Butchering and meat treatment and processing poultry or fish (A22)

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A22            Butchering; meat treatment; processing poultry or fish(3421)

Positioning device for positioning farm poultry legs moved one by one in movement direction along movement section, and method including positioning for removing meat from thigh piece of farm poultry leg // 2641731
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: positioning device (1) for positioning farm poultry legs (9) moved in a row in the suspended way, has a bending device (4) designed to bend and position the poultry legs, as well as a stationary retaining and guiding device (5). The bending device (4) forms a leading device designed to suspend the leg (9) in the region of its knee joint (93) in the retaining and guiding gap (51) of said device (5). The positioning element (7) of the joint movement is formed by drive compression elements, which provide gripping the leg (9) from below, from its axial part (940), for bending and lifting the leg. Each positioning element (7) forms, together with the fixed positioning element (6), a functional pair of the positioning elements (6, 7). One of the two positioning elements (6, 7) interacts with the popliteal space (95) of the leg (9), while the second positioning element (6.2; 7.1) is made with the possibility to abut in the thigh (92) from the front side (941) of the leg. Along the retaining and guiding gap (51), processing stations (56) can be located. According to the method of removing meat from the thigh part of poultry legs (9) moved in a row during their movement, the legs are directed transversely in the first positioning device (1.1). The lateral side (950) of the leg faces forward, and axially in the second positioning device (1.2). The axial side (940) of the leg, on which the patella is located, faces forward. Along the first stationary retaining and guiding gap (51.1), cuts are made on the front side (941) of the leg and on the back side (942) of the leg. Cuts are made along the lateral sides (950) of the leg along the second stationary holding and guiding gap (51.2), and the meat (922) from the thigh part is pulled to the proximal end of the femur (921).EFFECT: improving the device operation reliability.46 cl, 19 dwg

Conveyor line and holder for poultry carcass, applied in this line // 2639333
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to a conveyor line and a holder containing a hook or hooks for suspending a poultry carcass or parts thereof by the feet and a carriage to move the holder along with the suspended carcass or parts thereof along the conveyor line. The holder is installed with at least first rotary vertical rod, suspended to the carriage and equipped with a lever running sideways to adjust the orientation of the poultry carcass or parts thereof relative to the carriage. Near this lever or on it there is a frame that can move up and down relative to the first vertical rod and to which the second rod is suspended. The hook or hooks for suspending the poultry carcass are located at the lower end of the second rod.EFFECT: this mobility of the frame causes the second rod to move up and down preserving the same height of the first rod position.21 cl, 8 dwg

Device for fish fillets slicing // 2638536
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes a cutting device with a disc knife, a filleting device, a presser and a carriage. As a filleting device, a drive conveyor is used, where the feeding plane is a belt made with perforation. The cutting device comprises at least two-disc knives which are mounted on the rotor and provided with drives. The rotor is fixed on the carriage with a possibility of rotation from a separate drive. The carriage is mounted above the conveyor belt with a possibility of adjustment of the inclination angle relative to the conveyor belt. The pressing device is made in the form of a vacuum chamber connected to the vacuum pump, located under the perforated belt in the conveyor under the carriage. The device is further provided with a device for obtaining of a video image of the fillet and a light source mounted above the conveyor belt in front of the carriage, as well as a calculating unit associated with the drives of the conveyor, rotor, disc knives, fillet video device, light source and vacuum pump.EFFECT: Improved quality of fish fillets slicing.6 dwg
ethod for treatment of food products with using of heating process // 2638523
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method involves filling a shell stable in shape or stabilized in shape by additional means, consisting of a non-conductive material, with a filler material, in particular sausage meat or a similar raw material for a food product, closing the shell openings with conductive surfaces, in particular plates, pistons, or plugs, and supplying alternating electric current through the conductive surfaces and conducting the electric current through the filler material while moving the filler material with respect to the conductive surfaces for uniform ohmic heating.EFFECT: reducing costs during treatment, reducing the heat source power.16 cl

oulding machine and method for moulding volumetric food product // 2636769
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: in process of moulding briquettes, a stick is introduced into them. The stick is at least partially introduced while forwardly moving a moulding block, and/or moved to be introduced into the briquette by an injection unit.EFFECT: improving the quality of the finished product.3 cl, 32 dwg

Device for dosing viscous liquid into mobile working chambers // 2636156
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device 1 for dosing viscous raw materials into mobile working chambers provides disk 3 at the bottom of the horizontal container 1 that rotates from an electric motor 4 mounted on the rear side of the bottom 2 having an opening 5. The hole is connected to a transfer pump 6 connected to the distribution tee 7. One branch of the tee is connected through the tap 8 to the reducing valve 9 and the other branch - to the return valve 12 connected to the top of the container. The plunger 14 in the reducing valve 9, connected to the spring 15 and the plug 16, opens the raw material supply channel, when the position sensor 10 comes into contact with the surface of the working chamber 11.EFFECT: non-waste dosing.7 dwg

Device for obtaining fish mince // 2635380
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes a perforated drum with a rotor mounted inside, an electric motor, a loading conveyor. The perforated drum is made in the form of a truncated cone and is oriented vertically, and the rotor is made in the form of a conical screw with a perforated hollow shaft. On the lower part of the hollow shaft, with the possibility of vertical movement to adjust the outlet of the perforated conical drum, a conical shutter is mounted. The shutter is equipped with lifting devices and a temperature sensor. The device is equipped with a control unit connected to the temperature sensor, the loading conveyor, the electric motor and the lifting devices.EFFECT: increasing the fish mince yield and improving its quality.2 dwg

Device for transporting and distributing dead fish // 2634962
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises longitudinal conveyors (13, 14) which are arranged downstream of each of slaughter machines (10, 11) and are made with to receive the dead fish (12) in longitudinal direction with orientation from head to tail. Each conveyor comprises a weighing means (16, 17) for determining the weight of the dead fish (12). The device comprises at least one first displacement means (18, 19) arranged on each of the longitudinal conveyors (13, 14) arranged to move the fish (12) to at least one transverse conveyor (20). The transverse conveyor (20) is arranged for receiving the fish (12) in transverse direction relative to its orientation from head to tail. Said device also comprises feed means (22) arranged at the end of the transverse conveyor (20) and configured to remove the fish (12) from the transverse conveyor (20) and feeding it to the distribution means (23), and a control means which comprises a position tracking means for monitoring the respective locations of the fish (12) and assigning means for assigning the measured weight to the corresponding tracked locations of the fish (12). A control means is made with for controlling the distribution means (23) based on measured weight upon arrival of fish (12) into the distribution means (23) according to preset distribution rule. The invention also relates to the corresponding installation and method.EFFECT: provided transportation and distribution of fish.13 cl, 1 dwg
Single- or multi-layer film containing related polyvinyl alcohol // 2633617
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: single- or multi-layer film made on the basis of a mixture of (co) polyamide and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) soluble in, at least, one solvent A containing more than 50% of water, wherein the film comprises polyvinyl alcohol-PVAS, soluble in the same solvent A, and bound polyvinyl alcohol-PVAB, which (i) is practically insoluble in the same solvent A at a temperature of 18°C to the initial boiling point at normal pressure, (ii) is soluble in, at least, one of the solvents that dissolve (co) polyamide, (iii) gives a colour reaction with iodine typical for PVA, and (iv) reacts with, at least, one primary amine to form a water-soluble PVA. The ratio Ab/As, where Cb - a content of PVAB in a film becoming water-soluble after its treatment with primary amine, Cs - a content of PVAS in the film, is not less than 0.05. The technology for the production of this film includes the steps of preparing the polymer raw materials, including thermal and, if necessary, thermo-oxidative treatment of PVA used as a polymeric raw material and (co) extruding the film from the melt, wherein directly for the film (co) extrusion, a granular raw material is used, containing, at least, one of the two components, including PVAB in the proportion of the soluble PVA corresponding to the above-mentioned condition, in the composition of the granulated mixture containing (co) polyamide and PVA, and carbonyl modified PVA, the product of thermo-oxidative and/or thermal degradation of PVA, a 4% predominantly aqueous solution of which in excess of 1,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine has an optical density of not less than 0.1 at a wavelength of 490 nm, in the composition of any PVA-containing granular raw material. The proposed single- or multi-layer film can be used, in particular, as a sausage casing.EFFECT: stability of the manufacturing process and the mechanical strength of the film are improved.25 cl, 6 tbl

Device for mechanical treatment of organ or organs extracted from slaughtered poultry // 2632962
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method and device for removing cuticle from muscular stomachs of slaughtered poultry, in which a cut and open stomach is placed on top of a horizontal turntable equipped with rotating rollers. The rollers have an effective working surface moving with respect to the stomachs, which is aligned with the turntable surface, but is preferably located slightly higher than it, and allow the stomachs to move at the top of the turntable from the point where they are placed to the opening in the turntable that functions as an outlet for the cleaned stomachs.EFFECT: improving the quality and efficiency of the poultry processing equipment, in particular devices for removing cuticle from a muscular stomach.13 cl, 4 dwg

Device for cutting squid // 2630902
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: conveying device comprises a body consisting of two parallel conveyors, each comprising two rollers, connected with tapes fluted on both sides. One of the tapes presses to the table the mantle, and the other - the tentacles, with the passage of the head between the belts feeding squid to the paired sickle knives dividing the squid into three parts. The tentacles and the head with its beak are directed to collecting hoppers, and the carcass is fed with fins forward to the device for removing the entrails, where it is extended between the two twin counter-rotating rollers.EFFECT: increasing the device performance and ensuring the quality of cutting squid of different species and sizes.4 dwg

Device and method for removing abdominal fat from skin of abdominal part of slaughtered poultry suspended by the legs // 2630407
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: abdominal fat removal is carried out by means of using a scraping tool having in its composition the first vertically movable element and the second vertically movable element capable of inclining towards the first movable element. The first element and the second element are made with the possibility to carry out the coordinated operation in the abdominal cavity of the slaughtered poultry. The first vertically movable element and the second vertically movable element are made with the possibility to grip the abdominal skin together with the abdominal fat. The first movable element and the second movable element are made with the possibility of the synchronous movement in order to separate the abdominal fat from the skin of the abdominal part.EFFECT: improving the treatment quality of slaughtered poultry.10 cl, 10 dwg
Device for cleaning fish from scales // 2630239
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes an executive element fixed on a handle, equipped with a safety component and connected to an electric drive. The electric drive is connected to the executive element and equipped with an electronic speed rotation controller. The elements for interacting with scales are made in the form of mills rigidly fixed on the generatrix of the cleaning device radially to the drive shaft and in the direction of its rotation. The mills have the thickness of 1-5 mm, are placed at the angle of 5-10 degrees, forming the surface of the screw movement of the scales. Elastic gaskets with the thickness of 2-3 mm are placed between the mills. The mills have curved cutting surfaces.EFFECT: invention provides cleaning fish from scales.3 dwg

Fish grading device // 2628797
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device contains a drive drum, a loading device including a hopper, a retractor mounted under the drive drum, an electric motor. The drive drum is made in the form of a spiral having spokes for tedding and fixed to the bracket with the possibility of adjusting the sorting slots between the turns of spiral. The loading device is provided with a feeding conveyor installed in front of the hopper with the possibility of adjusting fish loading speed. The retractor is made in the form of fixed flaps and guides, and is equipped with an outlet conveyor, moving carriages, and a rack. The guides are fixed in pairs on movable carriages which are provided with stepping motors and connected to the rack with the possibility of moving the carriages by stepping motors along the rack in parallel with the axis of drive drum for adjusting the position of guides. The device is equipped with a sprinkler installed inside the drive drum, the control unit and the switching unit. The switching unit is connected to a control unit, an electric motor, stepper motors, feeding and outlet conveyors.EFFECT: improving the quality of sorting.7 dwg

eat processing device, containing x-ray analyzer // 2628400
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: meat processing device contains meat processing unit (2) for processing of meat or meat products. Unit (2) contains the output (4) of the unit; and the X-ray analyzer (6), containing the X-ray source (10) for emitting the X-ray beam (24) to the processed meat in the analysis area (22), and the associated with it the X-ray detector (12) to detect the X-rays, coming from the source (10), and interacting with the processed meat; the conveyor (14), disposed within the housing (8) and adapted to transport the processed meat from the inlet (16) to the outlet (18), through the analysis area (22), located outside the processing unit (2). The X-ray analyzer (6) contains the housing (8), containing the inlet (16), coming inside the housing (8) and the outlet (18), coming therefrom, and designed so to provide the complete protection of the personnel against the X-rays except for the beams directed to the inlet (16), thanks to the curtains (20), located only on the outlet (18). The X-ray source (10) and detector (12) are located inside the housing (8) to analyze the processed meat on the conveyor (14). Also, the X-ray analyzer (6) is located outside the processing unit (2) and is movable relative to the meat processing unit (2) to and from the first position, in which the outlet (4) of the unit and the inlet (16) are connected to form the closed channel, that the unit outlet (4) extends beyond the inlet (16) and inside the housing (8) to the distance, selected not to affect the analysis area (22) to ensure the full personnel protection from X-rays, passing to the inlet (16) and for providing the closed channel for the processed meat, coming inside the processing unit (2) to the conveyor (14) inside the housing (8).EFFECT: improvement of the device, increase of the personnel protection.6 cl, 3 dwg
oisture protection shell corrugated in form of rigid self-supporting shirred sticks and method for obtaining it // 2627202
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a flexible-hose moisture protection shell for food products, corrugated in the form of rigid self-supporting shirred sticks, (co)-extruded from a melt, having a layer in contact with food that has a reduced adhesion to the contents. The shell has on the outer hose surface at least one binding water-soluble or water-dispersible (co) polymer in an amount of at least 10 g/m2, ensuring the adhesive connection between the corrugated folds in the shirred sticks. The shirred sticks additionally have on their outer surface a hydrophobic component reducing the adhesion strength and represented by at least one liquid substantially non-volatile at the room temperature and substantially water-insoluble organic and/or element-organic substance. The total content of the substance on the shell surface is higher than the binder polymer content on the shell surface, and ranges from 50 to 500 mg/m2. The shirred sticks are characterized by the signs: after holding for 24 hours in the free state on a smooth flat surface at 20°C and the relative humidity of 75%, their compressibility in the longitudinal direction under the action of force in 1 N does not exceed 0.5%. The shirred sticks are characterized by the absence of visible elastic bend deformation under the action of its own weight, being cantilevered, and the irreversible kink when the bending moment from 60 to 400 N⋅mm is reached; can be de-corrugated at the temperature of 20°C and RH of 60% with a speed of at least 1.5 m/s without shell ruptures. The method for manufacturing this shell corrugated in the form of rigid self-supporting shirred sticks includes the stage of extruding a flexible-hose shell of synthetic polymers, the stage of orientational drawing and thermofixing, if necessary, and the stage of its corrugating, with applying an aqueous system containing a binder polymer to the outer surface of the shell. On the outer shell surface, a hydrophobic component reducing the adhesion strength is additionally applied. The method comprises the stage of fixing the shape obtained by corrugating the shirred sticks with the fixing equipment; the stage of forced drying of the shirred sticks in the fixed state for 0.5 to 20 minutes, at which the surface temperature of these shirred sticks reaches from 45 to 75°C, and the stage of cooling to the room temperature and removal of the fixing equipment to obtain rigid self-supporting shirred sticks.EFFECT: ensuring filling the shirred sticks on high-performance automatic equipment without the occurrence of technical problems, including defects of their shape and integrity.36 cl, 2 tbl, 5 ex

Device for filleting fish // 2626138
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes a feeding conveyor, side conveyor belts, cutting elements mounted on both sides of the spinal bone of the fish carcass, a feeding gear support for the spinal bone of the fish carcass. The cutting elements are represented by closed belt knives, each belt knife being mounted on two pulleys and equipped with a drive. The width of the belt knife blade is oriented parallel to the direction of feeding the fish carcass, and the knife sharpening plane is oriented at an angle to the feeding direction and is located on the side of the knife blade, facing the spinal bone of the fish carcass. Each belt knife is provided with a spring-loaded tensioning roller interacting with the knife blade, providing a predetermined amount of elastic deformation to adjust the cutting line in the plane perpendicular to the feeding direction. The drive rollers for the side conveyor belts are made in the form of cones oriented with the base upwards. Additional driven cone rollers, made spring-loaded, are used. The device is provided with a support device for the fish carcass, the upper part of the housing of which is made with a longitudinal groove for the feeding gear support for the spinal bone of the fish. The gear support is made in the form of a closed flexible gear element mounted on two pulleys located in the housing of the support device for the fish carcass. Oppositely arranged vertical grooves for the belt knives are made on both sides of the longitudinal groove on the housing.EFFECT: invention allows to reduce the meat loss of fillets, to improve the cut surface quality.9 dwg

Line for processing and/or inspection of domestic poultry suspended by legs // 2625970
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: line (1) for the processing and / or inspection of domestic poultry comprises the first conveyor line (2) with suspensions (3) for suspending the poultry (4) by the legs (5), in which said conveyor line (2) is made with the possibility to move the poultry (4) in the feeding direction (A), past the cutting area and / or the veterinary inspection workplace for domestic poultry (4). At least along the part of said conveyor line (2), a support (9) extends, on which the suspensions (3) rest and which retains the suspensions (3) deflected to the sides, to the second position different from the first neutral, vertically suspended position (area B). In the second position, the suspensions (3) are arranged inclined with respect to the conveyor line (2), resting and abutting against the support (9). The support is represented by an endless belt (9) moving synchronously with the conveyor line (2).EFFECT: preventing any movement of said suspensions back and forth in the feeding direction.4 cl, 1 dwg

Improved moulded food product // 2623235
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: product from minced meat comprises meat consisting of muscle fibers that are aligned in one direction. The product has a controlled muscle fiber length, and also has low or no actin and myosin release during moulding. During manufacturing the minced meat product, it is not compressed, so that less actin is extruded from the cell membrane of the product. The method for preparing a patty from minced meat for heat treatment includes moulding the patty having aligned muscle fibers and the controlled muscle fiber length in the patty by passing the meat through the openings creating the Venturi effect or a pressure drop, which comprise the sphere connected to the cylinder. The sphere represents a narrowing from the fixed point, wherein the narrowing distance is equidistant from the point. Then, the patties are placed on the grill, the shape is maintained during the patty heat treatment, and the tight contact of the patty with the grill is performed in order to ensure an even colour.EFFECT: improving the taste quality of the product and ensuring the even colour of the finished product.7 cl, 4 dwg

Device for implementation of cleaning operation applicable to inner neck skin of slaughtered poultry // 2621081
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device comprises suspension devices for hanging a bird by the legs, the first drum that is provided on its lateral surface with the first curve formed by the first groove over which the first projection for the connection with the rotatable drilling body for carrying out the cleaning operation is made. The device additionally comprises the clamping means comprising the clamping shoe that, during the cleaning operation, abuts against the skin of the bird's neck from the breast side and pushes the skin of the bird's neck towards the drilling body. The clamping shoe interacts with the second drum provided with the second groove over which the second projection connected to the clamping shoe is made. The clamping shoe is adjustable by height by means of rotating the second drum. The first drum and the second drum have an adjustable distance relative to each other for accommodating poultry of different sizes.EFFECT: device improvement.21 cl, 7 dwg

Device and method for machine processing of beheaded and at least substantially eviscerated fish, moved tail forward in t direction of transport line movement // 2621078
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device (10) includes the transport means (11) which transport the fish along the transport path, and the cutting device (12) for separating meat from the flank bones (13, 13a) of the fish skeleton (14) after cutting off the ventral and dorsal radial bones (15, 16). The cutting device (12) comprises a pair of circular knives (19, 20) which can be actuated with a rotation providing around the point of rotation D and which are arranged on opposite sides of the transport path and made with the possibility of adjustment with respect to the position of the fish and, consequently, the skeleton (14). Each circular knife (19, 20) is connected with the means (21, 22), which is designed and made for retaining at least some of the flank bones (13a) below during the process of separating meat from the skeleton (14). The process provides separating the meat from the flank bones (13, 13a) of the skeleton (14) of a fish with a cutting device (12) by introducing one rotatable circular knife (19, 20) of the cutting device (12) into a fish on each side between the flank bones (13, 13a) and the meat to be discharged, in each case above the flank bones (13, 13a) to the spine (18) of the skeleton (14). In the process of separating the meat from the skeleton (14) at least some of the flank bones (13a) are pressed down with the means (21, 22) for retaining the flank bones (13a) below, that provides separating fillets from the bones.EFFECT: improved process of separating the fillet from the bones.14 cl, 9 dwg
ultilayer shell for smoking and storage of food products, and smoked food product manufactured therein // 2620373
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: shell represents a multilayer film having at least one thermoplastic polyamide-containing layer and at least one adhesive layer comprising a functionalized predominantly hydrocarbon (co)polymer. Each of the polyamide-containing layers is made of a composition comprising: a) 5 to 95% of at least one (co)polyamide and b) 95 to 5% of at least one component selected from the list comprising water-insoluble highly permeable to water vapours thermoplastic (co)polymers and water-soluble (co)polymers.EFFECT: shell is pervious to moisture in conditions of hot smoking, but keeps the moisture within at relatively low temperatures ranging usually from 6 degrees or below, which allows to effectively smoke a food product, and store it with excellent consumer properties preservation and low mass losses.37 cl, 3 tbl, 5 ex

System for mass feeding // 2620372
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a forming element, e.g. a forming drum with the rotation axis, and a feed pump.EFFECT: ability to process the whole muscle meat or other tender products from the food masses.16 cl, 22 dwg
Device and method for processing animal carcasses // 2620003
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device includes a cutting tool to perform an operation on the animal carcass and at least the second such cutting tool. The device also includes a robotic arm which moves the first and the second cutting tools. The given cutting tools are adapted to move relative to each other between at least the position of the cutting tool cleaning and the position in which at least one tool can perform a cutting operation on a carcass.EFFECT: decreased downtime in animal carcass processing.21 cl, 5 dwg

ethod for complex processing of low-value raw fish material // 2619986
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method involves cleaning the low-value fish raw material feedstock, cutting into fillets with removing the entrails, bones and fins, grinding, hydrolysis, heat treatment, pressing with separating the press liquoor, and centrifuging with separating the protein mass and fat. Target products are extracted from each obtained fraction separately. The protein mass is subjected to drying, cooling, CO2-sterilisation, and grinding to obtain food fish meal. The fat is separated, refined and deodorized. The press liquor is subjected to concentration and enrichment. The bones and fins are dried, cooled, and ground to obtain fish bone meal.EFFECT: invention provides the complex processing of low-value raw fish material.4 cl, 1 dwg, 4 tbl, 4 ex

ethod, system and guide unit sets for separating sets of internal organs drawn from slaughtered poultry // 2619254
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: method and system for separating a set (1) of internal organs drawn from slaughtered poultry and held by means of the holder (2) of internal organs, which is part of the internal organs conveyor, wherein at least the liver (16), the intestines (15) and the gall bladder (18) are suspended under the holder (2) of internal organs. The method comprises the following stages: arranging the internal organs set in the oblong opening (43) of the guide element (4) and separating the intestines (15) and the gall bladder (18) from the rest of the internal organs of said set. Wherein the intestine (15) and the gall bladder (18) are separated from the rest of the internal organs of the set, and, at least, the liver (16) is arranged on the separating support surface (44) of the guide element (2) mounted at an angle relative to the horizontal plane.EFFECT: guide unit has two movable parts and is intended for use in said method and system.20 cl, 9 dwg

Device and method for cleaning poultry carcass // 2619232
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes the conveyor (3) for transporting a carcass (2, 2') along the rail (A), and the means (4) for cleaning the outer carcass surface, located near the rail (A). The means (4) for cleaning is made with at least one rotating drum (5) to which the hair brushes (6) are attached. The opposite ends of the hair brushes (6) are attached to the drum (5) to form a closed loop and made with the possibility to adjust to the poultry carcass curvature while the drum rotates.EFFECT: invention provides cleaning a poultry carcass.24 cl, 7 dwg

Fish fillet cutting machine // 2617576
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes a conveying apparatus for moving the fillet, the control unit associated with a cutting device comprising a cutting element performing dividing cuts. The conveying apparatus is designed as the feeding and the operating conveyors provided with separate drives connected to the control unit. The operating conveyor is equipped with hoists connected to the control unit for changing and fixing its position in the vertical plane. The device is provided with a measuring device comprising a laser iradiation source and a photodetector mounted oppositely on both sides of the feeding conveyor and connected to the control unit. As the cutting element, a closed knife belt mounted on two pulleys is used. The knife blade is oriented parallel to the plane of the fillet motion and at an oblique angle to the direction of the fillet motion, and the control unit is connected to the knife drive connected with the drive pulley.EFFECT: invention provides cutting the fillets in planes parallel to the conveying plane.6 dwg
ethod for preparing shrimp sauce using whole shrimp as raw material // 2615468
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the food industry, namely to a method of preparing shrimp sauce with whole shrimps as raw material. Shrimp of high quality are selected, cleaned from dirt, peeled, and the runoff of shrimps for further use is carried out. The seasoning is composed of 4-6 parts of table salt, 3.1 parts of white sugar, 0,04-0,1 parts of citric acid and 0,04-0,1 part of sodium glutamate per 60-80 pieces of shrimp. Cold water at the temperature of 5-10°C is prepared for further use. Tap water is added to the heating vessel, citric acid is aded to the tap water into the vessel to bring the pH value to 4.6-6.0. Water is boiled, the appropriate amount of shrimp is put in the boiling water, and the shrimp are cooked for 0.5-1.5 min. The shrimp are extracted, and the shrimp runoff is carried out. The shrimp are placed in the above-mentioned cold water and cooled during 4.5-5.5 min. The shrimp are extracted, and the shrimp runoff is carried out. The obtained shrimp are crushed, and the seasoning is added during crushing. The sauce product is maintained in cans for 23-25 hours at room temperature, and it is shaken for at least up and down 2 times during maintaining to form the final product with a salt content not exceeding 9.0%. As a variant, the invention relates to a method for preparing shrimp sauce, in which to whole cooked and cooled shrimp the seasoning is added, consisting of 4-6 parts of table salt, 0.2-2 parts of xylitol, 0.04-0.1 parts of citric acid and 0,04-0.1 part of sodium glutamate for every 60-80 pieces of shrimp. As a variant, the invention relates to a method for preparing shrimp sauce, in which to whole cooked and cooled shrimp the seasoning is added, consisting of 4-6 parts of table salt, 1-3 parts of white sugar, 3-5 parts of chili sauce, 3-6 parts of vegetable oil, 0.04-0.1 parts of citric acid, and 0.04-0.1 parts of sodium glutamate per 60-80 parts of shrimp.EFFECT: invention allows to obtain a product with high nutritional value, good taste, curative effect, with the short duration of the process.6 cl

Uncooked smoked sausage with demineralised whey and microorganism strain and sausage production method // 2613455
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: demineralised whey and strain of Enterococcus hirae, lactobacillus gallinarun microorganisms are added to mince systems when manufacturing uncooked smoked sausages. Quantitative ratio of the ingredients and process flow patterns for the method are defined.EFFECT: manufacturing of uncooked smoked sausages with reduced ageing period, high organoleptic, functional-and-technological, structural-and-mechanical and colour characteristics and extended storage life.2 cl, 1 dwg
ethod for farcemeat production from frozen meat blocks // 2613284
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method for farcemeat production from frozen meat blocks implies grinding of meat blocks and brining, and the meat blocks are ground without preliminary defrosting. Brining is performed with the addition of Protepsin enzyme agent with standard proteolytic activity 100 units/g. Farcemeat consists of beef of second grade, leg-of-mutton cut, knuckles, water, blood plasma, solution of Protepsin and salt.EFFECT: reduced time for farcemeat manufacturing, prevention of losses at defrosting, increased profitability of goods, increased moisture-retaining ability of muscle protein, softening of connective tissue, meat taste propagation.1 ex

eat inspection system // 2612430
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions intended for use in meat processing industry. Meat inspection and sorting line comprises supply device, a radiation inspection device, a cutting device and a reject device. Meat parts are brought together and fed by means of a conveyor in a layer of meat parts into radiation inspection device, which detects an undesired object. Part of layer of meat parts containing an undesired object is identified and separated from layer of meat parts by cutting device, and identified and separated part of layer, containing undesired object is rejected by reject device from layer of meat parts.EFFECT: supply device is designed to supply meat parts by collecting said meat parts in substantially mixed and/or overlapping state.19 cl, 4 dwg
Shirring composition and applications thereof // 2612316
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to food industry, specifically to a composition for shirring artificial casings which allows conferring casing with a high capacity to cling to meat paste stuffed therein. Shirring composition for sticking artificial casings to meat has one heat curable polycationic resinous component, a polyolic component, inorganic or organic metal bases and salts thereof for regulating pH and water, wherein water activity index (aw) has a value greater than or equal to 0.70, and pH of composition ranges from 7 to 10.EFFECT: invention also discloses a casing impregnated with a shirring composition, a meat product placed in said casing and a method for impregnation of casing with a composition according to invention.19 cl, 2 dwg, 17 tbl, 9 ex
ethod for manufacturing cooked sausage // 2611843
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for usage in meat industry, in particular, in the cooked sausages production technology. The method involves prepating meat raw material, grinding it, preparing the formulation in the cutter, stuffing sausage meat into the shell and forming, heat treating, cooling the finished product. The cooked sausage contains beef of the 1st grade, demi-fat tendon removed pork, mechanically deboned poultry meat, cedar bagasse, flax flour, nitrite-curing mixture and spices. At the step of composing sausage meat cedar bagasse after pre-hydration in the ratio 1:2 in an amount of 15 wt %, and flax flour after pre-hydration in the ratio of 1:4 in an amount of 10 wt. are added to the formulation.%.EFFECT: increasing the biological value of cooked sausages by optimizing the fatty acid composition, enriching the cooked sausage with complete protein, as well as improving its organoleptic characteristics.

Device for poultry neck separation // 2611833
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for poultry neck separation (24) comprises a frame (1, 2), a rotor with operating elements (14) and a height adjustment mechanism (5, 6); the frame consists of an upper (1) and lower (2) parts, the upper frame part (1) is fixed at the body (3) of an aerial conveyor (4), the lower part (1) and the upper part (2) of the frame are interconnected by the height adjustment mechanism (5, 6), a control cam (7) and a disk cutter (10) with a drive (9) are stationary mounted at the lower part (2), the rotor (12) with bearings (11) is installed and fitted by rods (13) with vertically movable operating elements (14) in the form of an upper (15) and a lower (16) gripping units and connected to a shaft (22) with a sprocket (18) of one of 90-degree-turnable stations of the aerial conveyor (4); the joint of the rotor (12) and the shaft (22) is movable, and the diameter D of the o-centers of the gripping units (15, 16) at the operating elements (14) is equal to the reference diameter of the sprocket (18).EFFECT: automation of poultry neck separation process, decrease of the length of poultry carrying aerial conveyor, improvement of hygiene and sanitary conditions at poultry processing and possibility to cut the neck at the required level.5 dwg

Device for separation of heads with trachea and gullet from poultry carcass // 2611832
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for separation of heads with trachea and gullet from poultry necks comprises a frame, a rotor with operating elements and a height adjustment mechanism; the frame consists of an upper (1) and lower (2) parts, the upper frame part (1) is fixed at the body (3) of an aerial conveyor (4), the lower part (1) and the upper part (2) of the frame are interconnected by the height adjustment mechanism (5, 6), the rotor (8) is installed at bearings (7) of the lower frame part (2) and fitted by stationary operating elements in the form of horizontal (9) and vertical (10) pushers and connected to a shaft (11) with a sprocket (12) of one of 90-degree-turnable stations (13) of the aerial conveyor (4); the joint of the rotor (8) and the shaft (11) is movable, and the diameter of the vertical pushers' center alignment is equal to the reference diameter D of the sprocket, the lower frame part (2) is additionally equipped by two sloped plates (17) and (18) whose leading edges "a" and "b" in horizontal projection form two concentric circular arcs of 90 degrees which are equally spaced in respect to the sprocket reference diameter D.EFFECT: simplified design, reduced labour inputs at manufacturing and maintenance of the device, decreased length of poultry processing conveyor.7 dwg
Cooked sausage production method // 2610555
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: method implies preparation of trimmed beef of high grade, trimmed beef of first grade and back fat, brining of meat raw material by sodium chloride, sodium nitrite, grinding, chopping of mince with the addition of hydrated concentrate of kidney bean protein, fresh dill or its seeds, fresh thyme or its seeds, pimento, ramson - roots or leaves, stuffing of sticks, their setting for 2 hours, frying at the temperature of 90°C for 50 minutes, cooking at the temperature of 90°C for 50 minutes and cooling at the temperature of 4-8°C. One has selected a quantitative ratio of the ingredients.EFFECT: selected raw material composition for cooked sausage production is optimal and ensures high biological, manufacturing process, economic and trade characteristics.1 tbl

ethod of preparing meat or fish product before cooking kebab // 2610133
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: product is sliced into portions suitable for preparation and storage in the refrigerator, the sites of interaction with the product being selected in accordance with the size of the cutting tool comprising a push handle attached to the perforated plate having cutting elements in the form of wedge-shaped blades disposed with the pitch of in-line and cross-lying arrangement in the perforations of the plate. The cutting elements are arranged normal to the surface of the product, which allows to cut the product mass, raw fiber and tendons with the discontinuity of 7 mm and more over the entire depth. The triangular projections are configurated in the rows of each initial group of cutting elements overlapping by half-pitch. Laying spices and seasonings is carried out along the walls of the cut. The prepared product is cooled to a temperature from -2 to 5°C and stored for 2-30 hours. All materials of cutting tools are made of stainless, corrosion-resistant and high-carbon steel with a vacuum coating of titanium carbonitride.EFFECT: mechanical and organoleptic changing the form of the meat or fish product mass, based on the diffusion penetration of seasonings and spices into the product mass structure.3 dwg

Process line and method for checking poultry and/or removed by-product set // 2609981
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to food industry, namely, to a process line and inspection method for poultry carcass and/or for a set of by-products obtained from a bird. A bird and/or by-product set are transported along the process line and an inspection unit checks them by choosing certain bird's carcass and/or by-product set subject to rejection. The inspection unit chooses the certain bird's carcass and/or by-product set subject to rejection without touching them.EFFECT: improved hygiene conditions for inspection process at high-speed process lines.22 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and line for poultry stomachs treatment // 2609876
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine engineering for food industry and, in particular, to devices for processing by-products. It can be used in poultry-processing industry in proper processing lines. Before cutting the stomachs are placed in a sealed container, which is then filled with water, and the container is pressurized by excessive air pressure. Then the stomachs are passed under pressure through an elliptical draw plate with a blade, and the cuticle cleaning-off is performed by repeated collisions of the stomachs with the machine working bodies, combining it with washing.EFFECT: design simplification, cost reduction and increasing the line productivity are provided.4 cl, 3 dwg

Venturi effect technology on food product moulding machine // 2609406
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to food industry, specifically to moulding a food product. Machine for moulding cutlets of food product comprises a mould plate having at least one mould cavity therein, along a given path, in a repetitive cycle, between a fill position and a discharge position; food pump for pumping a mouldable food product; a fill passage connecting said food pump to said mould cavity, when said mould plate is in said fill position; a fill plate, interposed in said fill passage adjacent to said mould plate, wherein said fill plate has a plurality orifices distributed in a predetermined pattern throughout an area, aligned with said mould cavity, when said mould plate is located in said intake position; and said receiving orifices form a path through said fill plate and contain sphere crossing with cylinder.EFFECT: use of technology of orientation of fibres to control orientation of fibres and reducing output and mixing myosin with actin, which leads to better adhesion/connection and control over mould after preparation.26 cl, 10 dwg
ethod for production of raw smoked meat products // 2608044
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to meat processing industry. Method comprises grinding whole muscle raw materials, kneading with addition of a salting mixture, containing a nitrite salting composition, a flavour additive and bacterial preparation, moulding into gas-permeable shell, holding at temperature 4 °C for 7 days, moulding, tying, smoking and drying. To improve organoleptic properties of raw smoked products and reduce sodium content in finished product, before salting, meat is preliminarily ground, a nitrite salting composition with low content of sodium is used in salting mixture.EFFECT: invention can be used for production of delicatessen raw smoked meat products.1 cl, 1 tbl, 1 ex

ethod and device for suspension of birds on aerial conveyor // 2608024
FIELD: food industry; machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions intended for use in poultry-processing industry, in particular for suspension of birds. Method for suspension of birds on aerial conveyor comprises following sequence of steps: A) each bird is placed in a holder, wherein its fingers and/or legs extend from a first hole in holder, and its neck is located at end for neck, B) determining orientation of fingers and/or legs, C) bird is turned around a rotation axis passing between first hole and end for neck until a given orientation of fingers and/or legs is achieved, and D) fingers and/or legs of bird are placed in a gripping device on conveyor. Rotation can be achieved by both rotating holder, and by rotating bird inside holder. Device for implementation of steps B) and C) have a control zone and a rotary zone. Holders are preferably open at ends, wherein second hole is located at end for neck.EFFECT: smoother process of suspending birds on conveyor.16 cl, 19 dwg

Device for carrying out operations on slaughtered poultry // 2608007
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: device for performing operations on slaughtered poultry, comprising suspended devices for suspending poultry by legs, a first drum which on its periphery is provided with a first curve formed by a first groove, on which first projection extends, which is connected to first processing element so as to ensure that movement of first processing element along periphery of first drum causes arrangement of said first processing element in working position relative to bird suspended by legs. Additionally there are second processing means, which interact with a second drum provided with a second curve, formed by a second groove, on which extends a second projection, connected to second processing means so as to ensure that by its movement along periphery of second drum second processing means is arranged in its working position relative to bird. First drum and second drum have a controlled distance relative to each other.EFFECT: invention is intended for usage in poultry-processing industry.9 cl, 8 dwg

Device for electrical stimulation of meat carcasses with direct current // 2607354
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for use in meat processing industry. Device consists of two pairs of relays 1 and 2, 3 and 4, preferably solid-state semiconductor relays. Relays of each pair of work with opposite direct current potential. To terminals of said relays, direct current is supplied with voltage of 220 V to 400 V, and are also connected control lines UN1 and UN2. Operation of relay is controlled by controller 5, preferably a programmable logic controller. Relays 1 and 3 are connected to terminal UN4 of a first electrode, and relays 2 and 4 – to terminal UN5 of a second electrode. Device operates in such a way that programmable logic controller triggers relays 1 and 2 from line UN2, which simultaneously triggers flow of direct current with voltage 220 V to 400 V and mutually opposite polarity.EFFECT: as a result, on terminals UN4 and UN5 of electrodes there is potential difference.5 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of poultry suspension on gripping device and device for suspension of poultry // 2606907
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to poultry-processing industry. Method of poultry suspension on gripping appliance includes following sequence of steps: I) bending of at least one leg in heel joint so, that leg approximates breast of poultry, II) insertion of leg foot in gripping device, III) at least partial release of at least one leg. Bending can be achieved due to arrangement of gripping element on side of leg, facing breast to prevent displacement of heel joint in direction of breast of poultry and application of holder to press legs in direction of breast. Gripping element and/or holder can be made with possibility of displacement.EFFECT: reduced risk of improper grip of poultry legs, partially automated suspension of poultry on conveyor.20 cl, 16 dwg

Transportation device for products of fish processing and meat processing industry // 2606093
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fish processing and meat processing industry products transportation device. Transportation device (10) comprises conveyor belt (11) for products transfer in transportation direction (F), at least one mounting base (12) passing at least along section of conveyor belt (11), and at least one functional unit (13) for interaction with products, wherein each of functional blocks (13) is located on retainer (16). Retainers (16) are made so, that each of functional units (13) is connected with mounting base (12) using retainers (16) and installed with possibility of adjustment at least in transportation direction (F), wherein mounting base represents square profile, wherein square profile is arranged so, that one of its cross section diagonals at least substantially parallel to conveyor belt plane.EFFECT: disclosed is transportation device for products of fish processing and meat processing industry.13 cl, 7 dwg

ethod, apparatus and line for mechanical processing of organs or organs extracted from slaughtered poultry // 2605199
FIELD: food industry; machine building.SUBSTANCE: method and processing device for processing a set of organs, extracted from slaughtered poultry, using at least two interacting rolls which form a gap between said rolls, selectively enabling pre-selected in organs from said set of organs to pass through said gap, wherein rolls during operation are rotated in opposite directions, in order to move set of organs and simultaneously facilitate passing of said selected organs via said gap, wherein interacting rolls are controlled exactly perpendicular and across longitudinal direction of rolls so as to adjust gap. Gap is adjusted to a preset constant value along longitudinal direction of rolls.EFFECT: group of inventions intended for usage in poultry-processing industry.27 cl, 4 dwg

achine for cutting skeins of salmon fish caviar simultaneously with caviar salting // 2603928
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: machine includes rotary perforated drum with air vacuum system for skeins sucking onto drum perforated shell. Along drum circumference toothed discs are arranged for skein longitudinal cutting. At toothed discs location splitter and retainer are arranged. Under drum bath with mixers is mounted. In contact with perforated drum additional perforated drum is installed with possibility of rotation so, that solid part between holes of one drum at drums contact occurred at another drum hole midpoint. From drums inner side, after their contact point along direction of rotation scrapers are installed, provided with chutes, wherein above scrapers surface nozzles are located for supply of brine.EFFECT: invention provides increased efficiency and better separation of caviar from skein film shell.1 cl, 2 dwg

olding device for forming food products containing feeder for supply of food mass // 2603925
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to food industry, namely, to design of a molding device for forming food products. Molding device comprises rotary drum (5) with shaping cells, where food mass is formed into food items, and feeder (23) for supply of the food mass. Feeder has a body with supply channel (24), at least one sealing zone (25) arranged ahead of the supply channel in the direction of the drum rotation, and/or sealing zone (26) arranged behind the supply channel in the direction of the drum rotation, and flexible gasket (7). Gasket (7) is pressed to the outer surface of the drum and thus creates a seal between the feeder and the drum. Drum has several rows of cells on its outer surface.EFFECT: use of the invention enables higher quality of finished product.31 cl, 33 dwg