Server cabinet and data centre based on server cabinet

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: server cabinet comprises at least two functional units, a plurality of intra-server antennas and a plurality of inter-server antennas. The functional units are located in a vertical direction with the formation of a server core; the intra-server antennas are located in the vertical direction, located at the side of the server core, and are electrically connected to the corresponding functional units, and the adjacent intra-server antennas are connected in a wireless manner. When transmitting a radio signal within the server cabinet, the intra-server antennas located in the vertical direction form a transmission path. Because the intra-server antennas are located at the side of the server core, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the radio signal during transmission process has a relatively small impact on the functional units.

EFFECT: reducing impact of the electromagnetic radiation on various electronic devices and equipment, which increases the service life of electronic devices and equipment and improves the quality of the radio signal transmission.

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FIELD: measurement equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field devices used in process control and monitoring systems, and, in particular, to field devices which use wireless data transmission. The wireless field device or the adapter for conversion of the wire field device to the wireless field device includes the housing, the first plug socket on the housing and the dismountable antenna module which includes the antenna, the second plug socket which is capable to connect and disconnect from the first plug socket, and the fairing which contains the antenna and is fixed on the second plug socket. The fairing is made from current-dissipating material which dissipates the generated static voltage without sparking at connection and disconnection of plug sockets, making it possible to separate the antenna or to install during the time of occurrence of the wireless field device in potentially hazardous (classified) zone.

EFFECT: protecting from sparking during antenna dismantling or mounting in case of operation in a hazardous zone.

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FIELD: aircraft engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to counter-drone fighting. Proposed method consists in generation of electromagnetic microwave flows to be directed towards flying drone. This causes induced currents at drone parasitic antennas to paralyze drone onboard control system.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of hitting.

Antenna device // 2546608

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: antenna device for mounting on glass (1), having at least one antenna (3) mounted on or in the glass (1) and a high-frequency mass field (4) in the glass (1), wherein the high-frequency mass field (4) is fused in the form of a crosshatch made of metal wires into a film material and laminated into the glass (1) in that form.

EFFECT: antenna receives a high-frequency signal and has no negative effect on visibility for a driver when mounted in a vehicle glass.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio engineering and can be used to determine radio characteristics of large-size antennae for spacecraft without direct measurement thereof. The method includes constructing a three-dimensional model of a reflector using a high-precision contactless laser scanner Leica Lazer Radar LR200, constructing three-dimensional amplitude and phase directional patterns of the irradiator based on the measured principal cross-sections of the amplitude and phase directional patterns, calculating energy characteristics of the large-size antennae using a developed program-algorithm system.

EFFECT: high reliability of measurements of radio characteristics of large-size antennae for spacecraft in conditions exposed to the Earth's gravity, enabling investigation of the relationship between required accuracy of the reflector profile and the operating frequency range without direct measurements in the far zone.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to radio equipment and can be used at design and operation of radio direction finding complexes or radio communication systems of portable, mobile (onboard) and stationary location. On every element of an antenna array, an interval is recorded on time interval [0,T], formation of discrete spectrum of field intensity is performed using a Fourier transformation procedure; with that, for each of the obtained spectrum components there found is a vector of complex amplitudes/auxiliary sources as an approximate solution of a matrix-vector equation using a quasisolution procedure. Number of auxiliary sources is determined as number of the most significant proper numbers of an autocorrelation matrix of signals received by the antenna array, i.e. maximum and differing from the rest ones as to the value at least by one order. Then, values of a spectral component field are determined at an arbitrary point of antenna array plane (a virtual signal receiving channel is formed) as a scalar product of the determined vector of complex amplitudes of auxiliary sources and the corresponding vector of the virtual signal receiving channel.

EFFECT: improving stable functioning of assessment methods of electromagnetic or acoustic filed intensity.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: method involves performance, by means of a hybrid circuit, of control of a phase for signals received from a receiver-transmitter of a basic station, generation of signals having a pre-determined phase, and transmission of signals to a power division device; control of amplitude for signals, which is performed by the power division device, and output of multibeam signals having amplitude of an array and the pre-determined phases to a variety of antenna arrays; and transmission by the variety of antenna arrays of a variety of signals having an array phase and an array amplitude; besides, in multibeam signals, the array phase of each signal path is the same as the pre-determined phase, or an array phase of at least one signal path is opposite to the pre-determined phase.

EFFECT: improving carrying capacity and simplifying the device.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: multi-station passive location radio system (MRS PL) consists of a structured antenna array and a high-performance computer. The structure of the array is similar to that of the retina. The array consists of active cells which are grouped into separate antenna fields, signals from which are transmitted to controllers of a second and, further grouped likewise, to the next layers until the input of the computer. The controllers and the computer employ a spatial selection algorithm. The technical result of the operation of the MRS PL is provided by the dimensions of the separate antenna fields, which must be much larger than the operating wavelength, used to achieve the required sensitivity of the noise attenuation principle by selecting the number of array cells. To reduce the amount of computations when scanning, the computer employs a sector detection algorithm, which is the spatial selection algorithm with another input parameter.

EFFECT: high noise-immunity and accuracy of detecting received signals.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to antenna engineering, particularly to design of microstrip antenna devices, and can be used in satellite navigation systems, particularly GPS-GLONASS, in communication and information transmission systems and as an antenna array element. The antenna consists of a disc radiator, an annular halver, a low-noise amplifier, an antenna housing and a protective dome/cap, wherein the antenna housing is common for the disc radiator, the annular halver and the low-noise amplifier, with a compartment for the low-noise amplifier, wherein in the compartment for the low-noise amplifier on the inner side of the cover of the housing, there is an absorber for attenuating waveguide modes in the compartment for the low-noise amplifier, and the top part of the housing has a depression in which a spring-loaded silver-plated spacer is placed on the entire periphery of the top part of the housing, which provides reliable electrical contact on the entire periphery of the annular halver.

EFFECT: reception and amplification of signals with maximum antenna sensitivity.

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FIELD: physics, navigation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to search devices and is designed for detecting objects based on reception of signals resulting from secondary re-radiation with change in the spectrum of the probing signal. The detector has first and second generators which emit probing signals at close frequencies f1 and f2, and a receiver with a receiving antenna which receives signals in a frequency range close to the frequencies f1 and f2. To eliminate nonlinear combination-type interference and interference associated with blocking effects, probing signal antennae further include ferrite valves. Between the receiver and the second probing signal generator, there is a compensator for the second probing signal at the input of the receiver, consisting of two directional couplers, a variable attenuator and a variable phase-changer. A decision on detection of an object with nonlinear elements is made if a combination-type component at frequency 2f1-f2 or 2f2-f1 is detected at the input of the receiver. In another mode, the decision is made if the receiver detects a signal at frequency f1, which is modulated with frequency F, wherein the probing signal at frequency f2 is modulated with frequency F.

EFFECT: enabling detection of objects with nonlinear elements which may in turn include narrow-band nonlinear objects.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: composite GLONASS/GPS+GSM - 900/1800 system, having a GLONASS/GPS system antenna with an amplifier, a passive antenna designed to receive and transmit data in GSM networks and two feeders, characterised by that it further includes a metal base covered by a radiotransparent cap; wherein said passive antenna is vertically mounted on the base, said passive antenna being a dielectric plate, on the top edge of one the surfaces of which are deposited two current-conducting rectangles which are oriented with their long sides parallel to the metal base, on the lower edge of the two current-conducting rectangles, oriented with their short sides parallel to the metal base, between the two rectangles, situated on the lower edge, there is a third current-conducting rectangle with a rounded vertex. An inverted L shaped element is attached to the vertex, wherein the GLONASS/GPS system antenna with the amplifier is mounted on the metal base in a plane perpendicular to the dielectric plate and symmetrical to its end part.

EFFECT: increasing the power of signals in the GSM-900/1800 range and reducing the shielding effect of the structure of a GSM antenna on a GLONASS antenna.

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Antenna // 2407116

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: in antenna having a lower part and an upper part carrying a radio wave emitter and/or receiver, a bogie, the lower part has apparatus for sucking onto the horizontal surface blow the wheels. The said apparatus for sucking onto the horizontal surface is in form of a socket piece joined by a corrugation to a ventilator. The upper part can move vertically through a rope with a drive lying on the base of the lower part.

EFFECT: high stability.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: contactless marker is essentially characterized by microchip (16) and Y-shaped antenna, connected to microchip, which contains information required for object tracking, which may be read with the help of reader through exchange of electromagnetic waves of ultrahigh frequency. Antenna is an antenna of dipole type, which consists of three main wires, the first main wire (10), the second main wire (12), generating dipole with the first main wire, and the third main wire (14), which generates the second dipole with the first main wire. Angle between the firs and second main wires is equal to angle between the first and third main wires, and angle between the second main wire and the third main wire is in the range between 60 and 180. Each of the main wires comprises an auxiliary wire (24, 26 or 28) at its end, which is perpendicular to the main wire.

EFFECT: creation of contactless marker with an omnidirectional antenna.

12 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed unit designed for matching satellite-system signal receiver with active antenna that uses single coaxial cable for transmitting signals and supply voltage has high-voltage connector for cable running from active antenna and printed-circuit board, both secured either side of electricity conducting base so that electrical connection is provided between high-frequency connector shroud and ground strip of printed-circuit board. The latter carries circuit designed to connect/disconnect signal circuit and active antenna supply circuit to/from signal, antenna, potential, and ground leads. Ground lead is connected to ground plane. Antenna lead is connected to central lead of high-frequency connector. Central core and screening sheath of lead used for passing satellite system signals to receiver are connected to signal and ground leads. Signal circuit has first filter assembly inserted between antenna and signal leads that passes signals arriving from active antenna and does not pass supply voltage to antenna. Active-antenna power circuit has low-frequency connector whose first and second contact members form leads for connecting closing jumper in case active antenna is supplied with power from satellite-system signal receiver, and third and fourth leads for connecting bundled power conductors in case active antenna is supplied with power from power unit; signal circuit also has second and additional filter assemblies that pass, respectively, supply voltage to active antenna and do not pass signals arriving from this antenna and are connected to antenna and signal leads; their other leads are connected, respectively, to potential lead and to first contact member of low-voltage connector; potential lead is electrically connected to second and third contact members of low-voltage connector and ground lead, to its fourth contact member.

EFFECT: enlarged range of satellite-system signal receivers matched with various active antennas fed either from receiver or from separate power unit.

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FIELD: physics, computation hardware.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to computer engineering, particularly, to printed data relaying hardware that controls data on imager. Proposed system allow data exchange with print services system controlled by manufacturer which releases specs for data exchange with imagers. This system comprises means to define request for registration of the user's imager. It includes means to instruct which defines if second record entry and data are not registered in association. Then, second record entry and data on print function are registered.

EFFECT: ruled data leaks.

8 cl, 24 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automation and computer engineering. The device comprises a data memory register, a digital-to-analogue converter, input and output buses, a register, a switch unit, a resistor unit and an additional input bus.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of the data output control device.

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FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a data processing device, a POS system and a method of controlling a POS system. The method includes transmitting identification information with which a terminal device is identified from a data processing device to the terminal device, receiving the transmitted identification information in the terminal device and displaying said information on the terminal device, actuating a device for reading the displayed identification information, obtaining read data in the data processing device and determining communication of the terminal device and the device by comparing the identification information read by the device and identification information transmitted to the terminal device.

EFFECT: simple configuration of reading devices of a POS system and determining communication of reading and terminal devices.

17 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a communication device for the establishment of an indirect communication channel between this communication device and at least another communication device. A data transmission service chosen out of a set of data transmission services is associated with an identification code. The latter identifies the communication device. The data related to the identification code is sent to a server. The data is transmitted preferably through a radio-frequency communication interface. The identification code is transmitted in a broadcasting mode during the pre-set time interval to be received at least with another communication device. Transmission in the broadcasting mode is performed preferably through a non-radio-frequency interface of near communication.

EFFECT: technical result of the invention consists in simple, intuitive and instantaneous initiation of communication between two communication devices.

21 cl, 6 dwg

FIELD: physics, video.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a method of providing a television viewer direct access to universal resource identifiers (URI), associated with television content already viewed by the television viewer. The technical result is achieved by monitoring viewed television content, and URI associated with television content already viewed are automatically determined without human interference and can be accessible for a television viewer through a content service. The content service can be a web server which can be accessed by a television viewer through a browser application operating in the communication terminal of the television viewer. A television viewer can access the content service to call URI which can be used to sample Internet content associated with television content from the corresponding web server through a communication terminal.

EFFECT: automatic reception and use of URI which can be demonstrated to users along with television content.

31 cl, 11 dwg

FIELD: radio, communication.

SUBSTANCE: system for copying settings of one device to another device includes: a network transmitter (10), connected to the first device (12), a network receiver (14), connected with the second device (16), besides, the network transmitter and the network receiver may establish a network connection (18), if the distance between them is substantially equal to or less than the specified distance (20), the network transmitter is adapted to read settings of the first device and transmission of read settings of the device via the established network connection, and the network receiver is adapted to receive settings of the device transmitted by the network transmitter via the established network connection, and configuration of the second device in accordance with the accepted settings of the device.

EFFECT: provision of automation of device setting in a network of devices due to copying of setting of one device to another closely located device.

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FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering. Aircraft ACS in landing approach comprises landing radio complex including ground glide-path beacon, on-board glide-path beacon and range finder interconnected via radio channel. Besides this system incorporates multiplier, complex control computer and vertical overload transducer, that of pitch angular velocity and angle of attach, steering linkage, integrators, adders and filter connected with aforesaid units. Additionally, this system comprises interconnected filters, adders, six nonlinear units, sensor of pilot interference in aircraft control, bank angle transducer, inverter, two-position switch, three units of signal transmission static factors and aircraft vertical flight speed transducer.

EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability.

5 dwg

FIELD: physics, computer engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems for realising a membership function in multiple multicast groups of various service providers. The method comprises sending a connection request to a multicast group using an Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Join message; wherein the request is intercepted by MD DSL, respectively processed, recorded in a table and transmitted to a network; adding multicast (McA) VLS to the intercepted information, wherein a central processing unit tags, based on the IP information packet received in the IGMP header, IGMP requests from the user VLS to the network Mc VLS, after which the central processing unit adds to a CAM forwarding table a record on the destination address of multicast content of the service provider with the corresponding Mc VLS-id, wherein the central processing unit sets up the forwarding mechanism with rules for tagging multicast VLS packets on separate ports based on forwarding rules written in the a code mechanism and the forwarding mechanism respectively forwards through the connections the processed IGMP user traffic with the network VLS-id.

EFFECT: providing multicast content in free access networks by multiple service providers, in which multicast mode is used to transmit video content.

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