Systems and methods for determining wear of grinding elements of grinding machine

FIELD: machine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems and methods for determining wear of the grinding elements of earth-moving machines, such as trenchers. The invention relates to a wear detection system comprising a multi-level wear protection sensor system. The multi-level wear protection sensor system contains protection of the first level, protection of the second level and protection of the third level.

EFFECT: improvement of the system.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device and method for controlling the actions of longwall coal miner in a continuous mine working with tracking its location relative to the plane of the extraction panel of coal. The cutting device comprises a light source and a guide element located on the roof support, to determine the relative angular arrangement between the cutting device and the roof support. The light source, made in the form of a laser, is located on the cutting device and is directed to the roof support. The said guide element is located on the roof support over the cutting device so that when the cutting device is positioned correctly relative to the roof support, the light emitted by the light source falls into a predetermined place relative to the said guide element. When the cutting device is in the wrong position relative to the roof support, the light source will not fall into a predetermined place relative to the guide element. When the cutting device operator detects that light from the source does not fall into the predetermined place relative to the guide element, it adjusts the inclination of the cutting device using hydraulic cylinders, so that the light emitted by the source falls again into the predetermined place relative to the guide element.

EFFECT: increasing productivity of the longwall mining due to proper maintenance of location of the cutting device plane relative to the plane of the extraction panel.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: boom unit comprises the first boom area, having the first end and the second end, besides, the first end is designed for fixation to a bearing device, and the second end is designed to carry a drilling machine, the first rotary facility with the first axis of rotation and the second rotary connecting facility with the second axis of rotation. The first rotary connecting facility is arranged on the first end of the first section of the boom, and the second rotary connecting facility is located on the second end of the first section of the boom, so that axes of rotation are fixed relative to each other and create angles with vertical direction of the bearing device, making from 0 to 45. The first section of the boom is designed to carry the drilling machine by means of the third rotary connecting facility for provision of the possibility of drilling in any radial direction, when observed from the axis of the third rotary connecting facility.

EFFECT: possibility to mine an ore body under conditions of low height of a mine.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: drilling module of a shaft drilling rig comprises an arrow-shaped manipulator, a drilling machine and an assembly board. The arrow-shaped manipulator comprises an arrow and two control hydraulic jacks connected to the assembly plate by ball or cardan joints and providing for the possibility of angular rotations of the arrow jointly with the drilling machine in the vertical and horizontal directions by means of two control hydraulic jacks distanced at spatial angles to each other and attached to the arrow by single hinged joints. Rotations of the arrow in the vertical plane are carried out by control hydraulic jacks in process of their synchronous operation, and in the horizontal one - in process of their differently directed movement. The directed movement at angular rotations of a drilling machine relative to the arrow of the arrow-shaped manipulator is carried out by means of a hydraulic jack joined by single hinged joints with an arrow and a drilling machine, and also with the help of a double-fork hinged bracket mounted on the front end of the manipulator arrow.

EFFECT: expanded drilling area from one position of a shaft drilling rig and higher efficiency of drilling works when tunnelling vertical shafts by a drilling and blasting method due to manoeuvrability and independence of operation of separate drilling modules mounted on a single shaft drilling rig.

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FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: combine has main body, drive, feeding mechanism and executive tool, which is made in form of drum with horizontal rotation axis. It is placed at non-straight angle to longitudinal conveyor axis and is turned in horizontal plane in direction providing for displacement of trajectory of coal output towards conveyor. Drum has cylinder, on outer surface of which in certain order cams with cutters are fixed. Inside the cylinder three or five electric engines are placed. These are inserted in parallel in recesses of fixed body with inner teeth of sun ring of planetary gear, which interact with three satellites. Output shafts of three or five electric engines interact with one common cog-wheel. It is placed coaxially with planetary gear and engaged with it by torsion shaft having two cog tail pieces. One of tail pieces interacts with inner slits of wheel hub, and another interacts with teeth of three satellites of planetary gear. Mechanism for hoisting drum mechanism along bed massive has handle raising jack and handle with horizontal rotation axis placed in horizontal plane at non-straight angle to conveyor axis and turned to direct displacement of executive tool towards pit-face. Shoes of stability mechanism for combine are provided with reverse clamps for shelves on front pit-face and back dump sides of conveyor. Back support of conveyor on soil is placed on dump end of inter-section beams. Combine feeding mechanism has drive for chainless feeding system and leading sprocket. Sprocket interacts with fingers of conveyor rack. Drive is placed beyond handle of executive tool and is made in form of separate electric engine with reducer of self-braking worm type. Engagement of sprocket with fingers is guaranteed by reverse clamp of reducer engaging back planes of conveyor rack carrying these fingers. In method for loading coal on conveyor, drum rotation axis in plane around vertical axis is turned in certain direction to turn trajectory of coal towards conveyor. Movement of mining drum along conveyor is performed first along ceiling, and then along soil along coal output direction while providing for cleaning of soil in direction of frontal movement of conveyor to pit-face.

EFFECT: lesser dimensions, lesser mass, higher quality of operation.

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The invention relates to the mining industry, namely, devices for the fluid, in particular cold water for spray irrigation Zubkov inside cutter drum rotation drive which has at least one notch downshift within the hollow cutter drum

The invention relates to the mining industry, in particular, to the design Honorius tool for use in cutting Executive mining harvesters and mechanized tunneling shields, mainly for the destruction of hard rocks

The invention relates to the mining industry, namely garnerius instrument pluviometric machines, and can be used to reduce dust, grinding coal and other minerals

The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used for laying of cables and plastic pipes under the water below the bottom of the reservoir

The invention relates to the development of soils using earthmoving machinery on the moon

The invention relates to hoisting and transport machinery, and in particular to valves-pipe, and can be used when the piping on open-pit mining, for example for the construction of dams embankment maps for reclamation

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: volume of the milled material is determined as function of cross-section area of the cut-off material before the milling drum and distance passed by the building machine during active milling. The cross-section area is determined partially by the direct machine monitoring of one or more characteristics of the soil surface profile before the milling drum. The milled surface area is determined as function of width of milled area before the milling drum and distance passed by the building machine during active milling.

EFFECT: higher accuracy.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the edge protecting element for a rotary hoe and to the skid element for such edge protecting element. The skid element is fitted by an insert extension piece that can be inserted in the insert receiving element of the edge protecting element.

EFFECT: improved protection.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: ejector of rotary tiller has carrier surface at feed side and rear side opposite the former. Note here that rear side makes a fastening side with, at least, one bearing surface and a fastening seat, in particular, a bolt seat and/or fastening ledge.

EFFECT: simplified servicing.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: kicker assembly, particularly, for rod harrow comprises the kicker is secured at the holder and can be replaced.

EFFECT: higher operating reliability.

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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a self-propelled machine for civil construction, in particular, a road milling machine, a device for road surface recovery or a road stabiliser, which comprise a frame that carriers a chassis unit, a working device for performance of works required for a civil construction operation, in particular, a working drum, and a drive unit installed on a machine frame and controlling a working drum. A power transfer device is used to transfer a moving force from a drive unit to a working device. The drive unit of the self-propelled machine for civil construction comprises the first and second driving motors, a mechanism of power transfer developed in such a manner so that moving forces arriving from the first and second driving motors could be transferred together to the working device.

EFFECT: using motor design in accordance with the invention, a structure is achieved, which especially saves space for a motor, and this makes it possible to increase capacity of a drive unit, without necessity to exceed the specified width for transportation of a self-propelled machine for civil construction.

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FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: proposed machine comprises rotor with fast-replacement device, rotor drive with reduction gear arranged between drive and rotor. Rotor is arranged between drum housing walls extending perpendicular to its rotational axis. Said fast-replacement device is equipped with drum main structural part and, at least, one rotor tubular element displacing onto drum main structural part. Structural wall opposite that on drive side may be readily displaced to fast replacement of alternative rotor elements. Reduction gear housing is secured to machine high-rigidity frame.

EFFECT: higher strength.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: self-propelled road carpet crusher for cold crushing of road carpet comprises caterpillar assembly to support machine body by means of lifts. Crushing shaft is arranged on crusher body. There are height-adjusted side plates to protect side edges and designed to be located on roads surface to be crushed. Height-adjusted removers arranged behind crushing shaft and crushing depth control devices. The latter control crushing depth on the basis of values measured by at least one measuring instrument incorporating one control element to regulate lifted position of at least one front or rear supports of the lifts and to locate machine body parallel to earth surface.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

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