Engineering module and method of its installation

FIELD: shipbuilding.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of housing and civil construction and concerns building elements in the form of ready-made building blocks in which engineering communications are located. In the engineering module, containing a supporting base, in which a riser pipe of domestic sewage, heating, with pipelines of cold and hot water supply, as well as the main air duct with the ventilation of the pipes of the ventilation system, the supporting base is made in the form of a frame and comprises at least two horizontally mounted elements, one of which, located at the bottom of the frame is an element of reinforcement of the carcass and contains the elements of fixing the pipelines, the other element installed in the upper part of the frame is the bearing interstorey frame element, and also the formwork element for filling the interstorey overlap and contains fixedly mounted conductors, as well as the elements of fixing the pipelines, the frame in the upper part additionally comprising elements for positioning and aligning the module when it is joined, as well as mounting lugs, while in the frame there is a distribution and accounting unit for water supply and heating. Erection method of support is also described.

EFFECT: increase reliability, maintainability and shorten construction time.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: multifunctional gondola of varied height used inside premises inbuilt in floor, adapted for connection of utilities, comprises the following components: pedestal, which is moved vertically, is waterproof in lowered or lifted position, is inserted in groove in floor, has external structure adapted for connection to utilities, besides external structure has upper surface, which forms surface aflush with floor, when pedestal is lowered position, and upper and lower sealing lip adjusted to provide for waterproof sealing, when pedestal is lowered or lifted, internal structure adjusted to receive utilities through connections under floor and having electric mechanism for pedestal movement along vertical line. Also combination of floor-inbuilt gondolas is described, as well as surgical trolley adapted for connection to floor-inbuilt gondola.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to distribute such utilities as electricity, water, gases and to connect to such ports as Ethernet, serial and parallel ports, and other types of wireless communication.

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Air duct assembly // 2320835

FIELD: construction, particularly vertical ducts for receiving utility lines.

SUBSTANCE: air duct assembly comprises air duct member having height corresponding to that of each floor or several building floor heights. The air duct members may be connected one over another so that they form single fire-protective space separated into several compartments and extending through several stories. Air-duct member has at least one longitudinal partition, which separates air-duct member interior into two separate fire-resistant soundproof chambers.

EFFECT: elimination of labor-intensive duct assemblage stages, possibility of duct transportation.

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FIELD: electrical engineering, basement foundation boxes for cable laying and wiring.

SUBSTANCE: proposed basement foundation box has bottom part 2 mounted on bearing floor and top part forming shaft body. Novelty is that shaft body 20 forming mentioned top part 12 of basement foundation box is shaped as casing body 13.

EFFECT: facilitated wiring and enhanced reliability of protection against impact noise.

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The invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to technical channels used in some specialized areas to accommodate various functional blocks

The invention relates to the mounting equipment for laying of cables and pipelines and ensures efficiency of manufacturing channels

Channel // 2103458
The invention relates to a channel for piping for the hot fluid

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: fastening device comprises at least one plate, having at least one groove, besides the plate is designed with possibility of fixation to the surface of the sandwich panel in the fixed manner, and, at least, one profiled element, having at least one retainer, entering into the groove of the plate; in this case the profile element is designed with possibility of fixation to the beams in the fixed manner or to the corresponding structural fragment, in which, when the retainers of the profile element are introduced into the grooves of the plate, the mentioned plate and profile element have mutual shifting ability relative to each other in the longitudinal direction of the grooves, at that their relative movement in the direction perpendicular to the main surface of the plate, is limited or basically completely blocked. Sandwich panel and part of the wall are also described.

EFFECT: development of the fastening device, designed for attaching the sandwich panel to the beams or to the corresponding structural fragments.

16 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of building materials and building construction elements, namely to the set of concrete bricks, consisting of multislot ordinary brick (OB) with central slots, separated by spacers and opened to the end surfaces of brick, and more than twice more narrow septal brick (SB), which have similar protrusions and recesses on the end faces corresponding to them. In the claimed set of concrete bricks, all inner surfaces of bricks, including the central slots of OB, are designed with riffles or asperities, besides the peaks and troughs of riffles are curvilineal and are displaced relative to each other on adjacent slots, in this case all slots of OB and SB, except the central slots in OB are nonthrough.

EFFECT: improving the sound-insulating characteristics of walls without increase of construction costs, as well as providing comfort and ease of masonry works.

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Construction block // 2537305

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, in particular, to construction elements in the form of finished construction blocks for erection of bearing and barrier structures of buildings and facilities. A construction block has the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped and comprises three identical and parallel panels connected to each other. Each panel comprises two flat parts and a layer of filler between them. All panels have identical through holes of round shape, where connection parts of cylindrical shape are inserted. The middle panel is displaced relative to side panels so that in the middle of the construction block on its larger side face there is a long ledge, on its opposite side face there is a long groove, on the smallest side face there is a short ledge, and on the opposite side face there is a short groove. On one of largest side faces of the middle panel there are ledges in the form of a square prism, and on its opposite face there are grooves, which fully match the ledges by shape, size and location. Between them the panels are fixed with the help of glue or with the help of fastening elements. During assembly of a construction structure, ledges of adjacent construction blocks are matched with appropriate grooves, and ledges of adjacent middle panels are coupled with appropriate grooves, also at the angle of 90 degrees in the horizontal plane. By means of the specified matching and coupling the location of each construction block is self-aligned and fixed in all orthogonal planes, accuracy of assembly and stability of the construction structure to external impact is provided. The multi-layer structure of the construction block provides for its high strength under low own weight, filler layers of all panels create heat and sound insulation.

EFFECT: low weight, convenience of manipulations and simplicity of coupling of adjacent construction blocks make assembly of construction structures from them possible manually and within quite a short period of time.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: formwork block for manufacturing of multi-layer solid structures comprises embedded boards and links, transverse reinforcement, and also formwork shields, with edges made as capable of joining with other formwork shields, in which the specified shields are placed in the space between the specified shields and are connected with them (shields) by means of specified links as capable of non-breaking separation of specified shields from the specified links after pouring of fluid material into the specified space and its (material) hardening.

EFFECT: increased strength of a structure.

15 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: construction block, shaping of which is based on a rectangular parallelepiped, with stretcher, header and bed faces, comprises parallel and distant plates connected to each other by links. The link between some two plates is arranged with a shift towards one header face in respect to a link between two other adjacent plates displaced to another header face. In this block every two adjacently located plates are connected with a link to form a U-shaped part, external plates of which are stretcher faces, and internal ones are connected with an additional link, which divides the zone between U-shaped parts into two open cavities of different volume, the least of which is located at the side of the header face, to which open cavities of U-shaped parts reach. Also the method is described to erect the bond from the described blocks.

EFFECT: improved operating properties of stretcher bond.

6 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: structural formwork block for openings from fine-grained or other material close in properties comprises parallel external face and rear longitudinal walls connected by three partitions. Longitudinal walls and connecting partitions are combined with a common spatial reinforcement frame, at the same time one of extreme partitions is concreted, the middle one is represented in the form of a rectangular wooden spacer shifted to the centre of the block by depth equal to its thickness, and its ends reaching external surfaces of the block are jammed and anchors in longitudinal walls and may serve for fixation of finishing materials.

EFFECT: reduced material and labour inputs for formwork works, increased solidity, earthquake stability, heat and sound insulation properties of walls in buildings and structures, improved quality of works.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: facing hollow-porous ceramic unit is a rectangular parallelepiped containing outer side stretching and binding faces and inner constructive insulating structure made of spaced apart ceramic baffles and bridges of series of through hollows, unit has vertical and horizontal grooves that extend beyond the stretching and bed faces to the width of one hollow and side face thickness, as well as vertical mark extending through the middle of the stretching side. Rows of through cavities are arranged alternately in parallel and perpendicularly with respect to the unit binding faces, besides the unit on the stretching side has a solid facing layer with textured surface imitating the brickwork.

EFFECT: improvement of physical and technical indicators both of the unit and laying method of the building wall, increase of laying precision during wall construction, reduction of deviations from the horizontal and vertical planes, increase of laying resistance of shear due to the use of geometric parameters of the ceramic unit, its rows of through hollows made perpendicularly with respect to each other, its vertical and horizontal slots.

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Leave-in-place form // 2519314

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: leave-in-place form comprises two oppositely arranged slabs, an external one from heat insulation material and an internal one from concrete, attached to each other and forming a space between each other for filling with a fluid material, capable of hardening. The internal slab of concrete is made as reinforced and comprises reinforcing elements of two types, at the same time reinforcing elements of the first type are made as V-shaped in the cross section from bent mesh and are installed in parallel and at the identical distance from each other and provide for placement of reinforcing elements of the second type at the identical distance from each other and fixation parallel to them, and the reinforcing elements of the second type represent spatial reinforcing elements made of three longitudinal rods and two rods bent with a V-shaped zigzag. Bent rods are simultaneously connected by tops to one longitudinal rod, and by other tops - to two other rods with formation of reinforced frames of prismatic shape. Reinforcing elements of the first type are made as protruding from the concrete slab and providing for connection and fixation of the external slab to it, being made of heat insulation material and pierced by glass plastic rods with fixators providing for connection and fixation of a mesh to the rear surface of the slab from heat insulation material, and the mesh is made as capable of connection of reinforcing elements of the first type to it.

EFFECT: simplified usage of this device in performance of construction works, provided by absence of complicated operations in performance of assembly or facing works, no transfer of temperature effects inside a concrete structure, exclusion of local freezing and formation of dew point on steel reinforcement inside concrete.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to erection of engineering structures with a bearing frame in the form of prefabricated composite structures with a shell, slab or shell and slab bulky structure. A composite bearing block of a prefabricated building structure represents a factory-built assembly element in the form of a spatial polyhedron or its fragments with faces of constant, piecewise-constant and alternate thickness, possibly, with through holes in faces for letting through personnel or communications, including concrete, reinforcement, embedded parts in the form of hollow tubular elements forming also through holes in faces, serving to connect bearing blocks to each other or to other structures of the facility with application of closing elements inserted in process of installation into coaxially arranged embedded hollow elements of touching faces. The block is made with closed or with opened cavities limited by diaphragms or protruding ribs, with opened, fully or partially closed one- and multi-link transverse cross sections or in the form of fragments, at least from one thick-walled shell or slab, and surfaces of external faces, internal cavities, ribs and diaphragms are given geometric shapes from a combination of flat, curvilinear or spherical surfaces, and also it has such geometric dimensions of connecting holes and such coordinates of location of such holes in joined blocks, which as a result of assembly provide for formation of a prefabricated building structure with required dimensions and specified spatial bulky structure of bearing faces, cavities and channels, and embedded tubular elements of faces are rigidly connected to additional reinforcement embedded parts, attached to them at the external side and embedded into concrete in process of factory manufacturing of a bearing block in a curb. Also the field connection of such blocks is described.

EFFECT: increased rates for erection of cost-effective materials of building structures in a bulky, including cellular one, facility with application of rigid and manufacturable field connections of blocks, provision of bearing capacity, durability and, if required, tightness of created structures, and also improvement of technology of assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete building structures.

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Building block // 2513228

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: building block with through cavities separated by partitions, perpendicular to a longitudinal axis, is made with ledges that frame its cavities on the upper end surface and their responsive mutually penetrating slots on the lower end surface. Also the block comprises a system of holes plugged in their central part by a partition with the possibility of its removal in order to convert them from plugged into through ones, besides, walls and partitions of the block are made with additional stiffening ribs and have a bulge in their central part, and slots are arranged at the side surfaces of the building block.

EFFECT: higher strength and reliability, stable fixation of blocks to each other.

9 cl, 6 dwg

Mines-package // 2182201
The invention relates to the design of struts (attestato) sanitation, hot and cold water complete with intelligence, representing mines pack-attestato full factory readiness, which can be also placed plastic pipes for heating, ventilation, protection, wiring, etc

The invention relates to the field strip and repair of underground utilities: city water, heat, etc

The invention relates to the construction, in particular to the construction elements for walls

The invention relates to a retaining structure in the form of walls and to the composite block for the stone masonry retaining structures