Plough ditching machine

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: invention to be patented is intended for the formation of irrigation channels. The plough ditching machine provides soil compaction to a depth of 40-50 cm, increases its volume weight by 20-30 % and reduces the water loss due to filtration 5-10 times, which ensures the duration of the artificial compaction action for a number of years. The process of channel formation and compaction of the side slope proceeds inextricably. The side slope soil compaction is carried out by a wing flap welded to the lower edge of the mouldboard.

EFFECT: straight line generating the wing flap surfaces is perpendicular to the horizontal.

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The invention relates to electrical engineering and can be used for laying of cables and plastic pipes under the water below the bottom of the reservoir

The invention relates to the development of soils using earthmoving machinery on the moon

The invention relates to hoisting and transport machinery, and in particular to valves-pipe, and can be used when the piping on open-pit mining, for example for the construction of dams embankment maps for reclamation

Pit machine // 2485253

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: pit machine comprises caterpillar chassis including control compartment, sealed compartment for engine and transmission accommodating ICE. Soil processing equipment is arranged on chassis body and equipped with soil removal mechanism, dozer equipment arranged ahead of control compartment while pit equipment is located at chasses tail. Armored multi-seat control compartment for three-person crew, including commander, drive and. To operate pit equipment, chassis tail is equipped with armored cabin to monitor operation of pit equipment and to control said operation. Behind said sealed control compartment arranged is sealed engine compartment with ICE input reduction gear incorporating forward power takeoff shaft while backward output shaft of said reduction gear serves to engage gearboxes with distributors and final drives mounted at chassis tail. Note here that kinematic circuit from reduction gear shaft to gearbox incorporated hydraulic torque reducer composed of differential adder of torques of reduction gear output shaft and hydraulic motor supplied by controlled hydraulic pump engaged with reduction gear power takeoff shaft. First torque is transmitted by cardan shaft extending through engine compartment accommodating independent drive of pit equipment. Pit equipment proper comprises cutter with cutting element arranged on side centerline from helical line with number of turns equal, for example, to one turn with spacing of cutting elements that allows impactless and continuous soil cutting over cutter height. Turntable with cutting elements on outer centerline surface is fitted on rotary drive shaft to reciprocate relative to said rotary drive. Rotary drive shaft is engaged with cut soil thrower, for example, of blade type that allows soil throwing to the left or to the right. Complex cutting mechanism with parallelogram-type rod mechanism with power drive allows either digging position or transport position while dozer equipment over blade length equals caterpillar chassis width.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and rate of digging.

5 cl, 2 dwg

Trencher // 2395644

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to earth movers and can be used to dig trenches and install cables. Trencher comprises motor vehicle chassis and working element with serially arranged ploughshare cutters, with the possibility for each ploughshare cutter to cut a layer of ground, providing a cutting zone for subsequent ploughshare cutter. Trencher includes lifting mechanism, holder of which comprises stand with working element, which is made of two parts: main first part fixed on stand and installed in guide with the possibility of displacement in vertical plane, the second movable part connected to the first main part by means of vertical multilink hinged joint. Besides ploughshare cutters are arranged as crescent-shaped and are installed on inclined working surfaces of both parts of suspension with inclination to the side of cutting. And value of ploughshare cutters inclination is arranged as identical or different, with the possibility to cut for each ploughshare cutter.

EFFECT: invention provides for simultaneous cutting of two soil layers in case of any inclination of working equipment in trench and cable laying.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: facility consists of a plough body, milling cutters 1, milling cutter rotation drives 5, bearing skids 2, and discharge openings of the milling cutters 4. The plough body has a double-layer wall, the inside of which all around the front edge has milling cutters installed 1 with a secured capability of contrarotation of the adjacent milling cutters. The plough surface of the body has a trapezium shape, and the front edge of the plough surface has a shape of semicircumference under which a cutting edge of the milling cutters projects 1.

EFFECT: power consumption reduction; enhancement of ditch cleaning as well as efficiency regarding problem cleaning zones.

3 dwg

FIELD: mining and construction, particularly devices for isolation wall erection.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises frame, at least one working tool for ground excavation arranged on the frame and control unit, which guides device in slots for diaphragm wall erection in ground. Control unit comprises at least two regulation shoes, which are paired and arranged opposite to each other on the frame. The shoes may be moved by means of at least one executive cylinder, lever mechanism and distribution device. Distribution device provides distribution of force and/or installation stroke of at least one common executive cylinder between said opposite regulation shoes.

EFFECT: increased wall quality.

11 cl

FIELD: mining and construction, particularly to excavate frozen ground massifs by massif cutting into several parts before ground excavation.

SUBSTANCE: method for ground cutting with the use of end-mill type cutter involves installing end-mill type cutter on basic machine so that the cutter is inclined with respect thereto and cutting ground with front cutter part as pendular oscillations symmetric with respect to basic machine axis are transmitted to the cutter. Cutting part of the cutter is made as separate teeth and thermal burners arranged in-between. The thermal burners include serially connected outer nozzles, combustion chambers and outlet valves. Previously prepared mixture including compressed gas and air is supplied to the burners via pipeline.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, possibility to cut frozen ground for necessary depth.

1 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering, particularly equipment adapted for mining enterprises to erect water impervious screens, underground structures with the use of buried wall methods to prevent underground and surface water flow from pollution with industrial sewage water and industrial waste.

SUBSTANCE: device has operational tool installed on basic machine and provided with cylindrical weighting unit installed in upper part of percussion mechanism and a set of wedge-like blade parts. The set includes wedge-like blade part formed as hollow body with two inner inclined surfaces and provided with valves and rock-receiving hopper. Another wedge-like blade part is formed as an elongated peak-shaped body and is provided with flushing channel and removable cutting members. Operational tool has tubular guiding means. The first guiding means defines a ring in cross-section, the second one defines ring segment in cross-section, wherein inner diameter of the second guiding means is more or equal to outer diameter of the first one.

EFFECT: possibility to perform works in differentially drillable ground, reduced costs, increased productivity and operational reliability.

2 cl, 9 dwg

The trencher // 2239027

Grotesquely // 2239026

The invention relates to the field of engineering, mainly in construction, and can be used in the design of devices for the base preparation (excavation, bedding) for laying pipes, for Stripping trenches for the design mark, as well as in the design of wheel ditchers for the formation of trenches with an elliptical cross-section

The invention relates to geological surveys and can be used for onshore and offshore activities when cables are fiber optic system

Disc ridger // 2547923

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: ridger consists of spherical discs mounted symmetrically on vertical racks with the concave sides towards each other. The discs are mounted with the ability of changing the distance between them and adjustment of the angle of attack of the discs. The vertical racks are made of two parts in the form of tubes of a circular cross-section, entering one into another with the ability of rotation for the adjustment of the angle of attack of the discs and with the ability of axial displacement with fixing the parts of the rack in the predetermined positions.

EFFECT: constructive implementation enables to expand the range of adjustment in processing of row spacings at any stage of the plant growth and to reduce energy consumptions.

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FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the field of agriculture, in particular to vegetable farming. The method is implemented by means of laying of milled soil for the formed furrows to the surface of unprocessed soil. For long-term provision of cultivated crop with accessible (capillary) water entering the soil mass with capillary porosity, formed within a long period after qualitative autumn treatment the dried surface layer of this mass id destructed and removed. Meanwhile newly formed surface layer additionally compacted, that prevents to excessive loss of capillary water. The soil with non-capillary porosity hard-worked on the usual mass making side slopes and sowing layer, forming the hole soil mass as a furrow slice. The device includes the power shaft, fixed on the frame, with interspaces between milling drums with covers, shaping furrow slices. Meanwhile it is equipped with chains fixed on the driving shaft in interspaces between the milling drums.

EFFECT: group of inventions allows to prevent an excessive loss of capillary water and for a long time to provide the cultivated crops with accessible water.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: milling chisel plough comprises a bearing frame, active milling chisel ploughs (8), a casing (10) of the milling chisel ploughs (8). The bearing frame is made articulated and consists of a main frame (1) and an additional frame (2). The additional frame (2) is kinematically connected to the main frame (1) with the remote hydraulic cylinder (7). On the main frame (1) the rippers-crust-destroyers (5) are placed. On the additional frame (2) there are sections of driven active milling chisel ploughs (8) with independent spring loaded suspension (9) and scrapers. The sections of the active milling chisel ploughs (8) are made in the form of replaceable flat discs. On both surfaces of the discs the levellers-compactors of walls and bottom of the slot are uniformly-radially rigidly fixed. The levellers-compactors of walls (11) are made in the form of rods-rough logs, the levellers-compactors of the bottom (12) - in the form of shoes in the shape of a triangular wedge with curvature of the bases. The casings (10) of the milling chisel ploughs (8) are made as casings-levellers.

EFFECT: improvement of the quality of soil slotting, moisture accumulation, maintaining the water balance of the soil.

4 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method includes rotary cultivation with bands and hilling. The soil of the milled band is shifted from the edges toward the center to form a central ridge array standing vertically from the upper to the lower base. The side slopes of the ridge are formed by the shift from both sides to the central ridge array of non-milled soil to obtain a ridge, which consists of vertically standing array and side slopes of equal height with different degrees of cutting the soil. The device comprises milling drums, hillers, reflectors attached on the frame with the clearance relative to each other. The reflectors are mounted behind each milling drum at its ends at an angle to it and are hingedly connected in a plane passing through the ends of the milling drum. The hillers are mounted in the clearances between the milling drums to form the ridge side slopes by shifting to the central ridge array on both sides of non-milled soil.

EFFECT: technology and design enable to create the conditions for cultivation of tuberous roots of flattened shape.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises cutting furrows, layout of tubers and embedding of them in the soil. The soil is loosened and separated into two streams on mouldboard wings. Then each stream is repeatedly loosened and the soil is separated into two streams with windows formed on the mouldboard wings, the width of which is regulated by valves. The tubers are embedded depending on the temperature regime of the soil air-permeable soil layer with the thickness of 1-2 cm. The opener comprises a rack having a breast at the lower part, left and right mouldboard wings tuber-duct. The tuber-duct is mounted at the upper part of the wings. The windows are made on the mouldboard wings. In the windows with the ability to adjust their width the L-shaped valves are mounted. The windows are placed at one-third from the rear part of the mouldboard wings. The valves are mounted from the rear part of the wings and provided with long and short sides located at an angle 120. The valves with their short side are hingedly connected to the front part of the wings, and the vertical openings are made on the other end of the valve. Above the openings the guides are placed, which with their upper part are rigidly attached to the wings. At the lower part of each guide a threaded opening is made. In the threaded opening a regulating bolt with a conical end is mounted. At the free end of the long side of each valve a regulating handle is made.

EFFECT: technology and design enables to increase the yield of potatoes due to reducing the temperature drop in the tubers and their stolons.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method includes crumbling soil and its displacement. The soil from the middle of row spacing to the depth of hilling is grabbed with combs and simultaneously is separated to the set structure with the surfaces of branches made along the logarithmic spiral. The prepared soil is raked and fed on the protective strip to the rows of plants, without disturbing the plants root system. From the side of the furrow along the movement of the unit, the ridges of air- and water-permeable structure are formed by moving combs mounted on rollers along cycloidal trajectory. The device comprises conical rollers which cone tips are pointed towards the furrow. The working body of the hiller of one furrow has two conical rollers along which generators the working combs are fixed. On the base of the combs the branches are rigidly fixed in a row. The working surface of the branches is made in the form of a site of logarithmic or spiral or cylindrical helix.

EFFECT: invention enables to improve the quality of the ridges soil preparation.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to agriculture. In the method of forming furrows in the soil, the existing profiles of elevation are determined for a variety of existing furrows in the geographical unit; the target elevation is determined for each of the existing furrows; and the soil is replaced in a lateral direction to or from at least one side wall along the length of each furrow to obtain the target elevation profiles within the geographical unit. The system comprises: a positioning system configured with an ability to move through the existing furrow to define an existing elevation profile along the length of the existing furrow; a working tool, which includes adjustable furrow-making tool to move the soil in the lateral direction to or from at least one sidewall of the furrow; a working vehicle, made to be movable along the groove and connected to a working tool, at that the working vehicle includes an electric processor connected to the memory, and the preservation in the memory of the existing elevation profile is ensured. At that the processor provides the calculation of the target elevation profile of the existing furrow. At that the processor is connected to an adjustable furrow-making tool and by a manageable way provides bringing it into force on the length of each furrow to receive the target elevation profile.

EFFECT: invention enables to maintain the correct slope at the bottom of the furrow for proper irrigation.

30 cl, 4 dwg