Sewing and embroidering and tufting (D05)

D   Textiles; paper(37723)
D05            Sewing; embroidering; tufting(1577)

Device for artificial grass strips insertion into soil // 2637671
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device comprises: a frame for support of various parts of the device; a plurality of bobbins with artificial grass strips wound on them; at least one drum that is rotatably mounted on the frame and rotates about a substantially horizontal axis of rotation. The drum is designed to accommodate several artificial grass strips that are unwound from the bobbins, and to rotate these artificial grass strips by drum movement. The drum includes a plurality of clamps which, when viewed from the side, are arranged around the axis of rotation, the clamps rotate together with the drum and are designed to hold a portion of each artificial grass strip clamped between the front clamp and the rear clamp, viewed in the direction of rotation, and to rotate parts of the artificial grass strips together with the drum; at least one cutting device to cut the artificial grass strips, so that the clamped parts of the artificial grass strips are cut off from the remainder of the corresponding artificial grass strips; at least one insertion device that comprises a plurality of insertion pins and at least one actuator. The actuator introduces the insertion pins to the soil depth. The drum is arranged to rotate a number of parts of the artificial grass strips under the insertion device.EFFECT: insertion device is adapted to insert portions of the artificial grass strips that are turned under the insertion device into the soil.15 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of preventing multi-strand chain stitch seam releasing, device for prevention of seam releasing for multiline chain stitch sewing machine and design of multiline chain stitch // 2607318
FIELD: textile.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is method of preventing multi-strand chain stitch seam releasing. Normal sewing stops by looper installation in motion state advanced forward position, wherein needle thread loop is trapped by looper, subjected to retention in looper motion path front end position closer than to needle falling position, it is maintained until needle falling through needle thread loop, caught by looper. Then needle thread loop is released from retention position, allowing to realize sewing action at least in one stitch, thus allowing needle thread loop to be self-engaged with needle thread loop held by needle.EFFECT: this undoubtedly reliably prevents occurence of multi-strand chain stitch seam releasing, formed by single needle, regardless of tension applied to thread needle and looper thread.7 cl, 29 dwg

Carpet unit arrangement and carpet unit // 2604583
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a carpet unit arrangement comprising a carpet unit and a light source. Carpet unit comprises a carpet or a carpet tile, wherein carpet unit comprises a user face, formed by carpet tuft yarns, and an opposite back face. Seen in a direction from user face to back face, light source is arranged behind user face of carpet unit. Light source is further arranged to provide light downstream of user face of carpet unit.EFFECT: carpet unit is an axminster-based carpet unit, comprising wefts, warps and said tuft yarns.15 cl, 12 dwg

Needle threader for overseaming machine // 2599714
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed is a needle threader for overseaming machine, which makes it possible to make the whole machine compact and enables reliable needle threading by operator with one hand. Needle threader comprises a threading shaft which moves vertically and is supported with possibility of rotation, the core of the shaft is taken for the central axis; a threading hook attached to the lower end of the threading shaft including the hook part to be inserted into the stitching needle's eye, and the first guide section which directs the hook part into needle's eye; thread directing element which directs the needle thread in the hook part near the limit point of the threading shaft lowering. Threading hook rotates to preset angle so that the hook part gets inserted into the stitching needle's eye near the limit point of the threading shaft lowering. Threading hook and thread directing element rotate in opposite directions relative to each other, thus the thread directing element rotates to preset angle so that a part of the thread hooking crosses the stitching needle outside position of the stitching needle near the limit point of the threading shaft lowering.EFFECT: threading shaft moves according to the relative mutual arrangement between the eyes of multiple stitching needles.9 cl, 28 dwg

Device of thread filling by gas feeding of thread for sewing machine // 2598561
FIELD: sewing.SUBSTANCE: device of thread filling by gas feeding of thread for sewing machine comprises at least one looper with hollow structure from looper hole for thread input to hole for thread output in place of loop capture, mechanism of thread input into looper for insertion of looper thread, hollow looper thread guide extending from said mechanism of thread input into looper to said looper hole for thread input and having output hole of looper thread guide, gas feed pump for filling said thread into looper from said mechanism of thread input into looper to said output hole of looper thread guide via said hollow looper thread guide by means of thread gas feeding, coupling for energy transfer from sewing machine engine to drive shaft for actuation of stitch-forming device including said looper during stitch formation and said pump of gas supply during looper thread filling, respectively, and mechanism of switching between modes of looper thread filling and stitch forming for switching of said coupling to transfer energy to said pump of gas supply during looper thread filling and to transfer energy to said stitch formation device during stitch formation depending on manual exposure on manually driven element of switching between modes of looper thread filling and stitch formation. Wherein said coupling comprises drive element of gas supply for energy transmission to said pump of gas supply with engaging and gripping ledges, drive element of stitch forming attached to said drive shaft for energy transmission to specified stitch forming device with engaging and gripping ledges, coupling hollow shaft, fastened on said drive shaft and driven by said sewing machine engine and switching sliding sleeve installed on outer periphery of said coupling hollow shaft and connected therewith with possibility to slide to side of drive element of gas supply or to side of drive element of stitch formation depending on manual action on said manually driven element of switching between modes of looper thread filling and stitch formation with engaging and gripping ledges for mutual grip and engagement with said engaging and gripping ledges of drive element of gas supply and saving communication state during connection with said drive element of gas supply and engaging and gripping ledges for mutual grip and engagement with said engaging and gripping ledges of drive element of stitch formation.EFFECT: as a result to prevent switching to stitch formation mode from mode of looper thread filling during operation of gas supply by gas supply pump safety device is not required, as well as simplified filling threads requiring repetition of small number of times one action by one hand on looper are achieved.6 cl, 17 dwg

Sewing machine and method of sewing by said sewing machine at least two overlapping folds textile material // 2584108
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: sewing machine of “overlook” type with treatment section for sewing together at least two overlapping and belonging to one or more textiles flaps (3a, 3b) of textile material containing at least needle plate (2) to ensure support for at least two overlapping flaps (3a, 3b) of textile material of one or more textile articles, movable sliding for formation of sewing stitches (10a , 10b, 10 c), needle plate (2) is equipped with through holes which determine corresponding slots (4) for passage of sewing needle (5), and at least side of projecting part (6) which determines line (7) sliding sewing stitches (10a, 10b, 10 c); lower binding trigger (14); upper connecting hook (15); and at least needle holder (11) with at least three sewing needle (5), which are installed on needle holder (11) aside from each other, are aligned relative to each other, are equipped with appropriate sewing threads (10) and have possibility of passing through above slots (4) needle plate (2) for overlapping flaps (3a, 3b) of textile material, wherein said needle plate (2) is equipped with at least three of above slots (4) for passage of sewing needle (5) each of above slots (4) for passage of sewing needle (5) is made so that it can pass at least corresponding sewing needle, needle plate (2) is equipped with appropriate separating sections (8) to at least partial separation of each of slots for passage of sewing needle (5) of adjacent slots (4) for passage of needles (5) at least in zone (9) of passing of needles (5) to ensure parallel generating at least three different and located on mutual distance from each other sewing stitches (10a, 10b, 10 c).EFFECT: processing section for sewing together at least two overlapping and belonging to one or more textiles folds.10 cl, 10 dwg

Threading device for lower looper of sewing machine // 2571257
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: threading device for lower looper of the sewing machine is proposed. The looper thread passes through the eye of the lower looper on the lower side of the needle plate. The threading device comprises: a first movable element with a threading element attached to the one its end, and the threading element has a hooked part which may be inserted into the eye of the lower looper; a second movable element which is connected to the first movable element so as to be able to move in a direction opposite to that in which the first movable element moves, and the control element is connected to it on the same side as the hooked part, and the locking lever having in its lower part a convex part which engages with the cam groove with a groove attached to the main shaft, and in its upper part a protruding part which comes into contact with the control element. When the convex part of the locking lever is engaged with the groove, the control element and the protruding part of the locking lever are separated from each other and thus movement of the second movable element is not limited.EFFECT: device enables to thread a yarn in the lower looper in a safe and reliable manner by a reliable protection of the main shaft from rotation when the threading operation is performed in the lower looper.3 cl, 11 dwg

Sewing machine with multi-thread chain stitch and device of prevention of ripping stitch // 2563755
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: in the sewing machine with multi-thread chain stitch and device of prevention of ripping stitch the base of the needle plate (11) is divided into the left (11L) and the right (11R) parts of the needle plate, and the left part is used to connect the needle plate and to support the swivel drive (30) of the thread hanging hook (3), and the right part of the base of the needle plate is attached to the sewing machine bed (B) and is used for fixing the retaining element (4), the stopper cylinder (42) and the thread control cylinder (32). In addition, the left part of the base of the needle plate has an ability of removal-mounting on the upper part of the sewing machine bed (B) using the screw fastener elements (102), which enables to provide sufficient space for setting the stitch, maintenance and replacement of various parts and components located inside the sewing machine bed, to perform easily these procedures, without additional time and labour expenditures, while providing consistently stable quality of stitching, and implementation of the function of prevention of ripping stitch of chain stitch.EFFECT: increase in efficiency of operation.14 cl, 23 dwg

Device for closing toe // 2561909
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a sewing device having a main housing, a stationary reed, a movable reed pivotally mounted on the stationary reed, and a main drive unit designed to rotate the movable reed relative to the stationary reed between the adjacent position and the stacking position. The control unit of rotation comprises a support frame that supports the main housing, a rotating disc attached to the main housing, several locking elements located around the rotating disc, and several control drive elements actuating respectively the locking elements. The control drive elements operate consistently, to actuate consistently the respective locking elements, so that the rotating disc with the sewing device consistently intermittently performs the rotation limited in value.EFFECT: simplification of the structure of the device for closing the end with a toe of a tubular base of stocking.11 cl, 23 dwg
ethod of production of sealed seams of garments // 2560057
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: method of production of sealed seams of garments. The invention relates to the light industry, namely to manufacturing of special waterproof clothing. The method of production of sealed seams of garments comprises applying at stitching of the material layers on the surface of the sewn seam of the aqueous polymer dispersion. The dispersion is used as an aqueous polyurethane dispersion based on the aromatic polyurethane with a viscosity at 100-300 mPa·s·at 25°C. The polyurethane dispersion is applied to the surface of the sewn seam with an inlay on both its sides.EFFECT: simplifying the technological process, increasing the adhesive strength of the sealing layer to the material by 132-168%, increasing the water-resistance of the seam by 18-52%, reducing the seam stiffness by 17%.3 tbl

ethod of prevention of releasing seam, device of prevention of releasing seam and seam type // 2555807
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: hook for the thread and thread holder of the looper are mounted on the back side of the position of lowering the needle of the sewing machine. Upon completion of the conventional seam the hook for the thread and thread holder of the looper are rotated and moved close to the looper. The detail of the hook, provided at the tip of the hook for the thread, keeps the needle thread loop captured by the looper and places it on the extended end part of the looper at a distance from the position of lowering the needle, and the thread-receiver provided on the tip of the thread holder of the looper, keeps the looper thread stretched from the looper to the fabric, and places it in the front part at a distance from the position of lowering the needle. While sewing, the sewing machine with at least one stitch supports the position of the needle thread loop and the looper thread.EFFECT: improvement of the method.18 cl, 22 dwg

ethod of rapid determining characteristics of functioning of sewing machine // 2553959
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: to control the characteristics of the thread in the working process the sensors of determining the stock, shortage and the thread tension are used, as well as the sensors of rotation, lowermost and uppermost positions of the main shaft of the sewing machine, and the size of the presser foot raise. The data obtained from the sensors are processed in the controlling system, and the characteristic of using the thread is formed as the algebraic sum of the values of the thread stock and its lack (has the negative value), taking into account the value of the thread deformation, which is set by the values of the thread stock and the thread tension, as well as taking into account the parameters of stitches, the type of the thread and the processed material. Registering the characteristics of the thread usage occurs in all phases of stitch formation.EFFECT: method has the ability to customise for different types of material and the thread used.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of production of thread connection of parts made of felt // 2546512
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light industry and can be used for production of sealed joints in the manufacture of products from felt to increase the heat-protective and deformation and strength properties of the products. The method of production of thread connections of parts made of felt comprises forming thread connection and its sealing, comprises additional preparing the part edges by deflating their thickness at an angle of α=30°-45°, which is set according to the properties of the materials used, such as: type of felt, its structure and thickness; making thread connection in the form of 4 or 5-thread flat seam with a frequency of stitching of 3-6 stitches/cm, and the sealing of thread connection is carried out by uniform applying of the sealant in the seam area with the flow of 0.03-0.04 g/cm2 followed by drying. The proposed method enables to improve the hygienic, operational and aesthetic properties of the thread connection. Sealing is carried out without additional mechanical, thermal or chemical effect on the joined materials, and also without the use of additional auxiliary materials, namely, adhesives, sealing tape, which enables to reduce material costs in the manufacture of the perform of shoe upper of felt.EFFECT: increase in heat-protective and deformation and strength properties of products.2 dwg, 5 tbl

Clamping device and sewing machine comprising clamping device // 2540394
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: clamping device connected to sewing machine having a control system and comprising a head (14) and a platform (12), on which the article to be sewed is placed. The clamping device comprises a clamping bar (24) connectable with the head (14) and a presser foot (26) pivotally connected through the axis (28) with the said clamping bar (24) to change the inclination of the presser foot (26) relative the clamping bar (24). The presser foot (26) is designed to press the article to holding it under pressure on the platform (12), even in case of changing the thickness of the article.EFFECT: improvement of design.8 cl, 8 dwg

Device for sewing machine designed for cutting material being stitched // 2536190
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: device 20 for a sewing machine, designed for cutting a material being stitched, comprises a stationary frame 41 which is rigidly attached to the main housing 21b of the sewing machine, and a movable frame 42 which is movably attached to the stationary frame 41. A rotating blade 34 is mounted on the movable frame 42 with the ability of rotation. The stationary frame 41 comprises a drive 37 for driving the rotating blade 34 to rotation by means of a power transmission 36, and a control means 43 controlling the movable frame 42 so that the rotating blade 34 moves from position P1 of the lack of cutting the material being stitched to position P2 of cutting the material being stitched. A needle plate 32 which is provided on the side of a base 22 on which the main housing 21b of the sewing machine is fixed, comprises a stationary knife 38 which cooperates with the rotating blade 34 to cut the material being stitched.EFFECT: possibility to cut the material being stitched in any position of the material being stitched, regardless of whether stitching is carried out directly after it or not.6 cl, 15 dwg

ulti-operational sewing assembly // 2533690
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to light industry, in particular, to multi-operational sewing assemblies, specifically, those performing carried connective seams and stitches. According to the invention, the proposed assembly with automatic delivery of sewing module machines has an electric motor embedded in the structure of such module machines requiring no interfacing with a unified mechanical drive; the module machines are supplied from the accumulator of multi-tiered type represented by a mechanised rack.EFFECT: ensuring increased performance and high adaptability of the assembly; the rotation rate of the embedded electric motor of the varied purpose module machines is controlled by variation of electric current parameters; the maximum required current power of the embedded electric motors of module machines different in terms of design and intended purpose is set from the control unit of the assembly production table.6 cl, 5 dwg

Carpet product containing optical sensor // 2531770
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: carpet product is created which contains laminate from: piled primary lining layer forming the upper surface of the carpet product; intermediate adhesive layer and lining of a layer forming back surface of the carpet product; where the carpet product is selected from the group consisting of a carpet and carpet tiles; where the carpet product in addition contains the optical sensor designed with a possibility of the sensor signal generation; where the optical sensor is located (from the side of the upper surface of the carpet product) behind the primary lining layer and where the carpet product is designed with a possibility of the transmitting of the light from the upper surface of the carpet product to the optical sensor.EFFECT: product improvement.11 cl, 23 dwg

Device of replacement of needle bars in sewing machine // 2530796
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a needle bar mechanism mounted in the sewing head of the sewing machine, particularly to a device of replacement of needle bars, which enables to replace the needle bars from one to another in the same sewing head without changing the basic point of the like sewing head. The device of replacement of the needle bar of the sewing machine comprises a needle bar housing with a plurality of openings for the needle bars located in it, in each of which the needle bar enters and on one side of each of which there is at least one longitudinal sliding guide; in the holder of the needle bar housing, which is located on one side of the needle bar housing, there is a control guide track which engages with the needle bars and which has a longitudinal opening; the needle guide engages with one of the needle bars, which is moved to the sewing position for alignment with the longitudinal opening and moves with the transitional link of the sewing machine to move up and down synchronously with the engaged needle bar; and also the drive mechanism for moving and then retaining the selected needle bar in the sewing position. The control guide track prevents axial movement of all the other needle bars that are not in the sewing position.EFFECT: improvement of the device.11 cl, 26 dwg

Carpet // 2511322
FIELD: articles of personal use.SUBSTANCE: carpet contains a basic structure and features high and low nap. Some fibres of the high nap have smaller linear density than finest fibres of the low nap. At least some fibres of high nap have linear density under 15 dtex, preferably under 5 dtex.EFFECT: reduced content of fine dust in environment.10 cl, 8 dwg

Sewing machine and methods of forming stitch with its use // 2508424
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: sewing machine 1 comprising two needles comprises a platform 3, a rack 5, a console 6, a needle shaft 11 which is located on the front part of the console 6, two sewing needles 13, 14 which are attached to the needle shaft 11, two horizontal hooks 15 and 16 which grasp the corresponding loops of needle threads of two sewing needles 13, 14, and a moving member 21 which moves the sewn material 40 in a direction approximately orthogonal to the platform 3. In the sewing machine 1 comprising two needles the sewing needle 13 which is situated at the location more remote from the rack 5, is situated closer to the side of the displacement of the sewn material 40 than the sewing needle 14 which is located at the location closer to the rack 5.EFFECT: improvement of strength of the convex curved part due to bringing the pairs of stitches closer to each other, when sewing the sewn product that contains a convex curved part.3 cl, 28 dwg

echanism of transportation of fabric of sewing machine // 2507326
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: mechanism of transportation of fabric of sewing machine comprises a mechanism of horizontal movement of the rack bar kinematically connected to the main shaft of the machine. At that the mechanism of horizontal movement of the rack bar is made in the form of the drum comprising a toothed-pinion belt put on the spools and the pinions, at that the spools are located one horizontal plane, one of the spools is installed on the driven shaft, and the pinions are located on both sides of the horizontal plane of the spools location to form a polygon; the spools are connected with a clamp connected via the lever to the handle mounted with the ability of fixation; and on the toothed-pinion belt the toothed elements are placed in the form of tracks, corresponding to the lines with different pitches. At that the toothed elements are made composite and can be manufactured, for example, from textolite.EFFECT: improvement of the mechanism.2 cl, 6 dwg

echanism of transportation of fabric of sewing machine // 2493303
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: mechanism of transportation of fabric of sewing machine comprises a kinematic chain of movements of the rack bar, comprising the system of rods and levers, at that on the main shaft the profile cam is mounted which is connected with the toothed plate kinematically connected through the shaft-rocker and the lever with the rack bar, and the profile cam is made sine-shaped. The connection of the toothed plate with the shaft-rocker is made of a gear wheel engaged with the toothed plate, at that the gear wheel is mounted coaxially with the bevel gear, which is in contact with the shaft, at the end of which a similar bevel gear is located through the train of gears connected with the shaft-rocker. The mechanism enables to increase the wear-resistance and reliability of operation under high dynamic loads.EFFECT: mechanism is universal and can be used for a wide range of sewing machines.2 cl, 3 dwg

Overlock sewing machine // 2493302
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: machine has advanced technological capabilities with automatic changeover to different types of chain and overcasting stitches. For the first time, the overlock sewing machine performs zigzag stitches not only of two-thread chain stitch, but three-thread (two-thread) overcasting having less consumption of thread in comparison with the four-thread overcasting stitch. The machine additionally comprises the units of regulation of the width of the stitch and switching off the upper moving knife in the mechanism of cutting the edge of the material. In the upper looper mechanism the unit of its switching off is provided by actuation of the solenoid and opening the kinematic link between the driven lever and the shaft of the upper looper mechanism. In the mechanism of movement of the material the unit regulating the rods in height is mounted, actuated by the stepper motor. The presser foot mechanism comprises a sensor of registration of the presser foot position in height, and the stepper motor with a cam for regulation of the pressing force of the material by the presser foot. In the machine an automatic adjustment of the machine to the rational parameters of operation is provided, the self-learning methods are used due to which the diagnostic system has the ability of self-correction of the settings, when changing the conditions of the material processing.EFFECT: machine has a single computerised control system of its operation, enabling to simplify its operation with the expansion of its technological capabilities.7 cl, 10 dwg

Sewing machine for layer by layer sewing textile materials by chain single stitches during winding on mandrel cradle // 2490381
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: sewing machine is integrated in the winding machine as one of the units extending its technological capabilities, and is located on the carriage of the machine tool, carrying the film drive mechanism with the textile ribbon reel. The sewing machine is made in the form of two functionally separate but cinematically interconnected, through the drive shaft and lever systems, parts of the housing which comprise mechanisms carrying out preparatory transformations obtained from the actuator of movements through the system of gears, cams and levers, and movable relative to the head housing comprising a needle with a needle bar, a looper with the drive mechanism and the system of fixing the head itself on the sewn material.EFFECT: invention enables to reduce the inertance of the moving parts of the machine.3 cl, 12 dwg

Light-emitting pile carpet // 2472881
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: carpet (1) comprises a primary support layer (100), optional secondary support layer (200), optional adhesive layer (300), a set of light-emitting diodes built in the carpet (40), adapted to generate light from the carpet (41), and the first electrical conductor (10) and the second electrical conductor (20). The first electrical conductor (10) and the second electrical conductor (20) are adapted to provide power from the power source (50) to the light-emitting diodes (40). The primary support layer (100) comprises a first layer of felt (30'), or the optional secondary support layer (200) comprises a second layer of felt (30"), or as the primary support layer (100) and the optional secondary support layer (200) comprise layers of felt (30', 30"). The first electrical conductor (10) and/or the second electrical conductor (20) is at least partially embedded in the first layer of felt (30') and/or the second layer of felt (30").EFFECT: increased reliability and durability of electrical conductors in light-emitting pile carpet.15 cl, 19 dwg

ethod of satin embroidery on article // 2469136
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method for satin embroidery on an article consists in the fact that an ornament is applied into a base, stitches are made to form double-sided satin embroidery. The ornament on the base is embroidered with stitches laid in series in the form of separate groups of stitches according to the shape of the ornament fragment, creating visibility of pastose strokes that tightly adjoin to each other and have different dimensions. The thread of each stitch is arranged either on a reverse side of embroidery to a face side and back to the reverse one, or from a face side of embroidery to a reverse one and back to the face one, and thus an ellipse-shaped turn is formed to produce double-sided embroidery, of identical size at the reverse and face sides into one thread, ends of which do not contain knots.EFFECT: improved quality of an article with simultaneous improvement of art expressiveness and consumer properties.5 cl, 6 dwg

Design of heat-shielding packet with adjustable thickness // 2469135
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: adjusting compartment is formed by two partitions, sections of a material of outer and inner layers of a shell and by a facility for fixation of adjusting compartment width. The width of the outer layer of the adjusting compartment shell material (aadj) is within the limits of a0<aadj<(2hp+a0), where hp - partition width, a0 - minimum width of the facility for fixation of the adjusting compartment width, defined by technical characteristics of the adjustment facility, and width of the part of the inner layer of the shell material forming the adjustment compartment is ain≈a0. Stiffness of the middle part along the partition width increases by an adhesive, thread or other methods of duplication, and also by using stiff inserts, installed into special pockets on a partition.EFFECT: improved hygienic parameters of garments with volume non-coherent heat insulation materials, variation of thickness in accordance to change of environmental conditions and reduced specific flow of a valuable heat insulation material for production of specified heat-shielding properties.3 cl, 5 dwg

Device and method to even edge surrounding end of circular knit item // 2455405
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: device to even an edge of a circular knit item comprises a tubular element, where a circular knit item is arranged, and a working head placed upstream the end of the tubular element, comprising many contact elements, besides, contact elements include at least one wheel and many blocks. The device comprises multiple contact elements arranged around the axis of the working head, and a support bearing at least one wheel on itself that is located between two separate blocks.EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability.

Device of change shape of seam // 2443814
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: device of change the shape of seam contains a shaft mounted in bearings of the housing, bearing a block of feeler units which includes a feeler unit of an automatic software of displacement of tissue feed in contact with a stripper, mounted with the possibility of oscillating in the mode of stitch execution of complex zigzag with software combined control by mechanisms of needle and the feed of tissue kinematically connected with the control handle of the tissue feed, mounted on the axis, and a cam of smooth adjustment of the stitch length. According to the invention it is provided with a transitional feeler unit for transfer the stripper from the feeler unit of automatic software of the tissue feed displacement by a cam of smooth adjustment of the stitch length, made in one piece with the said feeler unit with a narrow lateral cylindrical surface and conical surfaces, by which it is coupled with its cavities and protrusions. At that the narrow lateral cylindrical surface is made with a diameter equal to at least half the sum of the diameters of protrusions and cavities of the feeler unit of the automatic software and is located on the same level with the cam of smooth adjustment of the stitch length, which with the stripper has the ability to contact in the mode of performance of straight and zigzag stitches with control of the needle mechanism.EFFECT: simplified design and manufacturability of the design features.2 cl, 5 dwg

Device for stitch stroke regulation // 2441949
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: device mostly serves for use in lockstitch sewing machines. Stitch stroke regulation device contains the handle for material movement control, three-centered latch located in the main shaft of sewing machine interacting with the pusher the bottom end of which is connected with the hinge joint to balancing arm of the advancing shaft and in the middle part through the connecting link of swinging cross-arm. The reference spring-loaded three-port arm is simultaneously kinematically linked to the spring-loaded reverse feed arm and latch of smooth stitch stroke regulation contacting with one port of spring-loaded three-port arm mounted on the leading axle with possibility of longitudinal movement, second port of which contacts with one port of swinging cross arm that is also mounted on leading axle. Its third port is outfitted with the socket which is entered by the finger of longitudinal movement drive made as gear and rail set drive gear of which is mounted on the axle of the handle for material movement control, and the rail is outfitted with said finger. The latch of smooth stitch stroke regulation is made in form of flat surface located at the angle to the axle of the main shaft of sewing machine. The device is outfitted with error compensation unit in dimension chain of its kinematical connection made in form of length-adjustable, screwed into second port of cross arm screw with spherical butt end interacting with control port of reference spring-loaded three-port arm. The interaction of said chains is performed by means of its power contact. EFFECT: proposed device in comparison to the known ones gives positive effect consisting of producibility of assembly parts and convenient calibration of sewing machine.2 cl, 2 dwg

Hand sewing needle // 2434088
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: hand sewing needle contains a bar sharpened at the end at one side and a wedge-shaped eye at the other side. In order to eliminate spontaneous displacement of threads in the eye and elimination of their tangling, long sides of the wedge-shaped eye are arranged along the radius and have concavity to the inside.EFFECT: needle eliminates spontaneous displacement of threads in a needle eye, ensures reliable retention of threads during sewing, eliminates threads tangling during sewing, increases speed of hand sewing.3 cl, 4 dwg

Assembly fixture // 2433029
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to diverse assembly fixtures to be used in limited access conditions. Proposed fixture of needle-sleeve type comprises case with location surfaces and guide accommodating hollow slide spring-loaded to said case and provided with rod, handle spring loaded to said rod furnished with needle seat, and limiter of relative displacement of rod and handle. Case accommodates spring loaded lever with shoulder and chamfer on its end. Handle may displace relative to slide and has its face provided with surface to interact with lever chamfer. One face of slide has surfaces to interact with lever chamfer and shoulder, while opposite face is provided with sleeve location hole. Aforesaid limiter is made up of groove made in rod to receive handle retainer.EFFECT: improved operating performances.2 cl, 6 dwg

Device to mount accessories on sewing machine platform // 2430203
FIELD: textile; paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device to mount accessories on a sewing machine platform, which comprises a base arranged on the machine platform with indexing holes, at the same time one of the base indexing holes for accessories is made with a diameter commensurate with a support bushing diameter. The bushing has two segment grooves made so that width and height of a produced ledge complies with width and height of an indexing adjustment slot of an accessory, and the segment grooves themselves are arranged aflush with the base, at the same time along the axis of the support bush there is a threaded hole.EFFECT: increased labour efficiency by exclusion of repeated adjustment of the accessory relative to working elements of the sewing machine as various types of process equipment are replaced, and simplicity of design and reduced prime cost.1 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl

Zigzag sewing machine // 2415977
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: zigzag sewing machine comprises mechanisms of a needle 1, a thread takeup 2, a cloth mover 3, a shuttle 4, kinematically joined to the main shaft 5, a bearing block of guide plates 8, including the main guide plate 8.1 of the automatic program of the cloth mover motions, and a device for change of a stitch shape 10 with a cam 13 for smooth adjustment of the stitch length and a transition guide plate to change a puller from the latter to the guide plate of the automatic program of the cloth mover motions and vice versa. According to the invention, the transition guide plate is arranged in shape as an additional guide plate 14 of the automatic program of the cloth mover motions. At the same time the guide plate is arranged so that its average diametre is located at one level with the cam 13 for smooth adjustment of the stitch length, which provides for smooth changeover of the puller 9 and makes it possible to produce additional stitches.EFFECT: expansion of technological possibilities of zigzag sewing machine with minimum costs for production preparation.2 cl, 10 dwg

Device to thread needle for hand sewing or sewing machine // 2415210
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: device to thread a needle for hand sewing or sewing machine comprises body, rotation discs, thread clip, stand, there is a through hole in the centre of rotation disc with movable and fixed jaws of worm reducer, and its diametre is less than width of through slots arranged between two guides, which are rigidly joined to bracket and sleds. Besides, length of through slots is longer than displacement in direction of thread clip motion, longitudinal axis of protruding end of thread length from clip matches crossing of vertical and horizontal lines, arranged on glass of microscope lens, longitudinal axis of microscope crosses axis of thread length in the centre of needle eye at the moment microscope bracket touches limiter, position of microscope and worm reducer with bracket in vertical plane is controlled by couplings by rotation of their discs, axes of rotation of which are equipped with gear drives, arrangement of needle eye plane between fixed and movable jaws is fixed by ratio of longitudinal axis of through slots at the angle of ninety degrees, length of thread impregnated with bee wax or its substitute and pulled through needle eye is cut by scissors.EFFECT: helping people with poor eyesight to thread a needle for sewing.7 dwg

Zigzag sewing machine // 2415209
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: handle 27 of stitch selection, handle 11 of stitch length control, needle pusher 22, interacting with swinging cross beam 21, pusher 18 of cloth mover, interacting with three-arm yoke 67, lever 29 to change direction of cloth mover displacement are mounted onto a single block-frame of control, arranged in the form of two supports 43 with needle pusher axis 23 fixed in them, which also bears swinging cross beam 21, cloth mover pusher 18, three-arm yoke 67. At the same time in position prepared for alignment of sewing machine with block-frame of control, needle pusher 22, cloth mover pusher 18 interact in a contact manner accordingly with one of guide blocks in assembly of guide blocks 4 and cam 13 of smooth control of stitch length, and the third arm of three-arm yoke interacts in a contact manner with control crank 16. At the same time needle pusher axis 23 is equipped with mounting support ends protruding at both sides of supports 43, by means of which block-frame of control is mounted in supports 44 of machine frame.EFFECT: simplified alignment of machine, simplified control in process of sewing.2 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and device of angular orientation along axis of tubular jersey article, such as sock // 2401335
FIELD: textile industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed device of angular orientation along axis of tubular jersey article, such as sock, comprises tubular element, facility for insertion and stretching of tubular jersey article along outer side of tubular element and along its edge; control unit, crown of recognising elements interacting with edge of tubular element. Control unit is programmed so that angular position of tubular article stretched along surface of tubular element is defined by reading of a signal sent by recognising elements in defined mutual position of specified tubular article, specified tubular element and specified recognising elements. Method of angular orientation along axis of tubular jersey article, such as sock, includes the following operations: stretching of article along whole surface of tubular element, so that intermediate part of strip surrounding the second edge is arranged along crossing line, in two points of tubular element edge; arrangement of crown of recognising elements along edge of tubular element; detection of angular position of strip on tubular element as function of interaction between crown of recognising elements and strip; identification of fabric pocket position by angular location of strip relative to tubular element.EFFECT: more accurate detection of toe position for its embedding by means of sewing together or weaving.18 cl, 13 dwg

Sewing machine tab and sewing machine // 2398057
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: sewing machine tab according to invention comprises the following components: part (44) for tab installation and fixation to pressing rod (14) of sewing machine; pressing part (46) for pressing of sewn item, when sewing needle (12) pierces; and slot (46) for direction of row (9) of zipper (8) elements by means of insertion of some elements in it. Besides sewing machine comprises the following components: rotary bracket (47), which is retained by part (44) for installation of tab with the possibility of rotation relative to part (44) and swings in vertical plane parallel to line (28) of sewing in process of sewing; and spring-loading facility (52) located between part (44) for installation of tab and rotary bracket (47) to spring-load rotary bracket (47) to sewn item relative to part (44) for tab installation.EFFECT: invention provides for the fact that row (9) of zipper elements (8) may be directed, both when sewing needle (12) pierces and when seam is formed, so that thick cloth (6) and hidden zipper (8), which are difficult to sew to each other, may be accurately positioned and sewn to each other.10 cl, 18 dwg

ethod for formation of waterproof filar joint // 2396382
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method for formation of waterproof filar joint consists in application of sealant onto shuttle thread, closing segments of garments by shuttle stitching and curing. Sealant is represented by aqueous solution of acrylic lightly crosslinked thickener and self-cross-linking binding preparation with concentration of 40-80%. When interacting with water, chemical composition swells, increasing in volume, and after drying it returns into initial volume state, which provides for high hygienic properties of clothes due to change in water impermeability of filar joints as ambient humidity changes.EFFECT: composition binds large amount of water, in process of thermal treatment it produces spatial net structure, which pierces chains of acrylic thickener and provides for adhesion of polymer film to fibre of sewing thread.2 dwg, 2 tbl, 3 ex

Device for control of darning width for sewing machine // 2383670
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: device for control of darning width for sewing machine comprises holder of lower knife, which rests on frame of sewing machine so that position of lower knife holder in process of displacement may be controlled in direction, which is perpendicular to direction of cloth feed. Thread-shifting element establishes width of darning by means of thread gripping at its tip near area of stitch formation, and holder of thread-shifting element is supported with frame of sewing machine so that position of thread-shifting element in process of displacement may be controlled in direction, which is perpendicular to direction of cloth feed. Facilities are also provided for adjustment of thread-shifting element for control of thread-shifting element position in process of displacement, as well as facilities for adjustment of lower knife holder for adjustment of lower knife holder position in process of displacement to position, which goes beyond position, corresponding to outer limit position of thread-shifting element.EFFECT: development of device for adjustment of darning width for sewing machine, which may position thread-shifting element separately from lower knife in direction, which is perpendicular to direction of cloth feed.3 cl, 6 dwg

Threadless seam for tight connection of materials // 2379394
FIELD: textile industry.SUBSTANCE: threadless seam comprises two layers of material, which are joined by tight tape, at the same time additional layer of tight tape is arranged as turned on face side along seam surface, the main layer of tight tape is located either as bended for turned outside or inside joined materials depending on seam design, and connection tape used is represented by elastic self-adhesive material on the basis of water dispersion of copolymer of butyl acrylate, acrylonitrile and methacrylic acid.EFFECT: use of invention makes it possible to connect materials with various properties, to improve seam strength with simultaneous imparting of elasticity to it.5 dwg

Device for variation of stitch frequency in process of closing at universal sewing machine // 2379393
FIELD: textile industry.SUBSTANCE: device for variation of stitch frequency in process of closing at universal sewing machine comprises spring-loaded lever that adjusts stitch frequency and is connected to controller of sewing machine stitch length, being arranged as composite with the possibility to vary its length. Its upper part has fixing ledges, which contact with controller of sewing machine stitch length, and lower part of lever is installed on base with the possibility of swinging motion.EFFECT: device makes it possible to improve seam quality by elimination of thread connection defect in process of variation of thickness of closed packets of materials; to reduce labour intensiveness of thread stitching as stitch frequency varies in process of closing; to expand technological resources of sewing equipment; to reduce prime cost.6 dwg, 1 tbl

Device for hermetic sealing of places of thread joints in garments // 2373309
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to clothing equipment and can be used to manufacture special-purpose garments and domestic water-resistant clothes made of textile materials having waterproof finishing workmanship as well as of the materials with film coatings. The device has a tank for the sealing compound, compressor, pressure controller, pipeline system, air suction system and nozzles. In order to ensure a required level of point positioning of the sealing compound in places where the thread joints get penetrated by the needle along the thread seam the device structure houses an additional controller connected to the rotation angle sensor installed on the sewing machine shaft. The controller uses its other outlet to connect to an air solenoid valve that uses the air-driven pipeline to connect to the tank containing the liquid-phase sealing component.EFFECT: invention ensures control over the required level of point positioning of the sealing compound in places where the thread joints get penetrated by the needle.4 dwg

Sewing machine needle // 2370579
FIELD: textile industry.SUBSTANCE: sewing machine needle consists of a shank, a thread passage groove, faces, ribs, an eye and point of the needle, which is made in the form of a triangular pyramid with the bottom made in the form of an equilateral triangle. At that, side ribs of the pyramid are made in the form of a tractrix-shaped concave curve, or its faces are concave.EFFECT: reducing material deformation and increasing needle service life.6 dwg

Device and method for sewing toes during treating tubular knitted goods, such as socks or similar to one // 2365689
FIELD: textile; paper.SUBSTANCE: device includes a loading element on which a tubular knitted article is put, and a gripping element for catching opened toe of the article. The gripping element gas a number of components for catching toes of the article arranged about axis of the loading element which can assume circular or polygonal configuration and mainly line flattened out configuration for catching the article from the loading element and putting it in the thread guide of a sewing machine.EFFECT: device automatises the procedure of sewing a toe of sock.53 cl, 41 dwg

ethod and device for treatment of tubular jersey garment, in particular sock // 2360051
FIELD: textile fabrics.SUBSTANCE: method contains the following stages: garment stretching onto tubular element, so that intermediate part of belt surrounding end to be sewn in specified garment, is located along line that crosses in two points end edge of tubular element, and remaining part is located along external side surface of tubular element; measurement of angular position of mentioned belt in tubular element; identification of garment cloth pocket position on the basis of angular position of mentioned belt relative to tubular element.EFFECT: reliable manipulation of garment in process of treatment.18 cl, 38 dwg

Sewing manufacturing system // 2347025
FIELD: textiles; paper.SUBSTANCE: production system contains one or two rows o workplaces from production tables with sewing machines, monitors and rooms for controlling the functioning of the workplaces, storages of the ready products and sewing details and knots, connected with the workplaces with hanging chains and belt-type conveyors. Flexible conveyor belt made in the form of a Moebius band with the horizontal flat surface of its upper branches between the primary and slave devices of the actuating system, each made in the form of a cog-wheel, forming toothed wheel gearing with holes in the belt, on which are placed bags with zippers for putting in sewing details and knots, and a dispatcher with a monitor and control units. Holes in the belt pass by its central lateral axis, on both sides from which the indicated bags are placed on the belt. On different sides of the conveyor are placed rows of workplaces and ironing tables which are technologically joined with it. Chain of the hung conveyor passes above the conveyor belt of the belt-type conveyor, at whose beginning there is a launching table, storage for the sewing details and knots and the in-process storage, and at the end - the reception workplace and quality inspection of the end products and collection of the latter.EFFECT: increase in the efficiency of work of the production system by organising parallel launching of homogenous production batches and heterogeneous production batches.3 cl, 3 dwg

Flexible sewing heavy-duty machine with set of automatic spool charger heads // 2345184
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: offered is sewing machine with automatic spool charger. Automatic spool charger accommodates clutch assembly mounted under sewing plane and fitted with spool receiver. Clutch assembly is actuated with drive shaft and moves from the first working position to the second charging position. Spool charger adjoins clutch assembly in the second position. Spool charger contains suction pipe removing any remained spool rod. Then spool charger charges equivalent spool from charging spool assembly to spool receiver before clutch assembly returns into position. In addition for sewing thick material, the needle is brought by needle carriage moving simultaneously with sewed material to support needle essentially in vertical position as being inside of sewed material.EFFECT: possibility of sewing number of material layers with one or several stitch rows, as well as possibility of spool replacement in mid-seam.28 cl, 21 dwg

Transformable bench for sewing machine // 2337191
FIELD: mechanics, engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: proposed bench incorporates a base, a table-top for the seamer to be fitted thereon, two hinged table-tops arranged on opposite sides of the table-top with the seamer. The left hinged table-top, when swung out, rests on the bench front door in its open position. The right hinged table-top is linked to the seamer table-top. The proposed bench incorporates a mechanism allowing moving the machine from inside into the working position and representing an air-operated lift comprising a pneumatic cylinder, guides fixed to the base side walls, a roller system with a cord running around the rollers and interacting with the guides, the machine base three-position locking device and a control pedal. There is an additional pull-out case to house the overlock arranged perpendicular to the bench front surface and furnished with the table-top made up of two parts, one of which getting folded in pulling the pull-out case inside the bench.EFFECT: simpler design and expanded performances.3 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and device for stitching // 2335586
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: device includes detector of displacement, which determines displacement of folding and controls actuation of sewing head. Therefore device function consists in synchronisation of stitch course generation by head with mutually controlled displacement of sewed material folding. It enables the user to displace folding in wide range of speeds, to start or stop displacement of folding as desired and to direct folding in any direction along flat bed.EFFECT: possibility of free displacement of material layers folding on flat bed in relation to actuated sewing head.30 cl, 16 dwg