Message transfer method and device

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: redirecting messages method differs in that way is applied to the network device the second level and contains acceptation of a message by the source; evaluate the type of message; and where the message type is the specified type redirect the message in accordance with the flow of processing according to the specified type, message type assessment evaluates whether a message to one of the following specified types multiaddress distribution data message; protocol messages of multiaddress distribution and non-multiaddress message distribution.

EFFECT: increase the security of the multiaddress distribution.

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FIELD: physics, computation hardware.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to safety of info systems. Standard technical conditions of active network hardware are, first, recorded. The list of open network ports, check sums of configuration files and software files, check sums of the results of control effects over active network hardware control system are recorded. Intermittent monitoring of active network hardware is executed. Reference and current states of said reference and current hardware are compared. In case current technical state does not comply with reference state, appropriate message is generated.

EFFECT: higher level of active network hardware protection.

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FIELD: physics, communications.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of controlling packet processing. The method includes generating a processing rule which sets a matching and processing rule for a packet corresponding to a matching rule; generating processing and first identifier rules for identifying said first processing rule, wherein the processing rule includes a matching rule for matching with information included in the packet, and a packet processing instruction corresponding to the matching rule; sending the processing and first identifier rules to a node, said node determining whether to process the received packet according to the instruction depending on whether a second identifier attached to the first packet corresponds to the first identifier.

EFFECT: shorter time for establishing a connection.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a system for achieving traffic wholesale based on a soft switch, which includes a soft switch and one or more trunk gateways connected with the soft switch via an IP network. Logical resources of the soft switch include one or more trunk groups, and each trunk group includes a plurality of trunk circuits. Each trunk gateway corresponds to one or more trunk groups, and part or all of main circuits of the trunk gateways establish a corresponding relationship with the trunk circuits of corresponding trunk groups. The logical resources including the trunk groups and the trunk circuits of the trunk groups are allocated to lessees, and charging and service configurations for the trunk groups allocated to the lessees are set.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of allocating traffic.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a communication unit, a communication system, a communication method for measurement of state of a communication route. The communication system contains an adder section, a measurement section, a section of notification on measurement results, a processing rule storage section and a processing section. The adder section adds data for measurement of the communication state to the reception frame when the communication unit is an input boundary node of a network. The measurement section measures the communication state on the basis of data of measurement of the communication state when the communication unit is an output boundary node of a network. The section of notification notifies on measurement result the control unit which controls a network. The processing rule storage section addresses to data of the reception frame identifier and saves the processing rule, correlating the data of identification of the reception frame and processing of the reception frame. The processing section processes the reception frame on the basis of the processing rule.

EFFECT: possibility to switch a route at a high rate by means of server control according to network communication network.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of enabling one communication device to obtain access to data, such as a set of media items, accessible through another communication device. The method includes transmitting identification code information between a first communication device, a second communication device and a server; associating the identification code with the first communication device or providing said identification code with a set of media items accessible through the first communication device, wherein the set of media items is associated with access rules; sending, by the first communication device, information relating to said set of media items to the server, wherein the information includes access rules; receiving, by the server, the information relating to said set of media items; generating, by the server, account data relating to said set of media items and associated access rules; sending, by the server, the account data to the second communication device; receiving the account data by the second communication device, which enables the second communication device to access said set of media items.

EFFECT: obtaining access to a set of media items accessible through a different communication device.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises: detecting change in the connection between an external station (E1) and a proxy gateway (G1); generating, if change has been detected, a proxy information serial number (PISN) either (i) through increment of the existing proxy information serial number (EPISN) for a specific MAC address pair (SMACAP) by at least one, or (ii) using the serial number of a message of item encoded by a standard hybrid wireless mesh protocol, wherein said serial number is greater than the serial number of a previously created message or item, encoded by the standard hybrid wireless mesh protocol; generating an extended proxy information item (EPI) through: a first field (F1), which indicates addition or removal of a connection, presence of a third field (F3) and presence of a fifth field (F5); a second field (F2), which includes an external MAC address (EMACA); a third field (F3), which includes a proxy MAC address (PMACA), wherein presence of the third field (F3) is indicated by the first field (F1); a fourth field (F4), which includes the proxy information serial number (PISN); a fifth field (F5), which includes the proxy information life (PILIFE), wherein presence of the fifth field (F5) is indicated by the first field (F1).

EFFECT: faster data transmission in a network.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of transmitting information over a network. The method comprises transmitting from a first station to a second station, wherein the first station comprises at least one buffer memory for storing data packets intended for transmission, wherein the method includes steps where (a) the first station estimates the status of at least one buffer memory, (b) the first station transmits at least one buffer status packet which is the buffer memory status, wherein the method further includes a step (c) of adapting the value of the first parameter of the buffer status packets based on data traffic characteristics.

EFFECT: buffer status reporting (BSR) providing sufficient information on the real state of buffers of the second station during high activity thereof.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wireless cellular/self-organizing (ad hoc) networks, particularly, to processing of route request messages at routing protocols to request. Proposed is the method of detection of route between source node and destination node including intermediate replay flag of reply of route request message by source node, avalanche distribution in said wireless network and reply to said request by means of the first intermediate node and having an actual route to destination node. Described are system and method for detection of the best route. Note here that route reply message becomes the first route message. Here, selection of the best route is effected between them and source node on the basis of cumulative metrics received in route request messages receive by destination node. Extra route reply message is created to perform single-address transmission thereof to source node.

EFFECT: fast detection of the route with optimum metrics between source node and one or more destination nodes.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of receiving/transmitting data in a wireless communication system. The method includes fragmenting a data packet into two or more fragments; configuring a medium access control protocol data unit (MAC PDU), the MAC PDU including at least one of the two or more fragments, a first header containing control information about the MAC PDU which includes the at least one of the two or more fragments, and a fragmentation extended header (FEH) providing information on the data packet fragment, wherein the first header contains an indicator indicating that the FEH is present following the first header, wherein the FEH contains a type field identifying a type of the FEH and the FEH has a variable length depending on whether the fragmented data packet is a real-time data packet or not, and wherein the FEH has a shorter length when the fragmented data packet is a real-time data packet than when the fragmented data packet is a non-real-time data packet; and transmitting the configured MAC PDU to a receiving side.

EFFECT: shorter header processing time.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to Internet communication. The system employs network elements, which include an acceleration server, clients, agents and peers, where communication requests generated by applications are intercepted by a client in the same computer. The IP address of the server is transmitted to the acceleration server, which provides a list of agents for use for said IP address. One or more agents respond with a list of peers who previously possessed some or all of the content, which is a response to said request. The client then downloads data from said peers in parallel and in parts.

EFFECT: reducing network overload for content owners and Internet service providers.

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FIELD: computer science, in particular, engineering of device for input-output of information in electronic computing machine, transferred along communication channels for transferring information; in particular, device is meant for acting as an intellectual multi-port telecommunication port of personal computer, used in mode of central transport station in data transfer networks for specialized use.

SUBSTANCE: multiplexer has system block, wherein four-channeled telegraph one-polar and two-polar modules are positioned, as well as four-channeled standard-joint C2 module, bi-impulse one-channeled and two-channeled modules, one-channeled telephone module, m modules of four-channeled asynchronous adapter, group control electronic board, and also block for adjustment and control, and combination board.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities, possible increase of number and types of connected input-output channels, possible synchronization with several types of specialized equipment.

4 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: network control; data acquisition on network topology.

SUBSTANCE: message requesting data acquisition on network topology that incorporates field limiting number of operations for message transfer from local station to adjacent ones is sent and following steps are repeated: request message receiving station returns response message and network topology data acquisition device finds out if number of message transfer operations has reached certain threshold value and terminates process if it is so, otherwise it sends request message to all adjacent stations.

EFFECT: facilitated procedure, reduced number of control errors.

7 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: technology for serial addressing of following devices in networks with bus topology with one leading device of network and several following devices, possible use primarily for querying devices, used for automation of technological processes.

SUBSTANCE: method for serial addressing by leading device of following devices in networks with bus topology with one network leading device and several following devices includes receipt by following devices of flush impulse, of information about address from leading device, comparison of received information about address by each following device with its own address and switching of one following device to data transfer mode if information received about address matches its own address. As information about address, received by following device, number of addressing impulses is used, and during transfer of one following device to data exchange mode other following devices are maintained in active mode.

EFFECT: decreased addressing time during serial querying of all following devices in the network.

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FIELD: technology for determining solutions concerning possibility of connection between network elements using functions of network control system.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to method, each network element contains input ports and output ports, while each provides a set of connection points. Connection possibility tables contains data about possible internal connections between connection points of any input port and any output port of any network elements, controlled by network control system. Method allows each time during selection of certain network element for use in a route with its input port and its output port to receive solution at network control device level concerning connection capabilities for certain network element.

EFFECT: increased searching efficiency at level of network control system.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: engineering of technical means for complex protection of information during its storage and transfer.

SUBSTANCE: method for complex information protection is realized in following order: prior to transfer into communication channel or prior to recording into memory, state of used communication channel or information storage environment is analyzed, from M possible codes parameters of optimal (n,k) code for current status of channel or information storage end are determined, information subject to protection is split on q-nary symbols l bits long (q=2l) for each q-nary system gamma combinations l bits long are formed independently from information source, for each set of k informational q-nary symbols (n-k) excessive q-nary symbols are formed in accordance to rules of source binary (n,k) code, each q-nary symbol is subjected to encrypting stochastic transformation with participation of gamma, after receipt from communication channel or after reading from memory for each q-nary symbol combination of gamma with length l is generated, synchronously with transferring side, reverse stochastic decrypting transformation is performed for each q-nary symbol with participation of gamma, by means of checking expressions of source binary code localized are correctly read from memory or received q-nary symbols, untrustworthily localized symbols are deleted, integrity of message is restored by correcting non-localized and erased q-nary symbols of each block, expressing their values through values of trustworthily localized or already corrected q-nary symbols, if trustworthy restoration of integrity of code block is impossible it is deleted, number of deleted blocks is counted, optimality is determined within observation interval of used code with correction of errors for current state of channel, if code optimum criterion exceeds given minimal and maximal limits, code is replaced with optimal code synchronously at transferring and receiving parts of channel in accordance to maximum transfer speed criterion.

EFFECT: efficiency of each protection type and increased quality of maintenance of guaranteed characteristics of informational system.

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FIELD: transmitting messages with broadcast servicing parameters in wireless communication system supporting broadcast service.

SUBSTANCE: one of methods involves identification of service option number corresponding to set of broadcast transmission parameters. As an alternative, message identifies bit block corresponding to broadcast transmission parameters. Message can be transferred over service information transmission channel. Message for system supporting broadcast service identifies protocol stack for processing broadcast service and also identifies protocol stack for processing broadcast content.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency and precision of data transfer and specific service rendering.

12 cl, 24 dwg

FIELD: data transmission in computer networks.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention, expandable, usable with various client-server informational systems, system of dynamically created program objects is used, wherein program objects are divided onto a fixed number of categories, which are matched with predetermined program interfaces, where creation of request to server and processing of response from server represent predetermined chains of program object method calls.

EFFECT: reduced load on communication line in client-server system.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: communications engineering, in particular, systems for controlling information exchange process in communication networks of industrial enterprises, in-plant networks and field communication units.

SUBSTANCE: system for controlling passage of documental information contains station for managing system for controlling information passage with operative-dispatching equipment, data transmission lines and phone communication connecting lines, station for controlling passage of documental information based on duty workplace for controlling passage of documental information and workplaces of two dispatchers, where each one of aforementioned workplaces is equipped with personal computer, containing system block, monitor, standard keyboard, "mouse" type graphical manipulator, printer and interface expander, block of adapters, block for connecting and distributing communication lines, client and connecting lines of service communications, service communications equipment, consisting of line commutation block and three control panels, one for each of aforementioned workplaces for controlling passage of documental information and of first and second dispatchers, n client stations for transferring documental information, each one of which contains group equipment block, four telegrapher panels and four end talking panels, data transmission lines and client phone communication lines, connected in a certain way.

EFFECT: increased trustworthiness of control over passage of documental information and increased quality of services, provided to consumers of aforementioned information.

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FIELD: multi-layered content delivery.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the invention the network contains a content release layer, content delivery layer with at least one level of delivery sub-layer and a layer of boundary servicing, where the service release layer contains at least one node of Internet service provider (ICP), and is connected to first level delivery sub-layer in the content delivery layer, each delivery sub-layer contains at least one delivery unit, and the delivery sub-layer of the lowest level is connected to boundary service layer, the boundary service layer contains at least one boundary service area, and content, which is subject to release in a content release layer, is distributed through delivery node of first level delivery sub-layer, which is connected to content release layer, and further downwards level after level until the boundary service layer is reached.

EFFECT: distributed provision of services, optimized dispatching mode and local balancing of servicing load.

2 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: mobile communications.

SUBSTANCE: each time when it is necessary to output information on available mobile telecommunication networks, it is required to determine if output of information on available mobile telecommunication networks is allowed on the basis of the number of information transmissions performed within certain period of time. If the transmission is allowed, information on available mobile telecommunication networks is transmitted and number of performed transmissions is registered; otherwise information transmission is stopped. When value of the period for decision making is changed, the record of transmission number is updated. If after stop of information transmission a request is received for information output, this request is left without answer or the information is transmitted after delay.

EFFECT: protection of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) against frequent interaction operations of network selection.

19 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: mobile communication device comprises means for transmitting authentication information to an external authentication system, means for receiving from the noted system a request in accordance with authentication, a control means for at least one of starting and stopping the function of sending the signal at a predetermined frequency or with a predetermined cyclicity. And, in the case where the request is received from an external authentication system in accordance with the success of authentication, the noted control starts the noted function. In this case, the signal sent using the mentioned function includes a UUID, a base number and an additional number.

EFFECT: flexible control of sending a signal and changing the contents of this signal with the help of authentication.

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