Conveying and packing and storing and handling thin or filamentary material (B65)

B65            Conveying; packing; storing; handling thin or filamentary material(54153)

Container with folded label // 2642769
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: container (70) comprises a body comprising a front wall (66) of the body, a back wall of the body, two side walls (67) of the body, a bottom wall of the body, and an opening of the body. The container (70) further comprises an inner body (10) for receiving consumer goods located within the body, wherein the inner body (10) comprises an opening of the inner body. The container (70) also contains a label (30) comprising a closing panel (42) that closes the opening of the inner body, and a valve (40) of the label, wherein the valve (40) of the label hangs on a folding line (38) above the closing panel (42) and covers at least a part of the closing panel (42). The front wall (66) of the body covers the folding line (38) of the label and the inner body (10) extends below the folding line (38) of the label. The edge of the closing panel (42) of the label extends above the edge of the opening of the inner body, defining the edge portion of the closing panel (42) of the label. The container (72) additionally contains a non-permanent adhesive on edging part of the closing panels (42) of the label to attach the edging part to the inner body (10) with the possibility of withdrawal, to hold the label (30) in the closed position.EFFECT: improvement of the container.12 cl, 5 dwg

Capsule for making brewages and method of their making // 2642765
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: capsule (1) contains a container (3) with a cavity (5) , inside which there is a brewed substance; the mentioned container (3) has at least one hole (7), outside of which along its perimeter there is at least one circular edge (9), bumping into the respective stop edge (11) of the lateral wall of the brewing chamber (12) of the device for drink making, in which the mentioned capsule (1) is inserted; on the surface the mentioned circular edge (9) a sealing profile (15) is made. It contains the first annular rib 17 and second annular rib (19). These first and second annular ribs (17, 19) are concentric relative to the main axis of symmetry (S-S) of the capsule (1), are flexible and form a seat (21) in the form of a ring gear inside which the end part of the stop edge (11) of the lateral wall of the brewing chamber (12) enters.EFFECT: improvement of the taste of the resulting brewage.7 cl, 7 dwg

Device for processing media and device of transactions with media // 2642531
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the ATM bill dispenser, the transport path within the transport section is formed in the form of a straight line extending mainly from the front to the rear. During the calculation processing of the deposited input processing means, the bill inserting/dispensing device delays the rejected banknotes in the delay section in the transport path in the second shipping section and determines and stores the transport destination for each banknote based on the verification results received from the verification section and during the preservation processing of the deposited input processing means, the bill inserting/dispensing device conveys notes withdrawn from the temporary keeping in certain transportation destinations for storage.EFFECT: there is no need to increase the number of configuration components and the greater complexity of the transport section in the bill inserting device, while maintaining its physical current dimensions, ensuring the maintenance of high transaction speed with banknotes.28 cl, 37 dwg

Crown lid // 2642525
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: lid (1) is made on the basis of the plate, having the round main part (2), along the perimeter of which there are the bends (3) on the rim of the bottle neck after mounting the lid. The plate has the elongated element (4), passing from the round main part (2) and having: the first transverse line (4c) of the bend to form the folded lever with two sections (4a, 4b), the upper outer or the front section (4a) and the lower inner or the rear section (4b), located between the outer or the front section (4a) and the bottle, and the continuous cut (5), executed on the outer or the front section (4a) of the elongated element (4), and forming the valve with the surface (5) in the form of the inverted letter U. The round main part (2) has the drop-shaped curved-convex protuberance (9), having in its inner part several ribs (10), located in contact with the initial section of elongated element (4).EFFECT: possibility to open the bottle by removing the crown lid in a simple way with the help of the indicated lever without the need to use the opening device.8 cl, 6 dwg

Package // 2642484
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: package comprises a substantially rectangular parallelepiped shaped enclosing portion that accommodates objects to be housed and has an opening for extracting said objects, and a lid portion that covers at least an opening. The package comprises: an ascending and descending part having: small boxes that separate and hold said objects in a plurality of rows and are raised and lowered row by row; and a connecting part that connects the small boxes in the forward-backward direction in which the rows continue, and forms an interval between the small boxes as the small boxes are raised; and an articulating part that is connected to the ascending and descending part, and raises and lowers the ascending and descending part.EFFECT: simple extraction of hosted objects, even if the number of placed objects is reduced.10 cl, 45 dwg
Hybrid aqueous dispersions, composite latex emulsion of copolymer of (poly) ethylene and (meth) acrylic acid, hybrid organosilane composite latex emulsion of copolymer of (poly) ethylene and (meth) acrylic acid and coating compositions obtained therefrom // 2642423
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composite latex emulsion of the copolymer of (poly) ethylene and (meth) acrylic acids is produced by the method that includes: a) mixing the copolymer of (poly) ethylene and (meth) acrylic acid and a neutralizing agent in water to form a mixture; and b) blending the mixture with ethylene-unsaturated monomeric component to form a composite latex emulsion of the copolymer of (poly) ethylene and (meth) acrylic acid. A hybrid aqueous dispersion which is prepared by mixing a copolymer of (poly) ethylene and (meth) acrylic acid with water to form a mixture and introducing this mixture into reaction with an organosilane compound is also claimed. Also coating compositions and substrates coated with the compositions are also claimed.EFFECT: coatings produced using the above emulsions and dispersions have a good resistance to clouding, abrasion resistance, bubble resistance, hardness, and scratch resistance.15 cl, 1 tbl, 11 ex

Collecting vessel for hot beverages, insert and method // 2642392
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a collecting beverage vessel and a insert with which the beverage vessel is equipped with a lid to provide the user with an ability to cool a relatively hot beverage to prevent user scalding prior to beverage consumption. The insert contains a barrier for the beverage and a rim-interacting structure. The barrier for the beverage is made of semi-rigid material and has dimensions and shape, allowing it to be placed within the upper perimeter of the vessel rim. The rim-interacting structure is made of a flexible material and extends outward from the beverage barrier. The rim-interacting structure is positioned between the upper rim of the vessel and the lid to form a beverage containing and cooling compartments. The insert comprises the first and second openings to exchange beverage and air between the beverage containing and cooling compartments.EFFECT: cooling compartment takes heat from the beverage placed therein and thus enables the beverage to cool before it is discharged through the main outlet in the lid.12 cl, 69 dwg

Reinforced drain packaging element, performance of the rotating wheeling wheel of the packaging machine for placing such draining element, and also the combination of the drainer and refitting // 2642355
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: reclosable spill element for packaging, in particular a combined package for liquid food products, with a base (1) containing a threaded cap (2) sealed by a threaded lid (3) and a flange (4) with polyhedron surfaces for connection to the package body, and also the corresponding mandrel (12) of the rotating wheel of the packing machine. In order to ensure a reliable connection of the re-plugged draining element to the mandrel (12) and subsequent easy removal therefrom, as well as the possibility of good cleaning, it is provided that the drainage element comprises, within the base (1), an enveloping holding element (8) for engagement with a closure (12) of the packaging machine. The corresponding mandrel (12) is formed in the area of the discharge element in the form of a polytope and has an enveloping holding element (13) for engaging in a geometric closure with the draining element.EFFECT: increased package reliability.13 cl, 5 dwg

Cooled multi-support guide groove roller // 2642235
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a cooled multi-support guide roller (1) for guiding a metal rod (S) in the continuous casting plant. The guide groove roller (1) comprises a collector beam (7) having cantilevers (10, 10a, 10b). Between each two consecutive cantilevers (10, 10a, 10b) there is at least one pipe (11) for cooling liquid for hydraulic connection of said cantilevers (10, 10a, 10b). Each external console (10a) comprises at least one first branch pipe (8) for internal cooling of the cooled guide groove roller (1) and at least one second branch pipe (9) for cooling hubs (4) of the bearings. The first branch pipe (8) is hydraulically connected to the channels (3) of the separate rollers (2 a, 2b). The second branch pipe (9) is hydraulically connected to the hubs (4) of the bearings via the cantilevers (10).EFFECT: improved strength and reliability.12 cl, 8 dwg

Aluminium bottle with neck thread produced by impact extrusion pressing, made of recycled aluminium and reinforced alloys // 2642231
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: production method of impact extrusion pressing of metal bottle with thread for beverages includes production aluminium alloy blanks mixed from scrap aluminium alloy and relatively clean aluminium alloy. Said aluminium alloy scrap contains: between about 0.20 wt % and about 0.32 wt % Si, between about 0.47 wt % and about 0.59 wt % Fe, between about 0.10 wt % and about 0.22 wt % Cu, between about 0.78 wt % and about 0.90 wt % Mn, between about 0.54 wt % and about 0.66 wt % Mg, between about 0.06 wt % and about 0.18 wt % Zn, between about 0.00 wt % and about 0.08 wt % Cr, between about 0.00 wt % and about 0.08 wt % Ti, deforming said blank into a preferred shape by the method of pressing - by impact extrusion to form said metal bottle and forming a thread on the neck portion of said metal bottle. Said thread is configured to receive a threaded cover which can optionally be opened and closed after filling the metal bottle with beverage.EFFECT: producing the bottle blank with strength characteristics sufficient to enable threading on the bottle neck designed to be screwed onto such threaded neck of the threaded cover.21 cl, 12 tbl, 13 dwg

Device for section steel stacking // 2642212
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: stacking device for section steel products provides a platform for stacking, e.g. in the form of a conveyor belt (11), on which a section steel product is loaded, such as a product (14-1) for lying in a stack, a transportation platform with multiple loading surfaces on which a section steel product is placed and moved to the conveyor belt, and a pushing device (13), intended for pushing section steel products on the transportation platform, toward the stacking platform. The transportation platform has the first loading surface, which has a flat part and the second loading surface, which has a flat part and an inclined part. The inclined part is formed on the side facing the stacking platform, wherein the first and second loading surfaces are selected in the order of pushing the section steel products.EFFECT: adjustment of the components of the device to match the size of the products.4 cl, 7 dwg

Rolled textured sheet material // 2642104
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions can be used to create the rolled textured material, textured material products, composite from composite material, and also profiled, rolled or curved sheet material. While carrying out the method of manufacturing the rolled textured sheet material, the material is continuously fed into the texturing device. Repeatedly impact the material with the serrated knives. The number of elevated pointed structures are formed as the result of the action. In the impact stage, the first knife is actuated from the top to the bottom and across the material and the second knife is from the top to bottom and across the material in the opposite direction.EFFECT: ability to continuously produce the material with the textured surface.21 cl, 5 dwg

Tubular pack produced by butt welding // 2642043
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: element is applied to the inner surface of the package, at that its cross-section is defined by the width I and height h. According to the invention the package is characterised in that said dimensions comply with the following conditions: height h equals or exceeds thickness e, and the ratio (I⋅e)/h2 is selected in the range from 1 to 10. Such pack design makes the seam area non-deformable in a direction perpendicular to the welded ends of the film, substantially without changing the flexibility of the seam area in a direction tangential with respect to the welded ends.EFFECT: improved strength.16 cl, 8 dwg

Sluice feeder // 2642022
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: sluice feeder is intended for use in the field of pneumatic transport for supplying loose materials into pressure material line in chemical, food-processing in other industries, in construction, in agricultural production as a feeding device of delivery pneumatic transport unit for bulk materials. In the upper part of the cylindrical body there is a receiving branch pipe, and the lower part comprises a mixing chute with branch pipes for supplying air and releasing the air mixture. A cellular rotor supported for rotation on the bearings located in the side covers is inserted into the body. In the plane which is perpendicular to rotor axis, the intake branch pipe and the mixing chute are separated by transversal partitions into n isolated sections. The cellular rotor is divided by transversal partitions into n isolated compartments coinciding with sections of the intake branch pipe and the mixing chute. Each section of the feeding branch pipe is equipped with a separate flange, and each section of the mixing chute forming a separate air chamber is provided branch pipes for supplying air and releasing the air mixture.EFFECT: invention provides simultaneous dosing of several materials, feeding each of them into the area of increased pressure, production of separate air mixtures by preparing them for further separate transportation.2 dwg

Dispenser for napkins nested in each other // 2641946
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: dispenser (1) comprises a container (2) having a bottom wall (5) extending in a horizontal plane and located in the lower part of the dispenser (1) and side walls (6) having an upper edge and a lower edge and extending from the bottom wall (5) in a vertical direction perpendicular thereto, and defining the boundaries of the dispensing opening (7) located in the upper part of the dispenser (1) and opposite the bottom wall (5), so that the side walls surround the support surface (8) designed to provide a support for a pile (3) of napkins (11) nested in each other. The dispenser (1) further comprises a load (4) disposed between the side walls (6) to form a dispenser cap supported on the pile. A discharge (9) is formed in the load (4), and the load (4) is movable between the upper position adjacent to the dispensing opening (7) of the container (2) and the lower position adjacent to the support surface (8) of the container (2). In addition, the dispenser (1) contains a tool (15) regulating the load connecting the load (4) and container (2) with each other and penetrating inside the container (2) between the element (17) to connect to the container located at the lower part of the dispenser (1), and the element (19) to connect to the load, located in the upper part of the dispenser (1). The load control tool (15) restricts the movement of the load (4) in the vertical direction along the side walls (6) to define a specific location of the upper load position (4). In the container (2), a lower part comprising a bottom wall (5) and a wall part comprising at least a portion of the side walls (6) are formed. The lower part is attached to the wall part with the possibility of detachment to add napkins from the lower side of the dispenser (1).EFFECT: reliability of operation without damaging the dispensed napkins.25 cl, 9 dwg

ethod of manufacturing of tank for storage and transportation of oil, petroleum products and liquefied natural gas // 2641922
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of storage and transportation of oil, petroleum products (PP) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and can be used in the production of LNG storage and transportation tanks. Method of manufacturing the tank for storing and transporting petroleum, PP and LNG consists in applying a reflective film to the outer surface of the tank, comprising three layers: an epoxy layer (primer), a hot-melt (adhesive) polymer sublayer, and a light-reflective layer.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to significantly reduce negative effect of solar energy on protected objects, including tanks for storage of liquefied natural gas.2 cl, 3 dwg

Device with code lock for closing capacities with portion medium // 2641879
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: discs (6) and chamber (9), rotating around the shaft (2), which is the extension of the plug (1), are mounted on it. In the plug (1), discs (6), chamber (9), counter plug (12) there are the equal dose releases (3, 7, 18, 19, 20) performed, with diameter exceeding the maximum size of the dose, the trap (10, 14, 15) is executed in the discs (6), chamber (9), counter plug (12), to prevent the dose unauthorized extraction from the capacity, the deceptive filling it with the false doses. The symbols (8, 11) on the lateral surface of the discs (6), chamber (9), located relatively the tag (4) at the plug (1) in the known only to the authorized user combination, will enable him to open the capacity. With another combination, the capacity is closed both for the portion medium release and for the deceptive filling of the capacity.EFFECT: protection against the unauthorized use of the portion medium from the capacity and deceptive filling it.3 dwg

Bulk silo // 2641863
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: bulk silo contains a vertical hollow body with charging and discharging holes, a stem reinforced in them, equipped with a closure. The upper part of the body is provided with an outlet funnel tapering down, located coaxially with its vertical axis of the body and facing its outlet with smaller cross-sectional area to the discharge hole. The lower part of the body has a discharge funnel tapering down, located coaxially with its vertical axis of the body and facing its discharge hole with a smaller cross-section area to the stand, having a circular cross-sectional shape. The stem is mounted with the possibility of longitudinal displacement along the axis of the body, its lower end is connected by means of a coupling nut to the lock with the shape of a truncated cone, turned by its locking cone to the discharge hole and upper end is rounded in the form of an earring and is fixed in the guide tube, located along the axis of the body, passing through the charging and outlet holes.EFFECT: increase the uniformity of distribution of bulk material.1 dwg

Glass products with anti-friction coatings // 2641817
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: coated glass product is described comprising: a glass body comprising the first surface and the second surface opposite the first surface. The first surface is an outer surface of the glass products; and an anti-friction coating located in at least the first part of the surface of the glass body. The anti-friction coating includes a polymer chemical compound, the anti-friction coating has a thickness equal to or less than 1 micron, and a friction coefficient equal to or less than 0.7 compared to the same coated glass product. The polymer chemical compound is selected from the group consisting of polyimides, fluoropolymers, silsesquioxane-based polymers, silicon-organic polymers; the coated glass product retains its heat resistance after depirogenization at a temperature of at least 280°C for 30 minutes in air; the light transmission through the coated glass product is equal to or more than 55% of the light transmission through the uncoated glass product with the wavelength of 400 nm to 700 nm; and the anti-friction coating has a weight loss of less than 5% of its weight when heated from a temperature of 150°C to 350°C at a heating rate of 10°C/min. Other coated glass products are also described.EFFECT: glass products with a high resistance to mechanical damage are produced.18 cl, 1 tbl, 21 ex, 46 dwg

Tube, obtained by extrusion blow moulding // 2641746
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: tube is made by extrusion blow moulding and filled or can be filled through its rear end. The tube has a casing, an arm and a neck, which are made in one piece by means of extrusion blow moulding. The tube has a layer with a high LLDPE content of 50 to 95 wt %. The average thickness of the tube wall in the casing area is from 0.3 to 0.85 mm. The method for manufacturing a tube includes extruding a tubular blank and blowing it to form a bottle-like product.EFFECT: ensuring the production of a tube optimized for transparency and shape recovery effect.21 cl, 2 dwg

Device for paper sheets banding // 2641728
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: device is adapted to band the stacked paper sheets, the device comprises a stacking unit configured to stack paper sheets, a tape loop forming unit configured to form a small tape loop and feed the tape to increase a small tape loop to a large tape loop, and a paper sheet transportation unit configured to grip paper sheets stacked in a stacking unit for paper sheets transportation to a large tape loop. At that, the tape loop forming unit comprises a tape gripping portion rotating when the tape is gripped at its end portion to form a small tape loop and a feeding member feeding the tape to increase a small tape loop to a large tape loop, and forming a large tape loop under the tape gripping portion.EFFECT: increased reliability.19 cl, 25 dwg

Support for container // 2641498
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a support for a container (1), which is made detachable and attachable to said container and consists of a vertical elongated leg (2) disposed in an abutment with said container and comprising attachment retainers (3, 4, 4b) disposed within the container. One attachment retainer (3), preferably the lower retainer, consists of a fixed retaining lug (5) located on the support leg and is made with the possibility to be inserted (6) into the fixing corner of the container (1) and rotated (7) in the retaining position, in which the leg (2) of the support is fixed in the container. The second attachment retainer (4, 4b), preferably the upper retainer, is represented by a hook-shaped fixing pin made with the possibility to be fixed in the second fixing corner of the container.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.6 cl, 8 dwg

Pallet for luggage transportation // 2641455
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pallet (1) for luggage transportation is equipped with raised wall plate sections (6, 7) projecting on the front and rear end pallet sections in the direction of its length, i.e. the direction of transportation, continued in the width direction to the right and left of the pallet. The surface (8) for luggage, arranged between both the front and the rear raised wall plate sections (6, 7), is concave along the length direction, so that the central section in the width direction to the right and left is lowered, while both the left and the right sides are raised. Oblong projecting sections (13) continued in the with direction to the right and left of the pallet (1) are on the surface (8) for luggage with suitable intervals in the pallet length direction (1).EFFECT: improved operational reliability.7 cl, 14 dwg

Unit for hydrotransportation of loose materials // 2641392
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: unit comprises means for feeding a loose material and a fluid into a tank to form a suspension, a centrifugal pump, a water jet elevator, a device for separating the suspension into the liquid and the solid phases, made in the form of a belt conveyor. The conveyor belt is equipped with sides of an elastic material arranged along the entire length with the formation of a trough. The unit has a drum with radial elastic elements arranged on the entire surface, installed with clamping against the belt and equipped with a drive of rotational motion around its axis. In the suspension feeding device area, fixed transverse shields are installed on the belt from both sides of the suspension feeding device, eliminating the suspension splashing.EFFECT: unit can easily be adjusted to transport the suspension with a change in the productivity, the solid phase concentration, and its dispersion.2 dwg

Drain device of railway tank // 2641365
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: drain device of a railway tank comprises a cylindrical housing of two connected parts (1, 2), between which a safety ring (4) is mounted. A main shutter (4) with a drive mechanism is installed in the upper housing part, and an additional shutter in the form of a cover with a gasket and a clamping screw is installed in the lower housing part on a rotary bracket (5). The main shutter is mounted on an abutment rod (10) of the drive mechanism with the possibility of free rotation in an open clutch and consists of two valves mounted in series one below the other, the upper of which is a spring poppet valve for closing the upper face of the drain hole, and the valve located under it is a shut-off valve in the form of a truncated cone for closing the flow housing section.EFFECT: invention increases the reliability of the drain device due to preserving its tightness under conditions of external forces acting on it in the event of emergency situations.2 dwg

Processing plant for mineral material processing and method for operating such plant // 2641156
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: plant for mineral material processing contains a frame and a screen supported on a frame of the processing plant, and also a conveyor located above the screen and attached to the screen for transporting the material processed by the screen. The screen support on the frame of the processing plant comprises a first support lever and a second support lever, which are fixed at a distance from each other and arranged with the possibility of turning on the first rotary axes with the connection to the screen and with the possibility of turning on the second rotary axes with the connection to the frame, forming a movable first four-link hinge mechanism. The conveyor support comprises a third support lever and a fourth support lever, which are fixed at a distance from each other and arranged with the possibility of rotation on third rotary axes with the connection to the conveyor above the screen and with the possibility of turning on the fourth rotary axes with the connection to the screen, forming a movable second four-link hinge mechanism. The conveyor is arranged with the possibility of its distancing from screen and approaching to screen, to reduce the transport height of the mineral material processing plant due to the movement of the second four-link hinge.EFFECT: improved material processing.20 cl, 10 dwg

ethod for preventing deposition of sodium chloride in formation bottom-hole zone and wellbores of underground gas storages // 2641152
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method for prevention of deposition eliminates formation thereof by maintaining concentrations of sodium chloride dissolved in formation water at a level excluding its crystallization. Maintenance of specified value of concentration provides injection of humidified gas into the underground storage to exclude the process of absorption by gas moisture from formation water. The required amount of fresh water to humidify the injected gas is defined as the difference in absolute maximum gas moisture content in the formation conditions and absolute moisture content of gas supplied from the main pipeline for injecting into the underground storage.EFFECT: increased duration of wells and storages operation, and total volume of extracted gas, increased overhaul period, operation for liquidation of salt plugs is eliminated.4 dwg, 1 tbl

Rotary cover of tank for waste collection // 2641008
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: cover for mounting on the tank body is provided with at least one swivel bracket that includes the first side 16, the first hole 18, the second side 20 with the second hole 22; a reinforcing wall 24 rigidly coupled radially with the first side 16 in the first corner sector with an angle α of disclosure of at least 60°. The reinforcing wall 24 extends to the second side 20 parallel to the axis of rotation. The second side 20 is disengaged radially from the reinforcing wall 24 and the first side 16 in the second corner sector with an angle β of disclosure of at least 200°, which includes the first corner sector, which facilitates the flexibility of cover securing. The subject of the invention is also a waste collection tank having such a cover.EFFECT: simplified mounting of the cover.16 cl, 5 dwg

Packing material and container, produced from such material // 2640981
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: packing material comprises of one or more layers of laminated plastic, the first side, the second side and a penetration zone (40). From the penetration zone (40), two attenuation lines (30, 30b) extend to form a space therebetween, thereby forming an opening in the packaging material. The packaging material comprises of a plastic opening device in which the first and second parts are attached to the first and second side respectively and through the penetration zone (40) passes the bridge (45) of the material. The second part covers at least partially the penetration zone and contains a guide segment (46), which runs from the penetration zone (40) over the space adjacent to the attenuation lines (30, 30b), to facilitate the gap, essentially, in at least one of the attenuation lines.EFFECT: increased strength.14 cl, 4 dwg

Device and container for powdered products, in particularity of powdered products subjected to lumping // 2640714
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for a container having an outlet, an inner chamber, and a channel between the outlet and the inner chamber comprises a plug that closes said channel, an outflow chute in the plug that allows the flow of product through the channel and from the outlet of the container in the flow when the container is inclined during the rash operation, and a plurality of baffles connected to the plug and extending towards the inner chamber of the container, wherein the baffles are configured to break the powder lumps the product before the mentioned lumps can pass through the outflow chute. The device further comprises a restriction in the plug limiting the volume of the powdered product that can pass through the outflow chute.EFFECT: invention maintains a stable and predictable movement speed in the flow of powdered product leaving the container during the rash operation.13 cl, 31 dwg

Quarry equipment complex // 2640622
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: complex consists of excavator-loader of rocky soil and crushing-sorting installations, including receiving part of the associated pipelines with drobilnym and sorting equipment, reception part of crushing-sorting the installation is made in the form of loading the module with the bottom in the form of closed-circuit tapes, additional envelope delivered videos to the axis of rotation which are fixed on the side walls, and is fitted with two hydraulic cylinders with spring loaded rods fasteners, which mesh with a Ribbon with the direct course and roam freely in reverse, with the loading module is installed in the mine with an opportunity of reception of the soil of excavator-loader.EFFECT: increasing the productivity of a complex of the quarry equipment at the expense of explosive-waving technology with the constant finding of the equipment in a face.2 dwg

Oxygen-binding molecules, articles containing these molecules, and methods for their application // 2640545
FIELD: pharmacology.SUBSTANCE: transparent compositions contain compounds used to bind oxygen. The compounds used for oxygen binding have the structure corresponding to formulas (I) and (II): wherein X is selected from the group consisting of O and S; Y, A and B are independently selected from the group consisting of N and CH; D, E and F are independently selected from the group consisting of CH, O and S; the symbol ---- means a simple or a double bond; and R1, R2 and R3 are independently selected from the group consisting of H, electron-withdrawing groups and electron-donating groups and transition metals.EFFECT: invention allows to improve the production of materials that have a high ability to bind oxygen and are mainly transparent.73 cl, 5 dwg, 12 ex
Oxygen absorbing compositions // 2640536
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the preparation of a super concentrate composition and a concentrate itself based on cobalt transition metal, a compacted composition based on cobalt transition metal, and to a method of producing compacted pellets of cobalt transition metal. The super concentrate composition contains a polymeric carrier, for example, a polyester, and cobalt dispersed in the polymer carrier. The compacted composition comprises an oxygen absorber and the said super concentrate composition dispersed in the oxygen absorber. Compacted pellets of cobalt transition metal is produced by extrusion of the super concentrate composition, processing the extrudate with the provision of the shape in the form of particles by grinding or triturating. Subsequent compaction of individual pellets from a homogeneous mixture.EFFECT: reduction of oxidative damage in the presence of oxygen.20 cl, 3 tbl, 3 ex
Conveyor roller // 2640497
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: conveyor roller has a hollow cylindrical housing and a shaft, a bearing assembly including a bearing and a sealing element located in the housing. The bearing assembly is provided with a base adapter in the form of a cylindrical part with a through hole. The inner surface of the cylinder of the base adapter is made with a variable diameter. The shaft is made dismountable in the form of a central bushing - an adapter coupled by means of a detachable connection with two end axes, on which the bearings are fixed. The detachable connection of the bushing - adapter and shaft end axes is made in the form of a connection - a clamp. The sealing element is positioned in the base adapter and is made of two mating parts, one of which is designed to protect the bearing and the other one is designed to seal the bearing. The outer surface of the second part has a step profile corresponding to the profile of the inner surface of the cylinder of the base adapter.EFFECT: possibility of replacing individual structural elements of the roller due to its dismount ability, possibility of integrating the bearing assembly into rollers of any standard size.4 cl, 1 dwg

Packaged oral care implement and method for its opening // 2640478
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: in one embodiment, the package (2000) has the first panel (100) comprising a pre-weakened line (103) including at least two sections (103A, 103B) with different non-zero shear strengths.EFFECT: provision of easy opening location.21 cl, 11 dwg

Capsule and system for preparation of beverages // 2640464
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: capsule for the preparation of beverages contains a powdery food substance; the beverages can be obtained by passing hot water through it. The capsule (1) comprises a cup-like receiving housing (3), within which a chamber (2) to accommodate (16) the powdered food substance is formed and which comprises a lower section (7), through which, when used, hot water can be fed in to the capsule (1), and a side wall (4) attached to the lower section (7) and forming the inspection hole for reaching the chamber (2), and a closing element (9) attached to the side wall (4) on the inspection hole for its closing, through which, when used, the beverage can come out of the camera (2). The capsule (1) also comprises a filter element (10) permeable to water and placed inside the chamber (2) between the powdered food substance and the lower section (7). The filter element (10) rests on the lower section (7) and can move freely from the last to the internal part of the chamber (2), if the resistance generated by the powdered food substance is not taken into account.EFFECT: possibility to ensure more even distribution of water flow in the food material volume.13 cl, 8 dwg

Packaged oral care device and method for its opening // 2640457
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: in one embodiment of the invention, the package comprises a protrusion on the first panel of the package that is strategically positioned such that the oral care device itself acts as a base or barrier adjacent to the protrusion, which facilitates the shear disruption of the first panel to release the protrusion.EFFECT: better opening convenience.23 cl, 11 dwg
Composition for storing fresh cooled meat // 2640422
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: composition contains a reaction product of a mixture of propylene glycol and glycerol with a component of natural origin, selected from the group including lime blossoms, plantain leaves, rosemary, peel of grapes, husks of oats, basil, as well as a product of the interaction of water with a hydrocolloid selected from a group comprising agar-agar, alginates, carob gum, xantham gum, gelatine. The hardened composition, in which meat with the pre-applied liquid composition is packaged, additionally contains polyvinyl alcohol, as well as a water amount reduced in comparison with the liquid composition, with forming structural clusters on the basis of polyvinyl alcohol and the components of the liquid composition in the hardened composition. The composition additionally contains a microcomplex of materials, consisting of absorbers, reflectors, or transmitters of electromagnetic, acoustic and acoustoelectric waves, selected from a range of materials, including: activated carbon, soot, magnetodielectric, mica, aluminium foil, silver flakes, fluorescent pigments, able to interact with the apoptotic and autolysis waves of living and dying meat cells.EFFECT: increasing the shelf life of fresh cooled meat while storing it at positive temperatures.2 cl, 1 tbl, 3 ex
Railway explosion proof tank // 2640173
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: railway explosion proof tank has a boiler made of cylindrical shell and two end bottoms, a hatch, a safety-intake valve, a drain device located in the lower part of the cylindrical shell, a preheating cover located in the bottom part of the boiler, the cylindrical shell of the boiler is provided with shadow protection that located and rigidly secured on the both sides of the hatch, the angle of shadow protection coverage of the boiler cylindrical shell is 150-160°, and the gap between them is made equal to 50-60 mm. The shadow protection is removable, the tank is additionally equipped with explosion proof device configured as an explosion proof valve and containing a valve body, heat insulation and explosive elements, lined cargo gate movably connected to the valve body. The valve body is in the form of a lower cylindrical, middle conical and the upper cylindrical parts. In the lower cylindrical part there is a lined cargo gate closing an opening in the body of protected object, and in the upper cylindrical part of the valve body there is a heat insulation element and a sealing membrane pressed against the valve body by means of a cover pivotally connected to the lever interacting with baffle, and a fastening unit of the explosive element is fixed on the lever by its upper part, and by lower one it is fixed to the upper cylindrical part of the valve body. Fastening unit of the explosive element consists of a wire, a stop bolt, a fork, a lever of the valve cover, a nut, two drums located in the lever fork of the valve cover and in the fork of upper cylindrical part of the valve body. The ends of the wires are inserted into the openings of the drums and then coiled thereon, and a gap (h) between the forks is about (1.5÷3) of the wire diameter, and valve settings are in the following optimal intervals of values: a=D/Dy=1.5÷2.0; b=H/L=1.3÷1.8; c=H/Dy=2.5÷3.0, where Dy is the diameter of the upper cylindrical part of the valve body 3 equal to the maximum size of the openings 1 of the protected object; D- is the diameter of the cylindrical part of the valve body 3 bottom; H - is the height of the valve assembly; L - is maximum dimensions of the valve on the plan, and the swivel connection of the lined cargo gate together with valve body base is in the form of three vertical rods installed in holes provided in the peripheral part of the lined cargo gate body. The lower part of the rods is fixed in the base of the valve body, and in the upper part they are provided with a damping device fixed to the horizontal bulkheads of rods and facing towards the cargo gate.EFFECT: increased explosion-proofness of the railroad tank when transporting flammable, explosive liquids.2 cl, 5 dwg

Conveyor belt // 2640159
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: conveyor belt consists of a carrying covering layer, an interply rubber layer located directly below the carrying covering layer, a strengthening layer, including steel cords embedded in polychloroprene and located directly below the interply rubber layer, and a traction covering layer located directly below the strengthening layer. The interply rubber layer is a mixture that consists of 40 to 90 phr of polyvinyl chloride and from 10 to 60 phr of acrylonitrile rubber. The traction covering layer consists of a rubber polymer. The carrier coating layer consists of a urethane rubber based on polyethers, capable of milling, which includes places for forming a transverse bond.EFFECT: increasing the belt resistance to surface abrasion is increased.19 cl, 2 tbl, 2 dwg
Compositions of adhesives cured by low temperatures // 2640077
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to curable adhesive compositions, in particular for securing elements in a building shell exhibiting a degree of curing at a low temperature of, at least, 50% or more compared to that at a standard temperature. The compositions include, in the first component, a reactive resin, a monomer with a functional acetoacetoxy group, and a silane monomer. When used in phthalate-free constituents, after curing at low temperatures, an additional increase in strength and resilience of the resin can be achieved by 10% at standard temperatures. A method for delivering adhesives and the first component of a curable adhesive composition for fixing elements in a building shell or for securing structural materials in concrete or masonry are also described.EFFECT: providing the adhesive compositions, in particular, phthalate-free, cured at low temperatures.43 cl, 3 tbl

Laminated colour-forming composition // 2640067
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: colouring composition includes a thermally activated acid generator and halochromic leuco dye. Thermally activated acid generator selected from the group consisting of salts of amines and organometallic compounds containing boron or silicon, and neutralized amine derivatives of polyalkyl naphthalene polysulfonic acid. The coated substrate also covers the thermoplastic polymer layer such that the dye composition is between the substrate and the thermoplastic polymer layer and/or in the thermoplastic polymer layer.EFFECT: protecting the dye composition from discolouration during lamination by melt extrusion and increasing the impermeability of the substrate to liquids.20 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl, 10 ex

Installation and method for orienting end sealing device of drink tank and applying marking on specified section // 2639968
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an installation and method for orientation and decoration of end sealing devices for tanks, more specifically, the present invention relates to an installation and methods used for the arrangement of the end sealing devices of tanks in the specified orientation location and subsequent decoration of the specified section of the end sealing devices.EFFECT: improvement of the installation.20 cl, 8 dwg

Barrier for mineral oil // 2639776
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the use of a liquid composition as a barrier layer for packaging materials. The liquid composition comprises at least one terephthalate ionomer and at least one calcium carbonate containing a filler. Terephthalate ionomer contains anionic substituents selected from the sulfonate groups having an acid number of at least 1 mg KOH/g of ionomer.EFFECT: improved properties.9 cl, 5 tbl, 1 dwg, 5 ex

Packaging containing container and cover with swiveling cap // 2639643
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: in a general embodiment, the present invention provides a package for cereals for baby food. The package includes a cover with a swiveling cap attached to the cover and a container detachably attached to the cover. The cover can be removed from the container, allowing you to remove the required amount of product found in the container. The swiveling cap can also be opened in such a way that the desired amount of product can be dispensed through it. It contains a projecting sealing wall, which is the conformal boundary of the hole in the cover.EFFECT: increased convenience.7 cl, 4 dwg

Container // 2639617
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: container (1) for transportation and/or storing articles comprises suspended lifting structures (8,9) to facilitate container lifting, rotatable support elements (10, 11) on which said container can move and/or the mean (17) for releasable fastening of similar containers located side by side. This invention allows to connect containers to each other with their side-by-side location and enables joint movement/lifting of the containers between consolidation or loading locations. After loading the containers with at least certain amount of articles in the distributed consolidation/loading locations, the containers can be disconnected and separated for their further individual transportation.EFFECT: increased reliability.20 cl, 10 dwg

Systems for selecting genetic specimens // 2639555
FIELD: biotechnology.SUBSTANCE: device, a set, and a method for selecting and deliverying a sample of a biological substance are proposed. The device comprises a receiving vessel and a sealing cap. The vessel and the cap comprise a complementary mechanical interlocking system. The receiving vessel includes a tubular portion with a cavity and an inlet, and a knife. The cap comprises a reservoir with a fluid solution inside, a pierceable membrane. The fluid solution contains a preserving fluid, a cell lysis reagent, and a DNA purification system. The method includes receiving a sample of a biological substance in the receiving vessel of the above device and connecting the sealing cap to the receiving vessel by means of a complementary mechanical interlocking system. The kit includes the above device, a delivery box, and an insert.EFFECT: inventions ensure the selection of a biological sample directly by the consumer with the possibility of preservation, lysis, purification, and delivery of the sample to the laboratory.13 cl, 4 dwg

Device for transportation of suspensions // 2639240
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device contains loading and unloading devices, a separator equipped with bleached and condensed phase outlet branch pipes, and a centrifugal pump. The pump is connected to the mixing chamber in the form of a water-jet elevator. The separator is a hollow conical nozzle located in the loading device area, mounted on the pump shaft and mounted in a fixed casing. The outlet of the bleached phase connects the internal volume of the filling and the inlet pump nozzle. The receiver is attached to the pump, which is a hollow toroidal chamber equipped with a tangentially located branch pipe of the condensed phase outlet. The latter is communicated with the pump pressure channel in the mixing chamber.EFFECT: creation of a simple and reliable device for transporting suspensions, which has small dimensions and eliminates the possibility of clogging of nozzles with solid particles.2 dwg

Lid for opening device // 2639116
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: lid for the opening device (1) for the container (100) contains the body (25), having the longitudinal axis (B) and provided with the end wall (27) and the side wall (28) with the threaded element (29) inside, adapted for interaction with the spout (12) optional threaded element (30) of the opening of device (1). The specified lid (18) additionally contains at least one driving element (50), having the first side (51), performed with the ability to place the user fingers, while unscrewing the specified cover (18) from the specified spout (12), and the second side (52) with the ability to place the user fingers, while screwing of the specified lid (18) to the specified spout (12). The specified first side (51) is defined by the wall (58; 58 ') and the specified second side (52) is defined by the cavity (59).EFFECT: packaging improvement.17 cl, 12 dwg

Sheet treatment system and method of sheet treatment // 2639113
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: sheet treatment system comprising a sheet treatment device, a sheet counting device, the sheet treatment device comprising a feeding unit for installing a sheet, a transportation unit for transporting a sheet to be treated, a definition unit for defining a sheet transported by means of the transportation unit, and the accumulation unit for accumulating rejected sheets based on the definition result provided by means of the definition unit. The sheet counting device comprises a counting unit to count sheets, the sheet counting device counts rejected sheets accumulated in the accumulation unit of the sheet treatment device, and has a transmitting unit that transmits information regarding the counting results into the receiving unit of the paper sheet treatment device, and the information regarding the counting result of the sheet counting device is summed up with the information regarding the counting result of the sheet treatment device. Wherein the accompanying card in the supply unit is transported by the transport unit, and detected and transported to the accumulation unit for rejected sheets in the sheet treatment device.EFFECT: improved system operation reliability.12 cl, 11 dwg