secondary device is in the cavity and the lid is in the first position.

EFFECT: invention extends the product range of power supply systems by providing a reliable and efficient charging of the secondary system device through the guaranteed electrical contact between the primary and secondary devices.

13 cl, 3 dwg


FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: tread for a pneumatic tyre comprises a plurality of sculptural elements, including the lateral sides and the contact surface intended for performing the contact with the road during the movement of the pneumatic tyre provided with said tread. At least one edge forms the contact boundary of the contact surface with the road. A plurality of cutouts in the form of a track and / or a cut also is represented, wherein said cutouts are bounded by the lateral sides disposed opposite one another. Each sculpture element is formed by at least one first rubber mixture called basic mixture. In the sectional view of a plane normal to the rotation axis of said pneumatic tyre and intersecting at least one contact surface sculptured element, wherein one of the cutouts adjacent to said contact surface is coated, at least partially, with the coating layer. The coating layer comprises a plurality of woven or non-woven fibers that are long fibers with the length greater than 50 mm.

EFFECT: improved characteristics of pneumatic tyres on wet surfaces.

32 cl, 9 dwg, 3 tbl

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to automotive industry, in particular, to vehicles transmissions. Method of vehicle transmission using for control over drive torque distribution on two drive wheels by means of differential gear. Coupling is supplied with preparatory hydraulic pressure, having value, providing coupling discs actuation in contact with each other. Preparatory hydraulic pressure is supplied in cases, in which coupling control effect fast prediction is possible. Vehicle transmission comprises differential drive for torque distribution on two drive wheels and differential brake with hydraulically controlled coupling with increased internal resistance. Additionally there is response system for control over said hydraulic pressure supply to coupling.

EFFECT: enabling reduced differential brake response time to motion conditions change due to supply of small preparatory hydraulic pressure to coupling.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of food industry, in particular, to its confectionary branch. The method of zefir production comprises preparing zefir-agar isomalto-treacle syrup, for which purpose dry powdered agar is mixed in the technological vessel with water of the temperature of 15°C at mash ratio of 1:30, and left to swell for 1 hour, then the swollen agar is quickly dissolved under heating in the digester with the stirrer, isomalt is added, after its complete dissolution, the molasses preheated to the temperature of 60°C is introduced. The mixture is boiled out in the cooking coiled column at t = 110°C until the weight fraction of dry substances is 85 ± 0.5%, and is cooled in the tempering machine to t = 94 ± 1°C. To prepare the whipped mass, dry egg albumen is soaked in warm water of the temperature of 35-40°C at a dry albumen - water ratio 1: 3 for 20-30 min. Further isomalt is mixed with concentrated apple puree, with adding reconditioned egg albumen, whipped in the beating machine for 4-5 min, more egg albumen is added, whipped for 5 minutes, then citric acid, vanilla essence, isomalto-agar-molasses syrup are added and stirred for 2-3 min to evenly distribute the recipe components. The ready whipped mass is moulded by way of deposition by meams of the zefir-depositing machine on trays, sent to curing, drying, starch dusting, is cooled and packaged. Zefir is prepared at the following ratio of the recipe components, wt %: isomalt 51.18, agar 0.56, molasses 9.46, egg albumen 5.50, concentrated apple puree 33.04, citric acid 0.25, vanilla essence 0 01.

EFFECT: method of zefir production allows to obtain zefirs of functional purpose with the reduced energy value, increased nutritional value, having a pleasant taste, aroma, delicate and soft texture, the whipped mass having well-fixed structure.

1 tbl


FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: method involves kneading the dough, preparing the raw material of beef, pork, fish of the cod family, and preparing the plant component of pearl barley porridge. Stuffing for pelmeni is prepared by mixing the animal raw materials, the plant component, fresh chopped onion, food salt, spices and water. The ground fish, beef, pork and pearl barley porridge are used at the specified weight ratio. The pelmeni are moulded, frozen, tumbled and packed.

EFFECT: invention can improve the nutritional value of the product while reducing its caloric value.

1 dwg, 3 tbl, 1 ex


FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery industry. The reclamation fertilizer distributor-subsoiler of plough-layer comprises moldboard bodies fixed to the frame fertilizer dispensers with fertilizer funnels, a high-pressure fan with an air duct. The fan is tightly connected to the fertilizer funnels. In front of the moldboard bodies on racks the unilateral flat hoes-subsoilers are mounted, located at a height below the cutting plane of the moldboard bodies. The racks of the unilateral flat hoes are made knife-like with an inclination of the blade to the horizontal plane against the direction of movement at an angle of 60-65°, providing the soil layer cutting with sliding on the blade. At the rear wall of the racks the fertilizer funnels are located, connected with fertilizer distributors mounted under the flat hoes. The fertilizer funnels are tightly connected to the fertilizer distributing units and the pressure cavity of the fan. The fertilizer distributing units are made screw and mounted in the bottom of the hoppers for fertilizers. The hoppers have tight covering lids. Over the hoppers a tank for livestock wastes with reel dispensers is mounted. The drive of the fertilizer dispensers and reel dispensers is made from the PTO shaft of the tractor through a gearbox. The fan drive is made from the hydraulic motor.

EFFECT: decrease in the traction resistance of the tool and the fertilizer saturation of subsurface horizon is provided.

3 dwg


FIELD: computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering and can be used in digital computing devices, as well as in end fields GF(2ν) elements formation devices. Technical result is achieved by using new activation function in hidden layer, use of synaptic weights ωi,j, equal to one, which enables to eliminate synaptic weights multipliers from formal neuron structure, as well as elimination from neuron structure of output layer of unit,implementing activation function calculations.

EFFECT: technical result consists in reduction of system expenses required for multi-input adder realization by module two.

1 cl, 1 dwg


FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: in the method, the user terminating device activates new streaming server to generate new security keys set individually for the user. The said activation includes starting the boot process of the overall boot architecture for the said new streaming server, reception in the user terminating device from the said new streaming server of a new security key, set individually for the new streaming server; generationn in the user terminating device of individually set user security keys said for the said new streaming server and use by the new user terminating device of the new individually set user security keys generated in the user terminating device, with the new streaming server for previously installed streaming service.

EFFECT: ensuring generation of new security keys.

45 cl, 6 dwg


FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises bottom made of parts at different angles, rudder, a longitudinal air intake duct of the delivery device in the form of the impeller, the air is supplied from the nozzle at an angle under the bottom of the ship, and a pivoting flap pneumatic channels. Wherein a bottom side skegs additionally equipped inside with longitudinal flow channels made in the form of a hollow or open pipes installed at the end of the curved active nozzles that are oriented at an angle in the direction of movement air dynamic high-pressure jet exiting the transient two-phase nozzles disposed in the middle of a bottom open bottom of the housing.

EFFECT: improved handling and stability of the ship, nautical, simplicity.

3 cl, 4 dwg


FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: gripping device has at least two gripping elements for gripping a sheet material stack. The gripping elements are made with the possibility of moving towards each other for gripping the sheet material stack. At least one gripping finger of one gripping element is made with the possibility to tilt from an initial position into an inclined position. In the rest position, the finger is oriented substantially parallel to the stack surface. The finger in the tilted position is inclined relative to the stack surface.

EFFECT: providing the possibility of the reliable and trouble-free extracting of sheet material stacks from the container and holding them against the action of gravity.

15 cl, 12 dwg


FIELD: physics, measurement.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to physical and chemical analysis methods, particularly to analysis of solutions for quantitative determination of antioxidant activity. In the disclosed method, determination of antioxidant activity is carried out based on the difference in the number of paramagnetic particles of a stable radical, measured before and after chemical reaction of the particles of the radical with antioxidants.

EFFECT: goal of the present invention is to overcome shortcomings of existing methods and create a new method, which improves accuracy and rapidness of determination, and enables to quantitatively, in standardised units, establish antioxidant activity of a certain substance in an analysed sample and a mechanism for interaction of antioxidants with free radicals of diphenyl picryl hydrazyl.

4 dwg, 4 ex


FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to baking industry, in particular to bakery starter manufacturing and can be used for functional purpose bread production. The line comprises manufacturing of two phases, phase of batch preparation of liquid hop-pumpkin starter and phase of powder hop-pumpkin starter preparation. For the purpose of liquid hop-pumpkin starter preparation, the line comprises head tanks for cold and hot water, reservoir for the liquid hop-pumpkin starter, liquid component metering unit, loose component metering unit, scalding machine, batching station, yeast vessel, pump. The line additionally includes a dosing hopper for crushed pumpkin, a vacuum evaporator to produce hop extract, a two-stage convective vacuum-pulse dryer to produce powder hop-pumpkin starter. The dryer consists of a convective stage, a vacuum pump and a vacuum-pulse cabinet.

EFFECT: invention allows for the production of powder hop-pumpkin starter enriched with biologically active substances.

1 dwg


FIELD: pharmacy.

SUBSTANCE: method of agent production includes interation of raw arabinogalactan and selenium dioxide or selenious acid salt in a solvent followed by precipitation in ethanol or acetone, or other organic solvent capable of mixing with water. The peculiarity of this method is that the process is carried out at the temperature of 20-25°C, stable selenium nanoparticles size is 0.5-250 nm, and raw arabinogalactan or arabinogalactan specially purified from phenolic impurities is used as the raw materila, while water or dimethylsulfoxide, or formamide are used as solvents.

EFFECT: soluble stable nanocomposites providing antitumor activity, in dry form.

3 cl, 7 dwg, 11 ex

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: hemorrhoidal feet processing is performed during surgical treatment of complicated internal hemorrhoids. A Luer clamp is imposed on the hemorrhoid tissue and the node feet is sutured proximally by an 8-shaped catgut ligature. Billroth forceps is imposed on a half of the foot and the node is undercut above it. The main suture is imposed with a node formed proximally to the retaining suture. An additional suture is imposed by the first injection of needle under the main ligature and second injection directly next to the stump in the direction of perianal skin. Node tissue is cut off after the last suture is applied. The third suture node is formed over the main ligature.

EFFECT: reliable hemostasis during and after hemorrhoidectomy, reduced risk of postoperative submucosal hematomas and paraproctitis due to three 8-shaped stitches on the node foot during removal.

3 dwg


FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: tissue with pathological changes is coated with fine particles of carbon dye. The coating is exposed to pulsed laser radiation. At the beginning of radiation, laser irradiation pulse power is set lower than the value expected for this threshold pathology. The repetition frequency of acoustic pulses generated by a surface thermal microexplosion and absorbing the laser emission of carbon dye particles is determined. It is compared to the laser pulses frequency. Laser pulses power is sequentially increased to a value at which the acoustic pulse frequency becomes equal to the repetition frequency of laser pulses. Irradiation is performed with this pulse power value. The device includes a laser operating in a pulse-periodic mode of laser radiation generation, a laser radiation operating parameters control unit, a laser radiation parameters measuring unit and an indication unit. It additionally contains an acoustic microphone, a selectable band-pass filter for a maximum range of 5-7 kHz, microphone signal amplifier and a two-input coincidence circuit, all connected in series. One of the coincidence circuit inputs is connected to the microphone signal amplifier output, the second icoincidence circuit input is connected to the laser pulses repetition driving frequency generator output, and output - to the laser radiation operating parameters control unit input and the indication unit.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of treatment and reduced probability of postoperative recurrence and scar development processes through implementation of objective selection and monitoring of the adequacy of defined laser radiation parameters, providing the process of shock wave destruction.

2 cl, dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention may be applied for the treatment of the haematogeneous osteomyelitis of the vertebral column. A porous implant, inside which a perforated drainage is mounted, is installed into a bone defect of vertebrae. Elimination of a pyoinflammatory exudate from the affected area is performed by means of vacuum at (-0.1)-(-0.2) mPa within 7-10 days.

EFFECT: method allows improving efficiency of the drainage of the bone cavity and epidural space during the treatment of the haematogeneous osteomyelitis of the vertebral column.

4 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: medical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medical equipment. Gas generator for therapeutic application comprises device for electrolysis for electrolysis of water and formation of gas mixture, which contains hydrogen and oxygen. Gas generator for therapeutic application also has system for gas mixing, connected to device for electrolysis, containing gas mixture. System for gas mixing is intended for mixing of gas mixture with water vapor, sprayed medicinal fluid, volatile ether oil or their combination in order to form therapeutic gas inhalation for user.

EFFECT: group of inventions improves patient's relaxation in treating.

14 cl, 3 dwg


FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: method includes stringer installing on the collar, performed on the covering at the place of the stringer location, and its weld tack, positioning and clamping of the stringer in the welding area by means of the head with the guide rollers, stringer welding with covering collar simultaneously by two beams, directed from two opposite sides of the stringer and moving along the weld joint of the stringer. Thus the stringer welding from one side is performed by the first beam, providing weld penetration to the depth equal to 0.8-0.9 of the stringer thickness, and from the other striger side the welding by the second beam is performed, providing weld penetration to the depth equal to 0.2-0.3 of the stringer thickness. The first beam is moved in front of the second beam at the distance greater than the length of the welding bath of the first beam.

EFFECT: invention improves the quality of stringers welded joints with the increased thickness and stiffness.

7 dwg


FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: method includes filling the cathode assembly casing with heat insulation layer, building up a refractory layer, followed by packing layers, installing hearth and side blocks, followed by sealing the joints between them with cold ramming paste. In accordance with the first alternative of the presented method an elastic element made of compact fibreboard with the thickness of (2.5-4)⋅10-4 of the cathode width is installed between the heat insulation and refractory layers. According to the second alternative of the presented method flexible graphite foil is installed between the heat insulation and refractory layers and an elastic element of the abovementioned fibreboard is mounted beneath it.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption during the electrolyzer operation by improving the stabilization of the thermal properties of the heat insulation in the basement, extended life of electrolyzers.

6 cl, 5 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: metallurgy.

SUBSTANCE: titanium-based alloy contains, wt %: aluminium 1.5-4.5;. vanadium 13.5-19.0; chrome 2.0-5.0; tin 2.0-4.0; molybdenum 0.5-2.5; zirconium 0.5-2.5; niobium 0.01-0.40; yttrium 0.005-0.150; titanium and impurities - the rest.

EFFECT: alloy is characterized by high values of ductility, thermal stability, and creep strength in the thermally hardened condition, while keeping the fracture viscosity values.

5 cl, 2 tbl, 4 ex