Hand tools and portable power-driven tools and handles for hand implements and workshop equipment and manipulators (B25)

B25            Hand tools; portable power-driven tools; handles for hand implements; workshop equipment; manipulators(11684)

Combined extractor for damaged bone screws // 2642382
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: combined extractor contains handle to create the torque, rod adapter and the working head in the form of a cup with opened outwards conical cavity, surface which is equipped with helical ribs with a conic cross-sectional shape, forming the inner long-pitch multiple thread, that are placed axisymmetricly and are consistently interconnected. Radial grooves are made in the head from the side of conical cavities on the same angular distances from each other and from the helical projections, in which figured plate are installed with the ability to move axially, placed in the radial grooves at the end of cylindrical rod that is placed in central holes of the working head and tubular adaptor attached with the other end using elastic corrugated cylinder (bellows) to the handle and being the anchor of electromagnet (solenoid) of AC, stator of which is attached flange of tubular adaptor and contains radial cylindrical dowels, forming a bayonet connection with figured cuts in the cylindrical handle collar, covering on the outside generatrix the stator of electromagnet. Sides of figured plates, turned inside of conical cavity of working head, has angle of slope equal to the angle of slope of conical surface cavity, and equipped with cutting elements in form of teeth, similar to teeth of outer one-row spline broach, cross-sectional shape of which conforms to the cross-section shape of helical ribs.EFFECT: reduced duration of surgery, avoidance of need to create large axial effort and moments needed for helical ribs cut in screws material with the aim of creating the indentations of required sizes, allowing to transmit torque to turn damaged screws without cutting used ribs.10 dwg

ethod of measuring absolute position of end link of ndustrial robot multilink mechanism // 2641604
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in the implementation of the method, two fixed video cameras are used, and the position of the mechanism link is calculated using the equations of inverse kinematics. Herewith outside of the working area of the multilink mechanism of the industrial robot, at least two mutually perpendicular screens are located, and on its end, link the spaced sources of coherent radiation are installed, ensuring that at each tome moment of the light spots at least two sources on the mutually perpendicular screens are visible. The camcorders are located with the ability to view the entire screen area, with their help the position and dynamics of each light spot movement across the screen are fixed, and this data is used to calculate in real time the position of the end link of the industrial robot mechanism.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy with increasing the working area, increasing the speed due to the high contrast of the light spot on the screen, allowing to select a point object with a minimum amount of calculations.1 dwg
Flexible manipulator // 2641602
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: flexible manipulator contains sections with bases connected by a central axis and flexible prestressed couplings, and control cables stretched along the manipulator. The axis of each section is equipped with cardan joint and flexible couplings are made in the form of tapes, one end of which is hingedly connected to the base of the section, and the other is fixed on the base of sections by means of clamps.EFFECT: increase the rigidity and load capacity of the manipulator while maintaining its flexibility and expand the working area.1 dwg
ethod of producing wear-resitant coating for cutting tool // 2641600
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: vacuum-plasma application of wear-resistant coating, made of niobium, titanium and zirconium nitride is performed at the following ratio of the components, at. %: niobium 65.7, titanium 25.4, zirconium 8.9. The coating is applied by three cathodes, which are horizontal in one plane, the first and the second one of which are made of niobium and installed opposite each other, and the third cathode is composite of titanium and zirconium and placed between them.EFFECT: as a result of the application of the wear-resistant coating, the operating capability of the cutting tool is increased.1 tbl
Working tool // 2640850
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: working tool has a working member and an internal combustion engine that drives the working member. The internal combustion engine has a rotatable crankshaft. The working tool has an excess fuel device for the internal combustion engine, which comprises a mode selection switch operated by the user. The excess fuel device has the operating position and at least one start position. The working tool has a return device switching the excess fuel device from the start position to the operating position, if the crankshaft rotation speed exceeds the return frequency. The return device blocks switching the excess fuel device to the start position at a rotation speed higher than the return frequency.EFFECT: simplicity of the working tool design, excluding errors in control.11 cl, 10 dwg

C-shaped rod structure implemented with possibility of providing compensation of deviation and related method // 2640696
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: C-shaped rod structure, robotic system and associated method are provided to react to and compensate for loads applied to the C-shaped bar structure during activation of the tool. The C-shaped rod structure comprises a plurality of links and a plurality of pins connecting these links to form a configuration in the form of a dowelled truss. The configuration in the form of a dowelled truss is sensitive to the load transmitted in response to the activation of the tool, in such a way that each link is in compression or tension. The C-shaped rod structure also comprises a plurality of hydraulic cylinders connected to the links in such a way that each hydraulic cylinder extends in parallel to the corresponding link. The first hydraulic cylinder operates in a compression mode in response to a deformation associated with the activation of the tool. The second hydraulic cylinder operates in tension mode in response to the operation of the first hydraulic cylinder in the compression mode.EFFECT: increasing the strength of the rod structure joint.15 cl, 6 dwg

Boer // 2639746
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: boer contains a rotation axis, a shank for clamping the drill in the tool holder, and a rod for removing the drilling dust produced during drilling. At the end of the rod turned in the feeding direction, a bit head is fixed, which has a point (8) on the end facing towards the feed end. Rod with facing side in the feed direction and head with the request to the Web part are limited to relevant connecting surfaces through which the boer head is connected to the backbone. Dependence is given to determine the ratio of the diameter of the boer head to its height.EFFECT: high drilling speed with a compact boer head shape.16 cl, 25 dwg

Pneumatic shock mechanism // 2638603
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: shock mechanism consists of a cylindrical body with final channels, circular flange with central through hole, working tool with a shank, step hammer with a rod part, a bar with a rod part, installed in the central hole of the circular flange, permanently based in the central through hole of the step hammer, a circular chamber of a pneumatic buffer (working stroke), a sleeve of the cylindrical body with a hole for the passage of the rod part and forming on the side of the circular chamber of the pneumatic buffer (working stroke) a ring nip, restricting the travel value of the hammer, a nozzle with a channel for feeding air, fixed relatively to the cylindrical body, a circular distributing chamber in the sleeve of the cylindrical body, a network air chamber on the side of the circular flange, idle movement chamber on the side of the shank of the working tool, held by a spring against the cylindrical body. On the lateral surface of the rod part of the bar an inclined flattened channel is made with a curvature surface of higher than the second order, providing changing through passage cross-section, increasing from the full diameter size of the rod part of the bar before it ends on the face of the step hammer, installed in the central through hole.EFFECT: reduction of local airflow resistance at the inlet, reduction of the cycle time, increase in the utilization factor of the internal energy of the air, and the cost-effectiveness of the pneumatic shock mechanism.3 dwg

System of separate collection and garbage transportation // 2638531
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: in the system, the garbage collection is carried out by several transport facilities (TF) equipped with trailed means 24 of garbage collection, moving along specified trajectories. Each TF is equipped with a video camera 2, located in a capture zone 23 of a manipulator 10 connected through a video input plane 3 to a computer 4 that has a radio station 5, through which the radio communication with the radio station 30, the computer 28 and a monitor 29 of a control center 27 is performed. An additional video cameras 18 with a multiplexer 19, a sensor 7 for measuring the direction of travel, a sensor 8 of the covered distance, an actuator 9, with its output connected to a manipulator 10, sensors 11 of a garbage type, an ultrasonic locating sensor 12, a sensor 13 of horizontal level, an adjustable TF suspension 14, a signalling device 15, the first pair of horizontal and vertical angles of rotation sensors 17 of the video camera 2 and the first horizontal and vertical moving drives 16 of the video camera 2 connected to the inputs of the first pair of the sensors 17 of the horizontal and vertical angles of rotation are installed on the TF and connected to the computer 4. One of the additional video cameras 18 is equipped with the second drives 21 of horizontal and vertical travel, the control inputs of which are connected to the computer 4, and the second outputs are connected to the corresponding inputs of the second pair of sensors 22 of horizontal and vertical angles of rotation, their outputs are connected to the computer 4. The two remaining video cameras form a system of stereo supervision.EFFECT: increase in productivity by reducing the user participation.3 dwg

Transmission of the rotating moment // 2638467
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: screwdriver for torque transmission, configured to enter the slot of the head of the fastener, with a larger diameter of the slot of the head of the fastener is less than 0.06 or less 0.1 inches, comprises a main body, the first end part of which is configured to receive torque from the torque transmission source and with the possibility of transmitting the torque of the second end portion. The second end portion of the housing opposite the first end portion is formed as a key parallel to the screwdriver axis and having a protruding driving end. The key is formed by a shape enabling it to enter the slot of the head of the fastener and has a larger diameter of less than 0.06 in, and a smaller diameter, the projecting leading end having beveled portions with an angle of 10 up to 30 with respect to a plane perpendicular to the axis of the screwdriver, and is formed in a shape different from the shape of the key, and at least a part of the beginning of its leading end has a size of a larger diameter of the key. The protruding leading end of the second end portion of the main body has a shape consistent with the spline of the head of the fastener for transferring the torque from the second end portion of the main body to the fastener.EFFECT: improved torque transmission.14 cl, 1 tbl, 8 dwg

Installation for spraying coating material // 2637961
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: installation (2) for spraying the coating material onto objects (100), such as car bodies moved by the conveyor (4) parallel to the transportation axis (X4) and comprising at least the main assembly (102) and the moving part (104-108), comprises the first multi-axis spray robot (50) for spraying the coating material, one multi-axis control robot (60) for controlling the moving part (104-106-108) of the object (100) relative to the main part (102). Each robot can move parallel to the axis of transportation (X4). The installation (2) also comprises a chamber (3) and venting means for allowing the ventilation air (F1) to flow inside the chamber in a direction perpendicular to the transport axis (X4). The spray (50) and control (60) robots are slidably mounted on the same guide (8) parallel to the transport axis (X4) and passing each other. The guide (8) is located above the object (100) to be coated.EFFECT: effective application of coating material to an object containing a fixed assembly and a movable part without restricting access to the chamber and long longitudinal movements, with the possibility of reducing contaminants outside the facility.5 cl, 5 dwg

Air hammer // 2637682
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: air hammer includes an air hammer mechanism of a throttle-valveless type, comprising a working tool with a shank, a cylindrical housing, a cup with a channel for supplying air from the circuit, fixed detachably relative to the housing, an annular flange with a central opening, an end pre-chamber formed between the cup and the annular flange, a striker with a through axial hole, disposed in the housing and separating the housing cavity into a working stroke chamber and an idling chamber, a rod-tube mounted in the central opening of the annular flange, passed through the central opening in the cup and fixed relative to the cup itself, a groove in the idling chamber, a radial release channel in the rod-tube with the channel continuation in the form of a longitudinal axial channel opening into the atmosphere and opened by the striker end from the shank side of the working tool. An annular accumulation chamber is formed between the cup and the cylindrical housing. The annular flange is equipped with a sidewall and a radial bypass channel formed therein, continuously communicating the end pre-chamber with the annular accumulation chamber. In the working stroke chamber of the annular flange side, an annular chamber of a pneumatic buffer and an annular power augmentation chamber are made in the form of annular recesses separated by an annular bead. In the housing wall, at the level of the recess of the annular power augmentation chamber, through-pass radial power augmentation channels are made, constantly communicating the annular accumulation chamber with the annular power augmentation chamber. The lateral rod-tube surface is equipped with a bypass channel in the form of a channel-flat with a cutting edge on the side of the annular flange, so that the bypass channel inlet on the side of the working stroke chamber is made at the level of the annular bead separating the annular chamber of the pneumatic buffer and the annular power augmentation chamber.EFFECT: increasing the momentum of the pressure forces for the striker acceleration, both during the idling and the working stroke, increasing the kinetic energy of the striker with its subsequent transmission to the working tool shank.1 dwg

Snow-clearing robot // 2636402
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: snow-clearing robot consists of a self-propelled wheeled vehicle (1) and comprises a control unit (6) including a computer (7) with inner memory. An ultrasonic location sensor (9), an alarm device (10), and a receiving/transmitting device (11) are connected to the computer (7). Three basic transmitting-receiving devices (12, 13, 14) arranged around the perimeter of the treated area and providing connection on respective radio channels to the receiving-transmitting device (11) of the control unit (6) are also introduced into the snow-clearing robot. Wherein a travel sensor (8), connected to the computer, is introduced into the control unit (6).EFFECT: improving the manoeuvrability and ensuring the work of a snow-clearing robot 24 hours a day.5 dwg

Extractor for spiral threaded insert without trunnion // 2636339
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: extractor comprises a mandrel with a front end section in the form of a threaded rod, a rotary grip having a drive section and a support section. The mandrel has a rod section and a cylindrical tubular rod section. The rod and tubular rod sections are provided with a fastening groove for engaging with the rotary grip. The rotary grip is secured in the fastening groove, a support section is fixed for turning to the mandrel by a turning rod, and the tubular rod section is provided with a shifting means effecting on the support section of the rotary grip. Wherein the shifting means can effect on the support section by moving the gripping section outwards in radial direction of a threaded rod in such a way, that a hook section formed in the gripping section of the rotary grip, elastically interacts with the groove of the end threaded section of a spiral threaded insert without the trunnion placed on the blank surface.EFFECT: simplicity of the insert structure and improved convenience in use.4 cl, 9 dwg

ethod of dismounting turbojet engine, device for heating // 2635741
FIELD: engine devices and pumps.SUBSTANCE: two-shaft turbojet engine comprises a front fan, a high-pressure module with a high-pressure rotor, a low-pressure turbine module, an intermediate housing containing a thrust bearing of the high-pressure rotor. The high-pressure rotor is held in bearing by means of a connecting nut. When dismantling of said engine after removal of the low-pressure turbine module with corresponding shaft without removal of the fan, a heating device is introduced along the axis of the engine at the rear side into a central space freed by the module of low-pressure turbine, and heated from the inside by the connecting nut. After heating the connecting nut, the rear unscrewing tool is inserted and the unscrewing torque is applied thereto. At that the value of the torque is less than the value of forces that can destruct the teeth. In case of unsuccessful attempts to dismantle at the rear, removal of the fan is carried out, to release said connecting nut from the front the connecting nut is heated and the front unscrewing tool is arranged to apply the unscrewing torque to the connecting nut. Another invention of the group relates to a heating device for implementing said method and comprising a carriage with a tubular element mounted thereon. The tubular element is arranged with the possibility of introduction into said central space and equipped at one side with a facility for production of hot gas in the tubular element and a side hole at distance from said side.EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to simplify the method for dismantling the two-shaft turbojet engine.10 cl, 12 dwg
Installation containing glove box and device for gloves replacement, including control over gloves replacement // 2635498
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an installation comprising at least one glove box (2) provided with a box ring (8) containing an RFID chip (28), a glove replacement device (22) equipped with an RFID reader (34) and electronic board (36), a used glove (10) containing an RFID chip (32) on the box ring (8), and a new glove (110) containing an RFID chip (132) in the glove replacement device (22) for used gloves (10) replacement, a computer (46) for collection and processing of information read by the RFID reader (34) and temporarily stored in the electronic board (36).EFFECT: invention allows to identify gloves and monitor the replacement on the glove box or insulator.24 cl, 2 dwg
Set of tools for organizational repair of running gear of armoured vehicles of machines on their basis // 2635208
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of tools comprises a set of keys with replaceable heads, locking rings, locking pins and a key for nut tightening control. The set contains a torque amplifier with a reaction support and a splined adapter. The torque amplifier is equipped with a ratchet mechanism with a reversing lock and a transition square with a transverse hole for fixing exchangeable heads and a splined adapter by the locking pin on it. The splined adapter is made in the form of a monolithic body with two splined bushings located on two opposite sides, on the inner surface of one of the bushings slots are cut for alignment with the slots of the cork of the machine driving wheel, and on the other side the bushing is provided with an input inner rectangular groove for mounting transitional square of torque amplifier therein.EFFECT: increased reliability, efficiency, safety and ease of screwing, unscrewing operations of the threaded connections of the running gear.6 cl, 1 dwg

ethod for stacking briquettes obtained by pressing solid radioactive waste placed in barrels into container // 2635144
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method comprises placing the briquettes on the storage table using a manipulator with a software control system, and then storing the dimensions and position in the space and on the storage table of each of the briquettes, scanning the dimensions of the container cavity, determining briquettes suitable by size from the placed on the storage table for dense stacking in a container and stacking the briquettes in the container in a certain order with the help of the manipulator. A computer vision system is used, connected with the program control system of the manipulator and containing an electronic camera. Before stacking the briquettes into the container, the inclination of the base of each briquette is additionally determined, and when briquettes are placed in the container, the briquette inclination is oriented to the side of the container wall or the previous row with support on them.EFFECT: stacking speed and positioning accuracy of the stacked briquettes are increased, which increases the productivity, reliability of the stacking process and the density of the compacted briquettes stacking in the container.4 cl, 1 dwg
Extraction device designed to remove adapter fixed in opening // 2635054
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device comprises an end wall (574) forming an outer end surface of the extraction device and a side wall (576) extending axially relative to the longitudinal axis of the device from the periphery of the end wall (574) and terminating at the end wall (580) of the extraction device. The side wall (576) forms an end surface (580). The end surface (580) of the side wall (576) is larger in size than an opening (562) in a structural element, ensuring its adjacency to the structural element at a distance from the opening (562). The side wall (576) has an inner surface (576d) and an outer surface, and the inner surface (576d) has a threaded part (586). The end wall (574) overlaps one end of the side wall (576). The inner surface (576d) of the side wall (576) has an unthreaded part (590) made between the threaded part (586) and the inner end surface (574b) of the end wall (574).EFFECT: facilitating the adapter removal from the opening, eliminating the destruction of the connecting units when removing the adapter.14 cl, 19 dwg

Impactor for a portable tool // 2635030
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: impactor has a striking mechanism comprising at least one striker pin and at least one cam gearing which, at least in the impact drilling mode, drives the striker pin. Striker pin has at least one part of gearing cam.EFFECT: impactor is compact and light.14 cl, 19 dwg

Double-action compression-vacuum impact machine // 2634537
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: machine has a body and a striker placed therein forming an upper chamber and a lower chamber connected with atmosphere, a vacuum-compressor installed in the upper part of the disc body forming chambers above and below the disc, a receiver is connected to the upper chamber, a magnetic lock for the striker is installed in the upper chamber, and a working tool. The chamber above the disc is permanently connected with atmosphere, and the vacuum-compressor is connected through a switch to a current source. The vacuum-compressor is a centrifugal compression-vacuum mechanism connected to a working medium distributor, which faces with a suction hole into the chamber under the disc, a cut from the upper chamber by a solid partition, and an exhaust hole into the chamber above the disc. The working medium distributor is arranged with for periodic connection of the chamber under disc with the upper chamber or the atmosphere, and the chambers above the disc with the upper chamber.EFFECT: increased efficiency of machine operation and its reliability, simplified its structure.3 cl, 1 dwg

Industrial robot // 2634392
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: robot contains a base, a platform with hand and a grip, an external magnetic system with windings, made in the form of an inductor with a cylindrical gap, wherein spherical joints are located on the platform and the base. The translational actuators are installed between the spherical hinges of the base and the platform. The translational actuators are made in the form of a movable and stationary rod connected by spherical hinges to the platform and the base, respectively, and four rigid conductive buses connected by means of bearings and flexible conductive elements. Herewith two rigid conductive buses are connected to the movable rod at the point of their bend, and two other rigid conductive buses are connected to the stationary rod at the point of their bend.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the service area and reduce the robot weight.4 dwg
Unmanned robot for plant laser treatment // 2634104
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: unmanned robot for plant laser treatment contains a frame with controlled wheels, a control and navigation system with control and measuring devices, a power system and a plant laser treatment module mounted on the frame with a technological adapter for setting the height of the mentioned module in accordance with the height of the treated plants.EFFECT: improved quality and efficiency of the plant laser treatment process.3 dwg

Grapple // 2633814
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: grapple comprises an attaching part (3) and a connecting part (4) mounted on the attaching part with the possibility of guided movement along the axis (5) between the first (E1) and the second (E2) limit positions. On the attaching part (3) there are two retainers (7) moving between the gripping position (G), in which they grip by the reverse grip a counter element (9) of the load (2) with the back surface of the stop (8), and the open position (F), in which they release the counter element. The attaching part (3) is connected to two retainers (7) by means of the transmission mechanism (10) in such a way that in the first limit position (E1), the retainers are in the gripping position (G), and in the second limit position (E2), the retainers are in the open position (F). The retainers (7) are located at the same distance from each other along an imaginary circle (13) described around the central longitudinal axis (6) of the grapple, parallel to the displacement axis (5). In the gripping position (G), the distance (14) between the retainers (7) and the central longitudinal axis (5) is greater than in the open position (F).EFFECT: possibility of arranging loads in the positions predetermined by height under visually uncontrolled conditions.17 cl, 5 dwg

Structure for gripping with changeable friction // 2633808
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: tool contains a gripping surface. The gripping surface forms the first plurality of depressions located in at least one first region on the surface. At least one first region forms the first level of frictional force. The second plurality of depressions is located in at least one second region on the surface. At least one second region forms the second level of frictional force. The second level of frictional force forms a relatively smaller amount of frictional force than the first level of frictional force. The third plurality of depressions forms a transitional level of frictional force between the first level of frictional force and the second level of frictional force. The third plurality of depressions connects each of at least one first region to each of at least one second region.EFFECT: probability of tool sliding in the user's hand decreases.16 cl, 12 dwg

anual processing device // 2633669
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: device has a switchable transfer mechanism component that can be operated by a switch. Transfer mechanism component can be moved from the first operating position to the second operating position along the first direction. Switch has the first switching position corresponding to the first operating position of transfer mechanism component and the second switching position corresponding to the second operating position oftransfer mechanism component. Switch can be moved between the first switching position and the second switching position. Spring gripping clutch is connected between the switch and the transfer mechanism component so that when the switch is moved from the first switching position to the second switching position, spring of the clutch performs power action on transfer mechanism component in the first direction. Locking device is attached to the switch.EFFECT: providing the possibility to work in different modes.14 cl, 5 dwg
Unmanned robot for mapping yielding capacity // 2633431
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: unmanned robot with a module for mapping yielding capacity contains a frame, wheels, a control and navigation system with control and measuring devices, a power system, a technology adapter with a module for mapping yielding capacity and an on-board computer. It is equipped with an adapter and a module for mapping yielding capacity installed on the frame.EFFECT: increased labour productivity, reduced costs and increased yielding capacity.3 dwg
Nanopincette to perform manipulations with particles // 2633425
FIELD: nanotechnology.SUBSTANCE: nanopincette contains two cone-shaped electrodes with converging vertices, connected to a controlled voltage source, a core of an insulating optically transparent material, disposed between the cone-shaped electrodes, and a laser with adjustable radiation parameters, introduced through the core to the vertices of the cone-shaped electrodes for thermal desorption of a captured particle from the inter-electrode space into a given area of the substrate. The invention also relates to a method for manipulating particles, using a nanopincette.EFFECT: creating a reliable and technological device ensuring the complete release of the nanopincette from the captured material.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for loading-unloading object-containing housings // 2633204
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: loading-unloading device comprises a casing disposed in a wheel rotating about its axis and intended for accommodating a housing, closed at the first longitudinal end and open at the second longitudinal end, a retaining device (14) installed in the area of the second end of the casing and comprising two clamping grips which apply a clamping force to the housing (E), an actuating device for opening and closing the clamping grips, two locking grips (36, 38), each supported by a clamping grip and freely rotating about a clamping grip, springs (40) connecting the locking grips (36, 38), so that the opening of the clamping grips causes the locking grips (36, 38) to be opened, and the locking grips (36, 38) are able to open independently of the clamping grips.EFFECT: loading-unloading device has high strength, is reliable, the risk of a housing sliding from a wheel is excluded and the removal of containers is facilitated, the risk of damage to containers is reduced, and the safety of loading-unloading is ensured.23 cl, 5 dwg

Pneumatic striker mechanism // 2633005
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: mechanism includes a cylindrical body with outlet channels and a bushing installed therein, a stepped hammer with a rod and a main portion, a through hole and a bushing in the rod portion with a channel-groove dividing body cavity into idle stroke chamber from a shank side and a circular working one, a circular flange with channels for air supply from a network chamber rigidly fixed relative to the circular flange of the rod which is constantly located in the hammer through-hole and interacting with the channel-groove of the bushing, the working tool with the shank portion, a circular distributing chamber communicating on one side with the network chamber by channels for air supply of the circular flange and on the other side with the circular working chamber by means of a circular throttle channel, at that the rod is installed for periodic communication depending on the position of the stepped hammer, the circular distributing chamber and the idle chamber therebetween. The circular throttle channel is formed by channel-grooves or channel-flats with variable cross section along the height made on diametrically opposite sides of the rod portion of the striker.EFFECT: reduction of the air back pressure in the idle chamber and circular distributing chamber of working stroke by adjusting the amount of air supplied in the chamber, thereby economy of the device is increased.2 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for rehabilitation and socialization of students with disabilities and health limitations under conditions of inclusive professional education // 2632770
FIELD: education.SUBSTANCE: rehabilitation and socialization are based on the robot method and include joint training of students with disabilities or HL and their healthy peers on working professions under the conditions of inclusive vocational training in lyceum or college. A series of lessons on the chosen working profession is conducted by a master of production training. Each lesson includes setting of goals and objectives for the lesson, briefing on safety, explanation of a new topic with a demonstration of specific labour operations for the chosen working profession. Health breaks, psychological testing and diagnosis of well-being, activity and mood of students are performed during the lesson, constant dialogue with students is maintained by approving their actions and pointing out the shortcomings, as well as summarizing the lesson and explanation the homework for the next lesson. During learning a real humanoid robot tutor or virtual humanoid robot tutor in the form of a 3D model is used that replenishes mental and physical disabilities of students with disabilities or HL.EFFECT: development of working professions, replenishment of intellectual and physical shortcomings of students.3 cl, 2 dwg, 3 ex
Autonomous mobile robotic complex // 2632342
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the autonomous mobile robotic complex (AMRC) for monitoring the coastal zone and forecasting marine natural disasters. The AMRC contains a vehicle including a sealed enclosure and a superstructure, power, transmission and propulsion systems, a hardware, and a complex control unit. The hardware contains environmental monitoring devices, navigational equipment and ground surface control devices placed on the superstructure of the vehicle. Navigation equipment consists of a high-precision mobile receiver, which has feedback to the base station. Ground surface control devices include range meters that monitor the depth of the track on each side of the vehicle, a flexible console, on the free end of which a hardness meter is attached with the possibility of transmitting readings to the control unit. Environmental monitoring devices include a weather station, a shipborne radar station, a laser scanner, and video cameras connected to the control unit.EFFECT: invention provides remote work in difficult terrain, necessary measurements and surveys, reliable protection, and automated adjustment of the position of its measuring equipment.7 dwg

Pneumatic hand-operated impact tool for graph works // 2632307
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: tool has a cylindrical body with a circular partition on the inner surface of the body and through holes for air passage. The body accommodates a two-stage piston with longitudinal and radial channels dividing the body into three chambers. An anvil-tool holder with a chisel opening is fixed on one end of the cylindrical body, and on the other end a plug in the form of a cup and a handle. The handle is fixed on a connecting bushing. The handle has a union for air supply, and connected to a needle valve in the form of a conical needle with a rod and a spring and a valve body with cavity for air supply from the union. The needle valve is installed in a slot in the center of the handle. The conical needle with the rod and spring is forced into the end plug. The valve body has an annular radial groove with through hole for air supply from the union into its cavity. The connecting bushing is installed to form a gap between the connecting bushing and the cylindrical body. A gap for air passage is formed between the end plug and the handle inner surface.EFFECT: expanded tool functionality.7 cl, 3 dwg

Holding device, rod part of which contains arris // 2632060
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: carrier (1, 33) with the holding device (7) comprises a fixing surface having rows (5) of elongated slotted holes (3, 3'). The holding device comprises a fixing part (9) and a holding part (11), the fixing part (9) is made with the possibility of fixing to the carrier (1, 33) by partially placing it in the first groove (3), so that the holding device (7) takes up the load directed to the plane of the fixing surface. The holding part (11) is adapted to hold the object which is intended for storage. The fixing part (9) and the holding part (11) are connected by means of the rod part (13), and the rod part (13) comprises an arris (15) which is inserted into the second groove (3'), which is located under the identified first groove (3). The fixing part (9) comprises a fixing gaff formed by a first leg (17) passing through the first groove (3) and a second leg (19) passing down over the fixing surface of the carrier (1, 33) when the holding device (7) is mounted on the carrier (1, 33). At the end of the second leg (19), a protrusion (23) is formed passing towards the rod part (13).EFFECT: increase the reliability and practicality of the carrier with a holding device.10 cl, 9 dwg

Digital torque wrench // 2632053
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: digital torque wrench for tightening threaded connections is provided with second and third memory units and program switch, information outputs of the second memory unit are connected to second inputs of a first digital comparator, the information outputs of the third memory unit are connected to the second inputs of a second digital comparator, the address inputs of the second and the third memory units and interface port with personal computer are connected to outputs of the program switch, and the first memory unit is provided with additional address inputs connected with outputs of the program switch.EFFECT: expansion of process capabilities of the wrench by swift changing of wrench settings when tightening threaded connections with different torque and obtaining information on the quality of threaded connections tightening performed by an operator during the shift.1 dwg

Self-adjusting electric drive of manipulator // 2631784
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to create robot drives. The invention is aimed at ensuring complete insusceptibility of electric drive dynamic performances to continuously and quickly varying instantaneous load characteristics during manipulator displacement in all four considered degrees of freedom.EFFECT: increased dynamic control accuracy.3 dwg
Self-assisted electric drive of manipulator // 2631783
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention is aimed at ensuring the complete invariance of the dynamic properties of the electric drive to continuous and rapid changes in its dynamic torque load characteristics, when the manipulator moves in all three considered degrees of mobility.EFFECT: high measurement accuracy.3 dwg

Electrolyte solution and electrochemical methods for surface modification // 2631575
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method for removing hydrogen from a billet includes the steps of immersing the billet in a bath with an aqueous electrolyte solution containing citric acid with a concentration of less than or equal to 982 grams per liter, ammonium hydrofluoride with a concentration greater than or equal to 2 grams per liter and strong acid, the concentration of which is not more than 3.35 g/l, the billet is connected to the anode of the DC power supply and the cathode of the DC power supply is immersed in the bath, and then a current less than or equal to 538 A/m2 is passed, and also an oxygen barrier is formed on the surface, which performs the function of removing hydrogen from the metal.EFFECT: improving the quality of electrolytic treatment, reducing the hazardous effects of strong acids and the cost of recycling the waste solution used.8 cl, 12 dwg, 9 tbl, 3 ex

Portable technological machine // 2631373
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: machine includes a handle housing and a switch with a movably mounted button and an unlocking element for unlocking switch button displacement interlocking device. The switch button is located on the handle section of the handle housing. The unlocking element has a pushable portion located outside the pressed surface of the switch button and is pivotally and/or rotatably mounted around the axis of the unlocking motion, extending in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the switch button motion.EFFECT: convenient control of the technological machine.16 cl, 16 dwg

Adjustable compression-vacuum shock machine of double action // 2630931
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: machine comprises a housing and a striker arranged therein, forming the upper chamber and the lower chamber, a vacuum compressor located at the upper part of the housing, connected to the upper chamber and comprising at least one pair of centrifugal compression-vacuum mechanisms mounted oppositely to each other with suction openings connected to the disc and having a common channel through an opening in this disc, which forms chambers above and below the disc in the upper housing part. The chamber above the disc is connected to the atmosphere, and cuts off said upper chamber and the chamber under the disc from the atmosphere. Said centrifugal compression-vacuum mechanisms are electrically connected to a three-position switch electrically connected to the current source, a receiver connected to the upper chamber, a magnetic lock for the striker, installed in the upper chamber, and a working tool. The lower chamber is connected to the atmosphere. The receiver is located in the housing between the upper chamber and the vacuum compressor and is connected to the upper chamber through the openings of the centering disk separating the receiver from the upper chamber, and to the vacuum compressor - through the openings in the mounting disc separating the vacuum compressor from the receiver. The magnetic lock for the striker is connected to a regulator located in the receiver and made with the possibility to change its length.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility to expand the energy of impacts and the frequency, to avoid pressure losses during the flow-over from the receiver to the upper chamber, to reduce the machine dimensions by width, and to work in hard-to-reach places.3 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and instrument for maintenance of split plain bearing assembly and rotary machine wherein it is used // 2630398
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: instrument for turning the parts of a bearing assembly lining comprises a lining divided into at least two parts. The instrument comprises a device designed to affect one of the at least two mentioned parts of the lining and rotate all parts of the bearing assembly liner.EFFECT: maintenance of the lining parts is provided without disassembling the machine or its parts.9 cl, 22 dwg
Unmanned robot for magnetic-pulse plant treatment // 2630397
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: unmanned robot for magnetic-pulse plant treatment comprises a frame with controlled wheels, a control and navigation system with instrumentation, a power system and a module of magnetic-pulse plant treatment mounted on the frame, with a technological adapter for setting the height of said module in accordance with the height of plants to be treated. The module is made in the form of a magnetic-pulse activator with an inductor.EFFECT: improving the quality and efficiency of the magnetic-pulse plant treatment process.3 dwg

Two-piston air hammer // 2630331
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device includes a housing with two coaxially located cylindrical cavities separated by a partition with an opening, two pistons located within the cylindrical cavities having cavities of driving and idle strokes, a shank coaxially arranged with the pistons, an air distribution unit with air supply and air discharge channels of equal diameter and a working slide valve in the form of a hollow cylinder, installed in a cylindrical cavity, with the formation of chambers. The housing is equipped with a compressed air supply chamber. One of the pistons is made hollow with a hollow rod, and the second piston is made solid with two solid rods. One of the rods installed in the cavity of the other piston and the opening of the partition between the cylinders. The second rod is mounted coaxially to the first rod on the opposite side of the piston and is provided with a pusher disposed at its end. The rod with the pusher is made of variable cross-section and is installed with a gap with the possibility of moving in the cavity of the working slide valve. The slide valve is provided with a supply and a discharge annular grooves, wherein the supply groove is connected to the compressed air supply chamber and to the cylindrical cavities of the pistons by channels, and the discharge groove is connected to the atmosphere by air discharge channels. The grooves are located at a distance from each other equal to three channel diameters, the width of the grooves is equal to the diameter of the channel, the distance between the channels in the area of the working slide valve is equal to one channel diameter, and the stroke of the working slide valve is equal to two channel diameters.EFFECT: increased operational characteristics and performance reliability.2 cl, 3 dwg

Two-piston air hammer // 2630325
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device includes a housing with two coaxially located cylindrical cavities separated by a partition with an opening, two pistons located within the cylindrical cavities having cavities of driving and idle strokes, a shank coaxially arranged with the pistons, an air distribution unit with air supply and air discharge channels of equal diametre and a working slide valve in the form of a hollow cylinder, installed in a cylindrical cavity, with the formation of chambers. One of the pistons is made hollow with a hollow rod, and the second piston is made solid with a solid rod installed in the cavity of the other piston and the opening of the partition between the cylinders. The second piston is equipped with a command slide valve of cylindrical shape installed coaxially to the rod on the opposite side of the piston, wherein an axial channel, an exhaust annular groove, an air supply groove with openings communicating with the chambers of the working slide valve cavity and with the atmosphere by the channels are formed. The working slide valve is mounted with the possibility of axial movement along the command slide valve and is equipped with a supply and discharge annular grooves. The supply groove is connected with an axial air supply channel and cylindrical cavities of the pistons by the channels, and the discharge groove is connected with the atmosphere by air discharge channels and channels with cylindrical piston cavities. The ducts are located at a distance from each other, equal to three channel diametres. The width of the grooves is equal to the diametre of the channel. The distance between the channels in the working slide valve zone is equal to the diametre of the channel. The stroke of the working slide valve is equal to two channel diametres.EFFECT: increased operational characteristics and performance reliability.2 cl, 4 dwg

Technological machine // 2630088
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: processing machine comprises a handle body, a switch having a key installed on the handle body for operating the switching body of the switch, and a support assembly. The support unit is provided in order to communicate the movement from the one end thereof facing the connection area of the handle body to the other end of the hand grip end facing away from mentioned connection region when the switch key is acted upon. The support assembly comprises a linkage mechanism made in the form of a parallelogram mechanism. In this case, the action on the button of the switch causes it to move in the direction of the handle body along the entire longitudinal extent of the pressed surface of the switch key.EFFECT: accuracy of the machine control is increased.16 cl, 8 dwg

Actuating device for precision positioning of actuating element // 2630074
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: actuating device comprises a control system 1, a controllable current source 2, an actuating element 12, an actuating element position sensor 3 and a magnetic subsystem 16 including the first and second active elements made of a ferromagnetic material with a shape memory effect and an active element temperature sensor 15. The magnetic subsystem is made in the form of at least two twin coils 6-11 for each active element. The controllable current source is made multichannel with the possibility of independent generation of current pulses in each twin coil.EFFECT: increased accuracy of positioning and operation speed, reduced overall dimensions of the device.6 dwg

Tool for staffing-box extraction and gland into casing head stuffing-box of well flow head equipment // 2630008
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: tool for staffing-box extraction and gland into casing head stuffing-box of well flow head equipment, comprising a device for holding a lid at the polished rod, a stuffed sleeve fixed at the lever with a handle and having external diameter according to the internal diameter of the stuffing-box chamber of the casing head stuffing-box, a polished rod slot, an insert with an element for staffing-box extraction. Wherein the lever with a handle rests through the height-adjustable screw-nut screwed joint on instrument fastening mechanism to casing head struffing-box, consisting of two hemispheres pivotally connected to each other and fixed to each other by clamping screw andhold-down nut. The stuffed sleeve, depending on the aim - staffing-box extraction or gland - is equipped with a removable insert in its lower part, which simultaneously serves as stuffed sleeve fixator relative to the polished rod from horizontal movement and can comprise an element for staffing-box extraction. Wherein an additional fixator is mounted at the upper part of the stuffed sleeve which fixates the suffed sleeve relative to the polished rod from horizontal movement.EFFECT: enhanced funcitonal responsibilities.2 cl, 3 dwg

Impact device // 2629723
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: impact device comprises a housing, a striker located in the housing and dividing it into chambers of working stroke and idle run, an air distribution mechanism comprising a cover, a pre-valve cavity, valves, command chambers connected with command channels to the chambers of working stroke and idle run, intake channels and an exhaust port. A sub-valve bushing is located in the cover. In the annular cavity between the sub-valve bushing and the cover there is a separating bushing with guide axial grooves for valves and valves made in the form of annular sectors with the possibility of independent axial movement. Flanges arranged in the pre-valve cavity are made on the lower end of the valves. The valves form with their upper end form in the annular cavity command chambers connected with command channels to the chambers of working stroke and ide run.EFFECT: increasing the impact power of the device.3 dwg

ethod for final machining of gas turbine engine blade and device for its implementation // 2629419
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: geometric characteristics of the blade blank are measured, the measured shape is compared with the theoretical shape, areas of the blade blanks for polishing are determined, toolpath is formed and cutting modes are set. For polishing, a tool in the form of a polishing wheel is used, having conical, toroidal and the second conical cutting surfaces aligned thereon for processing the back and trough of the blade, the concave surface of the shelf interface and the shelf surface, respectively. Polishing of the mentioned areas of the blade blank is carried out by the corresponding cutting surfaces of the polishing wheel by means of two manipulators for relative movement of the blank and the circle.EFFECT: final machining of all complex surfaces of the flowing part of the blade, taking into account the geometric characteristics of the blank.3 cl, 3 dwg

Bi-directional wrench // 2628597
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: bi-directional wrench has a working part that includes a main shaft for applying torque, a drive gear, a driven gear, an intermediate transfer shaft with an intermediate pinion mounted on it, a handle pivotable for engaging the rotation of the driving gear, a first locking element having a first pawl and a second pawl and a second retaining element having a third and fourth pawl and a reversing switch for mounting the first stopping echelon and the second stop element to the first state and the second state. In this case, the input torque applied by the operator is clockwise or counterclockwise, and the output torque of the output end of the bidirectional wrench is clockwise or counterclockwise.EFFECT: providing two modes of operation with convenient transfer from one to another mode.15 cl, 10 dwg