Hydraulic downhole motor

FIELD: drilling of soil or rock.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic drives for rotary drilling located in wells. In the method, the downhole motor comprises a tubular body disposed within it by a helical gerotor mechanism including a coaxially arranged elastomeric plate in the body and a rotor mounted inside the body, the rotation of which is provided by pumping supply of the fluid, the body of the spindle section with the shaft located inside it mounted on an axial support made in the form of a ball-bearing thrust radial multi-row bearing, as well as on the upper and lower radial sliding supports consisting of the outer and inner bushes located in the body of the spindle section and, accordingly, on the spindle section shaft, the shaft of the spindle section is fastened at the input by the drive shaft with the motor rotor, and the output is fastened to the chisel, the motor and spindle sections are fastened together with a threaded sub-adapter, and the lower radial support of the spindle section is fixed with a nipple, the body of the spindle section and the nipple are fixed with a common thread. Further, the body of the spindle section contains a belt of increased stiffness, characterized by the implementation of the wall of the body of increased thickness, located upstream of the fluid from the plane of the section of the body of the spindle section along the valley of the first mating thread of the pin to the plane of the cross-section of one of the downstream rows of balls of a ball-bearing thrust-radial multi-row bearing. Moment of inertia Jm of the cross section of said reinforced stiffener belt in the spindle section body and the moment of inertia Jv in the cross section of the spindle section shaft in the plane of each of the rows of the ball-bearing thrust-radial multi-row bearing located upstream of the fluid from the increased stiffness belt in the body of the spindle section are connected by the relation: Jm=(6.25÷8.25) Jv. Diameter Dm of balls, outer diameter Dn of bearing and inner diameter Dv of the bearing are connected by the relation: Dm=0.5(Dn-Dv)-(0.155÷0.235) (Dn-Dv), and the number of balls in each row of bearings, the diameter Dm of the balls and the diameter Dcp of the bearing in the center of the balls are connected by the relation: z=[πDcp/Dm]-1, where π=3.14159… – a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of the circumference to its diameter, and the z number of balls in each row of bearings is rounded to an integer.

EFFECT: reliability and resource of the engine, the accuracy of penetration of inclined and horizontal wells, the rate of the set of curvature parameters of the wells, and also the patency, id est, the resistances and stresses in the assembly of the bottom of the drill string decrease as they pass through the radius intervals of the borehole barrel under conditions of friction and rotation in the borehole.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: downhole tool includes a drill bit on its lower end and a drill motor containing a casing with a rotor rotating in the rotor channel in the casing when the drill tool passes through it. The rotor has a bypass channel for bypassing some portion of the drill mud via it. The valve includes a plate of the valve, which is installed upstream of the motor and has at least one flow pass and at least one bypass passing through the same plate. At least one flow pass is hydraulically interconnected with the rotor channel for passage of the drill mud passing through it. The rotor is made so that it can be rotated in the casing. At least one bypass is selectively hydraulically interconnected with the bypass valve when the rotor is being rotated in the casing, and the bypass channel is selectively moved in a position of alignment with at least some part of at least one bypass for bypass of some part of the drill mud via it, thus generating an impact action on the hammer.

EFFECT: preventing seizures of a drill tool, reducing vibration, increasing drilling efficiency with a downhole tool so that the bit damage is prevented.

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FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to borehole helical motors. This motor consists of two, tope and bottom sections. Each of the latter comprises screw working members built around multistart gerotor mechanism with internal cycloidal engagement. Spindle with output shaft runs in axial and radial bearings. Hinge joint of rotor helical working members with output shaft and fluid passages. Helical working members stator of top section is fixed at drilling string. Bottom section output shaft is coupled with rock cutting tool. Top section output shaft is rigidly coupled with bottom section helical working member stator fitted in adapter bore coupling fixed bodies of spindles and concentrically spinning in adapter radial bearing.

EFFECT: enhanced power characteristics, particularly, higher output shaft rpm.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drill string bottom part assembly comprises downhole motor fitted at said drill string and having rotor and stator. Note here that first hole is made in said rotor. Spindle arranged under downhole motor with second hole made therein. Third hole is made in the shaft with first and second ends. First end is coupled with rotor via first universal adapter. Second end is coupled with spindle via second universal adapter. Inner rod is fitted in the shaft third hole. Note here that inner rod has inner passage and third and fourth ends. Third end seals communication of inner passage with the rotor first hole while fourth end seals communication of inner passage with the spindle second hole.

EFFECT: transducer signal transmission, power supply inside assembly spinning elements.

21 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device contains a hollow body with a gerotor screw mechanism inside that includes a stator placed in the body coaxially and a rotor installed inside the stator and the rotor rotation is carried out by fluid delivered by the pump, a transmission section that includes a shaft mounted at the axial bearing made as a multirow thrust and radial bearing and at the upper and lower radial skid bases consisting of the outer and inner sleeves placed in the transmission section body and respectively at the transmission section shaft; the transmission section shaft is fixed at the input by a drive shaft with a rotor and at the output it is fixed with a chisel; the motor is equipped with the upper collar grab consisting of a shaft, a thrust and a nut and the lower collar grab made as a fishing collar with the outer fishing clamp, a thrust collar and the lower threaded crossover with an inner fishing clamp; the upper collar grab is fixed to the upper part of the gerotor screw mechanism while the lower collar grab in mounted at the transmission section shaft between the inner sleeve of the lower radial bearing and the axial bearing made as a multirow thrust and radial bearing. The transmission section shaft and the fishing collar of the lower collar grab with the outer fishing clamp are fixed rigidly with each other by means of a common thread thus providing tightness at butt ends of the thrust collar placed between butt ends of the fishing collar and the inner collar of the lower radial skid base. Cross-threading direction of the transmission section shaft and the fishing collar of the lower collar grab coincide with the direction of drill string rotation during tripping out.

EFFECT: improving accident-free operation, service life and reliability of motors, accuracy of hole making and the rate of parameters set for the hole curvature and passing ability.

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FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises measuring the pressure in injection line with loaded and idle bit and maintaining constant measured differential pressure. Note here that maximum tolerable bit feed speed (Vtf) is defined by mathematical formula. Then, bit feed speeds are defined and in case it exceeds said maximum tolerable magnitude it is decreased to Vtf.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of drilling.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to drilling equipment, and namely to downhole motors for well drilling. A spindle includes a housing, a throttle and a shaft with a through axial channel, which is installed in the housing with possibility of axial movement within the limits of a guaranteed play. Between three sealed radial supports there installed are two sections of a multistage bearing plate to take an axial load in downward and upward directions. Each stage of the bearing plate consists of discs with supply hydraulic channels and flow centre plates, the rubber elements of which have annular chambers forming together with discs the thrust hydrostatic bearings. A throttle is replaceable and installed in an axial channel of the shaft. Diameter of the throttle pass for creation of pressure drop is chosen in compliance with an expected hydraulic load on the axial support in start-up operating mode of the motor. On outer surface of the shaft there are blind longitudinal slots hydraulically connecting in a separate manner a cavity above upper radial support to annular chambers of the upper section of the bearing plate and a cavity above the middle radial support to annular chambers of the lower section of the bearing plate. The cavity above lower radial support is hydraulically interconnected with the shaft axial channel below the throttle.

EFFECT: improvement of a motor structure.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: unit to control power load onto working elements of a screw downhole motor comprises a half-coupling with radial and axial through channels, a spring-loaded container installed in the axial through channel of the half-coupling with a hydraulic monitor attachment, a burnisher of alternating cross section, installed as capable of axial displacement, a spring and seals. It also comprises a hollow pressing nut installed in the axial through channel of the half-coupling for interaction with the spring-loaded container and with an inner ledge made in the axial through channel of the half-coupling or the burnisher. The burnisher is made in the form of a replaceable tip installed onto the stem.

EFFECT: makes it possible to increase efficiency, reliability and durability.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: motor includes a housing with a rotor arranged inside it, the rotation of which is performed by the fluid medium supplied with a pump, as well as a spindle housing with a shaft arranged inside it, which is installed on radial and axial sliding supports. The spindle shaft is attached to the motor rotor and a bit. Some amount of fluid medium is pumped through radial and axial sliding supports, and axial support of the spindle is made in the form of two pairs of rotor and stator rings with an annular row of thrust modules, which is fixed in each of them. Stator rings are fixed in the spindle housing, rotor rings are installed on the spindle shaft, and each thrust module includes layers of polycrystalline diamonds on the edge facing the edges of adjacent modules, and contacts in turn with one or two edges of adjacent modules. The motor includes a splined bush with external splines, which is installed on the spindle shaft, and two elastic damping supports arranged on the edges of the splined bush and receiving axial forces acting on the axial support of the spindle. Each elastic damping support contacts the rear edge of the corresponding rotor ring with the fixed annular row of thrust modules, and rotor rings with annular rows of thrust modules fixed in them are provided with internal splines corresponding to external splines of the splined bush, and each of them is installed with possibility of annular distortion of the rotor ring with the annular row of thrust modules, which is fixed in it, relative to its own elastic damping support.

EFFECT: increasing service life and improving reliability of the axial sliding support of the spindle of the hydraulic downhole motor with thrust modules; improving accuracy of curvature parameters of the well shaft; enlarging the hole boring per bit run using hydraulic jars in the tubing; increasing the increase rate of curvature parameters of wells, and reducing stresses in the layout of the bottom of the drill column and downtime of the drilling unit.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: device includes frame 2, powder brake 3, kinematic chain A between outlet shaft of HBM 1 and rotor 4 of powder brake 3, hydraulic baffle plate 5, monitoring and testing unit 6 and date control and processing unit 7. Kinematic chain A is made in the form of gear-type conical multiplier 8 with coupling clutches 9, 10 in connections of its shafts 11 and 12 with outlet shaft B of HBM 1 and rotor 4 of powder brake 3. Hydraulic baffle plate 5 is made on cover plate 13 of multiplier 8 in the form of an annular reservoir enclosing with seal 14 the lower part of housing B of HBM 1.

EFFECT: improving accuracy and enlarging the HBM loading range at testing, and possibility of stand-alone use.

1 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention is used for run-in and test of hydraulic bottomhole motor (HBM). When testing HBM 1, it is installed in a vertical position above well 2 of its further operation and attached to housing A by means of spinning wrench 3 on stationary drilling outfit 4 of well 2. Outlet shaft 5 of spindle 6 of HBM 1 is attached through coupling device 7 to inlet shaft 8 of multiplier 9 installed on rotary table 10. Rotation of rotor 11 with spindle 6 is performed by injection of working fluid to HBM 1 through adapter 12 of pump station 13 of drilling outfit 4 of well 2. Mechanical loading of outlet shaft 5 of spindle 6 is performed through multiplier 9 kinematically connected at its outlet shaft 15 to powder brake 17, with further measurement and analysis of revolutions and braking moments at the outlet of the latter, and flow rate and pressure of working fluid at HBM 1 inlet.

EFFECT: improving accuracy of the method and its approximation to HBM operating conditions.

1 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has metallic hubs of stator and rotor, wherein crowns of stator and rotor are concentrically pressed. Crowns of stator and rotor are made of durable ceramics and are additionally equipped with connections, allowing to exclude non-controlled turning of crowns in hubs and spontaneous axial displacement thereof.

EFFECT: higher reliability and efficiency.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes physical-chemical treatment of metallic body parts, made in form of two half-cylinders, placement of puncheon within them, preparation of fresh rubber mixture, heating press-form up to 150±2°C, with following vulcanization of rubber mixture, detaching press-form, removing puncheon and controlling manufacture. Three compounds of rubber mixture are prepared, with following calendaring thereof on shafts and preparing fresh rubber strip of each compound, 0.5-0.6 mm thick, which prior to placement of puncheon in half-cylinders is wound in halving fashion onto the latter. Of rubber strip of compound, providing for durability, inner layer of rubber winding is made, of compound strip, providing for auto-compensation of wear - middle layer, and of strip, providing for hardness of connection between resin and half-cylinders - outer layer. Each layer of rubber winding is made of thickness, determined from relation k·hw, where h - thickness of each winding layer, mm; k - coefficient, determined empirically, equal to 30-0.35 for inner layer, 0.50-0.60 for middle layer, 0.10-0.15 for outer layer; hw - total thickness of rubber mixture winding, mm. glue covering is applied to each layer and rolled under pressure. After heating of press-form, the latter is placed into one of half-cylinders. Puncheon with rubber winding is deployed and connected to second half-cylinder. After vulcanization and removal of puncheon, rubber-metallic portion of stator is fixed in body pipe.

EFFECT: higher durability and simplified maintenance.

4 cl, 2 dwg, 5 ex

Face engine // 2248436

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has turbine module, screw gear couple, including stator and rotor, assembly for connection of rotor of screw gear couple to turbine module and spindle, according to invention, rotor of screw gear couple has pass channel, into which a valve is mounted, including locking element and saddle, while locking element is mounted on resilient element with space to saddle surface and with possible contact with saddle surface. When engine is launched whole flow of drilling mud skirts screw gear couple through pass channel in rotor and open valve, i.e. through space between locking element and saddle surface and is directed into turbine module. In face engine loads on elements of gear couple are decreased during its launch due to redistribution of flows of working liquid between screw gear couple and turbine.

EFFECT: higher reliability, higher durability.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Gear mechanism // 2250340

FIELD: mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: rotor axis of gear mechanism, performing a planetary movement, is displaced relatively to stator axis for distance of engagement eccentricity. As source auxiliary contour ellipse is used, while proportional coefficient k, determining radius of guiding circle, is taken equal to half necessary number of teeth z of wheel (k = z/2), optimal shape of its teeth is provided by rational combination of ellipse shape coefficient λ, equal to relation of lengths of its semi-axes and eccentricity coefficient of auxiliary contour, in form of relation of length of greater ellipse semi-axis to rolling circle radius, while inner and outer profiles are made in form of elliptic profiles from common ellipse contour.

EFFECT: simplified manufacture.

3 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: roller tracks at edge inner and outer rings are made on same side, roller tracks at inner and outer rings are made with possible contact of balls with roller tracks of inner and outer rings at angle, greater than 45°, angle being formed by line, passing through points of contact of balls with roller tracks of inner and outer rings and line, perpendicular to longitudinal axis of bearing, profile of roller tracks on inner and outer rings is made from inequality condition D1 > (Din + Dout)/2, where D1 - diameter of circle passing through centers of balls in assembled bearing, Din - inner diameter of inner ring, Dout - outer diameter of outer ring, hardness of inner and outer rings being greater than 48 HRC, application point of radius of roller tracks profile on inner rings is placed in plane of stopping end of inner ring.

EFFECT: higher durability and reliability.

4 dwg

Boring rig // 2255194

FIELD: oil and gas well boring equipment.

SUBSTANCE: boring rig comprises turbodrill, drill bit and reducer including several planetary mechanisms and installed in-between. Sun gears of both planetary mechanisms are secured to turbodrill rotor shaft. Carrier with plane pinion axes of upper planetary mechanism is connected to boring rig body. Ring gear is attached to upper link of drill bit. Ring gear of lower planetary mechanism is linked with plane pinion axes of upper planetary mechanism, carrier thereof is connected with lower link of drill bit.

EFFECT: increased efficiency due to increase in turbodrill rotor speed up to optimal value, reduced number of turbodrill steps and hydraulic resistance thereof, increased flushing liquid flow velocity, reduced reactive moment on turbodrill stator and pipe string.

1 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas well drilling equipment, particularly hydraulic downhole motors.

SUBSTANCE: device has screw bottomhole motor comprising sub and body for arranging operating tool sections. Tool sections are mating rotor and stator surfaces made in the form of multistart screw pair. Tangential current-speed and inlet drilling mud direction transducer is installed above screw pair. The transducer comprises body, retaining ring and sealing collar. Blades of the transducer are right-handed (in opposition to helical teeth of the rotor and the stator).

EFFECT: increased mechanical penetration rate due to increased load applied to drilling bit without reduction in power and shaft torque indexes.

3 dwg

FIELD: drilling equipment, particularly for directional drilling, namely control devices adapted to control angle and reactive moment.

SUBSTANCE: control device has hollow central member and three hollow tubular noncoaxial members connected to hollow central member. Inner member is disposed in center between the first and the second members. The first and the second members are connected with inner members by threaded connection. The first member is connected to spindle by threaded coupling, the second member is attached to engine body by threaded coupling and central member is connected to inner member by spline. Each of central member and the first member are provided with sectional contact seats located from spindle connection side, wherein a pair of sectional contact seats arranged from either sides of meridional spindle plane in drilling string curvature plane are defined between central and the first members. Sectional contact seats defined between central and the first members are spaced a distance L from the nearest edges of sectional contact seats of central and the first members along central axis of the first member. The distance L is more or equal to spindle diameter D. Angular deviation of the sectional contact seat formed in the first member from meridian spindle plane in drilling string curvature plane is oppositely directed relative reactive drilling bit moment.

EFFECT: increased stability and angle of gerotor engine deflection and increased accuracy of non-uniform well bottom zone penetration.

2 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: well drilling equipment, particularly bearings adapted to work in abrasive medium.

SUBSTANCE: radial bearing has body and shaft, as well as thrust collars secured in the body and spring-loaded holders arranged between the shaft and the body. Inserts with conical outer surfaces are located between the holders and the shaft so that inserts cooperate with the shaft and with inner surfaces of the holders. Radial bearing is made as two oppositely arranged blocks and as compression spring inserted in-between. Each block has stop member secured in the body and made as slotted bush. Inserts are arranged in the bush and may perform displacement in radial direction. Thrust collars have conical surfaces cooperating with outer surfaces of the inserts. Angles α at apexes of the cones defined by interacted conical surfaces of bearing support inserts, thrust collars and holders are correlated with friction coefficient μ of interacted surfaces as tg(α/2)≈μ. Insert surfaces cooperating with shaft surface may have coating of elastomeric or hard-alloy material. In accordance with the second embodiment surfaces of inserts, thrust collars and holders interacting one with another may have flat contact zones, which are inclined at (α/2) angle to longitudinal shaft axis.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability of radial bearing.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas well drilling equipment with the use of hydraulic downhole motors.

SUBSTANCE: support-and-centering member is made as metal hub with blades connected to spindle connector. Spindle connector has support cone formed on outer surface thereof and adapted to provide rigid connection with metal hub from inner surface thereof. Support cone of the connector is formed from side of conical thread connecting spindle body with connector. Spindle connector has splines to connect thereof with metal hub. Metal hub is pressed with pressing cone, retaining washer and nut from another side thereof. Metal hub may be installed concentrically or eccentrically to spindle connector axis or outer surface thereof may be differently shaped and arranged eccentrically, concentrically or obliquely with respect to spindle connector axis.

EFFECT: reduced costs of spindle usage.

5 dwg