Respiratory mask with clean air reception chamber

FIELD: items for personal use.

SUBSTANCE: body of the respiratory mask forming the first chamber and the second chamber is provided. In one embodiment, the mask body comprises one or more inlet ports configured to receive one or more components in the form of respiratory air sources communicating with the first chamber and allowing movement of the withdrawn fluid.

EFFECT: component allows air to be transferred from the first chamber to the second chamber during inhalation.

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FIELD: rescue equipment.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a respirator in which the central part of the mask base is welded to the peripheral part. The respirator (10) is proposed, which comprises a base (12) of the mask, at least one filter cartridge (24). The base (12) of the mask has a central part (14) and a peripheral part (16). The filter cartridge (24) is attached to the rigid central part (16). The peripheral part (14) is made of a first thermoplastic material having low rigidity, and the central part (16) is made of a second rigid thermoplastic material. The first thermoplastic material is welded to the second thermoplastic material.

EFFECT: respirator having such structure is easy to manufacture, has strong hermetic attachment of its parts to each other, and also has a small weight.

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Mask // 2549065

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: presented mask is able to inactivate viruses falling thereon even in the presence of lipids and proteins and regardless whether a virus has a coating or not. The mask is able to inactivate the viruses falling thereon and comprises a base with an element used when the mask is in use, as well as fine particles inactivating the virus and possessing antiviral properties and retained by the mask base. The fine particles inactivating the virus are those taken from at least one of a group of substances: platinum iodide (II), palladium iodide (II), silver iodide (I), copper iodide (I) and copper thiocyanate (I); the fine particles inactivating the virus are attached to the mask base by at least a silane monomer and/or by a polymerisation product of the silane monomer.

EFFECT: mask is able to inactivate the viruses falling thereon.

6 cl, 3 tbl, 4 dwg

FIELD: medicine, rescue technique.

SUBSTANCE: invention represents a respirator (10) comprising a headset (12) and a mask support (14). The headset (12) has one or more belts (21) and a head fastener (16) which is connected to one or more belts (21) and comprises the first and second laterally extending elements (18, 20) and a latch (26). The latch (26) makes it possible to mount the laterally extending elements (18, 20) in the first open position, wherein they are spaced from each other and wherein the head fastener can be put on the head by the user, and also provides disengaging them from each other; thereby the above elements (18, 20) can be transformed into the second folded position wherein the mask can be kept taken-off.

EFFECT: advantage of such a headset consists in the fact that it can be quickly taken off from the head and comfortably placed behind the user's neck, and the mask support can be temporarily taken off from the face if desired.

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FIELD: rescue equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a respirator resistant to creasing and comprising means of resistance to creasing for providing resistance to creasing of the main part of the respirator, caused by breathing of the user during use of this respirator. In particular, in various embodiments of the invention, the means of resistance to creasing can be a deflecting element increasing stiffening of the material, fastening components configured for application of deflecting force directed outwardly when the respirator is in use, or any combination of these. The double vent unit for exhalation is also additionally described, made with the ability to be used in the respirator resistant to creasing.

EFFECT: improved design.

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FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics.

SUBSTANCE: declared group of inventions which refers to an adsorbent, a mask with adsorbent and an absorbent layer for organic substance adsorption, an adsorbent for allergen adsorption, an adsorbent to be used in medicine and an oral adsorbent. Said adsorbents, mask and adsorbent layer contains a porous carbon material comprising spherical pores having average diameter of 110-9 to 110-5 and regularly spaced (in an orderly fashion) with a surface area of the material making more than 3x102 m2/g.

EFFECT: invention provides preparing the adsorbents with high adsorbent ability.

37 cl, 4 dwg, 20 tbl, 7 ex

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: present invention is applied for respiratory protection from airborne particles and/or off-odour or toxic gases. A folded flat face mask is cup-shaped when expanded to fit over user's mouth and nose. The mask comprises a porous layer and a supporting net. The porous layer comprises at least a first primary surface being extrorse when the mask is cup-shaped. The porous layer which the supporting net is laminated to comprises at least one fold and thereby may be opened from the flat folded position to the cup shape by at least partial expansion of at least one fold, and may be folded back to the flat position. The supporting net is arranged on an external surface of the face mask when the mask is cup-shaped.

EFFECT: higher protection effectiveness.

23 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the method for making a fibrous electret item from a polymer material, having a zeta-potential, which is higher or lower than - 7.5 mV. The item is charged by bringing it in contact with a water-based liquid having the following pH and conductivity values: (i) if an item has a zeta-potential of -7.5 mV or below, then liquid brought in contact with it has pH of more than 7 and conductivity from 5 to 9000 mcS/cm. If an item has a zeta-potential of more than -7.5 mV, then liquid brought in contact with it has pH of 7 and below and conductivity from 5 to 5500 mcS/cm.

EFFECT: electret item may have improved characteristics, especially if it is used as an electret filtering item.

19 cl, 6 dwg, 7 tbl, 110 ex

FIELD: fire fighting means.

SUBSTANCE: this invention is used for respiratory protection from airborne particles and/or unpleasant or toxic gases. Flat, if stowed, folded face mask is made with the ability of its unfolding to the bowl-shaped form to fit over the mouth and nose of the user. The mask comprises at least one porous layer, and at least one stiffening element. Porous layer comprises the first and the second main surfaces, and forms at least one fold. Moreover, the porous layer is made with the ability of its unfolding by at least partial unfolding of at least one fold. The stiffening element is located next to at least a part of the first main surface of the porous layer and comprises a sheet material which consists of an inner part bounded by the perimetre. And at least at two places along the perimetre of the stiffening element there are elements of engagement. Each element of engagement enables the adjacent part of the porous layer to make a shift in the direction in general outwards relative to the inner part of the stiffening element and prevents shifting of the adjacent part of the porous layer in the direction in general inwards toward the inner part of the stiffening element.

EFFECT: mask design provides the required degree of unfolding with increased resistance of the mask unfolding against deformation and folding.

26 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: folding respirator 10 includes straps 14, a mask 12 and the first and second flanges 30a, 30b. The mask 12 is adapted to fold into a flat shape for the storage and disclosure into the cup-shaped form for use, having convex sections of the filter structure. The mask 12 has the first and second flanges 30a, 30b, located on the first and second sides of the mask and projecting laterally and frontally from the mask 12. The presence of the first and second flanges on the sides of the respirator is useful as using them it is convenient to put off, put on, and adjust the mask, to locate and hold on the face the mask made in the bowl-shaped form.

EFFECT: prevention of ingress of contamination or pollutants into the user's respiratory tract.

19 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: transport.

SUBSTANCE: proposed mask serves to protect pilot. Oxygen mask comprises rigid carcass with nose cavity, face sides, lower part with expiration valve fastening surface, glasses, mask fastening to protective helmet and inspiration valve, hose with suction tube and interference compensator tube. Obturator is arranged inside aforesaid carcass. Note here that the latter features higher rigidity ensured by carcass lower part embracing chin and changing into face side. Besides, it is furnished with human nose outline shaper arranged between obturator and mask case inner surface atop nose cavity.

EFFECT: tight fit with pilot face, simple design and comfortable fit.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Respiratory device // 2248825

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has respiratory mask and gas-proof respiratory sack filled with air usable for breathing at atmospheric pressure. The mask and respiratory sack are directly joined to each other. Sack volume provides normal vital activity of a person adapted to endogenous breathing, during given time period.

EFFECT: simplified design; enhanced effectiveness in training endogenous breathing.

1 dwg

FIELD: equipment for individual protection of human respiratory organs and organism on the whole during operation or presence under low and lower, high and increased temperatures, and also for returning of moisture lost with inhalation.

SUBSTANCE: element of first embodiment has shape conforming with shape of lower part of face. Effective section of element is tens times the section of respiratory tracts. Inner surface of element is provided with central opening for breathing through mouth. Casing is formed as thin layer which does not render pneumatic resistance to breathing flows. Said layer is made from thread-like moisture-impermeable material with density of 75-300 mg/l, thickness of 3-30 mm. Casing is equipped with opening for breathing through mouth. Netted members defining insert in casing are impregnated with hardening compound to form variable radius curved pack. Netted members have thickness ranging between ones and dozens microns, and pack has thickness ranging between ones and dozens millimeters. Internal volume of element is defined by its internal surface of smaller radius and inner cover imparting additional rigidity to said element, with maximal distance therebetween in the middle reducing in perimeter to zero, and opening for breathing through mouth. Radius of outer surface of mask is greater than radius of its inner surface to result in formation of widening micro channels of heat-exchanging surface. Tapes are attached to upper and lower edges of element for fastening on user's head, behind ears. Second embodiment of element has case where insert is accommodated, said insert being composed of set of perforated or netted members superposed onto one another, tapes for attachment to user's head, and nose warming part. Internal volume of element is defined by its inner surface of smaller radius and internal additional rigidity imparting cover, with maximal distance therebetween in the middle reducing in perimeter to zero, and opening for breathing. Third version of element is used for breathing through collar or scarf and is composed of narrow vertical strips pivotally or elastically secured with one another and impregnated with hardening compound. Said strips are located within case formed of thin layer which does not render resistance to breathing flows. Case is made from thread-like moisture-impermeable material having density of 75-300 mg/l, thickness of 3-30 mm and is placed into netted pocket stitched into edges or one edge of collar or scarf.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and convenient usage of element.

8 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: respirators of face masks capable of folding for storage and forming bowl-shaped air chamber embracing user's nose and mouth during employment.

SUBSTANCE: respiratory apparatus has flat, substantially elliptical central part equipped with first and second edges, flat first member connected to first edge of central part along fold line, seam, or connected by welding or other type of attachment, said fold line, seam, welded line or attachment line of second member being substantially of the same extension as second edge of central part. At least one of central part, first or second member is made from filtering medium. For storage, apparatus may be folded into flat state, said first and second members at least partly contacting with one and the same surface of central part. During employment, apparatus is unfolded into bowl-shaped air chamber embracing user's nose and mouth and having peripheral portion contacting with user's face. Method for manufacturing such an apparatus is also described.

EFFECT: improved sealing and compact structure of apparatus in its folded state.

28 cl, 21 dwg

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method involves using pacifier as support to keep hygienic sanitary protection device on baby face holding it with mouth. Convex mask repeating face profile fulfils pacifier restriction disk function. The mask has an opening at nose level for mounting filtering member and openings for eyes.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness in protecting children against harmful action of environment.

5 cl, 3 dwg

Respirator // 2284840

FIELD: air cleaning equipment, in particular, respirators adapted for cleaning of air in working zone from vapors and aerosols of hazardous substances and serving as individual protection means used in carrying out of works connected with release of hazardous substances under domestic conditions.

SUBSTANCE: respirator has air-permeable face part made in the form of folded filtering half mask consisting of front and terminating layers of filtering materials, elastic headband and nose clip, said layers being arranged successively in the course of flow of air. Air-permeable face part is made in the form of equilateral trapezium, with ratio of small and large bases of said trapezium making 1:1.1-1.25. Filtering surface is made in the form of M-shaped fold with ratio of width of each generatrix of its inner surfaces to width of outer surfaces making 1:1.25-1.45. Layer of elastic sorption material is located between front and closing layers of elastic filtering materials.

EFFECT: improved quality of cleaning air by means of respirator, wider range of application, increased service life and enhanced reliability in operation.

5 dwg

FIELD: different harmful industries; means of individual protection of the respiratory organs of people in harmful productions.

SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the means of individual protection of the respiratory organs of the working staff, in particular, to respirator half mask, and may be used in the cartridge respirators for protection against harmful vapors, gases and aerosols in conditions of the harmful productions. The respirator half mask contains the resilient body consisting of the nose part and the carrying part with the pads having holes for mounting the filtering cartridges and the conjugated with the body obturator interfaced a body with the band of obturation. The body contour in the frontal plane in the field of the obturator consists of four conjugating arcs of circumferences, and in the plane perpendicular to the frontal plane - from three conjugating arcs of circumferences. The angle of turn-down of the obturation band end is smoothly varies along the body contour or has the constant value in the chin part. The angle of turn-down of the obturation band end in respect to the frontal plane the half mask is smoothly increasing from the nose bridge up to the nose wings, further it is smoothly diminishing in the field of the nose wings and cheeks, and at the variable angle it is smoothly diminished in the chin part. The holes for fastening the filtering cartridges are made on the pads of the oval form, their centers are arranged on the equal spacing interval from each other on the generatrix of the contour of the body for all the sizes, which is determined according to the length of the generatrix for the first size of the half mask. The invention demonstrates the increased significance of the protective and ergonomic values and improved manufacturability and economic features of the respirator half mask.

EFFECT: the invention ensures the increased significance of the protective and ergonomic values and improved manufacturability and economic features of the respirator half mask.

2 cl, 3 dwg, 3 tbl

Respirator // 2289460

FIELD: devices, apparatus, or methods for life-saving.

SUBSTANCE: respirator comprises filtering hemi-mask made of horizontal folds, obturator, nose clamp, and head cord. The horizontal folds of the hemi-mask are made of top and bottom parallel rows of corrugations. The top and bottom rows of corrugations are interconnected through the rectangular cross-piece. The rectangular cross-piece and face parts of the corrugations of the top and bottom rows of the folds are interconnected by means of detachable fastening members. The respirator is additionally provided with a spacer made of two parallel plates made of a flexible material.

EFFECT: improved design and reduced air resistance.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: items of personal use and for household.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to means of individual protection of human body in general and respiratory organs in conditions of thermal discomfort at low and reduced, increased and high temperatures, as well as for return of lost with respiration moisture with a complex cleaning of the in-breathing air from dust, suspended materials, plant pollen, bacterias, viruses and gas impurities at the environment temperature from -64°C till +125°C and higher. Device for independent thermal comfort of human body has shape and sizes resembling the shape and proportion of sizes of the lower part of a face and contains section from case with central hole on the inner side for work respiration from textile fabric that does not render pneumatic resistance to air flows in which there is insert in the shape of inner section from several put one on another perforated or netlike elements. The netlike elements are sodden with hardening compound and form heat-exchange surface bent outward with alternate radius package from units till dozens millimeters thick. Radius of the bend and square of the inner surface of the element is more than the radius of the bend and square of its inner surface. The device additionally contains consequently situated in the insert above the inner section and forming therewith a single thermal block a middle self-humidifying section that is made from netlike elements, and the outside section from several put one onto another perforated or netlike elements sodden with hardening compound. The netlike elements of each section are made from natural fabrics, each section forms a heat-exchange surface in the shape of bent outward with alternate radius package from units till dozens millimiters thick. Radius of the bend and square of the outer surface are more than the radius of the bend and square of its inner surface, and square of each subsequent square is more than the square of the previous one. Thickness of netlike element set in each section and air intervals between them amounts to several millimeters. In parallel to the work channel for respiration including the central hole there is additional regulator for decrease of coefficient of efficiency.

EFFECT: widening of operational possibilities of device.

7 cl, 10 dwg

Respiration mask // 2354424

FIELD: individual supplies.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns devices of individual organism protection as a whole, particularly for protection of respiratory organs to create comfortable conditions at low, subnormal, elevated and high temperatures, and to recycle moisture lost with breath with complex air intake treatment, and can be applied in mining, chemical and construction industry etc. Respiration mask includes case with hole for oral respiration, made of thin damp-proof material, and insert. Insert includes several functional layers alternating in sequence and forming heat exchange surface in the form of convex pack of some to some dozen mm. Mask layer alternation algorithm is designed similar to human respiratory system structure and allows production of insulation masks which make up to 2 l of air sufficient for breath in closed limited space, including up to 500 ml of expired air and 1500 ml of air for compensation of reflex respiratory center aspiration. Curve radius and area of external surface exceed curve radius and area of internal surface, thus forming divergent microchannels of heat exchange surface. Mask features tape for attachment to human head.

EFFECT: extended operation capabilities.

2 dwg

FIELD: medical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for application in drug administration under pressure, e.g. in aerosol drug administration system. In one version, face mask includes at least partially deformed case with surface contacting patient's face, nose bridge zone made in the upper case part, lower bent section where part of case is bent for positioning over face, and two holes in eye area at different sides of nose bridge. When the mask is placed over patient's face, the holes can be positioned over patient's eyes. Case is shaped so as the lower bent part is at least partially creased when mask is placed over face, and eye holes can form gap remaining open between internal edge of the hole and face part below eyes to provide outlet for mask placed over face with at least partial crease of lower bent section.

EFFECT: facial masks in different implementation version reduce aerosol particle inertia in areas close to nose, thus reducing amount of aerosol drug precipitation in eye area in the result of inertial sedimentation impact, while aerosol drug flow in mask cavity is maintained at level required for efficient drug supply to respiratory system of patient.

33 cl, 23 dwg, 1 tbl, 2 ex