Method for combining segments of a smoking article and combiner for combining such segments

FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for combining segments of a smoking article and combiner for combining such segments. Method for combining segments of a smoking article, comprises the steps of providing a group of segments, having a heat source and an aerosol-forming substrate, the aerosol-forming substrate which are coaxially arranged in that sequence along a common central longitudinal axis, aerosol-forming substrate is arranged such that a remote end thereof faces away from the heat source while a near end thereof abuts the heat source; feeding an airflow directing truncated hollow cone, having a widest end and a truncated narrowest end such that the truncated narrowest end is arranged to face the remote end of the aerosol-forming substrate, with a central longitudinal axis of the truncated hollow cone (13; 23) being aligned with the common central longitudinal axis of the group of segments; and moving the truncated hollow cone towards the remote end of the aerosol-forming substrate to abut the remote end thereof or to extend into an indentation in the remote end of the aerosol-forming substrate.

EFFECT: technical result of the invention is a method and an apparatus for efficient and reliable combining segments of a smoking article.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a smoking device (10, 20, 20, 40, 50) containing a non-viscous substrate (20) loaded with at least one smoke modifier; the non-viscous substrate (20) is positioned inside the body of the filtering segment (16) and is made of a filtering plug wrapper with air permeability equal to at least nearly 3000 CORESTA units.

EFFECT: imparting aroma to smoke flow.

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FIELD: process engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device designed to transfer cylindrical filter segments from accumulator to belt feeding said segments to machine for production of multiple-segment filter rods. Segments of this device are assembled by guide drum with horizontal axle with slots at its periphery and fed by endless belt to spinning transfer element provided with pushers at its periphery to place said segments on said belt. In compliance with this invention, said belt is provided with seats with cylindrical segment grippers. Note here that transfer of segments from said belt to transfer element is performed by spiral drum.

EFFECT: high reliability, accurate and reliable control.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: filter assembly (26) is manufactured of a filtering element having an absorbing material (112) confined in an external coating (52). A plunger (104) passes axially through the absorbing material so that the tipped front end (106) of the plunger (104) displaces the absorbing material (112) radially to the outside against a coating (52) so that to form a tube (42) of the compressed absorbing material along the coating inner surface (52). The inner surface of the tube (42) surrounds a hollow axial hole (114) that is to receive absorbing elements (130) and capsules (36) as may be placed axially therein. The capsules (36) are fitted to be destroyed by the smoker for release of an additional material modifying tobacco smoke properties. The plunger (104) external cylindrical surface optionally carries a relocatable interwoven material that is spread across the inner surface of the tube (42) so that to form a coating (43) thereon which is impermeable for the additional material to be released from the capsules (36).

EFFECT: method improvement.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method of manufacture of multi-segment filtering rods, according to which different segments placed in the relevant order, are displaced by means of feed unit on formatting band, where they are wrapped up in a paper wrapper, then they are separated into filtering rods of some length with a cutter head. A feed unit, cutter head and formatting tape are driven by separate servomotors connected by the common virtual electronic shaft, connected with a control system. Before the commencing of manufacture the information on a cut segment, length of filtering rod, the sequence of segments in the rod and constant distance between feed unit and cutter head are entered into a control system, then it evaluates a baseline static electronic ratio between driving systems of servomotors of feed unit and cutter head, and after the commencing of manufacture the control system in advance evaluates the cutting torque necessary to obtain the relevant length of the filtering rod, and compares it with a baseline static ratio calculated earlier, then it performs gradual regulation of the cutting torque with reference to a scaled baseline static ratio and determines the averaged point of cutting of filtering extruder.

EFFECT: provision of self-control of rod length reproducibility.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a smoking product filtering element containing a filtering material tampon, a tobacco core elongated essentially longitudinally through the filtering material tampon, and wrapping means wrapped around at least a section of the longitudinally elongated surface of the tobacco core.

EFFECT: design improvement.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method used in tobacco industry comprises conveying filter rods from container into cutter drum grooves. Filter rods are cut to filter segments to be unloaded from said groove as a set of filter segments by pushers connected with unloading device to be directed along unloading path, first, by said pushers and, then, by feeder to separation device. Then, said segments are transferred to belt for grouping to be arranged in the order that ensures the production of filter from segments fed from several modules. In case gaps occur at said path of unloading said filter segments from cutter drum groove caused by absence of the rod in drum groove and detected by appropriate sensor, operation of the devices located downstream, of said gap is decelerated. At the same time, operation of the devices upstream of said gap are accelerated till elimination of said gap.

EFFECT: ruled out outage of production line.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: method for determination of mutual disposition of filter segment on the bearing element of the grouping unit in the process of manufacture of multi-segment filters used in tobacco industry for cigarettes; segments from multiple modules of the filter manufacture machine are supplied onto the bearing element of the grouping unit and positioned in a sequence corresponding to the cigarette filter structure; the modules sequence designation is assumed in the direction corresponding to the segments movement direction; when the manufacture process is stopped, the position and length of segment from every module on the bearing element of the grouping unit is registered; then mutual disposition of the segments and the distance between the segments are determined.

EFFECT: ensuring the possibility of significant saving of time (while the manufactured material structure is modified) and the material losses decrease (while the filter segments position on the bearing element of the grouping unit is preset).

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a tobacco smoking filter or filter element that contains a cylindrical core made of essentially homogenous filtering material with the circumference equal to 14.0-23.2 mm, the essentially homogenous filtering material containing a large quantity of staple fibres that are randomly oriented in the three coordinates.

EFFECT: ensuring improved filtration.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for reliable moment of filter segments onto the grouping conveyor in the process of manufacture of segmented filters used in tobacco industry; the process takes places, sequentially, in the prepared segments delivery zone, in the zone where delivered segments are divided by the divisor unit, in the zone where divided segments are intercepted by the transmitting unit, in the zone where segments are moved by the transmitting unit and in the zone where segments are placed by the transmitting unit on the horizontal band of the grouping container; one performs detection of incorrect flow of filter segments within any zone and/or between zones by way of checking the position and/or operation of the mechanisms; when incorrect flow of filter segments is detected within any zone and/or between zones the filter segments movement process is interrupted through retracting the transmitting unit and/or the divisor unit from the band intended for flow of filter segments.

EFFECT: ensuring prevention of non-conforming segments occurrence in the filter manufacture process.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a filtering unit for a smoking product; the unit contains an adsorbent (including adsorbent parts that are captured by smoke and contained inside the filter) and a rod made of an electrostatically charged fibrous material downstream the adsorbent; the said rod made of an electrostatically charged fibrous material ensures reduced rupture of the adsorbent parts.

EFFECT: prevention of adsorbent parts penetration through the mouthpiece end.

FIELD: cigarette industry, in particular, production of cigarettes having filters consisting of at least two sections made from different materials.

SUBSTANCE: method involves manufacturing endless strands of filtering material from each filtering material, said strands consisting of first filtering material in enclosure and second filtering material in enclosure; preparing from endless strands first and second cuts of predetermined length from different filtering materials; alternatively arranging cuts in row with predetermined space therebetween and continuously enclosing in enclosure for forming next (other) endless strand; dividing said next endless strand into cuts of double filter, with ends of said cuts consisting of second or first cut of half length, and mid portion comprising second or first cut of full length; arranging double filter cuts so that each cut is positioned between two tobacco sections, and connecting with respective tobacco section using end enclosure; dividing double filter cuts along their mid portions.

EFFECT: simplified cigarette manufacture process and reduced manufacture costs.

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FIELD: cigarette industry, in particular, method for manufacture of combined filtering means.

SUBSTANCE: method involves placing fibrous filtering segments onto carrier belt in spaced-apart relation to, thereby, define cavities between adjacent filtering segments; directing carrier belt with filtering segments placed thereon along operating path into elongated supporting chamber essentially embracing periphery of said carrier belt holding filter segments while leaving narrow filling opening opposite opening for feeding of bulk filler material, said narrow filling opening extending along direction of advancement of carrier belt; simultaneously providing vacuum or suction force to zone adjoining narrow opening to, thereby, enhance bulk material feeding force directed downward under the action of gravity for sucking of free falling bulk material; simultaneously filling cavities with bulk material along the length corresponding to predetermined value by which carrier belt is to be advanced; applying sealing part which embraces filtering segments and bulk material.

EFFECT: increased speed of filling process and increased percentage of filling combined cigarette filters.

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FIELD: tobacco products.

SUBSTANCE: filter rod making machine comprises a tow treatment section for forming a filter web from fibrous tow, a scatter device for scattering activated carbon grains evenly over the filter web fed from the tow treatment section toward a trumpet guide, the trumpet guide forming the filter web into a rod-shaped material, a web guide arranged between the tow treatment section and the trumpet guide for supporting the lower surface of the filter web and guiding the filter web while it is transported, and a wrapping section for wrapping the rod-shaped material fed from the trumpet guide in a paper web.

EFFECT: providing a machine capable of making a filter rod with an evenly distributed granular additive.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: present invention pertains to the method of putting an overhead coating on the roof of a passenger car unit so as to form multilayered automobile overhead coatings. The method involves attaching an overhead coating, containing a surface layer of fibre from cellulose acetate, to the roof of a passenger car unit. Before putting the overhead coating on the surface of the roof of the passenger car unit, a composition is deposited, which contains cellulose ester. Then later, the overhead coating and/or surface of the roof of the passenger car unit is exposed to action of plasticising solvent, brought into contact and after that, held together, thus attaching overhead coating.

EFFECT: improved attachment of coatings on a passenger car unit.

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FIELD: tobacco products.

SUBSTANCE: continuous thin flexible base is passed by the source of smoke changing bulk material such as adsorbent, catalyst and flavour. Electrostatic charge is supplied to the base upstream in respect of the bulk material source. A layer of bulk material is precipitated on the base with the thickness depending on the electrostatic charge power. The base is further cut into pieces which are placed in a cavity between spaced filter components. Another version implies coating filtering paper with smoke changing bulk material by the electrostatic precipitation method, placing filter components on the filtering paper which is covered with bulk material and which is further folded around the filter components.

EFFECT: method of cigarette filter flow-line production is simple, efficient, allows for altering parameters to produce filters of different design and efficiency.

20 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: cigarette filters are made with help of machine where textile web made of absorbent carbon fibers is scarpered from a roll and supplied into device for mincing where it is ripped into particles or strings. Those strings or particles are collected by the first block into a steady flow which is led up through upper up-link outlet into the next block with gliding air permeable intake band which pulls and holds strings or particles going through the channel and form continuous current which goes as a band to the intake of block equipped with moulding beam. Covering of continuous current by a paper band is performed along it with forming of continuous filtering core. This core goes through the rotating cutting device which divides it into separate sticks making filters which are connected to cigarettes.

EFFECT: invention provides creation of filters with high absorbing capacity.

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FIELD: tobacco.

SUBSTANCE: continuous material that filters tobacco smoke is continuously moved forward in longitudinal direction and compacted to follow shape of rod, and then shaped and fixed in the form of rod, besides method applies periodical pneumatic injection of additive from solid particles via injector channel in side direction into compacting filtering material that moves forward, forming separate inclusions of additive concentrated along continuously produced rod and arranged along it with gaps.

EFFECT: invention provides for efficient production in industrial scale in mode of single-stage continuous process of according combined filters.

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FIELD: food industry, tobacco.

SUBSTANCE: system contains a conveyor device for transportation of filter units, an identification section and a controller capable to receive and process signals from the identification section with the help of an I-logical scheme. Each filer unit has a filter area with activated charcoal at its tip. The identification section is capable to detect two activated charcoal filter areas and generate signals reflecting presence and ZD quality of the activated charcoal filter area and absence or deficiency of the activated charcoal filter area. The identification section contains two sensors with each sensor generating a signal which is representative of the activated charcoal filter area. The controller provides for change in the conveyor device operation in case the signals are indicative of absence or deficiency of either or both the activated charcoal filter areas. The invention also deals with a method for detection of defects in smoking product filters; according to this method one performs transportation of filter units through the identification section for detection of two activated charcoal filter areas and generation of signals from the identification section.

EFFECT: reduction in quantity of cigarettes with defective filters.

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FIELD: food industry, tobacco.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for smoking product core production and an implement for usage in accordance with this method. The core has the first end, the second end and contains a solid substrate inside which substrate passes linearly from the first end to the second end of the core and having at least one area coated and(or) saturated with an additive. For the core production a core formation device is used containing a channel terminating in an open outlet hole so that through at least part of the channel a material may pass to become finally discharged through the core-shaped outlet hole. During the core production one procures: primary material for the core formation, a solid substrate for placement along the core formed, an additive for coating and(or) saturating at least an area of the solid substrate. Primary contact of the solid substrate with the additive occurs inside the core formation device as well as contact of the primary material section with that of the solid substrate.

EFFECT: invention enables production of a solid substrate that may be more exactly positioned within the core where the substrate contains an additive and(or) additive coating.

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FIELD: tobacco industry.

SUBSTANCE: cigarette filter and its versions are designed to soften taste when smoking. The cigarette filter comprises a filtering plug, having a cylindrical body of a wrap, and a filtering material arranged in a cylindrical body. Wrapping of the filtering plug is formed from highly strong and highly permeable paper, longitudinal rigidity of which makes 30 or more, when measured in accordance with the standard JIS P8143, and air permeability makes 1000 units of Coresta or more. Versions are related to a cigarette filter, comprising multiple filtering plugs, which uses highly strong and highly permeable paper as wrapping for a filtering plug to wrap a filtering material and/or as a shaping paper that connects multiple filtering plugs. The invention also relates to a cigarette with a filter.

EFFECT: improved quality of cigarettes by increasing ventilation ratio, providing of possibility of fresh air supply for a higher dissolution of smoke inhaled by a smoker and reduction of a cigarette prime cost.

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