Working cement, clay, or stone (B28)

B28            Working cement, clay, or stone(16184)
Plant forming blocks from wood concrete // 2607683
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials, particularly, to technological equipment for production of construction blocks from wood concrete. Plant forming blocks from wood concrete comprises a mold driving device, a device for loading wood concrete mixture in the mold, a device for compaction of the wood concrete mixture in the mold, a device for a construction block removal from the mold. Herewith the mold driving device is configured as a platform of carousel type, along the perimeter of which, outside, there are devices for loading, compaction and block removal. Herewith the loading device is equipped with a mechanism of impact-return oscillations relative to the axis of roller vertical guides of the mold made as a lever connected with a pneumatic cylinder and a carrier fixed on the axis of roller vertical guides of the mold articulated with a crossbar on the mold loading position. In the compaction device on the roller vertical guides there is a compaction table connected to the lower vertical linear pneumatic drive with the possibility of vertical reciprocating compacting movement of the table. Pressure plate is articulated with the upper linear vertical pneumatic drive.EFFECT: technical result is higher efficiency and reliability of the plant.1 cl, 6 dwg
Improved method of bending of ceramic tiles // 2607488
FIELD: manufacturing technology; chemistry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a method of bending ceramic tiles. Method includes steps of making grooves on lower surface of tiles, in region where tile is to be bent; filling grooves obtained on tile with filling material, compatible with material from which tile is made; coating grooves of with a flexible band of fireproof refractory material; attachment of band to surface of tile; placing tiles onto a substrate of a given shape; heating region tiles, which should be bent to softening temperature of said region; and cooling obtained modelled tile. Flexible band is a band of insulating paper based on mineral felt. After cooling, flexible band is removed.EFFECT: preventing sticking of filling material to substrate when bending.4 cl
Line for producing multilayer panels // 2607324
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to lines for producing multilayer panels to allow their proper package and reliable protection during transportation and storage. Line for producing multilayer panels comprises interconnected: an assembly to supply reels of lining to a deep shaping assembly, a filler laying assembly, a segments loading assembly, a pressing assembly, a panels cutting assembly, a pile of panels forming assembly and an assembly to pack a pile of panels with a polyethylene film. Herewith the said assemblies are interconnected with the possibility of shaping incoming linings, subsequent laying a filler between the shaped linings, cutting segments from the filler and further pressing the shaped linings together with the segments down to a required thickness, cutting the linings with the segments into separate panels, forming a pile of panels from individual panels and packing the pile of panels with a polyethylene film. Line is additionally equipped with a protective coating forming assembly located before the assembly to pack a pile of panels with a polyethylene film and including a mechanism to apply a protective coating onto the formed pile of panels along the length of the pile of panels in the direction of its movement along the line, made in the form of a shaft with a rolled protective material placed on it, and a mechanism for cutting the protective material.EFFECT: technical result is higher reliability of packing the formed pile of panels directly in the process of its production.3 cl, 2 dwg
Drill bit with exchangeable cutting portion // 2607058
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tools for drilling or boring and can be used in machining materials by boring or drilling crowns with replaceable cutting sections. Drill bit is rotatable about an axis and has a cutting portion with one or more cutting segments and a first plug-in connecting element, and a drill shank portion with a second plug-in connecting element, which forms a plug-in connection with first plug-in connecting element. First plug-in connecting element and second plug-in connecting element can be connected by means of a pin connection.EFFECT: reliable connection of drill rod section and cutting section, reduced costs for replacement of cutting elements.15 cl, 4 dwg
Device for pressing to form cavity and method of cavities formation in gypsum board // 2607001
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to pressing device and method for forming recesses in plate. Device comprises pressing head having pressing surface, which is intended for contact with plate, and supporting element. At that, pressing head compresses plate section between pressing surface and supporting element for formation of cavity in plate. Pressing surface comprises sections of first and second surfaces, separated by textured area, which is intended for compression of plate in supporting element direction with smaller compression force in comparison with sections of first and second surfaces. Device also comprises drives to move pressing head and supporting element in first direction, which is, substantially, corresponds to plate movement direction, and in second direction, which is, substantially, perpendicular to plate plane, wherein pressing device speed in first direction, substantially, corresponds to plate speed.EFFECT: technical result is higher efficiency of pressing and formation of cavities in plate.15 cl, 9 dwg, 1 tbl
Front concrete products thermo humidity processing automatic control device // 2606522
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials. Front concrete products thermo humidity processing automatic control device includes thermo humidity processing chamber, air circulation device and moistening device, connected to control unit. Circulation device is made in form of pipeline with suction holes in chamber upper part and comprises axial fan for wet-hot air suction through holes, humid-warm air circulation valves and discharge into atmosphere valves, exhaust nozzle in chamber lower part and air humidity sensors. Moistening device includes high pressure steam humidifiers and free-flow steam humidifier, made with possibility of synchronization. Free-flow steam humidifier is arranged in thermo humidity processing chamber. Control unit is made with possibility of control signals automatic transmission to circulation and moistening devices, calculated taking into account of control over articles supply into chamber periodicity, moisture content of articles themselves and steam-air mixture temperature in articles thermo humidity processing chamber.EFFECT: enabling higher quality of concrete articles.3 cl, 2 dwg
ixer for liquid binding semi-finished products stabilization intended for forming of ceramic articles // 2606476
FIELD: ceramic industry.SUBSTANCE: mixer comprises support shaft (2) with longitudinal axis of rotation (Y) located in mixing tank (V) with liquid binding semi-finished product, electric drive mechanism (3), functionally, connected to support shaft (2), and main working blade (4) for continuous mechanical mixing in mixing tank (V) directly, when support shaft (2) rotates around longitudinal axis (Y). Mixer (1) includes temperature control circuit (6), which extends within support shaft (2) range and within main working blade (4) and connected to external source to supply liquid heat carrier, intended for passage through temperature control circuit (6) so, as to exchange high temperature with liquid binding semi-finished product within mixing tank (V) until certain temperature.EFFECT: mixer (1, 100) is intended for liquid binding semi-finished products stabilization used for forming of ceramic articles.15 cl, 10 dwg
Production line and method of construction materials automated production // 2606424
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of construction materials. Construction materials automated production process line consists of crushing and sorting unit, preparation unit, road mixtures unit, dry mixtures unit, molding unit, molded materials stacking unit, maturing unit, packaging and packing unit, process trays transportation units and resultant wastes recycling unit, as well as automated transportation lines and enables to produce wide range of construction materials by means of processing wastes of mining production, metallurgical enterprises and thermal power plants. Crushing and sorting unit is equipped with rotary crusher, made with possibility of mineral flour production from initial raw material, which is mixture of nanoparticles, dust fractions and fine particles of initial material, used as mineral binder in further products production.EFFECT: enabling higher efficiency of wastes recycling, improvement of finished products quality and optimization of production processes.7 cl
Colored masonry dry mixtures and colored commercial concretes preparation plant // 2606415
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to used in construction colored masonry dry mixtures and colored commercial concretes preparation devices. Plant includes mixer with mixed components loading device, moisture sensor, colour characteristics determination spectral sensor and illumination source, dry fillers bins, dry binder bins, coloring pigment bins. All bins are equipped with proportioner and moisture sensors and connected by conveyors, equipped with weighing system, with mixer. Additionally chemical drying agent bin is provided, equipped with proportioner and connected with mixer. Colour characteristics determination spectral sensors, as well as all said proportioning systems, moisture sensors, weighing systems and conveyors are connected by two-way communication with control device, made with possibility of automatic calculation of colour characteristics, weight and/or volumetric characteristics of mixture and chemical drying agent each component.EFFECT: enabling production process reduced power consumption due to elimination of initial components thermal drying, as well as improvement of finished product quality.1 cl, 1 dwg
Hydraulic press // 2606413
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanical forces control and adjustment devices, specifically to construction materials production equipment. Construction articles compaction hydraulic press contains pressing device bed, control unit, connected with upper and lower cylinder blocks, movable loading trolley, compaction chamber and mixture supply bin. On cylinder blocks upper and lower male dies are installed, directed towards each other. Every cylinder block consists of three hydraulic cylinders, one main and two leveling. In each hydraulic cylinder rods displacements sensors are installed, connected to control unit. Levelling high-speed hydraulic cylinders are made with possibility of changing male dies position and their alignment so, that molding chamber volume varies depending on displacement sensors readings. Control unit is made with possibility of articles geometrical sizes setting and control based on displacement sensors readings. Loading trolley is equipped with position sensors and pneumatic clamps for displacement of articles.EFFECT: enabling increase in efficiency and molded articles quality.1 cl, 6 dwg
Device and method for powder material pressing // 2606142
FIELD: ceramic industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to powder material compaction and can be used during ceramic tiles moulding. Powder material layer pressing device comprises transfer surface, located below it pressing surface and flexible pressing surface. Latter is installed with transfer surface overlapping. Device includes pressing facilities, made with possibility to press pressing surface against transfer surface, as well as flexible and resilient pliable facility to hold powder material layer in transverse direction. Layer expansion compensation is provided by facilities, located after pressing facilities in powder material layer movement direction. Said compensation facilities are separated from pressing facilities and comprise lower and upper plates. Upper plate has at least three pistons, each of which is located in direct contact with upper pressing surface and connected with control unit. Latter performs independent control over each piston, acting with differential pressure.EFFECT: result is provision of compensation pressure constant value applied to layer along entire width of powder material layer.14 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of wind-driven electric plant concrete tower segment making // 2605981
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to production of wind-driven electric plant concrete tower segment, as well as measuring device for tower segment measuring. Method of wind-driven electric plant concrete tower segment making includes preparation of having at least one segment shaped formwork to set shape of tower segment to be produced and for filling with concrete. Segment shape is filled with concrete, so that during subsequent concrete hardening tower segment was formed. Hardened tower segment is measured in order to create three-dimensional virtual actual model of tower segment. Three-dimensional actual model is created. Comparing three-dimensional actual model with specified form, in particular with three-dimensional virtual specified model stored in memory, and determinating deviation between these two virtual models. Changing segment shape, in particular, at least, of one formwork, when deviation exceeds first preset limit value.EFFECT: technical result is higher accuracy of segment making.10 cl, 9 dwg

ethod of producing multilayer construction articles // 2605564
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and is intended for reliable and durable water-resistance of both aboveground and underground and underwater construction. Method of producing multilayer construction articles includes serial laying in form with sides of reinforcement mesh with anchor elements, concrete mixture, waterproof layer of elastic material in form of film. Vacuum pressure is created in space limited by form and film fixed to its sides. Hardening material of protective finishing layer is placed to embrace anchor elements with it. Wherein laying of concrete mixture is made separately: at first, coarse filler is supplied simultaneously with laying of reinforcement mesh, after vacuum creation hardening solution is supplied in pore space with simultaneous laying of protective-finishing layer material.EFFECT: technical result is high efficiency of hydroprotection, improvement of strength of article.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and system for forming support structure // 2605211
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to formation of a hollow structure. Method of forming an elongate support structure having a central hollow portion, comprising arranging an elongate core member to extend substantially horizontally and has a size and shape corresponding to central hollow portion of elongate support structure. Method includes forming a core assembly by locating at a first end of elongate core member a first tensioning member, first tensioning member including a plurality of tensioning elements extending from first end of core member along outside of core member to a second tensioning member located at second end of core member. External mould assembly is attached to core assembly between first and second tensioning members to form a combined mould and core assembly. External mould assembly is sized and shaped to form a cavity extending around and along central core member through which plurality of tensioning elements extend. Plurality of tensioning elements are tensioned between first and second tensioning members. Combined mould and core assembly are positioned to a substantially upright orientation. Concrete is injected into cavity formed between elongate core member and external mould assembly to form elongate support structure.EFFECT: high quality of hollow structure.21 cl, 14 dwg

Production line for production of wall plates from gypsum or gypsum concrete // 2604889
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, in particular to a method of production of construction materials, mainly plates made from gypsum or gypsum concrete. Production line for making wall plates or blocks from gypsum or gypsum concrete comprises an assemble of dispensing components of the moulding mixture, a blending machine, a cassette moulding machine, a grip for a packet of moulded plates, a packing machine and a grip to install the formed cargo packet on a transport pallet. Herewith the process line is introduced with one device for drying plates or blocks from gypsum or gypsum concrete in the form of a press-grip for packets of plates, wherein the force of compressed air is used to press water out of the plates bringing their residual moisture content to less than 6-12 wt%, one conveyor for packets of moulded and dried plates, one grip for removal of packets of plates from the conveyor.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency due to establishing a continuous production line for production and reduced consumption of production areas, reduced operating costs.1 cl, 4 dwg

Device, system and method of compacted articles and pressed articles made by pressing with the help of these devices and methods // 2603146
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is related to devices, system and methods of forming powder, in particular for formation of floor and wall ceramic tiles from composite materials containing ash dust. System for formation of compacted articles by pressing powder or granules includes supply Assembly for supply of powder or granules and no-cavity press. Unit for no-cavity press contains the bottom plate, the size of which substantially equals or exceeds it, molded articles arresting apparatus for isolating part of the powder or granules and top die. Besides, the system contains a conveyor for transfer of powder or granules and/or molded articles and a flexible grid under conveyor, fixed on the upper part of the lower plate.EFFECT: technical result is increasing of efficiency of pressing, higher quality, continuous process of making articles for increasing efficiency.42 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of making articles, based on binder, with heat insulating layer of mineral-wool heat insulation for construction of buildings and structures // 2602563
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of concrete articles with heat insulating layer for construction of buildings and structures. Method of making wall panel is characterized by fact that outer protective layer is placed or poured into mold based on binder. Insulation layer is laid, which is mineral wool heat insulation, so that mineral-wool fibres of heat insulation are directed mainly perpendicular to outer layer and subsequent inner layer made on basis of binder. Reinforcement framework of inner layer is laid. Then placing or pouring of inner layer is performed. Wherein all operations are performed before hardening of outer and inner layers. Wherein possibility of at least partial penetration of mineral-wool fibres of heat insulation at least in major part of area of inner and outer layers is provided.EFFECT: technical result is higher strength, reliability and durability of wall panel, increased service life of buildings, reduced material consumption and simplification of production technology of wall panels.27 cl

ethod of making composite module for overhead transmission line support // 2602255
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to energy construction and can be used for making composite supports for overhead transmission lines (OTL). Module production method for the post support of overhead transmission line consists in production of composite material by saturating reinforcing filler by polymer binder, formation of the module multilayer wall of the obtained composite material by layered winding to the rotating conical mandrel, at that, in process of winding the number of wound composite material layers along the axis of rotation of the conical mandrel is varied.EFFECT: technical result - reduction of material consumption of the OTL composite post support without complication of its installation.7 cl, 1 tbl, 3 dwg

Pelletizing screw extruder // 2601004
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of high-concentration polydisperse compositions by feedthrough pressing method and can be used in whatever industries. Pelletizing screw extruder comprises a screw, multichannel press-tool and body with a bush. On the inner surface of the bush there are sheaf-like reefs with wide trapezoidal base at the reef bottom and outer divergent part with rounded side walls and adjustable interface radius. In the reefs there are detachable elastic inserts made without cavities, one-cavity or multiple-cavity with constant or variable cross-section area of cavities in transverse and/or in lengthwise direction.EFFECT: technical result is increased retention capacity of reefs due to wider range of varying inserts elasticity, reduced number of forced press stops because of break-down of mass from the reefs, wider permitted range of pliability of different-composition and -physical and mechanical properties polydisperse compositions processed on the same pelletizing screw extruder, reduced costs due to easy operational replacement of set of elastic inserts without replacement of a corrugated bush in maintenance and readjustment of the press for forming various compositions.1 cl, 4 dwg, 2 ex

ethod of making sound-insulating panels or blocks // 2600813
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to production of sound-insulating panels or blocks. Method of making sound-insulating panels or blocks involves producing and placing in a form a reinforcing mesh. Die is made to form slots-cuts in a sound-insulating panel or a block element. Die is installed and fixed in the form by means of slots in side walls of the form. Then an aqueous suspension is poured into the form. Suspension is compacted by pressing or by vibrating. At finishing the die is taken out from the sound-insulating panel or the block element. Sound-insulating panel or the block element is ground. Vibration damping layer from rolled water-insulating materials or silicone is heated and built up by welding. Elements of the sound-insulating panel or the block are glued to each other in order to obtain an integral structure.EFFECT: technical result is higher manufacturability, higher sound insulation properties of finished products and structures from them.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and device for making transparent, multilayer, combined structural element with integrated facade panel // 2599817
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to method and device for making transparent, multilayer, combined structural element. Multilayer, combined structural element consists of at least one layer of curable filling compound and at least one heat-insulating layer of insulating material. All layers therein are penetrated by light guide elements. At first stage of manufacturing process structural element, light guide elements are fixed in heat-insulating layer which is formed by insulating element. At second step, light guide elements fixed in insulation element are placed in formwork cavity of shaped formwork made of formwork panels. Formwork panels are used therein as elements of lining formwork. Said formwork panels are made of or cutouts front face panels provided with drilled holes or cut-outs, wherein, at least partially, end sides of light guide elements are arranged. At third stage formwork cavity is filled with curable filling mass with formation of at least one bearing layer.EFFECT: technical result is simple method for making structural elements.11 cl, 10 dwg

Suspension distributor, system and method for use thereof // 2599399
FIELD: machine building; technological processes.SUBSTANCE: suspension distributor comprises supply pipeline and distribution pipeline. Feed pipeline with first inlet segment with the first feed inlet section and the second inlet segment with the second feed inlet section, spatially spaced apart with the first feed inlet section. Distribution pipeline is extended in the whole along the longitudinal axis and includes inlet and distributing outlet section communicated with inlet part. Inlet part is connected with the first and second feed inlet sections of the supply pipeline. Distributing outlet section is extended on a predetermined distance along the transverse axis, in fact, perpendicular to longitudinal axis. Distributing outlet section has an outlet hole with width along the transverse axis and height along the vertical axis located mutually perpendicular longitudinal and transverse axes. Ratio of the width to the height of the outlet hole is at least 4.EFFECT: suggested are device, system and method for distribution of gypsum suspension.19 cl, 23 dwg

Slurry distribution system and method // 2599396
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: present group of inventions relates to a continuous plate manufacturing processes and, in particular, to a device, system and method for distribution of an aqueous gypsum slurry. Slurry distributor for use in a continuous manufacture process includes an entry segment defining the inlet opening, a shaped duct in fluid communication with the inlet opening; and an outlet segment defining setting the outlet opening in fluid communication with the shaped duct. Shaped duct includes a parabolic guide surface adapted to redirect a flow of slurry moving from the inlet opening through the shaped duct to the outlet opening from an inlet direction to an outlet direction. Duct is characterised by the area of cross sectional flow passage, increasing in the direction from the inlet to the outlet.EFFECT: to improve the production efficiency.16 cl, 9 dwg

Installation for producing concrete slab fitted with cladding elements // 2598951
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an installation for production of a concrete slab fitted with cladding elements, particularly a prefabricated concrete element, on at least one pallet. Pallet can be moved between processing stations. Formwork elements can be affixed to pallet in a formwork station. On mounting section, cladding elements can be laid on pallet in an assembly station and a layer of concrete can be poured on said pallet in at least one concreting station. Separating station is provided for cladding elements, in which station sizes and/or contours of cladding elements can be adjusted - for preference they can be cut - as a function of an allocation plan for cladding elements. On mounting section, cladding elements adjusted by separating station can be placed in correct location on pallet in assembly station on the basis of allocation plan.EFFECT: simplified manufacturing concrete panels.13 cl, 31 dwg
ethod for production of heat carrier for heat and moisture treatment of concrete and reinforced concrete products // 2598667
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of concrete, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, namely, to methods involving impact on the process of concrete structure formation and concrete products properties and can be used in production of construction materials. Method for production of heat carrier for heat and moisture treatment (HMT) of concrete and reinforced concrete products involves fuel combustion, moistening of its combustion products with steam and feeding obtained heat carrier in steaming chamber for heat and moisture treatment of products. Wherein heat carrier production is performed in combustion chamber of boiler unit. Wherein water supply for steam generation is performed in combustion zone of furnace chamber. Wherein heat carrier temperature prior to feeding it into steaming chamber is maintained within range of 100-200 °C due to regulation of amount of water supplied to combustion zone of 2 to 60 l/min.EFFECT: technical result is increase of production quality and decrease of operating costs for HMT of products.1 cl, 1 ex

Process line for making water-resistant construction slabs // 2598391
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction. Process line for making water-resistant construction slabs, mostly boards based on gypsum, fine-grained expanded clay and structure forming gypsum modifier, includes arranged in process sequence, and interconnected with vehicles batcher, mixer of continuous or periodic action, assembly for preparation and portion supply of raw gypsum material, water, gypsum modifier, fine-grained expanded clay, and fibres. Besides, process line contains unit for generating carpet of product, for example in form of plate or building fabric, device for formation and compaction of formed products, drying and cutting unit for finished product. Device for formation and compaction of formed article is equipped therein with height-adjustable evener roller for mass. Before carpet generating assembly, bunch for supplying lower layer of glass fibre net, and open vessel for uniform impregnation of carpet with homogeneous composition are arranged. After carpet generating assembly, bunch for supplying upper layer of glass fibre net and bunch for supplying glass fibre canvas are installed in series, and also evener roll for uniform pressing them into carpet material mass. At that, along conveyor run, before drying unit, lifting cassette collector is installed.EFFECT: technical result is faster construction time, increased service life, and higher efficiency of operation.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of producing autoclave wall materials with composite protective-decorative coatings // 2597340
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of autoclave wall materials with composite protective-decorative coatings and can be used in manufacturing construction materials. Method of producing autoclave wall materials with composite protective-decorative coatings includes semi-dry pressing, autoclave treatment, sputtering of non-ferrous metals using a plasmatron. Prior to plasma sputtering, face surface of autoclave wall materials is coated with 20-40 % aqueous solution of liquid glass, and then plasma sputtering of glass granules pre-coated with fine powder of non-ferrous metals, at power of plasmatron operation of 6 kW and rate of passage of plasma burner on face surface of autoclave wall materials of 0.35 m/s.EFFECT: high strength of adhesion with base, shorter time for producing autoclave wall materials with composite protective-decorative coatings and reduced power consumption.1 cl, 3 tbl, 1 ex

Device and method for distribution of loose solid material // 2595708
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for distribution of loose solid material, for example in grain or powder form, and may be used for distribution of colour material over the surface of the product, for example, for obtaining decorative effect. Device (100) for distribution of loose solid material comprises multiple vibration elements (210) arranged in one plane installed side by side to support material (P) from the bottom. Each of vibration elements is connected to the piezoelectric device (220) configured to convert electric excitation signal in mechanical vibrations that may cause falling material (P) from vibration element (210). Device (100) comprises heaters (240) for heating the vibration elements (210) which are in contact with material (P). Heaters (240) contain at least one heating element configured to emit heat. Heating element stays in contact with vibration elements (210) directly or indirectly via structure (215) from conductive material supporting vibrating elements (210). Method of the device functioning includes a step of heating the plane of vibration elements (210) being in contact with material (P) by means of heating devices (240).EFFECT: technical result of the invention is possibility of uniform distribution of powder material over the surface, reduced production costs and simplified design.14 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of producing composite protective-decorative coatings on concrete articles // 2595024
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to producing composite protective-decorative coatings on concrete articles and can be used in manufacturing construction materials. Method of producing composite protective-decorative coatings on concrete articles includes plasma spraying of protective-decorative materials on the front surface of the article, glass granules are sprayed as protective-decorative coating, granules are preliminary humidified to 6-8 % and coated with layer of finely dispersed powder in ratio 9:1 (glass granules: finely dispersed powder) at plasmatron power of 6 kW and flame propagation speed at the front surface of 0.3 m/s.EFFECT: high strength of the metal layer adhesion with base and reduced power consumption.1 cl, 2 tbl, 1 ex

Device for processing amber // 2594862
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of amber stock. Device for removal of oxide coating from amber and its processing comprises an ultrasound frequency generator, acoustic transducer connected with electric generator, waveguide with tool connected to transducer, heating element and a power supply for heating element. Heating element is installed on waveguide with a working tool.EFFECT: faster cleaning material from cake without loss of main raw material.1 cl, 2 dwg

Spiral concrete mixer // 2594407
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for preparation of mortar and concrete mixtures. In spiral concrete mixer, comprising a housing arranged on a foundation through, included in device, platform with platform with air cylinders, loading and unloading devices, housing is rigidly fixed on platform with vibrator, mounted horizontally under platform, and is made spiral from hollow tunnel with multi-turn crew surface along perimeter, coiled along spiral axis 01-01 around central rectilinear axis 02-02 of spiral housing, provided with helical grooves inside at an angle to its spiral axis in form of pockets of triangular shape, arranged alternately inside and outside cross section of hollow tunnel, and consists of sections in form of identical in shape and size rings coiled from identical rhomb-shaped strips, on which there are trapezia, lateral sides of which are located on lateral sides of rhomb-shaped strip, and upper and lower bases of trapezia are arranged at an acute angle to axis of symmetry of rhomb-shaped strip O3-O3 and are flexure lines, located at distances from each other equal to length of pockets of triangular shape on inner surface of hollow tunnel of spiral shape, wherein section in form of rings are interconnected by lateral sides of trapezia.EFFECT: preparation of concrete mixtures.1 cl, 7 dwg

Transportable device for producing aerated concrete // 2593830
FIELD: construction. SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to making concrete and mortar. Transportable device for production of aerated concrete comprises a sectional frame 1 to support a structural frame 2, having a central compartment 3 and lateral compartments 4 and 5. Frame has debagging hoppers 6 and 7, a loading hopper 8 with a dozing and loading device, that is made in the form of two screw conveyors 9, 10, their drives are located on the rods 11 of the frame 2. Lateral compartments 4, 5 accomodate water reservoirs 12, which can be heated by means of a heating unit 13 located in the section of the frame. Under the loading hopper 8 there is an aerated concrete mixer 14, into which sand and cement are supplied from the loading hopper 8 via a sleeve 15. Tank for foam solution 16 communicates with the aerated concrete mixer 14 via a pipeline 17. Compressor 18 with a receiver provides supply of compressed air into the aerated concrete mixer 14. Pump 19 supplies water through a dispenser 31 into the aerated concrete mixer 14, the latter is equipped with an outlet pipe 20 with a gate valve for discharge of aerated concrete. Lifting device can be made in the form of a crane 21 with a telescopic post 22, which is rigidly fixed on the frame 1, and the crossbar 23 of the crane is also telescopic. There are telescopic support 24 along the perimeter of the frame 1; the outer side of the structural frame has a canopy 25 attached to it. Structural frame is equipped with an L-shaped screen 26, which is hinged on the transverse beam 27 of the L-structural frame and is rigidly connected by means of bypass levers 28 with the drive frame 29, which can be rotated in the central compartment 3 of the structural frame and is actuated by a modular-cable mechanism. Control of the device is performed by means of a control unit 30. EFFECT: technical result: production of aerated concrete directly at a construction site, providing high speed and quality of construction, increased mobility and possibility to transport by vehicles on public roads. 7 cl, 17 dwg

Process line for production of foam concrete articles // 2593685
FIELD: construction. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to preparation of foam concrete articles. Process line for production of foam concrete articles, including bins installed in a sequence and connected by mean of conveyance and batchers for dry components - cement, sand and fiber material, vessel with water feed device activator, vessel with a device for dozing solution of foaming agent, pump, foam generator and device for supply of compressed air to foam generator, foam-concrete mixer, remote control to control the process line and cutting complex to make concrete articles; activator is equipped with strain gages which are connected to drives of dry components batchers and devices for water supply and a foaming agent, providing control of their loading in activator using the remote control to control the operation of the process line; cutting complex comprises stations of filling foamed concrete mass, holding forms with foam concrete, transverse and longitudinal cutting and hardening; additionally, there is an ultrasonic mixer, accumulating vessel with batcher, container for storage and supply of nanomaterials with batcher. EFFECT: technical result is intensified strength of foam concrete mixture, higher compression strength of foam concrete articles, lower cement consumption, higher uniformity and stability of foam concrete mixture. 1 cl, 1 dwg

Device and method for processing powder material layer // 2593406
FIELD: ceramic industry. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to devices and methods for treatment of powder material layer, mainly, within method of ceramic articles forming. Device contains movable transfer surface to carry and move of powder material layer, and compacting unit for compaction of powder material layer as it moves on transfer surface. At that, said device comprises facility for cutting side edges of powder material layer before compacting unit. EFFECT: reduced non-uniformity of density of compacted layer and reduced local deformation of graphic effects, which can be created on powder layer. 11 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of making double-layer kauton-concrete girders // 2593400
FIELD: construction. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of double-layer kauton-concrete girders. Method comprises making concrete of upper layer with frame. After 28 days, after development of concrete strength, kauton bottom layer is made. Contact between layers is strengthened with lugs and cuts. After laying layer of kauton, double-layer element is placed in dry warm-up chamber, where curing process occurs at a temperature of 120±5 °C. EFFECT: high reliability, durability and strength of beams. 1 cl, 2 tbl, 3 dwg

Device and method of artificial ageing of stones // 2592918
FIELD: technological processes. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to artificial ageing of stones. Invention also relates to method of artificial ageing of stones. Device for artificial ageing of stones, at least, with one channel for ageing arranged on support plate, vibration device for actuation of support plate and transporting device for supply stone for ageing. Channel for ageing has at least one first and one second thrust surfaces, which promote stone ageing. Channel for ageing has at least two sections, wherein stone passes first section in first feed direction, and second section is located at angle to first section so that stone in feed direction is deflected and moves in second direction of feed. EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability of stones ageing. 21 cl, 11 dwg

Saw rope to be used in cable saw // 2592622
FIELD: technological processes. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to saw cable to be used in cable saw. Saw rope comprises cable rope and cutting beads arranged on it, wherein ends of saw cable connected to each other by means of sleeve-shaped press lock, and sleeve-like press lock has at least on one end zone of low stiffness. At that, at least one end of sleeve-shaped press lock has at least one slotted interruption, preferably six slotted interruptions. Besides, at least one of two adjacent to sleeve-shaped press lock cutting beads has extensible part welded to cutting coating support body. At that, welded extension part is located on side of cutting beads, which is opposite to sleeve-shaped press lock. EFFECT: increased service life of lock. 16 cl, 4 dwg

Device for semi-dry moulding of ceramic products // 2591062
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for semi-dry moulding of ceramic products consists of a bed, a moulding chamber accommodating a moulding piston, and a movable shutter designed to enter the moulding chamber with tight overlap of its flow section from the side opposite to the piston moulding surface. Shutter actuator comprises a hinged mechanism coupled with the main cylinder. Shutter hinge is made as an eccentric with the rotation drive providing shutter additional displacement towards moulding piston at the final stage of moulding.EFFECT: higher product quality due to increased raw brick premoulding force, reduced power consumption due to reduced air consumption by pneumatic drive.8 cl, 7 dwg

Drill for expansion of diameter // 2588913
FIELD: metal processing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machining materials and may be used for expansion of holes for anchor made in concrete or stone, by means of boring. Drill comprises multiple blades, which bore section of prepared hole, blade holder which holds multiple blades to move in radial direction, and shank which holds blade holder. Multiple blades are moved by sliding to expand radially outward relative to blade holder by centrifugal force caused by rotation.EFFECT: prepared hole boring is provided with increase in service life of blades.15 cl, 14 dwg

ethod of making wall articles // 2588504
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to industry of construction materials and can be used in making wall articles in form of non-fired bricks and blocks. Method of making wall articles, involving mixing components of crude mixture to a homogeneous state, moulding with a seal, hardening and drying crude mixture in following proportions, wt%: 0-5 mm fraction burnt clay - 68-78, cement - 8-17, chemical modifier - 0.3-0.5 % of mass of cement, water - balance, moulding with a seal is performed at pressure 20.0-32.0 MPa to value of seal within 1.59-1.64 while hardening of moulded articles is carried out on trays in steps under waterproof film, wherein at first step hardening is performed at 35-45 °C for not less than 12 hours, and at second step - at 20-35 °C for 12 hours.EFFECT: high strength and uniformity of wall material - unfired bricks based on burnt clay; higher efficiency of its production.1 cl, 1 tbl
ethod of connecting ceramic fairing with frame // 2587708
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft and rocket engineering and may be used for production of antenna caps of high-speed missiles of various classes. Method of connection of ceramic articles with frame includes applying layer of adhesive onto glued surfaces, connection of surfaces and held till complete drying of adhesive joint. After application of adhesive onto ceramic article and frame glued surfaces on one surface with applied adhesive substance is placed at equal distance from each other at least three gaskets made of hardened adhesive substance. Gasket length of not more than 2/3 of gluing zone length with thickness corresponding to minimum required value of gap between glued surfaces. Before curing ceramic article with frame is placed in assembly jig, providing alignment of parts in height.EFFECT: technical result achieved when using method according to invention consists in provision of tightness and strength of articles, as well as reduction of rejects by runout.1 cl

ixer-aerator for liquid-phase streams // 2586692
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to industry, namely to devices for compressed air aeration of continuous liquid phase flows. Mixer-aerator is made up of cylindrical housing, separated by foam spreader into two chambers, with located in mixer upper chamber of continuous flow feed branch pipe of foaming agent by pump and compressed air feed branch pipe by compressor above foam spreader, rotating on central axis of mixer at rate of 1,000-1,500 l/min. Fed by pump into bottom chamber mixer liquid phase flow is mixed with fine-pore foam from upper chamber by two screws with opposite inclination angles of blades on central axis at rate of 1,000-1,500 l/min, aerated fluid flow (foam mass) with excess pressure of 0.25-2.5 MPa is removed from by branch pipe from middle of lower mixer chamber into channel of foam mass duct. By reducing number of defects of foamed mass structure invention allows reducing heat conductivity of foam concrete in 1.5-2 times and increase its mechanical strength in 3-5 times.EFFECT: reduced heat conductivity and higher strength of foam concrete.1 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of processing friction surfaces of parts from artificially grown monocrystal based on alpha-al2o3 // 2585885
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to abrasive processing of friction surfaces of sapphire parts of plunger pairs which are component parts, in particular, of pump and/or dosing devices, and can be used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, perfume, cosmetic, machine building and other industries. Method involves use of pieces of workpieces made from an artificially grown crystal based on α-Al2O3 and mechanical treatment of surface of produced workpieces with a diamond tool in presence of cooling liquids with successive decrease in grain value of abrasive tool. Mechanical treatment includes consecutive steps, specifically: grinding surface of workpieces, medium grinding of surface to values of surface roughness Rz=10-20 mcm and at least one subsequent finishing treatment of surface of workpieces with ultrasonic vibrations with frequency of 21-23 kHz to surface roughness Ra=0.020-0.025 mcm.EFFECT: reduced friction coefficient of friction surfaces of parts, labour intensity and time of fabrication with increased hardness and microhardness of their surface layer.8 cl, 3 ex
ethod of heat and moisture treatment of concrete articles // 2584907
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of heat and moisture treatment of moulded concrete articles, mainly of complex shape, for example, toothed concrete sleepers. Method for heat and moisture treatment of toothed reinforced concrete sleepers consists in that after setting concrete toothed protrusion on foot of under-rail zone of sleeper is surrounded with a shell installed with clearance along perimeter, and water is poured. Required temperature is maintained.EFFECT: higher efficiency of thermal-moisture treatment.1 cl

ethod and device for minimising air separation and suspension during flow of gypsum suspension // 2584735
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and apparatus for producing products based on gypsum from initial materials containing burned plaster, and can be used together with a mixer for suspension, which is used when feeding stirred gypsum suspension on production line for production of wall plates. Method of providing uniformly mixed additive-improved gypsum suspension on cloth comprises feeding burned plaster and water in mixing chamber mixer via at least one inlet of mixing chamber. Method also includes mixing contents of mixing chamber to obtain a suspension containing an aqueous dispersion of calcined gypsum. Suspension is then fed from outlet of mixer into a suspension feeding device having a pipeline. Furthermore, additive is introduced in a place located along length of pipeline suspension feed device with provision of suspension flow/mixtures with additives via pipeline. Method also includes change of flow direction without changing flow cross section with subsequent direction of flow through linear part of pipeline without changing flow cross section or flow direction, with subsequent change of flow without changing flow cross section and with subsequent increase in cross section area of flow in pipeline without changing flow direction before flow from outlet pipeline. Device for use at feed of mixed gypsum suspension on production line for production of wall plates can be communicated with mixer to receive gypsum suspension. Device comprises a pipeline with main inlet hole, connected by means of suspension with outlet hole of mixer and passing downstream to discharge chute for unloading suspension. Pipeline provides for suspension flow path. Device comprises two spaced apart bends in pipeline to provide for change in direction of flow between main inlet and discharge chute. Flow cross-section in bends does not increase. Device also includes a linear part of pipeline made extended between two bends. Flow cross-section does not increase in linear part. Device also includes at least one divergent section in pipeline for increase of flow cross-section between one of two downstream bends and discharge chute. Flow direction does not change in said at least one divergent section.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of pipeline, extending from mixer, which minimises separation and suspension flow gypsum suspension via pipeline to outlet opening.16 cl, 4 dwg

Process line for production of foam concrete articles // 2584714
FIELD: construction materials.SUBSTANCE: process line for production of foam concrete articles contains installed in series and connected vehicles bins and feeders-batchers for dry components-cement, sand and fibre material, water tank and controlled device for water supply, an activator, vessel with solution of foaming agent, a pump, foam generator and device for supply of compressed air to foam generator, foam. Control panel is connected with cutting system for producing foam concrete articles. Line additionally includes a bin for storage and supply of complex organomineral ultrafine modifier, a bin for storage and supply of ash-slag wastes with particle size sorting unit, unit of separation and classification of ash-slag particles, bin for storage and supply detoxicant, a bin for storage and supply of nanomaterials, a bin for storage and supply foam concrete, an ultrasonic mixer, accumulating container with feeder at outlet, a device for dosage foam concrete.EFFECT: all feeders-batching units and devices are connected with control panel.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device for forming ceramic articles from water slips // 2583799
FIELD: ceramic industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ceramic industry, in particular, to equipment and moulding by slip casting from aqueous suspensions of ceramic nose fairings for aircraft and rocket equipment. Device for forming ceramic articles from water slips comprises moisture absorbing lower die, core with a support flange and centering rod connected to flange of matrix by means of fastening bolts, forming rod, feeding tank filling union. Forming rod is connected at mating surfaces of bearing flange and with a centering rod with clearances exceeding post-moulding shrinkage of moulded articles, wherein forming a rod associated with a supporting flange with heads of threaded pins passing through holes in supporting flange. Stud heads interact with curly grooves on rotary gate, placed on supporting flange.EFFECT: achieved technical result is to increase product yield in moulding by eliminating possible cracking and reduction of technological moulding cycle time.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device and method for processing segment of concrete tower of wind power plant // 2583392
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to processing device for processing top edge segment concrete tower for preparation of tower segment to installation of at least one of following tower segment. Method includes movement of treatment agent at edge of segment for processing edge of segment. Said treatment agent is directed using a fixed region of edge of segment support apparatus for supporting device and on edge of segment. Edge of segment is treated by treatment agent during movement of treatment agent at edge of segment.EFFECT: high efficiency of processing.25 cl, 10 dwg
Wall- or floor-mounted chain saw // 2582532
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the wall- or floor-mounted chain saws. Guide plate system for wall-mounted chain saw, mainly, for cutting of concrete comprises the protective case coupled with its recoil escapement mechanism to revolve therewith. Said case is connected with the wall-mounted saw. Chain saw support case is connected with said protective case to slide therewith. Chain saw support case is connected with the guide plate and the saw lever. Note here that the chain saw support case is coupled with the protective case to slide therewith when the saw lever turns.EFFECT: perfected design.13 cl, 31 dwg

ultilayered structural panel, industrial equipment and method of its production // 2582246
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of construction materials and products, in particular for the erection of protecting self-bearing walls in a frame low-height construction and in the construction of civil or industrial facilities using the frame technology, and also for decorative-and-thermal-insulation cladding of facades of buildings. The multilayered structural panel implemented in the form of a monoblock, including: a layer from a heat-insulating material with open porosity selected from the group comprising foam, fibre, granulated compositions and their combinations; one or two protecting layers from concrete; one or two transitional layers on the boundary of the surface of the heat-insulation layer formed during hardening of the concrete mix and providing seamless joining of the layers. For the protecting layer or layers fine-grained fibre concrete, reinforced by nonmetallic fibre, for example polypropylene, glass, with plasticising, water repellents and curing accelerators, is used. For the formation of the transitional layer or layers redispersible powders providing the adhesion of concrete to various materials are added to the concrete mix, on the lateral sides of the plate of the heat-insulation layer along the perimeter groove is cut out. Also industrial equipment and a method for the production of the panel are described.EFFECT: decrease of labour input at production of multilayered structural panels.13 cl, 8 dwg