Substance for processing reinforced concrete

FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for processing, in particular drilling, reinforced concrete for repair, reconstruction, and destruction of buildings, for cutting reinforcement, or in any other cases where it is required to obtain holes in reinforced concrete. A substance (liquid) for processing reinforced concrete contains oleic acid, potassium chloride, potassium hydroxide, and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide during the next component concentration (g/l): oleic acid 20.0…50.0; potassium chloride 0.03…0.05; potassium hydroxide 2.5…3.5; cetyltrimethylammonium bromide 0.03…0.04; water - the rest. Herewith the pH of the oleic acid solution is from 7 to 9.

EFFECT: increasing the drilling speed, reducing the axial drilling force and fluid flow.

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FIELD: mining operations.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the mining industry and can be used in stripping and mining operations at the fields, composed of dense and semi-hard rocks, with use of boom surface miners, spreaders and other mining machines. The method comprises continuous extraction and direct overburden waste disposal, continuous extraction, transportation, sorting of mineral resources. The front of mining operations is located along the short axis of the career field, the continuous working of overburden bench of high altitude is performed simultaneously on two sub-benches using boom surface miners. The overburden on the conveyors of the boom surface miners is fed through the receiving devices to the conveyors of the loading consoles of the spreader. The process of combining the conveyors of the boom surface miners with the receiving devices of the loading consoles and positioning of the spreader relative the boom surface miners is provided by the automatic control system. The mining operations are carried out with the use of excavating milling machine, the mineral resources are fed by the loader to the hopper of the mobile reloading unit with a conveyor and then to the mobile-sorting unit.

EFFECT: increase of the productivity of mining operations in the development of deep deposits of mineral resources composed of dense and semi-hard rocks.

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Impactite miner // 2554617

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: machine for impactite mining. The miner comprises a resonant motor transferring torque to an auger, a pickup unit pivotally attached to a carriage frame, and a pulley block to lift the auger. A rocker with a steam boiler being mounted on one arm and a compressed air cylinder - on the other, is suspended as the counterbalance to the auger.

EFFECT: improved design.

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FIELD: physics; geophysics.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to geophysics and can be used for exploration of mineral deposits in a geologic environment. The invention relates to a sensor device and a method for geoelectric survey of a location, stratigraphic arrangement and range of mineral deposits and contiguous rocks delineating said deposits. The disclosed sensor device has a sensor head (51), an end surface which forms a sensor measurement surface (53) and at least one electrode. According to the invention, the sensor head (51) can be brought into contact with the surface of the geologic environment, and a centre electrode (54) and a plurality of external electrodes (55), arranged in a geometrically uniform manner around the centre electrode (54), are placed on the sensor measurement surface (53). The centre electrode (54) and external electrodes (55) are electroconductive and electrically insulated from each other.

EFFECT: high accuracy of survey data of a deposit directly in the development process thereof.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: in order to enlarge the range of simultaneous processing and versions of control of a cutting force in the processing zone, formation of destruction zones is performed considering strength characteristics of rock as to width of the processed surface at variation of functional and technological parameters and their rational combination under conditions of selective development of deposits with complex structures. Strength characteristics of rock are fixed by mine rock strength recording sensors connected through a system block to a control system of operation of hydraulic cylinders, and drum balance is provided by distributed offset of hydraulic cylinders. Pressure of working liquid in piston cavities of the hydraulic cylinders is designed for a force required for rotation of turning levers.

EFFECT: increasing productivity, improving reliability and enlarging technological efficiency of destruction of rocks of different strength and coherence degree by controlling a cutting force in a zone of processing and formation in a surface layer of the processed massif of destruction zones considering strength characteristics of rock at selective development of deposits with complex structures by means of open-pit surface miners.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method to form a trajectory of excavator bucket motion is carried out with the help of an operation of putting a handle with the bucket into backward motion in the vertical plane in a system of coordinates connected to a boom. At the same time the axis of handle rocking in the specified system of coordinates is fixed. The operation of trajectory curvature control is carried out by change of the distance between the bucket and the axis of handle rocking. At the same time the handle rocking axis fixed in the system of coordinates connected to the boom is moved in the system of coordinates connected with the handle along the circumference arc, the centre of which is at the end of the handle. The proposed method is realised by working equipment comprising a boom, a handle with a bucket rigidly installed on it, a rope mechanism of bucket lift and a discharge mechanism. Besides, the discharge mechanism comprises a yoke, which forms rotating couples with the boom and the handle, and a hydraulic cylinder, the stem and body of which are connected hingedly with the yoke and handle accordingly.

EFFECT: simplified design of a discharge mechanism, at the same time possibility is provided to adjust bucket movement trajectory.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: system includes bottom-hole, dumped and intermediate running fixed platforms connected by means of two running lines, two-sided bucket with V-bottom connected to each mast by means of hoisting-hauling line enveloping the corresponding sheave arranged between running lines with possibility of movement relative to each other together with running lines. Intermediate running fixed platform is equipped with two supporting sheaves of running lines and one supporting sheave of hoisting-hauling lines. Rotation axis of hoisting-hauling line sheave has the possibility of being moved along guide curves of running lines.

EFFECT: improving efficiency, reducing the wear of lines and improving environmental conditions owing to equipping the mast of intermediate running fixed platform with the most effective equipment.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of underground survey and production and is intended for measurement of properties of specific resistance of earth formations as they are penetrated through well. Combined tool for measurement of specific resistance includes both antennas of induction/propagation and antennas of side specific resistance arranged in grooves on well pipe. At the same time antenna of side specific resistance includes insulating basic layer arranged in groove, toroidal antenna arranged over insulating basic layer and protective device arranged over groove.

EFFECT: increased accuracy and reliability of measurement of underground specific resistance due to provision of combined measurement of specific resistance, using side sensor and sensor of induction or propagation in one and the same area of bed in a single trip.

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Stripping aggregate // 2396394

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented at open development of mineral deposits by non-transport system in complicated mining and geological conditions. The stripping aggregate consists of face and dumping non-rotary carrier platforms with masts interconnected with two running cables, and of a double-sided bucket with a bottom of V-shape coupled with each mast by means of a lift-and-drag cable enveloping a corresponding block installed between the running cables. The block of the face non-rotary platform is rigidly tied with the first running cable and is connected to the second running cable; it travels along this cable relative to the block of the non-rotary dumping carrier platform together with the second running cable. The block of the dumping non-rotary platform is rigidly tied with the second running cable and is connected to the first running cable; it travels along this cable relative to the block of the non-rotary face carrier platform together with the first running cable.

EFFECT: raised efficiency of stripping aggregate and reduced wear of cables.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mining and can be implemented in open pits of mineral deposits for transporting excavated mass. The method consists in communicating horizons with a carrying flexible link, in securing capacities to the flexible link; also these capacities can freely travel; in connecting the capacities with a flexible pulling link, in equipping it with a balloon, and in loading capacities at final horizons. Also unloading of capacities is performed at intermediary horizons situated between stations of loading of upper and lower horizons, notably, the distance between stations of loading and unloading of each horizon is uniform; the balloon is fastened to the capacity of the upper horizon; lifting of excavated mass is performed from the lower horizon by means of aerostatic force of the balloon, while lowering excavated mass from the upper horizon is performed by means of gravitation force of excavated mass of the upper horizon and empty lower capacity. Also there is suggested the device for implementation of the method.

EFFECT: facilitating transporting excavated mass from hard accessible places with narrow slopes.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining, in particular, to navigation system of combined cutter-loader intended for operations in open-pit bench. This mining equipment includes a combined cutter-loader, a conveyor assembly, and a steering assembly, which joins said combined cutter-loader and conveyor assembly. In addition, this equipment includes a course sensor and a steering device, which is sensitive to signals from said course sensor. The first drive is located in combined cutter-loader, in conveyor assembly, or in steering assembly. The first drive is placed on one side of combined cutter-loader centreline. In addition, the second drive is located either in combined cutter-loader, or in conveyor assembly, or in steering assembly. The second drive is placed on another side of combined cutter-loader centreline. The first and the second drives are used to adjust angle of joint between combined cutter- loader and conveyor assembly on either side of parallel line in order to keep pre-defined direction of combined cutter-loader advancing.

EFFECT: precise driving of combined cutter-loader in order to increase coal cutting from mining zone.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device for strengthening of bearing structures includes a metal shell installed onto a bearing structure and made of vertical angle elements connected to each other by transverse planks, and a spacer device, comprising jacks rested against lower thrust elements as capable of acting at the metal shell in its longitudinal direction via thrust transverse planks rigidly fixed outside on vertical angle elements. The metal shell is stiffly fixed with thrust elements, besides, the device is made as capable of strengthening of the bearing structures area not limited with building structures serving as thrusts, or having a single-sided such limitation. The device is equipped with anchors, with the help of which the upper part of the metal shell and/or the lower thrust elements are fixed to the bearing structure, thrust transverse planks and lower thrust elements are made from angle bar, reinforced with stiffening ribs under jacks, interacting by their upper part with the thrust transverse planks, and at the same time installed directly under the rib of the thrust transverse planks and between ribs of the lower thrust elements, and transverse planks of the metal shell covering the faces of the bearing structure at the side of installation of jacks and thrust transverse planks, are arranged tightly adjacent to the body of the bearing structure.

EFFECT: expanded area of device usage for reinforcement of bearing structures.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: reinforcement device for load-carrying structures includes a metal frame installed on the load-carrying structure and made of vertical angled elements connected to each other with transverse planks, and a hold-down device having a possibility of acting on the metal frame in its longitudinal direction. The metal frame is rigidly attached to thrust members; the hold-down device is formed with a supporting structure and at least two hydraulic jacks installed in the lower part of the reinforcement device and interacting with the upper part to the supporting structure installed so that it can be borne against transverse support planks of the metal frame and supported from the above jacks. The jacks are supported through distributing devices from lower thrust angles installed on a mortar layer; with that, the supporting structure of the hold-down device is made in the form of at least two steel thrust members symmetrically adjacent to the load-carrying structure. A steel thrust member includes a flange of a U-shaped cross-section, which is provided with a wall exceeding the flange height and with ribs located in a T-shaped manner on the flange, by means of one of which with the wall part projecting above the flange there formed is a mating slot for the transverse support plank of the metal frame. The wall is located in a gap between the load-carrying structure and the transverse support plank, and under the second rib there located is a jack transmitting the thrust force through the steel thrust member and the transverse support plank to the metal frame.

EFFECT: reduction of material consumption.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: metal support is designed in the form of interconnected vertical pillars and horizontal beams, assembled in a single frame, intended for mounting and fixing inside the tank. Vertical pillars in the upper part of the tank are fixed to the support ring of the tank by means of bolt connection, and are welded to the edge sheet in the lower part of the tank through the glass. Metal support is also provided with fixing anchors, located along the perimeter of the repair area perpendicularly to the vertical pillars and horizontal beams. Metal support comprises the mean for moving fixing anchors relative to the vertical pillars, horizontal beams and vertical wall of the tank.

EFFECT: improving the repair quality of the tank wall.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device to seal areas of metal-concrete adjacency comprises a plate steel part of protective sealed doors, hatches or flanges of tubular inputs of engineering utilities with holes for injectors. Holes are evenly arranged along the steel part. The device comprises a source of DC current with a rheostat or an autotransformer and an electromagnet. The electromagnet is installed on the steel part, with a coil in the form of a winding from current-conducting wire with insulation and ends of this wire, closed to poles of the source of DC current. The coil of the electromagnet is arranged on a crossbeam of the U-shaped magnetic conductor. The lower part of each stand of the magnetic conductor fully complies with the shape, volume and geometric dimensions of the inner space of the hole for the injector. The height of the lower part of magnetic conductor stands is equal to thickness of the steel part. The distance between centres of cross sections of the electromagnet magnetic conductor stands is equal to double distance between centres of holes for injectors.

EFFECT: device makes it possible to increase quality of sealing, to reduce power inputs and consumption of materials.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, in particular, to the method to reinforce precast panels of cellular concrete surface. The method of reinforcement consists in the fact that the roof structure is opened along the seam of coupling of adjacent panels for the width of 300-400 mm. Then they cut through slots with width of 85-90 mm along the seams through the entire length of the panel, afterwards they insert longitudinal steel beams into the slots from the top, having gussets at the bottom to fix cross beams. Cross beams are connected to longitudinal beams and are connected by gussets with longitudinal beams by assembling bolts. Gaps between cross beams and the reinforced panel are filled with concrete, and gaps between longitudinal beams and side surfaces of panels are filled with construction foam. The slot above the surface of longitudinal beams is filled with a heat insulation material, then the roof design is restored, and steel reinforcing elements protruding beyond the ceiling surface are coated by protective materials.

EFFECT: increased bearing capacity of a coating panel.

4 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to reconstruct a building or a facility includes installation of stiffening cores inside a building or their erection to perceive load from bearing elements of the building or facility carcass. Stiffening cores are installed with a gap in respect to reinforced spans of floors, under which bearing girders are mounted. Girders are fixed in stiffening cores at the depth of at least half of thickness of the appropriate stiffening core perpendicularly to the latter and are connected as fixed with spans. Spans are made in the form of crossbars and floors, or crossbars, or floors. Ends of bearing girders are embedded into stiffening cores.

EFFECT: increased stability of a building.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction and may be used for radical reinforcement of slabs exposed to durable impact of aggressive medium and having practically lost bearing capacity. The device to reinforce a solid reinforced concrete slab includes several reinforcement elements and comprises two additional solid reinforced concrete slabs arranged on the top and at the bottom and combined to each other by means of reinforced concrete keys. The lower slab is equipped with rods with helical thread at the ends, performing the function of the pre-stressed working reinforcement, connected on nuts with anchors, which serve as stops for them. Anchors are connected with the main slab as a dowel by epoxide glue. Keys are equipped with vertical rods performing simultaneously the function of working reinforcement of keys and function of suspension in fixation of the lower slab formwork. The surface of contact between the main and lower slabs is equipped with a layer of compound on the basis of epoxide resin preventing access of aggressive medium to working reinforcement.

EFFECT: increased bearing capacity, stiffness and crack resistance of a slab.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: method to reinforce structures of a building cover, comprising bearing structures, runs and an enclosure, consists in installation of reinforcement beams from channels resting against bearing structures between existing runs. In the areas of resting of reinforcement beams onto bearing structures they cut a section of an upper shelf of a channel, using welding, they fix a similar section at the opposite side, turning cross sections of the channel into a z-shaped one. Final installation of reinforcement beams is carried out by means of their rotation around the longitudinal axis.

EFFECT: reduced labour intensiveness during installation of a cover and increased reliability of joint operation of cover structures after reinforcement.

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Support element // 2527421

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, namely, to a support element designed for pasting-in into brick masonry and used in assemblies of slab support. The support element comprises a central rod and end anchor parts. The central rod is made of a concrete cylinder, having longitudinal corrugations on the outer side for better spread of an injectable formulation with depth of 0.1-0.5 cm and two transverse corrugations for installation of fixing rings with depth of 0.1-0.5 cm: an inner aligning ring in the form of a sprocket and an outer fixing ring with a reference hole in the upper part. In the centre of the cylinder there is a through hole for installation of the nozzle into it for injection of the chemical formulation.

EFFECT: increased strength of a support element.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: device to reinforce beam structures includes prestressed four-branch braced ties fixed at ends of the beam in its upper part, resting in areas of bending at hinged cylindrical supports with a pad, installed in the lower part of the beam and tightened by yokes. In the upper end zone of the beam there are angular profiles installed onto a footing, where braced ties are fixed as a tightened assembly.

EFFECT: increased bearing capacity due to balance of forces in all bands of a braced system.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a lubricant composition which includes base oil and one or more additives, wherein the composition includes a detergent additive which is a reaction product of an acidic organic compound, a boron compound and a basic organic compound of general formula where a equals 1 or 2 and where R1 and R2 are independently selected from hydrocarbon groups, provided that when a equals 2, groups R1 and R2 are selected independently, and has sulphate ash content (according to ASTM D 874) of at least 0.1 wt % and at most 0.60 wt %; and a total base number (TBN) (according to ASTM D 2896) of at least 8.0 mg KOH/g and at most 15.0 mg KOH/g, potassium content (according to ASTM D 4951) higher than 0.10 wt % and at most 0.15 wt %.

EFFECT: present invention relates to use of a lubricant composition in a gas engine to improve oxidation resistance and maintain the base number.

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