Engineering elements or units and general measures for producing and maintaining effective functioning of machines or installations and thermal insulation in general (F16)

F16            Engineering elements or units; general measures for producing and maintaining effective functioning of machines or installations; thermal insulation in general(69766)
F16H - Gearing(13426)
F16N - Lubricating(1241)

Composite column structure with glued handling fixture and method of production // 2615705
FIELD: aircraft engineering.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to composite column structures and can be used in aerospace industry. Support stand (20) comprises tubular rod (34) from a fiber-reinforced polymer and corrugated sleeve-shaped handling fixture (36) around the rod. Handling fixture has a higher ultimate compression strength, than the polymer. Handling fixture (36) is a metal or ceramics and comprises first and second halves (36a, 36b). Stand (20) additionally contains end fittings (24). Producing stand (20) involves manufacture of rod (34) from a laminar material and handling fixture (36). Corrugations are made on the inner surface of handling fixture (36). Handling fixture (36) is assembled over rod (34). Outer shell is made over handling fixture (36).EFFECT: provided is higher stability of the support stand to compressive loads and simpler method of production.14 cl, 11 dwg

Suspension of stand type and helical compression spring for suspension // 2615644
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to the vehicle suspension. Suspension (11) of stand type comprises a lower seat (13) of the spring, an upper seat (14) of the spring, a helical compression spring (12), which comprises a wire (40), molded in the form of the spiral, and is located in the condition, in which it is compressed between the lower seat (13) of the spring and the upper seat (14) of the spring, and a shock absorber (15), which comprises a cylinder (20) and a stem (21), which is inserted into the cylinder (20), besides, the shock absorber (15) stretches via the inner part of the helical compression (12) spring. The central axis X1 of the helical compression spring 12 is displaced towards the outer side of the vehicle relative to the axis X2 of the shock absorber (15). Wire (40) of the helical compression spring (12) comprises a part (40a) of the larger diameter wire at the side of counter-displacement of the helical compression spring, a part (40b) of the smaller diameter wire at the side of displacement of the helical compression spring and a part (40c) of the wire of variable diameter.EFFECT: invention provides for possibility of even distribution of helical compression spring tension.6 cl, 4 dwg

Valve (options) // 2615609
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: valve comprises a housing with an inlet, outlet pipes and saddle, a valve with seal, with a holder, fixed with a pin, with an inside groove. In the gate along the inside groove and the outer surface, grooves and holes are made; in a holder on the outer surface of the grooves and ribs on the inner surface, grooves and openings are made, and on the holder, an outer shell is installed with a gap with a flexible tendril and visor with a cylindrical surface contacting with a minimum clearance with the outer surface of the body seat, while in the internal shutter groove, a filter element is installed, and the shutter openings and holders are communicated with the gap cavity between the holder and the outer shell. A valve option is also provided.EFFECT: reduction of the seal shutter and the body seat clogging with foreign particles being in the component during valve opening and closing.2 cl, 4 dwg

echanical energy storage with magnetic gearbox // 2615607
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mechanical storage comprises a flywheel and drive in the form of a magnetic gear arranged coaxially and hermetically separated from each other enclosures. The flywheel is disposed within a vacuum enclosure. The rim of the flywheel is designed as a winding on the mantle surface of the flywheel tapes bonded magnets magnetized transversely to their width. Vacuum housing has an inner magnet, which is made by winding the same types of bonded magnets with oppositely magnetization relative to the rim of the flywheel. The power input-output device is a magnetic gear comprising a fast rotating shaft. The slow rotation shaft includes a hollow cylinder stator, comprising a magnetic circuit with teeth on its inner surface. The hollow cylinder stator is hermetically and mechanically connected to its one end to the frame via a non-magnetic ring. Hollow rotor and stator cylinders slow rotation comprise alternating ferromagnetic and non-magnetic elements directed along the axis of rotation.EFFECT: reduction of losses during energy conversion.3 cl, 2 dwg

Load absorbing device // 2615588
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: load absorbing device, comprises a casing (1) with a neck (11) and bottom (2), located on the bottom parcel (3) of the mounted one above the other elastic elements (4-9), interleaved by plates (14-17) through which a pivot (10) fixed in the casing passes, and load transfer mechanism (12) on the parcel of elastic elements positioned in the casing neck. Elastic elements (6, 7, 8) placed one after other are installed anywhere of their parcel, so that they form a contour (13) widening towards the bottom of the casing.EFFECT: higher device reliability.12 cl, 20 dwg

Rigid gear for wave transmission of discrete motion // 2615578
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: rigid gear for wave transmission of discrete motion consists of two pairs of toothed sectors. In the contact areas of the rigid tooth gear, the teeth of the wave coupling sector are made by height variable hi. Identical tooth sectors are locted diametrically opposite, one sector pair in mesh with a flexible gear forms the wave gear transmisstion, and the other - the wave gear coupling. In the interface zones, the sector teeth of the wave coupling have a variable height. Variable teeth height values hi can be determined by mathematical formulas and dependencies.EFFECT: increased transmission durability.2 cl, 4 dwg
Absorber device // 2615577
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: absorber device comprises a casing (1) with a bottom (3) and the neck (2) in which a friction assembly with friction surfaces, consisting of a pressure element (11) and wedges (12) provided with a spacer angle is located. Previously drawn in reverse retaining device (4) is located on the bottom. Friction surfaces form a contour tapering away from the bottom of the casing, and a pressure element and wedges are made with additional thrust corners and with the possibility to operate alternately at a predetermined value of the pressure element movement with the thrust corner and the additional thrust corners.EFFECT: increased absorbing device efficiency through the redistribution of the resultant force from the external load on the set value of its expansion stroke with a predominance of more rigid characteristics of the stroke at the beginning of the resultant force applying.7 cl, 9 dwg
Connecting structure between pipe body and lock of drilling pipe of aluminum alloy // 2615561
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the connecting structure between the lock and the body of the drilling pipe of aluminum alloy. The connecting structure comprises the first lock element positioned at the body end of the pipe of the aluminum alloy, and the second lock element, the first lock element being characterized by the presence of the section with an outer cone, the section with external thread and the first butt sealing surface, which are sequentially disposed from the inner pipe part to the external one, the conicity of the section with an outer cone being less than the conicity of the section with external thread; wherein the second lock element has the cylindrical shape and is characterized by the presence of the section with an inner cone matching with the section with an outer cone, and the section with inner thread matching with the section with outer thread, and the second butt sealing surface, the shoulder under the elevator and the transition section in the form of a concave arc between the section with the inner cone and the section with inner thread. When the first lock element is connected with the second lock element, the section with an inner cone is plastically deformed to extend, and the transition section in the form of a concave arc is deformed to elongate, thereby compensating the plastic deformation of the section with an inner cone.EFFECT: invention provides the body assembly of the pipe of the aluminum alloy, of the column of drilling pipes and of the lock at room temperature, increasing the unscrewing torque, double sealing, as well as achieving the required sealing properties and strength of the junction between the pipe body and the lock.8 cl, 2 dwg
ultipoint sealing device of auxiliary high-pressure water jet for cutting mechanism used in mining equipment // 2615546
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: multipoint sealing device of the auxiliary high-pressure water jet of the cutting mechanism comprises a water conducting housing and a water conveyance hose, connected in series between the cutting shaft and the cutting-providing tank of the cutting mechanism used in mining equipment. The input water intake channel is configured radially across the water conveyance housing, the water-conducting hose and the cutting shaft, and respectively communicates with the inlet water opening for the cutting-providing tank and the main flow channel of the cutting shaft. Two sides of the input water-intake channel are respectively provided with the first sealing O-shaped ring, the gear combined sealing, and the second sealing O-shaped ring. The water-conductive housing is made with the drain gutter, and the cutting-providing tank is made with the water outflow channel communicating with the drainage gutter.EFFECT: sealing with long service life and increasing the efficiency of the auxiliary cutting with the high-pressure water jet.3 cl, 3 dwg

System of direct electrical heating of remote well // 2615503
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: system of the underwater direct electric heating intended for heating of the under water steel pipe (1) transporting hydrocarbons. The system contains a cable (3) of the direct electric heating extending along the steel pipe (1) to which it is attached, and a power supply (7) cable receiving electric power from the power source (5) located on shore or on the surface of the floating structure, which energizes the cable (3) of the direct electric heating. The system of the underwater direct electric heating contains a power adjustment unit (100) located underwater between the power supply cable (7) and the cable (3) of the direct electric heating. The power supply cable (7) extends from the power source (5) located on the shore or underwater and comes down to the power adjustment unit (100).EFFECT: invention provides heating of longer and larger pipes in the intermittent or continuous mode.16 cl, 19 dwg
ethod of tubular products marking, tubular product with marking and identification system of tubular products // 2615329
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of tubular products marking is characterized by the fact, that the identification information encoding is perfromed through its conversion from the decimal numeration system into the hexadecimal notation, calculate the geometric dimensions of the marking elements corresponding to the obtained values of identification information in the hexadecimal notation, and then apply the marking elements in accordance with the calculated geometric dimensions through the metal fusion on the outer surface of the tubular product.EFFECT: provision of possibility to identify the tubular sections manufacturing factory as during the construction and renovation of piping and in the operation process of the underground laying pipeline, when carrying out the systematic and unplanned inspections using inline inspection tool.15 cl, 4 dwg

Operation and diagnostics of valves // 2615307
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: method of a valve assembly diagnosing with valve elements disposed in series along the flow channel of the valve assembly, comprises all steps of all sequentially arranged valve elements of the valve assembly opening. Thus the fluid can flow through the flow channel connecting the inlet and outlet of the valve assembly. Next, the noted method comprises the steps of measuring by the fluid flow sensor through the flow channel, opening of one of the valve assembly valve elements and checking by fluid leakage sensor caused by the defective valve element. Wherein the noted sensor is a flow sensor, preferably a mass flow sensor.EFFECT: increased accuracy and reliability of the valve assembly diagnosis.25 cl, 10 dwg
Compressor of axial turbine machine and axial turbine machine // 2615300
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an axial compressor of the turbine engine, comprising: a stator with an annular near the blades (32) of the stator extending in the radial direction, an inner hub (36) located on the inner ends of the blades (32) of the stator, a rear brush seal (40) located on the inner hub (36) which comprises a rotation profile passing in a substantially axial direction. The brush seal comprises bristles which pass in a substantially axial direction. The compressor also comprises a rotor with an annular sealing surface (42) having generally a cylindrical or truncated cone located on the rear side of the blades (32) of the stator and which cooperates with a brush seal (40) to provide a seal between the inner hub (36) and the rotor. The annular surface (42) encircles the brush seal (40), so that the pressure at the outlet of the brush seal (40) tends to push the seal against the annular surface (42).EFFECT: invention provides increased efficiency and service life of the brush seal, increasing the compactness of the compressor.15 cl, 4 dwg
ixer with water spout device // 2615295
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: mixer contains a housing, the channels for hot and cold water, a mixing chamber and a water spout device. The mixer includes a housing, consisting of two spring-loaded parts. One part of the housing contains channels for hot and cold water. Another part of the housing contains the holes coaxially positioned with channels and going out into the mixing chamber with water spout device. The flywheel, having the possibility of axial rotation, is located between the mixer housing parts, the holes of which in the working position are also coaxially positioned with channels and holes of the housing parts. The water spout device conatins the spring loaded rod, which goes out from the mixing chamber into the sealed bellows chamber by the action of the force at which occurs the water spout from the mixing chamber.EFFECT: design simplification and reduction of costs in the production of mixer with water spout device.6 cl, 2 dwg

Seal for rotating shaft of propeller ship // 2615265
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: shaft seal device ship propulsor between the outside water and filled with lubricant space includes multiple seal, that from the side of the outer water has at least one outward sealing ring, and from the filled lubricant space by at least one inwardly directed sealing ring. Between each two adjacent O-rings, the seal chamber is made. The first chamber is filled with the outer seal water. The second seal chamber along the feed line is fed with a gaseous medium such as compressed air, and which is controlled by the drain channel. The third sealing chamber is filled with oil and is provided with a supply from the tank through the supply line. In the supply line (43) of the oil-filled chamber (23), the sealing between the tank (8) and the chamber (23) is a circulation pump seals. Supply line (43), connected to the lower region of the chamber (23), seals the chamber and an upper region (23) has a discharge line seals (44) to the tank (8).EFFECT: durability of the system.19 cl, 2 dwg

Sealing unit of shut-off device of ball valve // 2615239
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: sealing elements site crane: ferrule, and sealing ring are merged into a single constructive node-moving composite saddle installed in ball crane with opportunity education Chambers of its direct and reverse. Ferrule is made in the form of a bowl with ring lug on one its end and two through-hole. On the outer surface of the core a cylindrical flange with outer thread is formed, as well as a lock tool from unwinding. In the specified a cylindrical flange in the direction of the valve gate implemented evenly placed around the circle open holes with springs associated with sealing ring, movably installed in the cavity formed between the nucleus and the ferrule, and partially protruding in the open position of the crane outside the working surface of rolling composite saddles by the amount allowed by the other fronts yokes, with the possibility of the execution of the function. The sealing ring on the mount and emitting core surfaces are equipped with gaskets. Open holes of the springs are connected to the camera of forward movement. The outer surface of the core, located to a cylindrical flange, sealed with the sealing capability of the pipe relative to the space between the camera forward movement and input or output ports of the ball valve. The working surface of composite saddle rolling formed surfaces of bearing rings and cores made spherical at the Interior of their ends and split circle sealing ring.EFFECT: increased reliability and simplified design of the invention.4 cl, 5 dwg
Actuating transmission mechanism // 2615236
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: actuating transmission mechanism (1) comprises a set of coaxially arranged central axis (11a) of hollow wheels (2, 3, 4) with cylindrical gear rings (2a, 3a, 4a), two eccentric wheels (9, 10) with gear rings (9a, 10a) of Beveloid type that are located in toothed engagement with the cylindrical gear rings (2a, 3a, 4a) of hollow wheels (2, 3, 4) and eccentric axles (9b, 10b), which are inclined relative to the central the axis (11a), and driven by a drive shaft (200), a central shaft (11) on which the eccentric wheels are set (9, 10). Hollow wheels kit (2, 3, 4) comprises a secondary spinning wheel (3) and two adjoining fixedly arranged hollow wheels (2, 4).EFFECT: improved load distribution by the executive transmission mechanism.14 cl, 7 dwg
Explosion-proof device with bursting disk by kochetov // 2615228
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: explosion proof device with bursting disc contains chassis, bursting membrane element type commercial bolt, movably connected to the chassis of the securable. Swivel joint of fettlecargo bibb bolt with a corps of securable object is executed in the form of at least three rod guides, on the other end of the rods are secured on plates thrust which embody elements of explosion proof device. The housing is made as an explosion-proof devices in the form of a cylindrical lower part, middle part, and the upper tapered cylinder portion. In the bottom of cylindrical part, the commercial bolt is placed and to the top of the cylindrical shell of the device node a bursting disc is fixed with sealing gasket through the mounting elements. Between explosion-proof elements and lined cargo gate, fast-destroying under the influence of primary blast impulse items are installed, executed in the form of sleeves. The fast-destroying elements are equipped with sensors alert system of the initial phase of an emergency.EFFECT: increase of reliability of technological equipment protection against explosions.2 cl, 2 dwg

Lubricating device of gearing // 2615227
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: lubricating device contains a complete oil bath with a liquid lubricant, in which the lubricated gears are shipped. Each wheel by its release during the rotation of the oil bath, is provided with a couple of scratchers, symmetrically adjacent to both its ends. Scrapers are strengthened motionless relative to the rotating wheel, above the upper level of the lubricant, with overlapping ends of the wheel and the circle described touch points rotating wheel ends with the upper level of the lubricant. Each scraper is designed as a straight rectangular bar strips adjacent to wheel his face at right angles. Scrapers are located at a sharp angle to the horizontal, and their outer ends higher than their internal vertical ends.EFFECT: improved quality of gear wheel lubrication.2 dwg

Lubricating device of gearing // 2615222
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: lubricating device contains a complete oil bath with a liquid lubricant, in which the lubricated gears are shipped. Each wheel by its release during the rotation of the oil bath, is provided with a couple of scratchers, symmetrically adjacent to both its ends. Scrapers are strengthened motionless relative to the rotating wheel, above the upper level of the lubricant, with overlapping ends of the wheel and the circle described touch points rotating wheel ends with the upper level of the lubricant. And external ends of the tines from the circumference of the hollows ring gear oriented radially relative to the wheel.EFFECT: improved quality of gear wheel lubrication.2 dwg

Drive control system for hybrid vehicle // 2615210
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hybrid vehicles. Drive control system for a hybrid vehicle with an engine, the power distribution unit, motors and braking device comprises a controller that sets the first operational mode where the vehicle is driven by a first motor and second motor. In the second operating mode the vehicle is powered by an engine or the second motor subject to the allowance of carrier rotation. The time is calculated after completion of the first operation mode. Energy distributor temperature is estimated according to the noted time duration. The first operating mode, when the estimated temperature is less or equal to a predetermined allowable temperature and the first operation mode is prohibited, when the estimated temperature is higher than the allowable temperature is provided.EFFECT: drive control system, which reduces gearbox wear.5 cl, 5 dwg

Gear wheel // 2615204
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: cog wheel contains the body, scalloped Crown with hollow teeth and a couple of ring pads, reinforced on the ends of the body and wheels. Outer diameter of lining diameter circumference is equal to the vertices of the ring gear, internal diameter less than the diameter of the circle overlap grounds the ring gear. Each tooth is made of a pair of rectangular plates with a width equal to the width of the ring gear, bent on the profile calculation for this wheel tooth, two lateral surfaces of the tooth. Plate strengthened between inner ring ends overlap. In a place of an adjunction of lateral running surface of the wheel to the body it implemented through holes. Inside the cavity of each tooth is an L-shaped element with a backlash regarding the plates forming resembling the side surface. One shelf element is perpendicular to the axis of the tooth and strengthened at the plate, forming lateral surface of left behind. The second shelf element is oriented toward the body and wheels with clearance for him. The first shelf element attached to the plate, forming lateral surface of left behind, with the gap relative to the circumference of the peaks ring gear. And the second Regiment of this element is located along its entire length with relative plate forming resembling a lateral surface, and equidistant to it.EFFECT: improved quality of gear wheel lubrication.2 dwg

Gearing // 2615203
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gearing contains the sealed housing with gears installed in it, made of the ferromagnetic material and powder magnetically active lubricant, activated by the magnetic field. There is the fixed pair of linings in the form of disks on the end surfaces of each wheel, made of magnetically passive material, such as plastic. The outer perimeters of the linings are in the shape of a circle radius equal to the radius of the circle the vertices of the ring gear. In the centers of the linings are made through holes, with not smaller radius than planting hole rims radius. In the lining, in the areas of their contiguity to the bottom of trenches ring gear are made through holes, bottom which coincides with a circumference of depressions ring gear, and their sides coincide with the lateral surfaces of the teeth.EFFECT: lubrication process quality improve.2 dwg
Kochetov's seismic-resistant construction // 2615183
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: in seismic-resistant building, containing the vibration-isolated foundation, the horizontal and vertical bearing structures with the vibration isolation system, the internal partitions, the building roof, as well as the door and window openings with reinforcement; the base bearing floor slabs in the points of their attachment to the bearing building walls are equipped with the spatial vibration isolation system consisting of horizontally arranged vibration isolators perceiving vertical static and dynamic loads, as well as vertically arranged vibration isolators perceiving horizontal static and dynamic loads, at that the floor of the premises is made on the elastic foundation and contains the mounting plate made from the reinforced vibration damping concrete material, which is installed on the base plate of the interfloor overlapping with the cavities through the layers of the vibration damping material and the waterproofing material with a gap relative to the bearing walls of the production premises. The cavities of the baseplate are filled with vibration damping material, such as foamed polymer. Each of the vibration isolators contains the rigidly interlinked rubber plates: the upper and the lower ones, in which through openings are made, arranged on the isolator surface in the staggered order; the vibration isolators are made of a square or a rectangular shape, and their side faces are made as curved surfaces of the n-th order, providing the equifrequency of the vibration isolation system in general. The holes in the section have the form, providing vibration isolator equifrequency, or vibration isolator is designed as the symmetric washer latticed vibration isolator, containing the base, which is located in the middle part of the vibration isolator and is made in the form of plate with fixation holes, and latticed elastic elements, the upper one with top pressure washer and lower with lower pressure washer, rigidly connected with the base through the support rings, respectively, while in the upper latticed elastic element, in the center, the dry friction damper is located axially symmetrically, made in the form of the upper pressure washer rigidly connected with the central positioned ring, enclosed by coaxially positioned ring, which is rigidly connected to the base, as well as in the lower latticed elastic element, the dry-friction damper is axially symmetrically disposed in the center, made in the form of the lower pressure washer, rigidly connected with the centrally located ring, enclosed by coaxially arranged ring, rigidly connected to the base.EFFECT: providing opportunities to strengthen the existing buildings and constructions or erection of the reinforced buildings and constructions with increased resistance to the wind loads and earthquake effects.11 dwg

Quick-detachable non-flanged connection of cylindrical parts // 2615108
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cylindrical parts quick-release non-flanged connections and can be used for connection of electric centrifugal pump units (ECPU) modular sections, including small-dimensional ones. Connection includes male part with blind rectangular slots, uniformly distributed along circumference, female part with through rectangular slots, matching with male part slots, annular segments, installed in above mentioned parts matched slots flush with female part surface, annular segments attachment assembly and protector on female part. Outside of female part and annular segments common annular groove is grooved, accommodating spring ring, serving as attachment assembly. On annular segments inner cylindrical surface lead-in chamfer is formed, facing towards female part end. Used protector is shell, pressed by coupling nut.EFFECT: invention simplifies and accelerates cylindrical shaped parts assembly, which is especially important for installation of ECPU modular sections, including with dimensions 2, 2A and 3, in field conditions.1 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for heat insulation mounting on pipeline // 2615087
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: heat-insulation items contain insulating elements of the elongated shape, connected and enclosed in a shell. At the bottom part of the insulated surface, the heat insulating item is applied to the pipeline and deformed. After deformation, the surfaces area ratio of the heat insulating elements to be deformed, directed towards the object to be insulated, with respect to the initial areas of these surfaces, should meet the condition F1/F2 = 0.3-0.9, where F1 is the surface area of the heat insulating element to be deformed after deformation, directed toward the object to be insulated; F2 - the initial (before deformation) surface area of the heat insulating element to be deformed.EFFECT: exclusion of the possibility of excessive heat insulating elements deformation of a heat insulating item.

ethod and tools for gripping device // 2615082
FIELD: physics, instrument engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gripping tools of the elongated objects. The tool (410) comprises a frame (412), the frame has an inner crater for receiving the intended object for gripping, the internal crater has a side wall, a recess (418) formed around at least a portion of the side wall, the clamping element (422) located inside the recess. The recess is adjustable from the first size, wherein the clamping member is disposed within this recess, to the second size wherein the clamping member is squeezed out of the recess into the internal crater. The clamping element intended for gripping is located around the object, two clamping side elements are located on the both sides of the clamping element, the clamping element is compressed by preload of the clamping elements to each other. The clamping element is configured so that its axial compression is transformed into the radial compression.EFFECT: invention provides the increased security gripping and transporting of the elongated objects.15 cl, 31 dwg

Combination of thermocouple and electromagnetic gas valve // 2615044
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to thermocouple and gas fittings electromagnetic gas valve combination. Combination of thermocouple and electromagnetic gas valve, where electromagnetic valve includes terminal with base, containing connection surface. Thermocouple has connector with inner surface, which is directed to base, when connector is inserted transversely to terminal. Connector contains guide devices, arranged on inner surface, extending relative to inner surface, passing longitudinally in direction of insertion. At that, connector comes in contact with base contact surface by means of guides, preventing contact with surface of connection. Connector contains locking devices arranged on inner surface, containing stopper, which passes from inner surface, extending relative to guide devices. At that, stopper is aligned with guide devices in direction of insertion, passing longitudinally in direction of insertion from inner surface free end.EFFECT: invention is aimed at simplification of design, improved electrical contact between connector and valve quick connection terminal.10 cl, 6 dwg

ulti-channel pipeline // 2615043
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: multi-channel pipeline comprises an outer pipe and at least one inner pipe, laid on the inner surface of the outer pipe, in the gap between which the external channel is formed, and in the inner pipe - the internal channel thermally insulated by the medium being transported via the external channel, wherein the inner channel has the fixators of its position in the multi-channel system, which are constructed as bushings envelopping the inner pipe surface, the outer surface of the bushings having radial stops with the outer pipe in the form of hydro cylinders, the inner surface of the bushings in the radial stops zone having round pads of antifriction material, mounted in a sliding fit with the inner pipe surface and glued to the inner surface of the bushings.EFFECT: increased reliability and durability of the multi-channel pipeline.2 cl

Ball bearing // 2615024
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: ball joint comprises a housing formed of two lids, irrespective of interconnected, metallic ball stud, enclosed in a housing, the polymeric liner with metal filler granules. The material of the ball stud is made of doped EP517SH alloy, and its spherical surface by vacuum arc ion plasma deposition coated Ni-Cr-Mo-Ti rare-earth metal Gd. Thus, by using this deposition ligated together with Gd REM, on a spherical surface of the ball stud is formed an additional anti-friction coating containing a plastic based matrix metal with Ni REM Gd and particulate metal carbides Cr, Mo, W, Ti.EFFECT: ceramic oxide, gadolinium stabilized, due to the high hardness of ceramics, to protect the spherical surface of the ball stud, thereby improve the wear resistance and to align the average contact pressure of working surfaces of the spherical pivot bearings.1 dwg

Isolating pipeline connection // 2614953
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: pipeline insulating compound comprises two metal pipes with adjacent ends isolated from each other by a non-conducting washer and connected by an inner dielectric connecting pipe and an outer coupling made of composite material. The pipe-connecting outer coupling is made of a three layer composite with different winding angles, first - internal, with transverse winding turn to turn with a step equal to the diameter of the wound composite material filament, second - intermediate, with winding angle between 40-50 degrees to the axis, third - external, with winding angle between 10-20 degrees to the pipe axis.EFFECT: increased strength and reliability of connection.3 cl, 2 dwg
Well multi-way switch // 2614952
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: well multi-way switch contains a body with radial type holes for the working fluid feed pipes connection, the cover mounted on the body, inside which the rotating hollow shaft is placed along the longitudinal axis. The shaft is connected to the measurement channel, formed as a tee, and a movable carriage, which is fixed by means of rollers and spring opposite to each liquid supply pipe. On the inner working surface of the body, the arc inserts with radial holes are mounted, coinciding with the radial holes in the body. The tee is arranged between the upper and lower end stops, formed on the hollow shaft, and communicates with the hollow cylinder. The movable carriage with rollers is installed on the cylinder. The cylinder is rigidly fixed in the plate hole, connected to the upper and lower end stops, by means of the cranks installed on them. At the upper end stop there is the pin with the ability to be located in the tee groove. On the both end stops there are balls uniformly positioned along the perimeter with ability to rotate around the shaft axis of the tee.EFFECT: increase of durability and reliability in operation, ease of the maintenance and repair, ensuring high performance characteristics of the switch.2 dwg

Combination seal of turbomachine // 2614910
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: turbomachine rotor seal comprises a graphite ring segments mounted in the housing and seals Compressed garter spring, an axial spring mounted in the seal housing cover fixed to the seal housing via a releasable connection. The seal comprises a contact sleeve mounted on the shaft and fixed to the latter in the axial and circumferential directions on the outer diameter of which establishes said graphite ring in segments, whole graphite ring mounted in the seal housing between the graphite ring in segments and cover thin-walled curved in cross-section of the elastic elements. The axial spring is installed between the neighboring ends of the seal housing and the graphite ring in segments, moreover, on the outer diameter of contact sleeve an annular groove, across which there are elastic elements mentioned circumferentially, each of which is capable of contacting a portion of its outer surface to the inner surface solid graphite rings and rigidly fixed to the inner surface of the annular groove.EFFECT: invention provides efficiency to the working modes of the gas turbine engine in the absence of air pressure differential on the seal while reducing air leakages of sealing modes.2 dwg

Turbomachine rotor radial end seal // 2614904
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed seal comprises two resilient graphite rings with crosswise cutout fitted between two slip rings. The seal additionally comprises a continuous graphite ring fitted inside the resilient graphite rings with crosswise cutuot with a gap and making contact with the slip rings at the but ends, two ring elements with adjusting ring between them fitted and fixed in the axial direction at the turbomachine rotor trunnion. There is a gap between the inner surfaces of resilient graphite rings with a crosswise cutout, continuous graphite ring and the outer surfaces of the ring elements with adjusting ring, two conical annular membrane are fitted in the gap between the ring element and the corresponding slip ring and connected to them by means of permanent connections. Cone bases of mentioned conical annular membranes are positioned on the low-pressure cavity side. Resilient graphite rings with crosswise cutout are fitted with an angular displacement relative to each other with the possibility of overlap of their crosswise gaps and fixed against rotation relative to each other, there is an annular groove at the joint of the resilient graphite rings with crosswise cutout on the side of their inner surface, and there is an O-ring fitted in the annular groove.EFFECT: reduction of friction and wearing of sealing elements at lower turbomachine operation modes while maintaining absolute tightness of the seal in all turbomachine operation modes and improvement of its reliability.1 dwg

Liquid medium flow multiway switch // 2614901
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: liquid medium flow multiway switch contains a body with equally-spaced with angular pitch α T-shaped radial distribution ducts, the upper and lower end covers, between which and the body end faces are respectively positioned the upper disk damper with one hole and a lower disc damper with amount of holes one less than the number of T-shaped radial distribution ducts in the housing, arranged with an angular pitch equivalent to the arrangement of radial distribution ducts so, that they all are blocked by the upper disc damper, and the dampers are connected by the shaft disposed along the axis of the housing and form with the upper and lower end covers, respectively upper and lower cavity, at that the upper cavity has the ring shape, formed by the ring inner surface of the upper end cover, and communicates with the liquid supply duct to the metering unit, and the lower cavity communicates with the liquid supply duct into the pipeline, at that the upper and lower disc dampers are oriented with the ability to switch the liquid supply duct to the metering unit through the opening in the upper disc damper to the T-shaped radial distribution ducts, and on the surfaces of the upper and lower end covers and the housing, contacting the disc dampers, the plain circular bearing are arranged, wherein the flat surfaces of the upper and lower surfaces of disc dampers are sealed along the housing by means of spring-loaded seats, installed in the vertical sections of the T-shaped radial distribution ducts and provided with ring inserts at the sealing surfaces.EFFECT: invention simplifies the process of liquid medium flow distribution, with simultaneous sealing of the space between the isolated device cavities and improves its reliability.5 cl, 4 dwg

Safety valve // 2614899
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: safety valve is comprised of a housing with inlet and outlet channels, a spring-loaded valve with sealant against the seat, the bellow valve with the top support loaded by an adjusting spring. The valve is provided with an elastic centering membrane located between the scuff plate, upon which the adjusting spring rests, and the upper support of the bellow valve, which interacts with the scuff plate via a threaded connection. The outer edges of the elastic centering membrane come into contact with the ring on the one side, and with the sleeve on the other. A ring and a sleeve are placed between the flange of the bellow valve mounted inside the housing, and a barrel screwed into the housing. Ring protrusions come into contact with the grooves made in the housing. The housing contains a sleeve around the spring-loaded valve with a longitudinal slot running through it. A fixing element, mounted in the side wall of the spring-loaded valve that prevents it from hinging relative to the seat, comes into contact with the slot. The access duct is connected to the interior of the bellow valve through the grooves in the sleeve and the abutment that come into contact with upper support of bellow valve via a threaded connection. The spring that presses the valve to the seat is located in the abutment and comes into contact with the upper support of the bellow valve and the screw fixed in the valve.EFFECT: more precise opening pressure of the safety valve and its integrity with the seat.2 dwg

Valve body with ring stem guide // 2614883
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: valve includes a housing having a central portion and two connecting pipe, which project from the central portion. Inside the central part of the valve body is a bore. The valve body is arranged at the valve seat and the valve is connected with the spindle, a guide sleeve located on the valve spindle. The valve body is made from a tubular plastic deformation method. The tubular element is performed with the inner edge of the cutout. Through the notch obtained by plastic deformation of the ring member in place cutout. Resulting in the formation of the spindle guide bushing. The notch has an edge whose shape allows rotation in the direction of the edge from the central portion of the valve body after the formation of the annular member. Thus, the end face forming operate spindle guide sleeve. Further, the cutout comprises at least one protrusion that before carrying out plastic deformation is in the plane of the recess.EFFECT: reducing the number of operations of cut and cutting material before mounting the valve seat and the valve body, which is set before the final finish of the valve body.10 cl, 11 dwg
Cracking brake pads of underground // 2614872
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: cracking brake pad includes a metal frame formed with two ridges and three polymer composite friction element. On the surface of the chassis pads between polymer composite friction elements fixed polymeric composite layer thickness of the friction material 8.0 mm before 35.0 mm.EFFECT: provision of increased tension tangential material layer, thereby providing an increase in the normal component of the force of interaction of surfaces in this area.
Disk bumper with pendulum suspension // 2614752
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: vibration isolator comprises a series connection of Belleville spring elements that interact with the body and the pendulum suspension. The pendulum suspension is designed as a threaded rod connected thereto and a threaded sleeve. Spherical and rod bushing profiles interact with tapered surfaces of the upper and lower plates. The housing is designed as a box frame with horizontal plates, connected to each other between struts. Guide sleeve with one end fixedly secured to the upper horizontal plate of the housing, and another - by slidably included in the damping sleeve. Damping sleeve is a mesh bag and the central part comprises an elastic sleeve. The elastic sleeve is rigidly connected to a central plate, separating the mesh package into two identical parts. The support rings are fastened in the central plate. The upper mesh resilient element is connected to the top lid of the mesh pack. Lower mesh resilient member connected to the lower thrust washer package.EFFECT: efficiency of vibration isolation in resonance mode increase.3 cl, 2 dwg
Spring antivibration unit of kochetov with combined damper // 2614751
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: The damper consists of compression spring interacting with base of case and the pendulum suspension. The pendulum suspension is designed as a threaded rod, connected at one end to support arm, and the other - with the thrust washer and a nut. The nut is connected with the hub interacting with the upper end of the spring. The lower end of the spring rests on the ground. The base consists of an upper and lower plates connected by vertical plates. The upper plate is fixed bushing composite friction material. Spring is in two parts, between which the combined damper. The damper is designed as a mesh washer package, in the central part of the rod which is elastic-damping material. Net package includes interacting with the base of the elastic elements of the mesh frame, the cast elastomer - polyurethane. In its middle part of the stem is rigidly fixed to the central plate, on which the support rings are fixed. Upper and lower resilient mesh elements are connected respectively to the upper and lower lid of the mesh pack and the central plate. The central opening includes a coaxial rod to lock the rod vibro-isolated object.EFFECT: efficiency of vibration isolation in resonance mode increase.4 cl, 2 dwg
Kochetov explosion-proof device // 2614750
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: ex-rupture disc device, comprising a body, a frangible membrane type element lined cargo shutter. Movable connection of the lined cargo closure to the housing of the protected object is made in the form of three guide bars, the middle part which is movably arranged in the sleeves, and the lower end of each of which is rigidly connected to the body through a flange, while the other end of the rods are fixed thrust plate on which the explosion-proof elements of the device are mounted. The housing is made explosion-proof devices in the form of a cylindrical lower part, middle part, and the upper tapered cylinder portion. The lower part is a cylindrical bolt lined cargo. To the top of the cylindrical part of the housing explosion-proof devices attached rupture disc assembly with a sealing gasket. Fettled truck explosion-proof housing protects the valve device from burning. Between the explosion-proof elements and the lined cargo gate, the fast destroying element is installed under the influence of the primary elements of the blast wave pulse with sensors for the initial phase of emergency alerts.EFFECT: increase of reliability of technological equipment protection against explosions.1 dwg

Gear box // 2614749
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gear box contains a closed casing with stiffeners located therein and an oil bath with a liquid lubricant, in which the downstream tooth-weel of the tooth weel gear is immersed. In the lower-lying gear and the bottom of the body, parallel to the bottom, it is U-shaped groove oriented in the plane of rotation of the downstream gear. The length of the troughs less than the length of a gear reducer casing, and the chute in the plane overlaps stiffener casing and the downstream portion of the gear is immersed in an oil bath. Between the bottom of the chute and downstream gear, and the gaps formed between the bottom of the trough and the bottom of the reduction gear housing. Upper trough wall situated above the upper level of the lubricating oil bath material. Between the walls of the trough and the ends of the transmission gears formed gaps, and mounted on a wall of the trough stiffeners reduction gear housing.EFFECT: increased quality of the gearing lubrication.3 dwg

etal locking washer with rough surface // 2614614
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a metal locking washer intended to be installed in a screw/nut system so, that it is positioned between the nut and a bearing element providing contact interaction with them. Metal locking washer has a contact end side made with the possibility of entering in contact with one or the other of the elements, which are the nut and the bearing element, herewith the said contact end side has a surface, which is made able to be brought in friction interaction with one or the other of the elements, which are the nut and the bearing element, at the nut self-unfastening. On the above said contact end side by means of thermal projective deposition of an additional material a rough coating is applied forming a rough surface to allow increasing friction forces between the contact end side of the metal washer and one or the other of the elements, which are the nut and the bearing element.EFFECT: technical result is higher friction between the elements.11 cl, 5 dwg, 2 tbl

System of front sealing, which has sliding surface of different rigidity // 2614556
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a system of the front seal, which comprises: a rotating ring (2) of the front seal, having a first sliding surface and the stationary ring (3) of the front seal, having a second sliding surface, which delimiters a sealing gap 4 between themselves. The first and the second sliding surface have different rigidness. The harder sliding surface has a diamond coating (20) and a softer sliding surface is made of carbon composite material. The average initial roughness Ra1 of the diamond coating 20 is less than the average initial roughness Ra2 of the sliding surfaces of the carbon composite material.EFFECT: invention improves the reliability of the face seal system.15 cl, 3 dwg

Automation technology device // 2614555
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the automation technology device consisting of a servo and a module for the manual servo control. Herewith, the electric drive or the electro-hydraulic drive are provided as the drive element for the servo. Moreover, the module has a generator and a manual control element for the generator. Moreover, the module is connected electrically to the servo drive element. The manual control element and the generator form a module for the manual electric remote servo engagement. Herewith, the module is connected electrically to the servo drive element and the electronic control device. Herewith, the electronic control device provides necessary energy manually, which is obtained by converting the mechanical energy into the electrical one to move the hardware with the drive element to the desired position.EFFECT: size and cost reduction of the automation technology device.10 cl, 9 dwg

echanical seal // 2614550
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mechanical seal parts with the outer cylindrical surface comprises a female sealable shaft housing which are installed paired bushings lapped each other in the axial direction along the inclined end surfaces, the angle of inclination which is greater than the angle of friction, and preloaded against the sealing surface in opposite directions while deployed one pair relative to the other at an angle of 180°/n, where n - the number of pairs.EFFECT: invention simplifies the design and improves the tightness of the mechanical seal.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of lubricating worm gear and device for its implementation // 2614548
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method and apparatus designed to lubricate and cool the worm gear without the use of an oil bath. The method includes supplying lubricant to the working surfaces of the worm and worm gear teeth, the worm is carried supply, which is placed in the tube and their ends are immersed in lubricant. The apparatus comprises a screw placed in the bearings and the worm wheel, the working surfaces are covered with the lubricant, while it is further provided with a tube, inside which is rotatably mounted worm. The end of the worm and one end of the tube placed in a lubricant, and the other, at least, is fed to the zone of interaction of the worm with the worm wheel.EFFECT: design simplification and improvement of performance.14 cl, 7 dwg
ulti-segment radial sliding bearing // 2614463
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: multi-segment self-aligning plain bearing consists of a housing, the outer (1) and inner (3) rings, a separator (4), rectangular windows which are set segments (2), and the oil supply holes (6). The inner ring (3) comprises a thrust collars (5) to ensure the absence of axial movement of the segments. Segments (2) are in contact with one side of the slide on the working surface of the outer ring (1) and the opposite side is slidably in contact with the working surface on the inner ring (3).EFFECT: provision of trouble-free operation of the bearing under variable loads.4 cl, 5 dwg

Electric drive // 2614462
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to mechanical engineering and can be used as drives intended for automatics of items in the field of aeronautical and rocket technology. Electric drive includes housing, end shield, which is stationary and fastened to housing, and board equipped with electric motor provided with gear mounted on its shaft, cylindrical gear unit, transducer of output shaft position mounted on end shield, and pressurizing casing. Housing is manufactured as assembly of two parts joined by force of their flange coupling. End shield and electric connector for transducer of output shaft position are mounted in the first part of housing. Electric connector of electric motor is mounted in the second part of housing, and board is manufactured as one integral part with the second part of housing.EFFECT: providing increase of electric-drive reliability.1 dwg

Rotational shell retention device and its manufacturing method // 2614449
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: rotational shell retention device comprises an end flange and a cap flange, with sandwiched layers of rubber and layers of reinforcing material wrapped around the bead wire. Reinforcing material layers are joined by the rubber layers into a single rubber-cord composite. The end flange and the cap flange are connected by bolting. The bead ring in the upper part is provided by a comb of projections equally spaced along the bead ring diameter and abutting against the end flange.EFFECT: increased reliability and service life of rotational shells, as well as reduced force required to provide rotational shell strength.3 cl, 4 dwg