Sensor of controlling rest state of structural elements

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: sensor of controlling the rest state of the moving structural elements contains conductors 2 and 3, external terminals 4, and an electronic measuring circuit with the registration system, the third conductor 1 conjugated to the shape of the conductors 2 and 3, with the formation of pairs, and relating with them and being a part of the circuit of the electronic measuring circuit consisting of the power source Up, a ballast resistor 5 Rballast, and a capacitor 6 C, wherein the conductors are configured to move relative to each other. It can be used in the systems of security alarm, doors, windows, safes, transport, etc., where there are mutually movable flat cylindrical spherical and etc. parts of the design or as a standalone execution in the design.

EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of work by simplifying the design and improving the reliability, the effective use in the security alarm systems of objects for various purposes, cheapness and manufacturability, the possibility of miniaturization.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: device contains a highly stable microwave frequency generator, four directional splitters, two circulators, two antennas, mixing circuit, microwave frequency amplifier, controlled phase shifting unit 0÷180°, controlled attenuator, computation and control unit of bulk barrier, band amplifier 0.1÷4 Hz and two frequency dividers by N.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of alive people detection.

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FIELD: physics, signalling.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to location detection means using radio frequency identification. The invention enables RFID readers having a wide range of recognition to be located everywhere to receive location information through said RFID readers. Said information is transmitted together with predetermined messages in accordance with the RFID activation frequency via another RFID reader installed in a portable telephone, thus informing the guardian of the user of the safety of the user via the messages. The guardian may confirm the information on the location of the user via an operating server, and can be directly connected to a social safety network upon the occurrence of an emergency. The user of the portable telephone may input characters and send desired character messages to inform the guardian of the safety of the user.

EFFECT: safer detection when interfacing with a social safety network.

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Pulse oximeter // 2496418

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to medical equipment. Pulse oximeter contains unit of red emitter (1), unit of infrared emitter (2), photoreceiver (3), synchronisation unit (7), calculator unit (6) and indication unit (10). Pulse oximeter additionally contains analogous-digital converter (4), on-line storage (5), permanent memory permanent storage (9) and two units of comparator (81; 82), and indication unit (10) includes warning device. Synchronisation unit (7) with outlets is connected with units of red (1) and infrared (2) emitters and calculator unit (6). Analogous-digital converter (4) is connected with its inlets with photoreceiver (3) and synchronisation unit (7), and with outlet - with one of inlets of on-line storage (5), whose other inlet is connected with outlet of synchronisation unit (7). Outlets of on-line storage device (5) are connected to inlets of calculator unit (6), to outlet of which connected are indication unit (10) with warning device and two comparator units (81, 82), each of which is connected with indication unit (10) via outlet and via another outlet - with permanent storage device (9).

EFFECT: application of the invention will make it possible to inform about tendency of reduction of level of blood saturation with oxygen due to formation of two warning signals: preliminary, when level of saturation of blood with oxygen decreases to the limit, at which person is still conscious, and min one for informing surrounding people in order to attract external assistance.

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FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: control system has a device which can be connected to a source of electrical power and/or a water supply source. The device has connections for sensors which monitor either the presence of a user or the type of activities, or the working medium; or wire connections for signals which monitor water flow rate or electrical power consumption; a processor or control logic for processing information received through the said connections. The device monitors the working condition of the device connected to it based on the consumed power or water flow rate or temperature. The device also monitors the signal from the device which is functionally connected to the working medium of the device, such as a leakage, smoke, carbon monoxide gas, household gas signal, or a signal from a temperature sensor or some other signal associated with the working condition, type of activities of the user or presence of the user. The device has output signals for controlling operation or working electrical power or water for the device or the device transmits control signals to a local or remote communication system. The devices are interconnected in order to control operation of each other.

EFFECT: high reliability of the control system and improved compatibility of the system with household appliances.

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FIELD: radio engineering, communication.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to remote signalling and protection of domestic premises, offices, production rooms against unauthorised action and intrusion, and namely to door intercom systems for calling conversations and transmitting information using a mobile telephone, a smartphone or other interactive client devices connected to networks of movable wireless radio communication and wire communication. An interactive intercom system has a housing with a display, in which a controller is located, which is connected to a receiving-and-transmitting routing device, with an event transducer, with an interactive panoramic video camera - a video observation hole, with a panel of the intercom system of internal communication and with a conversation device with a microphone and a dynamic speaker. Software of the controller defines an emergency situation and provides connection through the router to a global network and communication to a user interface and to computer and/or telephone network, to a central monitoring station and/or emergency services by means of modules and interfaces of wire and wireless communication. The conversation device is activated by means of the user interface or the central monitoring station or according to a controller software algorithm.

EFFECT: possible communication of a user with a visitor or a person who has broken into a protected object in an unauthorised manner.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used at application of detectors with long linear part composed of flexible cable running on wire-wave or vibration principle for warning coverage of four-way crossings and their detours. Proposed method consists in fitting two detectors with long flexible cables at four-way road crossing so that flexible cable of every detector crosses of one of the roads ad a distance from the crossing centre equal to threefold width of detector detection zone. Note here that its definite length section is located nearby along the other road to cover it by its detection zone at the ratio between detection zone width and section length making 1:3:22.5. Algorithm is used to define the breaker motion direction by quantity, order and relationship between alarm signals duration.

EFFECT: higher probability of rules breaker detection and accurate determination of direction of its motion.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: method of performing independent control of sensitivity on each of N sections of a detection area, divided using chirp range selection, as well as combined correlation processing of Doppler signals corresponding to defined sections of the detection area based on the level, onset time, duration, rate of change and number of the section in different combinations or interrelationships which reflect the typical effect of interference and behaviour of an intruder in the detection area. The radio beam intrusion detector comprises a reference frequency generator, a linearly variable voltage generator, a controlled microwave signal generator with a transceiving antenna, a signal mixer, series-connected amplifier, band-pass filter, frequency analysis unit, frequency spectrum harmonic signal processing unit, connected with distance from the radiation point to the target (range harmonic), switches for the sections of the detection area and a sensor output signal former. The device further includes: a data recording and storage device which sets modes of the range harmonic signal processing unit separately for each range harmonic, a range harmonic signal correlation analysis and processing unit which jointly processes signals of the frequency analysis unit, analysers correlation parameters thereof and generates a signal to the second input of the sensor output signal former.

EFFECT: high noise-immunity of the sensor and reliability of detection.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used when employing detection means with an extended flexible linear part in the form of a flexible cable, which are based on a wave-conduction or vibration detection principle, for signalling coverage of a four-way road intersection and bypass paths thereof. The method includes deploying, at a four-way road intersection and the adjacent area, two detection means with an extended flexible linear part such that they each cross three roads on a semicircle without crossing each other, extensions of said extended flexible linear parts lie along two roads through which the most likely directions of bypassing the intersection by an offender pass, and using an output algorithm which determines the direction of movement of the offender based on the order of arrival of one to four alarm signals over established time intervals for accumulation thereof.

EFFECT: high probability of detection, specifically detecting an offender when the offender moves in all directions, and accuracy of indicating the direction of movement of the offender, specifically from twelve directions of movement on an intersection - four are determined in pairs and eight uniquely, the directions of bypass are also determined in pairs when signalling coverage of a road intersection and bypass paths thereof using only two detection means.

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FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention consists in receipt of heat emission by two sensors placed at opposite boundary sides at the known distance from each other in direction along its lines. Received emission is converted to electrical signals characterizing duration of signals sensed by sensors since their commencement till their positive and negative maxima (t1, t2, Δt1, Δt2), as well as between commencement and positive maxima of the signal from two sensors (t4, t5). All potential alternatives of boundary crossing, being represented as the main population Ω, differ from each other by object size in regard to objective filed of view and position of movement pattern in regard to the boundary sides. Synthesis of class-division algorithm in the area of real events is based on search of the respective signs in the area of time responses occurring at emission receivers. An expert model is developed as a set of the above signs differentiating by discriminator functions, which allows on the basis of time interval analysis identification of the boundary-crossing alternative and parameters of crossing: longitudinal and transversal dimensions of the violating object, speed of its movement and position of the movement pattern in regard to secured (controlled) boundary. Based on estimation of the received parameters of the boundary crossing the decision adequate to general purpose of the system is taken: alarm signal is sent, violating objects are counted and sorted by size, etc.

EFFECT: improved interference resistance for violator detection due to analysis of violation parameters.

2 dwg

FIELD: physics, signalling.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to alarm signalling for detecting an intruder in the detection area of an extended security boundary. The sensitive element used in the disclosed seismic recording system is an extended seismic line which detects mechanical vibrations of the ground when an intruder moves on segmented areas of the extended seismic line with monitoring of each of the segments of the area of the security boundary, merged into groups of seismic links. The system consists of a central security post and a plurality of electronic units, designed to generate the number of the segmented area on which intrusion is detected. Each seismic link consists of a pair of seismic detectors mounted in the ground on the security boundary. The electronic units for generating the number of an area are connected to the central security post by a first RS-485 interface line. The seismic links are connected to corresponding electronic units by other CAN interface lines.

EFFECT: higher accuracy of localising a point of intrusion of a security boundary.

6 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: system includes an operator's panel connected by a link to a surveillance system mounted on a rotary platform with a video camera and a thermal imager. The rotary platform is fitted with a coordinate positioning system which is linked to a local or geographic coordinate system, and the operator's panel is connected by links to alarm sensors placed on the protected area and separately linked to the same local or geographic coordinate system.

EFFECT: faster and more accurate detection.

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FIELD: physics, signalling.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to means of detecting an intruder of extended security boundaries. The technical result is faster and more accurate determination of the area of intrusion. The system consists of a central security post and a plurality of electronic units, each connected to a group of signal processors. Each signal processor is connected to a segmented vibration-sensitive element mounted on a physical enclosure. The electronic units are connected to the central security post by a first RS-485 interface line. The signal processors are connected to corresponding electronic units by other CAN interface lines.

EFFECT: improved functional reliability of the system by improving noise-immunity and accuracy of locating the point of intrusion, as well as use the principle of digital information transmission via communication lines with fewer wires.

6 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used when employing detection means with an extended linear part, which are based on a wave-conduction or vibration detection principle, for signalling coverage of a four-way road intersection and detours thereof. The method includes deploying, at a four-way road intersection and the adjacent area, two detection means with an extended linear part such that the extended linear part of each means overlaps two different roads, one twice and other once, with the ratio between the distances from the centre of the intersection to the intersection points of 1:2:1 and using an output algorithm which determines the direction of movement from a sequence of one to four alarm signals coming from the detection means over a set time for accumulation thereof, and the ratio between time intervals of delay between the arrival of signals. The method includes a preparatory step with deployment based on a developed scheme of the extended linear part of two detection means on an area and a main step which begins from the moment an offender enters the detection area of one of the detection means, during which the offender is detected, and the direction of movement of the offender is determined.

EFFECT: high probability of detection and accuracy of indicating the direction of an offender during signalling coverage of a road intersection and detours thereof using only two detection means.

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FIELD: physics, signalling.

SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a method of creating unbearable mental conditions for intruders in closed premises (offices, banks, cars etc.), fitted with special-purpose locking devices. Said conditions are created by automatically turning on an ultrasonic generator, the radiation of which is directed into the interior of the premises. The ultrasonic radiation is modulated with rectangular pulses with modulation frequency of 1 Hz or higher. The pulse ratio of the ultrasonic radiation is set equal to 2. The resultant radiation pressure is equivalent to infrasound radiation. Parameters of the ultrasonic radiation and reverberation time are associated with parameters of the premises, particularly with the size and coefficient of reflection of the sound wave by walls of the premises.

EFFECT: providing higher radiation power while reducing overall dimensions of the radiator.

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FIELD: chemistry.

SUBSTANCE: invention provides a product having a solid envelope with a pair of sides which are connected, at a distance from each other, to an outer layer to form a backstrap, wherein a thin-film protective device is placed on a region for accommodating one of the sides of the envelope and on an inner layer. According to one aspect, one side of the envelope is a layered material from a pair of opposite sheets for accommodating the thin-film protective device in between without surface indication of the presence of the thin-film protective device. According to another aspect, the thin-film protective device, which is connected to the surface of the side of the envelope, is concealed under the inner or outer layer.

EFFECT: easier manufacture.

22 cl, 19 dwg

FIELD: information technology.

SUBSTANCE: device contains Doppler UHF sensor 1, antenna 2, very-low-frequency seismic sensor 3 of vehicle body bouncing, controlled radio transmitter 5, as well as radio receiver 14 with radio frequency amplifier 15, phase doubler 16, spectrum analysers 17 and 18, comparator unit 19, key 20, amplitude limiters 21 and 25, phase-lock detector 22, audio signals amplifier 23, sound emitting device 24, narrow-band filters 26 and 28, phase-halving circuit 27, frequency detector 29, balance switch 31, phase detector 32, multipliers 34 and 35, phase shifters 36 - for +45°, 37 - for -45°, phase shifter 41- for +90°, low pass filters 38 and 39.

EFFECT: higher device resistance to narrow-band interference due to their suppression.

2 dwg

FIELD: physics; radio.

SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a method of making a circuit node, such as a node which includes a radio frequency identification device in which the first and second sections of the of the antenna of the circuit node are on corresponding first and second substrates, with a corresponding electric circuit having first and second electric contacts at its corresponding sides, lying between the first and second substrates. As an alternative, the first and second sections of the antenna of the circuit node are on a substrate, with a corresponding electric circuit having first and second electric contacts at its corresponding opposite sides, electrically connected to corresponding sections of the antenna.

EFFECT: highly efficient production.

16 cl, 17 dwg

FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: common deactivator, e.g. Sensormatic, comprising nonmagnetic case with bottom covered by glue plate and magnetostaticfield sources provided on magnetic substrate inside the case and forming periodic multipolar structure in the form of chess board with alternating polarity of specified size, and front panel, is modified as follows: each extreme pole of multipolar structure in the form of chess board, perpendicular to its sides, has the cluster of three poles with alternating polarity, two extreme poles of the cluster having the polarity opposite to that of the pole forming magnetic field in the form of chess board on which the cluster is provided, white polarity of central pole of the cluster coincides with its polarity.

EFFECT: elimination of additional power supply as well as of complication of contact deactivator design.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: intruder alarms, possible use for protecting paintings, safes, displays, jewelry, statuettes, etc.

SUBSTANCE: capacitive type intruder alarm contains clock generator of periodic signal, made in form of individual module, to input of which sensitive element is connected. In case of influence of sensitive element, such as approach of a human to it, its electric capacity changes, and, therefore, frequency of periodic signal generated by generator changes, which fact is diagnosed by microcontroller. Device contains block for measuring capacity of sensitive element, for measuring grounding resistor, for automatic adjustment of sensitivity and for testing serviceability of the block, and signal output block, consisting of light signaling device and relay outputs for communication with receiving-controlling device.

EFFECT: increased interference resistance, expanded area of application.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: portable alarm devices based on wireless radio communication, possible use for notification about change of position of monitored objects relatively to user monitoring them.

SUBSTANCE: at the beginning of each launch of tracking mode, only training of devices, which are supposed to be used for protection, is performed, and for each new training system authentication changes. Guarding system contains at least two devices, each one of which is made in form of separate keychain and contains a radio chip with microcontroller with guarding system functioning software recorded on it, and one of devices of system has monitoring capacity as part of aforementioned system.

EFFECT: prevented unsanctioned access to system, and also ensured autonomous operation of system in presence of other working analogical guarding systems.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: protective signaling devices, possible use for notifying controlling users about shifts in position of objects being controlled by that user.

SUBSTANCE: radio-transmitters of object devices go on air in given time moments, alarm signal may be formed both on user and object device. Realization of device assumes usage of cheap devices for digital processing of signal.

EFFECT: increased reliability of device.

3 cl, 1 dwg