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ethod of heat treatment of round logs // 2642705
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: method of heat treatment of round logs, mainly used as structural materials for the construction of walls of wooden buildings, is that before the beginning of heat treatment along the entire length of each log in the transverse direction, holes are uniformly drilled to penetrate the drying agent, not reaching the 2.5-3 cm to the center of the log, herewith each drilling is carried out with a displacement along a spiral trajectory, at the ends of the logs holes are drilled for a length of at least 0.5-1 meter diameter, commensurate with the core of the round log, and the heat treatment of the round log is carried out with the bark.EFFECT: reduction of rejects during a high-temperature treatment of round logs.2 dwg, 2 tbl
ethod and device for thermal processing of wood in the high-speed circulation of products of combustion of gas fuel and additional load at stack // 2642701
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: method is carried out by: burning gas fuels - natural or liquefied gas with gas burners in a furnace with an open combustion chamber located inside the wood drying chamber, high-speed circulation of the drying agent - a mixture of gas combustion products with water vapour over the stack, continuous measurement by electronic temperature sensors "t" and relative humidity "ϕ" the gaseous medium, the automatic maintenance of the temperature"t"of the gaseous medium as a function of humidity "ϕ" when drying and as a function of time τto6p at heat treatment, which are selected from the developed table of drying regimes for the rock data and the thickness of the assortment and the time of the heat treatment process, the forced loading of the timber in the stack and the exclusion of outside air inside the chamber when the process is stopped. The device for drying and heat treatment of wood contains two axial marching fans, a gas furnace with an open combustion chamber, an automatic process control system, a reinforced concrete slab or a set of spring ties, a folding rails section, external stationary rails, a pallet truck and a U-shaped exhaust pipe.EFFECT: improving the quality of drying and heat treatment of wood, reducing the percentage of rejects of finished products.2 cl, 11 dwg, 2 tbl

Device for object thermostatic control // 2641869
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for object thermostatic control, especially for drying automotive bodies with an applied coating, comprises a thermostatic tunnel (14) which is located in the housing (12) and at least one tunnel section (T), which includes at least one air outlet (30) and at least one air inlet (42), wherein a heating unit (20) relates to the tunnel section (T), in which hot primary gas is produced by a burner assembly (44), the hot primary gas is directed to a heat exchanger (38) of the heating unit (20), in which the tunnel air from the mentioned at least one air outlet (30) is heated only by the hot primary gas, which is repeatedly supplied to the tunnel section (T) as a circulating air flow in a circulation mode through at least one air inlet (42). A burner supply device (40, 46) is provided, by means of which the exhaust air from the tunnel section (T) is supplied to the burner assembly (44) of the heating unit (20) as the air flow for combustion to create the primary gas for the burner assembly (44). The heating unit (20) comprises a dispenser (40) using which the tunnel air from the tunnel section (T) is divided into the circulating air flow and the combustion air flow, wherein the dispenser (40) is located downstream of the heat exchanger (38), so that the tunnel air heated there is divided into the circulating air flow and the combustion air flow.EFFECT: decreased rato of exhaust gases released into the atmosphere via the roof.7 cl, 3 dwg

Device for removing moisture in vacuum // 2641764
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for removing moisture in vacuum comprises a container for a concentrated product, an evaporator with electric heater and spray trap, vertical and horizontal condensers, a condensate collector and a pump. The vertical and horizontal condensers are mounted inside the evaporator cover and separated from the evaporator by a heat insulation layer, the vertical condenser is in form of two concentric spirals connected through the horizontal capacitor.EFFECT: reduced overall dimensions of the device.1 dwg

Dryer // 2640861
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: dryer comprises an air supply system, a drying feed system and a housing made of two sections, the lower section of which is cylindrical, the upper section is expanded in comparison with the lower section. The dryer further comprises a fan with blades-grinders located in the lower section of the housing, the magnets are mounted on the blades-grinders.EFFECT: increased grinding performance.5 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of particulates wet-heat treatment automated operation using variable combined convective-microwave power supply // 2640848
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the technique of wet-heat treatment of materials, namely to methods for automatically controlling the wet-heat treatment of particulates in devices using a variable combined convective-microwave power supply, and can be used in food, chemical and related industries.EFFECT: use of the invention will improve the accuracy and reliability of controlling the wet-heat treatment of particulates while reducing the specific energy consumption and improving the quality of the finished product.1 dwg
Aerodynamic dryer of combined type // 2639598
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: according to the invention, aerodynamic dryer of combined type contains the first conveyor to feed the first chopper, which is connected with the first cylinder with heated air feed tool in the first cylinder, output which through confuser or nozzle is connected with the first cyclone, the output of the first cyclone is connected with the second feed conveyor in the second chopper, which through confuser or nozzle is connected with the second cylinder with feed tool heated the air in the second cylinder, with the exit of the second cylinder via confuser or nozzle is connected with the second cyclone whose output is connected to the hammer rotary crusher, with hammer rotary crusher connected with pipe third cyclone.EFFECT: possibility of obtaining a finished product with a low output humidity of the product.4 cl, 7 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for drying colza seeds // 2638690
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method of infrared drying of colza seeds is that the seed layer of 0.8-1.2 cm is placed on the belt of the endless conveyor and affected by infrared radiation. The conveyor belt is made of a material that is capable of transmitting IR radiation to the maximum and does not interfere with the moisture outlet; low-temperature film heaters with the heating temperature of 35-55°C and the radiator wavelength of 8-9 mcm are used as radiating elements.EFFECT: improving the quality of the dried product.1 dwg

ethod for drying vegetable products and combinations thereof // 2638421
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for drying grain, cereal, grain and peat mixture, mixture of animal and grain materials, any other vegetable products and combinations thereof with the humidity up to 80%. The method for drying vegetable products and combinations thereof is that a drying agent is ground to the size of 50 mm, loaded into a drying chamber, into which air at a temperature of up to 200°C is supplied for the removal of the moisture and the finished drying agent from the drying chamber. In the drying chamber, high and low pressure zones are created, and conditions are created for grinding and rotating the moist drying agent in the magnetic field to create the pre-cavitation state, forming gas bubbles in the liquid contained in the drying agent, while simultaneously grinding and continuously moving the drying agent from the low pressure zone into the high pressure zone with forming in the low pressure zone a pseudo-boiling layer, from which the drying agent is either removed or sent for final drying.EFFECT: productivity increase.2 dwg

Drying method for small-seeded crops and device for its implementation // 2638253
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: drying method for small-seeded crops is that the seeds are loaded, preheated, laid, cooled and unloaded. The seeds are dried circulated quasi-isothermally, and the moisture removal per cycle is determined by the calculation formula, then they are laid out for the time determined from the calculation formula. The device for drying the small-seeded crops contains an over-the-drier hopper, a drying chamber, external and internal perforated cylinders, a vertical conveyor, a furnace, a fan, a system of loading and unloading facilities. The device contains a heat insulated cover over the drying chamber and a heat insulation of the over-the-drier hopper and the external and internal perforated cylinders are installed with the clearance not exceeding 0.25 m.EFFECT: improving the quality of drying.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for drying lumber // 2638229
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: temperature measurement for channel flap opening is carried out on the surface and in the central part of one of the boards in the middle of the stack, and opening the channel flap is performed at the temperature difference at the board surface and center of 2-3°C, and shutting the channel flap - with equal temperatures, i.e. at the beginning of the next heating-cooling cycle at the oscillating drying mode.EFFECT: improving the lumber drying quality.1 dwg

ethod for drying sea gas pipeline cavity after hydraulic tests // 2638105
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: cavity of the sea gas pipeline is additionally dried to specified moisture values simultaneously with evacuation by blowing the cavity with nitrogen. In this case, before starting the introduction of nitrogen into the dried sea gas pipeline, a change of working parameters in time which characterize the process of filling the sea gas pipeline with nitrogen is simulated, according to simulation results the threshold values of the working parameters for filling the sea gas pipeline with nitrogen are set, the cavity of the sea gas pipeline is filled with nitrogen, when filling the nitrogen, the working parameters are continuously measured and their change during mixing of nitrogen and air in the cavity of the sea gas pipeline is controlled. Then the occurrence of their threshold values is recorded and the parameters to control the modes for filling the cavity of the sea gas pipeline are set. After holding the overall medium in the cavity of the sea gas pipeline up to stabilization of dew point temperature in water, pressure and nitrogen concentration, its drying is completed.EFFECT: invention should increase the reliability and safety of the sea gas pipelines, reduce time for drying the cavity of the sea gas lines after the hydraulic tests.2 cl, 2 dwg, 3 tbl

ethod and device for producing cement clinker // 2638059
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: raw meal is preheated in the preheater using hot exhaust gases from the clinker furnace, wherein heated raw meal, which can optionally be calcined in the calciner, is fired to produce clinker in the clinker furnace, the heater comprises, at least, one of several cyclone branches suspended heat exchangers, through which furnace exhaust gas is sequentially flowing and in which raw meal is preheated in several steps, the partial furnace flow of off-gas is withdrawn such that only the remaining residual furnace waste gas stream is used to preheat raw meal, the withdrawn partial furnace waste gas stream and the furnace effluent from the last cyclone overhead heat exchanger (9) in the furnace flue gas stream flow are supplied on thermal utilisation, being mixed with each other or separately. An installation for producing the cement clinker, in particular for carrying out the said process, comprising a clinker furnace (2), which is connected to a clinker cooler (6) on the outlet end side and connected to a heater (3) at the outlet side and, optionally, to the calciner (4), the heater (3) comprising, at least, one of several branches of the cyclone suspended heat exchangers (8, 9, 10), through which exhaust gas of the furnace can consistently proceed along the flow path, in which raw meal is preheated in several stages, and to divert a partial stream of furnace exhaust gas from the flow path provides a discharge duct (16), which outlet duct (16) and hot flue gases (13) coming from the last cyclone suspension heat exchanger (9) in the flow direction of furnace exhaust gas located with the possibility of mixing these furnace exhaust gases and supply them to the thermal disposal or feed them on a heat recycling separately. The invention is developed in dependent claims of the invention formula.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of the method for the production of cement clinker.19 cl, 2 dwg

Vortex spraying drier for disperse materials // 2637588
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: in the vortex spray drier, the liquid sprayer can be implemented in two variants according to Fig.3 and Fig.4. According to the invention, an outer diffuser is coaxially fixed to bushing of the liquid sprayer rigidly connected with body in its lower part, and an inner perforated diffuser is coaxially connected to the lower base of truncated cone of the sprayer rigidly fixed to central core in its lower part so that the outlet sections of the outer and inner diffusers lie in the same plane. Helical grooves are provided on outer side surface of truncated cone.EFFECT: improved cost efficiency and quality of drying by preventing material sticking to the chamber walls.4 dwg

Device for intensive energy saving drying and thermal processing // 2637343
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: device for intensive energy saving drying and heat processing contains a gasproof camera for superheated steam under pressure, with a shut-off device of entering the humid masses with device of moving drying material in chamber, with a circulation of superheated steam in drying device, heating it in the heat exchanger of external heating and evaporation of moisture through direct contact of superheated steam with humid mass, with the output device of dried masses through unloading device with gate and the withdrawal of part of steam, corresponding to pure water base, on the heating side of the dividing heat exchanger, where from, after selection of heat for heating and evaporation of pure water at the heated side to obtain the working steam to drive the turbine, the condensed moisture steam is output on the sink. Part of the condensate through the additional pipeline is supplied from the condensed material moisture tract to the pump, increasing the line pressure of the compressor significantly above the average pressure in the chamber, and this moisture is supplied to additional heat exchanger for evaporation and superheating, where high pressure steam enters the device through the dispensing system in the camera for bubbling, and/or the creation of boiling or spouted bed.EFFECT: reducing the cost of mechanical energy for processing humid material.2 cl, 1 dwg
Pulse drying method // 2637288
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: lumber drying method includes preheating, drying, and additional holding. All the drying process modes are performed cyclically, wherein after the work operation, at the end of the pause operation, drying stresses and residual deformations in the dried wood are determined, and the duration of the pause operation and that of the subsequent work and pause operations are determined by the nature of the drying stresses and the magnitude of the residual deformations.EFFECT: method allows to increase the lumber drying productivity and to improve the quality of the material to be dried.2 tbl

Rotary dryer // 2636957
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rotary dryer consists of frame surrounded with sealed jacket, wherein there is made a window for supply of drying agent, and of circular drying chamber with perforated bottom mounted on rollers. The unloading end of the discharge auger is located above the guide tray. An unloading conveyor is installed under the guide tray, it is made in the form of a closed pipeline consisting of separate sections of pipes connected to each other by bolts. The initial section of the pipe is made integral, and the second and subsequent sections are cut along the middle part, which in turn consist of a lower tray and a top cover. The cover is hinged to the wall of the tray with the possibility of rotating it in a vertical and horizontal plane with respect to attachment to the wall of the tray.EFFECT: rotary dryer will enhance the quality and productivity, improve the operating and maintenance conditions.3 cl, 4 dwg

Device for thermochemical hetero-phase processing of disperse materials with vibration liquefaction // 2636647
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for thermochemical hetero-phase processing of disperse materials with vibration liquefaction containing a heat-insulating housing and a vibratory drive, material loading and unloading units, heaters evenly located at the side walls of the housing, circulating fans fixed to the bottom wall of the housing; inside the housing there is a rack with a series of mesh shelves containing thresholds of overspilling, wherein the rack is mounted on the stands of the vibratory drive with a clearance from the side walls of the housing.EFFECT: increased uniformity of thermochemical transformations of carbon materials during activation, reproducibility of product properties, isokinetic of material transformations during processing.7 cl, 2 dwg

Installation for treatment with flow of gas fluid medium for treatment of sliced meat product // 2635363
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: installation for treatment with a flow of gaseous fluid for treatment of a sliced meat product comprises a shell (7) in which a transporting device (1) is located with two or more vertically moving sections (9, 10) for moving the pallets (2) loaded with meat product slices in alternating opposite vertical directions, and at least one horizontal movement section (11) moving the pallets (2) from the end side of one of the said vertically moving sections (9, 10) to the beginning of the next section (9, 10) of vertical movement. The gas fluid circulation device (8) generates a jet of gas fluid within the shell (7) extending in a substantially horizontal direction from the gaseous fluid inlet (12) to the gaseous fluid outlet (13) and passing in series through the said two or more vertical moving sections (9, 10) provided in the transporting device (1), subjecting the slices to a jet of gas fluid. The two adjacent vertically moving sections (9, 10) provided in the transporting device (1) have at least one common roller chain (22) of the transporting device (1).EFFECT: improved properties of the product.20 cl, 10 dwg

ethod and device for drying of firewood // 2634645
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: method of drying firewood from wood is carried out by means of a device that fastens by fastening elements directly over the casing of a solid fuel boiler without changing its internal structure and consists of a casing and fasteners. The method is based on the principle of heat transmission from a solid fuel boiler to drying firewood by air. In other words a jacket with a liquid medium, which transfers heat to the air environment around the boiler is heated during the combustion process inside the solid fuel boiler. Warm air flows pass through the device where firewood is loaded, the wood warms up, free and bound moisture in the wood turns into steam, which is then absorbed by the heated air of the room. Firewood freely passes air flows between each piece. The air heated from the solid fuel boiler goes directly from the side on which the device is hung, and the device warms up the firewood which is located on the side of the boiler. Also warm air passes under the device and, rising up, warms up firewood from the bottom of the device and from the second side, in addition, warm air, rising upwards, flows freely between firewood and warms up the firewood located in the middle, the evaporating moisture rises and is absorbed by warm air of the room.EFFECT: by virtue of the device for drying of firewood the drying process passes evenly, as warm air effectively warms up firewood from all sides.9 cl, 16 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod for producing high-vitamin grass meal // 2634463
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method for producing high-vitamin grass meal comprises charging green mass, drying in a drying drum, crushing and discharging. The dried mass is loaded from the drying drum into the separation unit and separated into the fine and the coarse fractions by means of a woven mesh and the continuous reciprocating brush motion. By the air flow from excess pressure from the drying drum and vacuum from the cyclone fans the fine fraction is sent to the cyclone for removing the dry mass, and the coarse fraction is sen through the cyclone for large particles to the crusher and then also to the cyclone for removing the dry mass, with the subsequent discharging.EFFECT: separating the dried mass into fractions in the separation unit for the dry heap of grass meal allows to exclude the excessive grinding of the dry product, to reduce the losses of the product emitted into the atmosphere in the form of meal dust, and to reduce the unit costs of fuel and power.2 dwg
ethod for discrete drying of highly-humid brown coal // 2633978
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: drying is carried out in a vertical drying shaft in the downwardly entrained flows of the high-temperature gaseous drying agent and coal. The flows are passed through the system of vane devices installed in the shaft, located in the cross section of the tube-dryer above each other and overlapping tabout 60% of its "live" section by vanes. Arrangement of flows of drying agent and coal through the vanes system increases the number of sections of coal acceleration from zero speed to the flow speed and, consequently, increases the share of zones of intensive heat and mass transfer, ensures uniform distribution of coal along the mine section, increases the residence time of crushed coal in drying zones in 2-3 times.EFFECT: mill grinding capacity of the increases, wear of grinding bodies decreases and the overall efficiency of the fuel preparation system increases.2 dwg, 1 tbl

Wood-drying condensing chamber // 2633977
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: wood-drying condensing chamber contains a heat-insulated housing in which there is a drying zone, a horizontal screen, a circulation channel, a pile of lumber, an axial fan with a shell, a heater, a motor-driven fan. The axial fan is equipped with a system of vortex tubes creating a flow of cold and hot air. The vortex tubes are located radially on the external side of the shell surface and are united by the collectors of hot and cold air, which is supplied to the condensation zone and to the zone of the dried agent. The dropped condensate settles on the louvered grille, is collected and removed from the chamber, and the spent drying agent is dehydrated on cooling, heated in the drying zone and the heater, and then enters the drying pile.EFFECT: cycle proceeds without the release of the spent drying agent and has an increased efficiency.4 dwg

Device and method of wood chip evaporation // 2633816
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: device comprises the first and second cylinders forming the first compression zone in which water is extracted from the wood material. A permeable endless conveyor that forms a loop around the first drum is provided. The conveyor is made in the form of a metal strip with a thickness of 0.3-2.5 mm, preferably 0.4-2 mm, and passes through the first compression zone so as to transfer the wood material from which the water is pressed through the noted conveyor. In the first compression zone, a linear load of 500-4000 kN/m is applied to the wood material. The conveyor speed is 0.3-10 m/s, preferably 0.6-5 m/s.EFFECT: increased degree of wood material evaporation.15 cl, 15 dwg

Direct action heat generator for grainworking // 2633744
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: heat generator includes an air intake hole, an air duct, a combustion chamber, a high-pressure fuel pump, an injector, a nozzle for the exhaust of combustion gases from the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber in cross-section has at least one reflector in the zone of maximum expansion of gas mixture ignition, made in the form of a shell of hollow truncated cone, and connected to the inner wall of the combustion chamber, one end of the shell is free and placed at an angle to the combustion chamber wall in direction of gas mixture combustion. The combustion chamber at the inlet has a distributing unit in the form of a mixing nozzle with inlet channels, the holes of which are connected to the delivery device in the form of an impeller, whose cold compressed air is supplied to a distribution unit, and gas having a spark plug. The combustion chamber is provided with a shield in the form of a plate mounted in space coaxially with the output diminishing opening of truncated cone, whose diameter is equal to or larger than the diameter of the outlet of truncated cone. The device for regulating the zone of heated air is made with a stream-guiding system in the form of horizontal blinds with the possibility of controlling them by means of a pull rod with a rotary handle made outside the nozzle with a horizontal rack in the form of toothed projections.EFFECT: automatic operation mode, increased reliability, stability in operation and fire safety.7 cl, 2 dwg

Heat generator of direct action // 2633737
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: heat generator includes a body, a fuel injector, an outlet nozzle, an air supply to the combustion chamber from the compressor. The compressor is designed as an impeller, and the side inner walls of the combustion chamber are equipped with a body with longitudinal guides in which the rollers are mounted with an ability for limited motion, connected by a pin with a movable screen in the form of a plate, mounted coaxially with a reflector made in the form of a truncated cone which is connected with the lateral inner walls of the combustion chamber at an angle in the zone of maximum expansion of the ignition of flame of gas mixture, wherein the concave wall of the screen, facing the outlet nozzle of chamber, is connected by means of gap change mechanism between truncated cone and the screen, which is mounted movably, having the ability to move in the nozzle guides in the coolant outlet area.EFFECT: increased reliability, stability in operation and fire safety, reduced corrosion.4 cl, 4 dwg
ethods of removing solvent from bagassa // 2633580
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method for removing organic solvents from a wet bagasse of a non-hevea plant containing natural rubber in the separate plant cells, that includes using a certain amount of the said wet bagasse, which contains up to 45 wt % of combined organic solvents and water (based on total weight of wet bagasse) and not more than 0.1 wt % of rubber; heating the said wet bagasse to the temperature of, at least, 100°C.EFFECT: evaporating organic solvents takes place; preparing dried bagasse, which contains not more than 1 wt % of organic solvents.6 cl, 2 tbl

ethod of conelets drying // 2633499
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes conelets placing on horizontal shelves in shelves of the drying cabinet with a perforated bottom, the providing the heat carrier to the drying zone, and removing the moist air outside the cabinet. In this case, tubular heat exchangers for the coolant fluid are used as shelves of the cabinet, an electric or gas water heating boiler with automatic control of the coolant temperature is used as the heat source, and the coolant is supplied to the drying zone by means of a circulating pump.EFFECT: method provides more uniform conelets drying, increases productivity and significantly increases the efficiency of the conelets drying process.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of sawn wood centrifugal drying under negative temperature // 2633264
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: method of sawn wood centrifugal drying at a negative temperature involves forming a package of sawn wood on the outer surface of the cylinder, rotating it at a speed that provides centrifugal dehydration, feeding the heated drying agent into the cavity of the drum body and blowing it through a bundle of sawn wood.EFFECT: method provides the centrifugal drying of sawn wood at a negative temperature, reducing the drying time.1 dwg

ethod of drying first batch of grain // 2633188
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for drying the first batch of grain is presented, which consists in firing a furnace, heating the furnace and cyclically drying the grain to a conditioning humidity. The furnace is heated at solid fuel consumption calculated according to the formula, depending on the dryer capacity by grain, the moisture removal, the specific heat input for moisture evaporation, the heat fraction used for heating the furnace, the lower heating value of the solid fuel, the furnace efficiency factor and the drying time, and the drying agent temperature is steplessly increased from the initial one to the maximum permissible θmp one.EFFECT: reducing the heat consumption for heating the furnace and drying the grain due to combining these processes while steplessly increasing the temperature of the drying agent.1 dwg

Double-chamber drier // 2632951
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: dryer comprises a drying agent generator, a gas conduit, a drying chamber comprising a hopper for material to be dried, and having gas-permeable walls connected to at least one gas-permeable wall with a drying agent collector. The chamber has means for loading and unloading the material to be treated, means of its control, means for attaching the chamber to the foundation. The end wall of the chamber is connected to a diffuser. There are heat-insulating gaskets, gates, a control unit and a second drying agent generator, a gas line and the diffuser additionally introduced into the drier. The drier comprises two drying channels, each channel of which contains two heat-insulating gaskets, two gates, a drying chamber. The control unit contains a time generator, a counter, a multiplexer, two switches, an inverter and a switch. Each drying channel contains a drying chamber which, on the one side, through the first diffuser, the slide, the heat insulating gasket, the first gas line is connected to the first generator of the drying agent, and on the other side through the second diffuser, the slide, the heat-insulating gasket, the second gas line is connected to the second generator of drying agent. The output of the control unit time generator is connected to first input of the counter, which second input is connected to the input of first key and through inverter with the input of the second key and the output of the multiplexer. The first input of the multiplexer is connected to the output of the counter, and the second input-to the switch input. The output of first key of control unit is connected to control input of the first slide of first channel and the second slide of the second channel. The output of second key is connected to control input of the first slide of the second channel and the second slide of the first channel.EFFECT: improved drying quality, reduced its performance time, reduced power consumption.3 dwg

ethod and device for periodic grain drying on vegetable wastes // 2632733
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: grain is loaded, dried to a conditioned humidity, fuel supply is cut off, and the grain is unloaded. The novelty is that the grain is loaded again, and the pause between the loadings does not exceed the calculated value indicated in the claim: Device for periodic grain drying comprises a dryer, a fan, grain loading and unloading means, a furnace. The novelty is the fact that the setting weight is at least half the grain capacity of the dryer.EFFECT: method improvement.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for grain drying // 2632171
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for grain drying comprises a vertical cylindrical casing, a loading hopper, a discharge window, a transporting working member coaxially mounted within the casing with the possibility of rotation, a heating element. The outer casing surface is covered with a layer of a heat-insulating material. The transporting working member is made in the form of a flat spring. The height of the flat spring is equal to the maximum size of the grain to be dried. The loading hopper is installed above the flat spring at its outer edge. The width of the outlet window of the loading hopper is equal to the distance between the adjacent coils of the flat spring. A perforated plate of the circular shape is installed on the flat perforated spring, rigidly connected thereto and equipped with a drive. The plate radius does not exceed the distance from the center of the flat spring to the outlet window of the loading hopper. On the surface of the perforated plate coaxially with it, a box of the circular shape is installed, the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the perforated plate. An impeller is mounted inside the box on the drive shaft. The heating element is located under the transporting working member and is made in the form of a flat ring, whose outer diameter is equal to the inner casing diameter. The inner diameter of the flat ring is equal to the diameter of the inner flat spring coil. The discharge window is made circular-shaped and is installed coaxially to the casing under the heating element. The discharge window diameter is equal to the inner diameter of the flat ring. The box is provided with a branch pipe.EFFECT: improved quality of grain drying.3 dwg

Semi-automatic rotary drier // 2631586
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: semi-automatic rotary drier comprises a loading conveyor, stands, a frame, a rotor, a heating chamber, heat generators, heat exchangers, external cylinders and internal cylinders. A loading conveyor is installed on a platform. Two upper platforms and two lower platforms are mounted on stands. An unloading conveyor is connected to the stands. The unloading conveyor is also mounted on the stands. A trolley with a trolley drive is mounted on a frame. An upper hopper is mounted on the trolley. A rotor is mounted inside the frame on rollers. A rotor fastener is used to secure the rotor in the required position. A heating fan and a cooling fan are connected to the frame from the front. The heating chamber is connected to the frame at the bottom. There are three heat generators connected to the heating chamber from the front. Two exhaust fans are connected to the heating chamber from the back. Exhaust fans communicate with heat exchangers. Six perforated outer cylinders are mounted in rotor brackets. The outer cylinders are closed with covers of the outer cylinders. There is a perforated inner cylinder with a cone for drier control installed inside each external cylinder by means of beams of the inner cylinder.EFFECT: use of the dryer will allow to dry various materials during the year without substantial readjustment at high throughput.36 dwg

Coal drying system using secondarily superheated steam // 2630046
FIELD: electricity-producing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the coal drying system, which dehydrates the coal that is used in the capacity of the fuel material for the thermal power station. There is a device for coal drying, which dries the coal by dint of the superheated steam spraying from the superheater with the boiling bed and of the secondarily superheated steam spraying, which is generated in the secondary superheater. The coal drying system, more specifically the coal drying system using secondarily superheated steam, comprises: a coal storage, a coal grading device, a transport conveyer for coal transporting from the coal storage, a transport conveyer for coal fuel and a transport conveyer for the dryable coal, a storage container for the coal fuel, a superheater with the boiling bed for the coal fuel, which is stored in the coal storage container, combusting in the boiling bed with the superheated steam formation at a specific temperature, a device for coal drying, which dries the coal by dint of the spraying the superheated steam, which is generated in the superheater with the boiling bed, and the secondarily superheated steam in the secondary gaseous combustion products superheater, which generates the secondarily superheated steam by virtue of the gaseous combustion products that are formed in the superheater with the boiling bed, and with the use of the off-gas, which is generated after the coal drying in the device for coal drying.EFFECT: invention should enhance the coal calorific capacitance with the upgrading of the fuel efficiency in the steam boiler furnace of the thermal power station and should decrease the fuel consumption.8 cl, 2 dwg

Solid fuel manufacturing method and manufacturing plant // 2629935
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses the solid fuel manufacturing method, containing the mixing step, where the mushy coal is mixed with oil blend, containing the solvent refining oil and heavy oil, in order to obtain the physical suspension; the evaporation step, where the physical suspension is heated to maintain the dewatering of the mushy coal, and the oil blend introduction into the mushy coal pores to form the dewatered suspension; The "solid-liquid" separation step, where the improved mushy coal and the oil blend is separated from the dewatered suspension; and the drying step - the improved mushy coal of drying by heating and transporting it, while feeding the carrier gas. Setting of the carrier gas circulating amount specified value and the carrier gas specified pressure value at the drying step, wherein each specified value is determined, based on the supplied amount of the improved mushy coal to be dried during the drying step, and based on the amount of oil, contained in the improved mushy coal, subjected to the drying step, so that the carrier gas pressure at the drying step is within the specified range, the calculation of the control outputs, based on the rejected between preset values and measured values similar to them respectively, and correction of the carrier gas supplying amount, based on the smaller value between the obtained control outputs. Also the manufacturing solid fuel plant is being disclosed.EFFECT: provision of the drying step, that will be performed in the steady state, regardless of the transported amount of mushy coal increase or decrease.2 cl, 1 dwg

Dryer // 2629761
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: dryer comprises an air flow supply system, a drying agent supply system and a housing, the internal cavity of which is made cylindrical, a fan with grinding blades arranged in an additionally introduced cylindrical housing arranged in the lower part of the internal dryer housing cavity, forming a space between the dryer housing and the cylindrical housing. The upper part of the dryer housing is made expanded; at least one magnet is installed on the internal surface of the additionally introduced cylindrical housing.EFFECT: increase of efficiency.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for drying green vegetable materials with use of microwave treatment // 2629109
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method for drying green vegetable materials with the use of microwave treatment includes compacting them before drying to the bulk density of 130-300 kg/m3, drying green vegetable materials, carried out in two stages, at the first of which they are treated by microwave radiation with the frequency of 915 or 2450 MHz with the specific power providing the heating intensity from 1 to 10°C per second to the temperature of 60-90°C, and the finish drying of partially dehydrated vegetable materials and moisture evaporation are carried out by the method of convection drying with a stream of heated air, which ensures that the temperature of vegetable materials does not exceed 60°C.EFFECT: invention will allow to improve the drying of green vegetable materials and to prevent excessive destruction of carotene contained therein.3 dwg, 1 tbl

Aerodynamic dryer of combined type // 2628845
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: dryer comprises a conveyor for supplying raw materials to a grinder which output is connected to a main cylinder, a heat generator with a fan for supplying air to the main cylinder, which outlet through a confuser and a braking connection is connected to a drying cylinder which outlet is connected to an aerodynamic unit consisting of a flow divider to form two streams connected to an intersection of flows, which outputs are connected to two output cyclones. According to the invention, the main cylinder and the drying cylinder comprise a plate with blades arranged on a rotating shaft with upper, middle and lower blades fixed thereto, the lower and upper blades having blade twisting, and the middle blades are straight.EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency of the dryer with different density and humidity of the initial product.2 cl, 5 dwg

Hopper-type recirculating grain dryer // 2628686
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: hopper-type recirculation grain dryer contains a drying chamber, a vertical screw, an unloading window with a cylindrical chute, a heater and a fan. The grain dryer is also provided with a vertical cylindrical hopper with the conical base, a discharge deflector of the spent drying agent, a spreading disc, a drying chamber formed by the inner surface of the hopper and the outer surface of the central section fixed coaxially with it. The lower part of the drying chamber is an active zone with the height H located between two conical perforated surfaces with the opening diameter less than the minimum grain size, one of which is the conical bottom of the drying chamber and the other is the reverse cone of the central section with the inclination angle of the surfaces to the horizontal plane α, equal to the maximum angle of the natural slope of the moist grain, inside which there is a casing of the transporting working member rotatably mounted and made in the form of a vertical screw with the spreading disk fixed thereto in the upper part.EFFECT: reducing the exposure of grain drying, improving its quality and improving the sowing conditions.1 dwg

Complex solar energy drying system, assembling, batterying and supplying heat // 2628247
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: system contains a solar greenhouse, a shelving unit (1) for accumulating solar heat, an air condenser (3), a wet dust collector (4) and tubes and valves (9.1-9.12) connecting each device, and blowers (2.1-2.3). Solar greenhouse is a frame structure with a floor made of perforated cement slabs (7). Shelving (1) for accumulating solar heat contains upper and lower air chambers (1.1), a number of tubes (1.3) for collecting and storing solar energy and a sealed chamber. Air condenser (3) is a cylindrical structure, sides of which are provided with openings for inflow and outflow of air, and the upper and lower openings of which are provided with air chambers (3.1) interconnected by air tubes (3.2). The inflow channel is provided under the solar greenhouse, and two air outlets are provided above the floor. Lower air chamber of air condenser (3) is connected to a wet dust collector (4).EFFECT: high thermal efficiency and drying speed.9 cl, 6 dwg
Plant for dehydration of agricultural raw materials and wild-growing plants // 2627545
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: installation comprises a gateway to initial raw material loads, the output of which is combined with the input of the pre-grinding unit, the output of the pre-grinding unit is connected by the screw conveyor to the inlet of the sprayer, the outlet of which is connected to the inlet of the wind tunnel made with the possibility of regulating the flow density of the crushed dried material, water vapours and air; the outlet of the wind tunnel by the dried material is connected to the aerodynamic drying unit.EFFECT: invention allows to develop a dehydration plant of a simple design with low energy consumption during its operation.5 cl

Plant for coal drying with using reheated steam // 2626919
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a plant for coal drying using reheated steam, and in particular equipped with a multi-stage dryer that removes water contained in coal used as fuel for thermal power plants by injecting a jet of reheated steam. Installation for coal drying with using reheated steam includes a first coal dryer, a second coal dryer and a third dryer. The method is carried out by removing the moisture remaining inside and on the surface of coal used as fuel for thermal power plants in multi-stage coal dryers by using a reheated steam with a high temperature, incomplete coal combustion can be prevented.EFFECT: coal calorific capacity is increased, the emission of pollutants is minimized, corrosion is prevented and the service life of the system is increased, the level of natural ignition is reduced due to the decrease in humidity, the efficiency of coal grinding and the distribution of heat in the power boiler during coal combustion are increased.6 cl, 5 dwg

Dryer for pasty materials on polydisperson inert carrier // 2625629
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: dryer belongs to the chemical industry and serves for drying granular polymer materials and composites based on them. The dryer for slurries and pasty materials on an inert carrier comprises a biconical chamber coupled to a cylindrical separation chamber and a drum with tangential coolant inputs intensifying the drying process. Inside the biconical chamber, along its axis, there is a hollow rotor made of two parts having a curvilinear generatrix of the lateral surface and conjugated through the rolling disc. The surface of the upper rotor part is perforated, the surface of the lower part is corrugated, and the inert carrier used consists of two parts differing in size and density of the constituent particles.EFFECT: uniformity of the dried material over the moisture content along the entire height of the layer of a given volume.5 dwg

Inert carrier for drying suspensions and paste-like materials // 2625628
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention serves for drying suspensions and highly moist paste-like materials. The inert carrier for drying suspensions and paste-like materials in a suspended layer is made of an elastic polymeric material with a thermobiometallic element arranged inside the inert particles in the form of a double spherical segment. The surface of inert particles is textured.EFFECT: intensification of the drying process by increasing the specific surface heat and mass exchange and the specific amount of wet material deposited, and improving the distribution of wet material on the inert.5 dwg

Device for grain drying // 2625589
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for grain drying contains a frame, a cylindrical casing, a screw, heating elements and drying and cooling chambers. The heating elements are arranged on the outer surface of the lower part of the casing in the chamber, where the bottom wall and the side walls are covered with a heat-insulating material. The fan is connected to the air solar collector and to the heat accumulator, and ensures the coolant movement to the inner casing cavity. The coolant provides heating the surface of the cylindrical casing and carrying out the grain drying process.EFFECT: device for grain drying reduces the costs for moisture evaporation process without exposing the grain to long-term exposure to high temperatures.2 dwg
ethod of drying ceramic products // 2625579
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: method of drying ceramic products is proposed, including covering the product with a cover, supplying the coolant to the inside of the product, drying at a temperature of 60-80°C for 4-10 hours, removing the cover and drying without the cover for 2-4 hours. Before the coolant is supplied to the inside of the product, the product covered with the cover is kept at room temperature for 3-7 hours.EFFECT: reducing the level of technological rejection that occurs, when firing products that have undergone a drying operation.1 tbl
ethod of extrusion drying halobutyl rubbers // 2624646
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method is carried out by removing moisture from wet crumbs of halobutyl rubbers produced by direct halogenation of a butyl rubber dissolved in an inert solvent in a drying unit consisting of 2 or more screw machines, the latter of which involves thermal evaporation of moisture, with supply of high-pressure nitrogen in the compression zone of this machine. Herewith the excess of the nitrogen pressure above the pressure in the compression zone is 2.0-5.0 MPa, and the point of the nitrogen input is in the 35-50 cm from the spun plate of the last screw machine.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of drying rubber without reducing its quality.1 tbl, 10 ex
ethod for reducing coal humidity during its benefication // 2624163
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method for reducing coal humidity during its benefication involves heating the coal mixture, moved by the scraper conveyor by direct contact with the surface of this conveyor, while simultaneously forcing the evaporated moisture out of the heating zone. Only a grade of coal with a particle size from 0.5 to 13 mm is exposed to heating, the surface temperature is controlled in the range from 150 to 250°C, and the speed of moving the working branches of the scraper conveyor is from 0.3 to 1.0 m/s, depending on the percentage of coal of different grades in the initial coal mixture, as well as on the actual humidity parameters of at least two coal grades with a particle size up to 0.5 mm and from 0.5 to 13 mm after their benefication.EFFECT: method allows to efficiently and safely bring the final moisture content of the coal concentrate to the conditioned without the organization of a separate technological process.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of drying plant-based material and device for its implementation // 2624088
FIELD: heating.SUBSTANCE: method of drying material and device for its implementation includes repeating cycle - the sequence of operations in the closed volume of the drying chamber, including heating of the plant-based material by means of the coolant upto the temperature that does not cause denaturation, and vacuum degassing with exposure after vacuum degassing, at that during repeated at least twice the operation cycle of drying plant-based material with exposure at vacuum degassing the pressure of the moisture vapors in the drying chamber - heat exchanger system is reduced by cooling, condensation and dehydration of coolant and simultaneously reduce the moisture vapor pressure in the receiver and the temperature of the condensate in the air lock chamber by means of radiators, to which the cold water is supplied, mounted in the heat exchanger and the air lock chamber cavities. The dehydration of the coolant in the drying chamber - the heat exchanger system is performed, while it is moving along the closed cycle the output from drying chamber - input to the heat exchanger - the output from the heat exchanger - the input to the drying chamber, whereupon the coolant is heated again upto the average bulk temperature of 70-115°C and again pass it through the drying chamber before starting to affect on the drying product of the second vacuum impulse.EFFECT: invention should provide intensification of the drying process by reducing the drying time.9 cl, 2 dwg