Short-circuited rotor with deformable support

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: short-circuited rotor contains a leaf package having a groove, a shorting ring made by moulding on the axial end of the rotor sheet of the first material, and a rod. The rod is installed in the groove with a deformable support that includes a support device. Said support device comprises a support assembly which is integrally connected to the sheet package of the rotor.

EFFECT: efficiency enhancement.

9 cl, 10 dwg



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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the stator of electrical machine and the method of its manufacturing. The stator for electrical machine comprises the core having a variety of pole horns and a variety of windings made of electroconductive material at pole horns. At least a part of windings is made of a wire having a pair of free ends, which may be connected electrically to the network power source. The stator comprises two or more electric contacts having a flexible section, which may be moved in direction towards the core and away; the above contacts are connected electrically to the respective contacts of the power source. At least one of electrical contacts is formed by two free ends of the corresponding different wires and has a twisted shaped made by ends twisting along the initial line of the ends passing, at that at the base of each twisted part there is a loop for each electrical contact. The loop forms a dampening element for the respective twisted section.

EFFECT: improved reliability of the electrical machine.

21 cl, 20 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to perfection of borehole generators, particularly, to support and limitation of displacement of stator coils arranged in the engine housing. Borehole motor has tubular housing elongated in lengthwise direction, stator part arranged therein, stator coil winding looped back in the stator by end turn with tip. It comprises connector to connect at least one of coil windings and housing end abutting on stator part end to support the winding.

EFFECT: fastening of stator coils not coated with lacquer inside motor housing.

17 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electro-mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: bandage of electric machine anchor winding is made in form of continuous solid coiling, coil to coil, in a layer of isolated wire of magnetic or non-magnetic material at whole axial length of bandage section of winding, which does not have other means of radial attachment. The bandage contains even number of wire layers with a lock of beginning and end of coiling on one of end sides. Below each single or double layer of wire, an insert ribbon is positioned which envelopes the anchor surface being bandaged in one layer and which is made of non electro-conductive reinforced material containing axially oriented direct threads rigid to stretching. Aforementioned insert ribbon is provided with collar stops on external surfaces along end edges. Collar stops are longitudinally reinforced with wire or non-metallic filaments rigid to stretching. Axial distance between their internal stopping surfaces is equal to axial size of surface being bandaged.

EFFECT: simplified construction, ensured maximal technically possible reduction of losses to vortex currents, ensured stable reliability.

4 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: electric engineering and electro-mechanical industry, in particular, features of design of coils with salient poles for rectangular stators of salient-pole electric machine.

SUBSTANCE: in the coil for magnetic system of stator of salient-pole electric machine with rectangular poles, made by winding of flat rectangular cross-section bus onto narrow rib and containing elements of body and coil isolation with monolithic realization of working part of coil, in accordance to invention, on frontal parts of coil air gaps are provided between coils, expanding in wedge-like fashion in axial direction from the end of magnetic-duct of pole, in gaps between coils in longitudinal symmetry plane of coil distant inserts are installed made of solid isolating material with shape and dimensions, corresponding to gaps between coils in this plane, and with width substantially lesser than width of pole, connected by gluing to surfaces of adjacent coils, a packet of structural elements, consisting of frontal parts of coil rings and distant inserts between them, is fastened in longitudinal symmetry plane of the coil by bandage of non electro-conductive material, resistant to stretching, aforementioned inserts being of orthogonally symmetric H-like form with height of bar, equal to width of bus, and with common height, exceeding it by double bandage thickness, aforementioned bandage being positioned between shelves formed by aforementioned method. Due to such characteristic feature, all four sides of rectangular cross-section of each conductor within limits of frontal part of coil form surfaces, directly cooled by blowing air or liquid, correspondingly to scheme of theoretically full usage of external surface of conductors for their cooling.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of electric machine, increased density of current in windings, resulting in improved mass-dimensional characteristics of electric machine, decreased temperature of windings, and, thus, increased lifetime of isolation, allowing to use isolation of lesser heat resistance which is therefore cheaper or more technologically accessible.

8 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: electrical and electromechanical engineering; rotors of large electrical machines such as turboalternators.

SUBSTANCE: proposed electrical machine rotor has heavy wound core whose winding coils are secured in end portions in radial direction by means of heavy metal banding rings fitted with one end on butt-end portions of core and with other end, on cylindrical surfaces of Z-section alignment rings; inner surface of alignment rings are joined with end portions of rotor shaft, two rows of slits being made in vicinity of mentioned rotor-shaft or banding-rind junction surfaces of each alignment ring uniformly and tangentially disposed over circumference of the latter in relatively staggered manner. One row of mentioned slits can be made in mentioned zones within alignment ring and other row, on rotor shaft surface jointed to alignment ring, for instance in the form of cooling ducts.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability due to additional reduction of alternate stress in zone where banding rings are fitted on rotor core.

1 cl, 2 dwg

The invention relates to the field of electrical and electric engineering, in particular to the construction of large electric machines, mainly turbogenerators and hydrogenerators, and more particularly to the fastening elements of the winding in the slots of the core

The invention relates to electrical machines, namely, devices for closure (closure) of the slots, and the system circuit filled with conductive rods or reels of the slots of the stator body of sheet steel electrical machines with end locks grooves, which consist respectively of the upper prismatic body, on the lower side of which has a surface that passes obliquely, and a lower prismatic body facing to the upper body, the surface of which is inclined relative to the bottom surface of the upper prismatic body in the opposite direction, and direct the jamming may be accomplished by relative displacement of both prismatic bodies

The invention relates to Electromechanical transducers mechanical energy into electrical energy to create a powerful pulse of energy sources intended for use in power systems large thermonuclear devices, lasers high power in other areas of technology

The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used in transformers and electrical machines

The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, namely electrical DC machines and can be used in the design of traction motors, ship crests electric motors, excavators and t

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: asynchronous drive with cascade and common rotor comprises two electric motors connected coaxially, which magnet systems are axial and placed in the same housing at the same shaft fixed horizontally in bearing assemblies of the housing. Stator of the first electric motor is fixed rigidly by its one side to the housing. Rotor of both motors are joined in a single structure comprising joined magnet core with radial slots placed at the left and right side of the rotor, wherein squirrel-cage winding placed with its turns passing from the left lock ring placed at inner left side of the joined rotor, then through the left slot, then through outer side of the rotor and finally through the right slot to the right lock ring placed at the right inner side of the joined rotor. Stator of the second electric motor is fixed rigidly and by its teeth is faced towards stator teeth of the first electric motor. Stator winding of the second electric motor is connected to variable resistors controlling change in rotation velocity and moment of the controlled electric drive with cascade.

EFFECT: reliability improvement.

1 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric engineering and can be used at manufacture of a short-circuited rotor of an asynchronous machine. The invention proposes a manufacturing method of short-circuited rotor (1) for asynchronous machine (2), which includes core (5) with bevelled slots (4), end rings (6) from the first material and short-circuited bars (3; 11; 12) from the second material with higher specific electric conductivity in comparison to the first material, which are moulded-on from faces to core (5) of the rotor, and which are laid into bevelled slots (4) of short-circuited rotor (1) and almost fully fill internal zone (7) of the slots if to look in radial direction of core (5) of the rotor.

EFFECT: increasing efficiency of an asynchronous machine.

24 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to electric motors, in particular to mobile permanent magnets and/or to non-magnetic conductive shunting parts in a rotor for motor conversion from asynchronous induction motor at starting into synchronous motor. Reconfigurable electric motor contains a rotor with rotary permanent magnets or non-magnetic conductive shunting parts. Magnets and/or the shunting parts have the first position creating weak magnetic field ensuring the motor run in asynchronous mode at its starting, and the second position creating strong magnetic field ensuring an efficient operation in a synchronous mode. The motor also contains a squirrel-cage winding of rotor. At approaching or achieving by the motor of synchronous rotational speed the permanent magnets and/or the shunting parts rotate for creation of strong magnetic field with ensuring of high performance in the synchronous mode.

EFFECT: increase of overall performance.

20 cl, 52 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: to device consisting of three-phase cage asynchronous motor, thyristor regulator for the purpose of reduced power consumption at idling by means of automatic transfer of the device to pulse mode in circuit of each stator phase downstream thyristors there are three in-series inductance coils and additional three capacitors coupled in parallel to stator windings of the caged asynchronous motor.

EFFECT: reduced power consumption at idling.

1 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a squirrel-cage rotor for an induction machine and to a method of its fabrication. The squirrel-cage rotor comprises a rotor core 1 of sheets, short-circuited rods 2 arranged inside the said core 1 and short-circuited rings 3 abutting on the said core 1 to electrically interconnect the said rods 2 at the rotor core end sides. For better heat removal, heat pipes 4 are fitted axially in the said rotor core 1 to extend therefore at end sides and to fit in the short-circuited rings 3.

EFFECT: better heat removal from the squirrel-cage rotor of the induction motor.

14 cl, 8 dwg

Square-cage rotor // 2518507

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a square-cage rotor for an asynchronous motor. The rotor contains a laminated pack (1) with groves (3), cage rings (5) of the first material moulded at end surfaces to the laminated pack and conductors (4) of the second material with higher conductivity than the first material, at that the conductors are placed in the grooves. Surface of the conductors (4) has a coating (8) of the coating material which through the first doped layer (2) of the second material and coating material borders with the second material of the conductors (4) and through the second doped layer (9) of the first material and coating material border with the first moulded material.

EFFECT: improvement of electrical efficiency for the square-cage rotor consisting of two materials.

25 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: transformer part of a unit is made with a primary winding connected to a three-phase circuit, and with a secondary z-phase bar winding, arranged in z slots of a transformer magnetic conductor closed at one side with an end ring. The drive part of the unit comprises an induction motor with a short-circuited rotor and stator with a bar winding, electrically connected with the secondary winding of the transformer, and at the other side closed with the end ring. The bars of the secondary winding of the transformer are connected with Z bars-feedthrough plates arranged in a tight partition. Each bar-feedthrough plate at the other side is electrically connected with n bars of the stator winding via intermediate electric wire arched segments adjoining the stator (where n=1, 2, … - multiple number between the bars of the stator winding and the secondary winding of the transformer).

EFFECT: expanded area of application and increased energy characteristics and reliability of a drive-transformer unit.

2 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: core plates are made in the area of internal diameter with slots concentric in relation to this diameter at least in two rows; at that there are at least two slots in each row and bridges between slots are located in the middle of slots in the next row; at that joining of elements fixing core ends to the shaft is made at radial depth from the first row of concentric slots and joining of axial fixing elements to core ends is spread in radial direction to the shaft not farther then the last row of slots from the shaft.

EFFECT: prevention of impact of unevenly compacted rotor core on the rotor shaft of an electrical machine.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: electrical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: axial electric motor is designed to be stationary and open in a plot of land, the body consisting of the lower tier including a foundation slab with the lower support assembly and the upper tier including a star-shaped spherical framework attached to the foundation, the framework symmetrically composed of prop beams tensioned in the centre with an axial support and balancing assembly. Installed between the lower support assembly and the axial support and balancing assembly is a large diameter runner wheel on the end face whereof the short-circuited rotor proper is installed separated from the magnetic conductor of the stator, erected on the foundation slab on a raised platform, with an air gap. The runner wheel shaft is connected to the load via a clutch.

EFFECT: ensuring large magnitude torques combined with design simplification.

3 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: motor consists of body with stator with low and high speed windings mounted in slots, rotor fixed at motor shaft and box of inputs with through joints connected to outputs of specified windings. According to invention winding changeover device is located at motor body; input terminals of the motor should have facilities for connection of feeder current-carrying leads and output terminals of winding changeover device should be connected electrically with through joints connected to outputs of motor windings. Winding changeover device can be located in box of inputs; for this purpose two outputs of this device should be connected through its break-type contacts to outputs of low speed windings of the motor and two outputs through normally open contacts of device should be connected to through joints, which are connected to high speed windings of the motor. Third outputs of low and high speed windings should be interconnected and then connected to the third through joint in box of motor inputs.

EFFECT: simplification of power supply system structure, improvement of control and protection, enhancement of reliability and operation of asynchronous double-speed motors due to their power supply by one cable and due to motor control and protection by one device instead of two devices.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: electrical and electromechanical engineering; face-type induction machines having one stator and one rotor.

SUBSTANCE: proposed machine has stator ring-type magnetic cores carrying field winding, as well as squirrel-cage rotor, stator base endshield accommodating supporting sleeve, rotor disk, bearing assembly incorporating rotor shaft bearings, and thrust bearing. Stator base endshield is fixed in position by means of enclosing hollow cylinder with thrust bearing disposed on its inner surface and tightly fitted on one end to annular boss of hollow cylinder and on other end abuts against rotor disk. Up to three actuating mechanisms can be coupled with this machine.

EFFECT: enhanced diametric dimensions of stator and rotor cores, minimized air gap between them, enhanced loading capacity and operating reliability of machine.

1 cl, 1 dwg