Furnaces and kilns and ovens and retorts (F27)

F27            Furnaces; kilns; ovens; retorts(13203)

Clinker cooler // 2614295
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: clinker cooler comprises a water bath, a rotating drum installed therein, the means for clinker loading and unloading. The drum is designed as the obliquely installed respectively to its horizontal cylinder axis of rotation with flat end walls of elliptical shape, parallel to each other, perpendicularly or obliquely placed at the angle β to the horizontal drum axis of rotation, while maintaining parallel to each other, at that the major axes of the ellipses end walls are turned relative to each other at the angle ϕ and the spring of barrel shape with a circular coils section is fixed along the entire length of the drum, which equipped with device to change the turns pitch by its stretching or compressing.EFFECT: increase of the clinker cooling degree and expansion of the cooler process capabilities.4 dwg

Shaft kiln for loose material calcination // 2613260
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to sugar production technology, namely to equipment for obtaining saturation gas used for purifying the raw juice, and is used for obtaining lime in shaft kilns in the industry of construction materials, chemical and metallurgical industries. The shaft kiln for loose material to obtain saturation gas used for purifying the raw juice contains a cylindrical lined shaft, the outer surface of which is coated with fine fiber basalt material made in the form of twisted bundles arranged as extended in height from the box operating in the air supply mode to the charging device.EFFECT: shaft kiln for the loose material calcination, ensuring the reduction of energy consumption for the heat and mass transfer process of obtaining saturation gas by maintaining the given temperature mode inside the kiln without additional fuel costs for heating lime raw material from the ambient temperature, especially at low and negative values and in case of moistening by precipitation, to the calcination temperature.1 dwg

ethod and device to determine electrode material consumption during electric furnace operation // 2613004
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to metallurgy and can be used in determining electrode material consumption during steel manufacturing in an electric arc furnace. In the method, the weight is measured of at least one electrode column located in an electronic arc furnace or introduced into it without removing it from the furnace using at least one weighing device capable of continuous or quasi-continuous measurement of the column weight with a time resolution of 1 to 500 Hz. Furthermore, the present invention refers to the device in which the weight device is capable of continuous or quasi-continuous weight measurement of at least one electrode column located in an electronic arc furnace and is integrated into transport device for conveying and holding the electrode column.EFFECT: invention provides for the possibility to accurately and reliably determine electrode material consumption for any time interval selected arbitrarily short.13 cl, 2 dwg
Installation for material distribution through pneumatic transportation, containing pressure relief device in pressurized tanks, in which material is stored // 2612893
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: installation comprises dispensing hopper for intermediate storage of granular or powdered material and pressure relief device in the dispenser hopper. The dispensing hopper is made for alternate increasing of the pressure for emptying the hopper and dispensing pressure relief to allow for its completion. Pressure relief device in the dispenser hopper contains a pressure relief pipeline connected to the dispensing hopper, bag filter, connected to the pressure relief pipeline and flow control devices for flow control in the pressure relief pipeline through the bag filter. Bag filter is a filter made for operation under pressure. Flow control devices are static control devices without moving elements disposed on the pressure relief pipeline downstream of the bag filter. Flow control devices comprise a plate with a bore of a given cross-section or de Laval nozzle.EFFECT: provision of passing the maximum volumetric flow rate less or equal to the maximum allowable bag filter flow, thereby the unit weight reduces.6 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of heating metal scrap in shaft heater of arc steel-making furnace and burner for its implementation // 2612472
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to ferrous metallurgy and can be used in the operation of electric arc furnaces, which are adjacent to the shaft heater. The method includes loading of scrap metal in the shaft heater adjacent to the electric arc furnace and its heating, periodic discharge of the heated scrap by means of a pusher from the shaft heater through the scrap discharge window into the workspace of the arc furnace. To heat the metal scrap, gas is used in the form of a combustible mixture of fuel gas, oxygen and ballast gases consisting of combustion products cooled after passing through the scrap layer in the shaft heater, which is fed from the burner mounted on a shaft heater into its lower part. The burner for heating the scrap in the shaft heater of the arc steel-making furnace is equipped by an oxygen chamber, located in the upper part of the housing, with supply of oxygen and connected thereto nozzles of the upper mixing chamber connected by the suction nozzles for intake of the formed ballast gases from the top of the shaft heater, and located at the bottom of the housing chamber of gaseous fuel and the lower mixing chamber connected by the nozzles with the chamber of gaseous fuel and the upper mixing chamber by means of injectors located within the housing for creating in the lower mixing chamber of a combustible mixture of the said ballast gas, oxygen and gaseous fuel, with the lower mixing chamber being connected to the lower part of the shaft heater.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the heating temperature of the metal scrap in the shaft of the arc steel-making furnace and affects the decomposition of dioxins and furans contained in the exhaus gases.5 cl, 3 dwg

Rotating kiln for making cement clinker // 2612114
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: kiln comprises a cylindrical chamber installed in the end and intermediate supports rotatable around its longitudinal axis, inclined at an acute angle to the horizontal, charging and discharging units positioned in the opposite charging and discharging ends, carbon dioxide sampling unit connected to the collector of the abovementioned gas or devices for its utilization and located at the discharge end, and a device for raw mix heating, the cylindrical chamber is designed composite along the length and made up of at least six sections, each of which is provided with a separate rotary drive to ensure rotation independent from the other, the sections are placed one after the other coaxially to the longitudinal axis of the installation and to each other and are separated by five intermediate supports, where the outer ends of the end sections are located in the end supports, and their ends facing the neighbouring sections are placed in the respective intermediate supports. The device for raw mix heating contains several heating units mounted, respectively, on the end and intermediate supports and adapted for heating in the mentioned sections in the direction from the charging unit, respectively, up to 200°C, from 200 to 800 °C, from 800 to 1000 °C, from 1000 to 1300 °C, from 1300 to 1450 °C and from 1300 to 1000 °C. The heating units are designed as burners, preferably gas burners arranged to generate a flame and / or plasma torches mounted on the end and intermediate supports, wherein the heating units are oriented at an acute angle to the longitudinal axis of the installation. A mixture of air and nitrogen is used as plasma-supporting gas in plasma torches, where the plasma torches are communicated with the nitrogen source via a conduit equipped with adjustable gates. The inner surface of the sections has pockets open in the direction of rotation. Nitrogen collector is communicated with the external gas source designed to produce nitrogen from ammonia.EFFECT: increased clinker quality and lower energy costs.6 cl, 2 dwg

Hearth electrode for dc arc furnace // 2611635
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrothermics, in particular can be used as anode supply to DC arc furnaces. Hearth electrode includes steel head coupled with a copper case of conical shape, expanded to the bottom, arranged on its side surface fastening flange, contact disk and the cooling unit with water supply and is equipped with a thermocouple arranged in copper body near the joint with steel head, thus, the cooling unit is made in the form of pressure chamber filled with water under pressure and drain chamber with removal of water, and a copper case in the lower part is made with copper sole of cylindrical shape, in the lower end part of which by drilling cylindrical cells are formed in which there are inserted connected with pressure chamber nozzles with a gap with walls of cells to withdraw water to the discharge chamber.EFFECT: invention allows improvement of cooling conditions of hearth electrode and increase its resistance.1 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of power control in eaf and ladle furnace group // 2611605
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method of power control in EAF and ladle furnace group relates to electrical engineering, namely to electrometallurgy, and also to the power control methods in group of EAFs and ladle furnaces. At the start of each ready-to-start electric arc furnace with the holding time not exceeding the duration of the melt period of the electric arc furnace formerly started, within the allowed adjustment range, when excessing the allowed active power value in the start of each ready-to-start ladle furnace with the holding time within the allowed adjustment range corresponding to the lowest value of active power consumption per a fixed day hour.EFFECT: increased capacity of EAF and ladle furnace group, reduced maximum active power consumption per a fixed day hour.6 dwg

etallurgical plant with efficient use of waste heat // 2610999
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used in metallurgical complex for steel production. System has a unit for melting and/or reduction of metals and a gas generating plant which generates exported gas, wherein carbon dioxide and/or water contained in exported gas in a separation device is at least partially removed from exported gas, wherein obtained gas before feeding into said plant is heated in a furnace device by burning furnace gas, furnace gas is fed into furnace device in a volume, which is more than required for heating obtained gas. Heat energy obtained when burning furnace gas is used inside furnace device for production of steam and/or relative to gas flow of combustion gas generated during combustion of furnace gas, and after furnace device for heating and/or drying raw materials, supplied to gas generating plant and/or installation for melting and/or reduction of metals.EFFECT: invention allows effective use of thermal energy produced in a metallurgical complex, as well as combustible gases.18 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of steel production in electric arc furnace // 2610975
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used in production of steel in an electric arc furnace. Method involves loading into the furnace working space a solid metal charge and solid carbon-containing materials, the charge melting by means of electric arcs and carbonization of the metal with the solid carbon-containing materials during the melting, tapping the metal and slag from the furnace. For additional carbonization of the metal during melting the furnace working space is fed with iron oxides and a carbonaceous material in an amount sufficient for obtaining a high-carbon carbonator in the form of a liquid phase of the reduced in the iron arcs with carbon combustion zone in free and dissolved forms. Herewith the flow rate of iron oxides and the carbonaceous material enabling to obtain the high-carbon carbonator for the melting is not less than 3 % from the metal charge weight.EFFECT: invention increases output of liquid metal due to regulation of carbon content during melting, provides higher degree of metal carbonization since the very beginning of melting and reduction of iron loss into slag and smoke.10 cl, 1 tbl

Two-bath reverberatory furnace for aluminium scrap remelting // 2610641
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: furnace includes a housing formed with refractory external side, front and rear end walls, two baths restricted by bottoms, a roof and walls, two tap holes, a gas duct and a welded frame on which all parts are arranged. The walls of the furnace have external heat insulation, which consists of a double layer of asbestos-sheet cardboard. The furnace casing is laid in two rows of lightweight blocks with two layers of asbestos cardboard between the blocks, the bottoms of the two baths are made from KS-90 corundum blocks, laid on a layer of asbestos cardboard, a steel box is welded to the furnace casing and has insulation between itself and each wall, consisting of a double layer of asbestos-sheet cardboard, the roofs have a refractory heat-insulating coating over the first and second furnace baths and a double layer of refractory heat-insulating mats laid on top of them. Two side walls of the furnace are provided with four injection thirteen-mixer medium pressure burners directed to the bath bottoms at an angle, and two injection thirteen-mixer burners placed in the roof and directed to the first furnace hearth at an angle. The front end wall of the furnace has a door equipped with a hydraulic drive for lifting and lowering the furnace damper, there is one slag door in one side wall and two tap holes in the rear end wall made of quick-change taphole bricks. The furnace is equipped with an afterburning chamber lined in refractory bricks and located in the upper part of the rear wall with a six-mixer injection gas burner, installed inside the chamber and provided with an air flow control device. The furnace has an economizer, 2-stage dust and gas cleaning unit to ensure an environmentally friendly process.EFFECT: high furnace efficiency, reduced heat and burn-off losses and possibility of ecologically clean remelting of aluminium scrap.8 cl, 15 dwg, 1 tbl
Cooling grid of cement clinker annealing furnace // 2610575
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cooling grid for cooling and supply of cement clinker. Cooling grid contains, at least, one element of lattice bottom with, at least, one substrate for cement clinker, having, at least, one cooling air channel terminating in substrate, made, at least, on one section adjacent to its neck with inclination in transportation direction for enabling of air cooling blowing in clinker and bent in transportation direction. Disclosed also is cooling grid lattice bottom latticed element.EFFECT: enabling higher degree of cement clinker cooling.25 cl, 7 dwg

Furnace mixer // 2610099
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: furnace mixer comprises at least one bath with side walls and a bottom, at least one heater for heating molten and/or solid metal located in the bath, and an electromagnetic mixer inductor with a magnetic conductor and a winding mounted to apply electromagnetic field to the metal in the bath. The bottom is provided with stiffening ribs in the form of longitudinal and transverse beams, and the electromagnetic mixer inducer comprises at least two open-loop magnetic conductors, each of which has at least one inductor winding coil mounted under the bottom ensuring maximum approximation to the bottom of the magnetic conductors end surfaces.EFFECT: efficient melt mixing in the entire bath volume, increased strength of the furnace mixer hearth, reduced inducer installation costs and increased service life of the furnace mixer.5 cl, 9 dwg

Electric graphitisation furnace // 2610083
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry. Electric graphitisation furnace comprises end walls with built-in graphite current leads, leakproof umbrella connected by outlet channel with a smoke exhauster, core, in which materials to undergo graphitisation are placed, surrounded on all sides by heat-insulating layers of a charge, lateral wall 3 with cooling air channels, collectors located in lower part of walls 3, combining all channels of each wall, under with cooled hearth channels. Covering elements arranged in hearth channels, provide in half of them, alternating through one or more, air flow through channel from left to right and its outlet successively into air manifold of right wall, and in other half – air flow from right to left and its outlet into air manifold of left wall. Covering elements are made in form of covering plates 6 made from metal with softening temperature not lower than 1,000 °C, equipped with retaining shoulders 7 made from metal with height of 20–50 mm and having on inner surface transverse rollers with diameter 3–4 mm, swirling cooling air flow. Distance between edges of covering plates 6 of neighbouring cooling channels is not less than 15 mm.EFFECT: invention can be used for production of graphitized electrodes and structural graphite materials.1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for gold and silver alloys separating by vacuum distillation and device for its implementation // 2609581
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to metallurgy of noble metals to obtain high-purity metals. The method of separating gold-silver alloy by vacuum distillation involves heating of the gold-silver alloy in a melting pot in high vacuum to the temperature of silver evaporation from the surface of its melt and silver condensation from the resulting silver-vapor mixture into solid state in the condensation zone of the cooled condenser. Silver condensation from the steam-gas mixture is carried out with creation of conditions for occurrence of crystallization germinal centers by localization of the condensation zone in the direction of steam-gas mixture flow movement from the pot to the condensation zone at a higher pressure of the steam-gas mixture. The following ratio should be complied with: Tcon. <Tmel, where Tcon. and Tmel. mean condensation temperature and melting temperature of the deposited silver.EFFECT: invention allows to increase the productivity of the device without emission of harmful and hazardous substances into the environment and to improve the purity of metal separation and reduce the process cycle time.11 cl, 1 dwg

Sintered material sintering device and method // 2608863
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to sintered material sintering devices and methods. Sintered material sintering device contains sintered material bowl to be installed into furnace, mounted on support plate and having inner space for accommodation of sintered material as first inner space, it also contains enveloping bowl sleeve-shaped casing with sealed edge relative to support plate, forming inner space as second inner space, which is made with possibility to supply into it and remove from it of shielding gas with provision of eliminating sleeve-shaped casing lifting relative to support plate due to shielding gas excess pressure, wherein bowl is equipped with closing element, and first inner space is connected to second inner space by shielding gas flow.EFFECT: providing sintering at temperatures of 1,200 °C with no undesired sintered material colour changes or oxidation.17 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and system for controlling sintering // 2608256
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: present invention discloses a method and a system for controlling sintering. Method involves: detecting current position of sintering end point on sintering belt, moving at specified speed, determining relationship between current position of sintering end point and first predetermined position N, as well as ratio between current position of said point and second specified position M. [N, M] is range of optimum position of said point on sintering belt. Air flow rate or negative pressure in gas line is reduced, when current position of said point is less than N, and air flow rate or negative pressure in gas line is increased, when current position of said point is more than M.EFFECT: method reduces generation of inefficient vacuum and inefficient consumption of air in sintering process, reduced consumption of electric power consumed by exhauster unit, therefore eliminating negative effect of controlling speed of sintering belt on stability of quality of flow of charge and on control of following technological operations.5 cl, 4 dwg

Screw-tube furnace (versions) // 2608155
FIELD: furnaces.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to burning furnaces of continuous operation for thermal processing a material with controlled gas atmosphere and heating temperature in the continuous operation mode and with continuous stirring the material, in particular, to a screw-tube furnace. Screw-tube furnace includes a heat-insulating housing, electric heaters, a pipe-retort equipped with a loading and an unloading chutes, a branch pipe for air feed/intake and an uptake; a screw located inside the pipe-retort and made with the possibility of rotation from an electric drive; a gas duct, a dust collection system and a control instrumentation system, herewith the pipe-retort diameter is 1.4–2.5 times larger than that of the screw forming an above-screw space inside the pipe-retort. Screw-tube furnace can be made of two, three or four stages. Provided is the possibility of processing both powder and fine materials with the humidity of up to 70 % abs. and the content burnt out and highly volatile components from 5 to 95 %, herewith the dust entrainment makes ~0.5 % from the load.EFFECT: screw-tube furnace for processing powder and fine materials.18 cl, 4 dwg

olded ceramic articles annealing method and furnace // 2608097
FIELD: technological processes; furnaces and ovens.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shaped ceramic articles annealing method, primarily, bricks, in furnace due to movement of several molded articles located in trains passing parallel to each other along longitudinally extending furnace section (1) with annealing zone (7), in which molded items (25) heating is carried out. Located next to each other trains (2, 3) travel in opposite directions (A, B), and of furnace loading with molded items (25) subjected to move in first direction (A) takes place on furnace section (1) first side (10), wherein on one of first sides (10) and located opposite relative to annealing zone (7) of furnace section (1) second side (9) performing loading of subjected to movement in opposite, second direction (B) molded articles. Molded articles (25) in each case of reversing cancellation are moved through annealing zone (7) and accordingly removed from it on opposite relative to their loading furnace section end (9, 10). In radiation zones (11), adjacent to both sides along furnace section (1) to annealing zone (7), molded articles, moving on one train and located well before annealing zone (7), are heated by heat emitted by molded articles, already removed from annealing zone (7) on adjacent furnace train travelling in opposite direction. In circulation zones (12) located on both sides of annealing zone (7) providing air circulation across furnace section longitudinal direction, and ratio of mass flow across circulating gas to mass flow rate of gas to be directed in furnace sections lengthwise direction is more than 10. Invention also relates to furnace for implementation of described method.EFFECT: increasing furnace arrangement reliability and more efficient energy consumption.12 cl, 6 dwg

Scrap submergence system // 2607281
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a furnace for processing metal scrap, including a charge well. Charge well comprises an open top chamber including side and base walls of a heat resistant material. Inlet is provided in a side wall of chamber for receiving molten metal. Ramp is provided adjacent side wall and an inner wall forms a central cavity. Ramp is disposed between inner wall and side wall, and ramp is generally inclined from an intersection with base wall to adjacent a top surface of inner wall. Cavity is in fluid communication with an outlet. Passage in inner wall provides fluid communication between inlet and cavity. Inlet and an outlet each receive a conduit and at least one of conduits can include an elbow joint.EFFECT: possibility of standardisation of charge well to increase efficiency of production.21 cl, 15 dwg

Blowing lance with direct ignition through retractable ignition lance // 2607072
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used for vacuum treatment of molten metal by means of blast lance. Blast lance comprises an outer jacket, which extends along a blast lance longitudinal axis, where an oxygen guide runs within outer jacket and comprises an oxygen exit at end. Inside outer side surface there is a channel for combustible gas, which has outlets for exit of combustible gas at end. In lance there is an ignition device with an ignition tip for ignition of combustible gas mixture. Ignition device can move between extended position and retracted position. In extended position ignition tip acts on mixing area, in which combustible gas supplied to oxygen outlet and combustible gas exiting through outlets for combustible gas are mixed to produce a combustible gas mixture. In retracted position ignition device is retracted into a protective area for protection against splashes of molten metal.EFFECT: invention enables to reliably perform ignition of combustible mixture formed at end for purge gas outlet.13 cl, 16 dwg

Apparatus for hot forming powder materials // 2606823
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hot forming of parts from powder workpieces. Apparatus includes storage of powder workpieces, electric resistance furnace, inductor, press for hot pressing, die, mechanism for feeding powder workpieces from inductor into die and an extractor with a mechanism for removal of parts from die. Powder workpiece storage is made with a mechanism for feeding powder workpieces into electric resistance furnace and is arranged in front of its input. Electric resistance furnace and inductor are placed with vertical arrangement of heating elements in a housing closed with a thermal shield, are configured to hold powder workpieces in form of a column and are equipped with common mechanism for vertical displacement powder workpieces, configured for movement of former down from column of powder pieces from electric resistance furnaces into inductor. In lower part of electric resistance furnace there is a locking mechanism for column of powder workpieces, and in upper and lower parts of said housing there are devices for supply of protective gas medium.EFFECT: reliable operation of apparatus and higher quality of heating of workpieces.1 cl, 3 dwg

Tubular reactor with rotary chamber for biomass heat treatment // 2606762
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tubular reactor with rotary chamber for biomass heat treatment. Reactor comprises reactor chamber, which is divided by annular sheets into several zones, and feeding tools attached to annular sheets, wherein at least one sheet provision is made for feeding tools for different directions of rotation.EFFECT: invention enables production of homogeneous product.7 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and system for controlling the main exhaust fan // 2606680
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of controlling the main exhaust fan and a system for implementing the method of control. Method involves obtaining an amount of the large gas duct arranged horizontally under the air curtain chamber and required for normal sintering, obtaining the required total negative pressure of the main exhaust fan by using, with the help of several data bases, the required negative pressure in the gas duct, negative pressure required for the flow rate in the pipeline, as well as negative pressure required for the flow rate at the air curtain window, and controlling the main exhaust fan according to the total required negative pressure of the main exhaust fan.EFFECT: invention enables to avoid losses caused by excessive amount of air consumption, thus saving energy.10 cl, 5 dwg

Apparatus for determining physical parameters of high-temperature metal photometric melting in vertical vacuum electric furnace // 2606678
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to physics and metallurgy, namely to devices used in research and laboratory operations for measuring physical parameters of meltings. Proposed apparatus comprising a suspension system in the form of an elastic nichrome thread, on which a non-metallic sleeve is suspended, a mirror reflecting a light beam, crucible with melting sample located coaxially in a container secured to a ceramic rod connected to a non-metallic sleeve by means of a ceramic pin, and a heat shield for protection against overheating the non-metallic sleeve, according to the invention, the non-metallic sleeve is equipped with a non metallic fixing unit, fixed relative to the non-metal sleeve by means of three ceramic pins and made in the form of a box of four pairwise parallel rectangular plates, each of which has two slots for their mutual fixation and holes for installation of said ceramic pins perpendicular to the plates, each of said plates can be in contact with the non-metallic sleeve at continuous straight line to provide minimum thermal contact of said sleeve and said unit.EFFECT: invention is intended for non-contact measuring physical parameters of metal melting samples, for example, based on iron, cobalt and nickel, by photometric method based on measuring torsion oscillations of the crucible with the melting in vertical vacuum electric furnace, possibility of performing experiments without disruption, as well as reliability and accuracy of obtained results when determining kinematic viscosity and electrical resistance of metal meltings are increased.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of reducing flicker in electric arc furnaces and device for its implementation // 2606672
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used for production of steel in electric arc furnaces with control of flicker parameters. In the method memory bank data on flicker is created by storage device, storing momentary flicker (MF) time dynamics depending on state and performance characteristics, MF time dynamics measurement during initial phase of melting and related characteristics of state and operating characteristics is performed using recording device, MF time dynamics comparison during initial phase of melting is performed using computing device with stored melting phases time dynamics of common flicker data bank taking into account state characteristics and operating characteristics, selection of time general dynamics with maximum MF matching is performed using computing device, as well as state characteristics and operating characteristics as predicted total flicker dynamics, advanced dynamic matching of further steel production process control in comparison of predicted general dynamics with preset limits for flicker is performed using control unit.EFFECT: invention allows to control flicker indices to be expected and with high degree of probability can be determined, on the basis of state characteristics and operating characteristics, which are recorded during first minutes in melting phase; as such flicker can be effectively alleviated and maintained below preset limit values.26 cl, 4 dwg
Device for transferring metallurgical material // 2606671
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used for pre-heating of scrap before loading into furnace. Device includes bottom, side walls and ceiling, which together define a channel, transportation means extending in an axial direction of said channel from an entry port of channel to an exit port of said channel, for transferring scrap from said entry port to said exit port, wherein transportation means have a larger width compared to entry port than exit port.EFFECT: invention provides more efficient pre-heating of scrap.14 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Dental furnace // 2606355
FIELD: furnaces; dentistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dental furnace. Furnace consists of sintering chamber for thermal treatment of restored parts of teeth. Sintering chamber is connected to negative pressure source via suction line. Valve mechanism is located between sintering chamber and suction line, and with its help line is closed in direction to sintering chamber to keep negative pressure in it. Suction line between valve mechanism and source of negative pressure is ventilated, in particular via connection with ambient air.EFFECT: higher quality of restored parts of teeth and reliability of furnace operation are achieved.13 cl, 2 dwg
ethod of protective scull forming on oxygen converter lining surface and magnesian briquetted flux (mbf) for its implementation // 2606351
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ferrous metallurgy, in particular, to methods of protective scull forming on converter lining surface. Method consists in final slag leaving in converter, preliminary blowing of final slag with oxygen and magnesia briquetted flux addition into converter with subsequent flux modified final slag blowing with neutral gas. Between lining spraying additionally performing is magnesia briquetted flux addition in supplied into converter charging on scrap metal, wherein at each stage flux is added in amount of 2.7–8.0 kg/t of steel, spraying and melting are carried out at temperature of 1,580–1,680 °C, and used magnesia briquetted flux is composition containing magnesian component, containing periclase-carbon, in form of melting and casting units waste lining scrap and dolomite.EFFECT: enabling increased duration of vessel campaign period from 3,000 to 5,000–8,000 melts with considerable cost-cutting of used magnesian flux.2 cl, 2 tbl, 3 ex

Rotary inclined furnace // 2606349
FIELD: technological processes; furnaces and ovens.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a rotary inclined furnace for processing aluminium scrap. Furnace comprises a lined body with a support ring, which rests on two rollers, a burner shield with a gas injection burner fixed on it with eleven mixers, a turning lined bowl with two lined chutes, a drive of the furnace rotation and a burner shield supply-discharge drive. Lined body has a heat-insulating layer consisting of a heat-insulating glass-fibre mullite silica felt and a layer of a chamotte lightweight material, which is packed with a layer of lining from a mullite silica ramming mass with a crust of slag lining. Burner includes an air flow rate control device, is installed with the inclination of 20° to the axis of the lined body with the possibility to feed gas to the burner through a pipe welded to a bracket secured on the rotary column. Furnace has a mounted on a trolley rotary lined bowl with two lined chutes, herewith one of the two lined chutes has on its bottom a chute attached thereto, which can move under the bottom of the upper one for increasing or decreasing the length of the mated chutes, the trolley moves along rails toward the lined body and backward by means of an electric drive, a rotary frame in the working position resting on the front and the rear supports of the rotary frame, the furnace can operate on both natural and artificial draft with a two-stage dust-gas cleaning plant for obtaining an ecologically clean process.EFFECT: provided is longer life of the furnace, reduced heat losses and harmful emissions into the atmosphere.7 cl, 12 dwg

Heating element // 2605887
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to heating elements. Heating element includes current leads and even number of series-connected coaxially arranged heating pipes, connected by links. Internal heating pipe is connected with one current lead by split current conducting adapter, which is on one side is rigidly connected with current lead, and on opposite side is in contact with internal pipe by sliding fit. External pipe is rigidly connected with other current lead by sliding conical fit.EFFECT: result is high specific heat output.1 cl, 2 dwg

Thin long articles heating furnace // 2605881
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to thin long articles thermal treatment furnace. Furnace consists of refractory hearth, refractory arch and conveying device for heated items movement along furnace length. Conveying device contains traction element and load-carrying elements, rigidly connected to each other. Conveying device traction element is made in form of shaft, installed with possibility of rotation, which is arranged inside furnace hearth. Load-carrying elements in form of discs with radial slots are rigidly fixed on shaft, made with possibility of heated products laying.EFFECT: result is reducing furnace length and enabling heated products single-piece dispensing.3 cl, 4 dwg

High-emissive coating compositions and methods for production thereof // 2605880
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to high-emissive coating compositions and methods of their production. Thermionic coating composition for a substrate includes a dry mixture of substances increasing emission capacity of the coating, herewith the substances increasing emission capacity of the coating contain titanium dioxide, and substances, which increase mechanical strength. In another version the composition additionally contains a solution-based component containing phosphoric acid. Method of producing the coating involves determination of a specified level of the coating emission capacity, determination of concentration of titanium dioxide, determination of adhesion properties and manufacturing of the thermionic coating composition.EFFECT: technical result is increased heat emission by radiation.35 cl, 5 dwg, 4 tbl, 7 ex

ethod of controlling length of electric arc in electric arc furnace, device for carrying out method, as well as electric arc furnace with such device // 2605739
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used for regulating length of electric arc in an arc furnace. Method comprises measuring vibrations at a wall of furnace vessel, through which is determined a slag height (Hrel) of melt, wherein when at deviations of a determined actual slag height (Hrel) from a given value (S), control and/or regulation signals are output, through which is set electric arc length of at least one electrode by regulation of impedance of at least one electrode. Device comprises at least one structure-borne sound sensor for detecting vibrations at a wall of furnace vessel, computing unit configured to calculate an actual value of a slag height (Hrel) in furnace vessel, and a control or regulating unit for adjusting electric arc length of at least one electrode by regulating impedance of at least one electrode at deviation of actual slag height (Hrel) from specified value.EFFECT: invention provides fast response to change of slag height, wherein fuzzy logic-based control system generates correction coefficients for individual electric arc lengths over a short reaction time of approximately one second.28 cl, 2 dwg

Installation for reduction smelting and operating method of reduction smelting // 2605738
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method and apparatus for reducing melting. Plant includes loading device for solid carbon carriers and iron containing charge components, melting gasification area, which comprises stationary layer formed by solid carbon carriers and iron containing components of charge, lower section to receive liquid cast iron or, respectively, steel semi-finished product, and liquid slag, tap hole for discharge of liquid slag and liquid cast iron, oxygen blowing Tuyere for oxygen supply. At that, Tuyere are arranged in at least two spaced apart, in particular in vertical direction, and located parallel to each other Tuyere caissons zones, and distributed along horizontal plane around the perimeter of installation for reduction smelting, and in different zones of Tuyere caissons are shifted relative to each other. Vertical distance between Tuyere belts, in particular, vertical distance between tuyeres outlets, is less than or equal to horizontal distance between oxygen blowing tuyeres.EFFECT: invention provides reliable operation of the plant, higher efficiency.10 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and apparatus for pretreatment of rolled article before hot rolling // 2605733
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy, specifically to a method and a device for preliminary treatment of a rolled article. Method for preliminary treatment of a rolled steel article before hot rolling includes preliminary heating of rolled article in preheating furnace using burners, removal of scales in device for removal of scales and heating article in heating furnace using burners. Burner is fired at conditions lower than stoichiometric conditions, carbon carrier while holding article in furnace in reducing atmosphere. Further, method includes introduction of a first part of exhaust gas and oxygen into preheating furnace and post-combustion of first part of exhaust gas in preheating furnace. Amount of oxygen is selected to allow holding of article in preheating furnace in an oxidative atmosphere.EFFECT: providing energy-efficient heating and thorough release from scale.14 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for extracting metal from metal-bearing slag and a device for extracting metal // 2605028
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a method for extracting metal from metal-bearing slag, in which the metal-bearing slag is heated with mixing in at least one reactor and in which the liquid slag in a reactor is periodically mixed by an appropriately directed magnetic field by switching on and off the magnetic field over the course of 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Reactor with mixing is a reduction furnace with a variable magnetic field, preferably a direct current electric furnace, most preferably a reactor in the form of a melting chute or ladle. Displayed here is a device for extracting metal from metal-bearing slag, including a reactorwith mixing for heating the metal-bearing slag and an electromagnet to induce a magnetic field in such a way that liquid slag is mixed, wherein a switching device is provided for periodic operation of the electromagnet.EFFECT: higher degree of metal extraction from metal-bearing slag is provided.14 cl, 4 dwg

Shaft furnace charging installation and method of shaft furnace charging // 2605006
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used during shaft furnace charging. Charging installation comprises first and second collecting bins arranged parallel to each other, wherein each of first and second collecting bins has inlet hole to receive material and outlet hole for material charging into shaft furnace. Receiving bin is arranged to turn about horizontal axis of rotation and is designed for receiving and distributing material into one of first and second bins, wherein receiving bin is made with possibility of rotation at least between two transfer positions, wherein in the first transfer position receiving bin outlet is arranged coaxially with first collecting bin inlet opening, and in second transfer position is coaxially with second collecting bin inlet opening. Charging installation also contains material gate, related to receiving bin outlet opening, and drive mechanism related to material gate, for receiving bin outlet hole opening and closing, wherein drive mechanism is made with possibility to close outlet opening when receiving bin is in rest position and outlet opening when receiving bin is in any of first or second transfer positions. Drive mechanism is made with possibility to actuate material gate due to receiving bin turning movement.EFFECT: invention allows creating special material gate structure able to prevent charge material residue fall on closed sealing valve or against falling between two collecting bins.17 cl, 4 dwg

ethod and device for furnace operation // 2604741
FIELD: fuel.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of combustion of the main and the auxiliary fuel in a combustion furnace, to a device for injection of liquid oxygen into the combustion furnace and to the combustion furnace. Method involves introduction of the main fuel and the main oxidizer into the combustion furnace to form the main combustion zone, in which the main fuel is burnt with the main oxidizer, injection of liquid oxygen into the combustion furnace as an auxiliary oxidant to form a separate auxiliary zone for auxiliary oxidizer together with the auxiliary fuel. Disclosed are a device for injection of liquid oxygen into the combustion furnace and a combustion furnace.EFFECT: provided is the possibility of complete combustion of the auxiliary fuel in the furnace having considerably lower calorific capacity than the main fuel to produce a product of improved quality.15 cl, 3 dwg

Level measurement in metallurgical vessels // 2604481
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to methods for electromagnetic measurement of a vertical filling level of a bath with electrically conductive material contained in a metallurgical vessel. Disclosed measuring system comprises: transmitting conductor (5) for generating an electromagnetic field when connected to an alternating power source, receiving conductor (6), which is arranged to sense electromagnetic field for generation of an output signal as a function of vertical filling level, wherein transmitting and receiving conductors (5, 6) are arranged inside metal casing (2), to co-extend with mutual spacing (d) to define spacing area (7) that faces containment volume (3) and extends along periphery of containment volume (3), in a substantially closed circuit, wherein spacing distance (d) is selected so that changes in output signal are influenced by change of electromagnetic field caused by local changes in amount of conducting material, adjacent to said spacing area (7), wherein part of spacing area (7) defines a vertical measurement region, in which spacing area (7) is slanted along periphery of containment volume (3) so as to diverge from horizontal and vertical directions of vessel (1).EFFECT: purpose of invention is to install a sensor for measuring level, independent of shape of metallurgical vessel, as well as to provide a sensor for measuring level, aimed at increasing signal resolution in vertical direction and improving signal quality.22 cl, 11 dwg

Heating furnace chamber for high-temperature treatment of rod parts // 2604078
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for high-temperature treatment of rod parts, including for formation of composite, for example glass-metal, materials and articles by diffusion welding of glass and metal billets units. Heating furnace chamber treated parts housing is made of ceramics and comprises detachable bottom and cover. Housing walls by height are formed, at least, from two identical hollow modules installed on each other with possibility of their detachable electric connection to corresponding outputs of adjacent modules. Heating device is made in form of spiral, fixed on each module chamber housing inner surface. Bottom is made in form of flat disk equipped in its central part with coaxial cylindrical protrusion, with possibility of placing on it with gap of module chamber housing lower end. Housing cover is made in form of flat disc having through coaxial opening and equipped with coaxial annular protrusion, having cylindrical groove, which inner diameter is equal to diameter of jointed with it module chamber housing upper end cavity.EFFECT: chamber ensures possibility of easy device adaptation for discharge of articles of different dimensions in height while maintaining high degree of chamber volume filling.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for pre-heating of transported scrap // 2602573
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used for pre-heating of transported scrap. Device includes bottom, side walls and ceiling, which together form channel, as well as carrier, extending axially from channel inlet to channel outlet, for transportation of scrap from inlet to outlet, besides at least one radiant burner is located between inlet and outlet, wherein radiant heat released by radiant burner is directed to scrap at carrier, which is equipped with gas duct with possibility of collection and transportation of gases generated by at least one radiant burner in place, separated from at least one radiant burner, and then supply into channel in form of heating gas, which is directed over scrap or into scrap before direction of scrap into furnace.EFFECT: invention provides effective pre-heating of scrap by means of radiation heating due to intensive contact of radiant heat and scrap.15 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of producing magnesium oxide // 2602137
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry and can be used as a component of hydraulic binder for making cement and construction materials. Method involves firing lump magnesite in fixed bed in a furnace, heated by gaseous fuel, and subsequent crushing of burnt product. Firing is carried out in an annular furnace with a movable bottom, firing temperature of magnesite is maintained within range of 650÷800 °C with content of impurities in magnesite higher than 8.0 % and 650÷950 °C with content of impurities in magnesite less than 8.0 %. Thickness of magnesite layer on furnace hearth is kept at 45 ± 15 mm, gaseous fuel used is generator synthesis gas produced by coal gasification. Lump magnesite with particle size not more than 30 mm with content of fraction of minus 5 mm not more than 15 % is fired. In annular furnace is maintained under pressure not less than 500 Pa, and flue gases from firing furnace is used for heating of magnesite before firing.EFFECT: invention provides continuous process of firing magnesite in a furnace, control of composition of atmosphere in firing furnace by maintaining optimum vacuum therein, reduce volume of dust formation.3 cl, 1 dwg, 5 tbl, 3 ex

Notching device // 2601974
FIELD: melting furnace.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to design of a notch of a blast furnace for production of cast iron. Device comprises heat-resistant bricks located along the inner side of the furnace casing, a cylindrical housing passing through the furnace casing and directed to the heat-resistant bricks, and an annular sealing assembly located on the end of the housing near the heat-resistant bricks and containing the housing seal. Herewith the housing seal is arranged to provide an airtight seal of the housing along its periphery, and the seal of bricks - to provide an airtight seal of bricks along the entire periphery between the heat-resistance bricks and the sealing assembly.EFFECT: invention is aimed at elimination of gas leaks at the outlet of liquid cast iron.6 cl, 8 dwg

Device for intensification of melting in arc steel furnace // 2601848
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy and can be used for intensification of melting in arc steel furnace. Device comprises a combined tuyere-burner and a copper water-cooled housing in form of a prism with rectangular cross-section with a through longitudinal hole in middle section of prism, in which is inserted a combined tuyere-burner, and on periphery of cross-section of prism in housing there are channels for water cooling and a flange for its fixation on casing of furnace. In copper water-cooled housing, water cooling channels are made in form of longitudinal drill holes, into which are inserted pipes with clearance, wherein flow sections of drill holes and pipes are connected to each other. Ratio of total area of water-cooled surface of drill holes for passage of water to area of heat-absorbing outer surface of housing is equal to 0.4-0.82. Width of gap between walls of drill holes and outer wall of pipes is 0.1-0.3 of outer diameter of pipes.EFFECT: invention improves cooling efficiency of device for intensification of melting in arc steel melting furnace and improves its resistance.3 cl, 6 dwg

Electrode holder of electric arc furnace // 2601846
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electrometallurgy, particularly, to arc melting and its furnaces for melting and heating of metal. Electrode holder consists of head with yoke and contact plate for current supply to graphitized electrode conducting sleeves for transmitting current from flexible cables to contact plate and spring-hydraulic mechanism clamp or release of the electrode, wherein at current-conducting sleeve outer surface along its length there are ribs in form of wave, which width by 2-10 times more than its height.EFFECT: invention allows to create rigid structure to prevent vibration electrode holder under effect of impact of short-circuit currents at minimum external dimensions of the cross section of sleeve, to reduce active and inductive resistance of current-carrying sleeve and reducing electric losses during operation of furnace by increasing perimeter of electrode holder section.1 cl, 3 dwg

Electric melting furnace // 2601041
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for maintenance of an electric melting furnace. Furnace consists of fixed bearing frame and supported on frame in working position melting vessel, a cart for changing vessel,to be displaced between parking position (P) parking and transfer position (Ü), having a retainer for melting reservoir, disconnecting melting reservoir in transfer position from bearing frame and mounted in retainer of cart for changing vessel transfer device, wherein by means of transfer device bearing frame can be dropped relative to transfer position (Ü) for changing from operating position (A) so that during lowering melting vessel first, is installed on retainer, and then being raised from bearing frame is detached from it, bearing frame is equipped with props to complete tilting.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to install lifting or tilting mechanism fixed at shaft and support melting vessel on a stationary holder, wherein cart for replacement of reservoir is used only for intended purpose.21 cl, 5 dwg

Counterflow calcination furnace of chamber type // 2601019
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to counterflow kiln for production of anodes. Furnace comprises chamber for material, burning channel made at both sides of chamber for material, front wall, and rear wall, channel for collecting volatile component, made over chamber for material, vertical channel for volatile component made inside front wall, vertical channel for volatile component made inside rear wall, vertical channel for volatile component in front wall therein is communicates with channel for collecting volatile component and lower level of channel for combustion, and vertical channel for volatile component in rear wall communicates with channel for collecting volatile component, second lower level channel for combustion, and middle section of channel for combustion, exhaust plate for volatile component located at inlet to lower level of channel for combustion, exhaust plate for volatile component located at inlets to second lower level of channel for combustion and middle section of channel for combustion, air preheating channel located below lower level of channel for combustion, exhaust plate of air preheating arranged at inlet to air preheating channel, air preheating channel therein communicates with rear wall of lower level of channel for combustion, first level of channel for combustion communicates with flue pipe, and sleeve for cooling water is located below chamber for material.EFFECT: higher maximum temperature and product quality.6 cl, 2 dwg

Device and method for optimising combustion in partition lines of multi-chamber kiln for firing carbon blocks // 2600607
FIELD: fuel combustion methods.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for fuel combustion and optimizing combustion thereof in partition lines of a rotary-burner multi-chamber kiln for firing carbon blocks, said kiln comprising heating chambers, fuel required for firing carbon blocks being partially injected by at least two heating manifolds directly controlled by a master controller which controls inputs/outputs of said manifolds. Method comprises automatic identification, by master controller, of relative position of one manifold relative to others when said manifold is connected to a grid, and operation of injectors of heating manifolds being organised by distributing operating sequences of injectors individually over time.EFFECT: preventing incomplete fuel combustion and improving quality of combustion.10 cl, 7 dwg

Vacuum press // 2600155
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment for deformation, welding and sintering powder articles in vacuum, in a gas medium with low excess pressure and at high pressure of gases and high temperature. Proposed press comprises high-pressure compactions and series-arranged behind them vacuum seals arranged at connection points of: the housing with plugs and the male die, the gate with the plug, inspection openings and current leads with the movable plug. Besides, it is equipped with a cylinder for moving the plug fixed on the base of the bed. Its heat insulating chamber, the heater and the table are fixed on the movable plug, herewith the heat insulating chamber is equipped with tightly arranged transparent windows and gas feed tubes. In the heat insulating chamber there is a hole for passage of the male die equipped with a centering ring movable in the radial direction, installed on the chamber and preventing the heated gas outlet into the gap between the male die and the chamber. End of the male die is attached with a hammer isolated from the male die with intermediate gaskets and a heat clearance.EFFECT: provided is the press operation at the gas pressure up to 10 MPa and its reliability.1 cl, 1 dwg, 3 ex