Air flow system for mining machine

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: cutting machine includes a frame, a boom, a cutting head, a valve and a actuating device. The boom defines an upper and a lower surface, an inner chamber, and includes a first end connected to the frame, the second end and a hole located on lower surface and in hydraulic connection with inner chamber. The cutter head includes a plurality of teeth and is supported at the second end of the boom. The valve is connected to the boom and is movable between a closed position in which the opening is closed, and an open position in which the opening is at least partially open. The actuating device is connected to the valve to selectively move the valve between a closed position and an open position.

EFFECT: improvement of air flow system.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for dust suppression during earth excavation. The device includes chassis, jib pivotally connected to chassis rear end, cutting component fixed on the jib, casing at least partially covering the cutting component, vacuum source having fluid connection with casing inside and serving for suction of dusty air from this space, air cleaner for removing dust from air sucked by vacuum source from casing inside, dust barrier which protrudes down from the casing. In this system, the said dust barrier goes along at least portion of casing perimeter and has structure being permeable for chips created by cutting component. This structure provides gradual limiting of air flow entering inside through dust barrier as the dust barrier goes down from the casing.

EFFECT: device provides maintaining constant air flow through gap between casing and ground, and lets chips to pass through dust suppressing device without damaging it.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: self-contained system for damping of dust in hot dust-gas emission zone includes an in-series connected high-pressure pump, a start-up gate valve, a manifold located on a mobile transport base and self-deployed under action of water high pressure of a folding pipe line. The manifold has the possibility of connecting at least one water flow control to it. The folding pipe line includes a section made of pipe lengths with spring-loaded hinge articulations and the second section of pipe lengths with telescopic articulations, which rests on a wheel mount. The pipe line end is equipped with a Segner wheel with ejector water sprayers. Besides, the wheel mount is connected via two ropes passed through eyes of pipe lines, with right and left drums of a mechanical winch that is actuated from the transport base engine.

EFFECT: improving dust suppression efficiency of hot dust-gas emission zone; improving safety and environmental protection.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device includes dust collection unit at least with one suction pipeline. At that, device is equipped with a hopper interconnected with dust collection unit that is made at least in the form of one cyclone-type vacuum cleaner, each of which is connected to the corresponding suction pipeline, and device for movement of the hopper and the above unit on the monorail along the mine working. Besides, device for movement of hopper and unit can include diesel locomotive, trolleys with hydraulic actuator, which are intended to arrange the hopper and each vacuum cleaner respectively, and suction pipeline of vacuum cleaner has the possibility of cleaning the mine working walls.

EFFECT: providing qualitative carry-over of the collected dust, as well as excluding the necessity of using the additional equipment for dust carry-over from mine working without stopping its cleaning process.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed separator comprises box-like housing, nozzle, sludge extractor accommodating zigzag-like plates bent to form dihedral angles and sludge remover. Mesh sprayer representing a truncated right pyramid is arranged inside said housing between the nozzle and sludge extractor at some 25-30 cm, mesh width making 8-10 mm. Zigzag plates are bent at four points to form dihedral angles of 120 and arranged at 7-14 cm from each other so that dihedral angle apices are located in one plane. Said plates are furnished with eyebrows arranged on the angles outer sides all over their height and sharpened, their width making 0.05-0.10 of the distance between the plates. Sludge remover represents a truncated pyramid with face inclination of at least 60 and is attached to sludge extractor.

EFFECT: higher quality of air and gas flows purification.

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FIELD: mining engineering.

SUBSTANCE: task of invention is ability of usage dust extractor in gas stream with temperature higher 60C, and also simplification of its technological service. For decision of assigned task driving motor is taken away from gas pipeline, in structure it is used lamellar dust moisturiser, meshy gas scrubber, washer-cyclone direct-flow, which is communicated to mouth with bin for withdrawal of sludge. For simplification of technological service dust extractor consists of separate sections, waterproof joined to each other by flanges.

EFFECT: reliability growth of dust extractor operation.

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FIELD: ventilation technique for preventing of air within working space from contamination, may be used for removing of dust from movable bulk material handling equipment such as retractable conveyors.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has conveyor, throw-off drum with shelter, trough, and dust catcher with draft activator. Baffles are provided at discharge opening of trough, which is equipped with local suction device formed as chamber arranged around discharge opening of trough. Said chamber is connected through air duct with shelter air duct of throw-off drum. Dust catcher is made in the form of woven cellular filter provided with pulsed blower and opening for throwing-off caught product onto conveyor.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by localizing released dust in handling of bulk material, treatment of removed air according to maximum contamination level norms, and reduced capital and operational costs.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly to provide dust control in different processes by ejecting dust-laden air and entraining dust particles with liquid spray cone inside device and by separating the formed sludge.

SUBSTANCE: device has body with inlet and outlet orifices, injector nozzle, sludge trap and sludge removal pipe. Spray nozzles communicated with sludge trap through orifices of the body are arranged along inlet orifice perimeter. Sludge trap has floating valve arranged in bottom sludge trap part and installed in sludge removal pipe. Device also has dust catching sheets arranged between inlet and outlet orifices and defining working space for spray cone generated by injector nozzle shaped as expanding diffuser, which provides free spray cone penetration into sludge trap and air suction into inlet orifice. Dust catching sheets located near inlet orifice are inclined from body periphery towards spray cone axis and dust catching sheets arranged near outlet orifice are inclined from spray cone axis to body periphery.

EFFECT: increased capacity and efficiency, possibility of rational wetting liquid utilization.

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The dust collector // 2090758
The invention relates to the field of gas purification and can be used in the training systems of the air before it enters the turbocharger gas turbine unit (GTU) in air conditioning systems in different climatic zones in the steel, energy, pumping, mining, chemical industry

The invention relates to techniques for removing dust from conveyors and can be used in promstroymateriali, mining, chemical and other industries

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention proposes a method for prevention of explosion-hazard accumulations of gases and dust in a coal destruction zone, which involves extraction of coal samples from a bed, determination of yield ratio of substances of coal, its gas-bearing capacity, content of fusinite and dust, supply of cooling liquid to a cutter surface and an air-water mixture to the coal destruction zone. Supply of the cooling liquid and the air-water mixture is performed at equal pressure of the liquid in channels of a cutter holder. The cooling liquid is supplied to the cutter surface in a compact form at destruction of coal with the cutter, and liquid in the air-water mixture is dispersed with a possibility of binding explosion-hazard dust fractions; with that, it is supplied via the channel of the cutter holder tangentially to an external cavity of a sleeve with its internal ejecting channel.

EFFECT: implementation of the method will allow increasing safety of mining operations on gas-bearing beds, the coals of which tend to dust explosiveness, due to high efficiency of prevention of explosion-hazard accumulations of gases and dust during destruction of coal with an actuating element of a combined machine.

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the coal industry and is designed to control and prevent the explosion of dust-methane-air mixture and improvement of mining safety in mines. The technical result of the proposed invention is to neutralise highly explosive accumulation of dust and gas cloud in work areas of mining machines and providing security. To solve this technical problem, three variants of the invention are proposed. In the first two variants the automatic system of pneumatic hydro-sprinkling and inhibition of highly explosive methane-air mixture comprises channels for water and air supply, filters, electronic gauges, methane sensor. The main difference from equivalents is that an electronic control unit is mounted, receiving and analysing signals from the metering devices of methane concentration, pressure of water and air, and which controls the supply of inhibitor. The channels for supply air and water are connected to the spray nozzle blocks consisting of two chambers. Each chamber is connected with separate inlets to spray nozzles. The channel of air supply through the metering device is connected to the cylinders with inhibitor. In the third embodiment the proposed automatic system comprises three separate channels for supplying water, air and inhibitor. The channels are connected with separate inlets to the nozzle block. The nozzle blocks are made in a three chamber design. Supply of inhibitor is regulated.

EFFECT: use of invention enables to improve significantly safety matters at mining operations.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: mist formation method during underground development, at which water without air addition under pressure minimum 200 bar is supplied, at least, through one nozzle and then to flat reflective surface for spraying in a form of mist.

EFFECT: creation of highly effective water mist.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: combine with a drum actuator for underground mining comprises a body, brackets for fixation of cutting rollers for each direction of combine travelling, driven motors for combine movement, a system of combine water supply. The system of combine water supply comprises a common source of water supply for water circulation loops, valves for connection and disconnection of water circulation loops, a cooling water circulation loop and an irrigation system. The cooling water circulation loop serves for cooling of driven motors. The irrigation system comprises at least one irrigation water circulation loop with an appropriate supply pipeline for tools of cutting rollers. In each return pipeline of the cooling water circulation loop there is one disconnection valve installed as connected to one of supply pipelines. A switching valve serves to supply cooling water via it, if required, to cutting rollers as irrigation water.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of water supply systems of a combine with a drum actuator.

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The invention relates to mining machines and can be used in the tunneling combines selective action, namely, devices for supplying irrigation fluid to the nozzles of the cross-axial dual cutting crown excavating boom harvester

Shearer // 2234601
The invention relates to mining and can be used in cleaning machines, designed for thin layers

The invention relates to mining machinery and can be used in the construction of mining machinery, using irrigation in the process

The invention relates to the field of mining engineering and can be used in the construction of mining machines

The invention relates to the mining industry, mainly for stoping formation of coal and ore deposits using treatment combines and mechanized roof supports

The invention relates to mining and can be used to reduce the risk of ignition at work heading machines with nozzles for supplying air and/or water-air mixtures

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: present description relates to the cutter head for mining machine, and in particular to gear of the force transition to the cutter head of the mining machine, such as continuous miner. The machine for the ore bed development includes: motor with shaft, cutting drum with specified motor and connected to ring tooth-wheels. The primary planetary gear connecting the motor and cutting drum and containing sun gear connected with shaft for force transition to the planetary pinions entering in the engagement with the internal ring tooth-wheel. Secondary planetary gear comprising sun gear receiving force from the ring tooth-wheel and transmitting the rotation force by the non-orbital planetary pinion. Spur gear secured to each side of the non-orbital planetary pinion, at that each spur gear engages with the ring tooth-wheel secured to the cutting drum.

EFFECT: possibility of use of same motor to drive various parts of the cutting drum, as spur gears can engage with various parts of the drum.

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