Controlled lighting unit

FIELD: lighting.

SUBSTANCE: lighting unit (100) comprises at least one light source (402), a heat sink (102) for dissipating heat generated during operation of the at least one light source (402), a lamp leg (104) for connecting said at least one light source to a power source, a control unit for controlling said at least one light source, and a first antenna device (204) connected to the control unit and electrically insulated from a heat sink (102) and a lamp leg (104) in which a heat sink (102) and lamp leg (104) form the second antenna device (108). The first antenna device (204) is located near the second antenna device (108) to ensure near-field transmission of radio frequency signal, issued to control specified at least one light source (402).

EFFECT: increase the efficiency of wireless signal transmission.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to the sphere of lighting systems and optical receivers, and more specifically to the detection of data introduced into a light flux (output) of lighting systems. The invention suggests a system for the method detecting the first repeated sequence out of N symbols included into the first code, at that the first code is introduced into the light flux of the first light source of the lighting system, wherein the sequence contains at least N frames, and each frame out of at least N different frames is received with the total time of exposure containing one or more instants of the exposure, at that in each frame out of N different frames one or more instants of the exposure are in different time positions in regard to the first repeated sequence out of N symbols. The system contains a chamber to receive sequences of scene images through certain structures of an open/close state of the gate and a processing module to process the received sequence of images and to detect the repeated sequence out of N symbols.

EFFECT: development of the system for detecting data introduced into the light flux with high-frequency invisible modulation using standard commercial cameras in mobile telephones or web-cameras.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to interactive illumination, specifically to control and creation of light effects such as regulation of light scenes based on position indication received from the input device, and more specifically to system and method for interactive illumination control in order to control and create light effects using position indicator. The main idea of this invention consists in provision of control over interactive illumination by combined indication of a position and approach of controlled light effects for illumination control in order to perfect creation of light effects such as regulation of light scenes, in particular scenes with large and heterogeneous infrastructures of illumination. One of the invention embodiments is referred to interactive illumination control system (10), which comprises interface (12) intended for receipt of data (14) specifying actual position (16) in real environment from input device (18) adapted for detection of position in the real environment by position pointing and receipt of data related to light effect (32), which is desired in the real position, and light effect controller (20) intended to convert actual position into virtual-type position of the real environment and to identify light effects available in virtual position.

EFFECT: control of interactive illumination and creation of light effects.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: illumination device comprises a metal element 1, light-emitting device 2, on-off switch 3, low-voltage source 4 (accumulator-based), resistor 5, the first and second diodes 6, 7. An anode of the first diode 6 and a cathode of the second diode 7 are jointed and connected to the metal element 1. The metal element 1 should be rather made of tin with the surface area of at least 20 square centimetres. Additional charging of accumulators for a low-voltage source 4 feeding the light-emitting device 2 is made by energy generated during the rectification of electric oscillations occurring as a result of the heat motion of the metal element 1 particles.

EFFECT: development of a universal mobile portable and durable energy-saving illumination device with a long-term continuous operation.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Systems, networks, devices and methods for development, implementation and sharing of lighting circuits between controllable lighting networks are described. The network (101, 601, 701, 801, 808) according to the invention keeps the lighting circuits developed for network in the remote data storage (802). Other networks (301) address remote data storages for selection of existing circuits for implementation. Also the systems, networks, devices and methods for sharing by user choice between the controllable lighting networks are described. The networks according to the invention can get access to the shared remote data storage (112) for identification of user preferences at detection of a user by sensors in the network. In essence, individual lighting networks can use known user preferences or trained behaviours and environment conditions for more efficient adaptation to such behaviour, preferences or conditions.

EFFECT: improvement of efficient control of lighting.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to lighting devices and control of the lighting devices operation. The result is attained due to the fact that each node out of a multitude of electric fixture nodes in the group of electric fixture nodes connected electrically may be used at a rated power level of a device; current consumption may be detected at least in the tested node of lighting fixtures out of the nodes of lighting fixtures; and the degree of reduced power for each node of lighting fixtures may be defined as a function of current consumption in the tested node of lighting fixtures.

EFFECT: invention ensures selective use of a group of lighting fixture nodes at a reduced power level in order to prevent an overload of the supply circuit and/or overload of one or more nodes of lighting fixtures in the group of the lighting fixture nodes.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to lighting engineering. The lighting system (100) contains many lighting fixtures (101a-d). Each lighting fixture is made with possibility to transmit the identification code ID in the emitted light. To guarantee sufficient registration of the identification codes during selection using the selection device (120) the system additionally contains a control unit (130), made with possibility to identify any lighting fixture which rated excitation is equal pr below the minimum pre-set value or is equal or above the maximum pre-set value. The control unit sets (or commands to excitation system to set) the rated excitation value of such identified lighting fixture to the set value to achieve the appropriate set light output of the lighting fixture ensuring signal sufficient to transmit the identification code ID.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of the light sources control.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting units. The light source 1 has LED module 2, at least, with one series circuit of light-emitting diodes. Terminals of the module 2 are connected to terminals of the power supply 5 which is stabilised by the output current. The power of the module 2 is greater than the power of the light source, and on separate light-emitting diodes the bridging pieces 6 are installed. Light-emitting diodes can be placed along the module surface and are connected in several series circuits, connected to each other in parallel, so that each light-emitting diode of one circuit has corresponding light-emitting diodes symmetric to it in other circuits, their similar terminals are unipotential and can be connected to each other. The light source power is regulated by switching on the ready LED module, without any changes in the light source.

EFFECT: simplification of regulation of the light source power.

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FIELD: physics, control.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to controlling the level of light in building illumination. The result is achieved due to that the level of light is controlled by a control system (2), which is operably linked to at least one interior sensor (3) for detecting the interior level of light; at least one electric light control device (4); at least one window drapery control device (5) for controlling the allowable level of daylight; and a processing unit (7) for processing given control values, which include a given value of the interior level of light. The level of electric light and the allowable level of daylight are controlled concurrently by the electric light control device and the window drapery control device.

EFFECT: providing an automatic power-saving system for controlling building illumination.

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Lighting device // 2551109

FIELD: lighting.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lighting engineering. Lighting device (2) is made with possibility of light quality data inclusion in the light emitted by the lighting device. The light quality data relate to state of the lighting device (2), for example to end of its k service life. Light can be detected by the control device (3) being external for the lighting device (2). The control device (3) can further help in determination of the lighting device (2) state, as result the current maintenance operations for the lighting device (2) can be made. So, the servicing personnel can replace the lighting devices and/or light sources requiring maintenance according to state indication of each lighting device before any lighting device of the system will achieve its service life.

EFFECT: increased quality of the emitted light due to more accurate determination of the light source state.

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Led radiator // 2550743

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: LED radiator circuit is added by N keys and the ring impulse generator having N outputs, each of which is connected to the control inputs of keys, and cathodes of each of N light-emitting diodes through power electrodes of keys are connected to the negative output pole of the driver. The use of keys 4.1, 4.2, … 4.N and the ring impulse generator 3 ensures reliable functioning of the offered LED radiator when using only one driver that will significantly reduce its cost.

EFFECT: improvement of reliability of LED radiator and reduction of its cost.

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Dipole antenna // 2557485

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio engineering and can be used as an antenna for radiating a high-frequency electromagnetic field in the short-wave range. Disclosed is a vertical, symmetrical short-wave dipole antenna, the phase of the magnetic component of the radiated field and the value of the electrical component of said field of which are controlled such that the ratio of the electric field strength to the magnetic field strength is equal to the wave impedance of the propagation medium.

EFFECT: reduced loss of energy in the near radiation zone of the antenna when generating a field in said medium.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: compact ultra-wideband antenna is designed to set up a radio link near the surface of a human body between devices that do not have an unobstructed line of sight, which consists of two symmetric radiating elements situated on one side of a dielectric layer, and a differential strip power supply line situated on both sides of said dielectric layer, the upper and lower sides of which tightly adjoin additional upper and lower dielectric layers, respectively, and two connecting plates with interlayer connections, capable of creating electrical contact between ends of said radiating elements, placed on outer surfaces of said upper and lower dielectric layers; wherein the symmetric radiating elements have recesses at the ends, as well as recesses inside such that the radiating elements are U-shaped, and the radiating elements have additional recesses on their inner and outer periphery.

EFFECT: creating wireless links with low signal attenuation.

6 cl, 3 dwg

Antenna device // 2509397

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: antenna device, which consists of an antenna and a drive over the housing of the superstructure and a drive control unit, having an output which is connected to the input of the drive, rigidly connected to the antenna, characterised by that the device includes a radiotransparent deep-water protective casing with an antenna and a drive, rigidly connected inside with the housing of the superstructure, having a rigid connection with the drive, the input of which is connected to the output of the drive control unit through a hole in the housing of the superstructure.

EFFECT: reducing bulkiness without increasing delay when emitting and receiving electromagnetic signals.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: RFID system includes an RFID antenna unit configured to be mounted on a product module in a processing system. The product module is configured to engage and disengage with at least one product container. A first RFID label unit is configured to be mounted on at least one product container. At least one product container is configured to hold the first RFID label unit in the detection zone of the RFID antenna unit when the product module is engaged with at least one product container.

EFFECT: designing a system with more products.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: device is a dipole whose radiating arm lies over a passive arm (base) and on its opposite side there is a matching circuit in form of a parallel circuit consisting of two conductors connected in series and a capacitor. The common end of the capacitor of the circuit and one of the conductors of the matching circuit are connected to the radiating arm of the dipole through a coupling capacitor, and its other ends are connected to the outer side of the passive arm of the dipole, respectively. The arms of the dipole and conductors of the matching circuit are made from plates and capacitor elements are made from pieces of coaxial cable. Corresponding ends of the arms of the dipole and the matching circuit are connected via dielectric supports. Metal grids in form of cones, on whose apexes there is an antiradar plate, can be soldered to outer sides of the radiating arm of the dipole and conductors of the matching circuit.

EFFECT: simple design of the matching circuit, wider transmission band with low standing-wave ratio, directivity and noise immunity.

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FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to radio engineering, in particular to antennas, and may be used in transceiving devices at frequencies of higher than 1 GHZ with application of various supply lines. Wideband zigzag antenna, comprising active vibrator, consists of two identical metal arms, located symmetrical relative to supply points. Technical result is achieved by the fact that antenna is added with a matching element. Identical metal arms of active vibrator have elliptical shape. Matching element consists of two conducting planes of elliptical shape, every of which has a permanent gap relative to according metal arm of active vibrator.

EFFECT: provision of proper extent of matching with various supply lines, having standardised inlet resistances of 37,5 Ohm and more.

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FIELD: microwave antenna engineering.

SUBSTANCE: each arm of half-wave dipole is assembled of three conducting semi-rings hinged together at ends and turned to -shaped working position. Dipole arms are reflection symmetric and shorted out at midpoints of upper semi-rings by means of conducting jumper. Each dipole arm can be made of two hinged semi-rings turned to -shaped working position. Arms are shorted out at hinged points of semi-rings. Flat arm width amounts to 0.04 - 0.05 of mean VHF wavelength in operating frequency band of antenna that incorporates provision for excitation dispensing with balancing device.

EFFECT: extended range at adequate matching and gain, improved operating characteristics.

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Antenna // 2260883

FIELD: superbroad-band microwave antennas that can be used in phased antenna arrays for communication systems, superbroad-band radars, and metrology.

SUBSTANCE: proposed antenna incorporating ability of forming linear phase-frequency characteristic has first and second additional metal plates as well as sections of input and additional input transmission line which are connected on one end to second main and second additional metal plates, respectively, and on other end they are interconnected through jumper; first side edges of surfaces of first and second main and second additional metal plates are expanding in direction of longitudinal coordinate of antenna; first side edge of first main metal plate on length between first coordinate surface and second one and first side edges of second main and second additional metal plates on length between first coordinate surface and third one are disposed on third coordinate plane. Alternative design of antenna incorporating newly introduced first metal plate installed symmetrically to first main metal plate relative to coordinate surface parallel to second coordinate plane is given in description of invention.

EFFECT: enhanced gain, reduced level of electric-field cross-polarized component, reverse and side radiation level, and background level.

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Microstrip antenna // 2237952
The invention relates to the field of antenna technology and is intended for use in radio systems for various purposes

The shunt vibrator // 2211510
The invention relates to television and radio transceiver technology

Antenna // 2407116

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: in antenna having a lower part and an upper part carrying a radio wave emitter and/or receiver, a bogie, the lower part has apparatus for sucking onto the horizontal surface blow the wheels. The said apparatus for sucking onto the horizontal surface is in form of a socket piece joined by a corrugation to a ventilator. The upper part can move vertically through a rope with a drive lying on the base of the lower part.

EFFECT: high stability.

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