Non-motorized wheelchair with a direct chain drive for use as a light city vehicle, for paralympic sport, for tourism

FIELD: personal use and household items.

SUBSTANCE: invention is non-motorized wheelchair with a direct chain drive for use as a light city vehicle, for paralympic sport, for tourism. Device consists of a frame, two leading bicycle wheels, one or two support wheels, two sets of chain drives, driven by special handles with combs, which transmit the effort of the human hand directly to the chain in both directions of motion strictly along the chain.

EFFECT: it provides increased mobility, the ability to use the human muscle effort, in practice, by 100 %, which allows you to achieve greater speed, also, the device is extremely easy in operation.

1 cl, 2 dwg



Same patents:
Chassis wheel // 2531528

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to wheelchair running gear. Chassis wheel has rim on shaft and multiple grousers at rim periphery. Rim is shaped to cylindrical drum with two rows of through holes arranged in generatrix for replaceable resilient grousers fitted in rim holes. Shape and size of resilient grousers extending above the drum can vary as the shape and size of said holes. Rim holes can be folded to taper.

EFFECT: simplified design and production.

3 cl

Wheel // 2529308

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: wheel consists of rim composed by spinning rollers running in bearings and fitted on spokes at vehicle axle. Every of two planes of rollers location mounted are staggered supplementary rollers fitted on spikes diving rollers location plane into sectors. Plane with supplementary rollers on carrier axle can vary the relative base from zero to well-taken magnitude with or without change in initial base of the planes in the wheel rim part. Note here that said rollers can be completely evacuated.

EFFECT: higher stability and capacity.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: wheel consists of rim composed of the solids of revolution with their axles running in one plane in bearings and fitted with the help of spokes on vehicle axle. Solids of revolution are composed of wheels, at least eight in quantity, fitted on wheel rim part of the vehicle configured as a ball bearing. Adjacent wheels are connected by levers making a four-link anti-parallelogram with hinges articulated with axles mounted equidistant in pairs in planes of appropriate wheel rims. Wheel stator part incorporates actuator that makes a solid periphery in wheel bearing part from at least two parallel wheels. Note here that said solids of revolution can be completely evacuated.

EFFECT: higher stability and capacity.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2524281

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in chassis wheel containing rim with multiple grousers on rim periphery, the rim is made in the form of cylindrical drum with two rows of through holes in which pneumatic spheres like sports balls are fixed by their nipple sections. Between pneumatic spheres, toroidal pneumatic cameras of reasonable size are installed which cameras are fixed on the drum of consolidating camera from inside by elastic band fixed at each nipple between pneumatic sphere and drum.

EFFECT: simplification of design and manufacturing process of chassis wheel, as well as increase in riding comfort.

1 dwg

Chassis wheel // 2524280

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: in chassis wheel containing rim with multiple grousers on rim periphery, the rim is made in the form of cylindrical drum with two rows of through holes via which interleaving rings of springs are passed - of outer spring functioning as grousers and of inner spring functioning as gear wheel. Herewith, outer spring can contain resiliently flexible tire inside itself. The outer spring can be rubberised and/or covered with elastomeric material.

EFFECT: simplification of design and manufacturing process of chassis wheel.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to wheelchair stabilisers. Proposed stabiliser comprises two levers articulated in lengthwise plane, guides and torsion. First lever is longer than the second one and is pivoted thereto by its central part First lever one end is coupled with support wheel axle and second end id coupled with slider in guides. Guide is arranged perpendicular to straight line connecting rotational axes of wheel and torsion. Said torsion is secured at wheelchair seat. Short lever second end is rigidly jointed with torsion. Both ends of long lever are articulated with sliders. Aforesaid sliders make the bearing assemblies for appropriate support wheels. Slider guides are located mutually perpendicular and furnished with controlled-stiffness helical spring to make an induction coil. Spring is located between the slider and common torsion.

EFFECT: efficient stabilisation of wheelchair in overcoming stair flights.

2 cl, 1 dwg

Automotive wheel // 2495756

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to whatever wheels. Proposed wheel comprises rim with spokes fitted on the shaft and multiple grousers on periphery. Said rim is shaped to cylindrical drum with through opening for grousers arranged in cylindrical generatrix and has replaceable pliable element arranged in the side facing said shaft to press heads of said T-section grousers to drum inner cylindrical surface. Note here that said pliable element is composed of closed tape or shell. Note also that grousers can be made integral with pliable element of ring gear, including double-helical wheel.

EFFECT: ease of manufacture, better running properties.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transport engineering and may be used particularly to change a track in gear turn mainly actuated by running gear contrarotation of the vehicle borders, such as a wheelchair. The self-positioned dual wheel gear comprises a device for changing the gear track in the form of a pair of horizontally pivoted X-arms symmetrical about the longitudinal axis of the gear; the X-arms form a four-jaw antiparallel link mechanism with jaws coupled with axes equidistant in pairs along the pivoted X-arms in the median planes of the respective rims wheels with their self-actuated drive axes combined in a wheelspace box joint enabling the reverse rotation of axis ends in bearing assemblies of the respective wheels and the finger slide of the board wheel assembly in slide plate holes of the joint.

EFFECT: possibility to change the parallel alignment of the running gear.

1 cl, 3 dwg

Automotive wheel // 2494878

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry, particularly, to automotive wheels. Proposed wheel comprises rim and tread. Said tread is composed of revolving pair consisting of two rings. First ⊥-shape inner ring with crosswire grooves equidistant and parallel to rotational axis moves along said inner generatrix. Second "П"-shape fixed ring with closed guide groove for ⊥-shape inner ring. Tire is composed of elastically pliable rings of coiled spring embracing in fan-like manner the rim rings and engaging the moving ring crosswise grooves on the rim rotational axis side. Note here that endless spring outer peripheral part making the grousers can be gummed or coated with resilient elastomer materials.

EFFECT: ease of manufacture, better running properties.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheelchairs mainly with electric drive and servo control for disabled people, without low extremities or their mobility, with simplified chassis construction. Wheelchair chassis contains bearing platform of servo drives of driving board wheels and device of longitudinal stabilisation of position in form of self-orienting support wheels on the ends of springy cross-beam, mounted outside respective driving wheels on semi-axes and controlled by means of worm-gear, changing position of support wheels with respect to driving-wheels depending on rate and direction of rotation of the latter.

EFFECT: increased convenience of wheelchair exploitation.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for converting standard bicycle into tricycle by fastening car instead of front fork. Connecting device 3 of car 1 has upper and lower parts with axle tilter relative to bicycle frame 8 to provide tilting of bicycle frame 8 to side of cornering. Connecting device 3 consists of upper and lower brackets on car 1. Plate fastened to frame 8 through hole for passing front fork of bicycle is hinge-connected with upper bracket of connecting device 3. Tube consisting of two parts connected by two cover plates enclosing tilted tube of bicycle frame 8 is hinge-connected with lower bracket. Tube is secured in its rear part by two cover plates in unit of under-saddle intersection of tubes of bicycle frame 8. Wheels of car are mounted on cantilever axle. Synchronous operation of caliper brakes of car wheels is provided by tensioning of cable, common for two brakes, and passing along steering tube of car skeleton. When brakes are used as parking brakes, cable is tensioned and put on hooks on said tube. Sides of car are made of gauze. Hinged front board can be fixed in horizontal position. Car is provided with seat for passengers, which can be used as tent for covering loads, or as sail.

EFFECT: increased load carrying capacity of car, possibility of use with any bicycle without its modification.

4 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has device has base and back and armrests on base sides. The armrests allow their height and distance between armrest cushions position to be adjusted. Footboard in front of the base is used for supporting feet in position giving an approximation to angle of 90° in talocrural articulation. The footboard allows the height relative to base to be adjusted and is rotatable from horizontal position within an angle of 120°. Feet holders are mounted in the footboard. The holders are movable in longitudinal and transverse direction for fixing lower extremities in 20° large separation position with an approximately 90° large angle in knee joint. Inclined cushion having face side tilted at an angle of 15° is mounted on the base allowing to control its position making shift forwards/backwards. Sacral cushion for stabilizing pelvis in neutral position is placed on lower 1/3 of the back with stepless position adjustment being provided in the direction upwards from base surface and forwards/backwards relative to the longitudinal base axis.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment; optimum patient body position.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: invalid's wheel chair, preferably with electric drive and servocontrol.

SUBSTANCE: two-wheel chassis has carrier platform for wheel servodrive system and devices for stabilizing position of platform. Wheel chair has negative angle of camber of drive wheels. Platform position stabilizing device is additionally furnished with springy stand supports made in the form of self-orienting wheels at ends of springy rocker disposed between drive wheels in transverse plane of wheel chair.

EFFECT: simplified construction and convenient operation and controlling of wheel chair.

2 dwg

Castor wheel // 2275892

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has two identical ball halves rotatable relative to a member placed between them and having supporting prop. The member is fixed on axle having its ends mounted in bearings built-in into each of the ball halves. The axle is manufactured as double-armed lever turned with its convex part or sharp bend upward. The convex part or sharp bend matches supporting prop orientation so that curvature radius or axis break in the highest point makes maximum gap (not less than corresponding member and supporting prop size) in the highest point of the wheel and makes maximum gap (allowing relative rotation of the ball halves) in the lowest point of the wheel.

EFFECT: improved wheelchair usability features.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: medical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: wheelchair can be used for persons suffering from diseases of musculoskeletal system. Foldable wheelchair has seat mounted onto frame, back and footstep. Seat can be adjusted in length and in position of center of gravity. Back is adjusted in angle of inclination. Footstep is adjusted in height and in position of feet. Frame is made of two parts connected by hinges; they are back and rigid frame. Frame is made of two curved tubes with branches connected in vertical. Mounting units of self-orienting front wheels are mounted at part of rigid frame of chair carcass, which part is disposed in opposition to hinge connection of rigid frame and back. Mounting units of driving back wheels are mounted on vertical branches of curved tubes of rigid frame of chair's carcass.

EFFECT: higher comfort at use; widened exploitation and functional abilities.

8 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to invalid rehabilitation facilities, and can be used for independent movement of handicapped people and as a civil vehicle. A single-axle self-propelled invalid chair is designed in the form of a double-track two-wheel vehicle with a centre of mass below an axle, and consists of a bearer frame with wheels and guides, and a passenger chair with its own frame. The vehicle has a wheel drive by electric motors mounted on the bearer frame and a single chair drive by an electric motor mounted on the chair frame, and an electronic device. The electronic device adjusts a load current of the electric motor of the chair drive according to the load current variations of the electric motors of the wheel drives, or according to the deflection value and mode of the bearer frame of the vehicle from a static stability position of the same.

EFFECT: handicapped people are provided with an effective rehabilitation facility represented by completely operated individual vehicle applicable for workplace, recreation, household travels or distant journeys, etc.

5 cl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to medicine, in particular, to methods of changing body position and devices for its realisation used in reanimation and for treatment of complications in patients who remain in immobile or nearly immobile state for a long time; as well as for therapy of wide range of diseases, and can be applied both in specialised medical establishments and in home conditions. For this purpose patient is laid on supporting horizontal surface. After that, regulated pressure on cervical spine, legs, right and left parts of body and additional various parts of body is redistributed in accordance with specified programme, which takes into account time interval and ensures desired trajectories of movement. Device for changing body position includes set of parallel to each other identical inflatable bags, lateral inflatable bags, located on means for head and leg raising and body turning, means of pumping in and out, connected with bags and control device.

EFFECT: group of inventions ensures wide range of movement in space of patient's body position, prevents injuring soft tissues by friction and displacement, and is simple in application.

5 cl, 15 dwg

Wheelchair // 2442555

FIELD: wheel vehicles with a muscular drive.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used by invalids. The invalid carriage contains a frame 2 with a seat 12 set on two conducted self-orientating wheels 36 and two plugs 15 in which axes 16 of driving wheels 18 and rims 28 connected with rotation of driving wheels 18 are fixed. Thus the rim 28of each driving wheel 18 has the axis of rotation 26 which is above the rotation axis 16 of a driving wheel 18, and is supplied by a cogwheel 29. Thus the cogwheel 29 is attached coaxially with a rim. The block of gear wheels 19 of different diameters is coaxially attached to each driving wheel 18. Thus one of gear wheels is in gearing with a cogwheel 29 of rim 28. The axis of rotation 26 of each rim is fixed on the lever 25 which is swingingly attached to the case 22 with a horizontal axis of the hinge 23. Each case 22 is attached swingingly to a frame 2 with a vertical axis of the hinge 20. Besides the lever 25 is supplied by the probe 30 entering into gearing with one of the comb grooves 31 attached to the frame 2. The lever 25 is connected with the frame 2 with the spring 33.

EFFECT: declared invention raises convenience of switching of speeds directly for the rims 28.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medical equipment and is applicable to move disabled persons both domiciliary, and in road conditions, both by a user, and by an attendant. The wheel chair comprises a frame 1 in the form of a chair or an armchair, front drive wheels 2, back castor wheels 3 of a smaller diameter fixed in arms 4, a foot rest 5, arm rests 6, a self-power source, two electric motors 7 and two drives 8. The drives 8 are connected with the electric motors 7 and connected by output shafts 9 with external surfaces of the front drive wheels 2. The frame is connected to a case 10 bent along its surface with a user's absorber. The arm rests 6 are hinged 11 with hinges placed on a chair or armchair back and supplied with retainer clips 12 on the opposite ends. The chair or armchair back has a reclining arm rest 13 with a locking gear. The head rest 13 is fixed on the case 10. The arms 4 are placed on chair or armchair legs. The foot rest 5 is demountable. The output shafts 9 are notched for coupling with the external surfaces of the drive wheels 2 located under a chair or armchair seat. The drives 8 are displaced by 3-5 cm by means of lateral motion of linear arms 14 spring-assisted by springs 15 rigidly connected with the drives 8 and hinged and connected by transversal levers 16 with each other and a manual override handle 17.

EFFECT: group of inventions provides higher speed and mobility of the wheel chair, usability, simplicity, small dimensions, small weight.

23 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: wheel-chair contains base, seat, armrests, back, control handle, additional control handle, located on back with possibility of rotation and fixation, footboard, driving wheels, self-installing driven wheels and lifting support wheels. Wheel-chair additionally contains trailed platform, two battery packs with connectors, main electric engines and additional electric engine. Armrests are connected with back by means of axles and are made with possibility of rotation and fixation by means of thumbscrews at seat. Support wheels are installed in trailed platform, made in form of frame with main electric engines, which are connected with support wheels by means of drives. Platform is connected with base by means of first hinged detachable mechanisms and is connected with seat by means of system of levers, connected by means of second detachable hinged mechanisms with telescopic rod, fixed to additional electric engine. Version of each ramp implementation contains two parallel grooves, connected to each other by means of bridges and provided with fasteners for rotation and fixation to wall along stair flight, intermediate grooves, two collapsible sections if form of parallel grooves inserts in form of curved at obtuse angle plates. Intermediate grooves have hooks for interaction with curved at obtuse angle plates and converging surfaces for connection to each other and parallel grooves. Butt ends of parallel grooves are connected with collapsible sections. Curved at obtuse angle plates are fixed with fins of curves at equal distance from each other to internal surfaces of parallel grooves, collapsible sections and intermediate grooves, which have holes between plates. In accordance with the first version ramp additionally contains fastener for rotation and fixation to wall along stair flight, made in form of connected to one of parallel grooves rods, connected by means of nuts and hinges with levers, which have bridge and connected with threaded connections with supports, made for fixation to wall by means of thumbscrews. In accordance with the second version fastener for fixation along stair flight is made in form of frame, hingedly connected with second groove. In accordance with the third version ramp additionally contains stop clips, connected to each other by means of rod guide, which has support bar with thumbscrew for fixation to wall. Fastener for fixation along stair flight is made in form of first pressure bar, connected with rod guide. In accordance with the fourth version fastener for placement of ramp along stair flight is made in form of two "П"-shaped frames, installed in bridges with possibility of travel and fixation. First frame is provided with fixer for connection with staircase railing. Second frame is connected by means of threaded rests with eccentric stopper, which has elastic padding for interacting with wall.

EFFECT: simplification of construction and reduction of wheel-chair dimensions.

11 cl, 18 dwg