Explosives and matches (C06)

C   Chemistry; metallurgy(318327)
C06            Explosives; matches(2093)
ethod for production of porous granular ammonium nitrate // 2642669
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method involves the introduction of a stabilizing additive into the ammonium nitrate solution with simultaneous neutralization with ammonia. Further, the solution is evaporated to form a melt and a dispersant and a pore-forming additive are added to the resulting melt. Granulation of the melt is carried out by dispersing in the cooling air flow and conditioning of the resulting granules. Nitrogen gas is used as the pore-forming additive.EFFECT: increased absorbing and retaining capacity of ammonium nitrate granules in relation to diesel fuel, increased static strength, increased thermal stability of granules.5 cl, 1 tbl, 10 ex
Boron-fluoride-containing energy-intensive composition for energy condensed systems and method of its production // 2640338
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to boron-fluoride-containing compositions that can be used as high-calorie components of energy condensed systems (ECS), for example, powders, pyrotechnic and explosive compositions, mixed solid rocket fuels, and the like. The boron-fluoride-containing energy-intensive composition for energy condensed systems contains dodecahydro-closo-dodecaborate of chitosan (C6O4H9NH3)2B12H12and as an oxygen oxidant, chitosan C6O4H9NH3ClO4 and further comprises ultrafine polytetrafluoroethylene (UPTFE) in an amount providing the completeness and rate of boron transfer of the borohydride compound to boron oxofluoride (BOF)3. The composition is prepared by mixing freshly precipitated, moist dodecahydro-closo-dodecaborate of chitosan, an aqueous gel of chitosan and UPTHE in the form of ethanol dispersion in an appropriate amount to a homogeneous gel, thus the optimal molar ratio of dodecahydro-closo-dodecaborate of chitosan: chitosan perchlorate: UPTFE is 1:1:3.EFFECT: invention provides for obtaining homogeneous boron-fluoride-containing energy-intensive compositions that are distinguished by the completeness of combustion and are promising for their use as high-calorie components of energy compensated systems.6 cl, 7 ex

Small-sized mixing-charger machine for underground mountain works // 2640328
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: compact mixing and charging machine includes an external power source pneumatically connected by a main line to the gas generating agent and emulsion tanks, an injector for mixing the gas generating additive and an emulsion configured to coaxially inject the gas generating agent into the emulsion included in the hydraulic line at the inlet to the charging hose, at the end of which an adapter with a static mixer is installed. The emulsion tank is provided with a removable cover. The mains, tanks and hydraulic line are equipped with cranes. The containers for the emulsion and the gas-generating additive are sealed and connected to an external power source through a receiver and a gas reducer mounted on the line. The removable cap of the emulsion tank is connected by a chain to the membrane separating the emulsion and air. A tap is installed between the adapter and the injector on the charging hose.EFFECT: invention allows the creation of a charge column of an emulsion explosive of sustained shape.1 dwg
arking additive to explosive, method of its preparation, method for determination of explosive origin // 2639791
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: marking additive contains material having electret properties and having residual polarisation obtained by means of bulk-charge polarisation of electron or ionic types. Natural mica is used as material having the electret properties. In order to prepare the marking additive, a plate made of material having electret properties is placed in electric field for electrostatic recording of information code by means of bulk-charge polarisation of electron or ion types. Then the plate with information code is ground to obtain particles of required shape and size and mixed with explosive substance. For identification, the sample is taken in polarised light, the presence of marking additive it is determined by presence of luminescence, the selected samples are placed in the form of splines in a reading device for reading the information code, the code of the marking substance is compiled and compared with available base.EFFECT: determination of explosive origin, including the manufacturer of the explosives, in the event of an unauthorised distribution of explosives or terrorism, when explosion has already occurred and only the explosion products are available.16 cl

Hypergolic propellant // 2638989
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: hypergolic propellant, self-igniting in contact with an oxidizer, consists of fuel with pyrotechnic additive and oxidizer in which water solutions of hydrogen peroxide with concentration of 81.5-98 wt % are used as an oxidizer, and kerosene with dissolved in it pyrophoric high-active additive, the content of which is 10-15% by weight of the fuel weight, is used as fuel. The additive is a mixture comprising 87% by weight of triethyl boron and 13% by weight of triethylaluminum.EFFECT: use of propellant makes it possible to improve the stability of combustion of components, to facilitate the start-up and simplify the construction of liquid rocket engine because of lack of ignition system.3 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex
arking additive // 2637334
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: marking additive in the form of spherical particles contains a magnetic component and a marking component with the following ratio, wt %: magnetic component 2-98; marking component 2-98. The magnetic component comprises, at least, one component selected from the group consisting of ferrimagnetic iron oxides and/or ferrites with a spinel or garnet structure or particles of metallic Ni. The marking component contains a mixture of salts in the form of nitrates, acetates, chlorides, formates, or oxides, including solid solutions based thereon. The marking component comprises, at least, two elements selected from the group consisting of alkaline earth elements, lanthanides, transition metals, and post-transition metals.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and reducing the analysis duration of objects containing a marking additive.12 cl, 3 tbl, 4 ex
ethod for preparing colloid paste // 2637330
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of dispersed polymeric composite materials, for example, charges of energy condensed systems (ECS) - mixed solid fuels, pyrotechnic compositions, etc. Colloidal paste based on pyrophoric aluminium powders with particle sizes less than 1 micron is produced by stirring the metallic particles in the inert gas medium with a non-aqueous dispersion medium based on liquid-viscous material by stirring the surfactant and the lyophobic liquid-viscous material. The metal powder is dispensed in portions into a continuously stirred mixture until a sedimentation-resistant non-pyrophoric paste with evenly distributed metal particles is produced. In the preparation of colloid paste, the quality of pyrophoric metal powders of a spherical shape with a particle size of less than 1 micron is retained, and agglomerates in the starting powder are destroyed.EFFECT: method allows to apply binder components as dispersion media comprising a polymeric matrix of the energy condensed systems, and to achieve the maximum degree of filling colloidal pastes with the dispersed phase.4 cl, 1 tbl, 3 ex

ethod for manufacturing heat-resistant light-sensitive explosive compositions and light detonator on their basis // 2637016
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: to obtain the composition, a highly dispersed heat-resistant explosive agent (EA) is mixed with a specific surface in the range of from ~2000 cm2/g to ~20,000 cm2/g with the temperature of intensive decomposition onset exceeds 200°C and a light-sensitive component aluminium in the form of a powder with a dispersity of 50 -200 nm in volume of from 0.5 to 2.0 wt %. Mixing of components is carried out in medium of readily volatile organic liquid inert to components of SHS liquid by ultrasonic dispersion in a mixer placed in an ultrasonic dispenser equipped with a nozzle, which transforms ultrasonic vibrations into elastic vibrations of the medium. A sample of the explosive component is introduced into the previously obtained SHS mixture and nanodispersed aluminium. The light detonator contains a metal shell with an optically transparent barrier at its end. SHS in the form of uniformly aluminized over the surface of the explosive agent is placed in the shell with its compaction until a layer on the inner surface of the optical barrier is produced.EFFECT: composition with high selective sensitivity to pulsed laser radiation and simultaneously high explosion and fire safety.3 cl,7 dwg, 2 tbl, 6 ex

ethod of destruction of parts of waste spacecrafts and device for its implementation // 2637007
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: in order to destroy the parts of waste spacecraft by perforating the high-heat structural material of the spacecraft components when it falls in dense atmosphere, a pyrotechnic composition of thermite type, based on aluminium and metal oxide, capable of self-ignition at a temperature of 900-1000°C and with an exothermic effect of at least 4200 kJ/kg, is applied to the surface of the spacecraft parts. The pyrotechnic composition of thermite type is filled in a cylindrical nozzle made of titanium alloy, which is fixed on the surface of spacecraft parts. To ensure the compression of the pyrotechnic composition to the surface of the material, an elastic heat-insulating liner is installed inside the cylindrical nozzle.EFFECT: method and device provide high safety, stability and reliability and allow perforating the high-heat parts of waste spacecrafts at the stage of their uncontrolled descent in dense atmosphere.6 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl
Double-based solid fuel // 2636087
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: fuel contains nitrocellulose, nitroglycerin, stabiliser of chemical resistance - centralite, diphenylamine, or a mixture thereof, technical carbon, industrial oil, zinc stearate, oxide or iron hydroxide with a particle size of 0.1-1.0 mcm, copper oxide chemically precipitated on fibres of nitrocellulose, polyacrylamide. Fuel for a number of products (large-sized charges with fuel-channel radial combustion guns) may additionally contain a combustion stabiliser, which is recommended to use calcium carbonate in the form of a fine powder, for example, chalk chemically precipitated in an amount of 0.5-2.5% in excess of 100%. The fuel composition provides a burning rate of 22-30 mm/s at a pressure of 100 kgf/cm2 with a low dependence of the burning rate on pressure (a power-law measure in the combustion law is not more than 0.6) of an environmental friendly one, namely, containing no toxic compounds of the first class of danger in accordance with GOST 12.1.007-76 of solid rocket fuel.EFFECT: environmental friendliness.1 tbl, 5 ex

Detonation splitter in shockwave tubes // 2635415
FIELD: blasting works.SUBSTANCE: detonation splitter is composed of the body with an endless amount of SWT and with the fixing member for the SWT. The splitter is equipped with the energy-converting device, which is placed between the actuating SWT, that is embodied in the fixing member, and the splitter body. The inlet weighed amount of the pyrotechnic compound, which is connected to the actuating SWT, of the intermediate weighed amount of the pyrotechnic compound and the outlet weighed amount, comprised of the deflagrating EM, are placed in series in the energy-converting device body. An endless amount of the SWT is placed in the radial direction of the splitter body with the operating direction from the center. The inlet weighed amount is comprised of the gas-free pyrotechnic compound, which is boron-titanium components-based. The intermediate weighed amount is comprised of the igniter pyrotechnic compound, which is potassium perchlorate-boron components-based. The outlet weighed amount is comprised of the deflagrating EM diperchrolate (5-nitrotetrazolato)- pentaamine cobalt(III). The actuating SWT is fixedly attached with the ability to involve the other SWT that are directed at an angle to the actuating SWT.EFFECT: large quantity of the shockwave tubes with the diverse time delay.5 cl, 1 dwg
Incendiary effect composition // 2635134
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pyrotechnic composition that can be used as rigged blocks intended to impart or intensify an incendiary effect by fragmentation, or high explosive, or incendiary, or multifaceted weapon of destruction. The incendiary composition contains, as a combustible material, aluminium or iron, or nickel, or magnesium, or boron, or titanium, or silicon, or tungsten, or their mixtures in various combinations and as an oxidant a mixture of amorphous phosphorus and carbon at a content of phosphorus in a mixtures of oxidants from 60 to 96 wt %. The combination of phosphorus and carbon in the oxidant mixture provides the composition with the ability to burn actively in conditions of oxygen deficiency without shortening the burning time, and also burn actively on wet surfaces and form smoke when burning, which makes it harder to extinguish fires. In addition, the composition may contain from 0.2 to 12 wt % of fluoropolymer or silicone polymer, or fluororubber.EFFECT: intensifies incendiary effect under unfavourable operating conditions.2 cl, 2 tbl, 18 ex

Energy transmitting device // 2634960
FIELD: blasting works.SUBSTANCE: energy transmitting device is capable of the released energy transmission from the first pyrotechnic device to the second pyrotechnic device for the blast initiation of the second pyrotechnic device. The device comprises the metal case, which has the front section, capable of the adjacent to the first pyrotechnic device installation, and the rear section capable of the adjacent to the second pyrotechnic device installation. The end-to-end channel passes through the metal case. This channel comprises the first zone, which goes through the case front section, and the second zone, which goes through the case rear section. The case front section has the exposed face, which is capable of the adjacent to the first pyrotechnic device installation and of the intake of the released energy from the first pyrotechnic device and of the deformation by the released energy from the first pyrotechnic device for the narrowing formation in the end-to-end channel in its first zone.EFFECT: invention allows for the output energy reliable transmission from one retarded-action fuse to another.32 cl, 5 dwg
Liquid composition of irritating action for self-defense means (versions) // 2634448
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition is used as a throwable mass for a special-purpose cartridge, in particular, in aerosol small-size type canisters BAM and BAMP used in the barreled shooting devices for metered aerosol sprays such as "UDAR", or pyro-liquid (pyromechanical) cartridges used in the devices "OSA", "Strazhnic". The liquid irritating composition for self-defense means comprises, at least, one irritant, a thickener, dimethylsulfoxide and an organic solvent or a mixture of organic solvents, which contains glycerol triacetate or a mixture of glycerol tri-, di- and monoacetates with glycerin triacetate content of, at least, 54 wt % with the appropriate ratio of components. The version of the liquid composition is characterized by the absence of dimethylsulfoxide. Additionally, the liquid formulation may contain a colourant.EFFECT: increasing the effectiveness of the irritating fluid, both in terms of the degree of impact and the range of throwing, while maintaining the formulation before it hits the target.4 cl, 1 tbl, 10 ex
Gas-generating pyrotechnical composition // 2634023
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition includes fuel - nitroguanidine, oxidizer - potassium nitrate, aluminium-magnesium alloy of AMD, vanadium pentoxide, and cellulose-containing fuel binder in the form of a 15% solution of nitro-film in acetone in an amount of 5-9 wt % on a dry substance. Herewith the binder covers the solid particles of the composition with a flammable layer.EFFECT: increasing the gas production, when the composition is burned at an increased rate at a temperature comparable to the prototype, a significant facilitation of the inflammability of non-hygroscopic charges from it, which lasts for a long time keeping functionality with an open content.2 cl, 1 tbl, 5 ex
Ball powder for 5,6 mm sports hunting cartridge of ring ignition // 2633920
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to spherical powder for 5.6 mm sports-hunting cartridges of circular ignition. Spherical powder for 5.6 mm sports and hunting cartridge for annular ignition contains cellulose nitrate with a nitrogen oxide content of at least 210.5 ml NO/g, diphenylamine, moisture, ethyl acetate, graphite, as well as an LD-70 composition consisting of diethylene glycol dinitrate and triethylene glycol dinitrate.EFFECT: preparation of spherical powder for 5,6 mm sports-hunting cartridge of annular ignition without the stage of phlegmatization by introducing a volume inhibitor of combustion in the formation phase.1 tbl, 5 ex
Composition of emulsion explosive substance and method of producing this composition // 2633889
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: in the composition of the substance as porous granules of ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate is used in this mixture. Porous granules of ammonium nitrate, in its dry state, are impregnated or moistened with fuel or a fuel mixture of composition that repeats the composition of fuel or the fuel mixture in the water-emulsion matrix in an amount of 5.5-7.5 wt % with respect to the mass of porous granules of ammonium nitrate introduced into the composition of the emulsion explosive. In the composition of the emulsion explosive as nonporous granules of ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate can also be used in this mixture, the non-porous granules of which, in its dry state, are moistened with fuel or a fuel mixture of composition that repeats the composition of fuel or the fuel mixture in the water-emulsion matrix in the amount of 1.5 -3.5 wt % with respect to the weight of the granules of ammonium nitrate introduced into the composition of the emulsion explosive. The method of producing an emulsion explosive consists in mixing an aqueous emulsion matrix consisting of fuel or a fuel mixture and an oxidant solution with porous granules of ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is used as porous granules of ammonium nitrate in this mixture. Porous granules of ammonium nitrate, in its dry state, are impregnated or moistened with fuel or a fuel mixture of composition that repeats the composition of fuel or the fuel mixture in the water-matrix. For impregnation or moistening of porous granules of ammonium nitrate, fuel or a fuel mixture in an amount of 5.5-7.5 wt % with respect to the mass of porous granules of ammonium nitrate introduced into the composition of the emulsion explosive is consumed. The mixing of the water-emulsion matrix is carried out with the impregnated or moistened fuel or the fuel mixture with porous granules of ammonium nitrate.EFFECT: increased warranty period of storage, high detonation characteristics of emulsion explosives due to chemical homogeneity of the mixture composition.3 cl

Non-destructible detonation translator // 2633848
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: non-destructible detonation translator contains a detonating line charge of blasting explosive in a metal case that has an outer coating of nonmetallic material with an impedance substantially less than that of the case metal, in the form of a filament winding made of high-strength synthetic fibers of an ultrahigh-modulus material. At the ends of detonating line charge the charge-amplifiers made in the form of thin-walled metal caps with a combined charge of blasting explosive, consisting of two pressings of different densities, are placed. Detonating charge is placed in a thin-walled metal tube, tightly put on the filament winding. Charges-amplifier are installed in the internal cavity of the tips fixed to the ends of the metal tube by means of a threaded connection, wherein the bottom parts of the caps projecting beyond the tips. The bottom part of the internal cavity of the tips has a tapered constriction, directed by the apex towards the metal tube. In the internal cavity of each tip there is a locking device made in the form of a locking ball and a sliding sleeve. The detonating line charge of blasting explosive is located in the axial channel passing through the cone-shaped constriction and sliding sleeve, and each tip is provided with a mounting nut with external thread, which secures the detonation translator in the on-board pyroautomatic system. The equipment of detonating line charge is a thin 0.5-0.7 mm cord of a highly sensitive and highly blasting elastic explosive with a small, about 0.2 mm, critical diameter of detonation.EFFECT: reducing the level of shock wave loads, excluding the possibility of device case layers destruction and increasing its reliability, improving the mass-dimensional characteristics.2 cl, 1 dwg
Yellow light pyrotechnic composition // 2633545
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: pyrotechnic composition contains the following components, wt %: sodium nitrate 30-50, magnesium milling powder 15-30, cellulose 7-11.25, pyroxylin 7-11.25 and trinitrotoluene 14-22.5.EFFECT: increasing the colour saturation, the specific light-sum up to 2 times and obtaining radiation at the dominant wavelength corresponding to the yellow part of the spectrum; the composition has a good flammability, allowing to dispense with the transition composition, allows the use of ammunition disposal products, which reduces the cost of the product and improves environmental friendliness of the ammunition disposal process.1 tbl, 5 ex

odified explosive material // 2632451
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an explosive composition containing an aqueous emulsion of: 94 wt % of an oxidizing component comprising an aqueous solution of ammonium nitrate, 6 wt % of a hydrocarbon fuel component containing an emulsifier, and also a sensitizer and/or a dry additive - ammonium nitrate granules, and a filler, which is a waste material of a combustible type, namely a plastic, rubber, paper, cardboard, wax material, mixed waste plastic. The composition comprises, at least, 50 wt % of emulsion and from 1 to 50 wt % of the filler. The waste material itself does not provide emulsification sensitization and is a solid powdered material formed into dry granules that do not have rough surfaces and sharp edges so as not to cause emulsion crystallization having a size, shape and fluidity similar to that of ammonium nitrate. The invention also includes a method for delivering an explosive composition to the explosion place using a mobile unit (MPU), which is a vehicle having separate compartments adapted to separate the contents of liquid fuel, solid waste particles, and an ammonium nitrate-based emulsion. Also a method of blasting soft and wet ground is included, comprising the delivery of an explosive composition to the explosion place with a mobile unit (MPU), pumping the composition into blastholes and undermining it.EFFECT: invention allows the disposal of waste that is intended for landfill or incineration, with the production of blasting explosives.13 cl, 7 dwg, 3 tbl, 10 ex
Explosive compositions // 2632450
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a blasting explosive composition comprising a powdery oxidizing component comprising ammonium nitrate and a hydrocarbon combustible component selected from diesel fuel and mineral oil, with a ratio of the oxidizing and combustible component 94:6, respectively, and a binding agent reaching from 5% to 50% by weight of the combustible component to bind it to the particles of the oxidizing component. The binding agent is dissolved in the combustible component and includes: C36-C100 long chain carboxylic acid including oleic acid, stearic acid containing at least two functional groups of carboxylic acid or derivatives thereof.EFFECT: injection of the binding agent increases the absorbability of the solid oxidizing salt with respect to liquid fuel and the waiting time for the explosive composition.11 cl, 15 tbl, 27 ex
Initiating waveguide // 2632013
FIELD: blasting works.SUBSTANCE: initiating waveguide comprises the one- or multilayer visually transparent tubular jacket with the layer of the coloured fine active substance on the jacket internal surface. The waveguide width in the lead cross-section is less than its perimeter. The active substance layer is applied in a stripe way directly on the lead internal surface. The active substance comprises the element with the fusion temperature, which is close to the tubular jacket material processing temperature. The sulfur is used in the function of the active substance element with the fusion temperature, which is close to the tubular jacket material processing temperature. The black powder, the aluminium powder or the relevant meal black powder are used in the function of the active material.EFFECT: cheapening and design simplification at the simultaneous maintenance of the safety in use by means of the visual control provision.4 cl, 2 dwg
Composition for high energy pyrotechnical ignition element // 2631821
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: composition of a high-energy pyrotechnic incendiary element in cumulative fragmentation warfare articles containing a fluoropolymer and aluminium powders characterized in that the composition contains 70-90% of the mass of the copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and vinylidene fluoride, or a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoro-propyl ether, or a mixture consisting of 50% Polytetrafluoroethylene and 50% by weight. Vinylidene fluoride or polyvinylidene fluoride, and 10-30% by weight. Nanodispersed aluminium powder with a specific surface area of 5-16 m2/g, or a mixture of aluminium poly-borides with a specific surface area of 10-30 m2/g, or a mechanical mixture of aluminium poly-borides with nano-aluminium, in which the nano-aluminium contains 10 to 50% by weight, Complete warming up of the powder mixture to introduce particles of active metal powders into the softened fluoropolymer and ensure contact between the components, and then pressing the resulting pyrotechnic ignition element at a temperature of 150-220°C and a pressure of 85 kgf/cm2.EFFECT: composition of a high-energy pyrotechnic incendiary element is obtained, which has a high calorific value, a small delay in ignition and autoignition.1 tbl, 4 ex
Injection moulding pyrotechnical composition for generation of smoke // 2630559
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: cast pyrotechnic composition for smoke generation comprises a mixture of Chlor-paraffin powder with Chlor-paraffin liquid, aluminium powder, zinc oxide, and hexachloroethane and thiourea as active additives in a proportion of 2:1.EFFECT: solution provides a wide range of absorbed electromagnetic radiation to counteract the thermal homing heads, as well as a high degree of camouflage of weapons and military equipment by creating an optically dense smoke screen.1 tbl, 5 ex

Device for production of porous granulated ammonium nitrate // 2630557
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for producing porous granular ammonium nitrate includes a drum set at a small angle α to the horizon, with a hollow shaft, made with a jacket for heat carrier fluid and the possibility of circulation of the heat carrier fluid along the drum axis, a feeder-doser and a loading manifold for feeding granular ammonium nitrate into the drum, distribution nozzles, discharge hatch, discharge device with separate discharge of fractions, an external heat-shielding casing with an inspection hatch, exhaust devices for releasing air from the heat-shielding casing, and a sieve installed on the side of the discharge end of the drum and made in the form of a perforated ring having a discharge hatch of elliptical shape with a ratio of the bigger axis of the ellipse to a smaller one of 1.7-2.2 and an offset center of the ellipse relative to the axis of the drum is not less than the size of the ellipse on the smaller axis, and the drum is rotatable about its axis in two modes or in a rotating or swinging mode.EFFECT: invention can be used in open and underground mining of ore and non-metallic solid minerals in the development of stratified, stockwork, vein deposits.4 dwg
Fire-fighting pyrotechnical composition // 2630555
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: inflammable pyrotechnic composition has a thermal base consisting of an oxidizing agent - potassium nitrate and a metallic fuel - an aluminium-magnesium alloy powder, a sparking agent - ferrosilicon, an organic fuel binder - a rosin solution in linseed oil and a technological additive in the form of a mixture of graphite pyrotechnic with iditol powder, corresponding to the ratio of components.EFFECT: composition has high technical characteristics of the flammable action due to activation of its combustion and increasing the temperature of the dispersed phase in the generated aerosolized formation, with simplification of the technology of its preparation.1 tbl, 5 ex
ethod of processing of worked liquid oil products for manufacture of mixtures explosive explosives containing oxidizer in the form of salts - nitrates // 2630486
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of treating spent liquid petroleum products includes their mechanical purification with the removal of water and mechanical impurities and their subsequent chemical purification from impurities that are chemically active with respect to mentioned oxidant by passing a stream of spent liquid petroleum products through a filter with a filler in the form of granular ammonium nitrate.EFFECT: safe, simple, convenient and effective cleaning of waste liquid petroleum products from mechanical impurities, as well as impurities that are chemically active with respect to the oxidants used in the mixture explosives.2 cl
Inert filler composition // 2629078
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: inert filler composition contains filler components and a binder consisting of an epoxy resin and amine curing agent. As the filler components, a mixture of rubber crumb with a shot made of chipped ferrous metals is used.EFFECT: invention provides an inert filler composition that is versatile with a wide range of density control and appropriate mass and adhesion properties.1 tbl, 2 ex
Spherical porcelain for cartridge of small arms // 2628783
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of gunpowder, in particular, dibasic spherical powders, intended for the equipping of 5.6-mm sports and hunting rounds of annular ignition. Spherical powder for the equipment of 5.6-mm rounds of annular ignition includes pyroxylin, nitroglycerin, centralite No.2, ethyl acetate, moisture, graphite.EFFECT: invention provides a powder, which includes a source of carcinogen and an increased specific heat of combustion.2 tbl
Explosive // 2628604
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: explosive contains ammonium nitrate and a catalyst for explosive decomposition. As the catalyst for explosive decomposition, potassium ferrocyanide with a dispersion of 0.15÷0.20 mm with the following ratio of ingredients, wt %: ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 - 95÷98, potassium ferrocyanide - 2÷5.EFFECT: improving the quality of the ore breakage, significant simplifying the obtaining technology, while simultaneous providing the explosive with physical stability, reducing its power with increasing detonation capacity.2 tbl
Spherical moderated powder for automatic weapon and rifle cartridges // 2628385
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to spherical double-base moderated powder for small arm cartridges, namely automatic weapon and rifle cartridges of caliber from 5.45 to 12.7 mm. The powder consists of spheroidal granules with a phlegmatized surface layer and contains an energy base - nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin, a phlegmatizer-centralite No. 1, dibutyl phthalate and/or dioctyl phthalate, and/or diethyl hexyl phthalate and/or triethylene glycol dimethacrylate and/or oligoester acrylate, a solvent - ethyl acetate, stabilizator of chemical resistance - diphenylamine and water at a certain ratio of components. Wherein the thickness of the phlegmatized surface layer is 15.5-30% of the thickness of the combustible arch. The ratio of the diameter of the powder granule to the thickness of the combustible arch is from 1.0 to 2.05. The density of loading the cartridge with spherical moderated powder is from 0.85 to 1.15 g/cm3.EFFECT: increased speed of the bullet without increasing the maximum pressure of the powder gases.3 cl, 1 dwg, 4 tbl

ethod of forming bursting charge // 2627862
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method involves sequentially feeding portions of loose explosive composition (EC) into the body of the ammunition (BA) and sealing each of them with a punch. And the value of each portion is determined in proportion to the geometric parameters of the filled part of the housing of the power unit and it is loaded based on the weight sensor of the feeder. Then, compaction of each portion is carried out, ensuring a pressing speed of 2-4 mm/s, a specific pressure of 95-120 MPa and a holding time of 6-10 seconds. After that, the automatic device fixes the height coordinate of the resulting compact and evacuate the punch outside the filling zone of the aircraft with a speed of idle movements not exceeding 200 mm/s.EFFECT: use of the invention makes it possible to form explosive charges of increased density in artillery ammunition with a more even distribution in the transverse and longitudinal directions and to increase the safety of the pressing process by eliminating the focus of temperature heating in the compaction zone.3 cl, 2 dwg
Igniter composition // 2627409
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: igniter composition contains polyvinyl butyral as a binder, ammonium perchlorate - as an oxidizer, aluminium or the aluminium-magnesium alloy PAM-3 as metal fuel, as well as plasticiser-dibutyl phthalate, technological additives-technical carbon, paraffin, oleic acid, zinc stearate.EFFECT: improved performance, greater power, combustion temperature and combustion heat.1 tbl, 5 ex
ethod of producing coarse pellet powder // 2627408
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of producing pellet powder (PP) involves preparing a powder lacquer with stirring pyroxylin, powder mass or mixtures thereof with recyclable waste with ethyl acetate (EA) in an aqueous medium, dispersing the powder lacquer onto spherical particles, dehydrating and removing ethyl acetate. Dispersing of the particles is carried out at a temperature of 65-69°C, after which the temperature of the medium is reduced to 45-50°C and a dehydrator is introduced. After stirring, a vacuum is added, and the ethyl acetate is removed at this temperature at a pressure of 0.031-0.040 MPa.EFFECT: method is effective in preparing coarse pellets based on water-dispersion technology based on pyroxylin, allows to reduce the temperature of distillation of ethyl acetate and to increase the yield of the product by eliminating the secondary dispersion of lacquer particles.1 tbl, 5 ex
Spherical powder // 2627407
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: spherical powder includes pyroxylin 1Pl with a nitrogen oxide content of at least 212.0 ml/g, nitroglycerin, centralite I, ethyl acetate, moisture and graphite at a certain ratio of components.EFFECT: improvement of the formulation, which improves the progressive nature of spherical powder combustion and facilitates its production.2 tbl, 3 ex
Spherical powder // 2627406
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the production of moderated spherical powders for small arms, namely, to equip a 7.62-mm auromatic weapon and a hunting cartridge for rifled weapons. The spherical powder includes pyroxylin 1Pl with a nitrogen oxide content of at least 210.5 ml/g, nitroglycerin, centralite I, ethyl acetate, moisture, graphite at a certain ratio of components.EFFECT: improvement of the formulation, which facilitates production and improves the progressive nature of spherical powder combustion.2 tbl, 3 ex
Charge of explosive substance for projectiles, method of preparation of this charge and projectile with explosive substance (options) // 2627393
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: charge of the explosive substance for the projectile is used for forced triggering of avalanches. The projectile includes a blended composition of two components in which an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide is used as the first component to perform the oxidising agent function, and ethanol or methanol or propane-1,2,3 triol, or dimethyl ketone in the ratio of the formation of a stoichiometric mixture is used as the second component performing the function of liquid fuel. The projectile is made in the form of a polymer canister or a polymer container with a handle or in the form of a cylindrical polymer container.EFFECT: increased safety of storage, transportation and use of explosive compositions used to blast avalanche-prone areas.6 cl, 2 dwg, 3 tbl

Delivery systems of explosive materials and methods related to it // 2627059
FIELD: blasting operations.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses the explosive materials delivery systems with variable density values and methods of changing the explosive materials energy in the blast hole. The blasting energy changing method of the explosive materials in the blast hole includes the following steps: introduce the charging tube into the blast hole; pass the homogenized product, containing the emulsion matrix through the feeding tube; introduce the gas additive proximally to the loading tube outlet with the first constant flow rate; mix the homogenized product with the gas additive proximally to the loading tube outlet with the first flow rate to form the first activated product, having the first density; pump the first activated product into the blast hole; introduce the gas additive proximally to the loading tube outlet with the second constant flow rate; mix the homogenized product with the gas additive proximally to the loading tube outlet with the second flow rate to form the second activated product, having the second density; and pump the second activated product into the blast hole.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the blasting operations efficiency and to reduce the environmental hazard.56 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for manufacturing solid-fuel rocket engine charging from mixed rocket fuel // 2626353
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing a charge from a mixed rocket fuel is carried out by vacuum thermal pressing of the powdered composition directly into the body of a solid-fuel jet engine. For this purpose, a powdered fuel mixture is placed in the engine casing, from the open side of the casing, a process cylinder temporarily placed, containing a carefully fitted piston with a gas outlet through which the air is removed from the fuel mixture. After pumping out the air, the body is heated, starting from the bottom and from the side surface. As the fuel mixture melts, the piston moves to the bottom, compressing the mixture until it completely turns into a melt. After the entire mixture is melted, the charge is cooled and the piston is removed.EFFECT: method enables to simplify the technology of fuel preparation as much as possible, to significantly shorten the period of equipping the engine and to fill the solid fuel rocket with fuel at the launch site, which eliminates the need to transport a charged engine.4 dwg
ethod of obtaining emulsifying composition for impregnation of ammonium nitrate // 2625876
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method for producing the emulsion composition comprises the introduction of an anionic surfactant, which uses a 70% solution of calcium alkylbenzenesulfonate in isobutyl alcohol in an amount of 6-6.5 wt %, to a diesel fuel taken in an amount of 80 wt.%. When mixing, introduction to the system of received nonionic surfactant, which applies to ethoxylated castor oil in the quantity 3.5-4 wt %, followed by water drop by drop in the amount of 10 wt % at constant hashing.EFFECT: increasing physical stability of ammonium nitric explosives after their manufacturing, impregnation, storing both in normal conditions and in conditions of low-negative and high-positive temperatures.3 cl, 2 tbl, 4 ex
ethod of marking blasting powder by carbon nanotubes // 2625462
FIELD: weapon and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method of marking the blasting powder includes the introduction of the carbon nanotubes into the blasting powder as the marker substance in the amount of 1-18% from the total mass of the powder charge. In this case, the marking additive is introduced directly by mixing both in the finished powder and during its manufacture.EFFECT: introduction of the carbon nanotubes into the blasting powder increases the reliability of its use detection, the accuracy of the marker determination, reduction of the blasting powder production labour intensity.1 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex
Emulsion explosive "argunit rh" // 2622305
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: emulsion explosive (EE) contains the emulsion matrix, including aqueous solutions of ammonium and calcium nitrates, calcium oxide and emulsifier, and the gas generating additive, prepared by dissolving hydrogen peroxide in water with the addition of a linear alkylbenzenesulfonic acid. "Argunit RH" emulsifier is used as the emulsifier, which is the 35% solution of nonionogenic surfactant "Amolin-F" in the diesel fuel and/or industrial oil. EE has the critical detonation diameter of the open charge less than 40 mm at high detonation velocity.EFFECT: improved stability.1 tbl, 5 ex

ethod of producing ball powder // 2622135
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: to produce the powder a polymeric binder-pyroxylin with a viscosity of 1.0-8.0°E and polyvinylnitrate (PVN) with a molecular weight of 400,000-200,000 c.u. are mixed in water, keeping the ratio between pyroxylin and PVN equal to (85-90):(15-10). The mixture is stirred at increasing temperature, then powder lacquer is prepared in ethyl acetate. The powder lacquer is dispersed with the adding an emulsifier and sodium sulfate is fed to dehydrate the particles. After that, the ethyl acetate is removed, the powder elements are washed, sorted and dried.EFFECT: method makes it possible to obtain coarse-particle granules by water dispersion technology on the basis of a bipolymer binder nitrocellulose-low molecular PVN, thereby increasing the viscosity range of the applied pyroxylin, to increase the concentration of the polymer binder in the lacquer phase and the yield of the desired product.1 dwg, 1 tbl, 5 ex

ethod of drying spherical powder // 2622134
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: method of drying spherical powder (SP) involves feeding the powder with graphite via a cyclone-precipitator into the drying chamber, powder drying by supplying the coolant to the lower part of the chamber at a temperature of 88-98°C for 60-80 minutes, then for 140-180 minutes at a temperature of 65-75°C, powder cooling and unloading into the receiving hopper. The powder drying is carried out in a rotary two-chamber apparatus in the first chamber along with the powder loading in an amount of 20-40 kg (dry weight), where the powder is dried in the first zone at a temperature of 98-65°C and with an air head of 1.5-4.9 kPa together with moisture removal. Then, by rotating the mechanism, the first chamber with the powder moves to the second zone, where, by supplying air at a temperature of 20-30°C, the powder is cooled down to a temperature of 40-60°C for 15-25 minutes, while the powder is loaded to and then dried in the second chamber.EFFECT: increased capacity of the powder drying device by using a two-chamber drying apparatus with a separation into zones of moisture removal and powder cooling.1 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod of producing ball powder // 2622129
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: polyvinyl nitrate (PVN) is first added to the water to obtain a ball powder and ethyl acetate is dosed during stirring. The mass is mixed at increasing temperature, then nitrates of cellulose (NC) of fibrous form are injected, with the ratio of PVN and NC (10-15):(90-85), and the powder laquer is prepared. Then the powder lacquer is dispersed, an emulsifier and sodium sulfate are introduced to dewater the lacquer particles. After that, the ethyl acetate is removed, the powder elements are washed, sorted and dried.EFFECT: method makes it possible to obtain ball powder granules by water dispersion technology on the basis of the bipolymer binder PVN-NC and thereby increase the processability of production of ball powders, provide the required quality of granules for ethyl acetate content and shorten the lacquer formation time.1 tbl, 5 ex
Pyrotechnical composition for solid bodies thermal destruction charges // 2622127
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: pyrotechnic composition for solid bodies thermal destruction charges contains, wt %: aluminium powder 22-32, ferric oxide 54-60, synthetic rubber 5-6 as a binder, fluoroplast-4 2-3 and fluororubber SKF-32 2- 3. Powders of the thermal basis of aluminium and iron oxide composition are limited to a size in the range of 20-50 mcm. Introduction of halogen-containing components (fluoroplastic and fluorine rubber) into the pyrotechnic composition ensured the activation of compacted charges combustion, with improved flammability and stable combustion for a safe speed of solids thermal destruction.EFFECT: solution enables composition manufacturability of long charges and increased functionality when used as intended.1 tbl, 5 ex

ethod for producing mixed firm rocket fuel // 2621800
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: manufacturing charges blends with solid fuel missile is carried by the free injection of the fuel mixture from the mixer through the drain system assembled with snap-channeling housing. In the process of forming an additional fuel mixture is filled container docked to the drain system located in the conical part of the adapter by snap-channeling valve, and configured as a cylinder with a piston. After the draining of the fuel mixture from the mixer fuel mixture is forced into the body through the piston of the additional capacity.EFFECT: reduced loss of the fuel mixture at the expense of guaranteed fuel mixture filling the housing volume located above the drainage holes in the channel forming a snap.1 dwg
ethod for producing mixed firm rocket fuel // 2621789
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of producing mixed firm rocket fuel (MFRF). MFRF is prepared by mixing the binder with metal fuel, powdered ingredients, additives and technological hardener followed by draining the fuel mass in the body. Hardener is mixed with part of the inert towards it plasticiser fuel mass introduced into the latter, and before it is introduced, the fuel temperature was gradually lowered to 5-20°C.EFFECT: uniform distribution of components throughout the volume of the fuel mass, eliminates premature curing of the fuel mass, improves the process of mixing of components that provides improved mechanical characteristics of the fuel.2 tbl, 2 ex

Binary pyrotechnic mixture emitting in the near infrared // 2619681
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: binary pyrotechnic mixture, emitting radiation in the near infrared region consists of an oxidant - zinc peroxide and a fuel - cupric salt with sulfur mercapto compounds, bound in -SH group, or cuprous salt with thiocyanate. To obtain the composition the fuel is dissolved in a suitable solvent and then deposited using a copper salt, preferably cupric chloride dihydrate, to obtain salts. Using tracer compositions based on this invention does not require any additional auxiliary pyrotechnic systems.EFFECT: pyrotechnic mixture meets the basic requirements for special infrared tracer compositions and tracer compositions in general.9 cl, 2 dwg, 12 ex
Extinguishing pyrotechnic composition // 2618271
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: extinguishing agents containing pyrotechnical composition (wt %): 42-51, potassium nitrate, potassium iodate, 26-28, 16-18 gassing component sorbitol, organic binder based fuel iditol 6-10 and thiourea. Thus iditol introduced in an amount of 5-7% by weight of the dry powder and in an amount of 1.3 wt % - in the form of a 50% spirit solution by mixing communication components.EFFECT: composition allows to make charges for the press technology and is characterized by high chemical activity and effective action in the suppression of fires due to the increased rate of combustion and dynamic environmentally friendly aerosol formation in the protected volume much lower concentration of extinguishing flame retardants.1 tbl, 5 ex