Electrical connection system (versions) and sealing gasket of electrical connector

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to determining the integrity of connectors. Electrical connection system comprises a connector defining the surface of the connector, a base and a sealing gasket located between the base and the surface of the connector. Also, there are a plurality of thin film force measuring elements associated with the gasket, connected to a series electrical circuit to form a conductive path through a series electrical circuit in response to forces applied to predetermined locations of the gasket, exceeding the threshold value, which is the amount of force to maintain electrical contact of electrical connections between the base and the connector.

EFFECT: improved reliability of connection.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering, to electric switchboards. Connection device (20) provides for electric connection of panel (6) attached to electric switchboard (1) with electroconductive surface (14) of the same electric switchboard. It is fixed between wall (41) of panel (6) and electroconductive surface (14) and comprises body (21), having the first wall (25) resting against specified wall (41) of panel (6) and the second wall (26) opposite relative to the first wall (25), distanced from it and facing specified surface (14) of switchboard for provision of electric contact of this surface. Besides connection device comprises eye (22) fixed on body (21) and forming groove (23) for fixation on edge of specified panel (6). Eye (22) comprises facilities (24) for application of nicks on specified edge of panel (6).

EFFECT: simplified assembly/disassembly of electroconductive panel with body of switchboard.

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The invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to a device mounting contact elements and conclusions in the body of the instrument or apparatus

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is used in electrical engineering. An electrical device designed as a built-in device with a cap, integrated with a standard built-in plug adapter of the device, containing a charger, in particular universal charger, and electrical contact for AC mains, and from the front part of the device cap a charge connector for connecting of the mobile phone and universal holder for storage / fixing of this mobile phone, and the universal holder is made as a cover opened aside and fastened with the help of the side rotating joint on a central plate or on the device cap, and the cover forms a "pocket" for fixing a mobile phone.

EFFECT: improvement of universality and simplicity of charging.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: angle bend (case) of an electrical connector is equipped with a stepped bushing with an element of its fixture to the respective part of the electrical connector body at its one step and at its other step with the outer thread there is a mounting bracket with axial rotation fixed by a nut with the inner thread interacting with the outer thread of the stepped bushing. The mounting bracket is made as a ring with a mounting stud faced towards the side of the cable core output. At the mounting stud of the above mounting bracket there is an installed and fixed a thin-wall mounting bracket for the cable core fixing, it is covered by a thin-wall bushing of the cable core output that has at the mounting space side an open-ended lobe and a groove covering the stud of the mounting bracket, and at the cable core side there is a collar for fixture of the cable shielding or its fragment. The mounting space is limited and protected by a solid thin-wall shell made as a sphere coupled with a cylinder with variable cross-section. By its inner surface the thin-wall shell covers the outer surface of the open-ended lobe of the thin-wall bushing, the retaining nut of the mounting bracket and its circular part to which it is fixed and by its shaped part it covers the thin-wall bushing of the cable core output and the mounting stud of the mounting bracket.

EFFECT: expanding functional capabilities of the angle bend due to introduction of fixing elements for the cable core thus providing improvement in reliability of cable connections and improving efficiency of their production.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, particularly, to aircraft multisystem connectors. Aircraft comprises several multisystem connectors. Every connector comprises plug to be fitted in socket. One of said parts is attached to cabin wall while another one is connected to cabin system. Every said part comprises central pipeline to be connected to fluid and/or gas source, circular section aligned with said central pipeline for connected to electric power and/or signal source. Male and female parts are securely locked by lock ring.

EFFECT: fast, simple, flexible and reliable connection.

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Electric slot // 2470427

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the sphere of electrical engineering immediately dealing with an electric slot of a "plug-socket" system. In the electric slot comprises a socket arranged in the form of a dielectric part with inbuilt electric contacts and a cover and a socket arranged in the form of a dielectric body with a pair of pins, in the socket cover there is a ferromagnetic plate built-in, and the socket body comprises a core with a winding, performing a function of an electromagnet. The socket body comprises a rectifier of alternating current arriving into a winding. The plug body comprises an interrupter of current arriving into a winding.

EFFECT: invention expands the field of application of an electric slot, increases its reliability.

3 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: information technologies.

SUBSTANCE: connection device includes two connecting units and a compensating circuit, equipped with paths (4D, 6D) for connection of these units and facilities of capacitance communication between at least two specified paths, comprising a conducting element (36), having a surface (49), containing one part that faces the surface of the section of the first one of the specified paths (4D), and the other part that faces the section of the second one of the specified paths (6D), at the same time the specified conducting element (36) is electrically isolated from the specified two paths (4D, 6D).

EFFECT: increased efficiency of transfer with preservation of design simplicity and cost-effectiveness of manufacturing.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: here is disclosed connector of spiral belt for connection of sections of spiral belt, also, each section consists of several pipelines arranged as spiral belt. The connector consists of a flange holder with the first connecting side and the second connecting side wherein between there are made passages for pipelines communication. Further, the connector consists of fasteners on the first connecting side and second connecting side for flange connection of sections of the spiral belt. At least one receiving seat is made for a plug-hole connection between the first electric wire and the second electric wire on the flange holder. Notably, on the flange holder there is a protective element travelling between a locking position, when the electric plug-hole connection is closed and the position of free access, when the plug-hole connection is open.

EFFECT: spiral belt connection upgrading.

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The invention relates to electrical engineering, namely the means of connection between the electric wires, in particular to an improved fixation of the wires in the modular connector for splicing systems, particularly those used for connections between a set of pairs of wire communication systems

The invention relates to electrical engineering, refers to the posting of a transmission line and can be realized, for example, the goods of mass demand

The invention relates to electronic, electrical and electronics industry, and in particular to electrical connectors mounted on printed circuit boards

Contact strip // 2028022
The invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to the contact strips plug-in pads

FIELD: power industry.

SUBSTANCE: device for power transmission to the self-contained underwater vehicle contains power source on board the carrier vessel, wireline, tight LED emitter of high intensity, tight light receiving panel. The radiator on the wireline is lowered under water and is pout in contact with the light receiving panel. The radiator and light receiving panel are located toward each other by their transparent layers. The light receiving panel converts the light to the electric power accumulated in the batteries of the self-contained underwater vehicle.

EFFECT: reliable and efficient power transmission to underwater vehicle.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: releasable leak-tight electric connector of wet contact type is intended for electric connection of cable line in conductive medium. The connector consists of lower and upper parts; the upper part consist of a body, bellows with chamber filled with insulating fluid, contact group with required number of contacts, which is connected to a cable line by means of geophysical head and protective housing with pull-back spring and two-piece gripper, at that the two-piece gripper is placed in lower part of the body and cavity of the gripper is filled with insulating fluid. Lower part of the connector consists of the body with groove for two-piece gripper, wherein a block of contact rings is placed and the latter connect with a cable line by means of geophysical head, bellows with chamber filled with insulating fluid, protective housing leak-tight pressed by a spring and a rod with a groove for two-piece gripper. Sealing elements are installed between protective leak-tight housings and bodies of the upper and lower parts of the connector.

EFFECT: improving reliability of both electrical and mechanical leak-tight connection of the line, including connection at dual completion of oil wells.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electrical contact coupling for tracked vehicles, in particular, for railway vehicles. The contact coupling consists of a body (1), a protective hinged cover (4), and a sealing gasket (3). In the body (1) there is an opening (2) made at end surface of the body. The protective hinged cover is pinned to the body (1) so that it can be rotated in regard to the fixed axis of rotation. The sealing gasket has the upper sealing area (3a) parallel to the axis of rotation and the lower sealing area (3b) continued in parallel to the axis of rotation. The section of contact area interacting with the upper sealing area (3a) in the closed position of the cover is made as sealing surface (5a) and oriented perpendicular to the end surface. The section of contact area interacting with the lower sealing area (3b) in the closed position of the cover is made as sealing surface (5b) and oriented in parallel to the end surface.

EFFECT: improvement of sealing.

16 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: sealed electric connector contains a cable terminal, a receptacle, a swivel nut and two bushings with conic surfaces for fixation of the logging cable armature; the cable terminal is designed to be composite, consisting of an upper and a lower bodies, thread-connected. The swivel nut and the two bushings with conic surfaces are attached in the upper body upper part wherein boring is done for installation of a thrust washer and sealing elements. On the external conic bushing a facet is made, the thrust washer made of a metal less hard than the cable armature wire. In the lower body an insulator-confined contact is positioned whereon the bushing is fitted that protects against breakdown and serves as the support assimilating the force of coupling with the receptacle. The socket is designed to be removable and represents a body wherein a female contact and a shank are pressed-in, on one side and on the other side respectively, the contact and the shank forming a sealed lead-in. The bushing, insulator and sealed lead-in are interfaced in a stepped manner. The receptacles is mechanically connected to the body with the help of the swivel nut.

EFFECT: invention ensures high tightness of the connector under high pressure.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: tip for electrical connection contains sleeve (2) with cavity (9) partially filled with contact lubrication meant for introduction of electric cable (22) end in it and containing section (5) of crimping designed with possibility of its radial deforming. End includes also a plug (15) meant for confinement of contact lubrication (14) in cavity (9). Plug (15) has transverse membrane (16) designed with possibility of its destruction by electric cable (22) when it is being inserted in cavity (9). Plug (15) is at least one section located inside section (5) of crimping. Contact lubrication (14) is located between bottom part (12) of cavity (9) and membrane (16). Connection method includes a stage at which transverse membrane (16) is destroyed by end of electric cable (22) when it is being inserted in cavity (9).

EFFECT: improving airtightness of electrical connection after its crimping.

16 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: device is vertically fixed to a compressor or a pump for pumping of a condensate gas and/or liquid or to an inlet/outlet of a transformer. The device comprises an input unit to supply power through it to a compressor or a pump electric motor or to an inlet/outlet of a transformer; a funnel-shaped body with a body chamber, besides, the input unit is installed on the upper end of the chamber; a grid arranged across the longitudinal axis of the chamber, besides, the input unit is arranged above the grid, a filter arranged in a chamber under the grid and above the input hole into the electric motor body or the input/output hole of the transformer body, and also a metering unit passing inside the chamber from the input unit in direction towards the grid, but arranged at a certain distance from the grid.

EFFECT: higher stability of functioning, durability of a compressor or a pump and its electric motor.

34 cl, 10 dwg

Electric connector // 2457590

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: electric connector consists of a plug receptacle (1) with male contacts positioned (31) within its cavity and movable plug head (2) with female contacts (32) for electric conductors ends connection (25, 26). For fixation of the plug head in the plug receptacle with form closure a shape lock ring is applied that is fitted, with part of its cross section, into the plug head groove passing along the perimeter; during the electric connector locking the ring engages, with the rest of its cross section, into the groove arranged on the inner side surface of the plug receptacle. The shape of the lock ring and the grooves as well as the lock ring material are such that the plug head (2) is taken out of the plug receptacle (1) only by a pull force in excess of a certain threshold value. The plug head (2), connected in the same way, is fixed with its end in the congruent end of the plug movable body (3) with form closure ensured by the fixture ring (4). The force enabling the plug head taking out of the plug receptacle is less than the force retaining the plug head in the plug body with fixture ring connection.

EFFECT: detachable plug performing its function without damage to the plug.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: in the demountable vacuum electrical connector the first and the third splits, mounted on a board with current-conducting paths, form an extension board rigidly installed on stands inside the flange. A groove is formed on the whole perimetre of the first hollow inside the flange, along the lower ridge of the side wall. The inner hollow of the flange with the extension board, above the level of recesses in the first split electric contacts is filled with a sealant. On the third body of the third split a cover is placed attached on the stands and the flange. Lobes with holes are arranged on the flange outside, on its sides. A pad for the tightening element fixation is envisaged on the flange surface around the first split. The connector counterpart is made on the plate of the appliance being sealed and includes a depression for the tightening element, mounting holes for the flange and the second split installed in the depression.

EFFECT: expanded field and enhanced efficiency of usage of unsealed standard multipin splits based on application of a demountable vacuum electric connector for physical appliances sealing.

8 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: subject of this invention is an electric connection slot comprising a plug (10), equipped with primary contacts (20), and a base (12), equipped with secondary contacts (24), made as capable of interaction with the primary contacts. The connection slot additionally comprises a valve (30), fixed on the base and arranged as capable of rotation between the closed position, in which it closes access to secondary contacts (24), and the open position, in which it opens access to the secondary contacts to provide for connection of the plug with the base, and a circular coupling (40), fixed on an electric cable (14), connected to the plug (10), and made as capable of movement between two extreme positions: the lower position, in which it closes the valve (30), when the plug and the base are connected, and the upper position, in which it opens access to the plug.

EFFECT: increased reliability and service life, due to prevention of ingress of contaminating foreign matters, such as liquids or dust, into the slot base.

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