Educating and cryptography and display and advertising and seals (G09)

G   Physics(393877)
G09            Educating; cryptography; display; advertising; seals(11205)

Imaging device, imaging control method and programme // 2642811
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: imaging device includes a display for displaying an image section and a video processing section for gradually lowering the output power to the image. The output power is gradually reduced for light radiation with a wavelength in the range of 446 nanometers to 483 nanometers of light radiation. And the gradual reduction is performed after the user observes the image.EFFECT: reduction in the degree of the user fatigue who observes the colour image by gradually lowering the output power of a separate range of light waves, which does not cause degradation of the video signal display.19 cl, 11 dwg
ethod for forming key of encryption/decryption // 2642806
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method is carried out through the formation of a confidential key of the key distribution center, which is carried out on the basis of the sensor by selecting random numbers of coefficients of the symmetric polynomials {ƒi{x1, x2)}, over the field GF(264), the personal confidential key of the user is produced in the form of ratios of polynomials {gA,i (x)}, obtained by substituting the YA identifier in the polynomials {ƒi(x1, x2)}, instead of one of the arguments: gA,i(x)=ƒi(x, YA)=ƒi(YA, x)mod(264), the session key KAB is obtained usinga lookup in a personal confidential key {gA,i(x)}, of the correspondent identifier: KAB,i=g(YB)mod(264), while the session key with a length of n bits is a concatenation of the values of polynomials over the field GF (264) KAB=KAB,0||KAB,1||…||KAB,r-1 i.e. it can be calculated using the formula KAB=KAB.0+KAB,1⋅(264)+KAB.2⋅(264)2+KAB, r-1⋅(264)r-1.EFFECT: reducing the time required to complete the procedures for obtaining personal and session keys.1 cl

ethod and device for presenting information // 2642427
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: when receiving the notification message, which must be presented when the display screen is off, the procedure of dimming for the object that should be hidden on the display screen is performed, and the notification message is presented when the display screen is switched on from the off state. In this case, the object to be hidden contains all the rest of the content displayed on the display screen, in addition to the notification message, or some of this content. In addition, a predetermined dimming image superimposed over the original locked screen displayed on the display screen is displayed, resulting in dimming of the object to be hidden. The initial locked screen is a display interface pre-defined for the display screen switched on from the off state and the dimming image is configured to cover the original locked screen completely or configured to cover the object to be hidden. In this case, the dimming image has a transparency less than a predetermined threshold.EFFECT: providing a more contrasting visual highlighting of the notification message, which makes it more accessible to the user's perception.10 cl, 22 dwg

ethod and system for dynamic identification of person's identity // 2642406
FIELD: learning.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to remote learning technologies, namely to means of controlling a remote test. System for dynamic identification of a person's identity includes a module for identifying a person's identity, module for processing biometric information, a module for scoring user actions, a decision module, the reaction initiation module, all of which are consistent with the configuration parameters of the system.EFFECT: technical result is automation of process of remote supervision of remote testing by means of dynamic identification of subject.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for providing visual representation of content inside packaging // 2642372
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: system and method that enables the wireless communication device to provide information about the product contained in the package. Preferably, the system and method provide a visual image of the product contained within the non-transparent package to the one holding the wireless communication device.EFFECT: expansion of the arsenal of tools that provide a perception or illusion of the visibility of the product through the non-transparent packaging.16 cl, 3 dwg

Herbarium // 2642330
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: herbarium contains at least one polymer padding and planting. It is provided with a substrate made of the porous material in which you enter antimicrobials, substrate absorbs and keeps for a long time, antimicrobials, that subsequently leads to the death of the mycelium of fungi and bacteria, as well as their dispute herbal styling is installed between the substrate and polymer gasket. Polymeric gaskets are made of polyethylene terephthalate, low-density polyethylene, and ethylene-vinyl acetate, which ensure gluing of the herbarium with heating.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility of influencing the planting of herbarium plants with antimicrobial agents for the elimination of fungal and bacterial infections and lesions.4 dwg
ethod for prediction of pathogenetic process development for non-cultured or cultured type in experiment // 2642327
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: P. aeruginosa and S. aureus cultures are isolated from patients with pyoinflammatory processes, and fractions of cultured and non-cultured bacteria are obtained from them. Then, associations of such bacteria are administered to rabbits subcutaneously in an amount of 104-105 microbial cells in 1 ml. On day 1-2 and 4-5 after this, alkaline phosphatase and ALT in the blood serum of animals are determined. When the alkaline phosphatase value on day 1-2 is 205.0-391.0 u/L, and on day 4-5 - 308.0-483.0 u/L and ALT value on day 1-2 is 53.0-63.0 u/L, and on day 4-5 - 57.0-69.0 u/L, non-cultured type infection process development is predicted. When the alkaline phosphatase value on day 4-5 day is 485.0-652.0 u/L and ALT is 36.5-38.0 u/L, cultured type infection process development is predicted.EFFECT: method provides prediction of development of various types of infection while ensuring simplicity and cheapness of simulation, the results of which can be used in the study of pathogenesis of disease in humans when developing methods for diagnostics and treatment of such patients.2 ex, 2 tbl

High-quality fire resistant decorative finishing coating for inner panels // 2642217
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: for finishing a panel, a filling material containing an agent for imparting fire resistance is applied to the panel surface to form a filled panel surface. Then the filled panel surface is smoothed. Thereinafter, a pattern or image is printed on one side of a polymer film containing a first polymeric material, and attach the other side of the polymer film to the smoothed filled panel surface by means of the binder. The polymer film is then coated with a coating material containing a second polymeric material.EFFECT: reducing labour intensity of manufacture, providing high-quality decorative fire-resistant finishing of inner panels.15 cl, 3 dwg
obile complex for informing on the emergency situation in the areas under flooding // 2642209
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a complex of alerting the public about emergencies (ES) in hard-to-reach areas. Mobile complex consists of an amphibious vehicle on the air cushion with a built-in video screen and sound devices. Such mobile complex includes a passenger lounge with a metal stamped welded frame, equipped with soundproof insulation elements.EFFECT: it is achieved by improving the efficiency of alerting the population about emergencies in hard-to-reach areas through rapid delivery to the place of use and ensuring the multifunctional work of the mobile complex, improvement of the efficiency of noise reduction in the apparatus when performing emergency operations.1 cl, 6 dwg
Device for investigating electric curl field // 2642129
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: device for investigating electric curl field consists of a ferromagnetic toroid rotating from a synchronous motor, connected to the frequency-adjustable polyphase alternator, magnetized in a circle, and a multiturn measuring coil installed without any contact near the mentioned rotating toroid and connected to a DC voltage meter through a DC amplifier. The turns of the measuring coil are located in planes collinear relative to the rotation axis of the ferromagnetic toroid magnetized in a circle.EFFECT: simplified design.2 dwg

Product with luminous surface provided by led // 2642126
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: product with luminous surface comprising a light guide providing the mentioned luminous surface, wherein the light guide comprises a plurality of scattering elements to produce an almost uniform light output at the luminous surface, and a plurality of solid-state lighting elements. Each of the mentioned solid-state lighting elements is configured to emit a light beam into the light guide. The light guide also includes the first body configured to create corresponding optical images in the light guide by creating corresponding areas in the light guide which are shaded from the corresponding light beams.EFFECT: invention allows to exclude the need for a body on the light guide surface with uniform illumination.14 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of forming mathematical model of man-operator at tracking of preset steering wheel positions on director device // 2642016
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: mathematical model is formed in the form of a sequential connection of the links of pure delay, aperiodic and forcing, a mathematical model for estimating the state variables of the dynamic setpoint-generator model of the present steering wheel positions, the output of which is summed with the input signals of each integrator of the mathematical model of estimates of the setpoint-generator state variables through the amplification factors, at the output of the operator's mathematical model and the input of the steering wheel, a signal is obtained equal to the sum of weighted estimates of the state variables of the setpoint-generator in a certain way.EFFECT: improving the accuracy of mathematical simulation and analysis of the directorate processes.5 dwg, 2 ex

Simulator-manipulator for training of armament complexes operators // 2641612
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: simulator contains a control computer, operator workplace control and indication simulators on the touch panels by the number of simulated consoles and control panels in the workplace of the operator of a real armament complex, and a tactile information processing unit. At that, the control computer, operator workplace control and indication simulators and the tactile information processing unit are connected to the local computer network (LAN) by a LAN switch.EFFECT: expansion of its functional capabilities and increased level of training in the study of simulated armament complex.3 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for forming visually observed images // 2641575
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: image is formed by inflation of all or a part of hermetic elastic shells in the composition of artificial satellites orbited around the planet. The shells are inflated to the size providing the possibility of their visual observation. The images are changed by blowing off some or all of the inflated shells and/or inflating all or a part of the non-inflated shells drawn into these orbits.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of the image formation.1 cl
ethod for severe craniocerebral injury simulation // 2641569
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: for simulation of a severe craniocerebral injury with persistent violations of neurological and cognitive functions, a one-time shock effect is provided by a free-falling load on an intact firm brain shell through a trepanation window in the front-parietal part. At that, 8-10-week-old outbreed male C57BL/6 mice with a body weight of 20-22 g are used as laboratory animals. The impact is provided with a load weighing 4 g from a height of 80 cm. The diameter of the shock part of the load corresponds to the diameter of the trephination window.EFFECT: method provides simulation conditions that maximally reproduce the clinical picture of severe focal brain damage without the death of a laboratory animal, which is necessary for monitoring and development of methods for brain functions restoration in the post-traumatic period.1 ex

Device for studying mechanical interactions of physical bodies: elastic impacts // 2641469
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device consists of a trolley with a vertically placed rigid screen, with which the impacting body interacts. The device was used to study the influence of the mass ratio of the co-impacting bodies to the exchange of pulses between them under the oblique elastic impact. It is shown, that in the conditions of the experiment conducted in the case if the mass of the impacted body exceeds the mass of the impacting body not less than 50 times, the pulse of the impacted body changes very slightly.EFFECT: improvement of the device.3 cl, 1 dwg
ethod for beryllium intoxication simulation // 2641380
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to experimental toxicology, and can be used to study the mechanisms of the toxic effect of beryllium soluble forms. To do this, simulation of intoxication with beryllium salts is carried out by single or prolonged repeated intraperitoneal injection of beryllium salts. Salts are introduced as a solution in 0.2 M glycine buffer at pH 9.2. This allows administration of up to 90 mg/kg animal body weight in terms of beryllium ion. The method reproduces poisoning in the absence of the effect of a sudden change in the concentration of beryllium ions and violation of acid-base equilibrium.EFFECT: extremely high toxic load on the body while preserving the life of the laboratory animal.3 ex, 4 tbl

Device for advertising // 2641078
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device (2) reproducing a substantially cylindrical object and comprising: a frame (4) including a post (8), a bracket, at least, partially, arched up and mounted on the post, and a web (6) configured to be fixed on the frame (4), comprising: a top edge (14), at least, partially, raised upwardly and intended to cover the bracket, at least, one lower edge (16) bent downwardly opposed to the said upper edge (14), the first and the second side edges (18, 20), and, at least, one surface (22) comprising a pattern having a line (26), at least, partially, bent in the downward direction and extending the ends of the said upper edge (14), or a line, at least, partially, arched upwardly and extending the ends of the lower edge.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency.15 cl, 13 dwg

Light panel with end emission input // 2640986
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light panel with an end emission input is proposed, comprising: a light guide having an end, light sources placed near the mentioned end so that in the switched-on state at least a part of the light flux enters the mentioned end, a body having a front portion, a side portion connected to the edge of the front portion and a rear portion connected to the edge of the side portion, a light emission scattering means, a reflector located behind the light guide, a compensator configured to equalize the light flux produced by the rays emanating from the mentioned light guide over the entire area of the mentioned light guide, is characterized in that the mentioned body is made of a substantially transparent material. The mentioned front, side and rear portions of the body are made by bending from a single workpiece.EFFECT: manufacturing technology of the panel is simplified and its thickness is reduced by replacing the hollow moulding with a casing made from a single part by means of bending.30 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for oxalate urinary stone formation process simulation // 2640923
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method for oxalate urinary stone formation process simulation is based on stone growing in an artificially created human urine model environment, while for solution preparation, the following is used: CaCl2⋅2H2O - 7 mmol/l, MgSO4⋅7H2O - 4 mmol/l, NH4Cl - 8 mmol/l, K2SO4 - 6 mmol/l, (NH4)2C2O4⋅H2O - 2÷- 4 mmol/l, (NH4)3PO4 - 10 mmol/l, K2CO3 - 7 mmol/l, KCl - 24 mmol/l, NaCl - 140 mmol/l, and distilled water. The synthesis is carried out at pH values of 4.00±0.05 for 72 hours at a temperature of 25°C.EFFECT: use of the claimed method allows to identify the parameters that cause formation of oxalate urinary stone, and to create a model system by which it is possible to study the effectiveness of drugs action to prevent the formation and growth of oxalate urinary stones.1 tbl, 2 dwg

Device and method for converting dynamic range of images // 2640750
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: image processing device comprises a receiver (201) for receiving an image signal, the second receiver (1701) for receiving a data signal from the display (107), a dynamic range processor (203) configured to generate an output image by applying a dynamic range conversion to the encoded image, and an output (205) for outputting the image output signal to the display. The image signal contains an encoded image. The data signal comprises a data field that contains an indication of a dynamic display range for the display (107) containing a luminance of a white point that is capable of characterizing, whether the display is a high dynamic range display. The processor (203) is configured to apply a dynamic range conversion to an image signal that is a high dynamic range image signal corresponding to an absolute maximum luminance of the target display above 500 nits.EFFECT: providing the possibility of improved dynamic range conversions that can be adapted to specific characteristics of image visualization.24 cl, 23 dwg

ethod of student's knowledge evaluation at computer-based testing // 2640709
FIELD: education.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the educational medium in which the student chooses the response to the posed question from the set of answers at the time of registration for event-related potentials, and can be used for automated evaluation of knowledge. By the presence of component P300, the type of decision is classified using a set of decision rules for matching random guessing, copying, partial knowledge, uncertain knowledge or confident knowledge.EFFECT: reliability of the student's knowledge evaluation is increased.5 cl, 1 tbl, 5 dwg

Liquid crystal display and multi-screen display // 2640651
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: liquid crystal display includes: a liquid crystal panel; a light source of the LED for illuminating the back surface of the said liquid crystal panel with light; a diffusion plate disposed between the liquid crystal panel and the light source of the LED; a reflective sheet located on the side opposite the diffusion plate with respect to the light source of the LED; a panel fastening means disposed on the back surface side of the reflective sheet; and at least one photodetector located on the back surface side of the reflective sheet to detect light reflected by the back surface of the diffusion plate and propagated in the gap between the reflective sheet and the panel fastening means.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of detecting the brightness of the source.10 cl, 11 dwg

ethod and electronic device for e-mail message processing based on interaction with user // 2640638
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: method is implemented by receiving from the user a first indication of the user performing the first dragging action associated with the message element, displaying to the user on the electronic device screen a corresponding action item associated with one of a plurality of predetermined directions. The action item is located in a specific location, visually at a distance from the message in one of a plurality of predetermined directions corresponding action item indicates the appropriate action to the user, obtaining from the user the second indication of the action of lowering a message item to the corresponding action, and, in response to the second action, the execution of appropriate action with e-mail message.EFFECT: saving battery power of the mobile electronic device when the mail application is running.22 cl, 9 dwg
ethod for promotional information provision with opportunity to assess effectiveness and analyze potential audience of advertising and informational structures and use obtained information for audience targeting and individual communication // 2640441
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: in this method, a beacon is placed on at least one advertisement carrier, which generates a signal at a given periodicity, beacon signals are recorded by mobile devices of consumers, signals are generated that initiate the transfer of advertising packages to display advertisements on the advertisement carrier. While the mobile device is located in the beacon range, the speed of the mobile device movement and its actual location in space relative to the advertising information structure is determined, the data on the mobile device movement speed and location and its identifier are transmitted to the control device and are used to determine the duration of the mobile devices stay in the beacon range, this duration and the corresponding mobile device identifier are recorded. As these data arrive, the recorded duration of the time interval for the given mobile device staying in the beacon range is compared to the duration of the specified interval recorded earlier and the content of advertising and information materials transmitted to the advertisement carrier, and materials are selected for the transfer based on the comparison results. At that, in the beacon coverage area, each beacon signal and its reception time are recorded in the mobile device and the distance to the beacon is determined to calculate the mobile device movement speed.EFFECT: increased effectiveness of advertising campaigns and information in general.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for demonstrating inertia center movement of system of material points // 2640310
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: basis of the device for demonstrating the theorem on the inertia center movement of the system of material points (bodies) is a biaxial trolley. On the main trolley, there are two (or one) other trolleys interacting with the main one through the stretched springs. If the trolleys, after their relative displacement, are not held, then all the trolleys will perform oscillatory movements around the stationary center of the system inertia. If the trolleys, after their relative displacement, are simultaneously provided with speed, then with the vibrational movement of two or three trolleys, the inertia center of the system will move rectilinearly and uniformly along the surface of the demonstration table.EFFECT: providing in-depth understanding and visibility.8 dwg
Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive for gluing labels // 2640064
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: adhesive is described, containing: (A) a polymer based on the conjugated diene, modified with polar functional group, which is a hydrogenated polymer based on the conjugated diene, having, at least, one functional group selected from the anhydride acid group, the maleic acid group, the carboxyl group, the amino group, the imino group, the alkoxysilyl group, the silanole group, the simple silyl ester group, the hydroxyl group, and the epoxy group, and selected from hydrogenated styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer ("SEPS") and hydrogenated styrene-butadiene-styrene block-copolymer ("SEBS"), (B) resin based on aliphatic polyester, and (C) resin that increases the stickiness. A label is also described, on which a hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive and a container, to which the label is adhered, are applied.EFFECT: hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is environmentally sound and has sufficient adhesion, heat stability and covering characteristics.5 cl, 2 tbl

ethod and device for displaying content // 2639941
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: content displaying method discovers any change in the displayed content on the display and controls the display to alternately update the display data corresponding to the first portion and the second portion of the display unit line when no change is detected in the displayed content.EFFECT: reduction of the energy consumption while maintaining the original display frequency rate due to the fact that the number of pixels to be updated each time is reduced, while the original frequency rate is maintained, the problem consisting in the fact that reducing the frequency rate of the display causes the screen to flicker, can be solved.13 cl, 14 dwg
Individual controller simulator for training of operative-controller staff of main oil pipelines // 2639932
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: individual controller simulator includes a central server, an automated work station (AWS) of instructor, an automated work station (AWS) of trainee, a data visualization system integrated by the local computer network. The central server includes a server of central controller, a server for simulating the system of dispatching control and management, a server of mathematical model and operation algorithms of main oil pipeline automation systems. The instructor's AWS includes a module for the formation of training tasks, a module for monitoring and evaluating the performance of training assignments. The trainee's AWS includes a subsystem for visualizing the state of technological equipment and technological processes, a hydraulic slope control subsystem, a mode control subsystem, and a registration and output module for training assignment. The simulation server of dispatching control system includes a DNO-server subsystem, an address space of which corresponds to the address space of DNO-server of enterprise dispatching control and management system, where the dispatching simulator is installed.EFFECT: increasing the reliability and safety of main oil pipelines operation.11 cl, 2 dwg
Light information display with replaceable front panel, built in car sunvisor // 2639931
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: light information display with a replaceable front panel is built into the sunvisor of a car. The information display consists of a carrying reduced-weight frame with a U-channel, forming together the front and side part of the body with the replaceable front panel, of a shock-absorbing afterbody, linear LED source, circuit-breaking pushbutton, power-supply wiring and rotary latching device with a spring element and additional axis of the fixation. These elements are interconnected by assembly operations, providing structural uniformity and implementation of the general functional purpose by the device.EFFECT: integration of the light information display with the assembly of the car sunvisor, allowing you to keep the angles of visibility in the cabin of the vehicle, to increase the uniformity of the backlight of the information characters on the front panel and to improve the usability of the light information display.14 cl, 9 dwg

echanism for effort generation on medical instrument simulator // 2639800
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device providing reverse tactile sensations when manipulating a medical instrument simulator and can be used in medical simulation trainers for endoscopic surgery, during virtual medical intervention modelling, where the surgeon performs training surgery in a simulated environment, using medical instruments simulators similar to real instruments. The mechanism for force generation on a medical instrument simulator contains devices for linear, rotational and angular movements of the instrument with sensors for instrument movements tracking. The device for linear movement of the instrument is made in the form of a linear electromagnetic motor with a medical instrument inside with magnets located therein. Device of rotational and angular movement of the instrument is implemented as a basis on which the stator of the first engine is fixed, with a bracket attached to its rotor with the second engine stator fixed thereon, with a linear solenoid engine attached to the rotor and coupled with an engine control unit. The first engine and the second engine are solenoid engines with a controlled stator magnetic field and are connected to the engine control unit.EFFECT: invention allows to generate a uniform force and to keep the mechanism freedom axes in the given position, excluding the phenomena of uneven force influence on the medical instrument simulator during operation.1 dwg
System for address control of brain neurons of living free-moving animals based on frozen fiber-optical probe with multi-channel fibers // 2639790
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: system includes a laser excitation system, an optical response recording system, an openable optical fiber probe (OFP) based on multichannel optical fiber (MOF) with micron-sized lightguides, containing a module mounted on the animal's skull and a mating openable part providing its communication with optical excitation systems and recording of the optical response, in accordance with what is set forth in the claims. The OFP consists of two parts, the first made with a possibility of fixation on the animal's skull and contains a ceramic cylindrical ferrule with a short MOF section attached thereto. The second part of the probe contains a connector with another cylindrical ceramic ferrule and a long MOF section attached thereto. The second part of the probe is connected to a laser optical excitation system and a recording and monitoring system. The MOF sections contain at least one thousand coaxially located micron-size lightguides. The distal end of the first optical fiber section has a flat surface oblique at an angle of 30 to 60 degrees relative to the MOF axis, and MOF diameter is from 250 mcm to 600 mcm. When the method is implemented, laser radiation of a selected wavelength and power is generated, allowing to reach the photo activation threshold of cells containing genetically embedded photosensitive proteins. The laser radiation is focused by means of a scanning system and a focusing module into the selected lightguides of the long section of MOF located inside the connector in optical contact with the short MOF section attached to the animal's skull so that its distal end is located in the selected region of the animal's brain. The radiation generates a measurable fluorescence signal, it is transmitted through a probe to the optical recording and monitoring system with a computer, where the signals obtained are subjected to the appropriate analysis.EFFECT: group of inventions allows to obtain information on functioning of the individual brain cells and provide addressable influence thereon by a long-term series of experiments on the same animal in any brain structure, while providing reception of an optical signal from one and the same group of cells.6 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for focal brain ischemia modeling // 2639787
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: occluder is introduced into the middle cerebral artery from the side of focal ischemia modeling. The external carotid and common carotid arteries are isolated and clamped; the wall of the common carotid artery is perforated above the clipping site and an occluder made of a monofilament synthetic resorbable suture material based on polyclocalide is introduced into the middle cerebral artery along the general and internal carotid arteries. Then the common carotid artery is clamped from the opposite side.EFFECT: method allows to reduce traumatism and increase method reproducibility, which is achieved due to the sequence of the above methods.1 dwg

easuring system and method of delay measurement // 2639671
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: event creation device that creates the event used to measure the system delay. A component testing system that receives the event and, in response, issues the output signal of the tested components and a zero delay indicator. An electronic system comprising of a multifunction display device that receives the output signal of the tested components and displays the visible element on the multifunction display device. A camera that creates a series of recorded images, each containing an indicator image of the zero delay indicator and an image of the visible element. A processor that determines a system delay by determining a time difference in a series of recorded images between an event occurrence presentation in an image of a zero delay indicator and an even occurrence representation in an image of the visible element, wherein determining the time difference includes determining the difference in angular rate between the event occurrence representation in an image of the zero delay indicator and the angular rate of the representation of the event occurrence in an image of the visible element.EFFECT: increase in the accuracy of the system delay measurement.18 cl, 10 dwg
ethod for simulated space research // 2639624
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: in the space of a pressure chamber equipped with a cooling system, a suspension of dust particles corresponding to the size and chemical composition of the Martian dust is performed in a gas atmosphere corresponding to the Martian atmosphere in terms of chemical composition, temperature, pressure and dust particles content, and the suspension is exposed to radiations.EFFECT: ensured study of the properties of the suspension of Martian dust in the Martian atmosphere in the aspect of radiation absorption.1 cl
ethod for endothelioprotection in adma-similar gestosis model by arginase ii inhibitor // 2639415
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: method involves reproduction of gestosis in laboratory pregnant Wistar rats by daily intraperitoneal administration of the NO-synthase inhibitor L-NAME from day 14 to day 20 of pregnancy at a dose of 25 mg/kg/day. At that, correction of endothelial dysfunction is performed daily by intragastric administration of a selective inhibitor of arginase II-KUD975. Inhibitor administration is performed 30 minutes prior to the administration of L-NAME at a dose of 1 mg/kg of animal body weight.EFFECT: pronounced correction of dysfunction under the conditions of specific mechanisms of the pathological process in pregnant women, with elimination of side effects typical for low- and nonselective arginase inhibitors.1 ex
ethod for spleen lymphoid tissue reconstruction in laboratory animals // 2639404
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: laboratory animals (mice) receive intravenous allogeneic transplantation of multipotent stromal cells (MMSC) and hemopoietic stem cells (HSC) obtained from the laboratory animal placenta chorion 20 minutes after irradiation. At that, MMSC are administered at a dose of 6.2 million cells/kg, and HSC - at a dose of 330 thousand cells/kg.EFFECT: increased activation of spleen lymphoid tissue regeneration compared to other doses of stem cells introduction.2 tbl

Image generating device and method // 2638776
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: information is obtained relating to at least one parameter from: the location of the observation points and the direction of the observation. An image is generated using information relating to at least one parameter from: the location of the observation point and the direction of the observation obtained at a certain point in time at the receiving stage. Information relating to at least one parameter from: the location of the observation point and the direction of the observation, updated at another time, is received and corrected using the said updated information relating to at least one parameter. It is carried out by performing the transform to the view for transforming the world coordinates in the coordinate system of the view using information related to at least one parameter. For correction of images generated on the image generating stage, the conversion, reverse the specified transform to the view, using information relating to at least one parameter from: the location of the point of observation and the direction of the observation received at a specified point in time, for the single return of the coordinate system to the system of the world coordinates and then conversion to the view using information relating to at least one parameter.EFFECT: reducing the delay from the generation to the display of the panoramic image.8 cl, 14 dwg
ethod and device for switching mode // 2638771
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method contains: obtaining the value of the ambient light intensity; determining, whether the intensity value is less than a predetermined threshold; enabling the night mode if the intensity value is less than a predetermined threshold, wherein the night mode is a display mode, in which the voltage of the shades of the gray liquid crystal screen is reduced in accordance with a predetermined coefficient. At the same time, when the night mode is the current display mode, obtaining the value of the ambient light intensity; determining, whether the intensity value is greater than a predetermined threshold value; and exiting from the night mode if the intensity value is greater than a predetermined threshold value.EFFECT: providing automatic switching of the display mode to the night mode at extremely low ambient light brightness, dimming the screen is possible by decreasing the voltage of the gray liquid crystal display in the night mode.14 cl, 12 dwg, 3 tbl
Image generating device and method of its control // 2638650
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: electronic content outputting apparatus includes: an input/output unit communicating with the display device and a projection-type display device, and a control unit configured to control the input/output unit, wherein the control unit outputs the synchronized content to the display device and the projection-type display device through the input/output unit such that the display device outputs the synchronized content corresponding to the portion that overlaps with the content area, the ejected from a projection-type display device.EFFECT: output of the synchronized content having a different resolution to the display device and the projection-type display device.26 cl, 61 dwg

ethod of constructing lado-harmonic sequence, lado-tone circle and cadential line for its implementation // 2638637
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method contains: the definition of tonality in the lado-tone circle, which lower base is placed relative to the average base setting the set the value of the combination of the parallel major and minor chords in the middle hole of the base, located in the Zenith, in the rest of the holes the remaining eleven combinations of the parallel major and minor chords are set on the scheme of quarto-quint circles, the choice of the main chords of the set tonality, the connection of the selected main chords into the harmonic rotations, a stage containing the simultaneous use of two tonalities, which moves the upper base of the lado-tone circle relative to its middle base, settling at the Zenith of the upper base of the second set first tonality, then the basic chords of two set tonalities are installed, the selected main chords are connected into the harmonic rotations, and a stage containing the definition of the chord-satellites using a cadential line for the selected main chords, the selection of the chord-satellites, and their connection with the main chords.EFFECT: reduction of time for the process of constructing the harmonic sequence.14 cl, 9 dwg
ethod for treating malignant new growths in experiment // 2638448
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in an experiment on animals with transplanted tumours to achieve a pronounced antitumour effect. The method includes the combined effect of magnetite nanoparticles (MN) and a low-intensity infra-low-frequency electromagnetic field. During the course of treatment, animals with tumours are administered with MN in the form of a magnetic fluid diluted with physiological saline to the MN concentration equal to 6.2 mg/ml and in a dose of 17.7 mg/kg, based on the weight of MN, subcutaneously to the zone spaced 1.5 cm from the tumour boundaries for 3 weeks, once every 3 days. In addition, a daily exposure to the animal's head is carried out for 4 weeks with infra-low frequency electromagnetic radiation in a repeated five-day cyclic regime. Every day, signals of three different frequencies are used - 0.03, 0.3 and 9 Hz, so that the exposure of the signals with a frequency 0.3 and 9 Hz is 1 minute, and the exposure of the signal with a frequency of 0.03 Hz during the cycle is 3, 4, 5, 3 and 4 minutes successively, with magnetic induction during a cycle varying from 3.2 to 0.7 mT.EFFECT: allows to achieve a pronounced antitumour and antistress effect.2 tbl
Device for extra-cortical osteosynthesis of tubular bones in experiment // 2638442
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device contains ring retainers. Fixators are made in the form of two half-hubs. The lateral surfaces of the fixing half-hub are provided with figured projections, and those of the pressing half-hub - with cut-outs corresponding to the profile and dimensions of the projections, on one of a screed clamp is fixed, and on the other - a lock to prevent its "reverse stroke". On the outer surface of the pressing hub between the cutouts, a groove is made, the dimensions of which correspond to the width and thickness of the screed clamp. On the inner surfaces of the half-hubs protrusions in the form of silicone cylinders oppositely inclined inwards at an angle of 45-60° are fixed.EFFECT: invention provides an opportunity to study the pharmacodynamics of osteogenesis experimentally during formation of cartilage and bone callus; additional trauma of bone tissue, for example, its drilling is excluded; a possibility of gentle attitude to bone tissue due to the regulation of the pressure on the periosteum, which shortens the formation of cartilage and bone callus; counter pressure is created on the distal and proximal ends of bone fragments and device displacement when the animal moves is prevented.3 cl, 8 dwg

Simulator for application of vascular and tendon sutures // 2638432
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: simulator for application of vascular and tendon sutures contains a tablet and fixators with screw terminals mounted thereon. The tablet is equipped with a system for vascular suture application and system for tendon suture application, interconnected and mounted on supports with a cylindrical cup fixed thereon and having a longitudinal slit-like window. In the cavity of the cylindrical cup, a spring and a movable rod are placed, the free end of which is provided with an abutment adjacent to the pusher of the stretching mechanism. The simulator is equipped with three bars, two of which are fixed to the supports and each is represented by two pivotally connected levers. The free end of one bar is equipped with a fixator for the blood vessel, and the other - for the tendon. The second fixator for the tendon is installed on the loose end of the third movable bar with a longitudinal slit-like window with a guide pin, which is still attached to the rack installed on the tablet. The second end of the third bar is pivotally connected to the rod abutment.EFFECT: increased efficiency at mastering of technics of vascular and tendon sutures application.3 cl, 4 dwg

Device for professional selection and training of tracking systems operators // 2638410
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: device contains a real process simulation unit, an information display unit and an operator workstation simulator with an operator console, a start-up simulator and a dynamic load simulation unit, and a unit of deviation from the prescribed control laws. The real process simulation unit, the information display unit, the operator console, the start-up simulator, the dynamic load simulation unit, and the unit of deviation from the prescribed control laws are combined into a local area network (LAN) using a LAN switch.EFFECT: ensured sufficiently wide spread of the parameters of the control panels dynamics, critical in terms of time of operator dynamic adaptation to the features of the control panels used in real armament complexes.2 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for forming zones of traffic management facility visualization in accordance with optical interference from roadside information devices // 2638398
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: on the section of a highway and a roadside strip, the boundaries of the visualization zones of the Traffic Management Facilities (TMF), which are located on the right in the direction of traffic and require the stop of a vehicle, are defined. On the right side of the road, three visualization zones of the TMF are formed, covered by the driver's cones of vision. The first of the visualization zones, in which the TMF is placed, is formed in the space of a smaller driver's cone of vision. The second visualization zone is formed as a space between the surfaces of a smaller and a larger driver's cones of vision, while the second zone houses the TMF and the information devices that create optical interference to the driver, but do not overlap the visibility of the TMF. The third visualization zone of the TMF, in which information devices are placed, is formed outside the driver's larger cone of vision.EFFECT: improving traffic safety.2 dwg
ethod for estimation of effectiveness of impact of chemotherapeutic precautions of xenograft model in vivo // 2638285
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: method involves application of a xenograft model in vivo. Tumour fragments isolated from the patient are used as the transplant. Transplantation performed in the anterior chamber of the rabbit's eye. Doxorubicin or cisplatin are used as chemotherapeutic agents. Constant visual assessment of transplanted cells response to the action of cytostatics is carried out, in particular, continuous analysis of photos of the transplanted tumour.EFFECT: ability to monitor the processes in the tumour in real time, and react promptly by adjusting treatment.9 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod for prevention of neurological status and muscular tonus violations in acute radiation disease in experiment // 2638270
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: to prevent psychoneurological disturbances in an animal experiment after single uneven proton irradiation at doses capable of causing acute radiation disease, Semax preparation 0.1% nasal drops is administered intranasally. Semax is injected 1 drop into each nostril three times a day from 1 to 7 days after exposure to radiation.EFFECT: method allows to maintain a normal level of the orienting-research reaction, emotional status, the relationship between the excitation and inhibition processes of the central nervous system and muscle tone, disturbed by proton irradiation.2 ex, 1 tbl

ethod and device for controlling backlight illumination // 2638080
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method includes obtaining, for each display unit, a half-tone value of the corresponding pixels in the image to be displayed in the display unit, where the screen includes, at least, one display unit; obtaining a minimum value from a predetermined number of maximum half-tone values according to the half-tone values of the corresponding pixels; and if the minimum value reaches a threshold half-tone value, controlling the half-tone values of the corresponding pixels in such a way that they are constant, and also controlling the backlight illumination of the display unit, with the ability to maintain maximum backlight illumination.EFFECT: invention allows to eliminate or reduce the loss of contrast, to improve the quality of images.11 cl, 9 dwg

System and method for evaluation of crack structures // 2638056
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: system for investigating complex crack structures comprising a collector of slots is proposed. The collector comprises a plurality of sections of slots connected to each other at an angle relative to each other, at that each slot section is formed by parallel plates forming a gap for a flow therebetween. In addition, the flow distribution device comprises acting on a plurality of slot sections. In this case, the flow distribution device is selectively adjustable to pass or block fluid flow along the flow gap of defined slot sections from a plurality of slot sections. The collector also contains a plurality fluid flow inlets and outlets to provide inflow and outflow of fluid with respect to a plurality of sections of slots for modelling the flow between cracks in the crack structure positioned at different angles relative to each other.EFFECT: simplification of fluid flow investigation for many types of complex structures of cracks.20 cl, 10 dwg