Managing sources of light through the portable device

FIELD: lighting.

SUBSTANCE: control method comprises receiving input received by one or more sensors of a portable computing device. Input indicates the current orientation of the portable computing device. The method further comprises determining at least in part on the basis of input that the portable computing device is in a given initiating orientation, for example generally in a horizontal orientation. In response to determining this, one or more image data frames are obtained through an image sensor connected to the portable computing device (110). The method further comprises obtaining a light source identifier, for example, from information encoded in light emitted from the light source (105), by determining that one or more image data frames comprise image data representing the light source (105). The method further comprises transmitting to a light source (105) a command indicating the desired light setting for the light source (105). The desired light setting, for example, can be provided via user input or it can be a preset setting retrieved from memory.

EFFECT: providing a portable computing device that is capable of controlling a light source, the ability to automatically detect light sources that it can potentially control.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to the sphere of lighting systems and optical receivers, and more specifically to the detection of data introduced into a light flux (output) of lighting systems. The invention suggests a system for the method detecting the first repeated sequence out of N symbols included into the first code, at that the first code is introduced into the light flux of the first light source of the lighting system, wherein the sequence contains at least N frames, and each frame out of at least N different frames is received with the total time of exposure containing one or more instants of the exposure, at that in each frame out of N different frames one or more instants of the exposure are in different time positions in regard to the first repeated sequence out of N symbols. The system contains a chamber to receive sequences of scene images through certain structures of an open/close state of the gate and a processing module to process the received sequence of images and to detect the repeated sequence out of N symbols.

EFFECT: development of the system for detecting data introduced into the light flux with high-frequency invisible modulation using standard commercial cameras in mobile telephones or web-cameras.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to interactive illumination, specifically to control and creation of light effects such as regulation of light scenes based on position indication received from the input device, and more specifically to system and method for interactive illumination control in order to control and create light effects using position indicator. The main idea of this invention consists in provision of control over interactive illumination by combined indication of a position and approach of controlled light effects for illumination control in order to perfect creation of light effects such as regulation of light scenes, in particular scenes with large and heterogeneous infrastructures of illumination. One of the invention embodiments is referred to interactive illumination control system (10), which comprises interface (12) intended for receipt of data (14) specifying actual position (16) in real environment from input device (18) adapted for detection of position in the real environment by position pointing and receipt of data related to light effect (32), which is desired in the real position, and light effect controller (20) intended to convert actual position into virtual-type position of the real environment and to identify light effects available in virtual position.

EFFECT: control of interactive illumination and creation of light effects.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: illumination device comprises a metal element 1, light-emitting device 2, on-off switch 3, low-voltage source 4 (accumulator-based), resistor 5, the first and second diodes 6, 7. An anode of the first diode 6 and a cathode of the second diode 7 are jointed and connected to the metal element 1. The metal element 1 should be rather made of tin with the surface area of at least 20 square centimetres. Additional charging of accumulators for a low-voltage source 4 feeding the light-emitting device 2 is made by energy generated during the rectification of electric oscillations occurring as a result of the heat motion of the metal element 1 particles.

EFFECT: development of a universal mobile portable and durable energy-saving illumination device with a long-term continuous operation.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Systems, networks, devices and methods for development, implementation and sharing of lighting circuits between controllable lighting networks are described. The network (101, 601, 701, 801, 808) according to the invention keeps the lighting circuits developed for network in the remote data storage (802). Other networks (301) address remote data storages for selection of existing circuits for implementation. Also the systems, networks, devices and methods for sharing by user choice between the controllable lighting networks are described. The networks according to the invention can get access to the shared remote data storage (112) for identification of user preferences at detection of a user by sensors in the network. In essence, individual lighting networks can use known user preferences or trained behaviours and environment conditions for more efficient adaptation to such behaviour, preferences or conditions.

EFFECT: improvement of efficient control of lighting.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to lighting devices and control of the lighting devices operation. The result is attained due to the fact that each node out of a multitude of electric fixture nodes in the group of electric fixture nodes connected electrically may be used at a rated power level of a device; current consumption may be detected at least in the tested node of lighting fixtures out of the nodes of lighting fixtures; and the degree of reduced power for each node of lighting fixtures may be defined as a function of current consumption in the tested node of lighting fixtures.

EFFECT: invention ensures selective use of a group of lighting fixture nodes at a reduced power level in order to prevent an overload of the supply circuit and/or overload of one or more nodes of lighting fixtures in the group of the lighting fixture nodes.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to lighting engineering. The lighting system (100) contains many lighting fixtures (101a-d). Each lighting fixture is made with possibility to transmit the identification code ID in the emitted light. To guarantee sufficient registration of the identification codes during selection using the selection device (120) the system additionally contains a control unit (130), made with possibility to identify any lighting fixture which rated excitation is equal pr below the minimum pre-set value or is equal or above the maximum pre-set value. The control unit sets (or commands to excitation system to set) the rated excitation value of such identified lighting fixture to the set value to achieve the appropriate set light output of the lighting fixture ensuring signal sufficient to transmit the identification code ID.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of the light sources control.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting units. The light source 1 has LED module 2, at least, with one series circuit of light-emitting diodes. Terminals of the module 2 are connected to terminals of the power supply 5 which is stabilised by the output current. The power of the module 2 is greater than the power of the light source, and on separate light-emitting diodes the bridging pieces 6 are installed. Light-emitting diodes can be placed along the module surface and are connected in several series circuits, connected to each other in parallel, so that each light-emitting diode of one circuit has corresponding light-emitting diodes symmetric to it in other circuits, their similar terminals are unipotential and can be connected to each other. The light source power is regulated by switching on the ready LED module, without any changes in the light source.

EFFECT: simplification of regulation of the light source power.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to controlling the level of light in building illumination. The result is achieved due to that the level of light is controlled by a control system (2), which is operably linked to at least one interior sensor (3) for detecting the interior level of light; at least one electric light control device (4); at least one window drapery control device (5) for controlling the allowable level of daylight; and a processing unit (7) for processing given control values, which include a given value of the interior level of light. The level of electric light and the allowable level of daylight are controlled concurrently by the electric light control device and the window drapery control device.

EFFECT: providing an automatic power-saving system for controlling building illumination.

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Lighting device // 2551109

FIELD: lighting.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Lighting device (2) is made with possibility of light quality data inclusion in the light emitted by the lighting device. The light quality data relate to state of the lighting device (2), for example to end of its k service life. Light can be detected by the control device (3) being external for the lighting device (2). The control device (3) can further help in determination of the lighting device (2) state, as result the current maintenance operations for the lighting device (2) can be made. So, the servicing personnel can replace the lighting devices and/or light sources requiring maintenance according to state indication of each lighting device before any lighting device of the system will achieve its service life.

EFFECT: increased quality of the emitted light due to more accurate determination of the light source state.

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Led radiator // 2550743

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: LED radiator circuit is added by N keys and the ring impulse generator having N outputs, each of which is connected to the control inputs of keys, and cathodes of each of N light-emitting diodes through power electrodes of keys are connected to the negative output pole of the driver. The use of keys 4.1, 4.2, … 4.N and the ring impulse generator 3 ensures reliable functioning of the offered LED radiator when using only one driver that will significantly reduce its cost.

EFFECT: improvement of reliability of LED radiator and reduction of its cost.

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Light diode lamp // 2248107

FIELD: engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has block for connection to AC current source, converter for forming a DC current source and light diode group, consisting of multiple light diodes. Light diode group is provided with block for prior telling of service duration, including counter for measuring power-on period on basis of frequency of AC current source, integration device for power feeding, which is measured by counter, and for recording integrated value in energy-independent memory device and device for controlling power feeding mode for controlling light level of diodes in different modes, including normal lighting modes. Prior messaging block is meant for integration of power-on period for output of forwarding message, indicating approach of service duration end.

EFFECT: broader functional capabilities.

10 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering; railway traffic control light signals.

SUBSTANCE: proposed controlled light-emitting diode light signal contains N transformers whose primary windings are connected in series aiding and connected to supply source through contact of signal relay and power electrodes of transistor, and each of N secondary windings of transformers is connected through protective diodes with corresponding group of light-emitting diodes consisting of K light-emitting diodes connected in series aiding. Each of K x N light-emitting diodes of groups is optically coupled with each of parallel connected K x N photoresistors. Light signal contains resistor and comparator circuit where first point of connection of parallel-connected photoresistors is connected to point of connection of contact of signal relay and transformer, and second point of connection of parallel-connected photoresistor is connected to first output of resistor and input of comparator circuit. Comparator circuit consists of differential amplifier whose first input is connected with common contact of voltage drop relay, its front and resting contacts are connected to first and second sources of reference voltage, respectively, second input of differential amplifier being input of comparator circuit whose output connected to control input of pulse generator being output of differential amplifier. Second output of resistor is connected with point of connection of one of power electrodes of transistor and supply source. Invention makes it possible to control brightness of light-emitting diodes and stabilize radiation, and it provides possibility of double reduction of voltage and blackout.

EFFECT: provision of reliable control of light signal.

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FIELD: municipal equipment of residential houses and industrial buildings, namely automatic systems for controlling electric parameters, namely apparatuses for automatic control of different-designation illuminating devices.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus includes primary pulse-type photo-converter with built-in photo detector forming output pulse-width modulated information signal; secondary converter including micro-controller, shaping amplifier, switch, display module, power unit, inductor, unit for controlling illumination, switching controller of power supply of mains. Secondary converter includes in addition real-time clock and standby power source. Primary pulse-type photo-converter is connected with secondary converter by means of two-wire line that is connected with inlet of shaping amplifier and first terminal of inductor at one side and outlet of primary pulse type converter at other side. Outlet of shaping amplifier is connected with first inlet of micro-controller whose second inlet is connected with switch. Third inlet of micro-controller is connected with outlet of real-time clock. First outlet of micro-controller is connected with first inlet of power unit. Second outlet of micro-controller is connected with inlet of display module. Inlet of illumination control module is connected with third outlet of micro-controller. AC supply mains is connected with second inlet of power unit whose first outlet is connected with second terminal of inductor. Second outlet of power unit is connected with inlet of standby power source whose outlet is connected with respective inlet of real time clock. Outlet of illumination control unit is connected with connected in parallel first inlets of N switching controllers of power of mains. AC mains is connected with second (connected in parallel) inlets of N switching controllers of power of mains. Connected in parallel outlets of said switching controllers through load (illuminating lamps) are connected with zero wire of AC mains.

EFFECT: enhanced operational reliability and safety of apparatus.

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FIELD: electrical engineering; starting and operating circuits for gas-discharge lamps.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device designed for use in gas-discharge lamps of high starting voltage amounting to about 4 kV, such as high-pressure sodium vapor lamps, xenon and metal halide lamps that enables starting two lamps at a time from ac 220 V supply mains has dc current supply whose output is connected through series-interconnected converter and rectifier to input of inverter whose common input is connected to common inputs of inverter and rectifier and output, to its inverting output through two series-connected lamps; novelty is introduction of two voltage sensors, current sensor, second inverter, voltage multiplier, switch, capacitor, two delay circuits, OR circuit and NAND circuit; common output of dc current supply is connected to common inputs of two voltage sensors, multiplier, and through current sensor, to common inputs of converter and switch; output of dc current supply is connected to input of second inverter whose output is connected through multiplier to midpoint of two lamps and to capacitor electrode, other electrode of capacitor being connected to input of inverter; output of first voltage sensor is connected to input of NAND circuit and to input of first delay circuit whose inverting output is connected to input of OR circuit whose other input is connected to output of second voltage sensor and output, to clear inputs of converter and inverter, to control input of switch, and to input of second delay circuit whose output is connected to other input of NAND circuit; output of the latter is connected to clear input of second inverter; switch input is connected to rectifier output and current sensor output is connected to control input of converter.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency, service life, power factor, and light stability; reduced power requirement.

1 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: lighting equipment.

SUBSTANCE: device with control device has emission source, diffuser, electric outputs. Emission source has at least two light diodes of different colors with given space distributions of emission and localized in space as at least one group, board and control device, containing programmed channels for separate control over emission of light diodes of each color by feeding periodically repeating power pulses, lengths of which for light diodes of different color are independent from each other, while relations of lengths of period of power pulse, its increase front, decrease and pause are determined for light diodes of each color. Diffuser, inside which board with light diodes is positioned, is made at least partially enveloping the area of effect of emission of light diodes of emission source.

EFFECT: better aesthetic and emotional effect, close to optimal psycho-physiological effect of decorative multicolor lamp with vastly improved gamma of color effects, resulting in hypnotizing effect, increase of its attractiveness, efficiency, and broadening of its functional capabilities and addition of new consumer functions, lower costs and simplified usage.

20 cl, 15 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: mechanical engineering, in particular, equipment for forming emergency lighting in industrial quarters.

SUBSTANCE: device additionally has digital counters and comparators, included in each light source between power source and transformer control circuit.

EFFECT: higher energy efficiency.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, in particular, equipment for forming emergency lighting in industrial quarters.

SUBSTANCE: device additionally includes band filters, included in each light source between output of controlled modulator and transformer control circuit, and amplitude modulator, connected along control chain to adjustable generator and connected between power source and light source.

EFFECT: higher energy efficiency.

3 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, in particular, emergency lighting equipment for industrial quarters.

SUBSTANCE: device additionally includes delay circuits and pulse generators, included in each light source between power source and transformer control circuit.

EFFECT: higher energy efficiency.

3 dwg

FIELD: engineering of devices for controlling electric light sources, in particular, lighting or illumination systems, which use light diodes in their construction.

SUBSTANCE: by means of personal computer, using specialized graphic software, a frame of required light diode illumination is formed. By means of color pattern, each imitator of light diode module is colored. After forming of one frame, other frames are formed, which require to be colored in similar way. Number of frames is determined by given model of illumination. As a result, animated cinematic is produced, which reflects appearance of illumination model. After that, programmed model is transferred to flash memory of controller through RS-485 interface port. Then, controller outputs aforementioned data into loop line with light diode modules.

EFFECT: using device for decorative or primary lighting of architectural objects makes possible fast generation of complicated and various models and types of illumination and backlight, with possible control over each module.

2 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: technology for providing power to auxiliary devices of a light.

SUBSTANCE: power of one or several auxiliary devices 26 of light is extracted from lamp power impulse series, fed by phase light controller 28. Direct current power block 44 is connected to output 38,40 of light controller 28 to produce and store direct current energy for powering auxiliary devices. Controller 48 of lamp is connected to output 38,40 of light controller 28 to transfer power of power impulses to lamp 24. Lamp controller 48 has adjustable impulse transfer characteristic for powering the lamp not to interfere with its operation due to alterations to power consumed by auxiliary devices. Adjustable impulse transfer characteristic may be provided with switching device 76, which either interrupts or blocks selected parts of lamp power impulses. Adjustable impulse transfer characteristic maintains constant apparent brightness of lamp, independently on changes of power consumption by auxiliary devices. In disabled state or in preliminary heating mode transfer of power to lamp 24 is decreased to avoid emission of visible light. In full brightness mode lamp power impulses are practically left unchanged by lamp controller 48.

EFFECT: provision of power to auxiliary devices without using auxiliary force cables and without interfering with operation of light.

3 cl, 16 dwg