Cleaning (B08)

B08            Cleaning(5333)

ethod of manufacturing closed metal ring and device for removing polymers from closed metal ring // 2627829
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of manufacturing of the variator belts of vehicles using the technology of preventing nitriding defects. In a drum made of polymers, a closed metal ring is polished, a cleaned ring is rolled, nitrided and the adhered polymers are removed. The device comprises a holding tool, a rotation mechanism, a washing tank with an ultrasonic cleaning fluid, and an ultrasonic wave generator.EFFECT: elimination of nitriding defects.8 cl, 15 dwg

ethod for cleaning rotary components // 2626642
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: component is placed in a cylindrical chamber, wherein a cleaning medium is supplied with a head, and the component is driven into a rotary motion. The components are additionally brought to oscillating vibrations along its axis, ensuring periodic discharge and compression of the cleaning medium. The supply of the cleaning medium is carried out through at least one slit, formed at the end of the chamber at an acute angle in the direction opposite to the direction of the component rotation. The gap between the end face of the component and the end face of the chamber is set equal to: h=(1.5-3)⋅A, where A is the amplitude of the oscillating vibrations, mm. The gap between the outer surface and the inner surface of the chamber must be sufficient to prevent excessive pressure in the area of the cleaning medium flow, which substantially reduces the flow velocity.EFFECT: increased intensity and quality of cleaning.2 dwg

ethod for cleaning and drying rotary components // 2626641
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method for cleaning and drying rotary components, in which the component is brought to rotation and compressed air flow is directed to its surface. The rotation frequency of the component is set sufficient to remove small particles and moisture under the action of centrifugal force from the surface to be cleaned and is determined by the formula: . The cleaning and drying time is determined according to the dependence: where n is the rotational speed of the component, r/s; λ is the friction coefficient of impurities relative to the surface to be treated; g is the free fall acceleration, mm/s2; d is the diameter of the surface to be cleaned, mm, τ is required processing time, s; wν is specific energy of nondissociative adsorption of liquid molecules on the surface to be cleaned, J/kg. The nozzle, using which the compressed air is supplied in a direction opposite to the direction of component rotation, is placed at an angle to the surface to be cleaned, which has a maximum effect on surface cleaning.EFFECT: improved quality of cleaning and drying the surface of the rotation bodies, providing more even surface cleaning, increased processing capacity due to the high intensity of cleaning, simplified practical implementation of the method.1 dwg
ethod for cleaning tubing and device for its implementation // 2626636
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: cleaning method includes the action of a jet of low-temperature plasmatron plasma on the surface to be cleaned, gasification and thermal dissociation of the purification products and their subsequent recombination into the simplest molecules of water and carbon dioxide, relative movement of pipes and plasmatrons. The outer surface of the pipe is cleaned with jets of low-temperature plasmatron plasma until melting of the boundary layer between asphaltene deposit inside the pipe and the inner wall of the pipe. The deposits are then removed from the interior of the pipe. After this, a jet plasmatron is injected into the tubing or a pipe is rolled over the jet plasmatron with the possibility of thermodynamic action of the plasma jet on the inner surface of the tubing. The cleaning products of the inner surface of the pipe are extracted through the free end of the pipe to which the gas conduit is connected with the possibility of pumping liquid and gaseous cleaning products of the tubing interior into it.EFFECT: cleaning of the inner and outer surfaces of tubing with a minimum of waste and environmentally friendly.27 cl, 6 dwg
Amber cleaning method // 2626468
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used, in particular, for cleaning and removing the oxidized crust from the surface of amber raw materials.EFFECT: improving the quality of cleaning amber raw materials, minimizing the loss of valuable raw materials during cleaning, the ability to clean amber fines and amber irregular shapes with a lot of depressions and bulges, retaining the original shape of the amber, accelerating the cleaning process while simplifying the technological process of cleaning the amber, reducing energy consumption, using only harmless non-toxic solutions to remove the oxidized crust.5 ex

Contactless method of controlled hydraulic magnetic bearing and treatment device for its implementation (variants) // 2625878
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method is performed by simultaneously acting on the bearings guided traveling magnetic fields and turbulent flow of cleaning liquid. Traveling magnetic fields in the cleaning chamber are created by movement in a horizontal plane parallel to the bearing plane of rotation of the magnetic fields from the respective sources of magnetic fields. Traveling magnetic field moves in the space in the forward and backward directions with an amplitude and frequency which are determined respectively to changing intensity and velocity of movement of the original magnetic fields. Jets of cleaning fluid, which is used as aqueous polar solutions, nonpolar hydrocarbon substances - aviation kerosenes, gasolines or mixtures thereof, as well as mixtures thereof - without heating or preheated, is supplied under pressure directly into the path of rolling bearings. The induced by magnetic fields hitless running speed rotation of free rings and bearing parts, creates a turbulent flow of washing liquid, which in combination with the action of the magnetic fields of traveling beyond endure particle contamination as a bearing metal and non-metal origin. Quality control is carried out simultaneously with the purification and drying of bearings by vibration sensors and/or noise with a spectrum analyser. The particles of dirt are removed from the cleaning chamber by filtration washing liquid.EFFECT: purification efficiency, simultaneous treatment of large quantities and different sizes of bearings from contamination of various origins.4 cl, 4 ex, 8 dwg

ethod of ultrasonic machining and installation for its implementation // 2625465
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method consists in immersing the end surface of the rod concentrator in a liquid and excitation of longitudinal oscillations in it. A concentrator with a variable internal profile is used as the core concentrator. The cleaned burner device is fixed vertically at the end of the core concentrator. The passive overlay, piezoceramic transducer, rod concentrator and the cleaned burner device of the gas pumping unit fixed on it form a single oscillating system, the total length of which is nλ, where λ is the ultrasonic wavelength, n = 3, 4, 5. The cleaning liquid is pumped through the channels and openings of the cleaned burner device of the gascompressor unit in a closed loop.EFFECT: improved contamination of internal and external surfaces, as well as channels and openings of gas-discharge tubes of burner devices of gascompressor units.5 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of monitoring system operation of processing liquid food product // 2625236
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: processing system comprises at least one section (110, 120) through which the liquid foods during processing and cause sludge deposition in mentioned section (110, 120), and at least one sensor (112, 114, 122, 124) configured to detect a pressure difference in mentioned at least one section for monitoring the removal or precipitation of mentioned sludge. The processing system is configured to stop the passage of fluid when a certain pressure difference is a predetermined parameter. The processing system is configured to identify the product being processed by the system, and associating the predetermined pressure difference metric with mentioned product.EFFECT: maximum degree of purification in minimum time.25 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of lithography equipment protection from dust metallic particles // 2623400
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method comprises charging dust metal particles and exposure on the charged dust metal particles by electric field directed along the surface of the protected operating element of the lithography equipment. Dust metal particles are charged with a stream of electrons, while the electron energy Eel and the product of the electron flux density J0 by transverse dimension X of the electron beam is given in a certain ratio.EFFECT: improved lithography equipment protection efficiency.

echanized machine for drain pipes cleaning // 2623240
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: machine, according to the first implementation version, includes the cable, the motor unit which is in mechanical communication with the cable and made with the possibility of rotating the cable along the longitudinal cable axis. The motor unit comprises the motor and the motor control device. The motor control device is made with the possibility to transform alternating current into direct current, wherein the motor control device transmits direct current to the motor. The machine additionally comprises the casing adapted for accommodating the motor unit, and the rotation speed control device communicating with the motor unit made with the possibility of varying the operating frequency of motor rotation in the range of operating rotation frequencies. According to the second implementation version, of the machine comprises the frame assembly, the housing accommodating the cable, the cable, the electric motor mounted on the frame assembly. The machine according to the third implementation version comprises the frame assembly comprising several long tubular elements, which comprise the first and the second bottom supporting elements, the angular loop element extending between the first and the second bottom supporting elements, the vertical loop element, the vertical mounting plate attached to the vertical loop element. The vertical mounting plate comprises the opening and the upper supporting element comprising the fixed end and the free end. The machine additionally comprises the drive shaft extending through the opening in the vertical mounting plate, the cable comprising an actuating end, which must be inserted into the drain, the drum mounted rotatably on the drive shaft, the motor and the control device of the rotation frequency made with the possibility to determine the current operating frequency of the motor rotation.EFFECT: increased efficiency and safety in the removal of obstacles from a sewer or a drain.20 cl, 12 dwg

Piezoelectric device for ultrasonic cleaning aeronautical and filter elements and filtered discs and method of cleaning with its use // 2621801
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: device contains technological cleaning positions in a solution of a technical detergent, rinsing with tap water from a solution of a technical detergent, rinsing in a rinse solution, drying with heated air and a rinse unit installed in a single frame, and a bath equipped with a overflow system and filter units. The detergent solution preparation unit contains tanks with heaters and sensors for monitoring the level and temperature of the washing solution, provided with a system for supplying the corresponding washing solution from the corresponding line, a check valve and a regeneration unit for the washing solution, the inlet of which through the filter is connected to the tank of the said detergent solution preparation unit, and the outlet is connected through the check valve to the bath, cleaning and washing positions contain ultrasonic transducers mounted on the radiating membrane, which is the bottom of the bath. The drying position comprises a fan connected to the drying chamber with a heated air temperature sensor through the heater. In the cleaning and washing positions, the output of the regeneration unit of the washing solution is connected via the air valve to the compressed air network for its impulse delivery into the interior of the filter elements. In the cleaning, washing and rinsing positions, at least, one cassette for accommodating the filter elements is inserted, comprising posts with a pipe installed on them, docked with check valves and a rotation unit and rotatable therein for the filter elements, to seal the detergent solution, pressurized air from the check valve into the internal cavity of the filter elements and pumping out of it through the filtration network of the filter elements into the bath with the detergent solution. The device contains one bath in cleaning, washing and rinsing position, connected to the detergent solution preparation unit containing detergent solution and rinse solution tanks. Before the technological cleaning position, the technological blast cleaning position is introduced, which purifies the internal surface of the equipment with an uncharged bath and cleans the filter elements and filter discs of increased contamination, when they are loaded into the bath containing the blasting system. The blast cleaning system has jet circuits designed to access jets with 100% coverage of the equipment internal surface. The device is equipped with a control panel with the software installed in it, including the programs marked on the control panel: "Filter cleaning", "Dirty filter cleaning" and "Equipment cleaning", and made with the possibility of an automated control process of the said technological positions through the control elements. Control elements include taps and a valve and are designed to include specified flows of working bodies with the required parameters, specified duration, sequence and automation of the cleaning process and with the possibility of adjusting cleaning programs and taking into account the condition of filter elements and filter discs, their contamination and pollution type by adjusting the operation mode of the control elements.EFFECT: simplifying the device design, improving quality and reducing cleaning time.3 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of laser cleaning metals // 2619692
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of cleaning metals involves using a spot on the surface to be cleaned with a laser power density sufficient for the occurrence of thermal destruction processes of the coating. For this purpose, continuous laser radiation is used, the spot of which on the product surface is continuously moved along a closed circular path, the curvature center of which is linearly moved along the trajectory of any configuration to obtain a continuous processing strip.EFFECT: increasing the laser cleaning productivity of metal surfaces by increasing the width of the surface strip to be treated and increasing the reliability by simplifying the used schemes.4 ex, 6 dwg
ultifunctional gel piston for pipelines cleaning and separation of environments and method of its obtaining // 2619682
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: multifunctional gel piston for pipelines cleaning and separation of environments is a composition comprising a water-soluble polymer, a hydrocarbon liquid, an organic cross-linking agent, for which polymethylol derivatives are used, inorganic cross-linking agents and water. The method of obtaining the gel piston comprises sequential dosing of components into fresh, or mineralized, or diluted formation water during the mixing.EFFECT: invention provides a high degree of pipelines cleaning and safety in the performance of cleaning operations.3 cl, 2 tbl

Clarification machine for parts manufactured by industrial method // 2618816
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: treatment plant comprises at least two spatially separated from each other working chambers (4, 5, 23) for cleaning parts (2) and one adjacent, spatially separated from them chamber (3) of the robot for receiving a robot for manipulating the items (2) in a cleaning installation, arranged on a common base plate (7). For each of the working chamber (4, 5, 23) its own hydraulic circuit is provided for supplying a process fluid to the working chamber (4, 5, 23). Working chambers (4, 5, 23) and the chamber (3) form a common base area (9) and the base plate (7) form the base surface (8). The base surface (8) of the base plate (7) exceeds the total area of the base (9) of the working chambers (4, 5, 23) and the chamber (3) of the robot. The base plate (7) provides at least two spatially separated cavities (10, 11, 20) for receiving the process fluids. The cavities (10, 11, 20) at least partially pass beneath the working chambers (4, 5, 23) and at least partly outside the common base area (9) of the working chambers (4, 5, 23) and the robot (3) chamber. On the base plate (7) over at least one cavity (10, 11, 20) at least one hydraulic component of the hydraulic circuit is mounted.EFFECT: compact installation, availability of hydraulic components for maintenance.6 cl, 5 dwg
Plant for washing wafers // 2618492
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for semiconductor devices production and can be used for degreasing and washing wafers. Plant enables successive washing wafers in organic solvent vapor and in liquid, providing closed cyclic process, characterized by high processability, since it does not require an operator, and high cost-effectiveness because one solvent loading is enough to degrease a large number of wafers.EFFECT: technical result is decreased cost and labor intensiveness of washing due to the fact that the unit for washing of wafers is made in the form of a chamber, consisting of upper and lower compartments, connected by a nozzle, lower compartment of the chamber is designed for a solvent, and in the upper compartment there is a cassette with processed wafers, bottom of the upper compartment is inclined, in the lower point of the inclined bottom there is an inlet of the drawoff nozzle, outlet of which is arranged in the lower compartment of the chamber, and the upper part of the drawoff nozzle is located at the level of the upper wafers edge in the cassette, chamber is equipped with a nozzle-refrigerator located in the upper compartment, and a heating element placed under the lower compartment.1 cl, 1 dwg

Technological complex for tanks neutralisation after nitrogen oxidators draining // 2617769
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: technological complex contains nitrogen oxide removal system 1, including storage tank 11 and vacuum compressor pump10, heated water tank 2 with metering pump 3, tanks 4 and 5 with process solutions, discharge nozzles of which with stop valves 26 and 27 are connected by a pipeline, and the pipeline is connected to the suction pipe of the second metering pump 6. Pumps 3 and 6 are connected to neutralised tank 14. The gas space of tank 14 is communicated with nitrogen oxidant vapour neutralisation system 7 and drying system 8 of the inner surface of tank 14, at the outlet of which check valve 37 is installed. The discharge connection of the first metering pump 3 is additionally connected to additional container 9 for neutralisation products.EFFECT: quick and effective neutralisation of the tank after nitrogen oxidants draining with minimal labour and time costs.1 dwg, 2 tbl
Surface cleaning method of refractory structures at increased temperatures // 2617154
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: cleaning method includes a preliminary technical examination of the refractory structure to develop detailed project of repair organization, removal of the refractory structure door, product delivery from the refractory structure under repair, protection of the refractory structure door opening with special material from the atmospheric temperature effects, preparation of the required materials, equipment and tools for repair, opening the protective material in the doorway near the refractory construction repair area, cleaning of the refractory structure surface by applying an abrasive material through a nozzle to the refractory structure working portion. The refractory structure is cleaned by microcuts formed by applying an abrasive material to the refractory structure processing portion. The abrasive material humidity is not more than 0.2%, the attack angle of is 15°-85°, and the distance from the nozzle to the refractory structure treated surface is 6-11 nozzle diameters.EFFECT: improved preparation quality of the refractory structures surface to ensure optimal adhesion of the protective coating applied to the refractory structure surface with reduced time of the defective portion processing.11 ex

Device for drying and cleaning products // 2617102
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: loading mechanism is designed as a drive, which is a hollow cylinder with the possibility of the piece goods load into it, and a pusher piece feeding articles from the bottom of storage in the working area. Rotating mechanism is designed as a mandrel for installing products and cleansed engine speed is kinematically associated with the mandrel. The apparatus further has a product on the mandrel setting mechanism consisting of a circular plate with a channel and air distribution nozzles for directing compressed air with a high air pressure on the surface to be cleaned, and a spring-loaded pusher slidably mounted thereon products under pressure of compressed air onto the mandrel.EFFECT: removing from the surface of the product not only moisture but also the technological pollution, improving the quality of cleaning, ensuring the drying of the product.1 ex, 3 dwg

obile technological complex of hard tanks cleaning and washing // 2616051
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: technological complex comprises a volume pump 1 with a washing liquid supply tank 2 connected with a flexible hose 4 to spray devices and arranged on a trolley made as a movable articulated frame structure fixed to a suction pipe 18 with a hydraulic valve 19 and a diffuser 20. On the suction pipe 18 there is a platform 22 for control equipment 23 fixing on it which is made in the form of adjustable and nonadjustable throttles and spool valves. A flexible conduit 17 is connected to the suction pipe 18 from the vacuum unit. The complex contains a hydraulic drive with a volume pump 6 and a tank 7 for working fluid. The hydraulic drive is connected with flexible hoses 9 and 14 through the control equipment 23 to the hydraulic motors 10 and 11 mounted on the wheelsets of the wheel set frames 21 and tracks connected to the driving wheels, the hydraulic cylinder 12 of the wheel decouplement (rollup) and to the hydraulic cylinder 13 of the rod 24 in the vertical plane. The rod 24 consists of removable sections. A comb with nozzles 25 is fastened on each section.EFFECT: invention allows to exclude the presence of people inside the reservoir during the stripping process and to increase the efficiency and quality of stripping.5 dwg

Fluid flow heating system in pipes // 2614280
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: system includes a heating cable, which is placed in the zone of possible wax formation or pipeline freezing, the transition terminal box for the heating cable connection, heating control station, the cable pusher, creates an additional stress for unwinding the heating cable from the technological drum and pushing through the inclined insertion in the pipeline, parasol-piston, which is mounted on the tip of the heating cable. Umbrella-pistal opens and creates pulling force under the action of the flow of the technological fluid and closes after cable mounting under the action of excess pressure in the pipeline. There are load-bearing core and separating bundles made of high-strength aramid fibers in the heating cable. There is an implemented automatic adaptive cable heating control system in the control station on the current values of the pressure and temperature of the fluid in the pipeline, as well as the system of remote control and cable heating control.EFFECT: simplifying the process and reducing cable installation time, implementation of the heating in automatic mode with minimal costs.3 dwg

Off-road vehicle // 2613751
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to off-road vehicles using an air cushion, for instance, in open pits after blasting works. Vehicle comprises a body, a bottom, a flexible barrier of the air cushion cavity made along the perimeter of the body bottom, nozzles to supply compressed air, a suction air intake of an air blower, relief pipelines, a cargo container. Besides, outside the perimeter of the flexible barrier of the air cavity, the bottom is equipped with a looped elbow with nozzles to suck in loose material. Besides, the looped elbow by means of relief pipelines is equipped in series both with the cargo container to collect loose material and to clean air from it, and an air intake.EFFECT: invention provides for collection and transportation of dust generating loose material from soil surface.1 dwg

Washing rig // 2610776
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to power machine building, in particular to the methods of washing of circuit systems of nuclear steam generating units (NSGU), and can be used during pipelines washing of different power facilities, and during repair of the power and transportation systems. The rig comprises a day tank for flushing water, motor-driven pumps, pipelines with valves, mechanical filters and an ion-exchange filter, steam and electrical heaters, a heat exchanger, a drying system using inert gas or compressed air. The rig comprises a device for direction change of flushing flow, it comprises two pipes crossing without contact, one pipe is connected with a heating pipeline via motor-driven three-way valve, and with drainage pipeline via tee, and second pipe is connected with pressure pipeline via the second tee, and with drainage pipeline via similar three-way valve. For the rig internal flushing between drainage and pressure pipelines a jumper is installed, it is made out of two parts connected by wafer membrane with set of rings with different internal diameters. The day tank has sockets closed with folded covers with seals, with installed filtering elements. Above the day tank perpendicular to its sockets the branches of the drainage manifold with shut-off valves are installed. Wherein the support flanges of the filtering elements lay on ring sites of the sockets, and the filtering elements via through openings of the sockets are partially immersed in the flushing water of the day tank cavity.EFFECT: design of high capacity, reliable and relatively inexpensive washing rig ensuring rated cleanness and demineralization of the flushed systems at significant reducing of the flushing time.4 cl, 7 dwg

Technological complex for decontamination of reservoirs after propellant fuel drainage // 2610748
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for decontamination of facilities for storage and transportation from remains of toxic fluids, in particular, from propellant fuel. Technological complex installed on a vehicle comprises a system (1) for removal of propellant fuel remains, comprising an accumulating tank (14) and a self-priming pump (15), a heated water reservoir (2) with a dosing pump (3), tanks (4) and (5) with process fluids and a dosing pump (6). Dosing pumps (3, 6) and a flushing plant (7) are connected to a neutralized reservoir (19). The gas space of the reservoir (19) communicates with a filter-absorber of propellant fuel vapors (9) and a system (11) for drying of the inner surface of the reservoir (19). A compressor (10) by a pipeline (47) communicates with a cleaning pipe (18) of the reservoir (19). The discharge nozzle of the dosing pump (3) is connected to an auxiliary tank (39) of the plant (7). Power is supplied to the complex from an AC generator via a power takeoff device of a motor.EFFECT: invention increases efficiency and minimizes labor and time inputs for reservoir decontamination.2 dwg, 1 tbl
Repair procedure of pipe and tube products used in petroleum industry // 2610508
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention falls into the area of the oil and gas producing industry and may be applied at the repairing works of the pipe and tube products of the petroleum industry. In repairing at the pipeline section, 3 holes are dug. The pipe is opened up in the holes. 2 rubber line squibs are placed to the pipe in the middle hole, one line squib is placed to the third hole. The pipe is bundled, sealed and then the guide for lowering the flexible pipe is installed in the pipeline. The operating fluid is run in and the rubber line squibs are pumped through in the middle hole in opposite directions with the output of one line squib in the first hole and shutting down of the second line squib on the pipeline section. In the third hole sideward of the well the third flexible pipe is lowered to the pipeline with the constant circulation of the operating fluid through the flexible pipe. At the shutting down the polluted fluid is extracted to the ditch system. The flexible pipe is laid alternately in both sides of the pipeline with the definition of the meterage of the lowered flexible pipe to achieve the setting, which is determined by the increase of pressure of the flowing operating fluid on the pipeline section with the line squib and with the definition of the fineness of the pipeline section, which does not contain the line squib. The flexible pipe is raised and the guide is dismantled. The pipeline section is cleansed with the operating fluid in the opposite direction from the well with the output of the third line squib to the third hole. The pipeline section, in the place of setting the flexible pipe, is opened up, the pipeline section with the petrified deposits is cut out, the line squib is extracted of it. The pipeline section is replaced to the new section, all the guides for lowering the flexible pipes are dismantled, the integrity is restored and the pipeline is brought into the operation.EFFECT: invention allows repairing the pipeline virtually of any curvature without drilling out the internal pipeline space.1 dwg

Device and method of cleaning plants for protection of atmosphere from emissions in coke-quenching towers // 2610123
FIELD: ecology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device and a method of cleaning plants for protection of the atmosphere from emissions in coke-quenching towers. Device is attached to the bearing structure in the exhaust pipe of a coke-quenching tower and has nozzles spraying a liquid onto the plants for protection, herewith the nozzles are located onto a linearly movable element, which comprises two support components and one transverse component, onto which the nozzles are located and which is attached to the support components.EFFECT: invention provides intensive and reliable cleaning the plants for protection of the atmosphere from emissions, accuracy and uniformity of distribution of the liquid sprayed per unit area and reduced volume flow rate of the liquid.10 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for laser separation of rubber and polymer coatings // 2607736
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to removal of rubber and polymer coatings, glued to surface of various structures. Described method is based on local infrared laser thermal action directly on zone of adhesive layer. Laser beam at rate providing required heating is used to scan adhesive layer in zone of contact of coating and surface of structure. When temperature values reach 60÷150 °C strength of adhesive layer falls by almost an order, that makes it possible to remove a coating layer from surface of structure using an applied tension force.EFFECT: reduced labor input, power consumption, high efficiency of removal of rubber coatings, providing a method which is safe for personnel by avoiding burning of rubber coating.3 cl, 1 dwg

Container washing system and method // 2606984
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to containers washing system and method. Container irrigation system has nozzle, located near container opening and adapted for direction of supplied air in any orientation relative to container. Vacuum element is located around air nozzle and adapted for exhaustion of foreign particles from container. System comprises air source and manifold, having manifold inlet, ionization assembly and manifold multiple outlets together with multiple air nozzles. Each nozzle has nozzle inlet, nozzle outlet and nozzle channel, passing between nozzle inlet and nozzle outlet. Ionization assembly is arranged inside manifold, and multiple nozzles are arranged on multiple manifold outlets so, that during operation air is ionized before it enters nozzle.EFFECT: technical result is increasing efficiency of container cleaning due to use of ionized air for cleaning.22 cl, 17 dwg
Ejector device for cleaning reservoirs from deposits of oil and oil products // 2606604
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for cleaning inner cavity of tanks, in particular, railway cisterns from viscous oil deposits. Ejector device is made in form of hydraulic monitor and comprises at least one hollow bar having at its end and ejector adapter. Nozzle comprises a housing with a cover, which includes inner cavity and outer annular chamber communicated via feed holes, at least three support disc with branch pipes, equipped with nozzles. Inner cavity of housing is communicated with hollow rod. Support discs are equipped with guide holes. Pipes are arranged on support discs at an angle to normal of outer annular chamber of housing. Guide holes in discs are arranged to normal of outer annular chamber of housing at an angle, value of which is greater than value of installation angle of pipes. Nozzles have outlets with an ellipse-like section and are installed on pipes through rotating discs coaxially with nozzles to rotate about a common axis. Hydraulic monitor is mounted on rod, on which there is a chain gear and is installed with possibility of longitudinal movement of carriage. On upper end of rod is fixed a wheel for movement of chain transmission, and on lower end of rod there is a bar pivotally installed with possibility of adusting angular position, said bar being connected by means of lever with carriage.EFFECT: high efficiency of cleaning inner cavity of a tank from viscous deposits of oil and oil products.4 cl, 3 dwg
Workpieces treatment device // 2606430
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing device, first of all for workpieces cleaning/stripping. Device (100) comprises nozzle module (114), which has module housing (116) with nozzle chamber (120). Nozzle chamber (120) has at least one nozzle hole (146) to create at least one directed on workpiece (102) stream (148) of high-pressure fluid. Module housing (116) comprises another nozzle chamber (124), which has at least one nozzle hole (172) to create at least one, at least, passing in sections along high-pressure fluid stream (148) and adjacent low-pressure fluid stream (184, 184'). Device has high-pressure liquid (130) supply device (128) into nozzle chamber (120) to create at least one stream (148) of high-pressure fluid. Device contains low pressure liquid (157) or gaseous fluid medium (155) selective supply device (154) into another nozzle chamber (124). At that, at least one hole (146) is located in module housing (116) with possibility of displacement.EFFECT: technical result is reduction of friction force, longer range of stream, which increases efficiency of cleaning.16 cl, 17 dwg

ethod for automatic decontamination of rod fuel elements and device therefor // 2605540
FIELD: nuclear power.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of fuel elements in nuclear reactors with uranium and MOX-fuel. Decontamination is performed by drawing a fuel element through a cartridge containing cleaning material, leaving no traces on surface of fuel element. After one drawing of fuel element used cartridge is removed from process. Decontamination can be both dry and wet. Decontaminating solution can be applied both at wiping material and applied to surface of fuel element. Device for implementation of present method comprises magazine for storage of new cartridges, system for feeding cartridges into decontamination zone, system for removing spent cartridges from decontamination zone, storage container, system for recycling spent cartridges, biological protection in case of operation with plutonium-containing fuel.EFFECT: technical result is automatic decontamination of fuel element completely meeting requirements for operation with MOX-fuel.4 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for fire cleaning of process equipment // 2605241
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to chemical industry, namely, to cleaning of process equipment made from row and alloyed steels, from polymer deposits and emulsion rubber by thermal decomposition. Method involves non-oxidising heating of equipment and thermal decomposition of polymers in a reactor by products of natural gas and pyrolysis gas combustion with further decontamination of gases and carbon before discharge into the atmosphere by means of their combustion in a cyclone furnace with a preliminary stage of thermal decomposition of high-molecular polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) into low-molecular polyaromatic hydrocarbons by a high-speed burner with the flame temperature of 1,700-2,000 °C in the antechamber of a cyclone furnace, heating of equipment is performed by high-speed heat transfer medium flow in a downward direction by means of circulation circuit,while additional air is introduced into the excess heat-transfer medium discharge after the cyclone furnace. Fire cleaning of equipment is carried out at the heat transfer medium temperature of 650 °C, and in the temperature range between 400-550 °C in order to avoid valley separation of pyrolysis gas heating is carried out at a rate of 10-15 °C/h.EFFECT: longer service life of process equipment, reduced contamination of the environment.3 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Device for mechanochemical cleaning of pipeline inner space // 2603155
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transportation and storage of oil products, in particular, to cleaning of inner cavities of main oil pipelines and oil product pipelines from deposits and residues of transported product prior to changing type of transported product. Device of mechanochemical cleaning of pipeline inner space comprises a section for mechanochemical cleaning, a section for storing deposit solvent and a storage section. Section for mechanochemical cleaning includes drive, lining and cleaning discs, located behind control unit, unit for transmitting location and disc rotation drive, mechanochemical activation chamber formed by alternating drive, lining, cleaning discs and rotating discs with spring-loaded polymer wear-resistant brush, and comprising a pressure line for deposit solvent, provided with injection nozzles, drainage chamber for mechanochemical activation and a heating coil for deposit solvent. Behind mechanochemical activation chamber there are, located in housing, high-pressure pump, connected with pressure line of solvent and solvent intake line, leading to feed line of high-pressure pump, and a sludge pump connected with sludge pressure line and intake line of dissolved deposits. Deposit solvent storage section includes a tank with clean solvent, equipped with flexible intake line of clean solvent, connected to feed line of high-pressure pump.EFFECT: invention provides high degree of cleaning pipeline inner surface of pipeline from sediments and residues of transported product.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device for cleaning milking pipelines of milking machines // 2602607
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agriculture, in particular, to devices for cleaning milking pipelines of milking machines. Device comprises a drive element rigidly connected by an axis with a fan and cleaner, performing progressive rotation in the pipeline. Drive element is made in the form of an electric motor with a power supply, control button, guides and a baffle plate. Baffle plate has a conical shape. Baffle plate is rigidly attached to the electric motor and is arranged between the motor and cleaner. Self-motion of the device through the pipeline is performed due to thrust generated by the fan. Air flow and flushing liquid, passing along internal longitudinal channels and capillaries of the rotary cleaner, are discharged through the baffle plate along an annular gap between the pipeline and drive element. Cleaner is made from porous material in the form of an elastic porous sponge or brush.EFFECT: shorter duration of washing, reduced water and detergent consumption, higher quality of cleaning milking pipelines of milking machines.1 cl, 1 dwg

Localizing nozzle // 2601823
FIELD: hygiene.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for cleaning surfaces and can be used as nozzle for installation of water-jet treatment of surfaces. Localizing nozzle comprises dome-shaped case, annular cavity inside case, formed by space between outer and inner walls of case, fluid supply system, air flow pressure source, fluid suction system. Fluid suction system comprises discharge pipe and rarefaction source. Circular cavity is connected with air flow pressure source through air supply branch pipe, placed on outer surface of case.EFFECT: technical result is exclusion of ingress of sprayed liquid drops beyond nozzle case circuit due to air flow, organized in circumferential direction between nozzle end of localizing and cleaned surface, decrease of dependence of efficiency of drops localizing (limitation of spraying) of height of end gap between nozzle and cleaned surface, achievement of required localization efficiency at treatment of surfaces with greater curvature or with large roughness.1 cl, 2 dwg

Composition for arrangement of means for cleaning and recovery care for apparel fancy products from natural leather or natural fur, method for arrangement of means for cleaning and recovery care for apparel fancy products from natural leather or natural fur, agent for cleaning and recovery care for apparel fancy products from natural leather or natural fur // 2601811
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means and methods of satisfying human needs, namely intended for cleaning and recovery caring of apparel fancy products from natural leather and fur. Care agent for apparel fancy products - is a solution, containing water and active substance, at that active substance contains a mixture of ingredients exclusively of vegetal origin, representing a mixture of extracts, having different properties, directed for care and recovery of fur and leather products.EFFECT: offered invention enables cleaning and recovery of apparel fancy products from natural fur or natural leather, does not have allergic and ecological consequences after application, provides increase of quality properties, air permeability and moisture protection of products, elasticity (biotonus), elasticity of natural leather and natural fur, increase in silk gloss of natural fur hair, which improves aesthetic properties apparel fancy products from natural fur, provides leveling of fat-yielding balance of natural leather, and natural fur close to natural, and reduces chemical micro-injuries and improves cleaning properties.35 cl
ethod of mechanical-thermal purifying paving slab from hydrocarbon impurities // 2601045
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a technology of mechanical-thermal purifying surfaces, for example, based on concrete, clay, sand and gravel chips, from residues of hydrocarbon impurities, in particular, such as fats and oils, oil products, stick chewing gum, paint, and can be used in the housing and utilities sector. Purifying method comprises selection of the type of impurities, preliminary mechanical purification, heating, mechanical purifying and final washing with weak solution of soap water. Contaminated points are being heated by direct flame burning at temperature in the range from the ambient temperature to 600 °C untill ash or soot is being formed, and then heating points are being cooled to the ambient temperature.EFFECT: method provides higher quality of purifying and versatility of using the method to various types of hydrocarbon compounds.3 cl

Process line for cleaning fuel supply elements of thermal engines // 2600648
FIELD: treatment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ultrasonic treatment of hollow articles and can be used for recovery of operational characteristics of burner devices of engines. Process line for cleaning channels of fuel supply elements of an external or internal combustion thermal engine has a unit for diagnosis of degree of clogging of channels before and after cleaning and a unit for ultrasonic cleaning UUO of clogged channels in a liquid cleaning medium. First stage involves visual inspection of elements and using calibrated rods KST checking outlets of all fuel channels and mapping clogging of channels. Then blowing device UP is connected and channels are blown with gaseous or liquid agent under pressure. Elements are then directed into UUO, equipped with means for sampling and analysing COA composition of deposits to be cleaned. UUO COA is a furnace for thermal treatment of deposits, an impact tool, grinding tool for processing a collected sample and scanning electronic microscope for analysing a sample slide. Based on analysis most effective detergent is chosen. Then burner is immersed into solution, which is an ultrasonic generator USG is placed. After cleaning burner is again fed into UD 1 for repeated diagnosis. Cleaning completed if result is positive, otherwise burner is directed into UUO for repeated cleaning.EFFECT: technical result is simpler and more qualitative diagnosis of state of controlled channels, their more qualitative cleaning due to improvement in ultrasonic cleaning process of detergent properties of cleaning medium.3 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of ultrasound cleaning and drying inner surfaces of fuel tanks // 2599302
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and can be used in space rocket, aviation and other industries, in which systems are used including tanks, in particular, fuel tanks, the main structural element of which is a shell of waffle structure. Method involves arrangement of ultrasound radiators on the outer surface of a fuel tank in crosslines of waffle material cells of the fuel tank shell in horizontal rows uniformly along the height of the fuel tank. Fuel tank inner surface is wetted by filling it with water and all radiators are switched on. After 30 minutes successively reduced is the water level in the fuel tank and switched off are the ultrasound radiators. When the water level reaches the line of the underlying ultrasound radiators row, the overlying row ones are switched off. Last row of the radiators is switched off in 90-120 minutes after complete release of the tank from water.EFFECT: using the invention provides the required level of industrial purity of fuel tanks.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of depositing antireflection multilayer broadband coating on surface of optical glass // 2597035
FIELD: glass.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to antireflection coatings on optical glass. Method of depositing an antireflection multilayer broadband coating on surface of optical glass involves calculation of thickness of coating layers based on table values of refraction indices; cleaning glass surface with organic solvents, cleaning with glow discharge and thermal treatment of substrate; calcination and degassing of film-forming materials; application of materials of different-thickness layers in a vacuum installation and control of transmission coefficient of substrate based on witness sample. Layers are made from alternating materials with average and high refraction index, and outer layer is made of material with lowest refraction index. On each layer, spectrum scanning determination of refraction index and dependance thereof on wave length is performed using acousto-optical spectrophotometer and a computer connected to its output. Obtained dependence is compared with preset dependance and coating sputtering modes are adjusted.EFFECT: technical result of invention is low coefficient of reflection from glass surface and high mechanical strength of antireflective coating.1 cl, 4 dwg
Composition for cleaning and protecting surface of water supply pipelines // 2596250
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in cleaning equipment for production and transportation of liquid products, for producing, transporting and packaging drinking water. Composition contains orthophosphoric, amidosulfonic and hydrochloric acid, as well as aqueous solution of orthophosphoric acid salts.EFFECT: high efficiency of cleaning surface of pipelines, faster removal of contaminants and providing protection of inner surface of pipelines from deposits.6 cl

Device for processing amber // 2594862
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to processing of amber stock. Device for removal of oxide coating from amber and its processing comprises an ultrasound frequency generator, acoustic transducer connected with electric generator, waveguide with tool connected to transducer, heating element and a power supply for heating element. Heating element is installed on waveguide with a working tool.EFFECT: faster cleaning material from cake without loss of main raw material.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for cleaning inner surface of process equipment and pipelines (versions) // 2594426
FIELD: treatment plants.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cleaning mechanical impurities and corrosion protection of inner surfaces of process equipment and pipelines, particularly at low temperatures, and can be used at industrial enterprises at start-up operations, scheduled repairs, at reconstruction and new construction. Method involves hydrodynamic removing deposits mode by means of jet cleaning device, flushing fluid supply to cleaning device under high pressure, generating jet exposure by forming jet flows of said fluid on surface to be cleaned, carry-over of flushing fluid flow with remote deposits at the forward direction of movement of the cleaning device on the surface to be cleaned and at the reverse direction of movement by means of reciprocal action mechanism. At the stage of deposits purification cleaning of surface from corrosion products tightly coupled with metal and scales with provision of corrosion protection of the surface to be cleaned is performed. Solution at a given components ratio is used as flushing fluid.EFFECT: technical result is high efficiency of cleaning process equipment and pipelines of various configuration with simultaneous antirust treatment at negative temperatures.14 cl, 3 dwg, 5 ex

ethod for chemical cleaning of pipelines internal surface // 2593558
FIELD: chemistry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical cleaning of inner surface of the oil pipeline. Method involves preparation of a cleaned section of the pipeline and its chemical processing with an agent, which is performed by creation of at least two plugs of the chemical reagent, to form which, first, a piston is put inside the pipeline, then the second piston, and the space between the said pistons is filled with the chemical reagent, the third piston is put inside the pipeline, and the space between the second and the third pistons is filled with the chemical reagent, and by means of an inert gas the created plugs are moved inside the pipeline from the initial point of the cleaned section to the final point at the rate of not more than 1 km/h provided that the counter-pressure is created by the inert gas of at least 2 kg/cm2. At least two cycles of the plugs movement are performed, then, at least 24 hours later and after inserting the two cleaning scrapers, at least two plugs of adsorptive light oil product are moved through the pipeline section with further removal of contaminated oil product, and after extraction of the last volume of the contaminated oil product the pipeline cleaning degree is checked. EFFECT: invention provides efficient cleaning of a pipeline at meeting ecological requirements. 7 cl, 3 dwg

Two-stage method of cleaning surfaces from oil products // 2592521
FIELD: technological processes; oil and gas industry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to methods of cleaning surfaces from hydrocarbon contaminants and can be used in various industries for powered washing and cleaning equipment and material ducts during preparation for internal survey, repair and/or changing content. Method includes the first stage consists in supply of working medium in form of a Jet onto treated surface and removal from processing zone products washing and the second stage consists in rinsing washed surface of the second working medium and removing products rinsing. Products of washing and rinsing with both processing stages is discharged in collector-separator for coarse separation into hydrocarbon, water and emulsion layers. Emulsion layer containing direct and reverse emulsion is used as working medium at the first stage of treatment. Water layer is used as working medium at the second stage of treatment. Part of the hydrocarbon layer is directed to the station dehydration to separate water from it and return to compensation of losses of water layer, and dehydrated hydrocarbons is implemented as a commercial product. EFFECT: efficient cleaning surface with simplification of technology and reduction of total costs. 1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of cleaning pipeline (versions) and device therefor // 2590548
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to cleaning pipeline inner surface of various deposits using coil tubing unit. When cleaning pipeline, coiled tubing with equipment system is placed over section of pipeline. Pit is formed and pipeline section is removed. Valve and T-joint are placed at end of pipeline. Working end of inserted long pipe BDT is connected to a cleaning device, which consists of two-stage sludge collector D and crowns. Device is introduced into guide tube NT, made in form of an arc with central angle of 90°. Upper end NT is connected with injector and lower - with T-joint. T-branch by means of flow line is connected to receiving tank, installed on surface. Valve and liquid is supplied at BDT with simultaneous movement of device on NT to destruction of deposits in pipeline. Destruction of deposits and carryover of slurry in D is performed by means of bit. Bit has internal conical recess at forming of which there are cutting straight wear resistant insertions and arranged in symmetry about device axis parallel to through holes. Through holes are made with expansion to inner surface of bit and formation of hydraulic connection of axial channel of device with an internal cavity D. One of stages D is fixed sludge collector, and other is centrifugal separator. Controlled pressure supplied liquid, and suddenly increase fluid supply is stopped. Said device is returned to NT. Valve is closed and lower end of disconnected NT of T-joint. NT is lifted with sludge is removed from D. Lower end of NT is connected with device to T-joint and valve is opened. Cycle of operations is carried out many times until pipeline cleaning is complete. Method includes dismantling equipment and pipeline and trench is filled.EFFECT: higher efficiency of pipeline cleaning.3 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of heat supply systems, water supply and disposal systems cleaning of impurities // 2590547
FIELD: heating systems.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cleaning of pipelines, liquid heating systems and radiators inner surfaces of central heating etc. of contaminants (sludge, various deposits, corrosion products, plugs and blockages) and can be used in heat engineering, housing and communal services, industry. Method includes at least one cycle, in series including disconnection of cleaned section from main pipeline, connection of drain riser of cleaned section to extraction device, creation inside cleaned section of low pressure zone due to removal of water from drain riser with discharge device, disconnection of cleaned section drain riser from extraction devices, connection of supply riser to main line or to discharge device while simultaneously feeding water or air under pressure not less than 100 kPa, connection of drain riser to main line or to discharge device with simultaneous switching on of water pumping out.EFFECT: efficient cleaning of heating system without using chemical reagents, without dismantling of separate elements of systems.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device and ventilation device // 2588478
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a ventilation device containing device for holding and control of air channel. Device comprises an air channel, lever structure located along outer surface of air channel, lever structure comprises two lever sections, first joint which connects first lever part with a fastening device which holds and supports base of lever position and which provides different positioning of lever structure and air channel, second joint which connects first lever section with second lever section and provides various positioning of lever structure and air channel. Each lever section comprises an elongated profile, wherein first joint comprises first part attached to fixing device, and second part attached to first lever section, wherein parts of first joint are interconnected by axis around which they can rotate relative to each other around, and second joint comprises first part attached to first lever section, and second part attached to second lever section, wherein parts of second joint are interconnected by axis which passes through first part and second part and about which they can rotate relative to each other. Further, at least one part joint comprises a part in form of cradle, comprising two parts, arranged in parallel and spaced apart, wherein said parts are located at each side of flat part, which is contained in second part of joint. Device also comprises balancing device, which is located between one joint and one of lever section, and fastener arranged around axis of rotation and rigidly attached to one part of joint to outer surface of joint, and having part projecting from joint, and tension structure, which is attached by one of its ends to provide rotation of projecting part of fastener and other end to provide rotation of lever section of lever part of joint, wherein central line of projecting part is located at an angle from 80° to 100° relative to central line of lever section, which is rigidly attached to part of joint, to which is a fastener is rigidly fixed.EFFECT: ensuring more stable operation of balancing device.25 cl, 17 dwg

ethod of washing tanks for oil, oil products or hazardous fluids and equipment therefor // 2585784
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to safe cleaning of tanks for storing oil products and other dangerous fluids, contact of which with air is not allowed. Oil or dangerous fluid medium is pumped out from tanks with simultaneous filling of freed space with gas inert in respect to tank content. Tank is washed in inert gas medium by means of hot sea water mainly with detergent additives, followed by displacement of contaminated inert gas from the tank by ballast sea water with subsequent water pumping. After pumping out ballast sea water tank is filled with clean inert gas. Tank is blown by inert gas, then degassing-substitution of inert gas with air is performed, tank is ventilated with air to ensure access for personnel and carrying out examinations and required operations. Equipment complex includes washing monitors, instrumentation, immersed pumps with hydraulic drive and pipelines for pumping out washing water, installed on tank bottom, centrifugal high-pressure pumps with hydraulic drive to supply washing water, hydraulic station to allow operation of hydraulic equipment.EFFECT: possibility to clean tanks automatically in safe inert medium, avoidance of oxygen containing gas medium access to storage tanks and risk of pyrophoric deposits inflammation prior to the end of drying, washing, cleaning, degassing and ventilating tank, safety of tank washing process on structure located in open sea or in coastal areas.9 cl, 2 dwg
ethod for cleaning pipes and risers of sewage network // 2583006
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, specifically to methods for cleaning pipes and risers of sewage network of settlements and industrial enterprises. Technical result is achieved using a method, which comprises formation of self-destructing piston and its movement. On clogged section of pipeline of network in inspection sewage pit on inlet side of waste water in pipeline are arranged guide tubular overpass total height above it of not less than twice depth of well and its lower end of yielding part overpass, for example, in form of bellows is inserted into pipeline. Then in outer edge of non-deformable part smooth-pipe overpass or riser is fit a pre-formed self-destructible piston comparable on diameter, and is provided, due to forces of gravity, with accelerated motion in system overhead crossing pipeline or standpipe and opposite collision with clogging in pipeline or riser up to its removal.EFFECT: technical result consists in reduced operating costs for maintenance of sewage network.7 cl, 1 dwg
Vehicle-mounted camera device // 2582478
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: vehicle-mounted camera device, which is installed on a vehicle and captures an image of neighborhood comprises an objective lens. Outer lens of objective lens has a hydrophilic surface so that water, sticking to surface takes shape of a film. In lower part of lens is a cap-ledge, which provides retention of water film on surface of lens.EFFECT: technical result is possibility of removing dirt or other substances adhering to lens surface without delay and maintaining lens surface in a clean condition.7 cl, 10 dwg