Machine for fastening bolts of mining machine roof

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: mining machine comprises at least one machine for fastening roof bolts, in which a head for drilling or installing the bolts is provided on the main frame of the mining machine by means of the first and the second bearing frame of the machine. Between the second bearing frame and the support of the bearing element there is a connecting lever, which sets the head for drilling or installing bolts by means of conventional bearing element device. Pivotal attachments between the first and second frames and connecting levers enable moving the head for drilling or installing the bolts both forward and backward, and in lateral directions in so that the mining machine can reach a plurality of different positions for installing the bolts or drilling.

EFFECT: reliability, providing movement of the drill head between a plurality of positions.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises determining the direction of carrying out counter-heading drivage using instrumental method, drilling counter-heading drivage, charging and blasting the holes, airing the bottomhole and removal of the exploded rock mass. In one of the counter-heading drivage the hole is drilled in the center of the bottomhole. Before drilling in the counter-heading drivage opposite to it the direction of counter-heading drivage is additionally determined on the greatest degree of exposure of vibration of the surface of the rock mass by the palm of the hand by applying the palm of the hand to the surface of the rock mass in the center and in other parts of the bottomhole.

EFFECT: reduction of costs for counter-heading drivage at their breakthrough by reducing the amount of deviation from the predetermined direction at their breakthrough.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises mechanised pre-working and stabilisation in coal massif, protection of opened space against adjacent column by coal post. Compensation cavities are made in virgin massif, nearby bed soil, and separated by coal post. Cavities and coal posts there between on massif side and opened space are arranged in staggered manner. Width, height and depth of cavities are defined on the basis of coal seam mining and geological conditions and heading machine performances. Coal post width between compensation cavities is calculated with due allowance for empirical factor equal to 1.3 at working in virgin massif and equal to 1.6 at working in adjacent column abutment pressure zone, seal depth (post height) and seam cubical compression strength.

EFFECT: higher stability of working, lower losses of coal in posts, no need in additional barring.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method is performed using facilities of simultaneous drilling of boreholes with increased speeds of feed and rotation of bits and intensive washing of boreholes first in 2 vertical sectors, then, after rotation of a drilling faceplate by 90 degrees, in 2 horizontal sectors. After removal of the drilling faceplate from the bottomhole, the charging faceplate is fed with injectors-stems, and then boreholes are automatically charged with explosive substance, and explosion is initiated.

EFFECT: higher speed of mining, reduced time for bottomhole drilling, time of drilling and blasting works, increased frequency and resistance of a technological process.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: complex for tunnel driving comprises a frame, on which two horizontal chutes are fixed rigidly being arranged as stationary to the frame and comprising driving augers, and the chutes are coaxial to each other at the mine base. Above one of the chutes with the auger in the initial position there is an additional chute installed with a driving auger capable of rotation in vertical plane relative to a hinged unit fixed on the frame in its middle part along the mine width, with the help of a drive with a geared wheel as capable of its interaction with the geared rack of circular profile fixed on the frame relative to the axis of the hinged unit fixed on the frame in its middle part along the mine width.

EFFECT: provision of the possibility to drive mines with cross section of semicircular shape.

4 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling of keyholes, popholes and cropper holes, placement of charges in them and blasting. The distance between cropper holes is defined mathematically depending on parameters of rock massif cracking, effect of friction between separate parts of the massif, rock pressure, physical and mechanical properties of rock massif, speed of detonation and density of explosive charging.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and level of rock safety.

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method of tunnelling is characterised by the fact that rocks are broken at a bottomhole with a fluid working agent under pressure, at the same time mines and wells are arranged along the perimetre and along the frontal area of the bottomhole; the distance between these mines is chosen with account of breaking action at rocks with a reheated gas or steam-gas working agent under pressure, which is generated with a multi-module jet plant and its working devices, and also extended elastic tubular elements are used, filled with an energy composition that generates a reheated agent under high pressure, with the help of which the specified mines and wells are arranged in the rock massif; the massif is damaged and ground. The bottomhole is cleaned by pressure at the bottomhole end to damaged parts of the rock massif with a working medium in the form of reheated steam-gas phases under pressure.

EFFECT: efficient complex action at a bottomhole with higher efficiency, lower labour and power inputs.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method to construct station tunnels with low subsidence of earth surface includes erection of an advance support and a temporary support along a tunnel vault, erection of permanent lining and mining of bottomhole rock, according to the invention, in a bottomhole under protection of the advance support along the longitudinal axis of the tunnel there are injection fibreglass anchors installed, the temporary support is erected providing for maintenance of the advance support, and mounted from steel arcs directly following face advance with filling of the support space with concrete, the permanent lining is erected after temporary support concrete gains strength. At the same time injection fibreglass anchors are cut in layers with a tunnelling unit together with rock in the bottomhole as it advances. At the same time the advance support is erected by drilling of wells along the tunnel vault at the angle to its longitudinal axis, placement of metal pipes in wells and filling of pipes with cement mortar.

EFFECT: increased quality of tunnel construction by reduction of earth surface subsidence at main stages of construction.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: complex for tunnelling of a subway mine of round cross section comprises mechanisms of rock breaking arranged on a carcass equipped with a movement drive, a transshipment device for loading of rock mass into transport facilities. The transshipment device is made in the form of a chute of cylindrical shape fixed on the frame and normally oriented towards the bottomhole, the lower edge of the chute is located at the sharp angle a to the mine base and with limitation of the upper edges of the chute with the horizontal plane arranged at the level of the central axis of the mine or with certain downward displacement. Inside the chute in its middle part there is an infinitely closed double-chain scraper contour on driving and tension sprockets with a curvilinear external profile of scrapers, and with the possibility of interaction of scrapers in the lower weight-bearing branch with the chute base, and the upper idle branch - with resting against the rollers.

EFFECT: improved reliability of complex operation, elimination of rock mass accumulation near a bottomhole as a result of mine tunnelling, reduced labour intensiveness of complex maintenance and its increased efficiency due to elimination of complex idle time.

3 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method of tunnel building includes the following operations: soil development and its transportation, support of mine workings at driving with shotcrete, probably with anchors, arcs and net, geophysical measurement of rock density in bottom-hole zone, which results are used for correction of length of planned driving and thickness of layer of shotcrete in order to speed-up driving and to reduce shotcrete flow rate.

EFFECT: accident prevention, possibility of correction of driving method in order to speed-up it and correction of structure of temporary support in order to improve its efficiency, improving safety of underground operations.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method includes stages, at which the diagram of bore holes location is designed using a computer applying the design software, the navigation plane (N) of the bore holes location diagram is identified, initial embedding points to be drilled are identified in the navigation plane, and final embedding points to be drilled are selected. Besides, the bottomhole profile is downloaded into the design software, which represents the bottomhole shape in the set of bore holes to be drilled, and final points of the bore holes to be drilled are placed in the diagram of the bore holes location, into locations in compliance with the bottomhole profile, in the system of coordinates of the bore holes location diagram by means of the design computer, as a result of which bore holes of various length in the diagram of the bore holes location develop the shape of this bottomhole profile.

EFFECT: improved method to design the location diagram of boreholes with complex shape.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to advance mine walling from bottom-hole zone and can be used in mining and tunnel construction. Method of advance mine walling by anchors involves advance well drilling and anchor installation in the wells, where bore holes are drilled from bottom-hole zone outside of the designed bottom outline and abutment zone along a curve to the longitudinal axis of future excavation so that the curved bore hole exits to the same excavation, bottom or bottom-hole zone at the other or at the same side, and installation of flexible anchor fixated at both ends so that it can be stretched in the bore hole.

EFFECT: method of advance anchorage.

3 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device for reinforcement the rock material with the cable anchor, also called the guy cable. The device for lifting and feeding the cable anchor comprises a frame and a rotator made with the ability of movement along the said frame, a casing, a pair of spaced wheels made with the ability of interaction with the cable anchor and mounted in the said casing, and means for rotating the wheels, connected with the said wheels with the provision of their rotation and made with the ability of connected to the drilling machine rotator. The device for gripping the cable anchor designed to be secured to the rotator, made with the ability to move together with the said rotator, comprises the means of gripping the cable anchor, having an enlarged part, and means of providing the passing of the said enlarged part through the said device and automatic retention of the cable anchor in the device after its feeding into the said device.

EFFECT: creating a device that is lighter in weight, can be used with existing drilling machines, and can use the power already supplied to the drilling machine, using the existing drilling machine rotator.

11 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: blast expansion anchor is inserted into a well head by serially connected sections of pipes and arranged on the section of potential caving of side rocks. A section of a detonating cord with a detonating cap of instant action is inserted into the cavity of the blast expansion anchor, a drilling head is installed. Then the section of the well between its head and the drilling head is filled with an explosive, installing a detonating cap of moderate action. The section of the detonating cord is exploded 1-2 seconds ahead of explosion of the explosive.

EFFECT: increased stability of underground mines due to increased thickness of rock layers fixed by blast expansion anchors of increased length and installed ahead of explosion of a well charge.

3 cl, 7 dwg

Drilling device // 2488000

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises at least one boom, the first end of which is attached to a running gear, and the second end is adapted for a support of a feed beam (111) by means of a device of a feed mechanism holder (106). At the same time the feed beam may be installed with the help of the device of the feed mechanism holder in the first drilling position in the first drilling direction and into the second drilling position. Besides, the device of the feed mechanism holder is adapted for linear displacement of the feed beam in the second direction different from the drilling direction, from the first drilling position into the second position. At the same time the feed beam in the second position is installed in the direction parallel to the first drilling direction.

EFFECT: possibility to use a plant for drilling and fixation of anchors in narrow galleries.

15 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: during reinforcement of mine workings with anchor support in rocks prone to soil heaping there drilled are bore pits into the roof and sides of mine working; and anchor bars, support elements and tie bars are installed in them. Anchors are installed into the sides at an angle to bedding. The first anchor is located at minimum technically possible distance from the roof of mine working. Length of side anchors is determined by mathematical formula.

EFFECT: reducing the soil heaping of mine workings.

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FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method to control engagement of bolting with rock massif includes impact excitation of vibration in bolting and via it in the rock massif with subsequent spectral analysis of a signal of response to an impact against the bolting and a signal of excitation of vibrations in it, and division of the first spectrum by the second spectrum. Using the produced ratio of these spectra, the integrity of bolting engagement with rock massif is estimated.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of control of bolting engagement with rock massif.

3 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: method for anchorage of mines, preferably in soft country rocks, includes drilling of blast holes into country rocks of the mine and installation of steel polymer anchors into them with fixation of their rods along the entire length of blast holes by ampoules with hardening mixtures that have different hardening time. After forecasting determination of a border of a zone of disturbed country rocks from arrangement of the mine, dynamic exposure is ensured for disturbed country rocks around the mine in the specified zone under conditions of mining pressure development, for this purpose blast holes are drilled perpendicularly to the mine contour to the border of the specified zone, the depth part of each one is filled with ampoules of expanding mixture with retarded hardening, and the remaining part of the blast hole - with ampoules of quick-setting mixtures. The last ampoule installed in the blast hole mouth is the ampoule with least time of hardening of the quick-setting mixture with gradual increase of hardening time of quick-setting mixture of each ampoule installed ahead in this part of the blast hole relative to the last ampoule. When anchors are installed into blast holes, and ampoules in them with the specified hardening mixtures are damaged as a result of expansion in process of ampoule hardening mixtures hardening along the entire length of blast holes with simultaneous transfer of pressure at the same time that varies in its value to the disturbed country rocks, the specified force action is developed at the specified rocks so that it is possible to form rock blocks around the anchors from strengthened rocks along the mine contour, coupled with each other by side surfaces, each of which acquires the shape of prism in cross section in the form of a trapezoid in the plane of the mine section, besides, the larger base of the trapezoid is limited with the border of the zone of disturbed country rocks, and its smaller base - with the mine contour. In process of subsequent exposure of the rock pressure, the specified rock blocks are self-wedged, which increases their compression between each other, thus providing for stable condition of country rocks that surround the mine.

EFFECT: invention provides for stable condition of country rocks that surround the mine, higher efficiency of anchorage of mines due to prevention of displacements in disturbed country rocks in the mine section, stipulated by increasing their stability.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: extended bars, such as boring bars and anchor bolts, are stocked into a linear accumulating device for rods, equipped with supplying elements for rods displacement up and down in the accumulating device. Feeding elements comprise helical surfaces, by means of which bars are supported in the accumulating device. The required feeding motion is developed by means of feeding elements rotation around their axis of rotation. The accumulating device for bars additionally comprises a displacement facility, which provides for the possibility of bars displacement from the accumulating device into a boring line or a bolt jointing line, i.e. to the centre and back. The displacement device is additionally equipped with a gripping device for bars gripping.

EFFECT: simplicity, reliability, ease of control and transfer to automatic mode, small dimensions and weight of equipment.

29 cl, 13 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: at protection against mine working soil swelling there performed and reinforced are mine workings with frame support; and at the same time, thickness of swelling soil layer is determined. After thickness of soil swelling layer is determined, anchors are installed along the outline of mine working arch in the gap between frames of constant support. As the anchors are being fixed, there formed is load-carrying arch of reinforced rocks along the outline of mine working arch so that it can be borne with its bottoms against swelling soil layer on both sides of mine working beyond its limits. As the load-carrying arch of reinforced rocks is being formed along the outline of mine working arch owing to its being supported with its bottoms on swelling soil layer with simultaneous force impact on it on both sides of mine working there formed is support block on each of them. Outline of each support block represents flattened pyramid. Then, inclined anchors are installed into the soil of mine working at its sides in location plane of anchors of load-carrying arch and at an angle to horizontal, which correspond to inclination angle of trapezoid diagonal to the horizontal built for each support block. Length of inclined anchor in each support block is assumed equal to length of diagonal of the built trapezoid. Deep-laid anchors of known design are used as inclined anchors.

EFFECT: increasing maintenance-free operating life of mine workings.

3 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: mine working reinforcing method involves drilling of bore pits in rows perpendicular to mine working axis, installation of composite anchors in them, their attachment to each other by means of crown runners and angles with holes made in its flanges, into one of which the end of crown runner of the previous row is passed, and through the other one the anchor of the next row is installed into the bore pit. When the mine working approaches surface of weakness of the rock mass, drilling of inclined bore pits is performed and installation of additional anchors into them is carried out; at that, axes of additional anchors are oriented perpendicular to surface of weakness, and length of additional anchors is set so that their attachment behind surface of weakness is provided.

EFFECT: increasing reinforcement efficiency of mine working when surfaces of weakness pass through breaks of rock mass.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: machine building.

SUBSTANCE: present description relates to the cutter head for mining machine, and in particular to gear of the force transition to the cutter head of the mining machine, such as continuous miner. The machine for the ore bed development includes: motor with shaft, cutting drum with specified motor and connected to ring tooth-wheels. The primary planetary gear connecting the motor and cutting drum and containing sun gear connected with shaft for force transition to the planetary pinions entering in the engagement with the internal ring tooth-wheel. Secondary planetary gear comprising sun gear receiving force from the ring tooth-wheel and transmitting the rotation force by the non-orbital planetary pinion. Spur gear secured to each side of the non-orbital planetary pinion, at that each spur gear engages with the ring tooth-wheel secured to the cutting drum.

EFFECT: possibility of use of same motor to drive various parts of the cutting drum, as spur gears can engage with various parts of the drum.

10 cl, 6 dwg