Weapons (F41)

F41            Weapons(6760)
ethod for reducing wellbore bending // 2628546
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: inner surface of the wellbore is coated with a thermionic material with up to 3 eV, that allows to align the wellbore temperature at its non-uniform heating and, hence, reduce the thermal bending in the wellbore.EFFECT: increased reliability of the wellbore operation with the reduction of energy and material costs.3 cl
Platform for mounting additional devices on rifle // 2628423
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: platform for attaching additional devices to the rifle contains a lower bar with elements for attaching additional devices, a top bar with elements for attaching additional devices, and a coupling for fixing the lower bar and the upper bar. The coupler is made slideable on the cylindrical ridge of the rifle's receiver and is fixed to the receiver in such a way that the rifle barrel does not touch the coupler. The upper bar is equipped with a groove "dovetail" for connection with the side bar of the receiver's receiver.EFFECT: improving the performance of the rifle.15 cl, 17 dwg

Technical objects protection device from destructive elements mechanical impact // 2628415
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: protection device consists of the flexible barrier, fixed around the perimeter of the object skin section from its inner side in the vital units location zone. The area of the flexible barrier set in the non-stretched state is chosen from the relation SFB≥1.15 SSS, where SFB - flexible barrier area, SSS - protected skin section area.EFFECT: increase of the protected object combat survivability, while maintaining its specified operational and physical characteristics.3 dwg

obile complex of providing tests and evaluating efficiency of protection systems functioning of objects against hazardous weapons // 2628303
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in the development of test facilities and evaluation of the effectiveness of systems to protect objects from damage by precision weapons (PW). The mobile complex for testing and evaluating the effectiveness of the operation of the systems protecting objects from damage from the known is characterised by the fact that the support-rotary device is equipped with an elevating platform and is equipped with a range measuring unit, a receiver of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and N - a channel measuring-recording unit, each of whose channels contains a series-connected signal receiver and an analog-to-digital converter, and also introduced The data carrier has N + 3 inputs, a data input unit, a sequentially connected WCO guidance loop simulation unit, and a unit for evaluating the effectiveness of an object's protection against damage to the WCO. The output of each n-th channel of the measuring-recording unit, where n =1…N, is connected to the corresponding input of the information store, the output of which is connected to the input of the simulator of the phono-target environment, the output of the ranging unit and the output of the receiver of the GNSS equipment are connected, respectively, to the N + 1 and N + 2 inputs of the information storage device; The first, second and third outputs of the control unit are connected respectively to the N + 3 input of the information storage device, the first input of the SDU and the second input of the PW guidance loop simulation unit, and the first, second and third outputs of the data input unit are respectively connected to the second The input of the SDS, the third input of the PW Guidance Simulation Block and the second input, the unit for assessing the effectiveness of the object's protection against the PW defeat, the output of the imitator of the background-target environment is connected to the first input of the PW contour modelling.EFFECT: obtaining adequate assessments of the effectiveness of object protection systems in relation to the actual conditions of their operation and the background-target situation.1 dwg

Connecting mechanism for connecting firearm receiver and shoulder piece // 2628274
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: connecting mechanism is designed to connect a receiver (1) of a firearm and a shoulder piece (4). The receiver of the firearm comprises a locking piece (2) which includes a latch (3) movable between a locking position in which, in the assembled firearm, the latch (3) interacts with the receiver (1) and the locking piece (2) cannot be removed from the receiver (1), and an unlocking position, in which the locking piece (2) does not interact with the receiver and the locking piece (2) can be removed from the receiver. The locking piece (2) additionally comprises a lever (7) for controlling the movement of the latch (3) from the locking position to the unlocking position and / or from the unlocking position to the locking position.EFFECT: prevention of unwanted separation of the shoulder piece from the receiver.7 cl, 5 dwg

System for stabilizing and controlling fighting machine ordnance // 2628038
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: system additionaly comprises, with appropriate links, a setting stabilization device with position sensors of inertial object independently stabilized in space in horizontal and vertical directions, the second type of installed ordnance, the second electric motor of vertical direction, the second reductor of vertical direction, vertical direction position sensors, modules to compute rpm of power amplifier motor shaft for vertical and horizontal directions, a switching unit for drives and sensors and combat compartment control system hardware. The control unit is additionally equipped with a logic unit, a protection unit, a horizontal direction key device, a correcting section for the rotation speed of the horizontal direction electric motor's shaft, a vertical direction key device, summing vertical direction channel amplifiers, correcting sections of the vertical direction channel of the weaponry by its position or error, the switching unit of the correcting sections inverse coupling by electric motor current and speed of the vertical direction weaponry, correcting sections for the electric motor current of the vertical direction weaponry, correcting sections of the electric motor shaft speed rotation of vertical direction weaponry.EFFECT: increased operational characteristics of the stabilization system.1 dwg

Armament complex of the battle machine with the information-control system // 2628027
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: armament complex consists of twin automatic cannon of small caliber machine guns, launchers, antitank guided missiles and fire control system (FCS), which includes an automatic control unit (ACU), the gunner's sight (GS), the commander's sight (CS) and the system of armament guidance (SAG) with input information sensor and a control unit (CU SAG). GS and CS are in the form of modules (AM GS) and (AM CS). AM CS is equipped with an optical radar detection, FCS is equipped with a system of identification of friend or foe, and multi-functional computing system. The chassis are equipped with workstations of gunner and commander. Transfer of electrical, data and video between the combat vehicle chassis and combat compartment is formed by a rotating contact unit.EFFECT: provision of high-performance shooting of all armed battle vehicle, reducing search time goals to increase the range of effective intelligence purposes, to automate the process of finding and firing.2 cl, 12 dwg
Counter-heat effects protection of objects // 2627917
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: counter-heat effects protection consists of a grid metal deflecting elements placed between thin-walled plane-parallel sheets and made in a form of a corrugation with an angle with a corrugation peaks of 20…30 degrees, and ceramic elements also made in the form of corrugation with an angle with the corrugation peaks of 40…60 degrees and placed between the thin-walled plane-parallel plates. The rear thin-walled plane-parallel sheet for corrugation in the form of metal grids is applied as an internal thin-walled plane-parallel sheet for ceramic corrugation and the rear walled plane-parallel sheet for ceramic corrugation together with a facial thin-walled plane-parallel sheet for corrugation in the form of metal grids form a holder to place both corrugations that represents a separate module. The modules are fixed on the side surfaces of the object and provide protection of materials and products against external impact.EFFECT: improving security of hazardous materials or products thanks to design of the counter-heat effects protection.2 cl, 2 dwg

uzzle brake // 2627901
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: muzzle brake contains a body in the form of a central part for mounting a barrel on the muzzle with a hole for projectile discharge and a peripheral part with a cylindrical or conical outer surface. The central part of the hull is connected to the peripheral bridges with the formation of the through channels for the release of powder gases. A toroidal surface is made at the inner cavity front end of the muzzle brake peripheral part, a surface of a complex, streamlined shape, for example, in the form of a spherical surface is made on the end of the central part of the body.EFFECT: simplifying the design of the muzzle brake, reducing weight, increasing the effectiveness of kickback damping.2 dwg
Recoil device - 4 // 2627891
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: recoil device contains a trunk and a dissipation energy dissipator. Also, the recoil device has a bellows or a membrane box, or several mechanically connected bellows and membrane boxes connected to the receiver in parallel. A bellows or a membrane box or several mechanically connected bellows and diaphragm boxes are connected to the barrel or to the movable part of the recoil device, have a discharge valve and an inlet valve and supply air to the receiver.EFFECT: reducing the heating of the recoil device and the possibility of using the energy of recoil to blow the barrel.3 cl
ethod of destroying enemy military units in forest massive // 2627878
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: method of destroying enemy military units in the forest massive is that beforehand the road in the forest, at the distance of the longest military and/or transport column of the enemy, is mined by remote control mines, stacking them from each other on a standard distance in accordance with the statute the location of transport or military units of the enemy in the column. Then, on both sides of the road, the first three rows of trees are trimmed or mined so that they to the final undercut or undermine sequentially, first, second and then the third rows of trees fall on the road when the first enemy transport or military unit approaches the first falling tree, after which remote control mines explode.EFFECT: simultaneous destruction of the entire column of the enemy.1 cl
Starting device // 2627861
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: starting device includes a longitudinally stabilized game rocket placed in a tubular guide. In the bottom crossbar of the guide, an ignition-knockout charge of external initiation is fixed, connected by means of a pyro-retarder with pyrotechnic equipment of the head part. Pyrotechnic equipment of the head part is placed inside the bulk functional material, filling the body, made of peas, polymer elements, paintball balls.EFFECT: providing simulations in the form and operation of a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher, simplifying operation and increasing safety when using the device.3 cl, 1 dwg

Line-of-sight stabilising system // 2627563
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automatic control and regulation systems, in particular to gyrostabilizing devices, and is used to provide stabilisation of the view field and control of the line of sight of optical devices (sights) deployed on mobile military targets such as tanks, IFV, AAV, APCs, etc. The stabilisation system contains an aiming complex with control and power electronics connected to an external control signal, sensors, an engine electrically connected to the first output of the control and power electronics, optical nodes and mechanisms. Herewith the system is divided into an electric unit located in the OBD and containing control and power electronics and an electromechanical unit located in the aiming complex mounted on the OBD and containing sensors, a motor, optical nodes and mechanisms, as well as a memory unit and a serial memory port. Elements of the stabilisation system are connected according to the block diagram in Fig. 1.EFFECT: increasing operational capabilities due to the preservation of structural installation dimensions in the modernized military facility with the installation of a new sighting complex with an independent line of sight, improving the maintainability of the military facility under operating conditions, when installing a modernized sighting system with an independent line of sight.1 dwg
Bullet-proof unidirectional tapes/products with rigid structure and low value of the depth of cup and methods of their manufacture // 2627374
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: bullet-proof fiber composite comprises a variety of adjacent layers on the basis of fibers, where each layer on the basis of fibers comprises synthetic fibers with a high tensile modulus, characterized by the surfaces which are at least partially covered with a polymeric material, where the said fibers do not basically comprise any fibers protective cover so that the said polymeric material is mainly in direct interaction with the surfaces of the fibers. The said fiber composite is characterized by the value of dynamic tensile modulus which exceeds the value of the dynamic tensile modulus of the comparable fiber composite, characterized by the fiber surfaces, which are mainly covered with a fiber protective cover. The said fiber protective cover is disposed between the fiber surfaces and the polymeric material. Methods for manufacturing of bullet-proof composite are also described.EFFECT: invention provides a composite with improved resistance properties against bullets and shrapnel, in particular improved values of dynamic tensile modulus that correlates with the composite low depth of cup.15 cl, 4 tbl
Parameters determination method of splinter battlefield three-d distributed elements // 2627346
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: in the method the hard frame system is used as the perforation facts detector, it consists of 6 square frames, made from the wooden square section bar with the side of 20 mm length, with attached to them barriers from polyfoam or polyurethane foam with the side of 1080 mm length, and the thickness 15 mm, spaced at the equal distance. The dimensional rulers are placed on the barriers. To record the temporal moments of the penetration facts, the digital high-speed camera with the resolution of at least 640×480 pixels at the speed of 19000 fps, set behind the protective structure on the tripod with the height h equal to 500 mm. The splinter chip collector is installed behind the outermost from explosion epicenter frame with the barrier, it consists of the wooden plate with the thickness 300 mm, with the square section and the side 1080 mm length, and the square-shaped ballistic textile package with side 1080 mm, consisting of 100 layers of aramid fabric layer TSVM DZ art. 56319.EFFECT: invention allows to reduce the explosions number of the tested ammunitions same type, to increase the number of the initial data obtained values, necessary for calculating the parameters of the splinter battlefield volume-distributed elements.6 cl, 2 dwg

ethods for determining weapon aiming point on focal point situation image in shooting simulators and device for their implementation // 2627019
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method for determining the point of aiming a weapon on the image of a focal point situation in shooting simulators differs in that after determining the coordinates of the weapon pointing points for each recorded signal, convert the region of the two-dimensional recorded signal in the vicinity of its central element to the reduced signal in the coordinate field of the signal of the target environment, sub-region of the greatest similarity to the reduced signal in the vicinity of the found point of weapon guidance in the signal of the phonological situation and use the coordinates of the central element of the found sub-region as accurate weapon guidance coordinate point in the signal of phonological situation. The device for determining the point of aiming a weapon on the image of the fictitious situation in shooting simulators differs in that it additionally introduces weapons simulators by the number of simultaneously trained shooters, the same number of video cameras with control systems and interfaces, fixed on the appropriate weapon simulators, a set of coordinate markers and a regulator, the input of which is connected to the output of the control of the computer system, the output of the regulator is connected to the radiating elements of the set of coordinate markers, and in the outputs of additional video cameras are connected to the corresponding inputs of the video interface of the computer system.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility of increasing the number of shooters, increasing the accuracy, independence and time stability of determining the coordinates of the points of guidance of imitators of their weapons.11 cl, 13 dwg

Starting-stopping system of weapon installation // 2626786
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: system of starting-stopping of the weapon installation contains the rotary-lifting mechanism, the brake of the cradle, the screw clamp with the screw, the nut and the brake lever, the trigger mechanism, the mechanical control system of shooting, the braking system with the brake pads, the control knobs. The starting mechanism includes traction with a spring and a fuse. On the bracket of the control handle, there is a thrust. The bracket is connected to the trigger lever and the spring-loaded lead of the screw clamp. The fuse is located between the lever handle and the pull rod, with the possibility of moving along the handle of the control lever. The rocker is rigidly fixed with respect to thrust. The cable shirts are put over the ropes, fixed in adjusting screws, installed with the possibility of moving. The armoured spears are placed over the shirts of the cables.EFFECT: reliable protection of the pull of the manual starting from accidental shock effects, increasing the reliability of the installation, simplifying the adjustment of the starting-stopping system.6 dwg

otorized missile system // 2626784
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: motorized missile system contains a carrier that includes the operator's work area, remote control and combat compartment with a launching machine (LM). The LM contains guidance mechanisms, a aiming sight-guidance unit, a mechanism for LM changeover to fire and travel positions. The mechanism for LM changeover is rigidly fixed to the traverse platform by a arrester catch including a base with a guide in which the right and left sliders are installed and with an hole in which the shaft with the screw is arranged for longitudinal movement, an electric actuator, a sensor of the released and latched position of the sliders, the right and left thrusts. The frame is provided with upper and lower supports with grooves concentrically arranged relative to the axis of the traverse platform. The rods are pivotally connected at one end to the upper part of the shaft, and at the other - to the right and left sliders.EFFECT: creation of a motorized missile system with small mass-size characteristics and a reduced time of the complex changeover to fire and travel positions.3 cl, 5 dwg

Self-operated fire weapon with the recoil of the fixed datum force form // 2626771
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: weapon maintains a firing mechanism housing, a bolt carrier with a breechblock, a self-operating recharge system, an ammunition supply mechanism, a trigger and firing mechanism, aiming devices, a stock, a barrel assembly, a spring internia. A spring internia is fixed between a barrel assembly and a firing mechanism housing. A barrel assembly is slidable along a figure axis. A spring internia messages the impulse to barrel assembly at acceleration between its back and forward positions. This impulse is equal to a half of an obtainable by the barrel assembly on firing impulse. A barrel catch in a back position. The catch manipulation is effected by a trigger bow.EFFECT: weapon shaking decrease, bullets scattering decrease.1 dwg
ethod for defensing ground and underground facilities against aircraft attacks with self-defense system by landscape // 2626760
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: in the method, the full-scale terrain relief recognized by the homing system of the attacking means is distorted, forming, at a distance from the zone of location of the defensible object, including at least three full-scale reference points A, B, C, a false zone that includes at least three false reference points A*, B*, C* and which is identical, at the level of the accuracy of the device for recognizing the terrain, by the homing system of the attack vehicle, the actual zone of the defended object. Moreover, the points A*, B*, C* are mutually disposed with the orientation in space in plan and in height is identical to the mutual arrangement with the orientation in space of the points A, B, C, and remove the false zone from the field of the defended object by an amount exceeding the action radius of the attacking factors with an adjustment for the accuracy of the guidance towards the increase.EFFECT: increasing the combat effectiveness of the defence method.4 cl, 2 dwg

Shooting device with ammunition with casing groove // 2626439
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: shooting device contains a pistol grip with a box magazine in it which has a spring loaded ammunition feeder. There is a pair of projections on the side walls protruding into the channel of the magazine and a projection on the end wall for the thrust of the body taking the initial position of the upper ammunition and a trigger and striking mechanism in the neck of the feeder. The pair of projections is made in the back of the magazine neck compatibly with the ammunition groove and the projection on the end wall is made to stop accordingly the flange and the chase of munition shell, and the triggering and striking mechanism is hammer-type with linearly positioned firing pin that has a hook for interacting with the shell of the munition. Kinematic connection between the firing hammer, trigger and sear is carried out by means of a carriage with a return spring. There is a hook with a shaft and a spring on the firing hammer weight. There is a slider in the rear part of the device.EFFECT: simplified design and increased reliability of the shooting device.7 dwg

ethod for manufacturing armored panel made of layered polymeric composites for protecting face upper part and armored panel made of layered polymeric composites for face upper part // 2626218
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing an armored panel made of layered polymeric composites is proposed, wherein impregnated layers of the base (3) are laid in the mould (2) for contact forming. The layers of the base (3) are made of one or two layers of fiberglass and one or two layers of aramid fabric, with indent (4) from the edge (5) of the base (3) 6-8 base layers (6) of impregnated aramid fabric are laid, Or two face layers (7) of impregnated glass fabric with the edges (8) of the base layers (6) coated and the edges (5) of the face layers (7) and the layers of the base (3) coinciding. The main layers (6) are stacked stepwise with an indent (9) inside each subsequent layer. From the ribbon (10), the edges (5) of the base layer (3) and the edge ribbons of the face layers (7) form the docking comb (11). Prior to laying the layers of the base (3), the material of the brackets (13) is pressed into the recesses (12) of the mould. An armored panel made of layered polymer composites is also proposed.EFFECT: improving the quality of the front surface due to the absence of unevenness at the edges, which affects the possibility of grinding the edges and the reliability of fixing the armor panel.6 cl, 7 dwg, 2 ex

anual automatic firearms // 2625700
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: manual automatic firearm contains a bullet-proof, which is made of transparent bullet-proof glass, has the form of a truncated cone, is mounted on the barrel of the weapon in front of the sight and is fixed with a nut.EFFECT: ability to shield the shooter from enemy fire.3 cl, 2 dwg

Surface facility surviellance system and targeting // 2625691
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: surface facility surveillance system and targeting contains the helicopter-type unmanned flying vehicle, the suspension container with equipment, and ground control equipment. The suspension container contains the sensors unit, the information-command radio link device, the radio navigation device, the targeting module on the gyrostabilized platform. The targeting module contains the container with payload, the video camera, the starter, the laser target designator and ranger. The ground-based equipment contains the portable video monitoring device with the information-command line equipment, four beacons with built-in optical and laser information channels.EFFECT: surveillance and targeting of the ground objects are provided with its marking and mapping.1 dwg
ethod of combating with unmanned aircrafts // 2625506
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method relates to the field of counteraction to unmanned aircrafts (UACs) and can be used in the development of anti-aircraft combat systems. To combat the UACs in the anterior region of the UAC flight, at a distance no greater than the distance from it, form a spatially extended web of light-dense, lightweight synthetic fiber strips (strips) coated with antistatic composition into at least one echelon.EFFECT: increased possibility of failure of the task of an unmanned aircraft.1 cl

Fire weapon // 2625473
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: fire weapon comprises a barrel, a firing mechanism housing, a separable fore-end and a linear underreaming off-set mechanism. A linear underreaming off-set mechanism is designed as a fixedly attached to a fore-end U-shaped basement with lugged side panel and with the bead flange at the front. The lugs are housed within the leading slots on the firing mechanism housing, and the bead flange has a hole in order to place there an exposed end of a driving rod, with the other end attached to the firing mechanism housing. There is a coiled spring placed in the driving rod. One end of the spring bumps into the firing mechanism housing, and the other - into the U-shaped basement.EFFECT: improving accuracy of fire and weaponry design simplification.5 dwg

Battlelike armoured car // 2625472
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: armoured car consists of a sealed body and track gear based on tracks or wheels attached to the body to form a rectangle-shaped gap. The armoured car is additionally equipped with a cover for motorized rifles, which includes at least two aprons, front and rear, installed in the gap respectively from the front and rear of the car in such a way that their width is less than the distance between the tracks or the wheels of the car, and in height they are equal to the distance between the outer horizontal surface of the body bottom portion and the reference base bearing surface. Frontal projections of aprons match together. Each apron consists of several metal shields placed in one vertical plane and pivotally suspended to the external horizontal surface of the body bottom portion. Hinged metal bands consisting of at least two links are also hingedly attached to the free ends of each shield.EFFECT: increased protection.3 cl, 2 dwg

Body acceleration method in ballistic experiment and device for its implementation // 2625404
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: body acceleration in the ballistic experiment takes place in the device, that includes the control cavity filled with the working gas, placed in the barrel igniter chamber from the side opposite to the direction of the accelerated object throwing. The cavity is provided with the shut-off device for the working gas discharge into the igniter cavity of the barrel and for connecting the control cavity through the pipeline and shut-off and control equipment to the working gas source and the control equipment. Elastic shell of the control cavity functions as the shut-off device.EFFECT: increase of the safety information value, while operating the launch device in the laboratory.10 cl, 3 dwg
One-directional tape and composite with hard structure on the basis of super-high-molecular polyethylene and the method of their manufacture // 2625233
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a unidirectional tape and a composite with a rigid structure based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and a method for manufacturing them. The composite is made of a plurality of adjacent fiber-based layers, each fiber-based layer contains synthetic fibers with a high tensile modulus and is characterized by the presence of surfaces that are partially coated with a polymeric material. The fibers do not contain a protective coating, and the polymeric material is in direct interaction with the surfaces of the fibers. The production of bullet-proof fibrous composites is characterized by their improved bending properties, which correlates with the low depth of the composite impression. Composites are suitable for the production of solid bullet-proof products, including helmets.EFFECT: creation of bullet-proof fibrous composites, which have improved properties for resistance to bullets and fragments.15 cl, 3 tbl, 12 ex
Kochetov's method for protecting facilities with large accumulation of people against terrorists // 2625215
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: non-lethal agent based on irritant, for example CS, is installed on unmanned aerial vehicles and neutralises terrorists. To the object captured by terrorists, an armoured vehicle is put forward, which is equipped with a programmable system "anti-terror", on which the returned unit is based. The returned apparatus contains flying robots equipped with remotely-controlled anti-terror weapons. The operations of robots and flight of vehicles are controlled from the "anti-terror" system console. They program the task to penetrate the building of flying robots equipped with weapons, besieged by terrorists and neutralise terrorists. As an anti-terrorist means, an acoustic system is used, which is installed on the robot and which generates an infra-low-frequency range.EFFECT: improving the effectiveness of the fight against terrorism.4 dwg

ethod of deliverying jammers and unmanned robotic complex of electronic warfare // 2625206
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to robotic electronic warfare complexes (EW) for remote operation in a given area. In the method, along with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), the EWs use throwing interference transmitters (TIT). The TIT delivery to the area of their use is carried out with the help of the UAV of the EW. Traffic control and operational control of UAV EW jamming is performed by a remote control point (RCP) via wireless communication channels. The control of the TIT operation is realized indirectly through retransmitters placed aboard the UAV EW. In addition, a set is introduced from the TIT, a retransmitter and a reset unit are installed on board each of the UAV EW.EFFECT: improving the effectiveness of radio-link suppression in a given area.3 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of steam start of anti-aircraft missiles // 2625135
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method of pairing the anti-aircraft missiles involves launching the first anti-radar missile aimed at the radar of an enemy aircraft or on its signature from an alien radar flying along a preemptive intersecting trajectory, and then with a break following it the launch of a second missile with an infrared homing head aimed at an anti-radar nozzle rocket. The speed of an anti-radar rocket is equal to or greater than that of a missile with infrared homing. The anti-radar missile is equipped with an autopilot, automatically activated when the target is lost. A lithium or copper powder and / or a lithium or copper compound, for example lithium nitrate, lithium borohydride, are added to the fuel of the anti-radar rocket. The anti-radar missile has a radio receiver with a level meter of the received signal, and data on this level before the launch are output to the operator's launcher or to an automatic launch device. The missile with infrared homing has a gyroscope to keep the horizontal, and the homing head of this missile is placed with a slope downward.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the probability of defeat of the target.6 cl

Invisible projectile // 2625056
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: projectile contains a body, detonator and explosive, while the body is made of ceramics, around which concentric layers of stretched parallely underlying fibers are wound. Layer by layer the fibers are oriented at an angle of 0°, +45, -45° to the longitudinal axis of the projectile, fastened to each other by means of a polymeric binder, the fibers have a cross-section in the shape of an equilateral triangle, with the cross-sectional area of the fibers reducing layer by layer in the direction of the axis of the projectile and adjacent fibres being in contact with each other through facing edges. The body can be made from quartz, nitride or oxide ceramic materials and glass or basalt fibers can be used.EFFECT: creation of a projectile with sufficient strength and improved high-explosive fragmentation characteristics.3 cl, 2 dwg
Device for aligning sight-aiming device // 2625044
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for aligning the sight-aiming device contains a base plate, two pairs of posts fastened in pairs by guide rails with longitudinal ledges, into which the object-plates with seats and holes with seats and holes for fixing and fastening elements of the sight-aiming device is installed. A bracket with a hole, the axis of which is parallel to the axis of the aiming channel of the sighting device, is mounted and fixed at the top of the object plate-imitator, and an optical device with a grid is installed in the bracket hole, the cross-hairs of which are directed and aligned with the cross of the target template. In the particular case the optical device is a pipe of cold adjustment.EFFECT: improving the accuracy of the optical axis parallelism alignment.2 cl, 2 dwg

anual grenade launching complex // 2624962
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: grenade launching complex contains the grenade launchers of various masses, including the body, the rifled barrel with the gun chamber, the trigger mechanism, the butt with the rubber shock absorber, and the single range of cartridges, containing two-chambered shells with propellant charges, fastened to the shells by the destroyed during the shot connection, the grenades of different purpose. The propellent charge in the cartridges shells is made with the maximum mass, corresponding to the allowable recoil energy to the grenade launcher with the largest mass. The barrels of the other grenade launchers are equipped with the devices of dropping the part of the powder gases, when shotting from the barrel into the atmosphere upto the recoil energy level, allowed by the masses of these grenade launchers. The devices dropping the part of the powder gases are formed either by radial holes in the barrels or by the longitudinal channels at the inner surface of the barrels, extending from the gun chambers upto the muzzles.EFFECT: increase of the complex reliability, provision of the optimal weapon selection according to the mass for firing at the given range.4 cl, 10 dwg

Device for fixing controlled rocket // 2624952
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: device for fastening a guided missile equipped with a starting engine in a transport-launch container (TLC) is made in the form of a cage. The cage consists of two pairs of semirings, the internal semirings being installed in the groove of the starting motor housing, the outer semirings are installed in the inner semirings groove and interact with the groove of the trapezoidal section on the inner surface of the TLC pipe. At the outer semirings junction, the L-shaped locking plates are fastened to the back cover of the container. On the body of the starting motor between its outer diameter and the diameter of the annular groove, two symmetrically located grooves are made on the length from the rear end of the starting motor to the annular groove. On each inner semiring, there are two symmetrically arranged ledges interacting with the locking plates and a protrusion cooperating with the corresponding groove on the housing of the starting motor.EFFECT: increased reliability due to the exclusion of the rocket's turning on the roll in the transport-launch container during its operation.4 dwg
Round advancing mechanism from ground of armoured vehicle // 2624887
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: round advancing mechanism from ground contains a drive with an electric motor and is made in the form of a rammer with a drive sprocket and a chain of the rammer with a scraper, has a receiving basket with a spring-loaded support, a rammer tray with a guide chain and a hook, a carriage with spring-loaded levers with rollers at the ends. On the rollers the rammer tray moves from the transport position to the working position and back. The spring-loaded carriage arms bias the rammer tray against the stop, ensuring that the rammer tray is locked in the working position. When sliding from the tray in the fighting chamber, the round rests against the end of the intermediate tray and does not prevent the closing of the flap sealing the fighting chamber during the intervals between chambering, after the rammer chain has left the initial position.EFFECT: increased servicing ease.2 dwg

ethod of transport system operation specific articulated lorry - light airborne attack aircraft - unmanned aircraft (uac) and transport system // 2624525
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method of operation of the transport system articulated lorry - light airborne attack aircraft - unmanned aircraft (UAC) includes movement of a light airborne attack aircraft and UACs by means of an articulated lorry from one runway to another runway, take-off and flight above the ground at a low UAC height and the flight of a light airborne attack aircraft with constant wave communication. The movement of a light airborne attack aircraft and an unmanned aircraft in the direction of the ground combat space is carried out by means of a specific articulated lorry. They provide take-off from one area of the prepared ground runway, and landing is done in another area of the prepared ground runway, which is made with the help of a specific articulated lorry in the flight of a light airborne attack aircraft. The UAC is in the air in a given area and in wave communication with the operator of a specific articulated lorry - monitoring, reconnaissance and targeting are carried out. The light airborne attack aircraft and UAC perform the assigned task - striking the target, at maximum speed, at extremely low altitudes, with the terrain following. After the end of the air support of this battle, a light airborne attack aircraft and UACs land, load on a specific articulated lorry and move towards the space of another ground battle. The transport system specific articulated lorry - light airborne attack aircraft - UAC contains a specific articulated lorry for the transportation of the light airborne attack aircraft and UACs and the construction of an area of prepared ground runway and constant wave communication means for constant exchange of necessary data between the operator of a specific articulated lorry, light attack aircraft pilot, UAC and all ground units of land forces. The light airborne attack aircraft has a folding wing and retractable landing gear.EFFECT: saving the aviation resource.3 cl, 1 dwg

Small-arms // 2624524
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: small-arms comprise the barrel receiver with the barrel, the bolt carrier, the bolt with the striker, and the trigger mechanism comprising the trigger and the hammer. The spring-loaded locking lever is additionally rotatably mounted on the bolt. One arm of the locking lever interacts with the hammer, and the other - with the bolt carrier.EFFECT: improving the handling safety of small arms.5 dwg

Small-arms // 2624523
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: small-arms comprise the barrel receiver with the barrel, the bolt, the bolt carrier, the trigger mechanism including the housing, the trigger, the hammer, the lever, the locking mechanism with the lock. The trigger mechanism is equipped with the double-arm lever mounted pivotally on the trigger mechanism housing; two projections are made on one lever arm, a spring-loaded stop is pivotally mounted on the other arm, the first projection of the double-arm lever interacts with the hammer cocked, the second projection interacts with the lever of the trigger mechanism when the lock is in the "locking" position, the projection on one stop end interacting with the bolt carrier and blocks it from displacements, and the other stop end is made in the form of a flag with the possibility of the manual bolt carrier movement.EFFECT: improving the handling safety of small arms with the cocked hammer.6 dwg
Safety system for gun, preventing unauthorized use // 2624484
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: safety system for the gun, designed to prevent unauthorized use, with the locking cartridge, inserted and locked in the gun chamber. As a result of manipulations with the indicated locking cartridge in the interior of the reaction chamber, the individual components of the adhesive system are brought together, where after the reaction of the indicated components, still viscous adhesive system leaks through the holes in the locking cartridge wall and after the solidification glues the locking cartridge with the gun chamber. The locking cartridge can only be removed by the authorized institution or the person, having the technology of the glue dissolution at the bonding place, that is selected by the manufacturer for the adhesive system composition.EFFECT: weapons unauthorized use is prevented.11 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of determining opposing artillery location and device for its implementation // 2624483
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: determination of opposing field and naval surface artillery location is performed by accurate recording the arrival time of a shot sound for each sound sensor (microphone), which must be at least three. Based on the known sound speed, the distance between the sensors and their locations, the location of the opposing artillery is calculated. The device for the opposing artillery location determination refers to the area of artillery reconnaissance and is intended for positioning each enemy shooting gun. The proposed device measures and digitizes signals from sound sensors and then converts them into Fourier transforms (amplitudes, phases and frequencies of the signal harmonics). The Fourier transforms of the shot sound are compared with the basic Fourier transforms of the sound of a shot of known gun types, with different levels of estimation reliability. The device also calculates the exact location of this enemy gun and conducts required statistical studies. The proposed device can also be used to determine the location of enemy snipers and underwater targets.EFFECT: based on the identified basic Fourier transform, the type of gun, that fired the shot, is determined, with the corresponding estimation reliability.2 cl, 17 dwg

ovable pylon // 2624393
FIELD: airpower.SUBSTANCE: movable pylon consists of a body (3) and (5) a mechanism moving it. The chassis is installed with the ability to move in a horizontal plane along the longitudinal axis of the aircraft on the guide (2) rigidly fixed to the power element (1) of the wing. The mechanism (5) moving the pylon body (3) is mounted in the wing. The body position sensor (6) is connected by its output to the on-board control system, which cooperates with the movement mechanism (5).EFFECT: invention reduces loads on power elements and load securing elements, increases the range and duration of aircraft flight and reduces the weight of the structure.2 dwg

anufacture method for destructible cover of launching tube containing spherical segment // 2624384
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: manufacture method for destructible cover of launching tube containing spherical segment of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), includes providing basic matrix from a material which is identical to the material of the spherical segment, contact moulding of spherical segment billets by coating the basic matrix with fiberglass impregnated with the binder, binder curing. When forming a spherical segment form at least two fibreglass substrate so that the thickness of the previous sublayer is equal to the thickness of the subsequent sublayer. Subsequent sublayer is applied on top of the previous sublayer after partial binder curing in the previous sublayer, machining a spherical segment billet for specified sizes, splitting the spherical segment into shares to form gaps, filling gaps with casting composition of a strength which is lower than the strength of the material of the spherical segment, with the formation of a single spherical segment.EFFECT: improvement of operational reliability of the cover.4 dwg

Small-arms // 2624279
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: small-arms comprises an automatic mechanism driving member, a case with a firing mechanism housing, a release lever, a spring-actuated hook end and a block stop. A spring-actuated hook end is situated on the automatic mechanism driving member so as to interact with the block stop.EFFECT: design change simplification when redesigning the self-operated gun into a self-loader.3 cl, 4 dwg

Weapons system for onshore assets destruction and method of its application from the underwater platforms // 2624258
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: there is an advanced cruise missile (CM) fire on target for the affordance of the underwater delivery vehicle (UDV) achievement of a launch site of the multiple rocket launcher system (MLRS) application on selected shore target by anti-submarine warfare (ASW) surface vehicles destruction via cruise missile (CM) if ASW detected while CM in flight along the traffic route of the UDV. The collective fire on shore target is carried out, while the UDV stationing to apply the MLRS from the leveled up above the water surface launching platform of the MLRS, as the UDV in a submerged position. The CM also strikes out at surface target, while there is no ASW surface vehicles. The concerted action of the system vehicle is provided by the complex automated weapons control system appliance of the UDV.EFFECT: providing with the areal destruction of the strategically significant onshore assets by virtue of the multiple rocket launcher system vehicles and high-accuracy cruise missiles in the near-shore area of the potential enemy.5 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of lifting and displacement of loads in space // 2624126
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: for lifting and moving loads, a barrel of a military tracked vehicle is used as a boom, fixed to the turret with the help of guy ropes. On the guy ropes passed through the barrel muzzle brake, a rotating block is attached to the cable, which is fixed on the rotating turret of the commander.EFFECT: reduction of time and reduction of labour intensity during the maintenance and repair of the vehicle.1 dwg

Armoured robot turret // 2624116
FIELD: military equipment.SUBSTANCE: armoured robot turret contains a capsule with a tailboom, engine, armament, control system and propulsion. The propulsion is made in the form of a single hopping pneumatic cylinder, mounted vertically inside the capsule with a rigid attachment to it. The longitudinal and transverse inclination of the turret is carried during its movement out by means of a control system consisting of an air screw equipped with a helicopter-type swash plate with a vertical axis of rotation and mounted at the end of the tailboom. The hopping pneumatic cylinder is driven by means of another pneumatic cylinder with a rod connected to a linear electric motor and operating as a compressor. The swash plate of the air blower has an individual mechanism of its rotation with a drive from the hydraulic cylinder or from a linear electric motor for each blade.EFFECT: increased passability of the armoured robot turret.3 cl, 5 dwg

Self-operated gun // 2623850
FIELD: weaponry and ammunition supplies.SUBSTANCE: self-operated gun comprises a bolt carrier, a release lever, a firing mechanism housing with the ejection ports for the shell casing ejection, a cover of the ejection port, a cover lever, a shell casing ejection port reverse cover and one that is activated by the interaction with the relevant template-controlled bolt carrier surfaces. A cover lever is designed to reverse the shell casing ejection port cover when actuating the release lever for the cover lever and template-controlled bolt carrier surfaces intercommunion exclusion.EFFECT: self-operated gun release lever operational reliability enhancement.5 dwg

ultifunctional method of self-homing with discrete corrections of trajectory // 2623716
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: multifunctional method of self-homing with discrete corrections of the trajectory of a moving object is characterized by the fact that the trajectory of the object is formed in the form of successive arc segments-semicycles, along which the object moves with a constant along the module but opposite on the sign of the current (maximum possible) angular velocity. Two semicycles are combined into a cycle that starts and ends with the coincidence of the vector of the linear velocity of the object and the line of the target sight, and the change in the sign of the angular velocity at the end of the initial semicycle (that is, in the middle of the cycle) is made after the parallelism of the lines connecting the instantaneous finding of the object and the target in the initial and current times, provided that the slope angles of the maximum sensitivity line of the locator and the vector of the linear velocity of the object relative to the inertial coordinate system are equal. In addition, for the implementation of the zero slip, the distance to the target is measured at the beginning and at the end of each cycle or the semicycle of the object trajectory, after which, at the current time, a corrective action is taken in the form of a regular turn with a smaller magnitude of the angular velocity.EFFECT: constant average lead angle of the object trajectory in the event of immutability convergence conditions, the minimum kinematic slip, no impermissible overload on the object during the self-homing of approaching the target at the end portion at positions longer meet or more in pursuit of, ensuring guaranteed slip, when abnormality in positions convergence from above or below, bypass material obstructions during self-homing, convergence with a view to the corrected zero arc segment with the zero slip in the case of constant conditions of the self-homing process.5 cl, 15 dwg